waiting for the day you come back

Teasing, Showers, & Man Buns

A/N: Any of my friends on here that know me and see me IRL, please just keep scrolling. Don’t @ me… This is my first time writing smut, so I apologize in advance for whatever the hell this is. I’d like to thank The Litty Titty Committee™ for pushing me to bring this little idea to life. Hope you enjoy.

Harry’s been back home from tour for three days now, and he’s been nothing but a tease. It’s been over six months since he’s touched you. You would’ve thought he’d have jumped you as soon as he got off the plane, but no, his smug ass thinks it’s a great idea to just taunt you until you cave first.

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BTS Reaction: You crying because you miss them so much

Hoseok: *tries to hold back his tears by comforting you that everything’s going to be okay *

“Don’t cry princess..” “I know I miss you so much too but just wait for me to come back okay?” “I promise we’ll be together 24/7 once I come back.”

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Namjoon: *feels bad for making you feel that way*

“Baby i’m sorry…” “Please don’t cry I’m coming back in two days..” “Just wait okay?” “Don’t cry”

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Jin: *as soon as he see’s you cry, he tells a joke hoping to make you smile*

“Princess what time did the man go to the dentist?”

You: “…what?”

Jin: “Tooth hurt-y“

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Jimin: *pouts after seeing tears fall down your face*

“I wish I could hug you right now…” “Princess stop crying please..” “Your crying face makes me sad and now I feel like crying too”

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Yoongi: *finds it funny that you’re crying but at the same time is concerned about you*

“Aigo why are you crying?” “I miss you too but you don’t see me cry.” “Don’t cry okay?”

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Taehyung: *feels guilty and just stares at you as you cry because there’s nothing he can do*

“Jagiya i’m really sorry for making you cry..” “I’m sorry there’s nothing I can do other than tell you not to cry and just wait for me to comeback”

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Jungkook: *looks away after seeing you cry knowing he wouldn’t be able to hold himself back*

“i’m so tempted to go where you are and just hug you right now”

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What happens when the wounds have healed and the scars become unnoticeable?

You wake up every morning to the sound of your alarm clock instead of that distant voice from a lucid dream you had or the fading scream that is likely your voice, begging for someone to come back. You stare at the ceiling, listing the agendas that you have for that day. You don’t look for the vandalized words on the walls anymore. You don’t even remember they were written at the first place. You roll on your bed and you don’t mind how wide the free space is. You close your eyes as you wait for five more minutes. Five more minutes before you launch yourself to another busy day.

When you turn on the shower, you just simply enjoy the water cascading through your body. You don’t think of the hands that once explored it. The kisses that were planted on some parts of your skin don’t even haunt you anymore. The alluring days and passionate nights disappear like the bubbles covering your being. You’re finally clean.

The mirror no longer speaks to you with shards. It just tells you how well-combed your hair is or how refined your outfit for the day is. The reflection has forgotten to shout the language of hatred and regrets. It has learned how to smile at you, the genuine kind, the one that doesn’t need a mask.

Coffee tastes better now. You don’t rely on it to numb you down anymore. You just let your tongue relish on its flavor as you let the aroma devour you. Well, you don’t even need it to keep you awake. You have mastered the art of maintaining one’s eyes open.

You stroll through chaotic avenues with only your destination on mind. You don’t tilt your head on different directions just to look for a familiar face. You don’t look at the streetlight thinking of the time you roamed by the darkness while being entangled with someone’s fingers. You don’t stare at lovers with ache or bitterness within. Love exists and you don’t have it right now. And that’s okay. That’s okay.

During lunch time, you focus on your food instead of the empty seat across you. When a stranger asks you if that chair is available, you can effortlessly flash a polite smile and answer yes. You have grown comfortable to your solitude, you don’t mind the bizarre gazes that you occasionally feel. The food is delicious anyway.

When nighttime hits and nostalgia is threatening to pull you back to the past, you brush it off. You buy a bottle or two of your favorite drink. Just enough to blur all the distasteful memories away. You’re not even worrying about sending drunk messages. When everything has been said and done, you just leave all the old contacts alone.

When the song that was once sung to you started playing somewhere, you don’t collapse to the floor anymore. Instead, you sing along as the lyrics have lost their sharpness. The history may be awful but the music is still good.

You go home and the journey doesn’t mean stomping your feet on the ground. You are no longer looking for a place to hide all your tears. You just want a good night sleep.

If ever you find your former lover sitting at the front of your door, holding a bouquet of unsaid apologies, you no longer melt down and take it. Instead, you stand between that person and the door. You take the keys, you unlock it. But you block that person from getting inside again.

You tell that person to go home.

