waiting for the elephants

A massive alien ship settles down in the middle of New York, but doesn’t open. It sits there, as if waiting… until thousands of elephants manage to migrate across the earth to surround it.

The post-it-note on Mycroft’s fridge wasn’t about any episodes. It was how long we’d have to wait for the fourth episode. 13 days. Today is the 13th day after TFP. If it does happen tomorrow, we will have waited thirteen days. Plus, there was the elephant as well, so it’s actually about TJLC as well.

Hahahah I’m so scared please let the lost special be real

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In my head, the fandom Sherlock looks like this:
  • Fan: Damn it! I can not wait any longer!!!
  • Johnlock Shippers: Kiss. kiss. Elephant. kiss. kiss. TJLC.
  • MorMor Shippers: No Moran. Too bad. Good. We'll see in three years. Maybe more ...

Matt: My favvvvvoooorite item from my collection of stuff… Hm.

Matt: Ah! I know!

Matt: It’s my blue elephant that Tom gave me!

Matt: No- Wait-

Matt: My… Mirrors? Are they my favorite?

Matt: Actually, all my collection is my favorite! I guess that’s why I can’t throw anything out. Specially my novelty toy collection!

love you in the dark | [listen] | a mix for declan and kavinsky

i. holiest  glass animals feat. tei shi | ii. why’d you only call me when you’re high arctic monkeys | iii. waiting game banks | iv. body electric lana del rey | v. halo cage the elephant | vi. memo years & years | vii. wicked games the weeknd | viii. bedroom wall banks | ix. tessellate alt-j | x. coming down halsey | xi. retrograde james blake | xii. a little death the neighbourhood

I can’t believe most dinosaurs laid eggs. Like, they weren’t mammals. Like, stegosaurs and. Yeah. They laid fuckin eggs. Their little baby dinosaus came out of eggs.
They ate leaves. Green shit. And no fuzzy lil chicks. Elephant feet. When did elephants… like, start?
Also elephants don’t lay eggs. An elephant lady is pregnant for almost two years. You have to wait a whole sherlock hiatus for a baby when ur an elephant

I’m like a sick, depressed fat elephant and I should be put down.

Wait, no… I like elephants..

I’m like a sick, depressed, fucked in the head, unloveable, fat and disgusting and pathetic human being and I should be killed.
.I fucking hate myself.
My body.
I hate it all.

I hate me..

You’re playing this section like a big elephant. I want it to sound like one of those little Asian elephants. Oh, wait, the small ones are guinea pigs. Wouldn’t it be great if you could get a tiny elephant, though? When it died, you could use it to make a tiny piano. Whoops, I probably shouldn’t have said that. That wasn’t very politically correct, was it?
—  My youth band director

Check out this video of a juvenile Acrochordus javanicus (Elephant Trunk Snake) capturing prey.  It’s almost like each body part reacts separately to stimuli.  They use their loose, rough skin to capture slippery prey like fish in their coils!

Loud music warning!

Here’s another short video of a juvenile exploring a tank.

seattle gothic stuff
  • it’s two in the morning and you’re waiting for the 5 by the spinning car wash elephant and the homeless lady with the stuffed animals woven into her enormous dreadlocks is there. she doesnt say anything and neither do you- you just wait for the bus in silence- but her presence, and the presence of all her guardians in her hair holds the shadows back a little.
  • slapping homemade stickers at all the important crossroads in your neighborhood- made with sharpies and postage labels, stuff that won’t wash out in the rain- marking the boundaries of your territory and keeping the borders of your ramblings safe in your own way.
  • you’re taking the ferry out to the islands and you can feel the city tugging at you all the way up through the terminal, weighing on you, holding you close. It doesn’t let up even when you get inside the boat, even when it pulls away from the dock, but when you head to the upmost decks and let the wind tear the top of your head you can feel the fingers of the city get pulled away one by one until it lets you go completely.
  • its early afternoon and the sun is shining but you’re on aurora and nothing seems real and the sunlight doesnt really seem to be hitting the ground and the vibe gets worse and worse the closer you get to the shuttered kmart on 130th and you dont feel good and really really arent going to until you get closer to greenlake and trade asphalt for grass and duck droppings.
  • everybody can see the huge orange dinosaur cranes in sodo. they’re visible from almost every point in the city. no matter how close you get, you will never seem to get any closer.
  • the one really good restaurant with the rooftop garden that changes its menu daily and always seems to have something weird and filthy and wholesome like fried chicken gizzards and grapefruit beer and they got a dog out front that seems older than dirt that ignores the shit out of you every time.
  • the duwamish wood carvers on the waterfront whittling away on chunks of cedar next to the ferris wheel like they have been for the last hundred years or so. They talk, sometimes, they sell their work, sometimes, and everybody who works on the pier seems to have a shitty thing to say about Indians, but it doesnt seem to affect their work. they carve bright eyed totems and walking sticks and snag a little money from the tourists every once in a while and they’ll probably still be here another fifty to a hundred years from now.
  • everybody in the U District says to never go above 50th. 
  • nobody ever says why, but everybody always says they’ve heard Stories.