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Prosecution Rests

This is for @ohbelieveyoume​, you’re such a good mom!
I thought you could take care of Rafi too!
I hope you and your little one feel better soon!

It had been a busy morning at work, but you were finally done. Thanking your lucky stars that it was a half day, you walked out of the office. Taking your phone out of your bag, you looked down at the notifications; 5 missed calls from Carmen! You panicked and almost dropped your phone.

Why was Carmen calling you repeatedly?

With shaking hands, you hit the “call back” button and waited anxiously for an answer.

“ADA Barba’s office, Carmen speaking, how may I help you?”


“Oh thank God, you need to come down here right now!” Carmen sounded relieved to hear your voice, not worried, not that this abated your fears.

“Why? What…Is Rafael okay?”

“Right now, it’s not him I’m worried about!”

“What is that supposed to mean?”

“Have you seen him today?”


“It would be great if you could come and take him home.”

“Carmen, do you think you could be a little bit more specific about what is going on?”

“Your boyfriend is sick and is terrorizing everyone in the office. Specific enough for you? He is yelling at the interns, he made one of them cry! The paralegals are nowhere to be seen. And if I catch whatever he has, I’m holding you personally responsible. Now could you please come and deal with this?” Carmen said all of this in a fierce whisper.

“I’ll be there as soon as I can.”

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I know most of you are really supportive and appreciate all the work @aloemilk and I put into this, and I also know you can never accomodate everyone’s preferences and complaints, but I wanted to share part of what it takes to pull this off more or less successfully (if we go by last year’s experience):

That’s the spreadsheet where we enter all the submissions we get and mutually check for mistakes. It’s a big effort, and we do it because we truly want to celebrate fan creators, so… if it seems like there are too many rules, or that they don’t make sense because they exclude so and so, or if you’re upset because I rejected some of your submissions, know that it’s all done in an attempt to do this as smoothly and fair to everyone as possible 🙂

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College Girl// Kim Myungjun

Originally posted by astrodaily

Pairing: MJ x Reader

Genre: Fluff

Summary: Exam results are always scary, but your boyfriend helps you through it.

Author’s Note: Congrats that you got into college my dear! Enjoy the scenario!

xoxo Sara

You gripped his hand tighter and tighter, eyes glued to the window in your living room as you waited for the mailman. You had begged your boyfriend to come over early today; at 9 , precisely, so he could wait with you. He brought you a breakfast sandwich, one you didn’t dare to touch or eat due to the nerves filling your stomach.

Today was the day that you would get the results to your college entrance exams; your fate and your future all lying in one envelope at the back of the mailman’s truck. To say you were nervous about the results was an understatement. Of course, you studied day and night during the upcoming days before the exam, but you always got nervous when taking tests, and that always made you do poorly.

Your parents wouldn’t be up for another hour or so, so you had to be quiet, which wasn’t a problem for you; your thoughts of what could be in the envelope suffocating your thoughts and making you unable to interact with your boyfriend, besides of the scared, unsure squeezes you’d press against his hand.

He looked at you, a gentle smile resting on his features and a light chuckle leaving his lips as he shook his head at you slightly. You snapped your head towards him as you heard his sweet giggle, a sound that would usually make you smile without hesitation, but made you now irritated at this stressful moment. You raised your eyebrow at him as he turned his head away slightly, your stare feeling like the heat of a thousand suns against his skin as he let out yet another soft chuckle.

“What?” You spat at him, his attention now drawing to you again as you began to squeeze his hand even tighter, eventually squeezing so tight you began to turn his knuckles white, “Why is this so funny to you? Is my future funny to you?”

“That’s not why i’m laughing, (Y/N),” He murmured lowly, his voice beginning to sound more and more in pain with each syllable as you continuously squeezed his hand, his body contracting near his hand as he squeezed his eyes shut “Ow, ow ow…”

“Then, why are you laughing?” You growled at him, whipping your head towards the window yet again as you saw the mailman’s mail truck drive down your road, probably parking at the end of it like he normally did so he can begin to walk down the opposite direction, “My future is on the line, Myungjun! These entry exam results can either make me or break me. What if I don’t pass? What if I fail all of them and can’t go to college? I’ll be working at some fast food restaurant flipping burgers while you’re off touring the world, a-”

“Jagiya,” He said softly, pulling you out of your train of thought and cutting your rambling short, “Look at me.”