‘’say you love me’’ / j-hope

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note: just a short imagine I thought of the other day :)

it all happened within seconds. one minute you were approaching the cafe all happy and bubbly, the next minute you are crying on a bench in a park.

a few hours earlier

‘‘can’t wait to see you hobi!’‘ you screamed in your cellphone, while picking out an outfit to wear. today you’ll be seeing your childhood friend after a long long time and you couldn’t be more excited for this day to finally come.

hobi was studying abroad somewhere pretty far away from you and after a couple of years you’ll be finally seeing him again. yes, you two did talk on the phone and text but still that doesn’t and it can’t compare to seeing him in real life.

‘‘same here.’‘ he said back and hung up the phone. in just a few hours you’ll be finally facing your childhood/best friend.

after picking up the outfit you’ll wear for today, you didn’t waste any time but to start approaching the mini cafe, you two decided to meet up at. he sent you a location to go there and wait for him, if he maybe makes a wrong turn because he hasn’t been to his hometown in so long, he forgot a few things.

but it seemed that he didn’t make a wrong turn. he was there right on time, already inside of the cafe. when you saw him your face lit up, a sparkle shined in your eyes and all you wanted was to throw your arms around his waist and ever let go. he meant that much to you, he was your everything.

however, once you entered the cafe a girl swished by you, a strong perfume scent followed her behind and she was going directly towards hobi. once he saw her, he stood up and had the most surprised look on his face. she dived into his arms, he quickly wrapped his around her waist and closed his eyes, resting his chin on her shoulder.

your face went from a smile to a frown. it felt as if someone punched you into your guts, a feeling you have never felt before. everything was crashing down inside you and soon you were crying. you didn’t know what else to do but do exit out of the cafe and just run. as the door opened, you hardly smashed it back and turned around to see hobi’s face once more. 

his eyes found yours and he stared into you, yet another look of surprise. but the action of that girl, sent you another punch in the gut. she kissed him. pulled him into her embrace and smashed her lips on his. 

you shook your head and started running far away from the cafe, off into the distance. your legs felt like they weren’t even yours, you don’t remember when was the last time you ran this fast. it was as if someone was chasing you and ready to kill you. 

you ran past all the people that were gathering around, as it was saturday night and the streets became busy. they all looked so happy, waiting for the clubs to open the doors, so that they could get drinks and have a good time. 

this isn’t how you pictured your night tonight. you wanted to be beside hobi and chat with him about many different things. to finally hug him as tight as possible and to him holding you in his arms. the way he rested his chin on that girl, made your blood boil inside you. he always did that to you and rested his nose in the croak of your neck.

but why were you hurting so much? 

you probably would let it go by now if it weren’t for a fact that you were in love…

in love with him.

you stopped in your tracks to look up and find yourself entering a closed off park. you pushed the entrance fence and ran past the many benches until you found one that was going to give you some comfort. 

it was placed below a massive tree and overlooking the entire park. off in the distance you could see lights coming from the city, which meant you didn’t ran that much off. still it felt good to be alone in this moment. you needed it.

your thoughts were soon interrupted by hobi calling you and bombarding your cellphone with many texts. when you read his name in your mind, the thought of him made your eyes water. you just kept remembering what happened back in the cafe. how the girl kissed him and you didn’t even wanna know if he kissed her back. either way, he seemed happy to see her. you couldn’t help but to feel jealous.

‘‘y/n!’‘ suddenly you look ahead of yourself and see a figure approaching you. the park had zero lighting so it was hard to recognize who it was. but of course you could recognize his voice. 

‘‘y/n please!’‘ he screamed and you just sat there on the bench, bringing your knees up to your face, trying to muffle your crying.

‘‘I’m sorry she kissed me, I didn’t-…’‘ he said, sitting beside you on the bench. he stopped talking for a minute and put his arm around your shoulders. he pulled you into him, your head was on his chest and his arms wrapped tightly around you.

‘‘I yelled at her, why she did that-…’‘ you jumped away from his bear hugging and stood in front of him.

‘‘whatever hobi. I’m done.’‘ you started walking back, from where you came from but he pulled at your hand and turned you back around.

‘‘hey hey what’s up why are you so mad at this? I pulled away I told you.’‘ he softly said trying to caress your cheeks. you flinched away at his touch, making him look at you in horror. 

‘‘if you are wondering who she is, she is one of my oldest friends I haven’t seen in ages. I was surprised she came, I don’t know why she kissed me I pulled away I promise y/n. you can’t be like this, I haven’t seen you in so long. you’re my best friend…’‘ 

‘‘and that’s the problem.’‘ you looked down at your feet and you couldn’t meet his eyes.

