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one word spells

As long as you can focus your energy and set your intention your spell should work, so I’ve designed these 5 spells using just one word for a Witch who needs a quick fix.


Pronounced mar-e-quil

Used to calm a temper or an upset person. From the latin word for sea, mare, and the english word tranquil. Essentially you are calling the sea inside them to be still. For better results cast with wet hands.


Pronounced Uni-var

Used for faster transport. I use it at the train station to have a shorter wait time but really its designed for traffic lights. By combining uni from universe and vert,the french word for green, you’re essentially asking the universe to make your path green.


Pronounced Vis-e-did-en

Used to go unnoticed or invisible. Taken from the english words vision and hidden. For best results chant it softly while visualising yourself turning transparent.


Pronounced Lap-ag-na

Used when you just need someone to shut the f**k up but are too polite to say so. Taken from the Latin words lapis and magna, meaning stone and voice. For best results hold a stone or some earth while casting, if they’re really pissing you off just throw the stone or dirt at them.


pronounced Bav-are-ig-ni

Used to strike up a conversation or to continue a conversation. Taken from the French word bavarder, which means chat, and the Latin word ignis, which means fire. Basically you’re asking for the conversation to spark or catch fire. For best results flick a lighter in your pocket or light a match.

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Okay, okay, I’ll tell you the best way I’ve ever warded off street harassment.
I was at a traffic light, waiting for the green. I’m sitting there, sipping my coke, and a guy rolls up, looks at me, and makes kissy noises at me. So I did what any logical person would do. I look at him dead in the eye and let out a foghorn of a belch. He just said, “What the FUCK??” and sped off as the light turned green.
I’ve never had a prouder moment.

On average, 5 people are born every second and 1.78 die.
So we’re ahead by 3.22, which is good, I think.

The average person will spend two weeks in his life
waiting for the traffic light to change.

Pubescent girls wait two to four years
for the tender lumps under their nipples to grow.

So the average adult has over 1,460 dreams a year,
laughs 15 times a day. Children, 385 more times.

So the average male adult mates 2,580 times with five different people
but falls in love only twice in his life—possibly

with the same person. Seventy-nine long years for each of us,
awakened to love in our twenties, so more or less

thirty years to love our two lovers each. And if, in a lifetime,
one walks a total of 13,640 miles by increments,

Where are you headed, traveler?
is a valid philosophical question to pose to a man, I think, along with

Why does the blood in your veins travel endlessly?
on account of those red cells flowing night and day

through the traffic of the blood vessels, which if laid out
in a straight line would be over 90,000 miles long.

The great Nile River in Egypt is 4,180 miles long.
The great circle of the earth’s equator is 24,903 miles.

Dividing this green earth among all of us
gives a hundred square feet of living space to each,

but our brains take only one square foot of it,
along with the 29 bones of the skull, so

if you look outside your window with your mind only,
why do you hear the housefly hum middle octave, key of F?

If you listen to the cat on the rug by the fire with
the 32 muscles in your ear, you will hear

100 different vocal sounds. Listen to the dog
wishing for your love: 10 different sounds.

If you think loneliness is beyond calculation,
think of the mole digging a tunnel underground

ninety-eight miles long to China
in one single night. If you think beauty escapes you

or your entire genealogical tree, consider the slug
with its four uneven noses, or the chameleon shifting colors

under an arbitrary light. Think of the deepest point
in the deepest ocean, the Marianas Trench in the Pacific,

do you think anyone’s sadness can be deeper? In 1681,
the last dodo bird died. In the 16th century,

Queen Elizabeth suffered from a fear of roses.
Anne Boleyn had six fingers. People fall in love

twice. The human heart beats 3 billion times — only — in a lifetime.
If you attempt to count all the stars in the galaxy, one

every second, it’ll take 3 thousand years, if you’re lucky.
As owls are the only birds that can see the color blue

the ocean is bluish, along with the sky and the eyes
of that boy who died alone by that little unnamed river

in your dreams one blue night of the war
of one of your lives. (Do you remember which one?)

Duration of World War 1: four years, 3 months, 14 days.
Duration of an equatorial sunset: 128 seconds, 142 tops.

A neuron’s impulse takes 1/1000 of a second,
a morning’s commute from Prospect Expressway

to the Brooklyn Bridge, about 90 minutes,
forty-five without traffic.

Time it takes for a flower to wilt after it’s cut from the stem: five days.
Time left our sun before it runs out of light: five billion years.

Hence the number of happy citizens under the red glow
of that sun: maybe 50% of us, 50% on good days, tops.

Number who are sad: maybe 70% on the good days—
especially on the good days. (The first emotion’s more intense, I think,

when caught up with the second.) So children grow faster in the summer,
their bright blue bodies expanding. The ocean, after all, is blue

which is why the sky now outside your window is bluish
expanding with the white of something beautiful, like clouds.

Fact: The world is a beautiful place—once in a while.
Another fact: We fall in love twice. Maybe more, if we’re lucky.

—  Arkaye Kierulf, “Textbook Statistics”
Like We Used To II Woozi

Title : Like We Used To.

No. of words: 2k +

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“Do you love him?”

Jihoon remembers the first time he met you.

You were standing in the rain, holding up a bunch of sheets of newspaper over your head that didn’t do much in providing you with shelter. He recognized you as a new trainee at Pledis. He’d seen your face around definitely, but never had the time to introduce himself. The rain poured down in heavy rivulets, soaking you from head to toe. Jihoon felt his grip on the handle of his umbrella tightened, and with a deep breath, he strides over towards you.