You sighed, beginning to turn your head when you felt his hand leave yours. He pressed both of his palms to your cheeks, pulling you in closer to him as he rested his lips against your forehead tenderly, making your eyes flutter shut and your body lean into him naturally. As he pulled away, he pressed his forehead to yours, eyes staring into yours as his hands dropped from your cheeks to your arms. He rubbed your arms soothingly as he smiled at you.

“Breathe, okay? You’re going to do fine on these exams, I know you will. You’re very intelligent, and you studied for these tests for so long you began to stress me over you stressing over studying for these tests!” A soft chuckle left your lips as you closed your eyes, nodding at his words as you continued to listen to him.

“There’s absolutely no doubt in my mind that you’ll pass these exams. And then soon, i’ll be picking you up from college everyday and taking you out to lunch! Doesn’t that sound nice?”

You nodded again, a small smile finding its way onto your face as he pressed his lips to your nose, to your forehead, and then eventually to your lips.

Soon, you heard footsteps coming up your driveway, your head turning to see the mailman beginning to slip the mail into your mailbox. You looked back at Myungjun, a reassuring smile plastered on his face as he rubbed your back softly. “Well? Go get it!”

You nodded softly, standing up from the couch and making your way to your front door slowly. You opened it and stood outside for a moment, walking to your mailbox and giving your mailman a friendly smile as he waved to you and went to give your neighbors their mail. You opened the mailbox and took the mail out, hands shaky as you grasped the big pile of envelopes. You walked back into the house and stood by the front door, Myungjun shooting up from the couch to meet you where you were.

You began to sort through the magazines and envelopes,until you found one with your name printed neatly across it. You looked up at Myungjun with worried eyes, placing the rest of the mail down on your windowsill as you gripped the letter tightly.

“I’m scared,” You sighed, squeezing your eyes shut. You felt his hand cover yours as he stepped closer to you. “Can.. Can you open it?”

“Are you sure you want me to open it?” He questioned, “This is your moment, jagi.”

“I’m sure,” you sighed, handing him the envelope as your hands shook, “I don’t want to read it if it’s a rejection.”

Myungjun sighed, nodding as he tore open the envelope. He took out the folded piece of paper and unfolding it, eyes scanning over the paper. He looked back up at you. “You’re sure you want me to tell you?”

You felt your heart speed up as you nodded slightly, gripping onto his free hand. He sighed and nodded.

“(Y/N), We are pleased to inform you t-”

Before he could finish his sentence, the smile grew on his face and your heart stopped. You let out a long, happy yell, quickly hugging him as tight as you possibly could as he giggled into your ear.

“I told you! I told you I told you,” he gloated, kissing the side of your face repeatedly as you gripped on to him for dear life as you sighed happily, squeezing your eyes shut at you heard your parents begin to shift in their bedroom. You knew that you would get yelled at for screaming, but you didn’t care; nothing could take your happiness from you.

“I’m so proud of you, (Y/N), you know that?” He said in a serious tone, pressing his hands to your shoulders as he smiled at you, “And now that your nerves are gone, you can eat!”

Just as he said that, a loud growl emerged from your tummy, causing you both to bend over in a fit of giggles. As you stood up, he wrapped his arms around you, pressing his lips to your temple. “My college girl~”

baroganatanatda: Sanfrancisco you were lit tonight!! It was awesome! I can’t forget your voice, dance, and your eyes💕 I hope you had a good time. I really thank you for coming and thank you for you enjoying the shower Lol 😆 We’ll be back soon, Please wait for us and take care! One day let’s get lit again like tonight🔥🔥 Good night Sanfrancisco banas!! Bye🖐 #4nightsinus #b1a4 #baro

concept: It’s a cloudy afternoon in Paris. You just got back home after a busy day. You’re wearing a silk dress, putting on your favorite lipstick, grabbing a glass of red wine, enjoying your balcony view and putting your favorite music on, waiting for the love of your life to come over so you can walk around Paris, 

[TRANS] BTS Japan Official Fanclub Magazine - Jin’s Biography

Liked gaming since kindergarten
The vigorous boyhood

1~2 years after being born in Anyang City, Gyeonggi Province, I moved to the neighboring Gwacheon City. My memories started from Gwacheon. I was awkward about taking photos until just before debuting, so I hardly have any childhood photo. It’s hard to find photos from back then. When you take photos, you have to stand still. I hated hearing “Wait, let’s take just one photo!” and having to stand still.

