waiting for the electricity

Welcome to Cooking With Ross!

Ryan: Hi… um.. Today I’m going to teach you how to bake a cake.. So… You need flour, obviously.. And uh. milk.. And then you just.. y'know.. Mix all the stuff. And put it in the oven for.. a while. Or something, I guess. And then you take it out. And it’s - oh wait! Um i guess i forgot to pay my electricity bill so my oven isn’t.. yeah. So. uh. I’ll just wash my hands. Oh shit. um. No water either. I guess I’ll go over to Brendon’s. And y'know. Get some pizza. uhh.. Thanks for watching..

*camera goes out of focus*

Ryan: that was a ridiculous idea..

*giggling sounds*

Ryan: is it off? Did you switch it off? No don’t.. You’re gonna drop it!

*screen goes black*

Ryan: what? Brendon, what are you doing - oh!

*kissing sounds*

i never feel closer to nature than when i’m waiting in a subway station with no electric signs telling you when the next train’s supposed to come and i feel a gentle breeze stir up. that breeze is made by an approaching train further along in the tunnel. it’s like sensing rain in your bones. i always want to turn to someone leaning out and staring into the darkness and go, “a great wind comes. the train is upon us.”

Blackout AU

Characters A and B are chilling at Character A’s place when a sudden blackout sweeps over the city. Character A is blind, so this is no big deal, but Character B is sighted and they’re terrified of the dark. Cue Character A working to keep Character B’s mind busy with talking and other activities while the two of them wait for the electricity to come back.

  • Sorey: Oh man I sure love ancient ruins. This looks amazing, how did they make it?
  • Zaveid: Through the use of weeks and weeks on end of forced Seraphim labour. I made that particular building over there by myself and if I stopped for breaks, Exorcists would give me one motivating electric shock to keep going!
  • Sorey: Wait, what?
  • Zaveid: I said absolutely nothing good buddy good ol pal. Let's go look at those ruins over there.

  AU plot; Where Derek gets hexed by a witch, forcing him to shift into a predator that has nothing to do with his wolf. An owl. 
After a week or two, the gang notices how there has not been any dark shadow waiting around the corner to jump at them with a flash of electric azure eyes, warning them or pulling them to the side for work. They decide to go and look for the ex-alpha, only that this proves to be a lot harder than they thought. While Derek’s scent still lingers around the woods, it’s really hard to pinpoint where he was the last time or where he then moved. 
   Splitting into pairs Stiles goes with Liam, which just awesome he got the kid to babysit, and after few hours they come up with- nothing. As frustrating as it is they all decide to go home for the night and to continue tomorrow, that is when Stiles notices something among the already withering leaves on the trees. Just like before there is an owl sitting patiently on a twig, its eyes only directed at him as if it were programmed to do so.

   “No. Scott I am telling  you, we didn’t find anything, Liam couldn’t follow any scent or traces that were left behind. All that was zipping through the air was some magnetic pull.” Stiles threw himself on the bed, finally able to do so after four hours of endless searching for the big bad wolf who had the decency to magically disappear. Just when school was pressing on them from all sides.

  Running a hand through his hair, he once again got this weird feeling as if he were watched- or better yet glared at. And of freaking-course, when he looked through the window there it was. “I swear to God Scott, the only thing that came up these days is this freaking owl that is just …glaring at me. As if it’s judging me and all my choice I made in life!” Stiles groaned and got up, the flutter of wings jerking up from the moment. “And I got many of those Scott. What if it is a werewolf-kanima-owl that ate Derek? What if I am now next?!”

  Taking a step closer, since he was a brave moron like that, he took a good look at the thing. “I call it, it’s true…it has Derek’s eyebrows!It…..oh great, now it has this look of “Shut up stiles” ,just like Derek!”

  “No Scott I am not tired I-…..wooow ok…ok buddy…easy there….stay put ok?…. it just flew into my room…still glaring.”This was the worst night honestly, here he is in the middle of the night, backing away from an owl which looks ready to stab him, stab him to death-until he is dead. “Great just great, it even has the manners like Derek does. Just slithering in like a …a freaking slithering wolf dammit!” 

 And maybe he just imagines it that the thing is smirking at him with glee after he stumbles and trips backwards, landing on his butt just near the bed. Maybe he also shouldn’t had thrown a pillow at it since now it is standing down on the floor, tapping its tiny-winy feet toward him. “I..I can get you some seeds…sunflower..no wait you guys like meat..haaah… awesome.”

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   “At least  you can’t slam me against a wall….or can you…??!!”

