waiting to crawl under your skin

Of All The Phenomenon’s In The World.

Ragnarssons x Modern!Reader.

I blame FOB for my title length.

This is basically Vikings meets modern times with a little bit of the avengers thrown in. I don’t know what I’m doing with my life and I can’t even apologize for it.

I blame @cryogenik @kirah34 @dani-si​ for this. It’ll get to the fun stuff soon. don’t worry. I plan on there being lots of exploration if yOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN.

mostly @cryogenik​. mostly.

warnings: cursing. i think that’s it.

“I’m sorry, ma’am, but I’m afraid I can’t do that for you.” Flew between your lips for probably the thousandth time in a single hour, the dark circles under your eyes more prominent than when you forced yourself out of bed this morning.

Gladly enough, as your eyes rolled furthering into the back of your skull with each passing moment, you didn’t have a face to match the ungodly voice grinding through the phone, “Well, find me someone who can.”

Whoever was listening up above give you patience, because if you had strength, you might actually burn the entire building to the ground. Curling your hand into a fist, you slowly motioned punching the sleek black receiver on your desk as a punctuation to each word. “Again, he is in a meeting at the moment, and cannot come to the phone. I am not allowed to give out anymore information than that.”

There was a moment of silence, one that seemed blissful and sweet, but did not last long enough. “So, I can call back later then and he’ll be available?”

Your hands met in front of your face, palms together in a praying motion, and you almost hissed: “Yes.”

“Okay then, I’ll just call back later, I guess,” She sneered, and you silently gagged. “It would of been nice had you suggested it earlier instead of wasting my time, you know.”

The dial tone followed and for a moment you simply sat, legs spread improperly wide, forearms supporting yourself against the cold desk, and eyes unfocused on your CEO’s door. Several muted gestures flew from your hands at the phone, ripping your bluetooth off and chucking it in the trash can, and you began a slow breathing method.

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Records are Better

in which shawn and y/n have an intimate morning listening to records.

The sun’s rays shone gold against the crumpled white bed sheets; the golden sunlight was always the first to wake you in the early morning hours. Your eyes are closed and you want nothing more than for it to be dark again, but the inside of your eyelids are painted a burnt orange colour. The digital alarm clock reads that it is just shy of seven in the morning - way too early to be up.

The unexpected warmth on the opposite side of the bed enlightened you of the fact that your boyfriend was still peacefully asleep. You softly smile at his relaxed form - a rarity due to his busy schedule. On usual mornings he would no longer be accompanying you in bed; rather he would be on his way to the gym or using his early morning inspiration to jot down lyrics.

Carding a hand through his fluffy morning hair (one of your favourite physical features of his) you watch as his eyes twitch at your touch, those beautiful long eyelashes that just barely touch his eyebrows flutter open. The sun is shining directly on his face; the light illuminating his warm skin and making his hazel eyes shine amber.

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she’s gone from you. when you tasted her fingertips it was a night so full of each other that you slid hands too hot over her body, felt her moan under you. she gasped when you choked her and it turned your whole body into lava. there was something crawling under your skin then, a wicked feeling like if you kissed her you could bring about the apocalypse. 

you wait too long. the parts of you that get scared got too strong. 

and now she’s gone.

Cry (Out) - Draco Malfoy Smut

thanks for deciding to read my first smut! since i’m a draco girl, the first smut is about him (; enjoy!

word count: 1866

Draco’s fingers pulled lightly at the ends of your ginger locks, his other hand pressing your head towards his chest as he allowed you to cry against him. Sobs wracked your body, and you had a fistful of his robe in each hand.

After a while, you began to calm down and your hands slowly released Draco’s robes. You could feel his piercing grey eyes on the top of your head, trying to figure out what was wrong.

“Y/N, babe?”

Your Y/E/C eyes met his grey ones hesitantly. His face showed concern, and he held onto you as if you were porcelain. His hand has moved from the tips of your hair to your lower back, and his fingers were rubbing slow, soothing circles through the fabric.

“What happened?” He questioned, eyebrows knit together in concern.

Closing your eyes, you took a deep breath before launching into an explanation for your boyfriend.

You had been reading a book by the fireplace in the Gryffindor common room when your twin, Ron, has stomped over to you with your older brothers, Fred and George, and you little sister Ginny in tow.

“Your face is about as red as your face, Ronald,” you joked, the Charms book seated in your lap beginning to pull your attention once again.

Without replying, Ron had grabbed the book off your lap and closed – more like slammed – it shut, throwing it on the floor behind him.

You shot up angrily, glaring at your brother. “Oi, give me that book back Ronald,” you hissed, placing your hands (now curled into fists) on your hips. “I have a test to study for!” When Ron didn’t move, you shot him a look of hate and reached down to grab your book. Before you could, however, Ron shoved a picture in your face.

Your face paled considerably as you recognized the picture in front of you, taken from your dorm. The picture was of you and Draco, who was holding you with his arms placed securely around your back. You watched picture you throw her head back and laugh, before smiling as Draco kissed her on her red nose.

The picture was taken the night before Christmas break, since you wouldn’t be seeing Draco for a few weeks. In the picture, you were outside on the quidditch pitch, with snow falling gently around you. Draco’s Slytherin scarf was around your neck, and he happily used the ends of it to pull you closer to him so his lips would meet yours.

You loved the picture.

“H-how did you get that?” Your voice cracked as your eyes traveled from your livid twin to the rest of your siblings present. They had finally found out about Draco – but this wasn’t how it was supposed to happen.

“Are you dating Malfoy?” Ron asked, completely ignoring what you had just said. His face twisted in disgust as he said your boyfriend’s name. You paused for a moment, considering saying no. But you were done hiding this.

“Yes,” you whispered, letting your hair fall in front of your face like a shield.


You flinched in fear as Ron’s voice rang out across the common room, and you backed away from him slightly. Tears began to fall from your eyes as you watched Ron take the picture of you and Draco and crumple it, letting it slip to the floor.

Slowly, you stood, moving towards your twin. You bent down, about to grab the picture when Ron grabbed you by the upper arms and brought you so you were face to face. Tears fell freely now, sliding down your tan cheeks.

“Him or me.”

Your breath caught in your throat as you stared at Ron. His brown eyes gazed fiercely into your, and his grip on your arms tightened. Before you could stop yourself, your mouth had formed one word;


You looked at Draco and saw him trying to hide the smile forming on his face. Closing your eyes, you let your head fall against his chest and you let out a small whimper.

“Hey, it’s going to be okay. I’m sure the news was just a shock to him, and he reacted badly. He’ll get over it,” Draco said, pulling away from you so that he could see your face better.

You nodded, biting your lip and looking down. You saw Draco’s breathing speed up as you did so, but didn’t pay much attention to it. Instead, you let yourself get lost in thought – that was, until you felt Draco’s hand (the one that had been rubbing circles on your back) move slowly towards your hip.

Your head snapped up in shock, only to be greeted by Draco’s face, directly in front of your own. His warm breath hit your lips, and his grey eyes looked as if they were staring into your soul. Your breathing sped up as Draco’s hand began pulling the fabric down, little by little slipping off your skirt until it was on the floor.

Your lips were suddenly pressed up against Draco’s as he kissed you gently. After a few seconds, however, he deepened the kiss and moved his hand back to the spot on your lower back, pulling you closer to him.

His teeth bit your bottom lip, asking for entrance. You gladly opened your mouth, your tongues wrestling for dominance as his fingers began to undo your blouse. After the buttons were undone, he pushed the material off your shoulders, leaving you sitting in front of him – only in your underwear.

Draco’s breath caught in his throat as he stared at you, his gaze memorizing every inch of your body. Seeing this, you looked down, slightly embarrassed. You thought your stomach was too chubby, wished for bigger boobs, and immediately wished you had stopped eating sweets, your thighs were huge.

Draco caught onto what you were doing as he lifted your chin up, running his thumb over your bottom lip. His forehead was pressed against yours and his grey eyes stayed on your Y/E/C ones.

“You’re so beautiful, Y/N.”

Your hands wrapped around Draco’s tie, pulling him closer to you. His hands found the sides of your face and was pulling you closer to him. The air was dripping with emotion - lust, anger, sadness - but mostly love.

A new kind of hunger flowed through you as your hands began to unbutton his shirt. His calloused hands roamed your body, feeling over every curve from your legs to your breasts. You finally finished with his buttons and pushed his shirt off as his hands began to play with the bra clapse behind your back.

By the time Draco had let out a frustrated sigh and looked to you for help with the bra clapse, you had unbuckled his belt and had pushed his pants down so that they were pooled around his ankles on the floor.

Removing Draco’s hands from your bra, you slowly undid the clapse yourself. You saw Draco’s eyes darken at how slow you were moving, and the minute you had finally pulled apart the clapse, he ripped your bra from your hands and attacked your neck with rough kisses.

You let your head fall back as Draco’s hands roamed your breasts, his fingers rolling your rippled between his fingers skillfully. You moaned as his lips hit your sweet spot, your nails scratching down your back.

Quickly Draco picked you up and turned you so that your head was resting on the pillows at the head of his bed. With his body over yours, he began kissing you, starting at your mouth and working his way lower and lower slowly.

“I - hate - seeing - you- cry,” he said between kisses on your stomach, moving lower after each word, his eyes locked on your face as he smirked against your skin. “But - I - can’t - wait - to - make - you - cry - out.”

His mouth had reached your core, where his smirk grew once he saw how ready you were for him. He slowly pulled down the fabric, kissing your inner thigh while doing so. Your mouth formed a small “o” at this motion.

He chuckled darkly before taking one finger and running it up and down your dripping folds. He slowly rubbed you until you were begging for him. “Please, Draco,” you cried, trembling.

His eyes seemed to darken even more, if that was possible, when you said that. He brought his mouth over you opening, his breath making you shiver as he spoke.

“Oh, darling, you should not have said that.”

In an instant, Draco’s tongue had dipped inside of you and you moaned, grabbing the sheets around you. His tongue moved slowly, and he kept your legs apart with his hands. Every few seconds, he would give your clit a sharp lick, sending you into fits of moans and cursing.

Draco must have felt you tighten around him, because he pulled away after a minute or two. His hair was stuck to his forehead, which was plastered in sweat. His eyes roamed your body as he sexily crawled back over to you, fully naked (you didn’t know what he had undressed himself, but you were sure glad he had).

His cock dangled dangerously near you entrance as Draco placed himself over you, his lips connecting with your collarbone. You felt him suck, nip and bite as he pleased, wanting to claim you as his.

He moved one hand from your side and lined himself up at your entrance, before laying his body back over yours. His teeth nibbled at the skin under your ear as you waited - quite annoyed at the teasing - for him to enter you.

As if Draco had read your mind, he slammed into you without warning, causing you to cry out in pain and pleasure. Your hands scraped his back, leaving new scratch marks every time he pounded into you.

Soon, you were both a moaning mess, and Draco’s thrusts were becoming sloppier. You felt your walls tighten around him, which Draco also seemed to notice. He placed his lips to you ear, whispering a “Release with me, baby,” in his husky voice.

Not even a second later, you released, your eyes rolling back into your head and your back arching towards him. Your nails dug into his back, and you were at a loss for words.

A few seconds later Draco did the same as you, only with more control. After he finished, he pulled out of you gently and laid next to you. Your heart was pounding, and your breathing was spotty - all because of Draco.