My favorite thing in kindergarten days was the popular dinosaur character game back then. We only had one game but my hyung hogged it all, so I really wanted to play it at that time. I don’t know if it’s the reason why I like games now too.

I was a vigorous child in elementary school. After school, I would go play with my friends and come back at dinner time, then do my homework and sleep. It was my routine. I had a lot of friends too. We would only play every day and not study at all (laughs). My favorite subject was Physical Education. It’s the exact opposite to now (laughs). I liked running, swimming, tennis and also golfing that my father taught me how to play. He likes snowboarding and skiing so he often takes me to the ski resort, and I started from that. Although my father frequently went on business trips, when he came home, he would play his favorite sports with me. He often took me abroad too. Japan, Europe, Australia,.. But I’m not very into travelling so it felt like I was half-forced (laughs).

I talk with my 2-year-older hyung every day. We play games together and talk about this and that, it seems like our relationship got even better than before.

Grew up to be a hesitant guy in front of the opposite sex due to going to all-boy middle & high school!?

I was too into gaming since 1st year of middle school so I didn’t go out to play (laughs). Me and my friends kept staying in the PC room to play games in summer break. 

My best friends are friends from middle school. The relationship between us four people is quite good, even after we went to study higher, we would go to the valley and play together in summer break and go snowboarding in winter break. Even now we still contact each other every day and contend for each other’s old men’s jokes (laughs)

In terms of music, I liked Lee Seunggi sunbaenim’s ‘Delete’, KCM sunbaenim’s ‘Black & White Photos’ and Turtles sunbaenim’s ‘Airplane’. I also listen to Buzz sunbaenim’s music often so I like rock ballad even until now.

Since I went to all-boy school for both middle and high school, I had absolutely no contact with girls for 6 years. Even after going to university, I still couldn’t look into girls’ eyes. I would drop my eyes low and “Hey, how’s it going?” (laughs). I met an easy-going friend in university so he mended that manner too. He hit me and said “I told you to look in the eyes and talk!”… But still, I fit in better with guys (laughs).

The path to become a singer through scouting
Currently taking music composing with seriousness!

In 1st year of high school, my dream was to become a newspapers reporter to stand by the second-class citizens’ side. I used to read newspapers articles every day. The dream of becoming an actor was born in my 2nd year, after watching Kim Namgil-ssi in the drama ‘Queen Seondeok’. I was touched and thought that, I wanted to make people cry with my acting too. So I entered the Film Major in university .

3 months after entering, I was scouted and became a trainee. The rapper line was in the company already, and Jungkook joined 2 days after me. I came into the practice room and saw a kid with eyes like Bambi standing, I asked ‘…Who is this?’ and he stood up and said ‘Oh! My name is Jeon Jungkook!’. Even when I told him ‘Sit down,’ he said ‘Oh no! I’m okay!’ (laughs). The one with deepest first impression would be Namjoon who was practicing dancing. It was my first time seeing someone practicing dancing since I was born, so I thought ‘Wow, he’s a trainee. Cool.’

As I trained, I went to eat with other trainees as well and enjoyed my trainee life. I liked dancing back then. But after debuting, I heard people saying ‘He can’t dance’ so I lost my confidence… Despite that, thanks to ARMYs who always tell me ‘It’s cute’, ‘You did a great job’, I regained my confidence and now, it seems like I can dance.

My life right now is great, and I’m satisfied with being in BTS. My interest in music started after I met the members. Back in debut days, I couldn’t even think I can write songs. Thanks to the influence from our members, I’m now continuing to write songs. Even though they aren’t at the level of being put into albums yet, I got good responses and am working hard right now.

