waiting for the movie t y t

you know, I think it’s so frustrating when we have to wait an ENTIRE WEEK (!!!) for a new episode of our favorite show, but then I also realize:

there are also people out there, that aren’t netflix addicted. people who have lives, friends, hobbies and good grades, but h o w  c a n  t h e y  l i v e  w i t h o u t  o b s e s s i n g  o v e r  f i c t i o n a l  c h a r a c t e r s ???????

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“Stay for a little longer” he pouts, wrapping his arms even tighter around your waist.

You giggle because of the touch of his cold fingers on your stomach and look at him, mesmerized by the way his curls fall on his forehead.

“I can’t” you shrug, slightly kissing his heart-shaped lips. “Molly is waiting for me in my house.”

“Your cat won’t die if you skip feeding her for once. And she needs a diet, you know? Remember that one time that you thought she’s pregnant but the vet said that she’s just fat?”

You both start laughing as you punch him in the shoulder, pretending to be mad at him.

“You’re so rude.”

“I can be if you want me to” he smirks, “I can be whatever you want me to. Just stay and cuddle with me.”

“C'mon Styles, let me go” trying to get rid of his hold, you start to kiss his cheek to distract him. “Harry…”

“Shht…” His lips gently touch yours and he bites your bottom lip, giving you a playful look. “I know yeh wan’ it just as much I wan’ it.”

Tangling your legs with his, you burry your fingers in his curls, causing a quite moan to escape from his mouth. His naked body is shivers against yours, showing you how much your movements affect him.

“I have to go” you shake your head, knowing too well that it’ll be too good to be real to stay under the sheets with him all day, doing nothing, when you have to do tons of work.

“No, let’s watch The notebook” he protests as you try to reach the floor with your legs.

You can feel him, immediately bringing you closer to his chest, trapping you in his hold and embracing you. The laptop on the night cupboard is taken and turned on as you two kiss, trying to warm each other.

“It’s cliche” you point the obvious, already giving up.

“And you love it.”

You nod as a smile spreades on your face. Sunday morning with Harry in bed, the favourite rom-com of both of you and a breakfast after a hour. How can you resist?

Do you like me or not?

“Do you like me or not?” With Tom Holland
Tom and Y/N have always been close, but when Tom comes back from filming his movie, he acts different, and Y/N can’t keep waiting in the dark to know if he feels the same about her, that she does about him.

I looked down at my phone, thumbs tapping the screen as I sent another message to Tom. His messages had been seeming to get shorter and more far apart with each passing day. It was getting on my nerves, seeing I didn’t want to be annoying him, but he was also my best friend (And secret love of my life) and I wanted to know what was wrong.
Me: When does your flight land?
Tom: 4:30

Me: Ok, want me to pick you up from the airport?
Tom: No, I got it, Thx
I rose an eyebrow at his response. He usually sends full paragraphs when messaging, and never used ‘THX’.
Me: Ok… see you later.
I quickly sent the text and placed my phone on the coffee table to my left. I couldn’t get over the weird feeling in my stomach. Sure we haven’t seen each other in a while, but we still talked… but not nearly as much as we used to… Honestly I was starting to get worried.
A few hours later I received another text, saying he had just got home. I decided to head over to his apartment and see what was up. I felt the familiar butterflies in my chest, knowing that I had been to his apartment plenty of times, but the ache in my heart always seemed to come along, reminding me that he didn’t feel the same way about me then I did about him. It was especially worse today though. I hopped in my car and started driving, already getting a bad feeling.

I walked up the flight up stairs to his appartment, with each step, the butterflies in my stomach skyrocketed. Now they felt more like killer bees. I reached his door and knocked.
“Tom? It’s me y/n” I tried the doorknob not surprised to see it open. He always left the door unlocked in case I decided to come over, and I did the same for him.

“I thought maybe we could watch a movie or something, maybe even get some spoilers for your new- oh” I started but I was quickly cut off by the sight in front of me.
Tom was laughing on the couch, with Zendaya beside him, her hand on his leg. When Tom noticed me his eyes widened and Zendaya quickly took her hand off.
“Y/n I- I didn’t hear you come in” Tom stuttered
“Yeah um… here i’ll… You guys are busy i’ll come back later” I excused before quickly making a bee-line to the front door, Tom calling from behind me. As soon as I was out the door, I ran.

