waiting for the cricket


“Come on buddy, just a bit further!”

When we first rescued Larry, the tortoise, he could never understand where Cricket went to in the mornings (for his walk) and would always want to go with him. He would always follow him down to the car to go for a walk with him…. Cricket would patiently wait for him to catch up. - fozzcook

Lance Coming Out to the Team

*After Lance flirts with some guy and the team is like ‘da fuqu???’*

“Guys y’all thought I was straight? I literally flirt with so many aliens.”

“Ya, a bunch of girls.”

“I don’t actually know if they’re girls, I don’t have the time to research the defining traits of the gender constructs of their individual societies before I ask for their number.”

*cricket noises*

“Wait seriously you guys didn’t realize that?”

“I thought you were just basing it off hair length??”

“Maybe I just like long hair ever thought about that Keith?”

Keith reach up to touch his own long hair. Cue Lance blushing and stuttering.

“That’s not w-what I meant.”


get to know me meme: (7/7) animated movies ☰ the aristocats (1970)

                                                 I still say it was a little ol’ cricket bug.                                                                                   Wait a minute. I’m the leader. I decide what it was.                                                                                      It was a little ol’ cricket bug.


~College!au Pen Pal Jungkook~ PART TEN

[part 1] [part 2] [part 3] [part 4] [part 5] [part 6] [part 7] [part 8] [part 9] [part 11] [part 12] [part 13] [part 14:END]

Your mind was a jumbled mess. Y/F/N? What did she have to do with anything? He said she was his pen pal? How?

More importantly, why? 

You thought he found you out and that made your stomach drop. But this feeling? This feeling was much worse. Now, you lost your friend and it wasn’t even for the right reason. Someone had stole your identity. And it was your very own best friend?

You paced around your room, letting out ragged breaths, waiting for her to stop by your dorm as she did every week. 

Your eyes flicked through the conversation again and again and it only made you feel worse about yourself. Even if Jungkook found out it had been you, either way, he would’ve been just as angry and betrayed. God, you were so stupid. 

At the sound of your room door opening, your head shot up. Y/F/N sauntered in with a big, fat, grin on her face. 

“Hey, Y/N,” she greeted, chirpily.

’Hey, Y/N’? That’s how you want greet me?” You kept your voice low and whispered. 

“What’s the matter? Looks like you’ve been crying,” She cocked her head to the side.

“‘What’s the matter?’” You chuckled, dryly. 

“Okay, if I’m just here to have you repeat everything I say without giving me a reason, I’m just gonna go–”

“How could you tell Jungkook that you were his pen pal?”

She blinked at you, taken aback. “That’s what’s got you so upset? Oh come on, Y/N.” 

You nodded your head, a dumbstruck expression on her face. Did she have no idea how fucked she made your life?

“Jungkook thinks I lied to him!”

“Well, technically…you did,” She pointed out, rolling her eyes. 

Leaning your head forward and furrowing your brows with a frown on your face, you scoffed. “Yeah, but now it’s even bigger lie because you told him you were his pen pal!”

“Ugh, so what? Do you know how annoyed I got whenever you two hung out so much? First, you ditch me for him, and then he actually enjoys hanging out with you, oblivious to the lies you’ve told him! And whenever we all hung out, rarely because you two wanted to hang out alone and do God knows what, all of his attention was on you! Not good for a girl’s self esteem. Especially a girl who was interested.”

You opened your mouth to answer before she cut you off.

“So, I took matters into my own hands,” She shrugged. “It was the perfect opening and I wouldn’t be at any fault. I’d be that mysterious girl you showed me those screenshots of on your messages and I picked up on her…your tactics. Then blah blah blah, I ‘accidentally’ bumped into him, gave away who I was, and we hung out!” By the end of her statement, she looked pleased with herself. Like she had won the trophy.

“But you do realize where that leaves me, right?” You muttered, looking down. 

“Stop being so dramatic! You guys will befriend again and we’ll all hang out! You won’t have to worry about having two personas because he got my number! So it worked out for you.”

“But it didn’t! He’s still going to be mad at me and won’t trust me!”

“And who’s fault is that for lying in the first place? You already had your chance,” She challenged. That left you silent. It was your fault. Since the very beginning. No matter what happened between you and Jungkook, you weren’t–your friendship wasn’t–going to last.

“Why now, though? Couldn’t you have told me first?”

“And have you instantly shut it down because of your precious friendship? Face it, Y/N, it was always going to be you and Jungkook over me, right?”

“That’s where your wrong. Don’t you think I would do the exact opposite? Why the hell would I want Jungkook all to myself when I have that guilt burning inside me whenever I look at his face?”

Y/F/N closed your her mouth before opening it again. “I think you know the answer to that question,” She muttered, darkly. 

“It was rhetorical! The answer is I wouldn’t want him all to myself!”

“Y/N, fuck, first I thought you’d be relieved. Look! Now, he’s off your back…and what do I get? Yelled at? You’re being such a hypocrite right now and you know it. You claim you don’t want him around because of your ‘guilt’, but now that you won’t have to worry about it, you’re still angry! You shouldn’t be angry. You had this coming, admit it.” The both of you were fuming right now. Y/F/N had a point but there was no way you’d let her get the satisfaction. 

“So you just chose him over me, huh?”

“You would’ve done the same. Face it, Y/N. This cute relationship you two have going on, it was going to end eventually. I’m just doing you a favor, saving you from him finding the real truth. At least one, maybe two eventually if I’m lucky, of us might have a happy ending,” And with that, Y/F/N walked out of your room. The door slammed and you threw the pillow you had been squeezing, at it. 

Tears brimmed your eyes, but deep down, you knew, it was inevitable. You were going to lose Jungkook.