You relaxed a little as Draco pulled you closer to him, almost falling asleep in his embrace. Draco must had thought you had fallen asleep, however, because he kissed your head and you could feel him staring at you.

“I’m so glad you chose me, Y/N,” he said, before drifting into sleep himself.

On a Day in May

A Love Story is Better With You: On a Day in May - One Shot Series #7


The sound of the doorbell chiming through the house, cut your attention as you tried to get yourself off the couch, with what felt like a watermelon in between your thighs. 

“Can you get that love? Theo’s being a little difficult to dress” he called from upstairs. You sighed, finally making your way off the couch and to the front door. 

“Hello, hello!” Anne chirped, stepping inside and hugging you tightly. 

“Are you excited for today?” she hummed in delight, taking off her shoes and putting her bag down. 

“Excited, and anxious, really. But really excited to finally get her out and be able to comfortably sleep” you chuckled, ushering her in and heading towards the kitchen. 

“How are the contractions coming along?”

“They’re manageable for now, about five to six minutes apart, but H called the hospital and they said we can make our way to the hospital soon, since it is the second little bub, things may move a little faster, so they want to be cautious” you smiled, placing a palm over your belly and giving it a soft rub. 

Anne was about to continue conversation when she heard a loud squeal, and soft little claps. 

She gasped playfully, before turning around. 

“Is that my little boy, Theo?” she cooed, sticking her hands out and wiggling her fingers to try and intrigue Theo to come into her arms. 

“Nana!” Theo squealed, trying to wiggle out Harry’s arms and into Anne’s. 

“Hello, sweet boy” she cooed in excitement. “Are you excited to be a big brother?” she grinned, pressing multiple kisses to his face causing him to squeal, and hide into her neck. 

“Baby!” he mumbled, fingers in his mouth, pointing to your protruding belly. 

“Yeah, baby” she smiled. 

“How you feeling, love? Okay?” Harry checked, walking over to you, pecking your lips quickly, before checking if he had everything you both needed laid out on the kitchen counter. 

“I’m okay. They’re getting a little stronger, but I can handle it” you whispered, slowly feeling a contraction make it’s way up your back and through your belly, but trying not to show to much emotion and pain, so you wouldn’t frighten Theo. 

You released a slow breath, slowly opening your eyes, and giving Theo a soft smile as Anne put him down, and he toddled his way down to his play room. 

“Alright, he eat’s dinner at 6:00. We usually give him a bath right after, lotion him up and then read him a bed time story-”

“And then he’s in bed by about 7:30, I know sweetie, I’ve watched him before” she smiled. 

You nodded, feeling a bit silly, because yes she had, but for some reason, leaving him today felt a bit harder then it had been previous times. Maybe because you finally realized, this would be the last time you’d be seeing him as an only child, or maybe it was just the idea, that he’d no longer be your only baby, now he’d be a big brother to his little sister. 

“Alright” Harry breathed, patting his pockets, and grabbing the diaper bag. 

“Theo!” he called out. “Come say bye byes to mummy and daddy!” he called. 

Seconds later, he heard little giggles and tiny feet pattering their way down the hall. 

“Oomfh!” Harry chuckled, lifting Theo into his arms before he could crash into his legs. 

“Alright, mummy and daddy are going to go, and we’re going to go have your baby sister” he gasped with a smile, and Theo grinned with a clap. 

“Say bye bye to mummy okay?” he smiled, leaning him towards you as you snuggled him close and kissed his forehead, nose and cheeks, and finally his soft lips. 

“Mumma loves you” you cooed. 

“Love you mama” he grinned, showing his few little teeth that were beginning to come in, since he was almost at the age of two. 

“Alright, little guy. Be good for Nana, eat what she gives you for dinner and be the good little boy I know you are, okay?” Harry guided, giving him a joking glare but a stern one to allow Theo to understand that grandma was the boss tonight. 

“Okay, daddy! Luh’ you!” he called, already shimming out his arms and darting back into his play room to go play with his toys. 

“Alright, you two!” Anne squealed excitingly, bringing you into her arms. 

“Keep me updated, and I guess I’ll be seeing you two in the morning” she smiled, pecking your cheek and bringing Harry into a tight embrace. 

“Love you both!” she called, as you both exited the kitchen and made your way out the house. 


“Feeling okay?” Harry checked, as he sat the hospital bed, your forearms on his thighs as you rolled your hips against the birthing ball. 

“Mhm” you moaned lowly, biting down on your lip as he hands skated down your back and rubbed soft circles. 

“You’re doing great” he reassured, pressing a kiss to the top of your head before you let out a breath and nodded.

“Thanks for being here, I don’t think I could do it without you”

He smiled, as his heart fluttered, lips growing into a smile. 

“I’m always going to be here for you” he smiled. “No matter what, I’ve promised that since day one”


You were eight hours in, and barely any change was made. There were nurses and doctors scattered all over the room, each talking to each other and the room was just commotion, causing you great discomfort and a bit of uneasiness. 

“Is everything okay?” you nervously whispered, looking up at Harry with wide eyes and he nodded. 

“Everything is alright, nothing to be worried over baby” he reassured, smoothing your hair out and pressing a kiss to your damp forehead. 

Minutes later, your midwife walked over to you and kneel beside your bed. 

“We’re going to have to do an emergency cesarean…” she started, and your eyes went wide. 

“N-No, we can’t – that wasn’t according to plan” you whimpered, looking up at Harry with tears in your eyes. 

“I know, darling. But right now, you’re only at a four and that isn’t much progress in the amount of time that you’ve been here, and we want to make sure that you and the baby are healthy and okay. Her heart rate is okay right now but we don’t want it to decelerate” she explained. 

“It’s okay, love. You’ll be safe” Harry whispered, tears brimming his eyes as he watched fear, consume you. 

A nurse walked over to Harry, handing him a pair of scrubs along with a cap to put over his head. 

“C-Can Harry stay with me? I can’t do it without him” you whispered, tears leaking down your cheeks, and you didn’t know what to do or where to look. 

This wasn’t what you planned. You planned for a regular birth, with Harry by your side, and to just have your little girl placed in your arms and for everything to be alright. But right now, your biggest fear, was that everything was going to go wrong. 


“I’ll be in there soon baby!” Harry called reassuringly as the doctors and nurses wheeled your bed towards the big glassed doors labeled Operating Room

You sniffled with a nod, heart pounding, hoping that soon enough, he really would be joining you.


The ten minutes that Harry was told to wait in the hallway felt like the longest ten minutes of his life.

He was worried, of course. His wife was going through a major operation, which had risks, and he knew it was common, and he knew that the doctors and nurses would take good care of her, but there was a sense of worry and protection crawling under his skin, because the woman that was laying vulnerably under all the harsh lights and doctors wasn’t just any woman, it was you. 

The woman he’d loved for the last five years. You were the woman that he shared all his laughs with, all his tears with, all his memories with. You were the woman he loved, and the solemn thought or idea that something could possibly go wrong, was eating away at his guy and he was praying that everything would just be okay.


He was gestured by a nurse covered in blue scrubs very similar to his, towards the operating room. She pushed the door open, and there you were. Laying under all the harsh lights, your midwife along with many nurses crowding around you, preparing for the cesarean. 

“Hey baby” he whispered, thanking the nurse who pushed the stool towards him so he could be close by to you. 

“You came” you whispered, somewhat drowsily, as they had given you some medication, to decrease the pain. 

“Always” Harry smiled, stroking your hair as you closed your eyes in comfort that he was beside you. 

“Alright, darling. We’re going to begin. You’re going to feel a tense amount of pressure but don’t let it alarm you, it’s normal. If you begin to feel dizzy or feeling a bit sick, just let us know, alright?” she explained, and you nodded giving them a small okay before they began the procedure behind the sheet. 

“I bet she’s going to be beautiful” Harry smiled, running his fingers through your hair, keeping his eyes on you as you did to him, to keep you distracted. 

“I hope she looks like you. I hope she has your eyes, just like Theo. Gosh, I love your eyes” you softly smiled, feeling that sudden pressure the midwife was talking about and you scrunched your nose. 

“Well, however she comes looking out, she’ll be beautiful, and we’ll love her” he smiled, a tear rolling down his cheek but he quickly wiped it away before you could notice, because truth be told, he didn’t want you knowing that he was nervous, because that would only make you more nervous. 

“Alright, head is out!” the midwife called, as you felt your body being jostled a bit, as she tried to maneuver around to pull her out. 

“Alright, here we are! Little girl, 9:34 PM!” the midwife called and Harry gasped, as he looked up over the sheet to see the midwife lift your little girl up, and she let out a pierced out cry. 

“Oh baby, she’s beautiful” Harry cried, wiping at his cheeks and the tip of his nose, where tears were leaking out. 

You softly smiled, eyes closing as the room was buzzing. Nurses attending to the baby, and you. 

“Harry?” you whispered, but he was too in trance of looking at your new little girl being cleaned up. 

“Harry?” you whispered out again. “I feel cold” you shivered, face slowly paling. 

Harry’s eyes snapped over to you, and his eyes went wide. 

“Doc, is that normal?” Harry questioned, worry lacing his voice. 

“She’s loosing a lot of blood” one nurse, called out and Harry gulped. 

“Suction, please!” another nurse called out, as another ran to the other end of the operation room grabbing lap pads. 

“Get him out of here, please!” the midwife shouted. “Now!” she shouted, a bit louder. 

“No, I have to stay in here!” Harry fought, keeping his ground next to you, as you laid there, with no movement. 

“Baby” Harry whimpered, tears rolling down his cheeks. “Come on, open your eyes” you pleaded, wiping at his eyes to get a better look at you, but still, you remained the same way you were seconds ago. 

“Sir, please” one nurse directed, grabbing his arm and hauling him out the room. 

“No, please!” Harry cried, seeing the doors close behind him and the nurse, as she ushered him out the hall, and you were left alone, vulnerable, with all those doctors and nurses and he was praying you were okay. 


He slipped off the gloves he was given, sliding down the wall, sob crawling up his throat as he grabbed his phone, and dialed the first person he could think of. 

“Hello sweet boy!” Anne happily spoke over the other end. “Is the little miss finally born? How’s the missus? Everything go well?” she questioned, excitingly. 

He sniffled, closing his eyes, trying to compose himself and that’s when Anne knew something had went wrong. 

“Harry…” she started, tone completely shifting. “What’s happen? Is everything alright?” 

“I–I have no idea mum” he sniffled, trying his best not to completely break in the middle of the labor and delivery floor. 

“They took her in for an emergency cesarean, because they said she wasn’t progressing like she was suppose too. Everything was going okay, until it wasn’t” he cried vulnerably. 

“One minute, she was okay, and then the next she went pale, and she wouldn’t wake up, and the nurses said she was bleeding a lot and I don’t know what to do!” he cried helplessly. 

Anne closed her eyes on the other end, wishing that she could be beside him, with her arms around her little boy and comfort him and tell him that everything was going to be okay. 

“Oh baby” she sniffled, leaning against the counter and wiping at her eyes. 

“It’s going to be okay, it has to be. She’s such a strong woman” she reassured, but she felt like her words probably meant nothing to him, and she knew she shouldn’t be promising him anything, but they were the only words that she felt would calm him down a bit. 

“I promise, she’ll be okay. She’s a fighter, she won’t let go that easily.”


Harry was sat on one of the waiting chairs, scrubs taken off long ago, because he just couldn’t sit in them as they made him feel claustrophobic. 

“Mr.Styles?” a soft voice spoke, causing him to lift his head with eyes rimmed of red. 