He had called me four times since i’ve been home, but I didn’t want to answer. I know it was childish. He was my best friend, and I wouldn’t be anything more. I wasn’t even sure if I was even his friend anymore. I layed in bed, hugging the blankets closer to me as I watched the TV. I felt sick, or heartbroken, or maybe both. All I knew was I wanted the pain to stop. But just like my tears it just kept coming. I felt my phone ring again by my bedside table, looking to see it was once again Tom. I sighed and hit ignore, just as my front door swung open.
“YN?” I heard Tom shout from the living room, causing me to shoot out of bed and run out. I forgot to lock my door. An old habit.
“What the hell Tom?!” I tried to sound angry, but my voice cracked from all the crying, and I was guessing my face was still red and tear stained because as soon as he saw me he closed the space between us and hugged me.
“What are you doing here?” I asked into his shoulder, trying to find a reason why he would even want to be around me right now.
“I wanted to make sure you were ok, when you saw Z and us together-” He started, but at the sound of his new nickname for her I backed away.
“Yeah, you should get back to her, I wouldn’t want to start trouble” I said, trying to find a way for him to leave before I started crying again.
“What do you mean?” It didn’t work, and the tears where falling again, and he was looking confused, which turned the tears to anger.
“You know what I mean, don’t act coy Holland” I said, his face turning from confused to shocked.
“You think Z and I are together?” He asked, absolutely perplexed by the idea.
“I’m honestly not surprised, you’ve been texting me less and less these last few month, you’re spending all your time with her for the movie, it was only a matter of time-”

“I was trying to get advice on how to talk to you!” He said, exasperated, causing me to look confused this time.
“We talk all the time why would it suddenly be so hard?” I asked, not understanding what he was saying.
“Because…” He said, searching to find the right words, but he apparently couldn’t find the right ones, because before I knew it he had closed the space between us and had his lips on mine.
I stood for a solid second before I reacted, kissing him back. We stood like that for what felt like forever, but not long enough, before he finally pulled away.
“I like you, and not like the way where we watch a movie and flirt a little but never confess anything because we’re too afraid. I’m all in, and I understand if you don’t feel the same, but I hope you do” Tom said, looking deep into my eyes.
I ruined the moment by punching him in the arm.
“You idiot, I liked you the whole time!” I yelled, laughing as Toms face lit up.
“Wait you did? Why didn’t you say anything?!” Tom laughed
“Because that’s the- becuase I… I don’t know!”
“Well its about freaking time” Tom laughed before pulling me into another kiss.

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The soft side // Jack Maynard

Hey guys! I hope you are doing well. I am slowly getting back to my writing schedule, but I am on school holidays. I am trying to be as social as i can this holidays, so i sincerely apologise if my posts are very frequent. I wrote this this as I was waiting for my Sims (4) to update hehe


Jack laughed as Y/N hid underneath the covers. It was pure entertainment for Jack to watch her be frightened by the movie. It wasn’t even that bad, Y/N just didn’t enjoy the infrequent jump scares. Joe and Conor were more sympathetic towards Y/N, whereas Jack just laughed. It was quite cocky, but he didn’t care. She was just being stupid over a ‘scary’ movie. “Is it nearly over?” Y/N whispered to Jack as she sat back up.

“Yes… you pussy,” he chuckled. Y/N rolled her eyes and gave Jack a displeased face as she moved closer to Conor. Conor smiled down at her, wrapping a limp arm around her waist. Y/N was always close with all the boys, especially the Maynards… well one Maynard, at least. Y/N and Conor have always been best friends from the day they met, whereas Jack is like her teasing younger brother. She kind of enjoyed it though, as much as it was annoying.

The movie continued playing as Y/N fell asleep calmly in Conor’s arms. He was nearly asleep too, before Joe threw a small pillow at his head. He swore and grunted, trying to move out from underneath Y/N’s body. Conor took her up to her bed, as the boys set up their own beds on the couch and spare bedrooms. They all fell asleep pretty quickly, but Jack’s sleep wasn’t exactly perfect.