‘‘problem y/n?’’ he took a step closer and grabbed your arm, stroking it and trying to calm you down. but his touch felt amazing and you couldn’t form words. your thoughts were just roaming how much you wanted to hug him and kiss him all night long. 

‘‘y-yes…’‘ you managed to say.

‘‘y/n?’‘ he took your chin and forced you to look up at him. you gazed into his eyes and his gorgeous skin. your eyes wandered around his face and you stopped at his lips. 

‘‘I l-love you…’‘ as soon as you said that you closed your eyes shut. you couldn’t bare to hear him or to look at him. the soft grip on your chin soon wandered off as he let go of you. his touch disappeared.

because he wasn’t saying anything you didn’t know what else to do but to slowly turn around and open your eyes. you didn’t want to look at him. you knew what his feeling towards you were. but it just hurt you.

you started walking but your legs were giving in. you wanted to run but they wouldn’t budge. it was like they were forcing you to stay but you refused.

‘‘say you love me.’‘ 

you turned around and saw hobi, standing there his hands in front of him as he was trying to grab onto you. 

‘‘say you love me.’‘ he said again, this time he whispered it. he was now standing just a few inches away from your face. you felt his hot breath on your skin, lingering over your lips. he licked them once, before softly pressing them to yours. 

with his hand he supported your head and pushed you more against him. your body fell into him and you latched onto his shoulders. the kiss felt amazing, something you have never felt before in your life. the way his lips just pressed against you and stayed there for a while, all of it gave you shivers down your spine. finally you were kissing him just like you always wanted. 

for a second though you pulled away and smiled. tracing his right cheek with your thumb as he pushed it even more against your hand, feeling the warmth of it. he smiled back at you showing his teeth and you took a deep breath in.

‘‘I love you.’‘ 

‘‘I love you too.’‘he cutely said back, pressing his lips against your forehead. 

Unfortunately with Halloween coming up it’s that time of year again. If this is you and you see me out in public, DO NOT HESITATE TO COME UP TO ME. Guys and girls and everyone inbetween! If you don’t feel comfortable around someone dont sit and wait, come on over friends! And if the person has the audacity to follow you over to me and ask how we know each other I’ll make a huge back story for us that is easy to follow! I got you! And creepers back the fuck off and have a nice day.

I love when dogs:

-get so excited that their WHOLE BODY wags

-are too tired to bark so they make a lil Boof

-stare at the door all day waiting for you to come back 

-fREAK OUT when you actually get back

-tilt their head back when you try to pet their head so that you end up petting their nose

-act really interested in whatever you are saying to them, even when you are just reading from a calculus book

-think that you threw the stick and run for it, only to look back at you in confusion when they can’t find it

-still continue to play fetch with you with overwhelming energy, even after you just betrayed them (you monster)

-sit all proper on the couch/floor when they get to watch a movie with you


-forget about returning the stick for a moment and chew that thing to shreds before remembering that they’re supposed to return the stick

-tug on their leash because they see you and want you to pet them SO baD

-take one look at you and just roll on their back like “yep I know she’s gonna give me rubs”

-sit on your toes when they are in a new place with dogs to say “MY HUMAN”

-get angry about that dog on the tv and make The Bark™ 

-give you a kiss


I’ll be waiting for you when you’re ready to love me again,
I’ll put my hands up,
I’ll do everything different,
I’ll be better to you.
—  Adele ‘I’ll be waiting’

You worked with Tupac Shakur a few years after that on Gridlock’d.What was your impression of him?

Tim Roth: I adored him. I initially didn’t want him for the role – it just shows my white ignorance. I was just this pasty-faced London boy who didn’t know who he was, despite the fact that he’d gone double platinum by that point, I think. But what happened was, I was attached to the project and we had another actor who was interested in the role, then backed out at the last minute. So we suddenly found ourselves without a second lead. Tupac’s name came up – “He’s a rapper, he’s a really interesting guy and he’s really up for doing this” – and I just said, “Can you get me an actual actor, for fuck’s sake? Please?” I had no idea he was an actor before he was a musician, that he’d gone to the Fame school in Baltimore, none of that.

While this was going on and they were looking for someone else, I got nominated for Rob Roy. And during one of those silly party things you have to go to while it’s Oscar season, Quincy Jones came up to me and said, “Hey, Tupac, you should really give him a chance.” And it’s like, Aw, fuck, okay. Quincy is vouching for him. Let’s set up a meeting.

So the director Vonde [Curtis-Hall] and I are sitting in this restaurant I used to go to, waiting to meet him, and in comes a security team. sweeps the place and then they go out. Then a group of women enter; they go and sit at this table in the corner. And then in comes ‘Pac, who sits down, politely says, “Hi, how are you?” At which point, he proceeded to totally lay out the character. He had it down. And I’m just thinking, This guy is fucking amazing! I want to work with this guy! What do we need to do to get him in the movie? Meanwhile, Vonde is sitting there with a Cheshire Cat grin on his face, just going “I told you so…”.

