waiting for the rest of the season

“So paladin, it looks like your other paladins abandoned you.” 

“Oh don’t worry, they’ll be back.” 

“If that’s the case, how about we get started?” 

“Bring it big ears.” 


Anyway, concept is that Lance gets captured while on a Galra ship for some mission. Lance is about to get out but because of… reasons (?) he ends up staying on the ship while the rest of the team wormholes out. So he tries to keep out of their hands as much as possible but ends up being captured and interrogated by (*cough* Prine Lotor *cough*) before the rest of the team can come and get him. 

I needed my baby to do something badass although he had that cool sharpshooter moment I NEED MORE. Anyway here is to waiting for season 3 and drowning in fanfiction! Enjoy!

You call as though
months haven’t passed,
as though seasons haven’t changed,
as though I haven’t been trying to lay my feelings to rest.
You call as though,
and I can blame it on the planets,
or I can say that you didn’t care enough to begin with anyway,
all the hurt that you brought me,
all the nights that I wondered what I could have done differently.
I answer as though,
I haven’t built my walls up high,
as though I have been waiting for you to come back
and truly I have,
I wanted you mad,
and dearly,
I thought about you,
but I wasn’t sure what to do.
I answer as though,
you won’t ruin me all over again,
as though I don’t have another heartbreak waiting for me at the door,
as though it’s not best for me to let go.

And I have such a hard time staying away from things that bring me pain,
so I’ll
blame my feelings on the alignments,
the mistake of your return
and say venus is in retrograde.

me at 11 pm any given night: i am so content knowing it’s just me and my bed and these next few hours of sleep, i have never felt more at peace than now and i can’t wait for this long night of rest ahead of me

me at 4 am: mickey loves ian so much. he gave up his entire life seeking revenge for him. he tattooed his name over his heart. remember when he told fiona “don’t fucking tell me what’s impossible”? he had endured so much abuse and he hated himself and denied himself what he wanted for 3 whole seasons. he never imagined that his relationship with ian was possible nonetheless that it could be public and he could be out and at peace with himself but it DID HAPPEN so now he KNOWS it’s possible! he overcame so much fear! he was finally approaching real happiness and then that happiness was threatened! he didn’t deserve to feel scared again but he stayed with ian and he got him the help he needed. he loved ian so fucking much and then ian broke up with him because he somehow actually felt like mickey wouldn’t want to deal with him. MICKEY VOWED TO BE WITH HIM THROUGH THICK AND THIN, GOOD TIMES AND BAD. they were more than boyfriends or lovers or whatever, they were BEST FRIENDS since season 1 and yet ian didn’t even visit mickey in jail. even after ian told mickey he had to be bribed to visit, mickey still asked him if he would wait. he told ian to lie that he would because that tiny bit of hope could help him hold up. he told ian that the only thing that kept him going was the thought of them being together in mexico, away from all the shit in their past and just together and free even if it could never truly be perfect. MICKEY LOVED IAN SO FUCKING MUCH AND HE DID NOT DESERVE TO HAVE TO LEAVE HIM. but at the same time, neither of them could control their future. it was fucked from the minute mickey got arrested and him escaping jail only further complicated things even though mickey could very well be happy as an escaped convict. THEY did not deserve to have so much against them and MICKEY did not deserve to have his life screwed over again so quickly after finding some semblance of peace. i just want mickey milkovich to be happy.

My teacher is a voltron fan

So my class is doing some 3D printing and I thought I saw someone pass a black lion model( it wasnt) but I said “ wait hold on is that voltron? ” and my teacher from across the room was like “WAIT VOLTRON OUTTA THE WAY I NEED TO SEE!” I was suprised that anyone in my school much less a teacher new what vld was so we spent the rest of the block theorizing on season 3 and who the black paladin would be and where the cow went.

Malec in the Rest of Season 2

So while I’m impatiently waiting for their first date tomorrow, I decided to do this to help pass the time. These have all probably been posted individually, but I’m all about compiling and organizing things so…this masterpost of Season 2 Malec spoilers from showrunner Todd Slavkin happened. I just love looking at them. We have so much to look forward to! Keep in mind that these are tweets that only address events that are still to come, so read at your own risk if you’re trying to avoid spoilers.

