waiting on a fairytale

Worth The Wait

Author: @lilyvandersteen

Rating: M

Status: Completed in August 2016

Word Count: 20,231

Summary: Kurt and Blaine meet at a music festival, hit it off straightaway and spend a wonderful night together, but come morning, Blaine finds Kurt gone. On the nightstand is a ring, hiding clues as to where Kurt can be found. Intrigued, Blaine strives to solve the riddle, only to find the challenges don’t end there… Fairy tale Klaine AU.

Tropes/Genre: Prince!Kurt, Fairytale!Klaine, Soulmate!Klaine, romance, angst

Lynne’s review: I’m a sucker for soulmate fics, and this one added the fairytale trope right in there to seal the deal. Beautiful story.

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30 sentence prompts
  • 01: "please stay"
  • 02: "I want to kiss you"
  • 03: "when I'm with you, nothing else matters"
  • 04: "I wish we could be more than this"
  • 05: "just stay with me, like this please"
  • 06: "will you lay with me beneath the night sky"
  • 07: "if I could do this all over again, I would"
  • 08: "my life would suck without you"
  • 09: "I wish you were here"
  • 10: "tell me that you love me"
  • 11: "I just want you to be with me, even just for a little bit"
  • 12: "you feel a lot like home"
  • 13: "can we take one step closer"
  • 14: "you're my favorite song"
  • 15: "you found me"
  • 16: "it's nice being loved back"
  • 17: "god gave me you and took you back"
  • 18: "we are a story slowly unfolding"
  • 19: "they said two is better than one and they're right"
  • 20: "i'll wait for you"
  • 21: "today was a fairytale"
  • 22: "I don't want to love somebody else"
  • 23: "I miss the old school love"
  • 24: "let me love you"
  • 25: "let's run away together"
  • 26: "you look beautiful"
  • 27: "I just want to show you off"
  • 28: "we keep this love in a photograph"
  • 29: "if you love me, let me know, before its too late"
  • 30: "love is not over"
Our last night || soulmate!AU Pt.1

“What’s the difference between the love of your life and a soulmate?” I asked.

“One is a choice, and one is not”

Word Count: 7.5k
Genre: Angst | Fluff | Romance | Smut
Pairing: Reader(She) x Jungkook 
Triggers: Depression, Mention of suicide, lots of angst tbh, Mature content, Cussing.
Gif: AngustD©GIFs

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A/N: Much cry while making this…
Hope you guys like it! thanks for reading! and thanks for 400 followers!! <3
constructive feedback is always appreciated :)



—first 24 hours—

“This love was so pure it would smolder within their hearts for all eternity”

That one, single line from the book made your heart hurt. Is that the word? hurt? or…Is it something else entirely.
It pained.
That, you are sure about.
There is just something about it, that that made you go over it once again…not analyzing, just letting it sink in, let your mind absorb it, let your body absorb it, let your soul absorb it.
The book remains open on that one page; your eyes hovering above each letter and word for a long time.
What did it mean? How can a love smolder you? is that even possible? How can it be eternal?.
The more these silent questions spread through your thoughts, the more you feel confused, the more you feel empty; but at the same time, you somehow understand exactly what they mean.
You need someone to talk about this.
You read over the phrase once more:

 “This love was so pure it would smolder within their hearts for all eternity”

Without realizing, pools of tears flood your eyesight, trying to blink them away the big drops drip down your cheeks. A face on the back of your mind appears.
His dark and messy hair.
His big gentle eyes.
His goofy smile.

“Jungkook” a giggle joins the streams of water rolling down your eyes, while saying his name out-loud, making you realize you aren’t sad; In fact, you are desperate to see him again, to hug him and kiss him -just like you did every time you are together.
Putting the book down, you grab the cell phone on the nightstand, ignoring the piece of white paper, standing out because of the sapphire blue seal on the front, and tap over his name on the contact list.
-the dial tone causing you anxiety and a pang on your chest.
It is the first time you felt like this, so frantic and in a haste about phoning him.