I had two issues with him. One was the fact that he was writing, he was directing and starring in music videos and recording an album. He’d show up on set exhausted, and I just told him, I need you for five weeks. Let’s make this together, concentrate on this and then you can back to doing the other things. Which he did, and he was really cool about it.

The other thing was guns. We were sitting on the back of a truck, waiting to do a scene in Downtown L.A., and I said to him, “What’s with all the guns, why is there all this drama, what have you got yourself into?” And he very calmly explained to me the world he was living in at that moment, then said, “I think there’s a bullet out there with my name on it, man.” He and I were supposed to hang out the day after he ended up getting shot; we were really excited because he was coming back to L.A. and I really missed him a lot. The joke was that he had to re-record some dialogue for the film, and since I’d already been in the Death Row Studios with him and we’d recorded stuff, it was like, “Okay, 'Pac, you’re in my territory now!” And then, you know, we got the word he was in the hospital, and then a few days after that, he had died. I still miss him.

its been so long but im still trying to figure out how you could go from “i love you” to “i don’t care about you anymore” in such a short amount of time


Happy 2nd anniversary, DAY6! (September 7th, 2015) 

Thank you for making my day, and thank you for working so damn hard especially during this EVERYDAY6 project. It’s not an easy feat to release 2 songs every month, but somehow you guys managed to do it and not disappoint with your music. I am so proud of what you’ve achieved during these 2 years, and can’t wait for more to come your way. Fret not, for we, My Days, will always have your backs. For every song that you sing to us; for us, we will sing it back to you a hundred times louder. Let’s continue walking together for a long time. 💖💖💖💖💖 #TwoYearsAndForeverWithDAY6

Have you ever experienced that moment of crying so much because you missed the feeling of making sujood to Allah?

Have you ever experienced that moment when you raise your hands for takbeerat and your tears just come running down just because you feel something inside you feels so much ease?

Have you ever experienced being so lost that you almost lost hope but with one salah standing in salah, you’ve been recharged with imaan like never before?

Have you ever missed praying and calling upon Allah that reading this makes you sob and cry already?

Oh slave of Allah, this is your imaan telling you to come back to Allah.

Indeed, it just takes one heartbeat to remember Allah. 

So what are you waiting for?

Go Pray. 

Have you ever wondered how the Sahabah felt when they testified the Shahada the first time in their lives? How they’ve finally found true guidance after years of misguidance?

Every day we are called back with every Adhan, when will we answer?

Come back. Pray again.

Allah awaits for you.

AU PROMPTS (university) cont.

you and i came from the same high school but i haven’t seen you on campus at all except for yesterday… when i waved hi and you didn’t wave hi back AU

“i would rather die than take this exam.” “same.” AU

you’re looking for people to be club officials with you. i think you’re cute and say yes AU

we’re part of a study group but everyone bailed so i guess it’s just the two of us AU

i can hear you when you sing in the shower… i can also hear when you, well, you know, in the shower AU

“there’s a harry potter marathon on.” “why would you tell me that when i’m studying for a midterm?!” AU

the only class i hate is the only class i’m doing beyond well in. you’re the t.a. for this class AU

“you need to shower/eat/sleep (take care of yourself).” “after studying.” “no. now.” AU

i’ve never ridden the buses here and you offer to teach me the systems AU 

+ bonus if at the end of the day person a rests their head on b’s shoulder

you’re waiting in my dorm room for my roommate to come back from class and you end up helping me on my lab work AU

this is the third time i’ve been locked outside of my dorm bc i left my student card inside. this is also the third time you’ve had to let me in AU

i’m sick with a cold and so i ask you to take notes for me in a lecture. you do more than just that AU

you’re my crush and you came over to my dorm with your friend. in the middle of the visit, i realize you’re flirting with me. at the end of the visit, i realize you were only flirting with me to make your crush jealous AU 

i’ve never gotten high/drunk before and you decide you’ll let me get high/drunk with you AU

my roommate and i aren’t getting along. now i need a new dorm and fast. “can i move into your dorm?” AU

“we can’t go back to my dorm… i have a top bunk.” “wait, i have a top bunk too.” “how the hell are we going to sleep with each other then?” AU 

  • Jungkook: Jimin, are you awake?
  • Jimin: yeah
  • Jungkook: Can I sleep with you? I can't, it's too dark.
  • Jimin: You said that yesterday.
  • Jungkook: Namjoon hyung snores loudly.
  • Jimin: That was your excuse 2 days ago.
  • Jungkook: I'm homesick?
  • Jimin: ...ok that's wasn't used since a while, come here
  • Jungkook: :)
Tongue (Ethan)


You laid back on your shared bed with your boyfriend, Ethan, scanning aimlessly through your phone. When you had texted Ethan on your way home from the airport he had told you he was out filming something with Grayson.  Neither of you had seen each other in two weeks since you’d come back from your family vacation. You had originally planned to come home a day later but you wanted to surprise Ethan by choosing to come home a little earlier instead. You waited impatiently, tapping your fingers against your thigh until your heart began to pound in your chest at the sound of the apartment door opening and closing. Heavy footsteps shuffled in followed by two familiar voices.

