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Fic of the Week 28.4.17

I Wish You Were Mine by Reader115 (1/1 | 16,362 | Teen And Up)

Lance’s mouth dropped open. “Oh my god, Keith. Keeeeith, did you just pun me?”

Keith allowed half his mouth to quirk up in a small grin.

“I’m just -,” one of Lance’s hands squeezed his shoulder, “- I’m just so proud, Keith. I think I need a moment.”

Keith rolled his eyes and waited patiently for Lance to get himself under control.

“I want you to know I’m going to remember that forever.” Lance pulled his hand off Keith’s shoulder and pretended to wipe a tear from his eye.

“I’m betting you could come up with better things to keep locked up in those brain cells of yours.”

“Nah, Keith, there’ll always be plenty of space for you.”

(implied shallura)

Grasshopper - an introduction

Yamada Ryosuke will challenge his first movie role as a knife-killer Semi” in the movie “Grasshopper”, aside Ikuta Toma and Asano Tadanobu. The movie is based on the novel by Isaka Kotaro (released in 2004), and is expected to premiere in Fall 2015.

✧ Story:

Grasshopper is a suspense story about a man called Suzuki (Ikuta Toma), who quits his job as a teacher to take revenge on the man who killed his wife. However, this man gets run over by a car right in front of Suzuki’s eyes by a mysterious killer called “Oshiya”. Suzuki crosses paths with suicide-specialized killer Kujira (Asano Tadanobu), and a genius knife-killer Semi (Yamada Ryosuke), who are also looking for Oshiya.

✧ Characters:

Former middle school teacher, kind, weak and wouldn’t even hurt a fly. Wants so avenge his wife’s death.

Kujira (Name meaning: Whale)
A killer specializing in suicides. Drives the target to suicide, and will harm their family if needed. Everyone who faces him will die. Is haunted by hallucinations of the people he has killed.

Semi (Name Meaning: Cicada)
A young boy who’s skillful at using knives. Remarkable physical abilities. Works with a man called Iwanishi. Iwanishi accepts the requests and does research on the target. Then he decides the place and time for the murder, and Semi performs it. Semi was requested to assassinate someone, but he failed, and is now looking for Oshiya to make up for his mistake.

✧ Notes:

- Grasshopper was also released as a manga from October 2008 to March 2009, by Ida Hiroto. - The ending of the movie will be different from the original novel.

✧ Semi-comments:

“I’m really happy to be able to star in a movie, which has been a dream of mine. I wish to show everyone a never before seen Yamada Ryosuke through Grasshopper.”

“A killer equals scary, but I didn’t feel like that about Semi. I’ll do my best and give my everything to work with the knife action.”

“I’m excited to see how his cute looks translate into this role. I’m sure it will be Yamada Ryosuke that no-one has ever seen. I wish he’ll make use of his great physical strenght, and go all for it in this movie.” -Ikuta Toma

The shooting of the movie will start July 7th, 2014, and it is expected to premiere in Fall 2015. The movie will be directed by Takimoto Tomoyuki.