“Yes? I-Is my wife, alright? The baby?” you stuttered nervously, trying to clear his head, somehow preparing for the worst. 

“They are both doing beautifully” she smiled, placing a hand on his shoulder, causing him to release a breath he didn’t think he was holding back and his shoulders slumped. 

“Oh thank god” he whispered, hugging the nurse and she jumped a bit surprised, and hummed softly. 

“No worries, she lost quite a bit of blood, that’s why she suddenly felt the shivers, but she’s back in her room, all cleaned up and happy, asking for you” she smiled, guiding him down one of the many halls, and to your assigned room. Giving her a soft thank you, he quickly opened the door, and there he saw you, laying in bed, seeming about to doze off, until she saw you. 

“Oh baby” he whispered, rushing over to her side and pressing kisses to where ever he could reach. Her cheeks, her forehead, her nose, her lips. “Don’t ever ever scare me like that ever again. I thought I lost you” he sniffled, nose burrowing into your shoulder and you smiled softly, running your fingers through the back of his hair. 

“Don’t plan on it” you whispered hoarsely, and he pulled back, giving you a long, soft awaited kiss. 

“I love you so much, did you see her yet? Baby, she’s absolutely beautiful” he smiled, wiping at his eyes. 

“No not yet” you replied, shifting trying to get comparable with a bit of a grimace since your wound had just been stitched up and you were still sore. “’Said they would bring her in, after they finish giving her hearing tests and all that” you smiled, just simply enjoying the moment between the two of you. 


“Here she is” the kind nurse cooed, grabbing her out the little bassinet, and handing her over to you. 

“I think there are some well deserved cuddles in order, for what you three went through today” she smiled, making sure your little girl was comfortable, and warm. 

“Alright, I’ll give you three some time alone, I’ll be in to check on you two soon, to be sure she’s latching properly and all that. Other than that, congratulations you two” she smiled, exiting the room. 

“Oh Harry…” you sniffled, looking down at her chubby cheeks and wiping at your eyes. “She looks just like Theo did when he was born” you smiled. 

“Doesn’t she? She has your cute little nose” he pointed out with a smile. “Gosh I can’t believe we have a little girl” he breathed. 

“Me either…” you smiled. “Our little Penelope” you breathed. 

“Gosh, I can’t wait for Theo to meet her. He’s been so excited.” you breathed. “He’s going to be such a good big brother” you fawned, looking up at Harry as he gave you a watery smile and nodded, clearly infatuated with the both of you. 

“God baby, I love you so much” he whispered, pressing his lips to your forehead. 

“I’m so glad you’re okay…both of you” he smiled, wiping at his wet nose and just taking in the moment, that he finally had a little girl.


“Knock knock” called a soft voice, followed by a pitter pattering of small feet into the room. 

“Theo” you called out softly with a smile, gently adjusting Penelope who was feeding. 

“Mama!” he grinned, waving at you as he saw Harry and crashed into his arms. 

“Hey, big brother” Harry gasped with a smile. “Do you see the baby?”he smiled, pressing kisses all over his face and tickling his sides, before pecking his mothers cheek and sitting down next to you carefully. 

“Baby” Theo whispered quietly. 

“Yeah, baby” you smiled, running your fingers through his soft curls. 

“This is Penelope, Baby P” you smiled, kissing his small hands.

“P!” he smiled, leaning forward and taking in what she looked like.

You weren’t sure how he was going to react. If he was going to squirm away, or if he was going to take a liking to you. But in the next moment, you literally felt your heart melt. 

Theo leaned forward carefully, puckering his lips and pressing a soft kiss to her forehead, and running a finger down her cheek. 

“Baby” he whispered, with a large grin, causing you to giggle and Harry to squeeze him tight. 

“That’s right, our new little baby. Say hello to the family Penelope, we’re going to love you a whole lot” you smiled, looking down at her and pressing a kiss to her forehead. 

And oh, did you all love her a whole lot. 


Ah! Baby Penelope is born, I absolutely loved writing this, a bit different from the traditional L&D stories, I hope you all enjoyed and let me know what you thought! Have a wonderful night, lots of love x 

Autumn Sweaters

Summary: After a morning disaster, you decide to check in on an injured erumpent. Unfortunately, your day seems to be filled with disasters. Fortunately, Newt is there to help with them.

Word Count: 2,105

Pairing: Newt x Reader

Requests are currently open! Feel free to send one in

As a child, you’d never imagined you’d get to stroke the side of an erumpent and not fear any danger. Though you loved all creatures and decided by the age of 7 to become a magizoologist, your father had protested any interest in any even slightly dangerous creatures. You’d met your fair share of bowtruckles, demiguises, and, to your chagrin, injured owls but never an erumpent. So, when, on your trip, Newt asked you to help him examine an erumpent that seemed to be limping, you jumped at the chance.

“Are you sure?”

“Of course I’m sure, Newt.” You tap your foot, already impatient with how long it will take to clean up the breakfast dishes. If only he had said something earlier. You would have cooked far less than the buffet sitting in front of the two of you.

“It’s dangerous.”

Newt laughs at your huff. “I know it’s dangerous, but this is possibly a once in a lifetime chance and I do not plan to let it get away from me.”

“Alright, alright.” He set his fork down, reaching for his napkin as he opens his mouth to say something else.

Pickett, though, startles at the sound of the fork clinking against the plate. The bowtruckle reels backwards, tripping over the napkin behind it. Its small frame smacks into your glass of water, sending the glass tumbling over. Water floods the table, rushing toward you in a wave and flying over the edge before you can even stand.

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Mia feels stifled, crushed under the weight of David’s body. She doesn’t want to have sex with him anymore. The thought of it makes her skin crawl with revulsion, the same as when Simon spat inside her. The same as when Dom called her Megan. And when Joël told her to go and fuck Elliot.

David: I want your hot little pussy right now, baby. I can’t wait-

Mia: NO.

David: C'mon, I know you want my cock. Because you’re a sl-

Mia yanks her arm free from his grip. She slaps his face as hard as she can, the noise ringing around the deserted carpark. David’s eyes darken with hurt and anger. She shrieks into his face.

Mia: No means no, you fucking arsehole! NO!

She tries to dart away from him but he is quicker, grabbing the back of her top. There is the sound of material tearing. She is panting and her throat feels raw.

David: Come back here, you fucking slut-

Mia’s fury endows her with superhuman strength. She spins around and throws her fist at him. Her knuckles connect with his nose with a satisfying squelch. Caught by surprise, he staggers back against a pile of boxes.


Wrong Place Wrong Time- Requital (4)

Do not reuse, edit or copy any of my work(s). ©

Part 4 of a “mini” series enjoy :)
A fanfic for a more Mature audience due to violence and language. Read at your own risk :)

Themes=😖,🌟,💣,🎭 ,. (☠️- Harm towards characters, Strong language and Adult themes.)

Summary: Wrong Place Wrong Time trilogy. 14 years later and…
Word Count: 2323

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 5  Part 6  Part 7  Part 8

You stared at Yixing in surprise. He was one of the boys that you had not seen for quite a long time and to see him suddenly standing before you was shocking to say the least.

“It’s been a while.” Yixing whispered at Minseok and then turned to look at you, he still looked so well for his age though definitely more matured now. You smiled shyly at him remembering how close the both of you used to be and what could have happened had you not fallen for Minseok. Thinking about it now felt extremely weird but you would never forget how welcomed Yixing tried to make you feel in such a crazy place, and for that you would always hold a soft spot for him.

“Yeah it has.” Minseok whispered back as though he were afraid to utter a word. “Why are you here? How did you know we would be here?”

Yixing turned his head slowly to look at Sehun whom was staring back at him with wide eyes.
“I’m glad he’s awake.” He cleared his throat and then focused his attention on Seojun who had rushed up to Sehun and grabbed a hold of his hand.

“Oi! Get off him!” Minseok hissed as he grabbed Seojun’s wrist and pulled him away from Sehun. “Don’t you dare touch my son, haven’t you done enough damage?!”

“Uncle Minseok!” Seojun whimpered as he reached forward for Sehun’s hand again, only resulting in Minseok pulling him back harder.

“I said get off of my son!”

“Minseok stop it!” You hissed as you watched Seojun begin to break down in front of you. Sehun’s eyes widened as he watched the spectacle unfold in front of him. Minseok had always been warm and welcoming to Seojun; treating him as though he were his own, but now it was the complete and utter opposite. “Stop doing this Minseok!” You turned to look at Seojun with pity in your eyes as tears were streaming down his face. “Jun where have you been your parents were worried sick.”

He looked up at Yixing and then looked back at you. You were confused.

“I think we should wait for Seojun’s parents to arrive before we reveal that part.” Yixing looked down at him not exactly in disgust but it wasn’t far off. “How did all of this happen?” Yixing said as he pointed at Sehun.

“This is all your fault.” Seojun whimpered as he pointed at Minseok. “And dad…and however many more of you there were.”

Yixing frowned at Seojun.
“What the heck is this kid talking about?” He stared at him intently.


You all turned your head in shock as Sehun whispered, his voice croaky. He let out a breath and groaned in pain. You stared at him and then between Minseok and Yixing in fright. How did Sehun know about Genesis, you had never mentioned it around him. In fact you and Minseok had left that dark past far behind, the only time you really thought about genesis was when you were visiting Sehun Senior’s grave.

“How the fuck do you know about Genesis?” Yixing frowned as he looked intently at Seojun who was now standing directly beside Sehun’s bed.

“How do you know about genesis?” He mirrored his question as he scowled at Yixing. “Unless you were one of them too…is that how my dad knows you? Well just know the reason we got attacked that night was because of all of you.”

“Minseok call Kyungsoo…and Junmyeon.” You breathed shakily as you stared at Sehun, a tear slipped free from his eye as he blinked and then focused his attention on Seojun alone. He was avoiding your gaze, he didn’t want to look at you and it was scaring you greatly, what did he know? After all you were a killer too. Unintentionally; but nevertheless, it was still the nature of your character.

“I’m not calling Kyu—”

“Minseok just call Kyungsoo now!”

Not too long after and Kyungsoo was sat beside Yixing staring up at him in shock and disgust.

“If you keep staring at me like that Kyungsoo, you might actually successfully burn holes into the back of my brain.” Yixing scoffed as he crossed his hands over his chest. You stared between the two men in confusion.  Yixing and Kyungsoo had always gotten along when you all lived together so what had changed? They weren’t joint at the hip, but they had always been friendly towards each other, you wondered how much you had missed over the years.

“Good. I’d love that.” Kyungsoo replied in a monotone voice.

“What? Even after I saved your son tonight? Don’t be such an ungrateful bastard.”
Kyungsoo frowned as he looked up at Yixing.

“You what?”

“Why don’t you ask your son what happened tonight and the real reason that I’m here?” He paused momentarily as you all turned your heads towards the sound of approaching footsteps. Those footsteps belonged to Junmyeon.

“Great. Another fucking reunion.” Minseok mumbled as he looked around in repulsion at all the men standing around his son’s bed. “Can’t my son just heal in peace?”

“I don’t know. Why don’t you ask Seojun that question?” Yixing pointed at Seojun who had successfully got to holding Sehun’s hand, but he was too far for Minseok to reach.

“Why do you all keep mentioning my son! This has nothing to do with my son!” Kyungsoo shouted as he banged his hands against the arms of his chair. You shushed him, reminding the men that you were in a public hospital and that their behaviour was not acceptable though they didn’t seem to care.