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♡ 170224 | PSA to LOVEs re: Produce 101 Season 2

LOVEs, take a deep breath with me. Everyone needs to relax and wait until you have all the facts. I have more things I need to translate but I have only slept for maybe 2 hours so far and I need to get my rest, but I need to clear up a few things before the fandom blows this even more out of proportion. 

First and foremost, the boys wanted this. Pledis released a statement in the fancafe shortly after it was announced members of NU’EST would be participating in Produce 101, and in that statement it was made very clear that the boys themselves wanted to be put on this show as they see it as an opportunity for them to make a fresh start. As fans, we need to respect their decision and support them any way we can. This is not Pledis forcing them to go to a show for trainees, this is a conscious decision on the members’ part. Please respect and understand that. I understand some of us are very worried about this, trust me, I am too, but we need to love and support the boys more than anything right now. This is how they’ve decided to take the next step in their careers, they did not make this decision easily. Please, please, understand that. 

Pledis also wants fans to understand that this has nothing to do with disbandment rumors. The boys are not disbanding and this is a publicity move and a way for the boys to give themselves a fresh start. Fresh start, not a means to an end. 

Also, keep in mind that Mnet changed the rules for this season and are accepting a good portion of idols who have already debuted because there was a shortage of male trainees to send. NU’EST is not the only currently debuted boygroup who is sending idols instead of trainees. There have been a lot of shows in Kpop in recent time that also focus on bringing more attention to underrated groups, and it appears Produce 101 S2 is going to be one of them. 

LOVEs need to be calm and supportive right now and wait to have all the answers before they start rioting. I’ve seen a lot of fits being thrown from people who either don’t speak Korean or they don’t understand the whole of the situation. I’m also seeing a lot of bitterness again and bitterness has been like a cyst on this fandom. People do not want to be a part of a fandom that looks like it’s in constant misery. People join fandom to escape from real life struggles, not to add to them. Please, do not present our fandom as a miserable, old, useless thing. We need to be welcoming to new fans and we need to keep our heads about us. 

Thank you. 


At first I felt like this season just kind of swept the whole “almost died together on a cruise ship” thing under the rug, but now I’m thinking maybe not? 

I mean think about it. After all this time, Mac is finally ready to accept himself as being gay NOW? What has changed? Well maybe after almost dying last season, and also having that experience with the gay couple on the cruise, who could still have their religion, he realized he is ready, and was just waiting for the right moment to officially come out and stay out to the rest of the gang. 

And what about Dennis? Maybe he seems much more detached this season because after nearly dying and Mac also discovering that he had hid Mac’s dad’s letters from him, Dennis realized that he needs to make some changes in his life. And that’s why he is now on medication, and he is trying to just have a “normal” (whatever that means for the gang) lifestyle, and he is trying to confront his issues with women, even if it is in a not-so-healthy way. I mean the Dennis from a few seasons ago would have never been vulnerable in front of the gang and told them that he has big feelings, but the Dennis who almost died and told his sister he loved her in that moment would. 

And that lets not forget about Charlie and Dee. After they had sex in The Gang Misses the Boat, they were barely in the same room alone together, let alone being smoking buddies and singing “I love you” songs. Maybe after almost dying, they realized that they wanted to have that close relationship where they made a good team and could be there for one another, but kept it a secret from the rest of the gang still. 

Even Frank is a little different, and more concerned about what Charlie thinks of him, going so far as to give himself a tapeworm just to try to please Charlie.

Even though none of the episodes this season have directly referenced the incident on the cruise ship, I think this season is showing that every single member of the gang was affected and a little traumatized by it, and it shows in everything they do. 

Can’t wait for the scene in season 3 where Keith and Allura comfort each other over Shiro’s disappearance and Keith tells her Shiro was like his brother and the only family he ever had and Allura confesses that she was in love with Shiro and she can’t bare losing him so soon after she lost her father and they hug it out and then we get the episode where they find Shiro and everyone group-hugs him and he and Allura have an almost-kiss moment and Keith keeps dropping not-so-subtle hints at Shiro for the rest of the season until the finale where Shiro and Allura kiss for real in slow motion with explosions all around them.