There was a soft knock at Y/N’s door, before it opened slowly. She sat up lazily, wondering who would be at her door in the middle of the night. In walked Jack, a worried look plastered on his face. “Jack?” she whispered, signaling him closer to the bed. He rubbed his eyes, nodding his head. Y/N couldn’t help but notice what looked like a tear rolling down his face in her dark bedroom. “What’s wrong?” she asked, worried. Jack sat on the end of her bed, before replying.

“I- I just had a bad dream, and wanted to m-make sure you were ok.” He stuttered. I small smile came across Y/N’s face as she pulled up the covers next to her.

“Get in, little Maynard.” He climbed in next to her, laying on his back. Y/N laid facing him, tracing shapes into his arm. “You’re ok,” she said reassuringly. He nodded, rolling over to face her. She wrapped an arm around his body as he was mumbling everything that happened in his nightmare. ‘There was this man. A tall man. He took you and Conor hostage to this big warehouse somewhere in the country side. I had to choose one of you, because the other one would be tortured. It was so hard, Y/N. I couldn’t decide quick enough, so he killed you both.

Jack soon fell asleep in her arms, calm and not crying. It wasn’t often that Y/N got to see the soft spot of Jack Maynard. He would usually put up walls, pretend he was tough. But not everyone is as tough as they let on.

A Knock On the Door

Prompt: Watching an all night marathon of scary movies.

It was 9:00 p.m and you waited patiently for Jason to return home from his vigilante duties (most of which was babysitting Bizzaro); in fact you treated yourself to a short nap as you waited. The door slammed as Jason walked in, scaring you awake. 

“Rise and shine (y/n) we have a busy night tonight.” Jason said as he removed his mask. He was talking of the movie marathon you both planned for weeks, which was also a bet of who wouldn’t fall asleep first. He removed his “uniform” and got into his pajamas which was just a plain T and sweatpants. It was funny how one of the most feared vigilantes of Gotham could look like such a typical guy. 

“Here’s what I got planned,” He said opening the Netflix app. “First we watch Christine the killer car, then Alien, after that we watch Chuckie.” 

“Jason, we live in Gotham, every day of our lives is a horror movie.” You said. He smirked and began the first movie. It was thrilling but didn’t scare you too much. Hours passed and soon it was after midnight, and the movies failed to so much as make you shiver. Sure if you were from Metropolis these movies could be scary, but no, this is Gotham. You both were in the midst of watching some indie movie when a knock on the door caught both your attention. It was almost 2:30 in the morning, who would knock on this door? Plus it was a safe house, almost secluded from the rest of the apartments and hidden away. 

Jason grabbed his bazooka, and you his machete. The TV was paused, and it was eerily silent aside from the breathing from the mysterious visitor outside the door. You heard a shuffling as if they were fumbling with something. Jason looked at you, signaling you to be ready. He swung open the door and the visitor screamed dropping bags of candy and a six pack of soda that fizzed everywhere.

It was Tim. You forgot that Jason, reluctantly, invited Tim for movie night at the Manor. You felt guilty that you forgot the original plans and poor Tim must’ve waited hours and you even saw his missed calls and texts you and Jason miraculously didn’t see. 

“Sorry Timmy, we sorta forgot.” Jason said. 

“I can’t believe you both started movie night without me.” 

That Shyness Tho

Summary: Ooh could you do a teen wolf thing uh Derek x reader, or maybe Scott if not Derek, but like she’s idk maybe super outgoing and then around him she gets quiet and he questions it and fluff and kissing?

Characters: Reader, Scott McCall, Liam Dunbar, Mason Hewitt

Fandom: Teen Wolf

Word Count: 581

Requested: Anon

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Modern au Race x reader drabble

This was requested by @rosesrace

This probably isn’t what you wanted, but I wrote this in around half an hour and it’s almost two in the morning, so I should be sleeping. Anyways, happy reading. (If you ever want to be tagged in something, just ask.)

544 words


Harry Potter spoilers? Idk if they’re really spoilers. Also like two swear words.

“Are you ready?” y/n asked Race as she put down all eight movies on the coffee table.

“Ya kidding me? Ise been waiting all week,” Race replied.

“You know what I don’t get? You’re in high school, yet you haven’t even read a paragraph out of the Harry Potter series. I mean, it’s one of the most incredible book series in the entire world. You’ve got friendships, relationships, witches and wizards, some of the most dynamic characters, and so much more,” y/n explained.

“Ise just never had the time,” Race defended.