If someday the chance comes, I want to try acting. V is doing that now so I’m happy with it. Compared to acting,  I want to improve my skills in singing and performing more. It’s physically draining but I feel the joy in it.

© mondomizel1 | scan © sweaterpawsjimin

I beg young people to travel. If you don’t have a passport, get one. Take a summer, get a backpack and go to Delhi, go to Saigon, go to Bangkok, go to Kenya. Have your mind blown. Eat interesting food. Dig some interesting people. Have an adventure. Be careful. Come back and you’re going to see your country differently, you’re going to see your president differently, no matter who it is. Music, culture, food, water. Your showers will become shorter. You’re going to get a sense of what globalization looks like. It’s not what Tom Friedman writes about; I’m sorry. You’re going to see that global climate change is very real. And that for some people, their day consists of walking 12 miles for four buckets of water. And so there are lessons that you can’t get out of a book that are waiting for you at the other end of that flight. A lot of people—Americans and Europeans—come back and go, ohhhhh. And the light bulb goes on.
I’ll be waiting for you when you’re ready to love me again,
I’ll put my hands up,
I’ll do everything different,
I’ll be better to you.
—  Adele ‘I’ll be waiting’
where i find my modern gods

Morpheus is in the legs that fall asleep and the eyes you can’t keep open, and the endless cups off coffee that didn’t work, caffeine immunity creeping in. He’s the sand in your eyes the day after an allnighter, coaxing you to pause, letting you know the world can wait a few hours. In the vivid daydreams and dizzy thoughts that conjure themselves into vision even when you don’t close your eyes. He’s the sudden smells that take you back a decade and are gone as quickly as they come.

Hades stands not in graveyards but on every corner and every bridge. He crosses the street with you as you contemplate the oncoming cars. Dutiful accountant, he knows your name, and it waits on his tongue. He’s not there to rush you, nor help you. Perhaps his presence is enough. Even in ideation, Hades is in cold fingers and forgotten teas, crumbled leaves that tell you he’s taken her away again. He’s in the rinds of fruit and discarded husks, the plucked leaves, the end, always waiting at the core of everything.

Persephone is in the fresh fruit, ripe and ready to burst, eating them, destroying them feels like a sin, like delicious betrayal. She’s the first sharp bite and the way the juice rolls down your chin, in the decisions you hold steadfastly onto. she’s in defiant stares and the way you walk in like you own the place, because as long as she’s by your side, you do. When people whisper your name and pretend they don’t see you, she’s there, by your side, lifting your chin. Fear may also be hate, but it is also fear, and that is your power.

Aphrodite is in the crisp line of lipstick, and the boldness of a sharp cateye, but also the next day when it’s smeared and freckled with chipped mascara, the glance in the mirror when you see yourself like this and shrug, ‘not so bad’. She’s in the burst of warmth and weak you feel when you watch a child laugh with its grandmother. She’s there in that moment you fit into those jeans, she’s there when you slip into sweatpants and have a second slice of cake. When you shit talk your ex she’s there, nodding and making sure you know he was no good for you.

Dionysus walks in when your friends do, carrying his revelry on their shoulders. With a bottle of champagne, -a treat-, he's not so much in drinking it as he is shaking it up and popping the cork, the laughter and the mess that ensues, the sticky fingers that last the night. He’s there in the morning next as well, surveying the damage and grinning like a king when you scrape chips off the couch.

its been so long but im still trying to figure out how you could go from “i love you” to “i don’t care about you anymore” in such a short amount of time

Even MORE Sportarobbie Headcanons

My self control and impulse control left for the war and still haven’t returned. I’m waiting for the letter that says they just ain’t coming back.

