waiting the day these two can have their own movie

Every Outsiders imagine ever Preference

Ponyboy- “Can I hold your hand while we go on a date and watch the sunset?” “All I do is read all day Darry stop yelling at me before I cry.”

Sodapop- “hey girl want to go back to my place and ya know?” “I’m sorry I was flirting with every girl I see. It won’t happen again, let’s just hug and cuddle and watch a movie and you can move in.”

Johnny- “I’m a weak little puppy please protect me.” “Can I stay with you? My parents are fighting and I don’t want to sleep outside.” “Wait why are you holding my hand and leaning in, I don’t understand.”

Steve- “Listen to this engine. It sounds so good.” “Girl you can get in my pants any day just have to share with my car.” “Ponyboy shut up no one loves you.”

Two-bit- “Mickey mouse is love, Mickey Mouse is life.” “Everything I own is Mickey Mouse, I also have a drinking problem.”

Dallas- “We gonna go up to my room and get nasty or am I finding a different girl?” “No I’m not drunk and no I’m not flirting with 10 other girls.”

Darry- “I work all day and you want me to come home and date?” “You’re the first girl I’ve dated since everything I love you move in.” “I care for my 2 brother and 4 other children that would die without me.”