He reaches just as you were about to dash across the road, not bothering to take the traffic light. “Hey wait -” Jihoon finds himself saying, and you startle, yelping and slipping on wet cement. Jihoon jerks forward, acting fast as he reaches out with his free hand to grab your arm. You skid across the pavement, but manage not to hit the floor as Jihoon steadies you. “Hi,” You let out a pained sigh, “I’m so sorry I just -”.

Your head snaps up to him then, and he raises his eyebrows in amusement as your eyes go wide, and your mouth falls open in surprise. “Oh!” You croak out, “Jihoon sunbaenim!”. Wow, Jihoon finds himself chuckling, She knows who I am. You tear your arm away from his grip lightning quick, leaving Jihoon’s hand to fall limply at his sides. “Are you okay?” He decides to say, tilting his head as he subtly leans forward so that you were sheltered as well.

You notice anyways, and the smile you flash at Jihoon makes his heart skip just a beat faster. “I’m okay,” You look down at yourself, drenched clothes and wet straggly hair, then you laugh. “I mean, I guess? This isn’t the most flattering way for us to be meeting, is it?”.

Jihoon never says much. Well, he does sometimes, but only to people he was close to. So he just presses his lips in a straight line tightly, before letting out a, “No, it really isn’t,”.

“Thank you,” You say, gesturing between the both of you. You felt the warmth radiating of off Jihoon from how close you were standing next to him, and you basked in it, a contrast to the cold, harsh weather raging around the both of you. “For this,” You look up slightly at the umbrella. Jihoon blinks twice, like as if being jolted back into reality. He stutters a little as he speaks, but manages to regain composure. “I – uh,” He shakes his head slightly, “No problem. I’ll walk you back?”.

“If you don’t mind,” You duck your head a little bashfully. You knew he was already part of a famous boy group, Seventeen, and while you were a trainee, it still felt like the both of you were worlds apart. Almost like you shouldn’t be interacting.

Jihoon doesn’t reply, merely circling his fingers hesitantly around your wrist and pulling you in so that you wouldn’t get splashed further by the rain.

Jihoon remembers the first time you kissed.

It was cliche and all, but the both of you never regretted the way it went.

You weren’t dating yet, but you guys were close… friends. Not like before, where the both of you were merely strangers to one another. He’d asked you out to have dinner with him, which surprised you. Of course it did. Jihoon rarely initiated things, much less dinner. He was the type who wouldn’t be first to text, be first to say hi or anything like that. But he made an exception when it came to you – something the both of you hadn’t realized.

The both of you had ended up eating black bean noodles, seated across from each other as you talked. You made jokes, and sometimes Jihoon would end up laughing, the type of laugh you rarely got to see. Where he would throw his head back guffawing, clapping his hands multiple times as his eyes turned into the shape of crescents. Cute. Sometimes he’d scoff and roll his eyes playfully, or retort with a sarcastic remark you knew he didn’t mean.

It was nice being alone, just the two of you. In the company, you rarely got much interactions. It was always a passing nod of acknowledgement, or a short wave, and sometimes even a ‘hi’.

Jihoon had walked you back, since it was already dark the minute you guys had finished. The streetlights were on, and it was dead silent at night. It made everything more heightened when you guys finally reached your door and you whipped around to say thank you.

You did, and then you faltered.

“I – thanks, for -” You found your breath hitching in your throat, “For today,”.

Jihoon’s eyes are locked with yours, and he fights the impulse to lean forward and just kiss you then. “Anytime,” He shrugs dismissively, alot more casual than he feels. He doesn’t know how long the both of you stand there before you part your lips, pointing a thumb at your door, “I – uh – I should get going,”.

Something in Jihoon’s chest sinks, but he nods anyways. “Ok sure,”. He catches something like a flicker of anticipation in your eyes, but then it fades. You’re about to whirl around to unlock your door when Jihoon grabs your arm gently, before pulling you forward just abit. It’s one of the rare times he gives in to his impulse, and it overtakes him like a wave when there’s a sudden change in the tide.

He leans forward, pressing his lips against yours, feeling his heart beat so violently in his chest and so loud in his ears that he’s so sure you can hear it. But then you start to press back, and his shoulders start to relax as he wraps sturdy arms around your waist gingerly… slowly… gently. The both of you pull back, breathless and rosy – cheeked but the euphoria running through your veins was…

“I forgot to say goodnight,” Jihoon finds himself whispering. Your lips tug up in a smile, and you burst out in laughter, hitting him softly on the chest. “You’re weird, Jihoon,” You joke, running fingers through his tousled pink hair. “In a good way,” You add when you see his face twist up.

“I’ll see you tomorrow?” The unnecessary worry in his voice almost makes you laugh. “Yeah,” You place your hands on his shoulders for support as you lean in to place a kiss on his cheek, “Tomorrow,”.

He stands there, gaping and wide – eyed and completely frozen. It’s only until you pry his hands off of you, all while laughing and telling him you had to go does he snap out of it. “Ah yeah -” He stuffs his hands into his pockets, “Goodnight,”.

“Night,” You smile, and it burns at the back of his mind throughout the night.

Jihoon remembers your first fight.

It had been over something stupid, but it seemed so major back then.

Jihoon was busy with schedules, staying late at the studio and always passing out the minute he got back to his dorm. He didn’t have time to call, skype, meet up, anything. Even if he wanted to.