•Sportacus pulls his hat down over his eyes when he’s flustered and just laughs nervously before running off

•The first time Robbie found this out, Robbie had gone full on flirt mode with him and the poor boy just bolted
•Robbie now slowly hugs Sport while flirting and when he tries to run, he can’t cause he’s TRAPPED IN ARMS OF LOVE
•"Oh my gosh, Robbie please, let me go!“
•"You aren’t going anywhere! I’ve been thinking up these lines all day!”
•Robbie learns languages very quickly, due to some of his disguises needing him to speak a different language to be convincing

•Sportacus yells “HANDSOME!” in Icelandic and he goes to tell Robbie what it means and Robbie just says:
•"Right back at ya, hot stuff.“ in the same language without even looking from what he’s doing
•Sportacus is surprised and Robbie takes this moment to say “I love you” in every language he knows, starting with English and ending with Icelandic
•Nobody can find Sportacus for the rest of the day because he’s in his airship, dying on his bed under his blanket
•Robbie changes all the mean nicknames he had for Sport to sweet things

•"Sportadork.“ "YOUR Sportadork!”
•"Hello there, Sportalicious!” “ROBBIE!”
•Sportacus only calls Robbie “Robbie”, but it’s because he really likes his name. It’s simply and rolls off of his tongue easily.
•Even though he can jump high, there are just some things that Sportacus can’t reach.

•"Robbie, lean down, I want a kiss.“/"No, I’m busy.”/“Robbie. Robbie, lean down and gimme a kiss. Robbie. Robbie! ROBBIE I WILL CLIMB YOU LIKE A TREE GIVE ME A KISS!”

•"Robbie, I can’t reach the top cabinet. Come get me a sportscandy.“/"Jump for it. You’ll make it.”/“But I’ll break it if I grab it!”/“Then I guess you aren’t getting any sportscandy.”/“ROBBIE!”

•"Give me my hat back.“/"Jump for it. Or am I too tall for you?”/“no, I just don’t want to hurt you.”/*Robbie holds the hat higher over his head./“Robbie.” *small hop* “Robbie!” *slightly larger hop* “Robbie, give me-GIVE ME MY HAT BACK!”
•Robbie enters the ship while Sportacus is there and the ship automatically starts playing “Careless Whisper.” Nobody knows why.
•Sportacus can not, for the life of him, tell the difference between real and candy fruit, even when it’s PAINFULLY obvious

•"Oh, a sportscandy!“/"spoRTACUS WAIT NO-!”
•He can tell the difference between candy corn and real corn though
•"Robbie, if you every candy corn in this house, I will suplex your cake marker into the pavement without a second thought.“
•Robbie wraps his arms around Sport from behind and leans down to his ear, kissing it a little, and the elf expects a loving chant
•But Robbie just:
•"Eat all the frosted wheat thins again and we are through.”

Short Hair

Request: Watching Captain America and Bucky with his short hair looks amazing. So hwb Steve one day takes Bucky to get a haircut like the old days and he comes back to the tower handsome asf and reader can’t stop gawking, which leads to a confession and smut? -@charlesgrey1875


Originally posted by hiname-rg

Bucky had been gone all morning and it was already lunchtime and he still wasn’t back. You were waiting anxiously at the tower, hoping Bucky and Steve would be back soon. You were biting at the skin around your nails, wondering what Bucky had up his sleeve.

He had told you he had a surprise and you weren’t sure what to expect; you never did with Bucky. He surprised you all the time and you had a feeling this would be huge.

You were squirming anxiously in your seat as you sat in the common room and you sighed, looking at the clock on the wall. “What’s got you so antsy, Y/N?” Vision questioned. You sighed again, looking over at him. “Vis, they’ve been gone all morning.” You complained, leaning your head back against the couch.

Vision smoothly walked closer, rubbing his chin. “Have you tried to contact them? See when they’ll arrive?” He asked, giving you a small smile. You sighed. “I haven’t.” You murmured, feeling kind of stupid for not just texting one of them to see how much longer they’d be.

Just as you picked up your phone from the table, you heard the elevator ding. You gasped and stood to your feet immediately, your heart beating fast. You stood beside Vision, the others piling in from the kitchen.

You saw Steve walk in first with a wide smile. “Oh, good. Everyone is here. We’ve got a treat for you all.” He said with a smirk. “Oh, goodie!” Tony piped, rubbing his hands together as he smiled. A few laughs sounded through the room. You walked closer to the front, standing in front of everyone else.