“Why don’t you ask your son!” Yixing hissed as he looked at Seojun; his brows creased together. “You know more than you’re letting on, don’t you? You know about genesis and you know why that guy was after you today?”

“What guy? Seojun?” Kyungsoo asked as he looked at his son through wide eyes. “Jun what are they talking about?”
Yixing stared at the boy harder as though he were trying to read his thoughts.
“You know a lot don’t you. Somebody told you.”
Seojun went quiet as he looked down at Sehun.

“Jun…is this true? Is what he’s saying true…?” Kyungsoo’s voice was quiet and his hands were moving uncomfortably about. Everyone was on edge at this point because Seojun wasn’t answering so you knew that it was true.

“Sehun…do you know about this too?” You looked at him with worry in your eyes. He was still and his eyes stayed on yours. You weren’t sure if he was too weak to talk again but he wasn’t showing you any type of sign. “Sehun, sweetheart you have to tell me what’s going on here. You need to tell me because…it can be very dangerous otherwise. Do you know why you were attacked Sehun?” He stared at you for a second longer leaving everyone in the room in suspense before he finally raised his eyebrows. You felt as though the walls around you were crumbling, you had thought everything was over. Sehun Senior had died around 16 years ago. Luhan had died around 16 years ago. The days of the underground squad were dead and gone so why was this all coming back now and why were they taking it out on your children. It was most definitely the best way to get back at you, because you were hurting so much regardless of the fact that Sehun would be okay.

“I don’t understand how they know this. Luhan is…gone. So is Yuna and everyone else that could have possibly had us at a disadvantage back then.” Junmyeon bit his bottom lip nervously as he looked up at Seojun slowly. “Who’s giving you all of this information?”

Seojun shrugged his shoulders as he looked down at Sehun, as though waiting for the older boy to give him the signal.

“Listen Seojun this is important, you had better tell me what you know.” Junmyeon said in a stern voice, bringing back chilling memories of how he used to be back when you were living a nightmare. You slowly turned to look at all of the men and felt your skin crawl. Had they ever really changed? Had Chanyeol ever really changed? They were still expert exterminators and if you gave them a gun right now they would skilfully have everyone under this hospital roof totalled. They were Genesis. They were killers. Seojun looked at Kyungsoo with wide eyes. “Don’t look at your dad, he’s not going to help you out of this one. You better start talking. What happened to you tonight?”

Seojun let out a breath and opened up his mouth and as if on cue his phone began to buzz. He pulled it out of his pocket and frowned down at the screen.

“Give that to me.” Yixing reached forward and grabbed it out of his hands. You could see that Kyungsoo was becoming increasingly angry with the way that the men were treating his son but he was letting it slide due to the seriousness of the situation. “We don’t need any distractions.” Yixing frowned as he handed the phone backwards to Junmyeon.

“Hold on a moment.” Junmyeon’s mouth dropped open as he began looking at Seojun’s phone.

“What?” Seojun asked as you all looked at Junmyeon’s face.

“Someone’s here. Someone’s here right now.”

“What are you talking about Junmyeon.” You groaned in frustration. You were holding on to the little pieces of patience that you had left, but it was slowly beginning to slip free from your grip. Junmyeon held Seojun’s phone up to your face showing you the screen.

Don’t you dare say anything. Tell them and it’s over Do Seojun.

Your eyes widened as you read the text message, wondering to yourself just how much trouble Seojun and Sehun had gotten themselves into. Junmyeon passed the phone around to the other men and you heard grunts of disapproval. He then discretely passed his phone around again this time a new message appearing on the screen. Typed by Junmyeon himself.

We can’t discuss this here, we’ll meet back at Minseok’s house.

After 10 minutes of reading the message. Yixing let out a believable yawn and stretched his arms upwards.
“I’m tired. I think I’m going to go home. It’s been a long day for me, Sehun I hope you get better.”

“Yeah.” Minseok nodded. “It’s been a long day for everyone why don’t you all go home and get some rest, Y/N you too babe. I’ll stay here and keep an eye on Sehun.” He looked at you blankly and you understood what he was doing, yet you still felt odd leaving his side. “I’ll see you when I get back home okay.” He rubbed your back. You gave him a quick pout, you felt uncomfortable you would be in a house of people you hadn’t spoken to for quite a few years, with the exception of Kyungsoo. It was awkward without Minseok. “It’s okay babe I’ll be home soon.” He bent down quickly to give you a kiss and then watched you leave with the other men.

Minseok’s P.O.V.

He kept trying to make eye contact with Sehun, but it was clear that he was avoiding his gaze.

“You’re avoiding me Sehun I know it.” His breath was shaky as he stared down at his son that he was so close to losing, now he didn’t want to look him in the face. “Why? Is this about what you think you know.” Seojun didn’t flinch, he kept his eyes trained on the nametag on his wrist. “Sehun, I’m not a bad man I promise you. Whatever you think you know, just let it go…” His voice was barely a whisper as he reached over to hold Sehun’s hand. He felt Sehun jolt under his touch, he then slowly proceeded to drag his hand away from Minseok’s. “Did you just flinch Sehun?” Minseok said in shock as he began to panic. “Sehun you’re not scared of me are you…are you—are you scared of me?”
Still nothing.
Minseok let out a panicked and defeated sigh. “Why would you be scared of me Sehun you have nothing to be scared of, when have I ever given you a reason to fear me, hmm?” He couldn’t come to terms with his son living in fear of him, he felt his hands start to shake above Sehun’s duvet as he became increasingly nervous. “I need…I need a drink. I’ll be back.” Minseok breathed as he quickly stood from his seat and rushed to the water fountain outside.

Moments later and Minseok was returning back to the ward, he dragged his feet slowly across the floor as he continued to think about how Sehun’s attitude had changed towards him. He frowned when he heard a groaning and some sort of struggle coming the from ward. It was dark and pretty much empty apart from the patients sleeping in their bed. He stood still in his place and noticed the noise was coming from the top of the ward. “Sehun?” Minseok’s eyes widened as he dropped his cup of water and began to run, whipping the curtain backward he saw a figure in a black hoodded jumper pulling the tubes off of Sehun’s body. “What the fuck do you—AGH!” Minseok screamed as he felt something being sprayed into his eyes. He fell backwards and began to shout for help. The figure kicked him and then it went quiet. “Sehun! Sehun! Are you okay?” Minseok panicked as he continued to groan in pain at the stinging sensation in his eyes.

“Mmm.” Sehun groaned, his breathing heavier than when Minseok had left.

“What’s happening! Hello! Is everything okay?!”
3 nurses came running into their section; the lights of the ward being switched on.
But by that time the perpetrator had already left.

Wedding Day with Alfie

“Alfie!” You screamed, your voice carrying through the house. Downstairs Alfie sighed, putting down his paper.

“What love?”

“Come here.” You didn’t ask, but rather demanded and stood in the middle of your shared room when he appeared.

“What?” He asked exasperatedly. The wedding planning was exhausting and stressing you out, which in turn stressed him out. While he couldn’t wait to marry you, he couldn’t wait for it all to be over. He gave you a questioning look.

“What’s that?”

“What’s what?”

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Dolan Twins X READER

desc: both twins have unresolved feelings for you

photo creds: pinepizzalove


Your feet slapped against the burning road as you skipped quickly down to the white sand. You took a seat on the bottom stair reaching the sand, and propped your sore feet up. They were scratched and burnt pink from running to the beach barefoot, but it was worth it. You felt the stair shift slightly on your right as somebody took a seat beside you.

“You hurting?” Grayson asked.

You dragged your eyes up to the rolling aqua waves.

“Mm, but it was worth it.”

“Pfft, just so you could beat me here?” Grayson scoffed.

“Exactly,” you smirked, looking over the pearly foam.

“You get used to it eventually,” he replied.

“Well yeah, but unlike you and Ethan, I’m not a jungle child who spent my childhood years climbing trees and, well, running on hot road,” you smiled.

“By the way, where’s E?” you remembered suddenly.

“Oh,” Grayson cleared his throat, “Uh, he’ll be here in a few.”

You sighed and drew patterns in the sand with your toes, “Kay.”

There was a small gathering on the beach that night, which meant new people and social interaction, and you only agreed to come because your two best friends, Ethan and Grayson, would accompany you. People were just starting to light the bonfire as the golden sun began to sink in the sky.

“Come on,” Grayson smiled and stood to move towards the crowd, “Let’s go.”

He brought himself up and blocked out the sun, his outstretched arm coming into view. You took his hand gratefully, and he easily lifted you straight into his arms.

You knocked against his chest from the force, “Oof.”

Grayson’s laugh rippled through his chest, and you could feel the little vibrations through his tee.

“Sorry, (Y/N),” he snorted.

You shook your head with a smile and took his hand as you made your way over to the bonfire.

The amber flames created a halo of warmth, and at once, people swarmed you and delved deep into conversation. You chatted politely, asking more questions than you answered, and holding onto Gray’s hand all the while. Your friendly conversation was interrupted abruptly when people began pulling from the bonfire and racing into the water.

“Why not?” you decided, flinging your clothes onto the sand and trotting towards the sparkling water in your bikini. You stuck your toe into the sea, slightly discouraged by the cold. You winced a little and started running headfirst into the freezing waves, but you’d barely taken a few steps when someone pushed you face-first into the water. You gasped and pulled yourself up, coughing up salt water, and shaking your soppy hair.

“GRAYSON DOLAN,” you spluttered, too shocked to even turn around.

You could hear him chortling delightfully from behind you.

“I. am. never. forgiving. you.”

“Noo, nooo,” Grayson winged, wrapping his arms snugly around you from behind. You tried to shake him off but his grip on you was too strong.

You blinked a few times, squinting from the sunlight, “You think you’re so funny.”

Grayson rested his cheek against yours, “Yeah actually, I do,” he grinned happily into your skin.

You wriggled and squirmed until you’d free yourself, and spun around to face Gray. His bronze skin glowed in the sun, his rippled chest covered in crystal water droplets, his smile irresistible.

“Ethan,” you stated.

“Um, wrong twin?” Grayson said, taken aback.

“No,” you smiled, “Ethan’s here!”

Grayson spun around, looking out to his brother. Ethan walked down the sand, his jaw set in annoyance. He looked at you, taking in a breath before signaling his head towards Grayson.

“Be right back,” Grayson said quietly and heading back.

You raised an eyebrow at Ethan, who flashed you a cheeky smile before promptly stripping down.

Ok, that didn’t answer any questions.

Grayson emerged from the water, and began speaking to his brother. Ethan said something while gesturing towards you, but noticing you were looking, turned away. Grayson shook his head and restlessly ran a hand through his hair. Ethan shoved Grayson and raised his voice, so you caught a few of his words.

“You know how I feel about her.”

Grayson turned to you, making eye contact, but you turned and pretended not to notice.

They went on like that for a few minutes before both joining you in the ocean.

“You guys okay?” you asked.

Ethan flanked your left side, Grayson your right, closing you between their warm bodies.

“Nothing,” Ethan sighed, “Grayson and I just seemed to have a disagreement . You see he conveniently forgot to invite me her-”

“Bro, you can stop,” Grayson warned, his voice low.

“Oookay,” Ethan flashed his brother a fake smile.

“Hey,” you said, looking between the both of them, “let’s just forget about it for now, kay?”

“Alright,” Ethan said, squeezing himself a little closer to you as he said it.

