waiting on a mate

I wanna sit with you up on the roof when it’s dark out, when the moon comes out to play hide and seek, and the stars glow selflessly, lighting up a part of you that you never thought existed. I want to ask my deepest, darkest questions, speak from the most abandoned parts of my soul and feed the little spots of emptiness that have etched onto your soul. I want to hear your story, what gave you those scars? Where did you find light? Who did you think you would be when you were 5? How were the people in the town you used lived in? Why does your expression change when I talk about love? I want hear about everything from you, and I want to tell you everything, because you’re the one who’s taken time to understand me. Because I am in love with you and my soul is itching to be finally reunited with its mate.
—  And I can’t wait any longer

story idea

title: run

summary: they are special agents, who are assigned to steal computer keys from illegal band, which had stolen it before. For conspiracy she&he have two identical cases: first one with the bomb, second - with special computer equipment. After great chasing they eventually are caught by illegal band and separated from each other with their cases handcuffed to them. He knew that the bomb-case was with him, but for saving her decided to suck band in by telling that keys were in his case.

bonus scene:

She jumped off the scaling-ladder and glanced up, seeing how three men in all black were climbing out of the window. She dashed to mate waiting for her on his motorbike.

“Give me your belt!” she commanded, placing her case on the top of the motorbike’s seat.

“Just hop on!” he yelled, looking above her at men, getting into black van near the office entrance. She groaned, rolling her eyes, and sat in front of him, removing his belt. He looked down at her, blanking fast. “What you think you are doing?”

After taking his belt off, she quickly hoped on in a reserved way, propping her back to his and facing the road behind. Looped guy’s belt over his torso and her waist, she secured it and pulled a gun out of holster, aiming at van.

“Go!” she shouted and once the motorbike drifted, she fired accurate at the van’s wheel, sending it into overdrive.

“Not today, babies,” she said to herself, aiming at another chasing car.

i came up with this idea, while i was listening to bts “not today”, what’s pretty obvious geez, and i personally see Jungkook or Taehyung as girl’s mate:)

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Wait mate weren't you bi ?

Meh, idk, i still am?? But im gay as well??? Idk??? I dont really find that much interest in guys than i do in gals, but meh, im still at a young age to decide and im not attracted to anyone nor plan on being anytime soon, so for now im gay :P blep

When you love someone, when you really love someone, waiting is easy. I mean, of course you miss them and you want to talk to them and you want things to happen quickly, but this isn’t how it works. You can’t stop thinking about them, even in the busiest hours of the day. You wish for a miracle, or looking for signs and random quotes that they are the one. That this love is not on your mind. That it is real. That waiting is worthwhile. And you countdown the days to see them again, or you watch their social media profile hoping they will post something about you, even if you have decided to not “like” it, because you let them go. And I know that deep down, in your heart, you want as much as anything else in the world, for them to come back to you. You hope that you are their one and that by almost loosing you, they will realise how awesome you are and how much they want you in their life. That this time, they will make the effort to put you there. And, just like fairytales, they will fight to keep you and prove they totally deserve you. Otherwise, you know that you will have to let them go. And that time, forever. And I know that love sometimes means letting go, and being happy for them even if they don’t love you back, because this is what love does, but it’s gonna hurt. If something like that happens, it’s gonna hurt. And guess what; you can’t do anything to stop it. Because in the end, everything happens for a reason and things are the way they are supposed to be, so if they don’t come back, they are not meant for you. So you wonder what you should do. And how to stop thinking about it. Well odds are you can’t. If you love them that much, if it’s deep and real love, you can’t. You see them everywhere. You pray for them. You talk to them in your mind. You wonder what they are doing each moment of the day. And you wish for them to realise they love you as soon as possible. But it doesn’t work like this. Everything will happen when the time is right. When you’re both ready. When you are mature enough, to understand that only together you can be yourselves. And until then, you have to wait. You have to wait but if you love them, waiting is worthwhile. And easy. So, as long as you are waiting, try to do something else. Focus on yourself and be more you. Find new hobbies or make some changes or generally, do things you love. Take care of yourself. Find the most you possible and be ready. While you are waiting, that’s what you can do. Be ready for them. Not only physically, but emotionally. And when you have truly found yourself and radiate the most you possible, they will realise. They will come to find you. If they really love you. They will come back. And try to win your heart. But you should be patient. They have to realise your worth. So they have to be patient too. They have to prove you they want you back. They have to gain your trust day by day. And finally, they have to prove they deserve your heart and they will protect it. And you can accept them back to your life. Because, if after all this time they still love you, and they try to catch your attention and gain your trust, that means they deserve you. It means that your love is real. That you belong to each other. That you are meant to be together. But right now, you don’t know that. Truth is, you can never know. So you just hope and trust your instincts and believe in the feeling in your heart and wait. Just remember, that love comes to find you the moment you stop looking for it.
—  moonstone-girl
  • what she says: I'm fine.
  • what she means: Honestly A Court of Mist and Fury was one of the single best reading experiences of my entire life and since finishing it I can't stop thinking about feyre and rhysand and how rhys waited so long to tell feyre about the mating bond and was literally dreaming about her before he even met her. and just the enormous amount of plotting SJM had to do to get us all the like Tamlin and the fact that when rhys meets feyre he says "oh i've been looking for you" BECAUSE HE LITERALLY HAS BEEN. this, combined with the recent release of empire of storms in which precious aelin is subject to horrors and is separated from rowan has crushed me mentally and i am an emotional black hole of anguish. i am so fragile i cry when i see baby birds because they remind me of rowan.
When you remember Rhysand thought Feyre was happier with Tamlin so he suffered because he knew she was his mate and waited and loved her and he knew she hated him but it must of hurt so much and Feyre was actually very unhappy and basically a prisoner and both of them were so sad

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One of the wonderful things about JK Rowling’s script is the dialogue is not only wonderful but all the description in between is kind of so intricate and detailed. And there was this scene in which Newt performs a mating dance. And I was just reading going, Newt performs a mating dance…wait. It was just the two words that filled me with so much sweat…”Eddie Redmayne Teaches Jimmy a Fantastic Beasts Mating Dance”


Benophie AU: Pretty waitress


The Night Court - The Court Of Dreams

My friend through many dangers.

My lover who had healed my broken and weary soul.

My mate who had waited for me against all hope, despite all odds.

Me composing
  • Me: This is a nice little theme!
  • Piano: that's like every Ravel piece...
  • Me: ...
  • Me: wait, nah, THIS one is interesting!
  • Piano: mate, that's exactly Faurè nocturne n.4.
  • Me: ...
  • Me: what about this one? Decent innit?
  • Piano: you changed two notes to Brahms 4.
  • Me: *throws hands on the keyboard in despair*
  • Piano: that's Stravinsky piano sonata!
  • I can't write anything! 😥
  • (And I actually don't hate that sonata)