You understood. Of course you did, and you tried so hard to always remind yourself that he was busy right now and he couldn’t always afford to make time for you when he didn’t even have time for himself. But then when you guys did get the chance to meet or call or skype, he was always so distant and cold, curt and snappy and it made your heart squeeze in your chest. He had even fallen asleep once during a skype video chat, and you could do nothing but sigh as you closed the lid of your laptop.

You knew he was like this – that when he was exhausted he cut himself off from others, that he was so tired with only 3 hours of sleep that sometimes he’d just pass out. But it still itched a frustration inside of you. It’s not until he accidentally bursts out at you do you fight back.

“Stop it,” He hisses, shrugging you off as he grits his teeth, “I’m trying to focus,”.

His tone, his actions, his everything threw you off. “Yeah I get that,” You snap, “It’s what you say everyday now anyways,”.

You notice the way his fingers tremble as they hover above the keyboard, but you don’t say anything. “That’s because it’s true,” He says quietly, fingers not quite able to press down on those keys. “Yeah and so is our relationship right?”. You sound childish even in your own ears, but you can’t quite seem to repress it. “What’re you trying to say?” He sighs, tired, tired, tired. So many times.

“That maybe it’s time you focus on us as well,” You exclaim, “Because right now it’s like you just dont care!”.

Jihoon feels the burn at the back of his eyes, and he bites down hard on his bottom lip to keep it back. “You don’t get to decide that,” He hates the way his voice quivers, but he mantains the clarity in his words. “Maybe I do,” He can’t see you, but he knows you’re staring straight at the back of his head, eyes glaring, “Maybe I do because I’m getting the brunt of it,”.

“That’s not fair, y/n, you know you don’t,” Jihoon brings shaking hands up to bury his face in them. You’re silent for awhile, and Jihoon thinks maybe you’ve calmed down. He’s about to turn in his chair to talk to you face to face when your voice rings firm and clear in the air. “Forget it,” You hiss, “I don’t even know why I try,” And with that, all Jihoon hears next is the slamming of a door as you storm out of the studio.

His head spins and his vision blurs and his body is sore from too much dance practices and his throat is dry from too much singing and right now, everything was just too much.

And you were no exception.

Jihoon remembers alot of things. He remembers your first date, filled with alot of tripping and stumbling and blushing. He remembers the first time he introduces you to the other members, and they all welcomed you with open arms and warm smiles because you made Jihoon happy. He remembers your first time together, filled with 'I love you’s and broken promises and sweet nothings. He remembers holding you when you were scared while the both of you watched horror movies together, remembers loving the way you nuzzled your face in his neck when you were sleepy, remembers everything from your touch to the taste of your lips to the beautiful brown orbs you held.

And of course, he remembers, the time you decided to break up with him.

You had shook your head, tears streaming down your face with a strained smile on your lips as you had uttered the very words. “I can’t do this,” You had mumbled, “I’m sorry,”. And his whole world fell apart around him, he felt that maybe broken hearts weren’t just a metaphor in romance novels but were so real and so painful.

“Let’s break up,” You whispered, and Jihoon finds the light in his life start to dim.

“Why?” He had asked. And he always wished he hadn’t.

I don’t love you anymore,”.

And as you walk out the door, Jihoon feels a part of his heart start to slip and fall from his grasp. And maybe severed hearts weren’t real and soulmates didn’t exist but if Jihoon said that he hadn’t lost just a part of him that day, he was lying.

He doesn’t quite remember, however, the part where you moved on and he stayed.

But it flashes before him as he sees you wrapped up in another man’s arms, smiling the smile that used to be for him and gazing with so much affection and fondness in your eyes that Jihoon has to tear his eyes away, has to force his feet the opposite direction, has to pretend he doesn’t quite feel anything when he was actually feeling everything at once. You said he didn’t care, but how could you when you had moved on so fast?

Now, as Jihoon stands in front of you, clammy hands hidden shoved in deep pockets, wind blowing his hair back, he asks.

“Do you love him?”

brendon urie responding to annoying comments ask meme.

“ your friends are cool, not fuck you, alright cool. “

“ who are you to call dominos shitty ? do you own a pizzaria ? nah so shut up. ”

“ i don’t even like domnios pizza. ”

“ you’re ruining your education, get the fuck off. ”

“ go fuckin’ pee, alright ? go pee. ”

“ prove it, and then send pictures. ”  

 “ you guys are clever. ”

“ what a stupid, unnecessarily offensive thing to say. i’m bored. ”

“ take that. sneezed on ya. ”

“ don’t be a bitch ? guess what ? i’m not a bitch. ” 

“ you’re a dumba. ”

“ if you’re raising your kid to wait at the traffic light until it turns yellow and then red and then make their turn, you should’ve never have had that kid. ”

“ you idiot ! hey, remember when i called you an idiot ? sorry about that. ”

“ you sound like a fucking boy. ”

“ sorry, sorry – i got real heated for a second. ”

“ tell your family they can fuck off. ”

 “ i don’t care what you think as long as it’s about me. ”

“ i respect your brother’s opinion. ”

“ i need to make a shirt that says ‘ hated by families everywhere. ’ “

“ fuck your bacon. i love bacon. ”

“ yo, if you eat ranch, what the fuck is wrong with you ?