Well, damn. That was…ouch. Just wait till Jungkook answers tho…. Who here likes Y/F/N? Anyone? *crickets*

Part 11?👀

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The metric is just existing must be Harry's teams slogan for this entire solo marketing campaign. They are all just existing while everyone else is promoting and talking about his album.

Everyone in the world: Harry Styles’ debut album will be put out as part of his $80 million record deal with Columbia that apparently doesn’t cover the cost of putting him on the website or in their financial reports. This is an album that is almost done, that will be out around the Grammys, that will drop as a full album rather than as singles, that will be out after Liam’s, oh just kidding, there IS actually going to be a single, so the single will be dropping in late April or early May, just kidding again, it’ll be out on April 7th. It was recorded in a Jamaican recording studio and hopefully it isn’t white-man reggae. It will sound like a mix between Frank Ocean and Sting, no wait, 70s folk rock, no wait, David Bowie and Queen. It’s quality and it shows him off as a singer, it will blow the socks off the world, it will be the #1 album of the year, it’s incredible, and it’s FUCKING INSANE. I’ve heard it, my mom’s heard it, my neighbor’s sister’s dog’s mother’s owner’s father’s grandmother’s heard it, and I can’t wait for YOU to hear it.

Jeff Azoff: *crickets*

Irving Azoff: *crickets*

Dawbell: *crickets*

Harry Styles: What album?

reality: 12 am in vienna. so quiet I forget I’m not in the capital of music. but wait: the cricket by the window, the soft hum of a rotating fan, the sound of running water through a bathroom door. I’m wearing a fancy dress studded with stars and I’m dancing in my mind to an imaginary waltz. rose-colored wine drying up in a bell glass. the magical, beautiful, summer kind of wonderful aria is still resonating in my ears, but I’m too tired to conduct the way the world sings tonight. I sink back in the couch, a faithful audience ‘til the end.

Solace (M)

(Gif not mine)


Rated (M) for slightly suggestive content and mature themes

Genre: angst, fluff

“Just stay home tonight.”

You finished tying your hair up before looking up to the mirror in front of you. A smile spread across your face when you saw your boyfriend, Mark standing behind you in the reflection. He was shirtless, wearing only loose basketball shorts and a snapback that held his hair out of his face.

“I can’t,” you sighed as you took a makeup brush off the bathroom counter and swiped it across your blush palette. “I have a late shift at work.”

“Call in sick,” Mark slyly suggested while wrapping his arms around you from behind, making sure to squeeze you tight. “Say you have the flu or something.” He added before placing kisses along your shoulders.

You giggled while you applied blush onto the apples of your cheeks, casually enjoying the tingling feeling of his soft lips on your skin. “As convincing as that sounds, I don’t have any more off days.” You replied while you felt him sink his teeth down on your skin, nibbling on the edge of your neck. You bit your lip from the pleasure and Mark continued with his satisfying actions before speaking up.

“Mmm, why don’t you have any days left?” He innocently asked, allowing you to feel his cool breath against your warm skin.

You finished applying your makeup and set it down on the counter before turning around to see his handsome face. His sharp features and dark colored eyes glistened under the light of the vanity mirror. Mark shot you a teasing smile when you faced him, allowing you to get a glimpse of his tongue piercing and shiny teeth.

You’re the reason I don’t have any more off days,” you stated, throwing your arms around his neck. “I’ve called in so many times so I can stay with you.”

He chuckled, “Baby you make it sound like a bad thing…didn’t I make those times worth it?”

You felt your face heat up at the thought of the steamy nights you two had on your ‘sick days’. You had to admit, calling in sick all the time just to stay the night with your boyfriend wasn’t professional and quite stupid on your part.

But it was sure as hell fun.

“Eh~,” you teased in response and he faked a gasp, looking rather offended before tilting his head down and kissing you hard. Closing your eyes, you were rather quick to respond as soon as you felt the softness of his smooth lips against yours. You felt your body become trapped against his as he grasped the wall behind you – keeping you beneath him while his tongue dragged across your bottom lip, begging for entrance until you parted your lips for him.

As soon as you did you felt the coolness of his silver piercing against your mouth. You ran your own tongue over it, feeling the metal on your muscle as he continued to kiss you with such passion and ease.

You jumped in surprise as your boyfriend suddenly gripped your ass under your skirt, causing him to chuckle within the kiss as you playfully smacked his shoulder. “How about we make this a quickie.” He offered between kisses before seductively dragging his finger down your lip. “You won’t miss your shift, I promise.”

You looked at him as you parted your lips further, ready to take his offer before glancing at the time on your phone.

And with all good things, they had to come to an end as you remembered you had to leave for work in only a couple of minutes.

Mark groaned when you suddenly pulled away – giving you a displeased look and wishing you would give in so you two could then finish what you started on his bed this time.

“As tempting as that sounds…I have to leave already,” you breathed against his lips and he let out an annoyed sigh as you walked out of the bathroom.

“Fine.” Mark pouted, “But I’m driving you.” He announced as he grabbed a white t-shirt from one of the drawers.

“It’s only two blocks away,” you commented while you stood in the front doorway, fixing the last few buttons on your uniform. “I can just walk.”

Your boyfriend shot you a dumbfounded look as he walked towards you clothed and with his keys, “Babe.” He huffed. “It’s dark outside and there’s creeps out there. I’m not going to let you walk to work this late. Besides…I was going to pick you up and surprise you anyways.” He shyly admitted.

You smiled and stepped towards him, “Aw you’re such a good boyfriend.” You cooed before giving him a small peck on the lips.

“The best boyfriend,” Mark corrected with a grin and kissed you again.