“That’s what you’ve said every time I’ve asked why you haven’t read them.”

“Ise mean, there’s the movies.”

“Yeah, but do the movies include the scene where Winky is accused of conjuring the Dark Mark? Do they include the ‘There’s no need to call me sir, professor’ scene? Do they include the scene where Voldemort summons the Sorting Hat, sets it on fire, and puts it on Neville’s head, but Neville, being the new badass he is, takes it off, pulls out the Sword of Gryffindor, and kills Nagini?” Race just stared at the girl, confused by what she just said. “Exactly. The books are always better than the movies. JK Rowling is a queen. Enough said, go make the popcorn. I’ll order the pizza and set up the movie. Make sure to add the salt and butter to the popcorn this time otherwise it’ll taste like nothing.”

The couple then made haste with y/n ordering pizza and setting up the movie and Race making the popcorn.

After a couple of minutes, the popcorn was made and pizza ordered. All that was left to do was start the movie.

Four movies in and y/n was getting a little tired. She was sitting next to Race and sharing a blanket with him. Y/n decided to get a little more comfortable. She laid her head on his lap which took the boy by surprise. He was a little awkward at first, but then y/n said “I’m tired.” This made it a little less uncomfortable for the boy who had the head of the girl he likes in his lap.

Once the fifth movie came on, y/n was out. Her head was snuggled into Race’s lap while he was stroking her hair. She looked so peaceful. Like an angel. She had a few strands of hair in her face, but Race pushed them aside. Her lips looked so tempting. So soft. He had to resist the urge to kiss them, so he settled for her forehead.

“You do realize I’m awake?” she asked which made Race practically jump across the room.

“I… I’m sorry. Youse just looked so peaceful and beautiful, and I couldn’t resist it. Ise better get going anyways,” Race informed.

“Racetrack Higgins, get your ass over here,” y/n demanded. Race cautiously walked up to the girl. Once he was close enough, y/n pulled him in for a kiss. “I’ve been waiting to do that since freshman year,” y/n said.

Race was awestricken and muttered out “You… you have?”

“Yep, now come over here and give me another one.”

Let’s just say the rest of the night consisted of a lot of snuggling and kissing.

Disney movie night (Pack Mom)