“ if you’re gonna get wings, go bleu cheese. ”

“ lemme say my piece. ”

 “ why’d you make it about you ? i’m trying to make it about the sauce. ”

“ i’m trying to fuck their game up, babe. ”

“ don’t take this personally. ”

“ he’s a fuck boy. ”

“ you kids and your fuck boy comments. ”

“ well then get out and give somebody else a chance. ”

“ … fuck boy. ”

“ if you scrunch toilet paper you are a disgrace, and you are sloppy, and you need to fold your toilet paper. ”

“ that’s gross. ”

“ i sound like a minion ?

“ you sound like a minion. ”

 “ shots fired. ”

“ that’s a sideways fuck you. ”

“ alright, don’t get it twisted. ”

“ ninety percent of these are ‘fuck my ass.’ “

“ hey, these are very intelligent comments, sir. ”

“ i’m not a bitch but thank you for acknowledging that i’m not trash. ”

“ i call everybody dumb-dumb. ”

“ watch your fucking language. fuck you. ”

“ why you calling me a magg- oh, that’s not that word. ”

“ i’m egotistical ? that’s sweet. ”

“ stop being an emo fuck boy. ”

“ no, they get in the way of you being a fucking idiot, though. ”

“ i am a fuck boy. ”

 “ oh, that’s very sweet of you. ”

“ what are you guys doing ? ”

“ what the fuck happened to discretion ? ”

“ that sentence just made me so mad right now. ”

“ quit asking me if i have fuckin’ hairy balls, jesus christ. ”

“ i eat like an annoying white girl ? this from an annoying white girl. come on. ”

“ no, you ding dong. ”

“ i can’t disagree with that. ”

“ hey, woah, i am not gay. but i will suck a dick. ”

“ get the fuck outta here. ”

“ woah. take it easy. ”

“ stop being so boring. ”

“ go to bed, you dumb ass. ”

“ that was mean. ”

Everyone knows the Fake AH Crew for their grand, expensive, and explosive heists. The large arsenals, the police chases through the city, the ridiculous vehicle choices, most of which are things that people shouldn’t even have a way to obtain. Even if the heists don’t often end with the crew getting away with it, or even getting very far in it, everyone in the city knows that something went down and who was involved. Though not everyone knows about the smaller pranks that the crew gets into between the large heists.

Some of them are to the city in general, like the time Gavin turned all the traffic lights red and they waited to see how long it would take people to figure out what had happened. There were a lot of crashes that day as people got frustrated and all decided to go at once. The fact that Gavin occasionally let the light flash green for half a second before going back to red didn’t help. But most of the crew’s pranks are directed at the police department.

Jack once took a cargobob and managed to wedge it in the impound lot behind the station. Getting back out of the lot had been a little bit of a problem (solved by mysteriously exploding fire hydrants across town that warranted a large response from the police force), but the cargobob had remained in the lot for nearly two weeks before anyone was able to move it.

Geoff and Ray tp’d the building from a helicopter one night out of boredom. There were also exploding cans of silly string and spray paint that left the police station a colorful mess for nearly a month.

Gavin intermittently activated the sprinkler system in different parts of the station, though his favorite room was Burnie’s office. Burnie changed offices five times, and the fire department came in response to the sprinklers’ activation on seven different occasions, before that system was finally localized and Gavin was locked out.

At least once every couple of weeks, the police receives a package from Michael, which may or may not contain an active bomb. Oftentimes it’s just various parts and scraps from shit made to scare them. Once it was a box of grenades that, when opened, would activate a mechanism to pull a pin and explode. A few were more advanced bombs. The police now have someone trained with disarming bombs in the building for such events.

Then there’s Ryan, who can scrub off the face paint and remove the mask and go in without suspicion. He’s led the police on a number of wild goose chases, switching out files with misinformation or insisting that the cops had to go look at this thing across town. He’d turned it into a game, where he tried to see just how many cops he could make leave on these fruitless searches at one time.

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Can you do 6 with Sehun? But like make it an happy ending?

Sehun + 6 :“This is what I was trying to avoid. All of this.”

He had his lips pursed, and his brown hair handsomely swept all the way back, showing off his handsome forehead for the world to see. Girls, women, ladies from all ages are staring at him as they passed. Of course, none of them would have the guts to speak to him.

He furrowed his brows at the street, opposite to the one he is standing on now, and he stopped at the traffic light, with other pedestrians, waiting to cross. His eyes was fixated on one, and only one–that lady on the phone, looking at her feet. He dug his hand into his pocket, averting his eyes to the side, and exhaling sharply. There was obvious distaste in his expression. Girls behind him were gawking, mewling at his handsome good looks. But he had his attention to only that lady.

He bit his lips, and then the traffic light goes red for the vehicles, and green for the pedestrian trying to cross the street. He lunges forward, in wide steps and when this lady approaches him, he hooks his arm around hers. She shoved her phone in her pocket.

You looked up and he spun you to face the other way, back to where you came from. “Let’s talk,” he thundered, in the midst of this unappealing crowd of working people. “Wait, what? Why?” Your face contorted. He loosen his grip around your wrist when he’s sure you won’t run off, but you wouldn’t stop whining as he drag you. “…Can’t we wait until the day is over?” You let your head stretched the farthest back as you could, making crying noises but Sehun didn’t stop. “I don’t want to go back to work, no…” You sang and he stopped midway there. He stopped at a closed shop, and crossed his arm, leaning on his side, on the wall.It had a pretty drawing of a flower. “I think this is a Hibiscus.” You changed the subject, and traced the drawing with your finger on the wall.