You laughed when you saw he had some pink lipstick stuck on his lips from your earlier endeavors. “Also a pretty boyfriend,” you commented while pointing to his lips. Realizing what you meant, he narrowed his eyebrows and quickly wiped the color from his mouth until it was completely gone.

“What a shame, I thought pastel pink really suited you.” You smirked and he couldn’t help but laugh as you two walked out the door.

You bid your boyfriend goodbye as he pulled up to the front of the restaurant you worked at. It was Friday night and the place was booming with people, meaning you could hear the chatter and music from outside.

“Your shift ends at midnight right?” Mark cautiously asked from the driver’s seat while glaring at all the people standing outside.

“Yeah,” you answered and he nodded his head.

“Alright, I’ll be in the front to pick you up then.” Mark promised with a confident tone. “I’ll see you then baby girl.” He added and you leaned in to give him one last kiss before opening the door and getting out of his car.

“Y/N table five is still waiting on their order!” Kevin, your manager called out from the kitchen. You finished refilling another customer’s drink before rushing to the back and grabbing the forgotten order of food.

“Sorry about that,” you politely said as you placed baskets of hot wings and curly fries in front of the customers at table five.

“It’s okay, it’s really busy tonight.” A woman from the table replied with a smile before you grabbed a pitcher of water and refilled her glass. As soon as you were done catering to that table, you swiftly moved around to the other tables in your designated area and made sure they were all taken care of.

You found yourself bringing beer after beer as tonight was game night, which meant people were drunk and screaming like maniacs for their favorite teams. “Move out of the way lady!” You heard a man shout at you from a table nearby, angry that you were standing in front of one of the flat screens as you refilled a beer.

“Sorry,” you mumbled before quickly grabbing the drink and scurrying out of the way.

“Hey baby, we need another round.” Another man, clearly looking drunk called out to you when you passed by him and his buddies. They were all holding their empty beer glasses up, motioning for you to refill them.

You hesitated before going towards them and grabbing their glasses. Their table wasn’t in your designated area but in that moment you decided doing a quick refill wouldn’t hurt anyone as their waiter was nowhere to be seen.

“Well aren’t you a pretty little thing,” the same man added with a stupid grin plastered on his red face. You noticed the name tag on his shirt read, Louis. He had greasy hair and looked to be about eight or ten years older than you.

His friends held the same appearance and were all wearing expensive dress shirts and loosened ties, most likely from work as they seemed to be the type to stop and drink straight afterwards.

You ignored Louis’ comment as you grabbed the last glass before he spoke up again. “I would do anything to have a pretty girl like you for a night.” He added and all of his friends stared at you with eerie smirks.

“Um, no thanks.” You sassed with a disgusted look before turning to walk away.

But just as you did, you felt a sudden yank to your body as Louis grabbed your arm. “Hey! Let go of me!” You loudly demanded and within seconds your manager came rushing over and pulled the man away from you.

“Get out of my restaurant!” Kevin shouted to the drunken idiots while he pointed towards the front door. “Awe, c’mon. We were just having some fun,” Louis argued as he stood up with his hands up in the air.

Not wanting to hear anymore, Kevin raised his voice. “I’ll call the cops if you don’t leave!” He threatened one last time before the drunk gang of men proceeded to unsteadily walk out of the restaurant.

“Idiots these days,” Kevin further scolded while looking at them and shaking his head in disgust. Looking around, you could see other customers gawking at the scene before continuing to drink while the last commercial finished and the game came back on.

With the rude men now gone, you returned to your fulfilling your shift with much more ease and by near closing time, the crowd had died down as the game was finally over – with only one customer now left at the bar.

You continued cleaning your designated area, taking the last few empty plates to the dishwasher before Kevin stopped you. “Y/N you can leave early once you’re done.” He informed from beside the bar. “I’ll take care of this last customer.”

“Really? Thanks.” You grinned while taking off your nametag and untying your apron from around your waist. You grabbed your belongings from the back lockers and saw it was now only 15 minutes until midnight, which meant Mark would be back to pick you up soon.

With a quick bid goodbye to your manager, you wasted no time in rushing out of the restaurant and closing the door behind you. The cool wind nipped at your skin as soon as you stood outside in front of the building.

You were faced with an empty parking lot and the view of an unusually not-so starry sky. Looking ahead, you could see the street lights on the other side of the road were unfavorably dim while others were blinking uncontrollably.

Sounds of the wind whistling were heard as you leaned against the brick wall, tapping one foot against the concrete floor while you waited for your boyfriend to arrive. You could hear the faint sound of crickets in the plants nearby, strumming their night melodies while you looked back up to the sky. It was a waning crescent moon tonight – just as the news had predicted. You found yourself in awe, gazing up at the light that was surrounded by darkness.

That was until you heard footsteps.

At first you didn’t pay much attention to the sound, assuming it to be the last customer of the night walking to his car.

However as the sound grew nearer, you soon realized you were wrong.

The footsteps began to grow louder and ragged, sounding like more than one pair of feet as it quickly turned into shuffling and scattering across the sidewalk ground.

And it was at that moment you finally looked towards the noise.

It was coming from across the street, with figures hidden beneath the shadows of trees and darkness of the night. You stared ahead, trying to see who was standing over there as you squinted your eyes for a better focus.

The only light available to you was the moon from above and the few dying lamp posts that gave you a chance to see only when they flashed on for a mere five seconds.

And it was at that moment you caught sight of who was standing on the other end. You felt your heart drop as there, standing under one of the dim lamp post, was Louis and his group of drunken men from earlier.

And they were staring straight at you.

However, only this time they weren’t being the loud, obnoxious jerks from earlier, no. Instead they were all silent, merely uttering a thing or two to each other while still looking over at you from the other side of the road.