Unwillingly, your eyes travel to the night stand once again, landing over the closed envelope with the blue sigil.
You knew this day might arrive.
Since the very beginning.

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I'll Wait For You

Bucky x Reader

Request: Could I maybe make a BuckyXreader request? I’m tired of seeing so many fics end in sec ya know. I was hoping for something where the reader and Bucky have been a couple and go to have sexual for the first time but the readers panics and it gets all cute and fluffy and bucky comforts the reader and is all like “I’ll wait for you” and just really cute stuff. (requested by @better-thana-fairytale)

Word Count: 1210

Warnings: pre-smut + fluff

A/N: I’m so happy, guys, this is my first request ever. I hope I did it justice! Thank you so much to Courtney for requesting, I really love this idea and I hope you like the fic 💛

On the rare occasion that the Avengers get a day off, I don’t think anyone would’ve guessed they’d spend it at the beach. That’s exactly what we did, however.

That morning, Steve dragged us all out of bed at half past eight, directly following his jog, and ordered us to pack for a road trip and an ocean. No one objected, of course. We all love the beach. So after we’d gathered our things for the day, we were clambering into multiple vehicles, still somewhat half asleep as we’d only returned from a mission late last night.

I rest my head against Bucky’s shoulder in the back of Clint’s truck. Wanda takes a seat on the other side of me, condemning me to the middle. Natasha sits in the passenger, and Clint doesn’t let a single other soul touch his steering wheel, so he drives.

When we arrive, I’m dragging Natasha into a public restroom to change with me, even though my bathing suit is right under my shorts and t-shirt. Something about undressing in public just unnerves me.

Natasha watches impatiently as I pull off my t-shirt to make way for my dark red bikini. I pull down my shorts and turn to look in the mirror.

 “Damn.” Nat nods from behind me. “Good choice. Barnes is gonna lose his mind.” I feel a smile makes its way to my face.

“You think so?” I ask. Nat raises her eyebrows and nods.

After revealing her own simple black one piece with a deep V that nearly reaches her belly button, we head out to the sand, where the guys have just finished setting up and are yanking their shirts over their heads. Even from meters away, I can see the hesitation in Bucky’s eyes as he watches the others pull their shirts off. I jog up behind him and wrap my hands around his waist.

“We all have scars, Bucky.” I stand on my toes to lay my head in the crook of his neck. He leans into me for a moment, watching my eyes, before nodding. I back away for him to take off the black top. Once he does, I shamelessly check him out (he is mine to check out), making sure to pass over the scars where flesh meets metal like it’s nothing. I watch his back muscles move and smile the kind of smile you give to something you know is yours.

He finally turns around, and the moment his eyes land on me, they’re widening as big as saucers.

“What?” I say. His mouth opens to respond, and he roams my body just as I had been doing to his moments ago.

“That…is…a nice bathing suit.” he says choppily. I chuckle and snake an arm around his neck, which effectively presses my breasts right into his chest.

“It is, isn’t it?” I grin.

“GET A ROOM!” I look over to see Sam cupping a hand by his mouth and grimacing. Bucky glares at him before wrapping his flesh arm right around my waist and leading me to the water.

My laugh echoes through the floor as Bucky lumbers like a maniac down the hall, my limbs wrapped around his body. I’m swinging side to side like a monkey as he over-exaggerates his movements to try to (not really) pull me off. He still keeps two hands secure on each of my ass cheeks, though I doubt that has anything to do with keeping me from falling.

Once we reach my room, he kicks the door shut and throws me on my bed. We reinstated our clothes once we left the beach, so Bucky pulls his black t-shirt over his head.

“That bathing suit of yours,” he shakes his head, “has been bothering me all day.” Something inside me flutters.

“Yeah?” I ask innocently. He nods and practically dives on top of me, playing with the strings of the bikini poking out from my shirt. His eyes are looking straight into mine, the shocking blue asking me a question. I don’t have an answer for it. Bucky and I have only been dating three months. While that might seem like a while to some people, it’s not much for someone who has a hard time opening up. Especially physically. Once you share that kind of intimacy with someone, there’s no taking it back. That’s terrifying.


