waiting for the cricket

Lance Coming Out to the Team

*After Lance flirts with some guy and the team is like ‘da fuqu???’*

“Guys y’all thought I was straight? I literally flirt with so many aliens.”

“Ya, a bunch of girls.”

“I don’t actually know if they’re girls, I don’t have the time to research the defining traits of the gender constructs of their individual societies before I ask for their number.”

*cricket noises*

“Wait seriously you guys didn’t realize that?”

“I thought you were just basing it off hair length??”

“Maybe I just like long hair ever thought about that Keith?”

Keith reach up to touch his own long hair. Cue Lance blushing and stuttering.

“That’s not w-what I meant.”

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The metric is just existing must be Harry's teams slogan for this entire solo marketing campaign. They are all just existing while everyone else is promoting and talking about his album.

Everyone in the world: Harry Styles’ debut album will be put out as part of his $80 million record deal with Columbia that apparently doesn’t cover the cost of putting him on the website or in their financial reports. This is an album that is almost done, that will be out around the Grammys, that will drop as a full album rather than as singles, that will be out after Liam’s, oh just kidding, there IS actually going to be a single, so the single will be dropping in late April or early May, just kidding again, it’ll be out on April 7th. It was recorded in a Jamaican recording studio and hopefully it isn’t white-man reggae. It will sound like a mix between Frank Ocean and Sting, no wait, 70s folk rock, no wait, David Bowie and Queen. It’s quality and it shows him off as a singer, it will blow the socks off the world, it will be the #1 album of the year, it’s incredible, and it’s FUCKING INSANE. I’ve heard it, my mom’s heard it, my neighbor’s sister’s dog’s mother’s owner’s father’s grandmother’s heard it, and I can’t wait for YOU to hear it.

Jeff Azoff: *crickets*

Irving Azoff: *crickets*

Dawbell: *crickets*

Harry Styles: What album?

Unknown Parts (Gaston)- Part One

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Pairing: Gaston x OC

Warnings: None

A/N: I know I say this every single time I write someone new, but he was hard to pin down! I definitely went off the live action version, as I felt he had this vulnerable, sweet side to him that appeared once in a while. IDK. Part two isn’t written yet, but I’ll get there. In the meantime, enjoy


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Part Two

There was a place near the western end of the village where you could see the sunset perfectly. A place where the houses and shops petered off and there was nothing but a deep, green valley with purple, snow capped mountains in the distance. From there, I could watch as the sky turned a miraculous shade of dusty pink and the sun sank lower and lower beneath the horizon. Stars would then slowly emerge to replace its light. I never got tired of watching. Some people would scoff and say, ‘once you’ve seen one sunset, you’ve seen them all’. But that wasn’t true at all. Each one was different. Maybe only subtly so, but still. The colors were never quite the same. Which maybe explained why I was having such a hard time capturing it in paint or chalk.

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Tom Riddle was not abused.

Tom Riddle was NOT abused.



Seriously! I have had it! I have seen another stupid post talking about Dumbledore “leaving three children to rot in abusive homes.” And I’m fed the fuck up. Apparently he kept sending Tom, Snape and Harry back into abusive homes. Well news flash, TOM RIDDLE WASN’T FUCKING ABUSED! I’m going to repeat it as many times as I fucking need to until people GET it!

Tom Riddle was not abused. There is no mention in the books of him ever being abused or mistreated in any way by anybody in that orphanage, physically or mentally. So “poor little abused and bullied woobie Tommy who was sent back to the horrible orphanage by the big bad evil Dumbledore” is complete and utter bullshit. Note that every character who is abused has their abuse described, or at least mentioned in some form in the books. Tom Riddle, AKA Future Hitlers of the World, DID NOT! Not a single letter, not a single word, not a single fucking SYLLABLE in the whole damn series talks about abuse of any kind against this kid. Tom was not abused, and therefore Dumbledore did not send him back to an abusive environment. Anyway it wasn’t Dumbledore’s power at the time to send Tom anywhere since he wasn’t Headmaster and all, but that’s none of my business.

Now onto Snape. I don’t even have to say much about Snape, because this is so utterly ridiculous. Dumbledore sent Snape back to an abusive home? Ha! Oh wait, you’re serious. LET ME LAUGH HARDER.

Alright then, name me ONE source, one SHRED of textual evidence of any sort in any of the books that suggests that Dumbledore knew ANYTHING about Snape’s shitty home life. Name me one thing that says that Dumbledore knew jack shit about what Snape went through at home. Just one sentence. I’m waiting.

…..*crickets*. Yeah, I thought not. Now Snape was abused at home. But Dumbledore had nothing to do with that. At school is a different matter, but at HOME?! Nah.

Alright everyone, that’s all. Just needed to get my point across, this post was a long time coming and it needed to be said. Seriously, Dumbledore haters be like: “FUCK CANON!”

waiting the orchard, the
chorus of crickets rowing the deep
 down the long coffin of California

sedative of the cold - infinite,
dormant grieving

consoling no one,
solstice thickens to dense
fingers of fog standing still a
moment a form a phantom a
riddle a specter of panic

flaw inflicted, pardoned plague

KJ/CS fic: Openings

Summary: Killian leaves behind Emma’s engagement ring in pursuit of clarity. Takes place between 6.12-6.13. 