And each time the lamp posts would flicker off, you could feel a cold shiver running down your spine – making its way through your body and causing goosebumps to form on your skin. You wanted to run back inside – to run towards safety while your manager was still there but as soon as you tried, you couldn’t. It was as if your feet were glued to the floor, not allowing you to move from your current spot as you could suddenly feel all your muscles tense up in fear.

So at that moment all you could do was stare back at them. Biting down on your bottom lip hard, you attempted to keep a straight face despite your trembling features. For a second the men seemed to stop coming near you as they all stayed huddled near the flickering lights.

While keeping your eyes on them, you shoved your hand inside your bag, nervously fishing for your phone until you saw one of them pick up a rock and throw it at the light bulb from above, knocking it out and continuing to hit them all one by one.

And that’s when everything went pitch black.  

With a shriek, your trembling hands were scrounging through the bag, feeling for the phone while your eyes struggled to adjust to the darkness.

But just as that ounce of hope sparked in you when you retrieved the phone, you could hear the footsteps again.

And they were only getting closer.

With the poor lighting of your phone, you found your way to the door, banging on it with all the adrenaline now piercing through your veins when you realized Kevin had locked it up for the night. “Kevin!” You shouted, hoping he would hear you. “Kevin! Open the door please!”

The footsteps were growing closer as you kept frantically smashing your fist against the door. You dared to turn back – feeling numb in the face as you saw they were now running towards you. With no time to spare, you regretfully left the restaurant door, running around towards the back entrance as you could hear numerous cat calls throughout the silence of the night. The things they were yelling at you were disgusting, coming from men who thought of you like some play toy rather than a human being.

Running around the back corner you found the other door, wasting no time in trying to open it until you realized it too was locked. “Kevin!” You called out. “Is anybody in there? It’s Y/N. Open the door please!” You begged as you were on the verge of tears while simultaneously dialing emergency on your phone.

“Hello, 9-1-1 what’s your emergency?” The operator calmly asked from the other end.

But just as you proceeded to speak, the line suddenly shut off. “Hello? Hello?” You repeated frantically before taking a glance at your phone screen.

And when you did, you caught a glimpse of the 1% at the top right corner just before it shut off.  “No…” you whimpered as you frantically pressed the power button – trying to somehow regain battery power as you continuously finagled with the damn thing.

“Well look who it is, boys,” a haunting voice boomed behind you.

You felt yourself snap around to face the predator as you heard more footsteps coming near. Under the dim moonlight you could see a few figures standing in front of you, standing tall and wide as they neared your presence. “What’s a pretty thing like you doing here all alone at night?” Louis asked in a taunting tone, coming closer as the others circled around you like a pack of lions.

You smacked his hand away as he held a finger up to your cheek before trying to push past the group. “Not so fast,” he called as two of his friends pushed you back in the circle. “Don’t touch me!” You hissed at them, attempting to leave again before you felt a harsh yank onto your hair. “Hey I wasn’t don’t talking to you!” The man shouted, his voice laced with alcohol and drunken anger as he forcefully pulled you back to him.

Your back collided with his chest and he spun you around to face him – gripping both your wrists with his large hand as he refrained you from attacking him. “Little bitch! You’re the one that got us kicked out earlier!” He spat until you stomped on his foot and elbowed him in the stomach.

He let out a groan in pain before yanking his hand back and slapping you firm across the cheek, causing you to fall back as you screamed out. You felt your back hit against the hard ground, skidding your elbows and forearms against the gravel of the parking lot as you tried to cushion your fall.

Louis then got on top of you, holding your bruised wrists above your head as he played with your hair, twirling strands of it between his dirty fingers. “Let go of me!” You screamed as tears began to pool in your eyes. “Please just leave me alone.”

But despite your desperate cries, you could hear the Louis’ friends in the background laughing and pointing till their hearts content. You wondered how a group could be so cruel, so vicious to stand there and laugh at you as you screamed for dear life.

“Shut up!” Louis urged, placing his hand over your mouth as he eyed the buttons of your uniform shirt. You screamed again and again, watching as he licked his lips disgustingly.

With all your strength and adrenaline you tried to fight him off, kicking your legs and hips up in a desperate attempt to hurt him and somehow get off the ground.

But as you laid there struggling, more tears streamed down your face as you began to think this was it. There was no physical way you were going to be able to break free from this man…and even if you did, where would you go? His friends were all circling you, acting like a group of hungry hyenas just waiting for their prey to be released.

And it was at that moment that you shut your eyes, wishing not to suffer before you suddenly heard a loud bone cracking sound.

The sound was soon followed by silence as the laughter had quickly stopped – being replaced by curses and yelling soon afterwards. Your eyes shot open as soon as you felt the weight off of you and you were met with the sight of your boyfriend, Mark.

“Don’t you fucking touch her!” Mark screamed, proceeding to kick Louis on the ground as the other men shouted at him. Looking beside you, you saw Louis was profusely bleeding from the mouth, catching a glimpse of his stained teeth as the blood ran down his chin and onto his clothes.

“Fuck you prick!” Louis spat before Mark furiously kicked him again, using more force until Louis coughed out more blood.

Within seconds Louis’ gang of friends started charging towards the two of you, with some grabbing scraps of sharp broken glass from a garbage nearby and rushing forward.

In a 6 vs. 1 fight, Mark knew he couldn’t defend the two of you and instead helped you up, exclaiming an urgent “Let’s go!” while he grabbed your hand and quickly led you away with him.

The two of you ran as fast as you possibly could, with the men all hot on your trails as they chased you. As soon as Mark let go, you ran to the passenger side of the car – racing to open the door as Mark struggled to retrieve his keys from his pocket.