You headed towards a flat sandbar, where everyone was huddling. The group was going to have a chicken fight in the sea.

“Another pair?” Somebody asked.

“W-I’ll go” you volunteered shyly whilst tucking your stray hairs behind your ear.

“Great! Who do you want to go with!?”

“Me,” two voiced answered confidently in sync.

Grayson and Ethan stood behind you, both looking kindly upon you.

“I-I don’t want to pick,” you whispered nervously, flicking your eyes restlessly over them both.

“I’ll make it easy for you then,” E grinned cheekily and stepped forward, taking your palm gently between his.

You gave him a nod, reassured that you weren’t going in this with a stranger.

The game was simple, one person would sit on the other’s shoulders and be faced against another pair of people. The team to first knock down the opposing pair would win.

“I’ll hold you,” Ethan offered, crouching down.

You didn’t protest, since he was way stronger than you.

Ethan bent down, his sun kissed skin warm against your hands. Now you just had to…wrap your legs around his head.

“Um-okay-I’ll- just-” you gulped nervously.

Ethan’s satisfied smile flashed in the sun, but a small boost was all it took to get you up. You rested comfortably on his shoulders, reassured by his hands firmly securing you.

He gave your legs a small squeeze and blinked up at you, one eye closed from the sun, “Everything good up there?”

You gave him a little nod, “Ready.”

The countdown began.


“Hey (Y/N),” Ethan muttered, barely audibly.




“Will you come on a date with me?”


The other pair charged at you, and in the confusion you threw out your arms and gave the girl on the other boy’s shoulder a rough push. The boy supporting her wobbled dangerously before shoving Ethan, who hardly blinked at his weak attack. The blue sea and sky whirred around you in the dizzy confusion, so you didn’t remember much from there. The girl shoved you, you shoved harder. The boy shoved Ethan, Ethan shoved harder. The girl gave out a high pitched yelp as you grabbed her arms and peeled her right off the boy’s shoulders. The crash of waves erupted as two bodies hit the water.

“We did it!” Ethan chortled, his big hazel eyes crinkling as he met your gaze.

“Yes,” you whispered suddenly, in answer to his question.

Ethan tilted his head to the left in wonder, looking you over mischievously before throwing you into the water.

You crashed into the waves, the salt water refreshing as it greeted your skin. You bounced up above the waves, rubbing the water out of your eyes, your vision blurry.

“I can’t see-” you said, wiping your face.

Someone approached you, their two arms sliding gently around your waist and pulling you into their rippled chest. They smelt like the fresh ocean, their dark hair tousled, a big smile visible even through your blurry vision.

You blinked once more, “Ethan.”

Ethan smiled and pushed your wet hair affectionately from your eyes. He squeezed your hips lightly, “Yes? You’ll go on a date wi-”

“Yes,” you laughed out before he could finish.

He smiled with more joy than you had ever seen him muster before.

The last rays of sun sent pink and orange flares across his skin, the cold water lapping around your sides, the noise of the crowd drowned out. Two of Ethan’s fingers crawled under your chin, lifting your face up. He bent down against you, his head tilting, his full lips inviting you in.

“I think I’m going to leave,” somebody said, snapping you from your trance.

“Gray,” you said, blinking out of your daze.

He coughed and gave you a nod, but his eyes were only on Ethan.

“Bye,” he stated softly, before abruptly turning to leave.

“N-” wait,” you called, detaching yourself from Ethan and struggling against the waves as you tried to keep up with Grayson. He pulled ahead of you, ignoring your calls to him. Once you reached the sand, you sped up, your toes sinking in the sand as you made a grab for Grayson’s wrist.

“Grayson,” you panted, “stop.”

“You know, it’s really weird, because I just started feeling really sick to my stomach all of a sudden,” he growled at Ethan, who came in close behind you.

You turned to Ethan, a brow raised.

“Alright, you guys are keeping something from me, so, own up,” you commanded, sick of the charade.

“Grayson,” you said sternly to get his attention.

He looked down on you, his chestnut eyes softening, “It’s complicated.”

“Try me.”

Ethan grabbed your arm and pushed in front of you, holding you close behind his back.

“Actually we’re fine, so maybe you should leave,” he challenged under his breath.

“Ethan,” you hissed, shocked by his hostility. “You know what, if you guys are going to act like children around each other than it’s impossible for me to be with you both at once.”

“Fair enough,” Ethan snarled, “bye bye, Grayson.”

You dug your nails into Ethan’s skin, causing him to finally face you.

“Grayson has done nothing wrong, so drop it,” you warned.

Ethan’s nostrils flared, his eyes flicking up to his brother and back to you. “Fine, you have half an hour,” he said.

And then he was gone.

“Sorry,” Gray sighed a moment later.

“Wanna talk about it?”

“Not really.”


You knew better than to pressure someone into information that was private to them, so you left it at that. The navy sky blinked alive with stars, the wind rolling over your damp skin.

“Let’s go to the bonfire before I freeze to death,” you chattered.

You plopped down on a patch of sand in front of the fire, turning your palms near the light of the flames. Goosebumps sprang to life on your skin, a chill settling over you.

“Here,” Grayson said, pulling a purple hoodie from his bag.

“Thank you,” you said gratefully, sliding the woolen fabric over your head. The sleeves dangled past your hands, the hoodie reaching your legs, you felt like you’d been stuffed into an oversized blanket. You brought your knees up to your chest and wrapped your arms around your legs, breathing in the whiffs of Grayson’s cologne.

“Better?” he asked with concern,

“Much,” you smiled and rested your head against his shoulder.

Grayson slinked an arm around you, pulling you into his bare chest while he used his free hand to grab the bag of marshmallows propped up on the sand. Only a few minutes passed, but in that time you’d quickly dozed off in his arms. You listened to the sounds of the crackling fire, excited when you smelt-

“Marshmallows,” you said, sitting up at once.

“Seriously? That’s what wakes you up?” Gray laughed at you.

“Are you gonna laugh at me or give me food?” you challenged.

“Here,” G said, handing you a burnt and gooey marshmallow on a stick.

“Thanks,” you smiled and ate it in one bite, the warmth and taste making you feel at ease.

“Missed some,” Grayson smiled down at you, quickly using his thumb to sweep at the corner of your mouth.

“Sorry,” you blushed, licking your lips over.

Gray stuck his finger in his mouth to get the marshmallow off.

“Oh, no, Grayson,” you stuck your tongue out, “ew.”

He only smirked and shrugged in response.

Grayson’s eyes flickered over your face for a second, “We have a few minutes left, walk with me?”

“Sure,” you smiled and jumped up.

Grayson and you headed down the beach until the noise of the bonfire chatter was lost to the night. His hand dangled by his side, your hand by yours, but he didn’t take it, he only let his knuckles brush lightly against yours. You felt snug in his big hoodie, safe from the cold.

“I heard what Ethan asked you today,” Grayson said out of nowhere.

“Oh,” you coughed, “Did you also catch my answer?”



This was awkward,

“Looks like my bro finally asked you.”


“Did you not know he’d been in love with you for months?”

You shook your head, your cheeks warming.

Grayson stopped walking and turned to face you, pain written across his face.

“But I’ve been in love with you longer.”

Everything stopped. Your feet. Your heart. Your breathing.

“I know it makes me a horrible person for telling you the way I feel, but I can’t lie to you anymore. And I’m not guilty for wanting what I want, because if I’m going to be guilty about anything, it’s this.”

Suddenly you were in his arms, his hand cupping your face, his lips brushing like a whisper against yours. He kissed you softly, gently, with adoration, and for a second, you kissed him back. And then he was gone, and the silence was shattered.

“WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING,” Ethan screamed as he shoved Grayson off you.

You stood in shock, coming back to your senses.

Grayson gave his brother a shove back, “what I should’ve done a long time ago.”

Ethan’s jaw clenched, his eyes dark as he threw a punch a Grayson, who merely dodged his fist.

“I love her.”

“I loved her first.”

You couldn’t move.

Ethan grabbed his brother’s arm and pulled forward, both boy’s chest’s heaving as they glared each other down.

“You knew I was going to ask her today, so your idea was to steal her away and do it first?” Ethan snarled.

Grayson didn’t respond.

“Admit it,” Ethan hissed.

Grayson stood his ground.

“But that wasn’t enough for you, was it? So you had to kiss her,” Ethan breathed with rage.

“SHUT UP,” Grayson burst out, pushing his brother.

And in that second where there was a space between them, you jumped in the middle of the two boys.

“STOP IT,” you screamed, your eyes watering.

Ethan and Grayson ignored you, advancing on each other. You stuck your hands out, sandwiched between them as you forced them apart.

“Look what you’re doing to each other,” you sobbed, glancing from one boy to the other.

And with that you collapsed onto the ground and started crying.

There was a second of absolute stillness, and then you felt two sets of hands on your shoulders. They held you lightly before guiding you back to your feet. You wiped your eyes and took in a deep breath as you faced Ethan and Grayson. Ethan gulped nervously, his eyes sad as he swiped away a tear from your cheek. He bent over you, dropping a single fleeting kiss to your forehead.

“It’s not going to have be like this, is it?” you whispered, your voice cracking.

Ethan shook his head, meeting Grayson’s eyes and giving him a nod of understandment.

“I’m so sorry baby, but I can’t do this anymore,” he mumbled, his eyes brimming with tears, “not like this.”

He ran his palm gently down your cheek before dropping it down to his side and taking a step back. The moon set a white light over both boys, their bodies still as stone, their eyes glowing. The silence rang in your ears, the silhouette of two perfect brothers casting shadows on the ground.

“You have to chose.”

It Won’t Hurt Like This Forever - Simon Minter Imagine

Request: ‘can you do a simon break up please’

Summary: When Simon betrays your trust, you decide it’s time to call the relationship to an end. 

Word Count: 2.1K

Author’s note: I really enjoyed writing this for some reason, despite it being a sad one. Enjoy!

You sat patiently in Simon’s room waiting for him to come home from the football pitch with the rest of the boys. This week they were all releasing videos which were being recorded there, so the house was empty and had been for hours. You’d been waiting for them to come back for a while now, but you were used to the stresses of their jobs so you didn’t mind. Your relationship with Simon was on the rocks. It had been difficult for the last few months since Simon had admitted early on in your relationship that he had kissed a girl in a club and thought about sleeping with her. You had felt crushed and deflated. Despite this, you had forgiven him and tried to keep it working because you loved him. Waiting for him to get home was another attempt from you to surprise him and rekindle the happiness and love you two felt together. To kill the time before the boys arrived back, you decided to tidy up Simon’s room. Clothes were strewn everywhere, there were plates and cups dotting the room, his small rubbish bin was overflowing and overall the room had a bit of a funky smell- you didn’t want to stay the night when his room looked like this. You grabbed all his dirty clothes and chucked them into a bag to take downstairs and wash. You began to gather up the plates, dishes and cups that took up all the spare space on the surfaces in his room. You stacked them carefully and slung the bag of washing over your shoulder before grabbing all the crockery and beginning to carefully descend to the kitchen. 

You set the plates and cups down carefully before loading Simon’s washing into the washing machine, checking his pockets for anything important that could be ruined if left in there. A chuckle escaped your lips as your pulled a condom out of the back pocket of his jeans. He obviously has some plans for us, you thought and laughed again as you reached up and set it on the counter above your head. After you’d finally put on the wash, you started to clean the crockery. Several plates and cups later, you came to two flute glasses. You washed the first flute and came to the second. Your eyebrows furrowed as you noted an imprint of nude lipstick around the glass. You chewed on your lip momentarily before dismissing the feeling and deciding that Simon must have just had a friend around. You had been paranoid since his admission of his cheating, but you knew you needed to trust him in order to make the relationship work. You quickly finished the washing up and carried on tackling his room.  

