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Hartwin Fic: (Not So) Patiently Waiting

A little something to tide us over until the trailer finally drops. :-)

“Come oooonnnn,” Eggsy groans. He throws his head back, and Harry looks up in time to see him refresh his Facebook feed one more time. 

“Still waiting, I take it,” he observes. 

“What was your first clue?” Eggsy retorts. He sits up straight again, resettles his laptop across his thighs, and refreshes the page again. 

Harry puts his thumb in between the pages of the book he’s currently reading, then gives Eggsy his full attention. “This is that trailer you’ve been waiting on? Heroes Glory?" 

Valiant’s Glory,“ Eggsy says. "I’ve only told you like a hundred times.” He refreshes his feed. “And yeah, that’s the one." 

"I see,” Harry says. He glances at his Bremont; it’s been two hours since dinner, and in all that time he doubts Eggsy has even thought about doing something besides sit curled up on the couch with his laptop and his growing impatience. “Why don’t you try walking away?" 

Eggsy looks up at him, aghast with horror. "It’ll drop if I do that! And then I’ll miss it!" 

"I might be old and out of touch,” Harry says with a touch of asperity, “but the last time I checked, videos like that don’t just disappear without warning." 

"You never know,” Eggsy mutters darkly, and refreshes the page again. 

“Your dog needs a walk,” Harry suggests helpfully. 

Eggsy doesn’t even glance up. “It’s your turn to take him out." 

"I wasn’t aware we took turns with JB,” Harry says. 

Eggsy refreshes the page, mutters something under his breath, then says, “It ain’t time yet. ‘sides, look at him. He’s all curled up in his bed." 

This is definitely true, and Harry bites back a sigh. He’s had enough of Eggsy’s insufferable nature tonight. 

And to think people have the nerve to call him stubborn. 

He sets his book down and slides across the couch to sit right beside Eggsy. He reaches up and gently takes hold of Eggsy’s chin. Eggsy makes a faint questioning noise, then Harry turns his head and kisses him. 

Eggsy leans into the kiss right away, warm and eager like always. But just before they draw apart, Harry opens his eyes and sees that Eggsy is peeking at his computer screen. 

He doesn’t even think. He just reacts, his hand shooting out and forcefully closing the laptop. 

"Oi!” Eggsy snatches his hands back. “You almost got my fingers!" 

"Well it’s not like you’re doing anything with them,” Harry points out. 

Eggsy gives him a look, glances almost longingly at the laptop – this trailer must be pretty amazing from the way he’s going on about it – and then turns toward Harry. “Okay then,” he says. He grins. “If that’s how you want to play it." 

"I do indeed,” Harry says solemnly, but he’s already fighting back a smile. 

It turns out Eggsy can put his hands to far better use than just hitting the Refresh button for hours on end. At some point the laptop slides off the couch and lands on the floor, but it’s cushioned by their shirts, which have already been cast away, and so no harm comes to it. 

And when Eggsy’s phone dings with the long-awaited alert, neither one of them pays it any attention. 

My Fire Emblem Heroes Team! ★★★★★
I put Roy as my leader because I’m an asshole to people in Arena


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