But just as he did, you screamed as one of the men caught up to him, launching forward and hitting your boyfriend on the back of the head with a metal bar. You watched in horror as your boyfriend fell to the ground, laying there lifeless as blood gushed from the back of his head before the man raised up the bar to hit him again.

“NO!” Your voice shrilled as you screamed at the top of your lungs. “NO! STOP PLEASE!” You continued hysterically before you suddenly felt shaken by the hands of someone holding onto your shoulders.

“Y/N wake up! Wake up, baby!”

Your eyes shot open to the familiar sound of Mark calling out your name, urging you to wake up multiple times before he realized you were finally awake. You stared at him with eyes red and full of tears as you struggled to catch your breath. Upon seeing you, his eyes widened as well, looking worried as he cupped the sides of your panicked face.

You took a good look at the man in front of you, frantically examining him and the room you two were in. You quickly recognized the familiar place being your boyfriend’s bedroom before looking back to Mark. He was dressed in baggy clothes and his hair was a mess as he had just woken up by the sound of your frantic screaming.

“Y-you’re not hurt?” You muttered, looking worried as you gripped onto him.

Mark shook his head in response, “No, I’m fine.” He calmly stated and you glanced down to search for any marks or bruises on his arms. “But there were these awful men – they hit you a-and-” you explained before bursting into tears once more.

Keeping your face close to his, he wiped your tears with his thumbs, looking you in the eyes as he said, “Please don’t cry baby. I’m okay, I promise.”

You held him tight, burying your face in his shirt as you tried to calm down. “Shhh its okay,” he consoled as he wrapped his arms around you. “It was just a dream…a bad dream.”

And there the two of you were, holding onto each other for dear life as your tears slowly began to subside. There was something about the sound of his voice that comforted you. It was hard to describe but after a while you found yourself closing your eyes once more as he ran his hand over your head gently, letting you fall back to sleep in his arms as the two of you laid down.

And before you knew it you were asleep, surrounded by the solace of your beloved boyfriend, Mark.

“It was just a dream,” he repeated. “Just a bad, bad dream.”

Unknown Parts (Gaston)- Part One

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Pairing: Gaston x OC

Warnings: None

A/N: I know I say this every single time I write someone new, but he was hard to pin down! I definitely went off the live action version, as I felt he had this vulnerable, sweet side to him that appeared once in a while. IDK. Part two isn’t written yet, but I’ll get there. In the meantime, enjoy


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Part Two

There was a place near the western end of the village where you could see the sunset perfectly. A place where the houses and shops petered off and there was nothing but a deep, green valley with purple, snow capped mountains in the distance. From there, I could watch as the sky turned a miraculous shade of dusty pink and the sun sank lower and lower beneath the horizon. Stars would then slowly emerge to replace its light. I never got tired of watching. Some people would scoff and say, ‘once you’ve seen one sunset, you’ve seen them all’. But that wasn’t true at all. Each one was different. Maybe only subtly so, but still. The colors were never quite the same. Which maybe explained why I was having such a hard time capturing it in paint or chalk.

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Hurricane Maria barrels into the Caribbean

Rescuers fanned out to reach stunned victims Thursday after Hurricane Maria ravaged Puerto Rico, knocking out electricity to the entire island and triggering landslides and floods.

The extent of the damage is unknown given that dozens of municipalities remained isolated and without communication after Maria hit the island Wednesday morning as a Category 4 storm with 155 mph winds, the strongest hurricane to hit Puerto Rico in over 80 years.

Uprooted trees and widespread flooding blocked many highways and streets across the island, creating a maze that forced drivers to go against traffic and past police cars that used loudspeakers to warn people they must respect a 6 p.m. to 6 a.m. curfew imposed by the governor to ensure everyone’s safety.

“This is going to be a historic event for Puerto Rico,” said Abner Gomez, the island’s emergency management director.

President Donald Trump approved a federal disaster declaration for Puerto Rico.

Previously a Category 5 with 175 mph (281 kph) winds, Maria hit Puerto Rico as the third-strongest storm to make landfall in the U.S., based on its central pressure. It was even stronger than Hurricane Irma that storm roared into the Florida Keys earlier this month.

Maria has caused at least 10 deaths across the Caribbean, including seven in the hard-hit island of Dominica and two in the French Caribbean territory of Guadeloupe. Puerto Rico’s governor told CNN one man died after being hit by flying debris. No further details were available, and officials could not be immediately reached for comment.

Maria weakened to a Category 2 storm later in the day but re-strengthened to Category 3 status early Thursday with winds of 115 mph (185 kph). It was centered about 70 miles (110 kilometers) north of Punta Cana, Dominican Republic, and moving northwest near 9 mph (15 kph). (AP)

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San Juan, Puerto Rico

A mattress, that fell from the third floor lays at ground level surrounded with debris from neighboring apartments at Ciudadela complex in Santurce, San Juan, Puerto Rico, Sept. 20, 2017. (Photo: Dennis M. Rivera Pichardo for The Washington Post via Getty Images)

Source: Yahoo News Photo Staff

Guayama, Puerto Rico

Agapito Lopez looks at the damage in his house after the area was hit by Hurricane Maria in Guayama, Puerto Rico, Sept. 20, 2017. (Photo: Carlos Garcia Rawlins/Reuters)

Source: Yahoo News Photo Staff

San Juan is seen during a blackout after Hurricane Maria made landfall on Sept. 20, 2017 in Puerto Rico. (Photo: Alex Wroblewski/Getty Images)

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Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

Locals rest inside a shelter before the arrival of the Hurricane Maria in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic, Sept. 20, 2017. (Photo: Ricardo Rojas/Reuters)