I love talking to @spider999now , we come up with most insane things after watching a vine ( x )

Boyfriend part 2 || Dan Howell

A/N : Good to see you ! This is part two of last week’s imagine. You can find the first part here. This is another Dan POV story since you seemed to like the last one. MASTERLIST

“We broke up”

The sentence echoed in my clouded head. My mouth was dry, but as I reached for my pint it was already empty. I was drunk enough anyway. Y/N and her boyfriend had broken up. That explained why I hadn’t seen him all night. That’s why I hadn’t paid with a punch to the stomach for telling her that she’s pretty. Suddenly her flirty behaviour started to make sense…

I felt my body vibrate with excitement and panic at the same time. Her relationship was always like a shield between us. I knew how far I could go. I knew I had no chance at all. Now that invisible barrier was gone and we were both waiting for the next step. Tension was hanging in the air like electricity.

She was still sat in front of me in her beautiful blue dress and pink lipstick. My hands started to sweat. She was taking a small sip from her drink. I couldn’t think straight and I was sure that it wasn’t the alcohol’s fault.

“I never liked him.” I heard myself say.

Y/N looked at me with curiosity in her eyes. 

Why the fuck am I talking about her ex ?  

“That’s interesting. I wish I had noticed that he was an ass sooner.” she stated with bitterness in her voice. Angriness started to take over my body. I could only speculate about why they broke up.

“He was arrogant.” I spat.

She laughed and nodded her head. I confusedly eyed her at the sudden change of atmosphere.

“I’m just.. god I was so blinded by love.” she hiccuped and shook her head in disbelief.

God was she fascinating. I studied her soft face.

“He paid more attention to himself than to you.” I explained further.

“Everybody tells me that now, I wish I had noticed that sooner. Why didn’t you tell me that he’s a prick as soon as you noticed, Dan ?” she asked upset.

I could tell the she was all worked up. I should have never asked her about her boyfriend. By now we could already be on the way to my apartment. Instead the look on her face was a mixture of anger and sadness.

“I never told you because I hated him before I had even seen him. Even if he were the best boyfriend in the entire world I’d still hate him. I started to hate him as soon as I was told that he was your boyfriend. I hated him because he was your boyfriend and not me. I only knew that he didn’t deserve you because nobody will ever deserve you.”

Her eyes grew wide. Her cheeks were now the colour of her lipstick. She looked at me like she couldn’t believe what I had just said. To be honest I was surprised too. Surprised about the fact that I finally managed to tell her the truth.  

“Why do you think that you don’t deserve me ?” she whispered and I couldn’t look directly into her eyes. I swallowed hard. 

What was that supposed to mean ?

“I – I uhm you know..-” I stuttered while nervously playing with my hands.

She didn’t wait for an answer. “I think you are fascinating, Dan.”

It was all too much for me to comprehend. My thoughts were racing. I pinched my thigh to make sure that I wasn’t daydreaming. The short stinging pain proved that this was indeed happening.

DO IT .The voice in my head was shouting at me by now.

“Do you want to dance ?” I asked bravely.

Her whole face lit up as she nodded with a smile. We both rose from our seats. She took my hand in hers. Together we made our way through to the dance floor, pushing through drunk people.

Y/N wrapped her arms around my neck. As we started to sway to the music that was playing she looked up into my face.

“I thought you’d never ask.”

We had danced for hours. Now I could tell why Phil liked coming here. I suddenly didn’t mind the sweaty bodies or the loud music anymore. I had a lot of fun while dancing with her. She had a way of making dirty rooms look clean. Her laugh let every shitty tune become my new favourite song. Y/N could turn boring stories into fairy tales. When we walked back to my apartment at 4 am the air was chilly but her presence made me feel warm inside. We were holding hands and it felt so natural. I still didn’t know how I could have ever been this lucky. When I walked here with Phil earlier today I was prepared for another depressing night. But somehow, she was now walking back home with me. How did I manage to do that ?

“Dan ?” she asked as if she was reading my thoughts.

“Just in case you are questioning this.” she whispered and then she got on her tiptoes to kiss me in the middle of the street. I was completely taken aback. It took me a second before I kissed back. I loved the feeling of her lips against mine. The voice inside my head was shouting in triumph.

“You deserve me, Dan.” she breathed against my mouth.

Okay but can u guys imagine if wizards were actually real and all the discourse on tumblr

“Reminder that muggles aren’t dumb and may not have magic but are actually very educated”

“Squib is a slur please don’t use it”

“Neo-death eaters are awful people”

“Wait,, so you’re just saying wizards don’t have lights??, electricity??”
“And muggles do?”

“Wizards stole the land for hogwarts from muggles and should not be supported”

“Holographic photos is cultural appropriation to wizard portraits”

“Yo wizards what’s the quadratic formula”
“Fuck you”

Nomads: warriors-of-ayica

The door was kicked open, not by choice but more for lack there of, Eldin came in carrying a very similar looking purple haired girl in his arms. Ella’s body was covered in wounds both small and concerning, staining her brother’s clothes in dark purple but he could care less about that. “Please! Someone help me, my sister, she’s been injured!”


I have been waiting
For this moment
the look in your eyes
the love in your smile
I have been waiting
For this feeling
The flutter in my chest
the electricity in my step
I have been waiting
For six hundred years
I have been waiting
For this