Back in Simon’s room you began to make the bed. Your stomach dropped as you noticed a few long hairs on the pillows that didn’t match your own. You stopped what you were doing and looked around the room, a bewildered look on your face. Your eyes settled on the en suite bathroom. The door was wide open and there taking pride of place next to Simon’s, was a pink toothbrush 

“What the fuck…” You mumbled to yourself. 

Your eyes carried on around the room and you let out a shaky sigh and shook your head as you caught site of a condom wrapper amongst the rubbish near Simon’s bin. As you got closer you bit your lip to hold back the tears. Sitting proudly on top of the rubbish balancing in the bin was a condom. The end was tied to prevent the liquid inside from dribbling out. You looked up at the ceiling and took in a sharp breath, pursing your lips together as you felt your face heat up and your eyes become tearful. You felt sick. This was the last straw for you. You ran your hands through your hair and blinked away the tears. You decided that talking to Simon later was the only rational thing to do and so you returned downstairs to the kitchen and sat waiting for him.

An hour later Simon returned home with the boys. They were rowdy and excited which usually would have made you happy, but this time you couldn’t even muster a smile. Simon’s hands rubbed your shoulders before he laced his arms around your neck and hugged you from behind, planting a gentle kiss on your cheek. Your skin crawled under his touch and your stomach churned with repulsion.  

“What are you doing here, kitten?” He asked excitedly, a smile taking over his face as he planted another firmer kiss to your cheek. 

“I just thought I would pay you a visit. I need to chat to you about something important later if you’ve got the time.” You replied, your voice flat and monotone. 

“Yeah of course, I’m a bit sweaty so I’ll get a shower first but I’ll come down straight after and we can talk. Feel free to join me.” He replied suggestively, wiggling his eyebrows.

You shook your head and exhaled loudly. Simon went up to his room to shower and all you could picture was his body. Normally you would have pictured his body in the shower with the water running all over him, but this time all you could think about was his body in bed with another girl. You thought about the way he probably did the same things to her as he did to you- found her sweet spot and took control, leaving her at his every whim. It made you sick to your stomach to think about it, but no matter how hard you tried you couldn’t shake the thought. You stood up and paced around the kitchen. Within a few minutes Simon came bounding down the stairs and stood a few feet from you, leaning against the counter. 

“Thanks for cleaning my room, it was getting a bit gross wasn’t it.” Simon laughed, as he looked at you. “Now, what did you want to talk about?”

“It’s okay,” You started, taking a gulp. “Cleaning your room was quite interesting actually.”

“Interesting?” He replied confused.

“Yeah, it was a bit like Cluedo you know. I found the clues- the condom in your back pocket, the lipstick on the flute glass, the toothbrush in the bathroom, the hair in your bed and the used condom in your bin and then I solved the mystery.” Simon’s eyes widened and his mouth dropped open slightly. “It was Simon, in his bedroom with another girl. Did I win?” Your tone was sarcastic and cutting, you stared him in the eyes before his gaze dropped to the floor in shame.

“Listen, I can explain-“

“Oh, what a classic. You explained last time and I forgave you and you’ve done it again.” You replied quickly with a strained voice, cutting him off. “Who is she?”

“It’s not-“ 

“Who is she?!” You cut him off again with a raised voice. Rage flowed through your body at an alarming level- you never stood up for yourself. There were a few moments of silence between you as you stared at each other. You realised that shouting wasn’t going to improve the situation, so you spoke again in a tone which was calmer, but still emphasised your hurt and disgust. “The least you could do for me is to be honest.“

“The same girl as before.” Simon replied, his voice no louder than a whisper.

You turned away from him, your hands flying to your face as tears flowed from your eyes. Maybe it would have been easier if it was someone else, but not her again. “Oh my god…” You wailed, leaning your elbows against the counter as you tried to avoid his gaze. “Why would you do this to me again? You promised.”

“I know I did sweetheart.” You winced as he called you sweetheart, his voice was crackly and emotional. “I don’t know what to say.”

You looked up at him, your bottom lip quivering and your eyes bloodshot and red as more tears replaced the ones that escaped. “I don’t understand, what did I do wrong? I tried my hardest every day. I gave you my everything and it wasn’t enough for you. I forgave you because I loved you and I thought you were better than that.” You sobbed loudly, using the sleeves of your top to wipe your face. 

“I am better than this!” Simon’s voice cracked as he placed his hands either side of your face. You jerked your head away and stepped back from him. 

“Are you two okay? I can hear you from my room.” A voice asked timidly from behind Simon. You peered around him and saw Josh. His eyes widened as he saw your red, blotchy face. 

“Did you know about this?” You asked calmly. You didn’t see a point in getting angry at Josh, he’d always been honest with you. A perplexed expression took over his face as he looked between you and Simon. “Did you know about Simon cheating on me?”

His perplexed look turned to confusion and then hurt. He looked at you with sorrowful eyes as he shook his head. “No, I had no idea. I’m really sorry that this has happened to you again. I’ll leave you two to it, but if you need me don’t hesitate to let me know.” He gave you a sympathetic smile before excusing himself from the doorway. 

“I can’t do this anymore Simon.” You stated feebly, looking down at your hands which were knitted together. You heard a whimper and a sniffle come from him but you didn’t dare look up. “All I ever wanted was you. I’ve tried my hardest to make you as happy as I can. Surprise dates, cozy nights in, I’ve left you alone when you’ve asked and I’ve also been at your beck and call when you’ve needed me. I’ve put my everything into you and into us, but it just isn’t enough. I can’t stay in a relationship that hurts my heart and soul so much. Throughout all this, I’ve been putting you first and now it’s time for some self-love. I spent so much time trying to keep our little flame alive because I was scared of the darkness that would come if I let it go out, but I never took the time to look up and see all the other sources of light in my life. You’ll find happiness elsewhere and so will I, but for now this needs to come to an end.” 

“But I love you.” Simon pleaded, his voice desperate. You looked up at him, he was disheveled and upset but you didn’t feel any guilt. You were doing this your own happiness. 

“And it’s time for me to love me.” 

“I’m an idiot and a cheat but there’s nothing I want more than you. Please don’t leave me.” His nose and eyes were steaming, his face crimson and his voice needy. 

You laughed a little at the irony. He wanted nothing more than you yet he’d thrown it all away. Your rose-tinted glasses had finally been taken off and you had realised that this relationship wasn’t healthy for either of you. As much as your hearts yearned for each other and it would sting to think about him in the coming weeks, you knew you were doing the best thing for you both. The cheating had hurt you to your core and you felt like your heart had been torn out, but still you couldn’t be too cruel to the person you’d given years of your life too, however much you wanted to be.

“I’ll come back and get my stuff at some point.” You told him as you began to leave. His cries became more noticeable and sloppy as the reality of the consequences of his silly act set in. 

You opened the front door and the bitter wind felt cutting against your wet cheeks. The rain was heavy and it was gloomy outside. Fitting, you thought, bracing yourself for the walk back to the car. You had one last thought about Simon as you heard his crying once more and the smash of something he’d thrown across the kitchen. You sighed, feeling his pain parallel with yours. You called out a line of reassurance, for him but also for you, knowing your pain was beginning to manifest again.

“It won’t hurt like this forever.”

🙃 🙃 🙃

The self checkout machines at my store have lights that start blinking if the machine determines the customer might need help with something (I guess?) but the algorithm or w/e is way too lax and the lights will start blinking over stuff customers don’t actually need help with. Like if a customer takes too long to scan their next item, the light will start blinking. If they’re paying with debit and accidentally put in the wrong pin, the light will start blinking. The majority of the time there’s no problem at all or if there is a problem it’s something minor the customer can fix themselves. I figure that people come to self checkout because they either like doing stuff on their own or they flat out don’t want to have to interact with anyone, so I pretty much ignore the blinking lights and let customers either hit the help button or flag me down if they decide they need/want help. Honestly, the lights start blinking so often over so little that if I were to immediately dash over every time one starts to blink, asking if the customer needs assistance, it would really irritate people.

So one day I’m on self checkout and I’m going about my business, keeping an eye on things, collecting baskets, tidying up the bagging areas on machines not in use, picking up garbage, etc. I pass by this woman using one of the machines and her light is blinking, but she’s looking off into the store in a manner that gave me the impression she was waiting for someone (like if she’d sent her kid to grab one last item or something). As I mentioned before, the light will start blinking if someone takes too long in between scanning items so I think nothing of it and disregard it.

I grabbed a basket by the machine next to her and she looked at me. It was kind of a dirty look but tbh I get those all the time even when I’m not doing anything (I think sometimes people misinterpret me walking around and tidying up as an anti-shoplifting measure and jump to the conclusion that I must be suspicious of them or they think I’m judging them for taking so long to ring their stuff up or something lol) so I ignored it and passed by her again on the way back to my podium.

That’s when she finally said something. “Don’t you see the light blinking?!” I was really taken aback at first because her tone was so awful. Just completely uncalled for. I don’t know why people think it’s okay to jump into interactions with retail employees like this, but it’s not. I can’t expect every customer to know that the blinking lights will get ignored (all the attendants ignore the lights) and that if you need help you need to press the help button or wave at the attendant or make eye contact or something, but even if you’re working off the assumption that blinking light = needs assistance, there’s no fucking reason why you can’t make even the smallest effort to indicate to me you need help. Like what if I actually hadn’t noticed the blinking light? Why would you think staring off into the aisles or shooting me a dirty look would get you help any quicker?

It turned out that she’d double scanned something and needed me to void it. That was it. She stood there for several minutes, making herself look like she was waiting on someone else, because she couldn’t be bothered to even look at me up until it was to glare at me. I explained to her that the lights blink even when customers don’t need help and that there’s a help button specifically to let me know you actually need help and this hobgoblin scoffed at me. Like, sorry I couldn’t read your mind to divine that you needed help and weren’t just waiting on someone in the absence of any real indication that you needed help. The light started blinking because the machine didn’t like that it was taking you so long to scan your next item or hit the finish and pay button, not because it magically knew you’d double scanned something (and the light takes a couple minutes to start blinking due to inactivity, so you decided to just stand there and wait and do nothing when you realized you’d double scanned something rather than hit the help button or turn around and wave at me or SOMETHING?). Sorry I’m not in the habit of crawling up every customer’s ass asking if they need help as soon as a light blinks.

Sorry this is so long lol but she really got under my skin. She managed to be so nasty with so few words and over so little. Truly a gifted woman. I can’t stand people like her. Like, she’d clearly worked herself up into a pissy mood because she’d probably been standing there telling herself that I was maliciously ignoring her even though she “clearly” needed help, rather than be a reasonable human being and figuring I didn’t realize she needed help and that she could OH IDK make the effort to PRESS THE BUTTON THAT SAYS HELP.

Prompt: “I no longer want to hide us.” & “I just wanna be yours.” & “Are you mine?”

Author: Aya-Fay

Fandom: Gotham

Pairing: Victor Zsasz x reader

By Anonymous & @socktrollqueen

PS: That’s the third part of my drabble set called “Glowing”. The first part could be found HERE, the second - HERE.