Source: Yahoo News Photo Staff

Roseau, Dominica

View of damage caused the day before by Hurricane Maria in Roseau, Dominica, on Sept. 20, 2017. (STR/AFP/Getty Images)

Source: Yahoo News Photo Staff

Humacao, Puerto Rico

Rescue team members Candida Lozada, left, and Stephanie Rivera, second from left, Mary Rodriguez, second from right, and Zuly Ruiz, right, embrace as they wait to assist in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria in Humacao, Puerto Rico, Wednesday, Sept. 20, 2017. (Photo: Carlos Giusti/AP)

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Luquillo, Puerto Rico

Concrete power line poles lies on a highway after the area was hit by Hurricane Maria in Luquillo, Puerto Rico on Sept. 20, 2017. (Photo: Ricardo Arduengo/AFP/Getty Images)

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Bavaro, Dominican Republic

A woman covers herself with a plastic bag as she makes her way to work as Hurricane Maria approaches the coast of Bavaro, Dominican Republic, Wednesday, Sept. 20, 2017. (Photo: Tatiana Fernandez/AP)

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Damages are seen in a supermarket after the area was hit by Hurricane Maria in Guayama, Puerto Rico, Sept. 20, 2017. (Photo: Carlos Garcia Rawlins/Reuters)

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A woman reacts while she looks at the damages in the house of her mother after the area was hit by Hurricane Maria in Guayama, Puerto Rico, Sept. 20, 2017. (Photo: Carlos Garcia Rawlins/Reuters)

Source: Yahoo News Photo Staff

Fajardo, Puerto Rico

Flooded roads are seen as Hurricane Maria hits Puerto Rico in Fajardo, on Sept. 20, 2017. (Photo: Ricardo Arduengo/AFP/Getty Images)

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Men walk damaged trees after the passage of Hurricane Maria, in San Juan, Puerto Rico, on Sept. 20, 2017. (Photo: Hector RetamalAFP/Getty Images)

Source: Yahoo News Photo Staff

People walk next to a gas station flooded and damaged by the impact of Hurricane Maria, which hit the eastern region of the island, in Humacao, Puerto Rico, Wednesday, September 20, 2017. (Photo: Carlos Giusti/AP)

Source: Yahoo News Photo Staff

North Sound, Antigua and Barbuda

Barbuda resident Diamn Beazer (third in line) waits for food at a shelter in the Sir Vivian Richards Cricket Stadium on Sept. 20, 2017 in North Sound, Antigua and Barbuda. Refugees from the island of Barbuda are been housed after the government ordered a mandatory evacuation in response to Hurricane Irma’s devastation of the Caribbean Island. (Photo: Jose Jimenez/Getty Images)

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A man tries to salvage a table belonging to his restaurant before the arrival of Hurricane Maria in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic, Sept. 20, 2017. (Photo: Ricardo Rojas/Reuters)

Source: Yahoo News Photo Staff

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Workers of the Social State Plan prepare food rations in preparation for Hurricane Maria in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, Sept. 19, 2017. (Photo: Ricardo Rojas/Reuters)

Source: Yahoo News Photo Staff

Damage and flooded streets are seen after the area was hit by Hurricane Maria in Guayama, Puerto Rico on Sept. 20, 2017. (Photo: Carlos Garcia Rawlins/Reuters)

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Rain and wind hit a parking lot at Roberto Clemente Coliseum in San Juan, Puerto Rico, on September 20, 2017, during the passage of the Hurricane Maria. (Photo: Hector Retamal/AFP/Getty Images)

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Hurricane Maria hits Puerto Rico in Fajardo on September 20, 2017. Maria made landfall on Puerto Rico on Wednesday, pummeling the US territory after already killing at least two people on its passage through the Caribbean. The US National Hurricane Center warned of “large and destructive waves” as Maria came ashore near Yabucoa on the southeast coast. (Photo: Ricardo Arduengo/AFP/Getty Images)

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A man passes through a door at Roberto Clemente Coliseum in San Juan, Puerto Rico, which suffered damages from wind on September 20, 2017, during the passage of the Hurricane Maria. (Photo: Hector Retamal/AFP/Getty Images)

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A parking lot is flooded near Roberto Clemente Coliseum in San Juan, Puerto Rico, on Sept. 20, 2017, during Hurricane Maria. (Photo: Hector Retamal/AFP/Getty Images)

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Damage in the Miramar neighborhood is seen from inside the Ciqala hotel as Hurricane Maria bears down September 20, 2017 in San Juan, Puerto Rico. (Photo: Alex Wroblewski/Getty Images)

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Trees are toppled in a parking lot at Roberto Clemente Coliseum in San Juan, Puerto Rico, on Sept. 20, 2017, during the passage of the Hurricane Maria. (Photo: Hector Retamal/AFP/Getty Images)

Source: Yahoo News Photo Staff

Hurricane Maria and Hurricane Jose in the Atlantic Ocean

Hurricane Maria which bore down menacingly on the Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico on Tuesday after devastating the tiny island nation of Dominica and Hurricane Jose (top) are both seen in the Atlantic Ocean in this NOAA’s GOES East satellite image taken at 21:45 p.m. EDT on September 19, 2017 (0145 UTC, September 20, 2017). (Photo: NASA/NOAA GOES via Reuters)

Source: Yahoo News Photo Staff

A photographer and police officers look as trees are toppled in a parking lot at Roberto Clemente Coliseum in San Juan, Puerto Rico, on Sept. 20, 2017, during the passage of the Hurricane Maria. (Photo: Hector Retamal/AFP/Getty Images)

Source: Yahoo News Photo Staff

A woman sits in a couch at Roberto Clemente Coliseum, the biggest shelter in the island. Hurricane Irma is been expected over this night and tomorrows early morning. San Juan Sept. 19, 2017. (Photo: Dennis M. Rivera Pichardo for The Washington Post via Getty Images)