“Dude I think she’s gonna hate it.” You heard Ethan’s laugh and it automatically made your heart sing even though you were questioning what the hell he’d gotten himself into now. You couldn’t leave Ethan or Grayson alone for more than five minutes before one of them was hurting themselves or doing something they’d likely regret later on.

“Maybe she’ll think it’s kind of kinky.” Grayson replied. You heard a smack followed by a loud “Ow!” You narrowed your eyes. What the hell were they talking about? You shook your head and contemplated coming out of the bedroom until you heard Ethan’s footsteps trudging down the hall.

“I’m taking a nap bro. I’m beat.”

The door swung open and Ethan stopped dead, stumbling backwards, clutching his chest with widened eyes.

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Golden Hour

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Tom let out a sigh of relief as he rounded the corner into the quieter section of the airport, away from the demanding paparazzi. There were fewer people here, all lost in their own worlds, wanting to get to their planes. He wasn’t famous to them, just another passer byer.

In front of him you talked to Harrison and Harry, unphased by the previous events that occurred not even five minutes ago. The screaming, the grabbing, the shoving. All calling for Tom, all needing to be seen, but he was only one man. Tom Holland loved his job, it was everything he ever dreamed of, but he was only human and the world refused to believe that.

When you noticed Tom had fallen behind you excused yourself from the conversation and slowed your pace until you and Tom were in the same rhythm side by side. You gently smiled at him earning a fake one in return.

You hated seeing him this way, but it had become a norm. He was an amazing actor, using his skill more off screen than on. Constantly putting on a show for everyone around him, smiling, laughing, taking everything thrown at him. He couldn’t falter, not even for a second, or the media would eat him alive. So the second he was behind closed doors he would come crumbling down and let the exhaustion take over. So it wasn’t uncommon that he would spend the day moping around in bed or be a little grumpier then was called for. He would apologize like crazy afterwards, wanting to be the perfect boyfriend for you but you would just curl up next to him and tell him that everything was okay. And every time it would throw him off guard expecting you to be mad but you knew what you were getting into when you agreed to be his girlfriend, you didn’t sign up from the perfect person the world made him be, you signed up for all the little imperfections that made him Tommy.

“Wow,” You grabbed his hand, catching his attention. “Look at that view.”

Behind the glass wall the sun kissed the horizon in an explosion of warm yellows and reds, turning the sky into a work of art. A plane could be seen in the distance, heat radiating into the atmosphere, rippling the sky around it like a pebble into a pond.

You didn’t travel nearly as much as Tom or Harrison, this was only your third time tagging along on one of his press tour locations, so you were sure he had seen this view hundreds of times but you wondered if he had ever really taken a second to just enjoy it.

“You know, they call this the golden hour in photography.” You glanced over at Tom whose tired eyes were soaking in the view. “It makes, like, the perfect photograph or something.”

“I can see why they’d call it that.” His voice was soft and low, worn out from all the use from earlier in the day.

“I can’t wait to see it again tomorrow.” You smiled. “And the day after that, aaaand the day after that. With you, in airports and hotels or wherever this crazy adventure takes us.” You swung your connected hands, trying to bring some energy back into the peaceful moment.  “So come on, Holland, lets get to our plane.”

You tugged at his hand, pulling him along. He kept stealing glances at the view, wanting to just stop time and enjoy this moment with you. Because if he was being honest with himself this was the first time he felt like he could breathe since he stared filming Spider-Man, all because you said ‘us’. He wasn’t on this adventure alone, you were right by his side, even when he was at his worst. Even when he rose his voice at the stupidest of things, or didn’t have any energy to go out on a date, or when he didn’t want anything to do with anyone, you were still there. Even if you were in different countries your face would pop up on his phone when he needed you the most. You were his golden hour, you were perfect.

“Will you marry me?” He tugged back on your hand, making you stop midsentence, talking about whatever book you were reading this week.

“What?” You asked, not hearing his quiet voice over your loud one. “Tom we can talk and walk, we gotta go, the plane is going to be taking off soon.” You tried to tug on his hand to make him move again but he stood his ground.