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I do The 100, Gotham and Fantastic Beasts.

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Pairing: Mick Davies x Reader

Word Count: 1962

Warnings: SMUT.

Notes: I would like to thank my muse, @perseusandmedusa, for this amazing idea. This is to make up for all the feelings I’ve been giving you all recently. I’m very sorry(not sorry). Hope you all like it! xox

“I just don’t understand why she has to be the one to do it!” Mick protested, growling angrily at Ketch as you rolled your eyes, folding your arms over your fairly exposed chest.

“Because, Michael, she has the… assets… needed to reel it in,” Ketch replied calmly, giving you the once over as he smirked.

You felt yourself blush and immediately regretted wearing such revealing clothes. You were to be the bait for the head honcho of a vampire coven. Ketch had insisted you wear something alluring so you’d chosen a black mini skirt and halter top that didn’t really leave much to the imagination.

Mick’s face contorted with rage as he glared at the man. “Well I don’t like it. What if she gets into trouble?”

“Okay, please stop talking about me like I’m not here,” you snapped irately. It was the same every time the three of you had to do a hunt like this. Mick worried too much, Ketch was too breezy and they always talked about you instead of to you; it was getting on your last nerve. “I’m a big girl, Mick. I know what my role is here. Entice the sucker, lead him out here, Ketch does the rest. You’re gonna be in the bar keeping an eye out so what’s the big deal? We’ve never had a problem before, we won’t this time.”

Mick opened his mouth to protest but you lifted a finger, silencing him instantly. Turning on your heel, you shook your head in exasperation as you pushed the door of the bar open, knowing Mick would wait a few minutes before following. You had to keep your head in the game but it was becoming increasingly difficult, especially when all you could think about was him.

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By Wind or Winding Road

One of those late night, “I’m trying to convince myself I don’t love you” angsty messes in which Clarice confronts herself. Short and sweet, post 01.04. Mild Thunderblink.


Another sleepless night.

Another dream that seemed to be within a dream.

Clarice was tired. Always tired. Always seeing the memories when she least expected, always seeing them when she tried to sleep, always remembering them when she sees him. They won’t go away on their own, it seems, and she sure as shit can’t seem to make them go away.

She crawls out of bed for the third night in a row, alarm clock on the nightstand reading 3:15 am. Shadows from the lamp on the nightstand appearing suddenly, dancing on the bare walls and hardwood floor of the bedroom she was given during her stay.

Her head was in her hands, eyes squeezed shut with both frustration and exhaustion, breath still heavy from the dream – or was it a memory? - violet curls tickling her fingers while she steadied her breathing.

She wished Zingo had chosen to sleep with her again, but maybe she could find her roaming the halls or taking up the end of an empty couch in one of the common areas.

Yeah, that sounds like a good idea.

HQ was quiet tonight, a few soft lights would peek under a closed door here and there, a couple dim lamp lights bled into hallways  or stairwells from the more private corners of the building. With so many people here, it wasn’t a surprise that Clarice wasn’t the only one awake at this hour. None of them were still awake from too-real dreams that crawled under your skin like hers did, she guessed. Lucky them.

The border collie was curled up on a pile of folded throw blankets at the foot of a lounger, head dipped down on her front paws with her eyes watching the doorway. It was as if she was waiting for Clarice to find her.

Clarice sits down next to Zingo, pulls her knees to her chest. She strokes the fur of her new friend absentmindedly, welcoming the calm and the softness of Zingo’s fur. It made her feel as grounded as she could, to the point her mind started to wander. She doesn’t want to, but she can’t always help it, not lately anyway – she thinks about the almost-memory.

Of course she does.

Had it happened? Was it real?

She thought she would know if she and John had- no.

He wouldn’t be acting like nothing happened if it was the real deal, right?

Clarice didn’t even know how to answer that. It’s not like she really knew him, though that small peek into his past life was a start. And she’s noticed how he acts around everyone in HQ. Supportive, lovely around literally everyone. Loyal. He does what he can because he wants to, not because he has to. And the way he looks at the rest of them, well, she’s observant enough to see that he doesn’t look at her the same. His eyes are always soft, he tries to joke around and lighten the mood, even if it’s brief and his jokes are terrible.

Clarice runs a hand down her face, the other still buried in a dozing border collie’s fur. She tried to push aside what she was beginning to feel for John, but this stupid movie reel was making it all the more difficult.

It’s not like I’m staying here anyway, she told herself.

Though it wouldn’t hurt anything to stick around a little longer. Not anymore, at least. She would make sure she never put anyone in danger again.

“Can’t sleep?”

A voice pulled her eyes from Zingo to the doorway on the other side of the common area where John Proudstar stood, looking as stressed as she.

Clarice watched him for a moment, too tired to say something witty, something sarcastic. She just shook her head.

She tried not to stare at the half of John’s face not concealed with shadow when it lifted in a small smile. He sat down on the couch next to her, and she let him.


[word count: 1,040]

[Y/N: Your Name]
[Y/C/N: Your Crush Name]

[request: can you do one where you are at your crushes house but you’re upset because you’ve fallen out with your friends and exams are stressing you out but your crush helps you to calm down and he tells you how much you mean to him and omg feels 💕💕💕💕]


You looked down at your lap, fiddling with your fingers. You couldn’t help but let negative thoughts cloud your mind. You were at Y/C/N’s house, hoping to find a distraction. Unfortunately, you couldn’t. Things have been so difficult lately; between your friends constantly bailing on you and the stress of exams at school, it was rare of you to think straight. Nothing seemed to be going right.

You laid back on Y/C/N’s bed, your hair pooling around your head. Covering your face with your hands, you sighed softly. You couldn’t help but think about your current situation. Before you knew it, tears were welling up in your eyes. You tried to stop it, not wanting Y/C/N to come back upstairs and catch you crying. But once the first tear rolled down your face, there was no stopping it. Small sobs quickly followed your many tears. You couldn’t help but cry, you were so overwhelmed with everything and you didn’t know what else to do.

A few moments later the door creaked open, Y/C/N behind it.

“Hey, I brought back some s - woah, what’s wrong?” He quickly placed down what he was holding and rushed over to his bed. You turned away from him, ashamed and embarrassed to be crying in front of him.

Y/C/N grabbed your hands, pulling them from your face and lifting you up into a sitting position. You looked towards the floor, not wanting to make eye contact.

“Hey, hey, look at me,” he spoke, grabbing your chin lightly and turning your head towards his. He reached his hand out, wiping the tears under your eyes away. You could feel a faint blush rising on your cheeks.

“Why are you crying?” Y/C/N asked, a look of concern on his face. “You’re to pretty to cry, please don’t cry.”

You looked at him in surprise, your face heating up even more. You were caught off guard, not expecting him to say that.

“It’s nothing, I’m sorry,” you chuckled humorlessly, wiping under your eyes as more tears continued to fall.

“Don’t lie to me, here,” he began, leaning back on the head board of his bed, “Come here.”

He reached out for you, his arms out in front of him. You looked at Y/C/N hesitantly before crawling over to him. He put his arm around your shoulders, pulling you into his side. Every so often his thumb would brush against your skin in a comforting way.

Y/C/N waited a few moments before speaking, “Do you want to talk about it?”

You rested your head on his shoulder, sighing. “Not right now..” You trailed off. You had finally calmed down, talking about it would only make you upset again.

Y/C/N hesitated before speaking, “You know you can talk to me about anything, right? You don’t have to be afraid to open up to me, Y/N…I care about you, a lot. I hate seeing you upset.”

Your heart fluttered at his words. You smiled, looking up at him. No one had ever said anything like that to you before, and it made you feel a thousand times better knowing that you had somebody to talk to.

“Thank you so much, Y/C/N. That means a lot to me, really.” You nuzzled your head father into him, and he squeezed your shoulder in response.

You both sat in a comfortable silence for a long moment, enjoying each other’s company. As you leaned further into his chest, you felt your eyes begin to drop. Y/C/N quickly noticed.

“Hey, are you tired?” He spoke softly, looking at the clock on his bedroom wall to check the time, “It’s pretty late, you should probably stay the night.”

You were not as tired now, picking your head up off Y/C/N’s shoulder, “Are you sure? I don’t have to, I wouldn’t want to be bother.” He looked down at you, chuckling softly.

“Yes, I’m sure. Hold on, I’ll get you something to sleep in.” He rose from his place on the bed, waking across the room and digging some clothes out of his closet. He turned around, handing you the clothes, which happened to be one of his hoodies and a pair of his boxers. Your face flushed at the thought of wearing his clothes.

“You can change in here, I’ll wait outside.” Y/C/N smiled at you before leaving the room.
You smiled to yourself, giggling softly. You didn’t waste any time changing into his clothes, not wanting to make him wait. They were slightly big on you but extremely comfortable.

Once Y/C/N returned to the room, he began to strip out of his clothes. Your face reddened when he took of his shirt, leaving him in just a pair of sweatpants. You tried your hardest not to stare at his toned chest.

Y/C/N immediately noticed, smirking at you, “Are you okay with sleeping in the same bed as me? I can take the couch if it makes you more comfortable.” He looked up at you, waiting for your response.

“No, you don’t have to do that, it’s okay.” You smiled slightly. Y/C/N walked over to the bed, pulling back the covers and sliding under. When he was finally comfortable, he noticed you still hadn’t moved.

“Come here,” he laughed, smiling at you. You walked over to the opposite side of the bed, slowly getting under the covers. You couldn’t help but be a bit nervous to be sleeping in the same bed as Y/C/N, and the fact that he wasn’t wearing a shirt didn’t help.

He looked over at you, moving his hand to your waist and pulling your bodies closer together. Your palms rested on his chest, your head soon following. Reaching over you, Y/C/N turned off the lamp, sending the room in complete darkness. One of his hands reached up to play with your hair, pushing the loose strands away from your face.

“Goodnight, Y/N,” he whispered, and that was the last thing you heard before you fell into a deep sleep.


[added on a bit, hope you like it x]

Bad Meets Evil ~ Pt. 2

Author: completedylantrash

Characters: reader x Void Stiles


Word Count: 2487

A/N: This is the last part guys! It needs to end here. God this was hard to write. My Void feels are off the damn charts right now. I don’t need a cold shower, I need an ice bath! 

WARNINGS: Same as the first one, this one has some physical violence in it as well. Abuse, murder, blood. DO NOT READ IF ANY OF THIS MAKES YOU UNCOMFORTABLE

Part 1

Thanks to @v0idstilinski for these glorious Void gifs, you my dear are the best!

“What the fuck is wrong with you? I told you to wait until they were all there before you made a move! You fucked everything up!” Stiles slams the door, berating me for jumping the gun on the plan to get the scroll away from Scott.

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This was meant to be part of a series that I abandoned and I really didn’t want to let this go so here it is

Jeon Jeongguk
Angst/Slight Smut

Moonlight kissed your cheeks, dusting them in cold light and specks of silver as it reflected off the glitter and that adorned your cheekbones. Your red lips parting in a laugh as it bubbled out of you, escaping into the air in precious swirls that interweaved with the icy mist that had seeped in through the crack in his window. A bubble of sound that created beauty and happiness with each note that you released, starting Jeongguk’s heart in a sprint that did not stop until you were long gone away from him. Hair of golden sun, that blew in the wind and ensnared Jeongguk every time you whipped your head around or when he had his fingers curled around the sunshine tendrils. Skin so soft and supple that it melted his free will whenever he brushed his fingers against yours or ran his hand down your bare arm, a weak man with a simple touch. And by far the worst; your eyes. Endless pools that he could get lost in and never return, the secrets that you shared held within, just swimming beneath the surface. All the stolen kisses you shared, hidden behind lashes that brushed his skin when you buried your head in his neck. Fluttering against his chest as you kissed your way down his body, fingers dragging down his side creating goosebumps along his flesh. Biting into the soft flesh of his neck causing him to arch his back from the mattress, moans slipping from his parted lips. The way he fell into you each and every time you muttered those three words. Three words that he so desperately wanted to hear, to feel, that when you said them he clung to them for dear life.