Source: Yahoo News Photo Staff

Le Carbet, Martinique

People stand next to debris at a restaurant in Le Carbet, on the French Caribbean island of Martinique, after it was hit by Hurricane Maria, on Sept. 19, 2017. (Photo: Lionel Chamoiseau/AFP/Getty Images)

Source: Yahoo News Photo Staff

Pointe-a-Pitre, Guadeloupe

A flooded road and a bus stop are pictured on Boulevard Chanzy in downtown Pointe-a-Pitre on Sept. 19, 2017 in the French territory of Guadeloupe after the passage of Hurricane Maria. (Photo: Cedrick Isham Calvados/AFP/Getty Images)

Source: Yahoo News Photo Staff

Viard – Petit Bourg, Guadeloupe

An uprooted tree covers a small wooden and iron house in the village of Viard – Petit Bourg, near Pointe-a-Pitre, on Sept. 19, 2017 in the French territory of Guadeloupe after the passage of Hurricane Maria. (Photo: Cedrick Isham Calvados/AFP/Getty Images)

Source: Yahoo News Photo Staff

Rocks lay swept by strong waves onto a road in Le Carbet, on the French Caribbean island of Martinique, after it was hit by Hurricane Maria, on Sept. 19, 2017. (Photo: Lionel Chamoiseau/AFP/Getty Images)

Source: Yahoo News Photo Staff

Saint-Pierre, Martinique

A man clears debris from a street in Saint-Pierre, on the French Caribbean island of Martinique, after it was hit by Hurricane Maria, on Sept. 19, 2017. (Photo: Lionel Chamoiseau/AFP/Getty Images)

Source: Yahoo News Photo Staff

Sainte-Anne, Guadeloupe

A boat lays on its side off the shore of Sainte-Anne on the French Caribbean island of Guadeloupe, early Tuesday, Sept. 19, 2017, after the passing of Hurricane Maria. (Photo: Dominique Chomereau-Lamotte/AP)

Source: Yahoo News Photo Staff

Saint Jean Bay, St. Barthelemy

Rain brought by approaching Hurricane Maria falls in Saint Jean Bay, St. Barthelemy, part of the French Antilles, Tuesday, Sept. 19, 2017.(Photo: Enrico Dagnino via AP)

Source: Yahoo News Photo Staff

Fort-de-France, Martinique

A motorist drives on the flooded waterfront in Fort-de-France, on the French Caribbean island of Martinique, after it was hit by Hurricane Maria, on Sept. 19, 2017. (Photo: Lionel Chamoiseau/AFP/Getty Images)

Source: Yahoo News Photo Staff

Petit-Bourg, Guadeloupe

Powerful winds and rains of hurricane Maria battering the city of Petit-Bourg on the French overseas Caribbean island of Guadeloupe on Sept. 19, 2017. (Photo: Cedrik-Isham Calvados/AFP/Getty Images)

Source: Yahoo News Photo Staff

A resident stands at her doorstep as she looks at strong waves in Saint-Pierre, on the French Caribbean island of Martinique, after it was hit by Hurricane Maria, on Sept. 19, 2017. (Photo: Lionel Chamoiseau/AFP/Getty Images)

Source: Yahoo News Photo Staff


Boats remain anchored in a wharf as Hurricane Maria approaches in Guadeloupe island, France, Sept. 18, 2017. (Photo: Andres Martinez Casares/Reuters)

Source: Yahoo News Photo Staff

A car passes next to a banner warning of a “Red Alert” for rains as Hurricane Maria approaches in Pointe-a-Pitre, Guadeloupe island, France, Sept. 18, 2017. (Photo: Andres Martinez Casares/Reuters)

Source: Yahoo News Photo Staff

A woman takes a selfie as Hurricane Maria approaches in Petit-Bourg, Guadeloupe island, France, Sept. 18, 2017. (Photo: Andres Martinez Casares/Reuters)

Source: Yahoo News Photo Staff

Road Town, British Virgin Islands

British troops from 40 Commando prepare aid for distribution, on the British Virgin Islands, Road Town, Virgin Islands , Sept. 18, 2017. Royal Marines from 40 Commando have been ensuring aid reaches people across the island before Storm Maria arrives. (Photo: Photo by LPhot Joel Rouse/Handout/EPA-EFE/REX/Shutterstock)

Source: Yahoo News Photo Staff

A man pulls in a boat ahead of Hurricane Maria in the Galbas area of Sainte-Anne on the French Caribbean island of Guadeloupe, early Monday, Sept. 18, 2017. (Photo: Dominique Chomereau-Lamotte/AP)

Source: Yahoo News Photo Staff

Men board up buildings ahead of Hurricane Maria in Sainte-Anne on the French Caribbean island of Guadeloupe, Monday, Sept. 18, 2017. (Photo: Dominique Chomereau-Lamotte/AP)

Source: Yahoo News Photo Staff

U.S. Virgin Islands

The Army’s 602nd Area Support Medical Company boards the U.S.S. Kearsarge aircraft carrier from a Navy landing craft during their evacuation from the U.S. Virgin Islands in advance of Hurricane Maria, Sept.17, 2017. (Photo: Jonathan Drake/Reuters)

Source: Yahoo News Photo Staff

Hurricane Maria nears Dominica

This Monday, Sept. 18, 2017, GOES East satellite image provided by NASA taken at 20:30 UTC, shows the eye of Hurricane Maria as it nears Dominica. The National Hurricane Center in Miami said Monday evening that Air Force Reserve hurricane hunter planes found that Maria had strengthened into a storm with 160 mph (260 kph) winds. (Photo: NASA via AP)

Source: Yahoo News Photo Staff

Tom Riddle was not abused.