Word Count: ~1100

Rating: PG/K

Killian pulled the rectangular card from his vest pocket. The smooth, cream-colored paper was slightly bent and warm, with the words “Archibald Hopper, Psychiatrist” in a rich green, reassuring type, centered upon it. He picked at the edge of the card a few times, deciding whether or not he should use it, before placing it on the kitchen table in front of him.

Flipping open his phone, he pressed the numbers printed at the bottom of the card into the keypad, checking to make sure he didn’t transpose any of them, then pressed the “send” button as Emma had shown him to do so long ago.

The phone began ringing on the other end and Killian waited, listening for Archie to answer. A click signaled the end of his wait, and Archie’s voice sounded in his ear.

Hello,” he said. The Cricket had a soothing voice, Killian had to give him that.

“Archie, it’s—”

…reached the office of Dr. Hopper. I’m with patients all day and am currently unavailable. If this is an emergency, please call 9-1-1 to reach emergency services. Otherwise, let your conscious be your guide and leave me a message. I’ll return your call at the end of the day, or sooner, if possible.”

Killian sighed as the message ended with a long beep.

“Uh, Archie, it’s Killian Jones. I was hoping to, uh, talk with you. Perhaps another time.”

He snapped his phone closed and tossed it on the table then ran his hand over his face, scratching the growth covering his chin while he slouched in his chair. The house was silent, save the thoughts tossing about his head, stormy and dark.

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karaoke in a crowded bar with no familiar faces
one too many glasses of courage
the room falls silent
all eyes locked on
but she’s lost in the music

she turns away from the applause
stumbles out onto the empty street
waiting for someone to follow

crickets chirp in reply


paulcollingwood5 Ever wondered what the boys do when it rains?! It used to be crosswords, play cards, dressing room cricket or go to the pub for a pint. Third day of the season and already they’ve lost the plot…..Boy band with bats @mawood33 lead singer, @mumfordandsons or one of a kind?! #imgettingtooold #crackers #waiting #karaokecricket #cricketseason #durham


May 11th, 2017 Adam Milne being Adam Milne in the Black Caps camp #trouble #Triseries (x)

  The Prequel threads are lacking. Crickets chirp in the void keeping readers waiting, as if playing a symphony as an opening act into the main event, or say, an update. A familiar note is produced. It’s the one Patience plays to keep its instrument on time with the never ending beat.

It is April 30th, and as with all the 550 days preceding it, something feels missing from your life. The promised update presently eluding you is only one of many made before in the long ago past produced by what can only be described as a man specializing in a form of sadism. Not a form of sadism meant to take away hope, but of one to elevate it only to crush it again, similar to a sandcastle destined to crumble minutes after being built from hours of labor. His slowly forming schemes are those less of a storyteller keeping his readers in anticipation, but more so of a drunken dungeon master. His scheme is Time itself. It is a mystery dispersing altogether, like the moon’s phases, a cycle meant to be completed every so often yet if it pauses for even more than a day, it’ll feel like an eternity of wondering what caused such an oddity. It is the most diabolical sadism of all.

“Time is too slow for those who wait, too swift for those who fear, too long for those who grieve, too short for those who rejoice, but for those who love, time is eternity.” - Wolfgang Reitherman

Yes, you are certain Wolfgang Reitherman said that. One hundred percent positive.

You have a feeling it’s going to be a long wait.

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Wait. Hooked Queen? Honestly makes sooo much more sense than CaptainSwan. I kinda dig it ...

Nonnie for some reason I thought this was gonna be hatemail but THIS IS AMAZING.


I even just saw Lana say at one of her Toronto panels that Hook brings out Regina’s sass, even though she doesn’t have The Evil Queen as part of her anymore.

They could be badass, sexy villains together, or actually help each other through a credible redemption arc—and perhaps helping the Charmings, but also laughing together when the Snow and David get to be a little bit too much.

But the beginning is great, á là “friends with benefits” who are just hooking up (PUN TOTALLY INTENDED) but both realize they actually have feelings for each other. Needless to say, it takes them a long time to even think about telling the other about how they truly feel.

(P.S. @imhookedonthequeen has so many great edits.)

I don’t know what was more embarrassing

1. The fact Donald Trump, even for his inaugural address, showed, at best, a sixth grade mastery of the English language - using words with no more than two syllables and making no attempt to use segues or transition between ideas so that his speech had no flow whatsoever, like his ideas about space travel were immediately followed by ideas about race, but like with no linguistic divider so it was like “we are standing at a new age of space exploration and eradicating diseases. And as our soldiers tells us, doesn’t matter if you’re black, brown, or white - we all bleed the same red blood of patriotism.” It was THAT choppy. It made no sense, none of it meshed because it was a word salad without that was clearly made by someone with the inability to properly create a coherent train of thought.

2. Him waiting to hear roaring applause and getting… *crickets*

3. His fucking Kim Jong-un moment where he tries to start a chant by loudly exclaiming “America first” twice and then sadly realizing no one is joining in and stops.

4. Orrrrrr the fact it started raining as soon as he started walking up to the podium, as if god himself were weeping. Lmao…. we’re really all gonna die.