waiting for someone to burst my bubble but until then

There’s so much
Beneath the smile,
The small talk.

It threatens to seep out,
To tear me apart
At the seams.

I am a shaken Coke bottle
Waiting for someone
To break the seal,
Ready to burst
Ready to shriek

But I lay here
Until my fizz is gone
And my blood is thick
A sickly syrup
Without a bubble.

Only then do you see
Me where I lie
But when placed at your lips
You shutter, scowl
Because I am not what you want.

You toss me away,
Deeming me worthless,

I am no longer what I was.

—  S. G. L. // Dear Diary
Christmas Morning Cuddles - Jason Todd x Reader

A/N: It’s day 1 of the 12 Days of Christmas!!!!! Enjoy the floof!

Prompt: Could you do some cuddly holiday fluff with Jay? Maybe they are at the manor (the idea of everybody being happy and together on Christmas slays me just pls) and like really cute sweet waking up and then like Dick comes barreling in and belly flops on the bed like wake up bitches its Christmas? IDK I just want batfam Christmas and cuddles with Jay.

You woke to the feeling of Jason wrapping his around your waist and pressing soft lazy kisses every once and while on your neck and shoulder. You smiled lazily and snuggled closer to him, not ever bothering to open your eyes.

“‘Morning.” Jason mumbled, his voice heavy and gravelly with sleep. You cracked your eyes open slightly and smiled up at him. You reached up ever so slightly and pressed a kiss to the underside of your jaw. The two of you cuddled together in silence, simply enjoying the quiet Christmas morning. You could vaguely hear signs of life starting to stir downstairs but you weren’t just ready to leave your bubble just yet.

You and Jason probably would have stayed in bed all day if you could. You probably would have too if your blissful lazy morning wasn’t interrupted. You should have known that a ‘quiet morning’ doesn’t exist in this house.

Your peaceful bubble was popped when Dick burst through the door and jumped on Jason. Jason let out an aggravated groan and tried to push Dick off the bed.

“Come on guys! Get up! It’s Christmas!” Dick said excitedly like a kid on … well Christmas morning. He was already decked out in a hideous holiday sweater and Santa hat.

“Oh my god. Grow up.” Jason groaned

“We’ll be down in a few minutes, Dick.” You said laughing lightly at the two of them. Someone had to be the peacekeeper in this situation. At least Dick waited until a decent hour to bother you unlike last year.

“Alfred’s making breakfast, the entire family will be there! Merry Christmas!” Dick said enthusiastically before leaving the way he came with a noticeable pep in his step. Sweet Holy Night that boy loved Christmas perhaps a little too much.

“We should probably get up before he comes back and drags us out by our antlers.” You suggested. Jason made a low groaning noise and buried his head into your neck.

“Five more minutes.” He mumbled.

“Your funeral.” You joked, snuggling closer to him. You were going to enjoy every moment you could of this before you were both inevitably forced to join the rest of the family.