With a smirk still plastered on his face, Steve left. You waited patiently yet still anxiously for him to return. He finally walked back with Bucky in front of him, his hands on his shoulders. Your eyes widened and you gasped, your mouth hanging open. Bucky’s hair was short. His long hair was gone.

Everyone gasped and started cheering. “Oh, gross! You promised me a treat!” Tony said with a gag. Sam laughed and patted Tony’s shoulder. “Oh come on, even I want fries with that!” He said with a chuckle.

Bucky looked over at you and you felt your feet carrying you over to him. He looked so different. So young, so radiant, so handsome. Bucky looked like Bucky from the 40’s you’d seen in the museum. His smile was just as bright and his hair, gosh, his hair looked so soft. You wanted to run your fingers through it like you’ve done so many times when it was long.

You stood in front of Bucky and he beamed down at you. His eyes were bright and he gently scooped your hands up in his. “How do you like it?” Bucky softly questioned, hoping you didn’t hate it. You couldn’t find the right words to describe how you felt right now. You were in awe, taking in his features. You could see his ears and you could cry at how cute they were.

You tried to say something, anything, and you could tell Bucky was getting nervous and possibly regretting his decision as the seconds ticked by. “Y/N?” Bucky asked, his hands squeezing yours. You breathed out, feeling yourself getting wet the longer you stared at him. “It looks amazing.” You finally managed to say.

Bucky smiled and you could see how his jaw is more defined. “Do you like it?” Bucky asked again. You nodded and blushed. “I love it. So much.” You said with a giggle. You heard Tony gagging again. You shyly turned to the team. “We’ll be back.” You quickly said before pulling Bucky towards the elevator.

“But I didn’t get to feel it!” Tony yelled out, making you and the team laugh. You stepped into the elevator and Bucky turned to you. “What are you doing, Doll?” Bucky asked, confusion crossing his features. You sighed out, your heart starting to race. “I need you. I want-I need-please just-Bucky you have to eat me out and let me feel your hair.” You rushed out, your pulse quickening as you spoke.

Bucky’s eyes widened and the elevator stopped, the doors sliding open. You quickly grabbed Bucky’s hand and pulled him along to your bedroom. You needed Bucky now, you couldn’t wait. He looked undeniably sexy with his shorter hair. At this moment in time, you never knew how you needed short hair Bucky in your life.

You pushed your door open and slammed Bucky against it. He grunted and you hopped into his arms. “Doll, what’s gotten into you?” Bucky chuckled as he took you over to the bed.

You pulled Bucky on top of you and crashed your lips against his. You moaned into the kiss and let your hands feel Bucky’s hair for the first time today. It felt soft and so short, but you loved it. You heard Bucky growl low in his throat as you tugged on it.

Bucky hands roughly pulled down your pants and panties, throwing them to the floor. He kissed your neck and slid your shirt off, tossing it to the pile. You bit your lip and felt his hand move down to your clit. Bucky moaned as he felt how wet you were.

“Fuck, Y/N, you’re already so wet.” Bucky said with a smirk. You looked at him and his hair was ruffled and it looked so sexy. Bucky kissed down your torso after taking your bra off. You were completely bare and exposed to Bucky.

A moan fell from your lips when you felt Bucky kiss the inside of your thigh. His stubble rubbed against your skin and goosebumps covered you. Bucky smirked, looking up at you. His arms wrapped over your waist and he began to lick up your slit.

You gasped as your eyes closed and your hips jerked from being so sensitive. Bucky’s tongue flicked against your clit before he sucked on it. Your hands flew to his hair and you tugged on it, causing Bucky to moan against you.

Bucky’s short hair was quickly becoming your favorite thing. You could feel him groaning as you raked your hands through his hair over and over again, pulling at it.

You opened your eyes to watch Bucky and he was already staring up at you. He shook his head back and forth before shoving his tongue into your soaked pussy. You moaned, your voice coming out higher.

Bucky slid in two fingers and pumped them in and out of you fast, hitting your g-spot continuously. You arched your back and Bucky held your hips down as you started to cum, your moans catching in your throat.