He fixated his hard gaze on you. “What are you doing.” He said, monotonously. And eerily, calm. “Nothing.” You squeaked, avoiding all eye contact.

“Exactly.” He dashed. “I’ve been telling you about all the details necessary to make you available for the dinner with my parents, and all you’ve been doing is nothing. You don’t update me what dress you’re planning to wear, you don’t tell me what time you want me to fetch you, you don’t tell me if you’ve told your boss that you can’t attend the stupid and over-conducted meeting. I just want to know what’s going on.”

You blinked to the wall. You don’t give him any answers. Or any thoughts. “Let’s not do this.” You sighed. Sehun rolled his eyes at you. “Let’s not do what? Let’s not do the dinner? Let’s not talk? Let’s not see each other?” Sehun tilt his head and you looked up to meet his gaze, and he widened his eyes, “Not see each other?”

You nodded. “I’ve been trying to break up with you, and I’ve been sending signals for awhile now, but I don’t think you’ve noticed.” You pouted. Sehun looks away, and starts walking a few steps. “I just don’t think we would be a good couple. I think you have better chances with other girls…” You played with your fingers. “What other girls…” he chuckled dryly, in a whisper. “I’m super unattractive, and I don’t have many friends, and I hate social gathering. I have panic attacks every time something bad happens, and I’m emotionally timid, and you’re not. I don’t think I deserve someone like you…” You start listing out all your flaws.

“You’re a blessing, and I’m thankful. But you’ll be better off without me.” You sulked.

Sehun turns to face you, “…This is what I’m trying to avoid. All of this!”

You dropped your gaze to your feet, trying hard not to cry. “…You talked as if it’s easy to do, but you know it isn’t. You think you’re draining me, aren’t you? But you know what really drains me? Not having you around.” Sehun’s voice had been monotonously calm, but this time, it had a certain decibel that tugged your heart strings. “I am not better off without you. And you need to stop this nonsense talk and be ready by 8pm, because the dinner will be at 8.30pm. And don’t ignore my calls.” He passed your shoulders after a forehead kiss and a rub behind your head before leaving you there.

Some people just wouldn’t leave that easy. Maybe those ‘some people’ are your forever. Like Sehun is.

sitting in your car trying not to get frostbite and realizing the air conditioner is on is just as annoying as sitting at a red light with no through traffic waiting for no one.

017 First Impressions

Request: Can you do more sick Harry?? Maybe one where he wakes up really sick to his stomach but you’re going to your parents and he ends up being sick there and he’s super upset because he doesn’t want to be sick? Thanks love!

Notes: So in order to move the story on and fill in background points, I’m going to use the request above to make this the first time the missus takes Harry to meet her parents. By the way, before anyone accuses me of promoting animal cruelty, the shooting is clay pigeon shooting. Sorry it’s a little shorter than some of the others. Enjoy x

“Harry, if you can’t drive, I will.” You stared at him from the passenger seat as Harry waited at traffic lights before heading on to the motorway to head south west to your parents’ house.

“You are not driving this car.” Harry had woken up sick to his stomach after throwing up all night. He’d couldn’t keep his breakfast down and was gagging at the wheel of the car. You drove in silence with Harry refusing to let you put any music on so as to not worsen his headache. Staring out the window, you wondered whether a) you should be letting him drive at all, and b) whether you should pull out of taking Harry to meet your parents for the first time.

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Sex Addicts 14-Isaac AU


A/N : previous parts here : Also , this fic is coming to an end. i estimate about 4 to 5 more parts. 

Sex Addicts

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Wednesday evening

An old lady walked the paved street stopping in her tracks as she waited for the traffic light to turn red. Her wrinkled eyes travelled all the way to the apartments on the street across. All of them had their windows, shut, curtains drawn. Except for one. Where a  girl was being kissed by a boy. It was a hungry kiss, their hands all over each other, their tongues visible even from that distance. Their bodies pressed against each other as close as possible . so close you could feel the heat radiating, the need, the pressure they applied and their uneven breaths as they tried not to lose themselves into each other. The boy looked like an old time rock n roll star and the girl like an undiscovered model. The image could’ve been described as crude , and provocative, especially to the eyes of a woman her age. But there was something contradicting about them. About the way, they so openly touched , embraced each other, in a street full of closed windows. The old lady smiled as she finally crossed the street, taking a left turn, losing sight of the two lovers.


Wednesday morning


Couple of days after he had shared that night with Y/N at the ice rink, he was out with his friends at a pub catching up. He was still struggling with his thoughts for She was all that he could think about. His mind was in a constant internal battle. 

You are not thinking about her Isaac

Part of him would whisper and then some Y/H/C would wave at him and his eyes would sparkle in hope that it was her. 

God damn it Y/N 

Another part of him, the part that knew, would whisper. 

He had been with dozens of girls, he had many one night stands, hundreds friends with benefits, and more relationships than you can count in one hand. But never had he ever talked to someone like that. Someone of the opposite sex, whom he did not just see as a good fuck , or had to block their words, until they’d become moans. No , he had actually listened to Y/N’s boring stories, and what striked him was the fact that he did not find them boring, not at all. In fact he had found them so exciting that he wanted to listen to her again. 

He was denying everything his mind was telling him. And he knew what to do. He thought that there is only one thing that beats the mind, and that is the body.