The poor boy at the age of nineteen had the heart of a child. A child who was desperately wishing for someone to hold him and tell him it would be okay.  That was supposed to be you. Cradling him at night as you whispered stories of life outside the four walls, how you could be free of pain and hurt together, to live in a way he didn’t think he could but by the time the sun crept over the horizon all chances of escape had left his mind.

 A darkness sunk in, a darkness even you weren’t prepared for. The type that comes with silence. Unrelenting in its grip, fingers wrapping around limbs and dragging down, ripping flesh and spilling blood, dripping from its pointed teeth with a death smile. Malice and hate oozing from every pore, disgusting and foul. The putrid stench in its wake as it crawls through houses ripping apart walls and finding the mushy insides to feast on. Talons creeping over the edge of doorways, clicking against the wood with heart-shaking tip taps before dragging its carcase across plush white carpets piercing the fresh cotton sheets, leaving the mattress in tatters with feathers floating through the air before finally making home under the bed, in the darkness in the very back corner where it sits and waits, steaming in its rancor.

It was this exact darkness that sat underneath your tongue. The poison you kept hidden from him, slipping out with each kiss against his skin or mouth, filling the open wounds until his blood ran cold and he slowly morphed into what he was running from but for you, he was willing. It was not your fault the boy fell for you, though you did wait with open arms. The second his lips touched yours on the rooftop you pulled away as if you had just touched an open flame. Your bottom lip tingling, at the touch of his thumb, as he pulled you back in. With hands flat against his chest, you pushed away hissing a warning but he paid no attention too instead he crawled over you, eyes set on your lips. His pupils were blown out, the pretty kind boy you had met on your first day no longer behind his lashes. In his place was a predator that was intending to devour you whole. You swiped your tongue over your bottom lip, flicking it up between your teeth and biting down until a faint trickle of blood filled your mouth. Jeongguk’s hands gripped at your waist, dragging you along the rough concrete until your hips were slotted nicely against his own.

“Jeongguk, we shouldn’t be doing this” Your voice was barely a whisper as you traced the veins in his forearms, distracted by the feel of his silky soft skin under yours.  He didn’t answer you with words instead he attached his mouth to your neck, sucking and biting the skin until you could feel the bruise forming. You should have said no, should have walked away but with his lips at your neck and hips grinding into yours all that came out of your mouth was yes.


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Genre~ Angst/Fluff
Length~ 1.4k
Pairing~ Jongdae x Reader x Jongin

His hand softly moves through your hair, brushing it over your shoulders as you mold to his form. He’s warm, and soft, pressed up against you while you are both hidden in the fluffy blankets. Hail taps against the windows, pitch black out and you yawn, turning your face to hide it in his chest while he chuckles. His laugh shakes his entire body, and you can’t help but laugh with him. As he places a soft kiss on your temple, your phone rings, making you sit up with a groan. You throw the blankets from you, escaping from the safety of his arms. Jongdae whines softly, the sound childlike, and you give him a pointed look while you walk across the room to get your phone from your discarded pair of jeans. “Come back here.” You smile at him as you pick up the phone, jogging back while pressing the green button. As you wait for the person on the other line to speak, you crawl back under the blankets, Dae’s arms wrapping back around you in an instant.


You clear your throat a bit before responding, feeling the man next to you shimmy down a bit, his chin resting on your shoulder as his hands draw lazy figures on your belly. “Hey, Nini.” 

A soft sigh comes from the other side of the line, then the sound of a door closing. “I tried to reach you.” 

You hum, pouting a bit, though you know he can’t see. “I’m sorry, I was busy.” Jongdae chuckles softly into your skin, so you turn to him with an expression, signalling him to be quiet. Jongdae smiles, his eyes turning to lines, before pushing his lips against your skin softly, staying in place for a bit. You shake your head at him with a scowl, before continuing the conversation on the phone. “Why did you call?” 

There’s a pause on the other line, and you hear the sound of keys being put in a lock. “I don’t know.” 

You smile, while Dae starts pressing kisses on your shoulder, the feeling leaving lingering tingles on your skin. You wonder if he’s listening with, though you doubt he cares about whoever is on the phone with you. Dae wasn’t, and never would be, a possessive person. He just loves fully, with soft caresses and gentle touches. Jongdae loves deeply, you’ve felt it since the first day you two met, and that’s enough for any person to stay his for eternity. No one in their right mind would leave his adoring embrace, so he has no need to feel possessive. 

“You don’t know why you are calling me on a Saturday night at 2 in the morning?” You know you sound teasing, and by the light laugh from the other side, so does Jongin. His laugh rings through the room, and your heart winces because you know you are the reason he smiles so carefreely. You can imagine the way his head tilts backwards, his smile bright, as his hand holds his stomach. It never used to feel like this before, but lately you’ve been guilty. Or rather, you’ve felt guilty, even if you didn’t do anything wrong. It still feels wrong though, when you are lying in Jongdae’s arms, making his laugh bounce around his apartment.

“I don’t.” 

You can’t help but laugh brightly at his dry cut answer, making him laugh again too. Dae stills his kisses of your shoulder at the sound, instead putting his head on your chest, burying his nose into your skin. “Since when do you act coy, Nini? You’ve never been ashamed to ask me to come over.” 

You hear bags being dropped onto the wooden floor of his apartment, a light switch being flipped and a soft sigh. “It’s not like that. I- actually… I just miss you. It’s been a while. You never have time for me anymore.” 

You tear your face away from the phone for a second when Jongdae bites the skin above your collarbone teasingly, clearly wanting some attention and you shoot him a frown while pulling your free hand through his locks, putting the phone back to your ear. “I know… I know, it’s just-”

“Don’t worry about explaining to me. We aren’t dating, it’s not my place.”


“Listen, I know how you feel about the topic. And you know how I feel about it.” He sighs again. “Hold on.” You can hear him put the phone down and then the sound of fabric. Nini never sleeps with his shirt on. “Where are you right now, I went past your place earlier but you weren’t home.” 

Jongdae pulls you closer when you pull the phone away from your face again, you can feel his chest muscles pressing against your back, his steady heartbeat drumming against you as his shallow breathing tickles your neck. “I’m-” 

You hold your breath when Jongdae tilts your head to the side, biting below your ear before softly whispering in your ear. “Hang up, baby, please.” 

You breathe out through your nose, pushing Dae away, evening out your breathing before giving answering Jongin’s question a try again. “Nini- I-… I know we haven’t seen each other in a while, but I think we should stop seeing each other all together.” 

There is a pointed silence on the other side, though you can still hear Jongin’s soft intake of air. Then, after a couple of seconds of silence, he hums softly, suddenly sounding deep in thought. He clears his throat, and you can feel the question coming. “They’re his, aren’t they?” 

You hold in a groan when Jongdae moves his mouth again, now leaning over you to kiss at your throat. It’s clear he’s listening with the conversation, and you feel rude and cowardly toward your friend on the line, even if you don’t have any commitment to him. “What are?”

“The marks.” 

You grab onto Jongdae’s shoulder, both for support and to make him back off, when he starts sucking on the tender skin. It stays quiet from your end from a while, and you hope Jongin can’t hear the sounds of your suffering. After a couple of seconds, you push Jongdae off of you, while he sits back with a grin that has eyes turn into half moons, admiring you. Finally, you put the phone back to your mouth.

“I don’t now what to say, Jongin. What do you want to hear me say? You’re still my best friend. I just-”

“How long? How long have you…” 

You sigh softly. You hadn’t seen Jongin in over two months, ever since you met Jongdae. Ever since he asked you to be his girlfriend. “Too long.” You rub your temple, feeling very tired. Jongdae crawls back against you, his lips finding the back of your neck again. You feel bad for hurting Jongin, because you know you are. But you also know that he’ll come back to you, it’s happened before.

“Is that why? Why you avoided me like the plague?” 

You sigh, pausing to collect your thoughts for a second. You love Jongin, as much as you can love a best friend, but you are not in love with him. You might have been, a long time ago, way before any of the physical attraction pulled the two of you closer, but you can’t remember that time. Those memories have been blurred by other crushes, growing up and through time, years and years of friendship. 

Why you ever started sleeping together in the first place is beyond you. You think it came from a combination of curiosity and laziness from both sides. Being with Jongin is as easy as breathing, always has been. Being with Jongdae though, is different. It’s not easy, not born out of laziness or familiarity. Jongdae is not like breathing, he’s the air himself.  “I- I love him, Jongin.”

Jongdae’s breathing hitches, the small puffs of air tickling your lashes. The moment is tender, and so much more meaningful than you had meant for it to be. While Jongin stays silent, so does Jongdae, his hands lying limply around you, so you turn your head a tiny bit, face hiding in the pillow below you. Finally, Jongin releases a tense sigh, seemingly making Jongdae come alive too, his arms pulling you flush against him, skin on skin, his lips kissing down your neck and down your shoulder, leaving goosebumps behind.

“I think I need to go.” Jongin’s voice sounds small, and you immediately feel bad.

“I’m sorry.”

“I know. Goodnight, angel.” 

Then the call stops, the beeping of the phone sounding through the room for a second, before Jongdae pulls it out of your hands, throwing it to the far side of the bed. “Finally.” 

You groan, pushing him back into the pillows and resting your head on his chest, your hands intertwining. “Shut up.” 

Jongdae smiles at you, running his index finger along your spine, before pulling the blankets up a bit higher. “Was it worth all the hiding? Do you think it softened the blow?” 

You mumble something into his warm skin, placing a kiss down on the mole on his chest. 

Jongdae looks at you, smile wide. “What did you just say?” 

You frown at him, pushing his head back into the pillows with your thumb and index finger, before taking a breath and snuggling into his neck. “I said I hope so.” 

Jongdae hums, his hand running down your side in slow movements. Suddenly, you yelp, sitting up straight, glaring down at him. “Don’t touch my butt!”

Jongdae laughs again, loud and bright, pulling your head back down, placing a soft kiss on your lips. “It’s my property now, isn’t it? Meaning, I can touch it whenever I want.”

“Meaning, that if you touch my butt in front of my friends tomorrow, I’ll break up with you.”

“Ah why? Come on, you love me.” He can’t hide the bright smile that takes over his face. “I love you too.”

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Zach Werenski #6

Anonymous said: Hey! Could u write a zach werenski imagine where you two watch a scary movie , and if ur comfortable, end with then making out/smut? Thanks :)

A/N: fyi i have no idea how this movie goes, i myself hate horror movies and refuse to watch them. so just pretend like i know that i’m talking about :) hope you liked it!!! also sorry if my smut is either a) shit or b) too much lol

Word Count: 1,560

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It was pretty understandable that Zach didn’t want to go out anywhere after such a long day at practice. And honestly, you were more than okay with it, seeing that you could now throw on one of his hoodies and snuggle up in his bed. You preferred that over going out most days, actually. 

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