Your pussy throbbed and Bucky kept going, wanting you to come again. Your thighs shook around his head and his short hair tickled your skin. Bucky moaned again, licking long and hard stripes on your pussy.

Another orgasm was fast approaching and you relished in the sounds coming from between your legs. It was sloppy and wet, loud and naughty. Your nails scraped against Bucky’s head and you tugged on his hair as hard as you could as you came for the second time.

Your chest was rising and falling quickly as Bucky pulled away from your pussy with a loud smack. “God, you’re gonna rip my hair out one day.” Bucky said with a deep chuckle. You lazily looked up at Bucky as he hovered over you again.

Bucky’s hair was wild and you blushed at how you messed it up so badly. He was just so hot with short hair. “I love your long hair, but damn, your short hair is amazing.” You breathed out with a smile.

You felt Bucky rub his clothed hard cock against your sensitive pussy. Bucky wiped at his lips and chin, licking off his fingers. “Well, you taste amazing. Think your pretty pussy can come for me one more time?” Bucky asked, leaning down to kiss you.

You pulled him closer and helped him take off his pants and boxers. Bucky immediately slid inside of your pussy. You gasped, feeling full and overstimulated. Bucky groaned and started thrusting in and out of you slowly.

Your hands rested in Bucky’s hair and you tried to tug gently on it, not wanting to hurt him. Bucky looked into your eyes and bit his lip, watching your face contort with pleasure from his thick cock. “Pull on it.” Bucky rasped.

You looked up at him hesitantly. “I pulled hard last time, I don’t wan-” Bucky growled and thrust into you faster, using his flesh hand to rub fast circles on your clit. The action caused your fingers to tighten in his hair and yank his head back a tad. “Fuck!” Bucky yelled, a wicked smile on his face.

You moaned at the sight and watched his eyes roll into the back of his head as you tugged on his hair again. You felt yourself getting closer and you squealed, the force of his thrusts sending you in a state of euphoria.

Bucky fucked you harder and you felt the bed slam into the wall. Bucky stared down at you and brought his hand up to grip your throat. A moan got caught in your throat. “Fuck. Cum, Y/N. I wanna feel you clench around me. Yes, you’re such a good girl.” Bucky groaned, his hips slapping into yours.

Your back arched and your legs tightened around Bucky’s waist as you started to cum. “Your pussy is so good!” Bucky shouted, an animalistic growl falling from his mouth. You felt hot spurts of his cum filling you up and you gasped for air, coming down from your orgasm.

You moaned lightly, gently massaging your hands through Bucky’s hair. Bucky collapsed on top of you, breathing heavily. He rolled off of you and chuckled deeply. “God. If that’s how you act when I get a hair cut, I wonder what’ll happen if I shave my beard.” Bucky said, looking over at you.

“You better not!” You giggled and blushed, leaning up. You groaned as you felt sore and your pussy was throbbing. Bucky sat up and helped you to the bathroom to clean you up. 

You smiled and looked up at Bucky. He was brushing his hair now.. “You look really handsome, Bucky.” You whispered, taking in how his hair looked. Bucky smiled down at you and kissed you. “Let’s get dressed and take a bunch of selfies.” You snorted and followed after Bucky.

Bucky’s short hair was definitely your favorite thing.

Note: this is short (omg a pun!) but I hope you like it!! Bucky with short hair is easily the cutest thing. thanks for the request! feedback is always welcome! .c

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So, I come from a long line of
broken backs from digging ditches,
and a handful of teachers.
Mom taught math,
Sis’ teaches English,
and Dad
told us stories.
Now, all of this spins around in my mind
and I see it spinning faster and faster
in reflection in the eyes of the student who’s face
is only inches from mine
as he says,
“What are you gonna do about it if I don’t”
all puffer fish pointy chested
as the rest of the high school class waits.
as the ink
beneath my long sleeves,
button up, and slacks
begin to burn.
as my first mosh-pit branded brain
begins to boil.
Waits as I keep back the gasoline bile
and get all choked up on
the hand-grenade pins and needles
that have been planted in my throat
and grown a drum set in my jawbone
I play
in time
with the swaying picket signs.
But today,
today I muted it.
I’m proud of this kid.
I want to tell him this.I want to tell him I’m glad.
I’m glad that after thirteen years of learning,
the one thing he has not picked up on
is to blindly follow authority.
I want to tell him this.
I want to tell him I’m sorry.