Peter, had explained the nature of an orgasm in one of their meetings, how hormones are secreted, how the heart rate increases and the mind blocks all other thoughts out, in spite the one of reaching your high. If he was to silence those devilish voices in his head, that seemed to only know Y/N’s name. he had to have sex. Even if they would silence only for a few seconds, while he orgasmed. He was so stubborn that he would fuck every single girl in the planet, If that was what it took, to shut his mind up.


She had stopped troubling herself with Isaac’s fantasy. Accepting that perhaps this was not the way to win. It had not yet occurred to her that she had also stopped trying to win. After she had seen that side of Isaac, the non-arrogant one, she found no point in arguing. Not with this side of him at least. His words were replaying in her mind in a loop.

I don’t entirely hate you either


Pubs for him had always been an easy “market”. Meaning that there were more than a dozen of drunk girls, willing to sleep with him. He scanned the interior as Scott was ordering a drink. He located a beautiful brunette with stunning blue eyes, but lost interest in her as soon as she smiled revealing a pair of yellow, crooked teeth. Couple of seats next to her, there was a Y/H/C, , Just like Y/N’s. She had a nice smile. Not like Y/N’s.. And she had medium sized tits, unlike Y/N’s that were hardly visible. He remembered the day he had taken her to Scott. He had given her his shirt and he had noticed she had no bra on. She did not need one, since there was not much to support. And yet, she did not need any other size of tits. Her fitted her perfectly, enhancing her sexuality. 

As soon as he finished his drink  he approached the girl. He had about thirty minutes until Scott would find him and scold him. Thirty minutes were more than enough, and he had spotted a storage room by the entrance.



Her brother, Liam was about to go to work when he knocked on her door , aiming to give her, her two bucks for today’s group therapy meeting. However she accepted them with guilt spread all over her face, she felt bad that he was loosing 300 bucks, for something that was meant to make her better. She should be the one paying him for suggesting it in the first place. If it wasn’t for him, she’d probably seen Isaac only once, in that store, with the condom incident. She owed Liam more than he owed her. Suddenly she realized her thoughts made no sense. When did she become so sensitive ?

She did not understand that Isaac was getting to her, and that she was getting to him. Both changing each other. Everyday Y/N gave up part of her mind to fit in Isaac. And as for Isaac, she was already occupying most of him, even though they both denied it.



The problem, rose once again. Or as a matter of fact , the problem was , that nothing rose. Once again. His manhood proved uncapable of satisfying the stranger next to him. She was putting on her sweater as he simply laid there on the floor, hands in his hair, sighing desperately. She ensured him it was okay, and that her ex got that a lot during stressful periods. But Isaac denied her words of comfort. It was unacceptable. And unfair.  sex, was the only thing allowing him to feel. He was always confident, always capable. So why was he unable to fuck the brains out of a horny chick ? it pissed him to the point he had to get up and smoke one fag after the other. 

It wasn’t until forty minutes later that Scott found Isaac, outside the storage room, smoking and cursing under his breath. The state of him puzzled Scott. His hair were tangled and his t-shirt was all sweaty. He seemed more than frustrated to say the least.

Isaac was breathing in and out heavily. 

“are you giving birth man ?” Scott asked examining him and then laughed at his own joke but Isaac did not react. 

“Isaac , we need to hit the road..is everything alright ?” Scott walked up to him placing one hand on his shoulder. Suddenly Isaac turned grabbing both of Scott’s shoulders and shaking him. 

“ I’ve been cursed” he said sounding delusional. 

Scott laughed but his smile left his face as soon as he saw Isaac’s worried and scared expression. 

“you..are scaring me..” eh said in a low whisper. 

“Scott. Mate . you don’t understand. I’m done. ” he continued. 

“ done what ?’‘ 

” I’m soft Scott !“Isaac’s eyes were widen and frightened….or…frightening. 

”..soft?“ Scott shook his head not understanding searching Isaac’s eyes for some sort of rationality. 

’'DOWN THERE!” Isaac held his groin. “ I CAN’T DO IT. I JUST CAN’T” Isaac yelled.

Scott pulled away and started laughing hysterically. 

“Stop laughing dickhead this is hard !” Isaac yelled. 

“apparently ..it isn’t hard…Isaac..” Scott said in between laughter. 

“ am I sick ? is my dick gonna fall off ?”

Scott tried to control his breath, wiping away the tears from his eyes. 

“STOP IT !” Isaac continued, walking up and down in a very fast pace.

Scott approached him. 

“Isaac, calm down” Scott instructed him. 

“don’t fucking tell me to fucking calm the fuck down.” Isaac said. 

“ first of all, don’t use the word fuck, it’s pure irony.” Scott laughed again. 

“ say that one more time …” Isaac threatened him. 

“ Listen ,mate, all I know is that some people lose their appetite, either’s feel butterflies and shit in their stomachs, apparently, you go numb, down there…” Scott begun explaining. 

“ don’t” Isaac warned. 

“it’s nothing to be ashamed of !” Scott said and Isaac gave him a disgraceful look.“ Okay maybe it is something to be ashamed of. REALLY ASHAMED. But it’s a wonderful thing Isaac”’ Scott cheered. 

“ I said don’t. don’t go there.’' 

” you’ve gone there mate, not me. Did you try masturbating?“ Scott asked. 

” No.. a hot chick touched it and nothing happened SO WHY WOULD IT WORK IF I TOUCHED MYSELF YOU BLOODY IDIOT ?“ Isaac yelled. 