Tom Riddle was NOT abused.



Seriously! I have had it! I have seen another stupid post talking about Dumbledore “leaving three children to rot in abusive homes.” And I’m fed the fuck up. Apparently he kept sending Tom, Snape and Harry back into abusive homes. Well news flash, TOM RIDDLE WASN’T FUCKING ABUSED! I’m going to repeat it as many times as I fucking need to until people GET it!

Tom Riddle was not abused. There is no mention in the books of him ever being abused or mistreated in any way by anybody in that orphanage, physically or mentally. So “poor little abused and bullied woobie Tommy who was sent back to the horrible orphanage by the big bad evil Dumbledore” is complete and utter bullshit. Note that every character who is abused has their abuse described, or at least mentioned in some form in the books. Tom Riddle, AKA Future Hitlers of the World, DID NOT! Not a single letter, not a single word, not a single fucking SYLLABLE in the whole damn series talks about abuse of any kind against this kid. Tom was not abused, and therefore Dumbledore did not send him back to an abusive environment. Anyway it wasn’t Dumbledore’s power at the time to send Tom anywhere since he wasn’t Headmaster and all, but that’s none of my business.

Now onto Snape. I don’t even have to say much about Snape, because this is so utterly ridiculous. Dumbledore sent Snape back to an abusive home? Ha! Oh wait, you’re serious. LET ME LAUGH HARDER.

Alright then, name me ONE source, one SHRED of textual evidence of any sort in any of the books that suggests that Dumbledore knew ANYTHING about Snape’s shitty home life. Name me one thing that says that Dumbledore knew jack shit about what Snape went through at home. Just one sentence. I’m waiting.

…..*crickets*. Yeah, I thought not. Now Snape was abused at home. But Dumbledore had nothing to do with that. At school is a different matter, but at HOME?! Nah.

Alright everyone, that’s all. Just needed to get my point across, this post was a long time coming and it needed to be said. Seriously, Dumbledore haters be like: “FUCK CANON!”

It was a small matter, he knew.

As Thomas ran his fingers over his cleanly shaved face and looked at himself in the dingy mirror he wasn’t certain he believed that thought.

The face staring back at him was the same of course, yet somehow without a beard he noticed all the lines and wrinkles now, the ones that had crept up on him during last decade and that had not been there when James’s bright gray-green eyes had first met his own.

Yet he knew they had been there since their reunion; whether or not he had facial hair should not have mattered at all.

Thomas put away his shaving cream and razor and went outside to where James was finishing feeding the horses. It had been a casual request from James that he shave when Thomas had kept complaining the Savannah heat made his beard itch. He’d put up with it at Oglethorpe’s simply because he hadn’t cared then.

Now, as James emerged from the stable Thomas felt anxiety creep up on him like all those lines and wrinkles had.

“Well the deed is done,” he announced.

James looked up, brows drawing up as he saw Thomas’s face. He flashed a quick smile before closing the stable doors, looking away.

“So it is,” he said. “It looks…good.”

Thomas caught the hesitation.

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cydoniadreamland replied to your post: The cricket macaron test bake worked!!!!

Wait wait wait please someone explain cricket flour to me. I looked it up, and yes it is made of crickets. Why are you eating these? Protein? No judgement I’ve just honestly never heard of this.

A lot of reasons! 
First- I’m an anthropologist and I teach intro courses. When we talk about diets, entomophagy comes up a lot, and I like to show my students that for most of human history, we’ve been eating bugs- the prejudice against bugs as a protein source is a weird western thing. Bugs are an important protein source worldwide, and by taking something as strange to most people as cricket flour and incorporating it into something familiar, like cookies, it helps people get over their cultural bias and see things a little differently.

It’s also an environmental thing. Entomophagy could help save the world if it was adopted en masse by countries that demand a lot of meat consumption. It probably won’t be, barring like… some kind of post-apocalyptic scenario, because industrial farming is way too important to capitalism, but I like to talk about it to make a point. Insect protein uses less water than any other protein source. Even plant proteins like you get in legumes- insects use less. They require less space. They (obviously) require no pesticides, and they require very little energy put into them. You can raise them in vertical spaces very easily, meaning they take substantially less space than any other form of farming- and you can raise your own in your kitchen or yard. Factory farming destroys the environment. Swaths of rainforest are clearcut for cattle; pesticide runoff poisons our water. Climate change is going to mean less and less arable land- incorporating insect protein into our diets is something we might have to do- so playing with it and having some fun with it kind of helps me make that statement. People are more willing to listen to me talk about eating bugs when I hand them a delicious cookie.

You have received a message (Yoongi x Reader)

Originally posted by cyyphr

Admin: Mimi

Description: Just your daily texts between yourself and Yoongi, two people who love each other to the moon and back – you’re just too blind to see it.

Fandom: BTS

Genre: Angst, fluff

Pairing: Yoongi x Reader

Warnings: language

Word Count: 3512

Authors Note: So, this was a fic I had started a while back, but only got to finishing now. I love Yoongi so, so fucking much and I really wanted to write something for him, and I also wanted to try something interesting with writing, so you have this weird texting format (since I’m not cool enough to make the actual fake text pics lmao). I hope it isn’t too hard to understand the names of each person messaging. Now that I think about this, this is kinda a mess lol, it seems kinda rushed to me, but I didn’t know any other way to pace it? but I figured if I never posted it, it’ll just sit there on my computer. So, I hope you enjoy regardless of what a trainwreck this is, and happy reading.

EDIT: This fic is better suited to be read on a computer, since it didn’t come out the best on mobile, but I hope that doesn’t ruin your experience!


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