“Will you marry me?” He asked again. You furrowed your brows, confused. Without a second though he dropped down to one knee, holding your hand in his and that when everything started piecing together.

“I don’t have a ring, and I know this really isn’t the right place to be asking but fuck, (Y/N), I love you. And I really need you to say yes. Because the second we get off that plane I want to run to the closest church, or city hall or anywhere that will make you my wife. I can’t take another second of not knowing you are mine forever.” You watched him ramble on, tears prickling at your eyes.

In front of you, Harrison looked back to see what was taking you both so long to catch up. He slapped Harry’s arm, getting his attention.

“Yes.” Happiness spilling out of you in a form of a laugh. “Yes, I will marry you.” You were bouncing on the balls of your feet now, unable to control yourself. Tom stood up, a grin plastered across his face.

“Yeah?” He questioned, making sure one last time he heard you right.

“Yes.” You kissed him, wrapping your arms around his neck. You leaned into you, deepening the kiss before lifting you into the air and spinning around.  As he put you down, Harrison and Harry ran up behind you, wrapping you both into a hug before laughing and congratulating you.

And as promised, the second you got off the plane you had found the closest city hall.

BTS Reaction | them saying something hurtful to you and you start crying

request: “Bts reaction to them hurting you (the reader) verbally (like saying something hurtful) and inmediatly regret it when they see you cry. Do it angsty and fluffy pls<3″

Kim Seokjin

He would be so hurt seeing what his words caused. Jin would instantly start apologizing to you. “I’m so sorry Jagi. I didn’t mean to say that. It was just a stupid thought!” He would rush over to you and wipe away your tears before pulling you into a hug. “I’m so so so sorry.” He wouldn’t stop apologizing even a few days after, because he would felt so terrible making you cry.  

Min Yoongi

He froze right after the words left his tongue. Tears started rolling down your cheeks and you covered your mouth with your hands. “I’m sorry! I didn’t want to say that.” Yoongi wanted to get closer but you stepped back. “Don’t you dare.” You said before turning around and walking over to the kitchen, where you rested your hands on the counter. He waited a few seconds before coming after you. You were sobbing and facing downwards with your face. “I’m so sorry.” He wrapped his arms around your waist and drew you close to him. “I won’t say something like that ever again. I promise.”

Kim Namjoon

Namjoon would turn completely silent at the sight of your tears. Blaming him for making you cry just a second after. He would sit down next to you and place his hand on your lap, gently drawing circles on your leg with his thumb. “I’m sorry for what I said. It didn’t mean it like that.” He’d wipe the tears away from your face and place a kiss on your cheek then hug you until you would stop crying.

Jung Hoseok

You sat down on the bed and covered your eyes with your hands. He would get all emotional seeing you cry and would tear up a little bit himself. “I’m so sorry Jagi, I didn’t mean to hurt you. How can I make it up to you?” He would kneel down in front of you and place his hands on your knees. “Please stop crying.” Then he would try to cheer you up again by making silly faces and tickle you. “See there’s the smile I love.”

Park Jimin

He would completely forget what you were arguing about the second he saw your tears. Jimin would curse at himself, asking what kind of boyfriend makes his love cry. “I’m sorry Honey. I didn’t think before I said that.” He would grab your hand and place a soft kiss on the back of your hand. “I’m a complete idiot! Can you forgive me?”

Jeon Jungkook

He would stop in the middle of his sentence, his jaw would drop and there would be a minute of silence before he realised what he just said. “Oh God. I’m sorry!” He would be immediately getting mad at himself, feeling guilty for making you cry. “I don’t know what got into me, really.” He would try to touch your shoulder but you moved away. He would pull you into a hug anyway and whisper in your ear. “I’m so sorry.”

Kim Taehyung

He would instantly hug you and apologize a million times, telling you how sorry he is and how much he loves you. “I don’t know why I said that. I’m sorry!” He would try his best to comfort you and hold you until you calmed down again. Even after you forgave him he would sill apologize and say how much of an idiot he is for saying something like that.

Garbage-ass neighbor again

My jerkwad neighbor who loves parking in my driveway parked there again this winter. He apparently didn’t learn. We had several snow storms this winter and there were advisories to not park your car in the street, for plowing purposes. Of course shit nugget still doesn’t want to pay $270 for a parking pass, where he lives. My parents were visiting, so all of our cars were in my driveway. We were having dinner, and here it is in the middle of the fucking night he doesn’t call-first, nor does he ring on the door bell. He bangs on the door [not knock, there’s a difference] interrupting dinner with my family. I ask what his problem is

“I can’t park on the street, let me park in your driveway.”