” because , you think of someone that turns you on. You know.. Someone whose name starts with ( your name’s first letter  ) and ends in ( your name’s last letter )? “ Scott joked and Isaac shook his head biting his lip. This was not happening. Had his mind defeated his body ? 

’'bullshit” Isaac whispered , lost in his thoughts. 

“ you can keep denying it, or you can test my theory.” Scott instructed him. 

“I don’t do that Scotty, Not with her anyway” he argued unable to believe what Scott was suggesting. 

“ugh Jesus Isaac , for once, compromise. It’s not a bad thing. It won’t make you less cool if instead of fucking many chicks one time, you fuck one chick many times. It pisses me off so much !” Scott said in all seriousness. 

“what does?”

“ you Isaac. You piss me off. Cause frankly I would give anything to be you right now. To have Y/N being in love with me. And here you are denying those feelings, when everyone and everything” he pointed at Isaac’s cock “ is telling you otherwise” he continued. 

Isaac took in his words. Feeling bad and realizing how unconscious of him it was to whine about Y/N at Scott. Especially at him. But then he found the error in Scott’s words.

“ Y/N being in love with me ?” he repeated. Scott nodded. 

“ I thought you just claimed that I am the one who is in love with her. Mate this is far from what she feels. She despises me” Isaac argued. 

“you look Isaac, but you do not observe..’' 

’'is that Sherlock Holmes ?” Isaac aksed trying to remember where he had heard that line before. 

“ Maybe, The point is..why do you think she made the whole scene at that party ?’' 

” to piss me off ?“ Isaac asked. 

’'and why would she want to piss you off ?”

“um..cause I piss her off ?’' 



” cause she was jealous. “ Scott said tired. Her turned to leave not wanting to argue anymore. 

’'do what you want Isaac. Just know that it will make me sad to see you wasting this.’' 

Isaac’s fists tightened as he sucked on the inside of his cheek.

What have you done to me 

He thought.



Today;s meeting was a waste of time for everyone. Peter gave them some sort of questioners that they were obliged to answer concerning the meetings so far, and then he talked to them about the importance of realizing their problem and accepting it. Isaac was staring at Y/N and Y/N was staring at Isaac. Both of them smiling to each other. 

’'Peter..?” Isaac spoke breaking the silence of the room as everyone stopped answering the questions and look up. 

“what now mop of hair ?” Peter said, obviously not in a good mood. 

“ is it just me, or are these meetings getting shittier and shittier ?” Isaac asked causing Scarlet to laugh out loud with her obnoxious laughter. 

“Yes they are ! and you know why ? because the council is being tough on me Lahey. Checking my work. Some of you improved I must admit. Others narrowed down their sex addiction and STDs among themselves” at that he looked at Stiles and Scarlet, who winked. “ but point is, I have someone superior , checking me. Fucking me . so I am fucking you , that alright ?” he asked his eyebrows were more furrowed than ever as he spoke. 

“ I haven’t had sex in days..” Y/N said trying to make Peter feel better. She was not lying. But what nobody noticed is that she made Isaac feel better as well. He smiled in happiness even though he himself did not notice. 

“really ?” peter said. 

“ me neither . ! in days !” Isaac  said looking at Y/N. She smiled as well. As If a burden had been lifted off her shoulders. A burden she did not know she was carrying. 

“ No” Peter exclaimed not believing them. 

“ no it’s true. I did not have time !” Y/N informed. 

“ yes ! …I ..” Isaac trailed off, thinking of his problem. 

“ I did not have time either..” he concluded. 

Peter rose from his seat smiling , and drinking his coffee in one sip. 

He approached the two, and motioned them to get up. As soon as they did , he wrapped one hand on Isaac’s shoulder and one on Y/N’s pulling the three of them close in order to whisper. 

“by the end of the session, there is a question. I want you to answer exactly what you said now. And where it says why, I want you to tell the truth. Time , is a poor excuse. I have informed the council about you two. How you are the two of the hardest patients I ever had. If they read your answers I might get a promotion and you might be able to get out of here.” Peter said 

Isaac felt his stomach tied in a knot. He could not write the truth it was far too embarrassing.

Y/N’s stomach also tightened. She was a tiny bit smarter, or rather faster , than Isaac. She knew what Peter meant. But it was hard to write it down. It was hard enough to realize and accept it.

They were returning to their seats when Peter turned one last time and gave them a weird look. 

“the truth” he repeated.



How long have you remained “sober” and why .

She read the question. Tapping her pen on the paper, biting her lip. She glanced out the window hoping some miracle would happen. 



How long have you remained “sober” and why .

He read the question. He sighed. And shut his eyes for a minute. How could his phrase this properly ? dick issues ? no erection ? stress? His hands were massaging his lower lip as he tried to think of the proper answer.



She thought of the proper answer. She knew the proper answer but she did not want to write it. It intimidated her and it scared her. Writing this down , would be like she was willingly losing the game. And yet she thought, perhaps, she had to lose the game , only to win it.

One week

She wrote down




He marked the paper, writing and erasing , and writing and erasing again. He looked up at Y/N, and wondered what she would write. Scott’s words pumping in his ears.

Five days

He wrote down


They both looked at each other for a second, as if asking for help. But help did not come. As they looked back down at their papers.

Isaac found the right word. And Y/N accepted the one she wrote down. 

The session was over minutes after that. Peter told them they had to keep the questionnaire forms and leave them in their p.o. boxes, as the council would pick them up individually. He explained this happens because they want to make sure he did not write the answers so as to alter the true results. 