Face your fear, then, I think. The thought is enough to push my lips into Bucky’s, which he immediately retaliates with his own. My fingers dig a path from his shoulders to the back of his neck to his scalp. He has both his arms propped up on either side of me, holding him as to not crush me under his weight. I hook a leg around one of his, and when he’s least expecting it, roll us over so that I’m straddling him. Our lips don’t separate once, but I can feel him smile.

“It’s like that?” he mumbles into my mouth. My hands plant themselves against his bare chest. He expertly yanks my shirt over my head by the back, once again revealing my bikini, which he departures his lips from mine to stare at. He shakes his head in disbelief. Then, when I’m least expecting it, rolls his entire body, along with mine, back to their original placing.

“Sneaky little-” I cut myself off when I feel something hard brush against my inner thigh. I know what it is, but the unexpectation makes me shriek and escape Bucky’s loose grasp on me. I pull up to the far of the bed by my headboard with wide eyes. It’s only then do I realize what I’ve just done.

“Oh my god.” I say quickly. “Sorry.”  There’s a wave of panic coursing through me, making me shudder. Goddamnit. “I’m sorry.” I whisper, but the fear gripping my limbs is distracting me. Bucky’s eyes are alarmed for a moment before they soften. He crawls up beside me, where I’ve wrapped myself into a little ball. He puts his arms around my waist and tugs me loose.

“It’s okay.” he shakes his head. My chest heaves with an uneasy breath. Stupid fear.

“No…” I try to form a sentence, to tell him it’s not, but something in me is making my voice falter. I shouldn’t have pushed myself. But my stupid fear. I’m not a virgin, I’m no saint. But it’s almost scary how easily Bucky has drawn me to him in the past three months. No one has let me open up so fast, and it’s so foreign that I can’t help but force my walls back up every now and again.

I take a shaky breath. I’ve ruined the moment. Stupid. Bucky pulls me into his lap and gently pushes my head down to lay on his hard chest. He rests his chin on top of my hair.

“Don’t be sorry.”  he murmurs. “I can wait.” He pulls back for a moment to look me in the eyes so that I know he’s being truthful. “I’ll wait for you.”

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fairytale meme: 7 book adaptations - [3/7] rose daughter by robin mckinley

    It’s only a dream, she had said to herself then, and she repeated it now, silently, in the peaceful darkness of Rose Cottage, with the reassuring sound of the sisters’ breathing by her side. It’s only a dream. But why do I dream of a terrible monster waiting for me, only for me.

The signs outlook on love

Aries: Love is the greatest risk you’ll ever take in life. So take the chance.

Taurus: Love is practical. Love is something I want. It’s something I must possess. It’s like a precious diamond.

Gemini: If love comes it comes. Don’t rush it. Live your life have fun with family and friends and enjoy. Life is too short just sitting around waiting for a fairytale prince that isn’t going to come.

Cancer: I better put on that thick wall again and pretend nobody can break my heart. Damn I fall easy.

Leo: Maybe I crave love and adorment because it’s the only thing that can be truly given from someone.

Virgo: sometimes it’s better to love someone from a distance. So that way nobody gets hurt.

Libra: No human is meant to live alone, it will drive them mad. That’s when love comes in. All the good and the bad that comes with it will be worth it. Always.

Scorpio: Sometimes it’s better to break your own heart than to let somebody else do it for you.

Sagittarius: Love is the definition of freedom and can not be caged, love breaths through our actions.

Capricorn: Love is nothing more than an empty word that we give meaning to.

Aquarius: There’s more to love than just sex. Love is an adventure, make sure you pick the best friend to go with.

Pisces: Love is about sacrificing yourself for something better. The purpose is to die within each other and come out stronger.

