waiting for the rest of his hair to grow back

[vampire au part 2, based on this ficlet because i feel like it needs to be re-iterated that I FUCKING LOVE VAMPIRES]

“You know, I can practically hear you thinking,” Charles says, and when Erik tilts his head and looks from the spot on their picnic blanket he’s been staring at for the past five minutes up at Charles’ face, he sees Charles is already studying him. The fingers in Erik’s hair continue to massage at his scalp gently, almost coaxingly. Charles smiles down and him, where his head rests in Charles’ lap.

“Are you going to tell me or make me wait?” Charles asks, his smile growing a few teeth. “I have all of eternity, you know.”

Erik rolls his eyes. Charles tips his head back and laughs at the branches of the tree they’re sitting underneath, entirely too pleased with himself. If Erik had known how awful the puns were going to get when he first found out Charles was a vampire… well, he still would have continued dating him. But the point remains; he might have appreciated some cosmic warning.

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