“So who’s ready for another movie night?” Stiles asked clapping his hands together. The room was filled with “yeah” from the other pack members responding. Y/N and Scott busied themselves in the kitchen as they poured snacks into bowls. The pack’s youngest beta, Liam was pressed into Y/N’s side as she poured drinks into glasses. “Why don’t you go help choose a movie, sweetie?” Y/N asked Liam but the young boy shook his head. “No, they won’t listen to me anyway. I’ll just wait here for you, momma.” Liam replied looking up at her with his adorable piercing baby blue eyes. Y/N smiled and leaned down to press a kiss to his forehead. “Ok sweetie, I’m almost done.” She told him. Scott carried in the tray of glasses followed by Y/N who was carrying the snack bowls. They set everything down on the coffee table in the McCall house living room and joined the others. Liam sat on the end of the couch as he waited for Y/N. She smiled and took his place and then pulled him onto her lap, pressing a kiss to his cheek as he rested his head against her shoulder. She held him protectively in her arms, wrapping one arm around him and using the other to occasionally rub his back or run her fingers through his soft sandy brown hair. “So what’s the movie choice?” Y/N asked everyone but they all shrugged and murmured. “How about a Disney movie night for the little one?” Stiles cooed at Liam ruffling his hair. Liam pouted and swatted the older boys’ hand away from him. “I think that’s a great idea.” Y/N stated. “Yeah me too, it’s been a while!” Lydia interjected. “Guys, I was joking.” Stiles told them. Y/N rolled her eyes at him. “What do you think, sweetie?” Y/N asked Liam who was cuddled up in her arms. The young beta shrugged his shoulders. “Yeah whatever.” He simply replied not interested. Liam was secretly glad it was Disney because knowing the pack they would have chosen a horror movie like leather face and he would have spent half the movie hiding his face against Y/N’s neck too scared to even look at the screen and not to mention Stiles constantly teasing him about it. After 20 minutes of deciding, the pack decided to put on the Lion King. Regardless of the movie, Liam was far too comfortable in Y/N’s lap and refused to move. Y/N chuckled and left him where he was, she loved having Liam close to her. He was her baby and Liam loved being with her. She always comforted him when he was scared or upset and his biological mother spending half the time ignoring him, he was glad he had a momma who actually cared about him. Scott sat beside Y/N and wrapped an arm around her bringing her close. She rest her head on his shoulder as they enjoyed each other’s company. She closed her eyes and listened to his gentle heartbeat. She smiled up at him and pressed a loving kiss to his lips. Almost 20 minutes into the movie, Y/N heard light humming and sat up slightly to see Liam staring at the screen as he hummed along to “I just can’t wait to be king”. She smiled at him enjoying the film and sat watching him for a few minutes and couldn’t help but melt when he laughed at something funny happening on screen as he was really getting into the movie. Y/N ran her hand on the hair at the back of his head as she smiled as at how adorable he looked. She used her thumb to gently stroke his cheek lovingly. Liam was completely into the film that he didn’t even notice. Y/N gave Scott a slight nudge as the true alpha looked at his girlfriend. She looked from Scott to Liam and so did the true alpha who only smiled at how much Liam was enjoying the film and leaned over to gently ruffle his hair. Liam continued to laugh and even pointed at the screen like a happy babbling toddler seeing the movie for the first time. Y/N smiled and pressed a kiss to his cheek. “My baby is so cute.” She cooed still running her fingers through his hair and smiling at him. “Aww would you look at that? Is the little baby beta enjoying the movie all snuggled up in his mommy’s lap?” He teased. Liam’s smile faded as he sunk into Y/N’s lap and looked down into lap playing with his fingers as he blushed a deep red. “Stiles stop.” the true alpha warned him. “What? Didn’t you see him pointing to the screen like a toddler. What a baby.” Stiles responded. “Stop it.” Y/N told him sternly. She wrapped an arm around Liam and brought him close to her and pressed a kiss to his forehead. “Leave him alone, Stiles. So what if Liam was enjoying the movie? It was adorable.” She told him. “She’s right, besides it’s Disney. Who doesn’t love Disney?” Lydia defended him. “Leave him alone, Stiles. So what?” Scott told him him rolling his eyes. Stiles huffed in his seat. “It’s ok, sweetie. I saw how much you loved the movie and liked singing along to the songs. It’s ok.” Y/N told him. Liam hid his face against her shoulder slightly embarrassed. She gently rubbed his back and pressed a kiss to his temple. “…’m not a baby.” Liam mumbled against her. “We know that, sweetheart. it’s ok. Just ignore, Stiles.” Y/N told him. Liam nodded at her and went back to resting against her as he tried to watch the movie again. After telling the older boy to stop picking on the young beta, they all settled back down to watch the rest of the movie but no matter how much Liam tried to ignore him, he could see Stiles glaring at him from the corner of his eye just waiting to have another go at him. “Stiles could you please stop giving my baby the death glare and just let him enjoy the movie?” Y/N asked him slightly annoyed as she could feel how tense Liam was sitting in her lap. Liam hid his face against Y/N’s neck too embarrassed. Y/N sighed and got up. “I’m taking him upstairs.” She told them quietly. Scott nodded. “I’ll be up in just a minute, babe. I’ll get him some warm milk.” He told her. She nodded and got up, left the others in the living room and took Liam upstairs to Scott’s room setting him down on the bed. She ran her fingers through his hair and pressed a kiss to his forehead. “Momma…?” Liam asked slightly confused. “It’s ok, sweetie. I’m here. I saw how much you liked the movie so I thought we could finish it up here just the two of us without Stiles making silly comments.” She told him moving around Scott’s bedroom as she found the Lion King dvd and set it up putting the blu ray disk into his PlayStation and loading it up on screen. She played the movie from where they had stopped watching it from and climbed onto the bed, pulling Liam up against her chest so he could rest comfortably and so she could run her fingers through his hair lovingly and press kisses to his forehead every so often. Even later into the movie, Y/N could hear Liam humming along to" Hakuna Matata", she chuckled and pressed a kiss to his cheek. Scott decided to check on Y/N and Liam so headed up to his room holding a glass of warm milk for Liam. He opened the door and found a sweet sight before him. Liam was cuddled up against Y/N’s chest, bis eyes glued onto the screen as he focused on the movie and even hummed along to the songs. He placed the glass on his bedside table and went to over to Y/N and laid beside her. He could see the love on Y/N’s face as every so often she’d glance at Liam’s adorable childlike wonder, smile and press kisses to his temple. He had such an amazing girlfriend who was already such a wonderful mother figure and couldn’t help but chuckle at how much of a sweet little softie his beta was once around his momma.