Story Masterlist (theliteratureloser)

Oooh lookie I did a thing!!

this is all Bucky

Oneshots + Drabbles + Requests

I’ll Wait For You Could I maybe make a BuckyXreader request? I was hoping for something where the reader and Bucky have been a couple and go to have sexual for the first time but the readers panics and it gets all cute and fluffy and bucky comforts the reader and is all like “I’ll wait for you” and just really cute stuff. (requested by @better-thana-fairytale)

Work it Out 1 2  -  after pulling a muscle on a mission, you need to stretch out your leg while working out. But you need help to do so. There’s only one person around to help.

We Have No Privacy -  you and Bucky have a secret relationship that you hide from the other Avengers. Or so you think ;)

Alive Because of You -  Bucky has a nightmare that the reader is there to soothe

A Cold Kiss -  just a bit o’ rainy cuddle and concerned Bucky

All My Friends -  you come home after a long night of partying and drinking with your girls and find yourself crawling into Bucky’s bed

When I Collapse -  when life is getting too much for the reader and she feels she’s going to collapse, Bucky is there to hold her. Bucky x teen!Reader (platonic)

That Kind of Pain - Bucky and Steve move away from the Avengers and to Brooklyn, leaving a head-over-heels-in-love Y/N by herself. She knows she must do everything in her power to get over Bucky.


Rescue -  reader is getting a tour of her new job at the Avengers tower, but happens to be the only one who notices an oncoming jet, about to crash into the building. Ongoing series

Broken Pieces (Let Me Fix You) -  Y/N L/N is a broken pawn doing her duties and drowning her sorrows. Bucky Barnes is a ghost of a man he once was and doesn’t know where he stands anymore. One night on a balcony and a promise to pick up the broken pieces is all it takes to cause trouble. Complete series

Soulmates AU; Jungkook

Originally posted by bangtan

Summary; You and your s/o are connected by a red line tied at your pinky. Even though the line is invisible, there is a small red line on your pinky. It’s your decision to go out and find your s/o. There is no time limit and no countdown. 

a/n; kinda based it off Your Name promo photos!! I just finished that movie last night because of the thunder and it was so sweet!!


-you loved your red line

-you loved it

-ever since you were little you’ve always known it was there

-and you were told at a young age that it was for your best boi to find you 

-so you just accepted it and just waited for them to come to you

-like a princess waiting for their prince 


-sorry i love pristin suppORT MY CHILDREN 

-so yeah

-like the song

-you were kind of the princess of your home

-you were protected at all costs

-you weren’t allowed to leave the house without a guardian 

-and you were always their little princess no matter where you went 

-when you got a little older

-like when you were 13

-you were confused about the string again since you never noticed it was there

-so you asked your parents again

-and your mum sat you down

-and told you the same thing that she said when you were younger

-and you asked her to explain it again

-meanwhile on the other end

-Jeon Jungkook 12 year old who is having a crisis about who it on the other side of this line that’s attached to him

-you were also worried about who was on the other side

-you hoped they were sweet 


-and amazing


-you asked her what it meant 

-you knew it had something to do with someone on the other side

-but you asked just to be sure

-your mum gave up with the ‘treasured little princess’ gig and sat you down for a proper talk about the red line

-”let me explain to you what that red line means….you have your soulmate on the other end of that line.”

-”do I know them?”

-”you don’t know who they are…but you know they’re the one for you just because of this line. Everyone has this invisible line attached to them and their soulmate.”

-”ok…..why is it on my pinky though?”

-”it’s like a promise to find them, that’s why it’s on your pinky…like a pinky promise.”

-”well i’m keeping that promise to find them!”

-”you’ve kept that promise ever since you were born….”

-”i have? so my soulmate and i have been connected for a long time now….”

