waiting for z


Z Nation meme | one character  —– Alvin Bernard Murphy

I am not one of the resurrected, I’m your messiah.


playlist about long distance relationship; {listen on spotify}

// joe brooks - my heart will wait // a r i z o n a - oceans away // us the duo - i will wait for you // us the duo - no matter where you are // plain white t’s - hey there delilah // the civil wars - to whom it may concern // aurora - half the world away // avril lavigne - wish you were here // ed sheeran - all of the stars // the temptations - my girl // charlie puth - one call away // jeremy passion - as long as you wait for me //

“Nyo ho~”

Art raffle 3rd place prize for @ssmilleyy; Gyro Zeppeli


(Holy shit my dudes this took too long.  Most comics will not be in this clean, colored style, but I really wanted my first comic for the blog to look nice so here.  Next up: how Jeremy actually discovers his powers.  That one will not be colored so it should be up much sooner.  Hope this was worth the wait - Mod Z.)

(Also for this AU, Jeremy, Michael, and Christine have all been friends since they were little kids.  Jeremy did have a crush on Christine back in middle school but it went nowhere and he grew out of it after realizing he’d rather just have her as a friend.)