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“I just got word on what the suits want design-wise for one of the upcoming Scooby movies.”

C: “Mmhmm?”

T: “It’s called Scooby-Doo! Moon Monster Madness… they say it’s meant to be a ‘light-hearted scifi romp that’s fun for the whole family.’ “

C: “…wait, why do you look so skeptical?”

T: “They also sent the intended cover.”

C: “…ok, those are a little pinup-y.”

T: “Those are a lot pinup-y.”

C: “I mean, I gotta hand it to WB… they’re fearless about marketing exactly what you’re gonna see, curve for curve.”

T: “It’s meant to be a kids’ show, though!”

C: “Hey, speak for yourself, my childhood self woulda been all over skin-tight-spacesuit Daph and Velma.”

T: “…I hope that’s not what the official action figures will be called.”

C: “And ironically, they do have figures with some actio–”

T: “Ok, I’m done talking about this now.”

Date Night

Title: Date Night

Characters: Reader x Doyoung

A/N: I got power not even 15 minutes ago but im just so EXCITED to post again so (: I survived!!!

Doyoung Was never want to be late to annual Friday movie dates, but today he’s been late almost an entire hour. I tried to call him maybe 15 minutes ago and got no answer.

“ Whatever, I’ll just pick a movie that’ll scare the pants off his loser.” I wasted more time picking out the movie so I wouldn’t have to wait for him while doing nothing. Right after I pick the perfect movie, my phone began to ring. Picked up with a “hey, are you okay?”

“Yes Y/N, I’m fine. I wish I could’ve called earlier. I’m so sorry I couldn’t make it.” His tone was sincere with sadness.

“It’s okay, I was just worried because you’re so good at staying in touch.” I mean, c'mon could anyone really be cross with Doyoung?

“I’m sorry! I’ll be home in just another hour. I love you.” He hung up unusually quickly so I figured he got caught lounging on the phone.

I sighed and decided to put the movie on, but shortly after I had fallen asleep. I was such deep trance I didn’t realize him even come home before he gently shook me awake.

“I brought you stuff, but we’ll check it all out tomorrow. Let’s just get you into bed babygirl.” He hoisted me over his shoulder and carried me to our bed so I could finish my sleep.

I know some of y’all won’t be able to relate to this but I honestly just can’t wait until I’m well into my career and Taylor freaking swift tells me that she’s seen my show or movie or she read my book and is a fan of it. I WOULD LITERALLY DIE. THAT WOULD BE MY END.

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(only if your comfortable bby,,) can you write a headcanon + stenbrough about like when their make out / hickeys and such? aged up, of course.

absolutely! i don’t usually write this sort of stuff, but i’ve been wanting to try, so hopefully this isn’t completely terrible 

Summary: (junior year - 17 y/o) here’s some post-prom stenbrough

Four hours of torture was finally over. Bill was literally going to lose his mind if he would’ve had to wait another minute longer in that stupid gym with the stupid beautiful lights and the fucking amazing music and his goddamn perfect boyfriend. 

Yeah, not being able to kiss your boyfriend at prom because of the school’s bullshit ‘no unnecessary PDA’ rule was torture. 

So there they were, driving down the streets of Derry to the outskirts of town, away from everyone else in the world, in Bill’s beat-up pickup truck his dad used to use for work. 

After about ten torturous minutes of driving, he pulled down a small dirt road to an open field and grabbed a pile of blankets from the back seat and tossing them out the back window onto the bed of the truck. Chuckling the whole time with the widest grin on his face, Bill jogged around to the passenger side of his truck, opening the door as he dramatically extended his hand to his boyfriend, both blushing like mad. With their hands together tightly, the boys spread all of Bill’s blankets and pillows out over the bed of the truck before laying down together, their arms and legs tangled. 

After four hours of waiting, Bill wasn’t going to wait a single second longer than he had to. 

They had long-since ditched their blazers and now Bill was left admiring his boyfriend in his pastel yellow shirt and black bowtie before grabbing his suspenders in his hands and pulling their lips together once and for all. 

