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nightmare - joshua scenario

request: hello! can u do a request where joshua tries to calm you down when you’re having anxiety attacks? thankyou for @josushihong

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  • because they’ve recently had a comeback, Joshua spent extra hours at practice
  • which left you to fall asleep alone most nights
  • deprived of his safe embrace and kisses
  • but, for the fourth time that week, you were falling asleep alone on his side of the bed
  • taking in his smell from his pillow because it was the closest thing to him that you had
  • not long after resting your head on his pillow, sleep took over
  • and not long after, you were woken by the nightmare you had experienced
  • tears fell down your cheeks and your breathing quickened and the one thing you needed wasn’t there
  • Joshua.
  • with shaky hands, you reached for your phone to hopefully reach the person that you really need
  • Joshua? can I call you?
  • it takes a little while for him to respond to your text (due to dance practice), but he does with concerned messages
  • y/n, shouldn’t you be asleep now? what’s wrong??
  • I had another anxiety attack
  • in less than two minutes he’s on the phone trying to reach you
  • you don’t pick up on the first or second call because you’re too frantic to function properly but on the third call, you hesitantly answer
  • “y/n!! why didn’t you answer? I was so worried. I’m coming home now.”
  • you nodded even though you knew he couldn’t see you nodding
  • “want me to stay on the phone with you, jagi?”
  • again, you start nodding, “uh, I mean yes.. please”
  • the entire car trip home even though it’s definitely not safe he stayed on the phone with you, whispering sweet thing to try and calm you down
  • “i love you, don’t forget that, even if I’m not here”
  • “you’re everything to me”
  • “i’ll be here soon, everything is okay”
  • by the time he got home and you were in his arms, the tears had stopped and your breathing had slowed
  • he’d tuck any stray pieces of hair behind your ear
  • and pepper your face with little kisses
  • and rub your back assuringly 
  • such a good boyfriend
  • “what happened, jagiya?”
  • cue your breathing to stop momentarily
  • “I had a nightmare and you were gone and you didn’t remember who I was and you wanted nothing to do with me and I don’t want to lose you”
  • cue the tears in his eyes
  • “the only time i’m ever going to leave you is when I tour, or when death finally takes me”
  • not very comforting, josh
  • “wait that was bad.. i’ll always try to be here for you, some things, like my idol life, may interfere, but i’ll only be just a call away baby”
  • you once again just nodded and buried your face in joshua’s neck
  • “I love you, okay? Don’t forget that. Even if I’m not here.”

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therestofusxd  asked:

Heyyyy I love your account so much! What are your favorite hairstyles and colors that you have seen Monsta X with? (Whether current or not current)

took my so long to answer this but I was busy with mx promotions!ok let’s start




(minhyuk was born to have silver hair I swear)


(im a whore for wonho’s forehead not gonna lie)



*waiting for blonde prince comeback*


shine forever is jooheon’s comeback

i love my boys <3

The Signs waiting for EXO's comeback:















even pledis is shocked lol