waiting to crawl under your skin

she’s gone from you. when you tasted her fingertips it was a night so full of each other that you slid hands too hot over her body, felt her moan under you. she gasped when you choked her and it turned your whole body into lava. there was something crawling under your skin then, a wicked feeling like if you kissed her you could bring about the apocalypse. 

you wait too long. the parts of you that get scared got too strong. 

and now she’s gone.

Warnings: A spoonful of fluff mixed with a pinch of smut.
A/N: I’ve never really written a lot of smut, but I wanted to try it out and see if it worked out…. you be the judge of that ;)

After a hunt, you always showered before going to bed. It was your routine and you never broke it, sometimes Dean would join you, sometimes he’d eat first. But on some evenings, he took a shower before you and would wait in bed for you to join him. And on those occasions, you liked to use his shampoo with your vanilla body wash. You knew he loved that combination and even though you both were tired, you knew what would happen once Dean smelled it.

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 “Pal?” Sirius whispered. “I’m going to sleep in your bed tonight.” He didn’t even ask, he demanded it and without waiting for an answer, he crawled under the warm blanket, next to his best friend. He thought it was normal for best mates to sleep in the same bed. It wasn’t like this was the first time after all.

After a short while however, he felt soft lips on his neck, kissing the skin. It came as a surprise so a soft gasp left his own lips. It was as if an electric shock went through his body. He kept still however, somehow having enjoyed it? He turned around, glad it was dark so no one could see the light blush that covered his cheeks.

  “Was that revenge for demanding to sleep in your bed?”

Half asleep, that´s what he had been. And thinking about why his whole body felt like it was about to burst into flames now that Sirius had slid in next to him, without asking that was. It was probably a bad idea, the worst he´s ever had, and that said A LOT when it came to James.

He held his breath for a moment, feeling his best friend shift next to him. Get it together, James. He reminded himself as he bit down on his lip hard.

“You didn´t even DEMAND to sleep in my bed,” He then couldn´t help but respond. “You just flopped down and didn´t move.” James added and for a moment he wondered if he really did belong in Gryffindor, because he could have just done it again instead of getting cocky.

Bias Blurb w/ Kai

Hey @wham-bam-thxbambam !! Thank you so much for requesting and your kind words <33 I’m so sorry for the long wait >< I hope you enjoy reading this!

> First meeting <

It was the last day of semester and you were a walking zombie, to say the least. Countless tests and assignments drained you of all and any energy left in your body, and relief washed upon you as you heard the school bell signal the end of school! All you wanted was to crawl into bed and hide away under a blanket for a million and one years. Unfortunately, your dreams were stopped short when you stumbled into the living room to find family friends over for dinner. Irritation started crawling your skin, until a brown-haired boy loudly stumbled from the kitchen into the living room, literally tripping over thin air and making a grand entrance >< Before you could control your mouth, you were lost in a fit of laughter, with tears threatening to stream down your face… all the whilst the handsome boy looked up embarrassed, yet with a growing smile on his face!

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> Reasons he likes you <

  • Kai would initially fall for your shyness; finding it really adorable and sweet! However, as time passes and you two grow comfortable around each other, he would be pleasantly surprised by your limitless energy and bubbly personality <3 You and Kai would bounce off each other’s energies and always be relaxed in the presence of one another! 
  • Being together would definitely bring out the small child in both of you ^^ However, Kai would also look at you in awe when he witnesses your protective maternal nature! He would be filled with love and feel so lucky to be with someone as kind and compassionate as yourself!!
  • Your love for animals would make Kai fall even more deeply in love with you (if that is even possible!). He would love seeing you and his dogs playing together; feeling a warm tingling feeling in the depths of his tummy :))

> Things you do together <

  • Kai would love to surprise you with dates to the movies, concerts and conventions!! He would show up at your door in the morning unannounced with a huge grin on his face, unable to contain his excitement about the day ahead ^^ 
  • You would jump at any chance to spend more time with his dogs and very quickly, his dogs wouldn’t be able to stay away from you! Kai would fake sadness as he sees his dogs following your every step; however, in reality, he wouldn’t be able to wipe away the ever-increasing smile and warm feeling inside him :D
  • On your birthday, Kai would shock you with an autographed copy of your favourite book series…leaving you rendered speechless ><
  • On quiet nights, you and Kai would love snuggling up together in the comfort of your home, binge-watching old and new superhero films. Kai would always fall asleep first due to his tiring schedule. However, every time, he would wake up in the middle of the night and spend a long time quietly admiring your features; thinking to himself how lucky he is to have someone as caring and vibrant in his life as you <333

> Couple Item <

Kai wouldn’t be able to resist when he sees these couple t-shirts in a store! Quietly jumping up and down at their adorableness ^~^ 

> Future Collage (Wedding Day, Family & House) <

Thank you again!! And I absolutely love your blog and new username too!! :D Have a lovely day xx

Calum would come home to find you studying on your bed and once he pulls his shirt off (because clothes are just too much after a long day of press) he’d grab your books- careful to mark the page you’re on before he tosses them aside and you wouldn’t fight him because it’s been a long week for both of you and honestly you’ve been waiting for him to come home all night, so when he crawls onto the bed and urges you to lay back you do, your hands sliding up his strong forearms as he moves to hover over you, his long fingers pushing under your shirt and bunching the cotton up as he lays on top of you, nuzzling his face into your neck. There wouldn’t be any words spoken at first, just his hands roaming your sides and his hot breath warming the skin of your neck as your fingers tap over his biceps and shoulders, following the line of his neck into his hair where you gently scratch at his scalp the way you know he loves and that’d earn you a pleased rumble from his chest before he mumbles a missed you today and the brush of his lips against your skin as he speaks would make goosebumps rise on your skin. You would hum in response and feel him smirk against your skin before he’d be pulling back to tug your shirt off with a soft jus’ wanna feel you and you don’t need the explanation- you’re his; heart, body, and soul so you’d sit up and allow him to pull the material off, his calloused fingers reaching behind you to unclasp your bra and toss it aside along with your shirt as his lips press to your shoulder, his hands sliding down your arms,  and fingers playing with yours as he leaves slow kisses up your neck, pecking your chin with a soft chuckle before he captures your bottom lip in a sucking kiss. He’d tug you with him when he lays back down, both of you on your sides facing each other and he’d guide your leg to hook over his hip while he kisses you slow and easy, nothing but pure love behind the press of his lips as his fingers trace up and down your spine, yours moving from his hair to his biceps and down his back to his ass before you start the cycle over, unable to get enough of touching him. He’d only break the kiss to run the tip of his nose along the length of yours while you both catch your breath and his eyes would crinkle with that wide smile of his that you love and before he can say anything you’d say those three words that make your heart skip every time you speak them, and you’d see the way his eyes soften and feel him tug you even closer, your bodies pressing together as he ducks his head to nuzzle his face into your neck, repeating the words as he kisses along your collarbone, his lips on your skin even as you fall asleep in his arms.