Ex-fucking-cuse me?? No “May I?” let alone a “please?” I, politely said “No, you can’t” and especially since my driveway was full and it’s MY FUCKING DRIVEWAY, I’m not going to move my parents’ cars nor mine just for him to park. He left and went to demand parking in other neighbors’ driveways. They too-know he’s a piece of shit and are long fed up with him as well, so they said no.

He comes back later after hearing him swear up and down the block. He knocks again and I tell him that he can park if he gave me $60 bucks; I wager that’s the price if he wants to take my time out from having dinner with my family to move all the cars out of my driveway and have him at the end of the driveway [so he wouldn’t be blocking us in]. He starts cursing and walks away. I didn’t care; finished dinner with my family.

The next day came about and it’s when the advisory is in effect. My parents took my dad’s car and they went to get groceries, only to come back and find that asshole parked in the driveway, AGAIN! Okay. Now you wanna play? I tried calling a truck, but they were in a delay what with getting people out of their cars and the tow-truck companies are fully booked during the winter, so I wasn’t going to wait hours. I didn’t ring his doorbell or anything because I knew his response [he pretends to not be home when it’s times to alert him of his shitdickness].

Having some warm cider in my living room, I see him leave with a friend and they go out, but he rides with his friend and leaves his car in my driveway. Lightbulbs turned on. My driveway is mostly flat, thankfully, so my dad and I jacked the rear end if his car and pivoted it out of the way, and there was barely enough to wiggle my dad’s car back into the driveway. But we got it out of the way enough that we could get cars in and out of the driveway with careful maneuvering. Now he’s still gone, and so I took the jack back under his car, and jacked the car up right on its catalytic converter. Its bent and has left a slight opening in the exhaust-work.

Also left a scratch at the bases of his door, have fun with rust, in some time. It’s pretty freaking cold out and I had brought in my garden hose for the winter, but I hooked it up to my basement sink and set it on mist and thoroughly showered his car with water, giving it a decent coating of ice over the door handles, on the windshield, and windows.

The snow gets heavy and we haven’t noticed him return yet [we figure he would return because he’d have to be flumoxed about his car being covered in ice]. We got an idea, though. The snow stopped a bit and we began some shoveling and packed mounds of snow around his car, thus making it inaccessible.

He returns and asks what happened to his car. I ask him why he parked where people shovel snow into piles. He knew damn well he parked there, but it was fun watching him take an entire day trying to melt the ice and free his car. He said he was going to call the cops, and so I told him to, he didn’t since he probably knew he would get fined and I can charge him with trespassing. Dumbass also thought it was a good idea to try and melt ice with hot water; cracked his windshield. Have fun with rust and an exhaust leak. Try it again. Play stupid ass games, win fucking stupid-ass prizes.

TL;DR Neighbor still parked in my driveway and interrupted dinner with my family, so I iced him in and left him some surprises with his car.


i have so many requests, and i’m gonna write them all, but this story is very true. I have legit had a migraine for three days and I don’t want to write a request and it be absolutely terrible. I want to give you all the best request I can give you. So enjoy this imagine that is going to be complete shit. 

You knew it was going to be a bad day, considering your headache from yesterday has yet to go away. Yesterday you were able to stay home, in the dark, drinking coffee and water, watching movies. Today, not so much.

You promised Shawn that you would go with him to his press stuff, and then once he was done he was going to take you out. 

You get out of bed, bracing yourself against the wall as the movements made you dizzy. The pounding in your head taking over all you can hear. 

“BABE!” Shawn shouts as he walks into your apartment. You groan and rub your forehead. “Are you up?” He asks walking into your bedroom. “Oh good morning.” 

“Why are you yelling?” You ask grabbing jeans from your dresser.

“Am I yelling? I’m sorry.” He says quieter. 

“Good morning.” You smile at him.

“Still coming today, so excited to introduce you to a few people.” He says beaming at you. You smile slightly and nod, walking to the bathroom. 

You quickly change and down some water and an Excedrin. 

“Ready?” He asks as you walk out. 

“Yep.” You say taking his hand and following him out to his jeep. 

“So we are talking about SM3 today and then,” Shawn goes on about his day and looks over smiling. You aren’t really paying attention, the pounding in your head becoming to over powering, but you smile and nod at him. 

He went off on his interviews and other promo stunts. You lean against the wall next to you, after a woman walked by with a plate full of food and wave of nausea hit you. 

You rest your hand against your forehead and sigh, you really wish you could go lay down right now. 

“Baby! Are you ready for lunch?” Shawn asks, really loudly.

“Shawn stop yelling.” You groan standing straighter.

“Am I yelling again?” He asks himself looking over at Geoff, who just shrugs.

