waiting on photoshoot pictures


If you hear this song, please come to me. Dear, I am waiting. 
Tonight, tomorrow night, and the night after
I’ll wait forever. 



Photos from the Saturday of Otakuthon with all of us in our adorable OreMono cosplays! We also got a photoshoot later on; can’t wait to see those pictures )///(

Tag us/let us know if you saw us on Saturday! SUKI DA!

Rinko; myself

Takeo: phiventure

Suna: juniiper


My Grey Warden cosplay is finished and ready for Katsucon and Magfest!! <3
I’m sick so I really wasnt in the mood for taking more dynamic poses, excuse how lazy they are, I’ll wait to be cool for my photoshoot LOL..

Props not properly pictured: 2 Potions (Health and Stamina Potion), 2 Poisons (Venom and Crow Poison), 2 daggers (Duncan’s sword/dagger and a Dar’Misu since Duncan was important to the Warden and a Dar’Misu because that’s what the dalish warden starts with.) I’m also wearing a darkspawn blood necklace made by @reyairia years ago for me ♥ Ears are from CosplayFX on etsy!

I put a LOT of detail and care into this, combining things from Origins (Vallaslin) and Inquisition (the overall design is the new Rogue Grey Warden design) Because I wanted to look like how the Warden would be in DAI! Some things I’ll refine after con….but it was my first time making a breastplate so I’m patting myself on the back for that at least lmao


I took the first picture and for one of the first times in my entire life I felt really, really happy about how I looked. I’ve always been iffy about how I look, never as confident as wearing this. This is a happy time in my life.