-you had asked your mum to go find them straight away 

-but she asked you to wait a while just to find them

-so that you’re ready and that they’re ready too

-so you waited

-and waited

-and waited 

-and waited

-ok so maybe you waited a little longer than you hoped you would

-you waited for 5 years


-you had enough of waiting

-so one morning

-that one special morning

-you woke up

-and decided to find them that day

-you wanted to see them

-and to know them


-to maybe fall in love with them

-so you got up

-got your nicest clothes on

-and just had breakfast

-it was 8 in the morning

-your mum had never seen you up so early in the morning before

-it was crazy to see you up at this time

-”y/n?? what are you doing up so early…? are you getting a job or something??”

-”i’m going to find my soulmate i’ve waited so long for this”

-”hey y/n are you sure about this?”

-”of course”


-”why? do you not want me to?”

-”….my mum told me that when i went to find my soulmate….it meant that i was growing up…i just want to make sure that you’re ready to grow up to be with this person…”

-”i am mum. don’t worry. im ready for this. besides…i’m always dad’s and your little princess.”

-”that’s all i needed to hear. now, go and find this boy and fall in love with him.”

-”got it mum!”

-as soon as you finished getting ready 

-you were out the door

-and you were already following the red line

-every corner that you went around the red line would still be around that corner

-so you ran down the road following it

-seeing that it disappeared behind you

-you were on the right track 

-so getting on the train downtown

-you found that the red line came out at a station you were familiar with

-it was the station you would get off to go into the middle of the city 

-you followed it up to the exit

-and it seemed to become stiff and off the ground

-like when you pull a string it become stiff and sturdy

-not sturdy but it became strong 

-he was close 

-it also…

-kind of felt like 

-you were being pulled closer to him

-so you just followed it

-and were lead to the centre of the city’s shopping district

-you were kind of thirsty so you stopped off for a drink while you read a book

-meanwhile on the other end

-Jungkook was close to seeing you and finding out who is soulmate was


-just as he passed a coffee shop

-you found that the red string

-was attached to him 

-you looked up and packed up your bag

-you also quickly finished your drink too

-yeah fun try downing a whole fruit cooler in 10 minutes

-if you do

-you’re going to have a bad time

-so walking out the shop

-the red string became tight

-and it was like someone was pulling you towards the other end

-scratch that

-you were actually being pulled to the other end

-you kept on being pulled

-until you came to a bumpy stop

-as in you bumped into someone

-he was tall as heck

-and he was…..

-pretty good looking

-he turned around and just saw you

-but noticed that the red string was shorter than before

-it was actually as short as the distance between your hands

-oh it was like a fairytale drama–


-you were stuck in a day dream

-wait again

-this tall good looking cute guy was your soulmate?! 

-h o l d     o n     a m     i    o n     p u n k ’ d    i  s     a s h t o n    k u t c h e r     g o n n a   c o m e      o u t    o f     t h a t    l u s h    s t o r e 

-you were shoooooooooooook

-but you snapped out of your daydream or being punk’d by ashton kutcher to see that the person was apologising a lot

-”are you okay??”

-”i’m fine don’t worry”

-you went to move some hair out of your face

-but when you did

-you forgot that the string was pretty tight and kind of pulled you or him along if either one of you pulled the string

-and you did that

-and he was accidentally pulled closer to you

-that wasn’t your intention

-but you didn’t mind

-the blush on your face agreed

-”i’m guess you’re my soulmate??”

-”well that does the string say?”

-”the string says–”

-the boy looked down

-and the string was vanishing

-and he started to panic a little


-”don’t worry!! it means that you found me…hi i’m y/n”

-he looked back to you and there was just a huge smile on his face wow

-him smiling made you smile

-”I’m jungkook….well…i found you…what next?”

-”how about getting something to eat?”


-and in that moment he just grabbed your hand and held it tight

-while eating

-you found out that your soulmate is the cutest bunny person ever


-he’s also a massive meme 

-god fuckin dammit

“y/n….oh my god…”

“what? what is–”

“goofy is the only disney character to fuck……he has an actual son…not a nephew or anything……he wasn’t adopting either….”