Y/N was lost in her thoughts and determined to walk. The badass sexual image she had built was nowhere to be seen as her head faced the ground, trying to organize her thoughts. 

“need a ride?” he asked her. No. she thought. She could not see him now. Not after what she had answered. 

“yes” she muttered. Holding tightly the paper in her hand. Isaac unlocked the car;s doors and she entered. She noticed Isaac had placed his paper in a pocket of his jacket. He saw she was staring at it and he stared at hers. 

“please drive me home this time” she warned. He smirked for a second.


They were both moody. Both thinking. Both glancing at each others papers. Thinking that maybe if they stared at it enough they could somehow make out the answer, even though the papers had been carefully folded by both of them. 

“how did you find the questions /” Isaac decided to ask, trying to sound casual.

“ nice, nice, all normal stuff and you ?” Y/N said nervously. 

“ all good” he answered. She stared at her hands resting on her lap and he looked out the window. His gaze returning at the paper in her hands and her gaze focusing on the paper in his pocket. They needed to find out. They desperately wanted to just grab them and run. 

Isaac kept his promise and drove her home. He turned off the engine however which she thought was weird. She looked at him waiting for answer. 

“ need to use your bathroom” he answered and opened his door getting out.

She nodded and pulled out her keys.

They entered her apartment. Isaac had often wondered what it would be like but now he could not care less. His eyes did not leave the paper between her fingers, and her eyes remained in his pocket. 

“ bathroom’s this way” she pointed and he nodded. They were both so awkward , so curious and so anxious. 

Y/N approached her window and looked out. She wished , Isaac would drop his paper while he pissed so that she could find it later and read it. Isaac wished she would stop holding it , leave it on a table so that he could grab it while leaving and read it. He washed his face clean and breathed heavily. 

She stared out the window biting on her lips nervously. When Isaac came out she noticed the paper was still in the pocket, and he noticed she was still holding hers. Anticipation, agony, curiousness, desperation, were all building up inside them as they stared at each others papers in silence. Until they erupted. Until they could not take it any longer. Until their bodies reacted on their own, moving closer. Until their lips attached with no intentions of pulling away. Until they shifted against each other. Until they breathed each other in, not caring that the window was open and an old lady from across the street was staring at them. Until, due to the rough movement of the kiss and their hands, the two papers fell from their hands and pockets and landed on the floor.

One week

She wrote down

Five days

He wrote down 

And then they both proceeded to answer why.

Because I fell in love.

Life has just begun..

Jake knew he should have left earlier because traffic would be bad and it turned out to be even worse than expected. He hadn’t even had the chance to stop by his apartment to chance in proper clothes. So here he was, sitting in a white t-shirt and grey overalls covered in dirt as he waited before the traffic lights, his fingers drumming onto the steer. He knew Reyna was expecting him to be there and he even promised her he would be there. Yet, here he was still miles away from her while the appointment had been set within 5 minutes. Reyna had been in a mood lately and this would only make things worse. Her being pregnant was a wonderful thing, but he could live without the mood swings. Still, he tried to do everything he could to make her pregnancy as comfortable as possible. Spoiling her with food and back massages often worked, but this situation was probably not going to be solved this easily. He just hoped she would take it easy on him since they were about to see their baby for the first time. When the traffic light turned green, Jake raced towards the adress Reyna had texted him. When he got there he was still 10 minutes late and all Jake could do was hope that she hadn’t gone inside yet.

The man rushed out of his car and locked it before sprinting towards the building he was meant to meet Reyna. She wasn’t standing outside like they had agreed, but he knew that was his own stupid fault. She would probably be furious at him for being late at their first appointment to see their baby. It was still a bit unreal. He was going to be a father. They were going to be parents. Like they had agreed, he hadn’t told anyone about the news. He even lied to his boss so he could leave earlier, but he yet he was not on time. As Jake barged into the waiting room in his working clothes, several parts of his hair still covered in dust, he noticed Reyna standing up. “I’m so sorry…” he apologized as he approached his girlfriend, ignoring all the glares he was getting from other people sitting in the waiting room. He decided not to lean in for a kiss, not wanting to be embarrassed in front of all these people if she refused. “Is it your turn?” Jake asked, looking down at the girl as he stood next to her. He knew that with her hormones going all crazy there was a chance she would start yelling at him, but he desperately hoped she wouldn’t embarrass him in front of all these people who were already judging him for showing up like this.

Sometimes I feel like studyblr can be a kinda hard place for people with mental illness or anyone else struggling but still wants to work so here are some words for you:

~sometimes life intervenes with work and that’s okay

~there will be some days when you can’t work the way you want and then you can appreciate what you do get done

~doing little bits of work is better than no work, small bits of quality work is better than pushing yourself to do work you can do better tomorrow

~it’s not failing to ask for deadline extensions

~you’re at a traffic light not a standstill. Just wait for the lights to change

~be kind to yourself

~remember that you’re brilliant

I hate waiting for people.
I hate waiting for phone calls.
I hate waiting for appointments.
I hate waiting for holidays.
I hate waiting for vacations.
I hate waiting for snow to fall.
I hate waiting for the sun to beat down on my skin when it’s too hot.
I hate waiting while people get ready.
I hate waiting in traffic.
I hate waiting for texts.
I hate waiting for traffic lights.
I hate waiting in lines.
I hate waiting for my gas tank to fill.
I hate waiting for the weekend.

I guess, I’m either hateful or impatient. Or both.