Stan instantly melted at the touch as their lips moved perfectly in sync. His slender fingers found their way to Bill’s back as he pulled the smaller boy even closer. 

Bill wove his hands through Stanley’s curls that he loved so much and it was absolute bliss to both. The moon was the only light as the stars shone all around them and the quiet hum of the car radio played in the background. 

Craving more, Bill ran his tongue along his boyfriend’s bottom lip, deepening the kiss as the latter did the same. Their heartbeats were perfectly in time as their faces were blushing like mad, each of them unable to hide the fact that after all the time they’d been together, they both couldn’t help getting flustered by any affection from the other. 

After a few long, savory minutes, Bill’s lips trailed down Stan’s sharp jawline, his teeth grazing softly at first, before getting rougher until he knew he could leave a mark. 

Stan softened at the movements, gripping both of his boyfriend’s hands above his head as Bill moved further down to his neck, leaving mark after mark, small and scattered like the constellations above them. 

At first, he couldn’t help the noise of distaste as Bill released his hands from Stan’s but when he instead began to unfasten the bowtie around Stanley’s neck, he began to unbutton his shirt along with him. Within seconds Bill’s lips reconnected as he nibbled softly on Stan’s prominent collarbones, priding himself on the beautiful array of colors now littering the boy’s skin. 

He pulled away, sitting up slightly and just smiled. He smiled completely genuinely at the beautiful boy he was lucky enough to call him before lying back down beside him and pulling the lanky boy’s arms around him. 

“Love you,” he heard, followed by a soft kiss behind his ear. 

The words couldn’t help but make both boys blush. 

“I love you t-too. S-so much.”


*Requested* Imagine Enzo asking Damon how to confess his feelings for you.

P.O.V = Point of view

Word Count: 646

Your name: submit What is this?

At the boarding house

Enzo walked into the boarding house looking for Damon. He desperately needed to talk to him.

Enzo: “Damon… Mate…. DAMON?”

Damon: “Chill buddy, I´m here what´s the matter?”

Enzo walks over to the table with the bourbon and serves himself a drink. Damon with a drink already in his hands, sits down and watches Enzo pacing through the room.

Enzo: “Look, mate you know that I like, Y/N, right? But you also know I tried to deny and resist the temptation and all, but.. I guess the temptation won. I need to tell her how I feel or I am going to explode. The Problem is, I don´t know what to do. I am rusty on things like this, you know I´ve been captured and all.”

Damon: “I knew you couldn´t fight the temptation. I told ya.” *smirks*

Enzo: “Damon, be serious please I don´t have time for your comments. I need real answers.”

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This Doesn’t Leave This Room - Suga Drabble #1

A/N: Woooo! Day five of the Week of Drabbles. If you missed them here are the Rap Monster, Jin, V, and Jhope posts.

Pairing: Suga x Y/N


You woke up to the sound of Yoongi snickering. “Oh how the tables have turned” he said. “I didn’t even want to watch this movie but I suffered through it for you and you’re the one who ends up sleeping half way through?” 

“Sorry but to be fair, I did have to wait until you got home…which wasn’t until one in the morning.”

“So…we’re even now?”

“I guess so, yeah.” 

Yoongi got up and left your apartment without another word but it did not faze you. After two years, you got used to his peculiar habits - among them being his need to drop everything and go to the studio as soon as he was hit with a new song idea. You lied down on the couch, replacing Yoongi’s shoulder with one of your sofa cushions and thought back to the first time Yoongi walked out on you.

It was your fourth date. He had booked a reservation at a restaurant known for its elaborate 6 course meals and jazz band performances. You guys hadn’t even had the chance to finish your entrees before he left in a hurry. No warning. No salutation. No apology…well there was one but it didn’t come until three hours later. 

I’m sorry.”

How can you just abandon me like that? Without even saying anything…”

“I had to work.”

“Work? You picked today for our date because you said it was your day off!”

“I’m sorry, I’m so sorry”

“You think you that meaningless word is gonna fix anything now?” At that point he grabbed your hand and dragged you out. He took you to his personal studio.