“jungkook why are you thinking about–”

“just imagine…in the middle of the night…he’s boning someone ”

“jungkook what the fuck–”

“and you just hear”

“jeon jungkook don’t you–”



In the Waiting Dark (The Red Moon Rises)

Written by: @katnissdoesnotfollowback

Prompt: #5 Everlark fairytale au of Little Red Riding Hood, preferably similar in tone to the film “The Company of Wolves.”  [submitted by Anonymous]

Rating: T for this chapter

Warnings: Mentions of blood, fantasy and horror thematic elements

A/N: This is the first chapter of what will be a multi-chapter story. Overall rating will be M for the following reasons - Blood, fantasy and horror thematic elements, violence, mentions of non-consensual, mentions of child abuse, disturbing imagery, and sexual content. There may be more as I am still working out a few details. Inspiration for this story was pulled from several different versions of the Red Riding Hood tale, to include the film mentioned in the prompt. I’ve been wanting to write this AU for a long time, so I truly hope you all enjoy what I’ve come up with, especially you, Anonymous! Feel free to stop by and tell me your thoughts, I have Anon turned on in case you wish to remain so. <3 KDNFB

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There’s more to life than just finding your prince charming, your happy ending. Yes, it gives joy to a heart knowing that there’s someone to hold you and make you feel warm and safe. But so do the love for family. Having a night out with them, talking about life. Our love for music. Singing along to every words and rhythm, letting your soul feel. Loving every pages from our old book. Cuddling our dog and rubbing their belly. Connecting with the strangers, with their stories unknown and yours to them. I mean, you can’t put your world in loving a person and waiting your fairytale to be written. You love your life without depending your happiness on that unfinished story. Because afterall, love’s the best thing we do.
—  her (MIS), love’s the best thing we do

Be careful what you wish for!

Colin was bored with his life, the relentless 9 to 5 and all his responsibilities.

He sat down on a bench in the park on his lunch, there was an elderly woman sat on the bench next to him, she looked a little bit like a gypsy you’d expect to hear about in stories / fairytales.

As Colin was sat there waiting the time away he saw a bunch of young lads drinking and having a kick about with a football. “I wish I could be like them” he thought out loud.

The elderly woman mumbled something under her breath as she slowly stood up and shuffled away.

Thinking nothing of it Colin lifted his coffee to his face to take sip, Hold on this isn’t coffee! He looked down the coffee he was holding was now a can of beer.

As the focus of his vision changed from the beer he was holding, he realised he wasn’t in his suit anymore, he was was wearing trainers, joggers and a hoody. A slight panic filled him, how could this be? I was sat here just a second ago in my suit?!

He grabbed the phone from his pocket and turned the camera up to his face, not recognising the noticeably younger face he had never seen before, staring back at him. He must have been 16-17.

A notification popped up, “Alright Conner, you comin down the park for a kick about m8” who is Conner? Just then he had an uncontrollable urge to stand up, and start walking into the field. As he took each step it all started coming back to him, his name was Conner, he had come down to the park to meet his mates. Each step he took more memories filled his head. As he reached the lads the urge continued as he started playing football with them. The more he played the more he started to feel and behave like the lads, this began to feel natural to him.

After a little while he went to go grab another beer from the bag on the floor, a little folded piece of paper next to the bag caught his eye. He unfolded it, “Your wish is grated Colin, enjoy being Conner.”
He looked up to see the old gypsy lady stood in the distance, he ran towards her. But as he got closer she faded away.

More memories filled his head, his new family, his new home etc… what was going to happen to his old life? He turned and ran back to his mates, as he tried to talk to one of them about the note and the old woman, nothing came out! As hard as he tried, every time he tried to talk about what just happened nothing would come out of his mouth. He couldn’t tell anyone about what just happened or who he used to be! That was it, he was stuck as Conner, he was going to have to just carry on like this for now.

As time past he grew used to his new life and cockier personality, he wasn’t as smart as he used to be as Colin, Conner had never really paid attention in school, he just wasn’t interested, just about managing to get some grades at all. His life was on a much different path now, working un-skilled jobs and hanging out with the lads drinking and playing footy.