waiting for these

me before watching season 4: wow i can’t wait to see how much character development is gonna happen now that keith’s piloting black and the team dynamics totally changed! everyone’s gonna be working together and improving together and there’s no one person in charge ‘cause they’re all kids trying to do their best as a team! exciting stuff!

me after watching season 4:

“You’ve gotta dance everyday. Everyday, you’ve gotta dance!”

an inktober that went too far off the rails

the swift life, reputation secret sessions in london, better than red, speak now of pop, taylor swearing and drinking wine, song that’ll make everyone cry, scott swift’s favourite song, taylor reblogging posts about reputation, taylor apparently lurking fans for over a year (some not even getting many likes and still invited to the session), all in the span of one fucking day I-


henry mills’ complete (sort of) family tree

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