I was going to wait until our 100 day anniversary or whatever to show you this.” He walked over to his computer and opened a folder entitled “Y/N”. Inside the folder were rows upon rows of audio files. Yoongi played the song labeled “Track 14″. “I started writing these songs when I realized I was falling for you. This was the song I started writing the day I confessed and asked you out. That night I only managed to write the chorus. I had the words for the rest, they were on the tip of my tongue but I couldn’t make them sound right. So I put it off until later. And in that time I wrote tracks 15 through 20. Then tonight when I looked at your face and you just seemed to be glowing and-”

“Shut up.”


“Live up to your reputation as the quiet member of BTS and shut up. I can’t hear the song.” After that day, Yoongi tried his best to warn you when he needed to leave but eventually dropped that newly acquired behaviour when you became accustomed. These days all that was needed was a simple wave. 

Still feeling wide awake, you got up and grabbed your coat. “Maybe he is working on his next masterpiece. It must be something big. Why else would he have left without waving?” you thought. Before you could reach the door, Yoongi came barging into your apartment, his right hand occupied with a large plastic bag.

“What’s all this?”

“Go have a seat in the living room, I’ll be right back.” And with that he was off to the bathroom. He returned a few minutes later, dressed as a butler equipped with a cloth napkin draped over one arm and silver platter in his opposite hand. On the platter was a bowl of your favourite candies. 

“I want to preface my next statement with this: This does not leave this room.”

“Too late I already took three pictures of you in that adorable little of yours” you said holding up your phone.

“I hate you.”

“No you don’t but go on. What was this big statement you needed to express just now?”

“I know I haven’t been the best boyfriend as of late. And we haven’t had a proper date in a while. Though we almost could have had one if you had stayed awake…

“Not my entirely my fault but you may continue”

“But anyway what I’m trying to say is I want to make up for it. So for the next however many minutes it’ll take for one of us to pass out, I will be your personal butler.”

“Why? I mean I get the sentiment but why this?”

“Well I was going to take you out to eat but then I remembered no decent place is open at 3AM.”

 You began to laugh until your sides hurt. Once you had calmed down enough to speak you asked: “But the costume store is open 24 hours?”

“Forget it I knew this was stupid.” He placed the platter down on the coffee table in front of you and began to walk away.

“No, please don’t go! Did you happen to bring one of those little bells you use to summon servants?”

A/N: As a matter of fact it is Y/N. Costume stores are open 24/7 in this weird made up of universe of mine. 
Hope you enjoyed my drabble! Remember requests are always open so send ‘em in! I’ll be writing more drabble as well reactions, fanfics, and the like!

I saw American Assassin this week and I was blown away. It has been the most action packed, thrilling, and saddest movie I have seen in a long time and I’m not being biased. Okay so this might seem like a really weird and dumb question, but did anyone else think that like Dylan O’ Brien was really different in this movie? I mean I know it’s a different character and we are used to seeing him being the smart ass and funny one. But I just felt like I was watching a completely different person and actor. Do y’all get what I mean? I don’t know maybe I’m just crazy. Either way American Assassin was a GREAT movie. I can’t wait for it to come out on DVD so I can watch it over and over again. Mitch Rapp is my weakness.


That’s right, in case you couldn’t tell from my spamming y'all with posts, I FINALLY GOT TO SEE THE MOVIE I’VE BEEN WAITING FOR LIKE EVER TO SEE. It was great, okay? I don’t even have the words to describe it rn because I loved it and I can’t wait for the next part. The actors were great and they portrayed my babies perfectly😍😍😍😍All in all I’m VERY happy


DC’s T R I N I T Y • Superman | Batman | Wonder Woman in Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016) dir. Zack Snyder

“Beware, O Demon! You are pursued by a triad of formidable force. Strength, stealth, and skill they wield such as the world has never seen.”

breebarrcw  asked:

F, Y, and Z :)

thank you audrey!!

f: my favourite movie

i have lots of favourite movies? but if i would choose one it’d be wonder woman because i love how the movie makes women feel empowered and we have the chance to save the world

y: do you enjoy school?

i wouldn’t say i enjoy it exactly because school these days makes you want to curl up in a ball and cry but i love it when i’m in the lab doing all these cool experiments and it reminds why i started this program in the first place

z: how are you?

i’m okay i guess although honestly i’ve been struggling so much this semester and i just can’t wait for it to be over so i can start over. how are you? :)

just ask away!