“Yes.” You groan and take a seat on the couch. 

“Here want a sandwich.” He asks offering you one. 

“No, no thanks.” You push his hand away. 

He stares at you and then looks at his team and he must say something because they all leave silently.

“Baby?” He says softly sitting next to you. “Are you okay?”

“Yeah I’m fine.” You lie.

“No you aren’t, you a short with me today. Don’t want to eat anything and you keep leaning against the wall closing your eyes, rubbing your forehead.”

“Fine, honestly I have a migraine and you’re making it worse.” You whisper.

“What?” He whispers.

“I’m sorry, that was rude.”

“No don’t be sorry, I’m sorry. I didn’t know you weren’t feeling good. I’m sorry I’m making it worse.” He says looking away.

“Shawn stop, I should have told you before I came with you today.”

“Come on.” He says standing up and offering his hand. You take is and he pulls you up. 

“Whoa wait a second.” You say leaning against him, the dizziness back.

“What?” He asks concerned.

“I just got a little dizzy, give me a second and it will go away.”

“Are you sure?”

“Shawn it’s been like this all day, it will go away”

When you think you’re good you start to walk, him following closely. When you stumble on your feet and reaches out and grabs you so don’t fall. 

“That’s it.” He says picking you up.

He is now holding you bridal style and you tuck your face into his neck wrapping your arms around his neck. 

“Hey Andrew.” He calls out softly. Andrew walks over. “Cancel the rest of my day, I’m going home.”

“If she isn’t feeling good I can have Geoff take her so you can finish.” Andrew says.

Andrew has never really enjoyed the fact that you distract Shawn so easily. 

“No she’s fine, I’m the one not feeling well.” 

“Then why are you carrying her?” 

“Why aren’t you carrying her?” Shawn sasses back. 

“Shawn.” You hiss into his neck. 

“Cancel it okay?” He says walking past Andrew. 

Once out side he lets out a breathy laugh and helps you into his car. 

“Shawn why did you do that?” You ask.

“Priorities.” He shrugs closing your door. You smile to yourself and wait for him to get in. 


“Love.” Shawn slightly shakes your shoulder. You roll over and notice that you are in bed. 

“How did I get here?”

“You fell asleep on the car ride home, I brought you in here. You’ve been asleep for about two hours. I’m sorry to wake you but I need to know if you’re feeling better, it’s eating me alive.”

“No my head still hurts.” You sigh rolling closer to him. He lets his hand start to feel your forehead and then combs his fingers through your hair.

“When was the last time you took something?” 

“This morning when you picked me up.”

“That was like almost 8 fucking hours ago.” He says getting up and rushing to his bathroom. He comes back with a glass of water and pills.

“Thank you.” You whisper as you take the medication. 

“Can I do anything else? I can go to the store and get you your favorite snacks and a few movies.” He says pacing around the room.

“Shawn.” You say making him stop. Which you silently thank god because it was making you dizzy again. “Can you just cuddle?” 

“Fucks sake, I’ve been dying to do that since we got home.” He says climbing into bed.

“Why didn’t you?”

“I didn’t want to wake you or make it worse.” He says laying next to you. You roll over into his side and practically wrap yourself around him. Legs tangling.

“I didn’t mean it.” You whisper against his chest.


“When I said you were making it worse, I didn’t mean it. I don’t know why I said it. I didn’t,” You take a breath. “You always make me feel better, and at the time I just wanted you to hold me and you couldn’t and that’s what was making it worse, that you couldn’t hold me.” 

“Y/n, if you would have just told me I would have stopped and did what ever you needed. You come first, how many times do I have to tell you that.”

“I know I just hate being sick around you.” You whisper.


“Because when you’re sick you are so strong, you still perform and travel and go around and be The Shawn Mendes.” You say sighing.

“Okay, yeah I still perform when I have a stuffed nose, but when I have a migraine I stop every thing and stay in my hotel. You still go to work and school when you have a cold. You still went to Aaliyah’s tournament when you felt like throwing up, you are the superhero here.” 

“Sure. Because you aren’t a superhero at all.”

“When have I ever ‘saved the day’?”

“Today, with Andrew. You told him you were the one feeling sick when he didn’t want you to leave because I was the one sick. When that guy at the party tried to grab me.” You say starting to go down your list. “Every morning when you call or wake up next to me.”

“Ok that was really cute.” He says smiling at you.

“You’re really cute.” 

“How’s the head?”

“Not much better.”

“Come here.” He says pulling you up onto his chest. He starts rubbing your back and you hide yourself into his neck. “Go back to sleep babe, I’m here.” He says kissing the top of your head.

“I love you.”

“I love you more, sleep well.”