I’m sorry you’re stuck in a broken system
where men in designer suits
who have never even seen a classroom
keep cutting art out of the heart of education
because you can’t properly or profitably
express yourself well enough
through a color by letters
number two pencil
piss poor pointillist painting
like A, B, C, or D all of the above
is being held above all else.
I wanna tell him all of this.
I wanna tell him I’m sorry,
but it just comes out as
“Sit down, kid.”
Sit down.
Save your strength.
Hold on to that crumpled paper, homemade bomb heart
that keeps blasting shards of chicken scratch shrapnel
through your blood stream.
Hold on to it
like sand bags for a real rainy day.

I know it hurts right now for you
because it still does for me too,
but there’s a difference between
picking a fight and picking your fights.
This one’s not worth it.
I’m temporary, man.
I’m gone from your life
by the end of this period.
Then I’m off to who knows where
to substitute
all of their authority
and none of the time.
All of their authority
and none of the mutual respect.
All of their authority
and none of the real chances
to make you listen,
so listen now,
“Sit down.”
A cop’s not gonna be so polite, kid.
You’ll get nothing less than a slap on the jaw
with a night stick.
“Sit down.”
There’s something to be said for political captives,
but there’s not a whole lotta valor in a detention slip.
“Sit down.”
Sit down
and stand up
for something worth it.
Stand up
and stand strong for something worth it.
But for now,
“Sit down.”
I’m sorry.
I’m tired.
I spent all of yesterday
in a gang graffiti soaked, in-school suspension classroom
breaking up fights,
and squared off with a seventh grade girl
with more balls than either of us would know what to do with
and a blade in her backpack for the walk home.
“Sit down.”
This tough guy act aint gonna work on me.
For christsake you’re wearing 3D glasses with the lenses popped out right now.
How am I supposed to take you seriously?
But seriously,
you might not get it now
and you probably think
I’m just another asshole with a name tag
telling you what to do,
but I swear
from the bottom of the bricks and spray paint
in my belly
that when I’m saying “Sit down”
I’m praying you learn what it means to
stand up.

Translation: The Flat Chat (Kollektivet) - 04.12

Eskild: I’m shopping for groceries, anyone need anything?

Noora: There’s no more toilet paper.

Eskild: Isak, do you need anything?

Isak: Maybe a Fanta.

Linn: I’ve had heartache before, Isak. It was fucking awful. Locked myself in my room and slept all day.

Noora: So you still have heartache? 

Linn: No? At first you just feel down, sad and hurt. But then comes the hate.

Isak: I will never hate Even.

Linn: Just you wait. It will come. Hate is a good thing. It means that you’ll start getting over him. And when you’re done hating you become completely indifferent and then you’ll be able to fall in love with someone new. Then you’ll look back and see the two of you as an experience and that’s it.

Eskild: Linn has never been so active in the chat before.

Noora: Ik. I think Isak hit a soft spot with the Fanta.

Ik = I know.

Fanta = the soft drink

And Linn, you seriously need to chill the fuck down. Now is NOT the time.

So…. Lauren unfollowed Camila on Instagram 👀😑 why didn’t you do that a month ago? Am I suppose to suddenly believe you don’t want to look at her beautiful face anymore? Nope ain’t buying this shit it screams PR just like Britney tweeting about her sister where was she a week ago when all that was happening? Also all this feels like a fanfic I ain’t even going to lie we have Camila been a love sick cute fluffy baby waiting on her Princess charming to come kiss her in the rain, we have Lucy asking if all her efforts didn’t mean anything and then we have Lauren in LA the same day Camila saying ‘love you’ ‘miss you’. Now I ain’t delusional but for fuck sakes really! What do you think shippers will assume? And you wonder why people won’t give up on Camren so your next best option is to put Camila vs Lauren. I’m just going to sit back grab my popcorn and watch 👌 because all your doing is making Lauren look petty af