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there’s been some dark stuff in series 10, but it has all been horror on the surface - racism, space capitalism, etc

and then extremis comes along and steven moffat is literally clawing his way out of my tv screen with a fucking baseball bat marked with the words “YOU AREN’T REAL”

some Chill Friends having a Good time

Papa Hollis: “And this might be so shoking to you, but murderous vampire wasn’t exactly what I had in mind!”

This. Never. Gets. Old. 

Happy Carmilla Is Out in 15 Days Day!! ;) Happy Coming Out Day*!!

*and remember, coming out is not and never will be a requirement, an obligation or even a necessity. Not coming out does not mean not being out. Being closeted because you are not safe or not ready or not needing to be out doesn’t make you less queer and magical. Just because society is painfully patriarchal and heteronromative and wants to set rules and little boxes, doesn’t mean we should follow them. We’re here, we’re queer and we FUCKING ROCK!

This Is Me Letting You Go - Letter #3: I didn’t know how to put myself back together after that [Grayson Mini-Series]

Hey guys! Part three is here, what what! Sorry I’m embarrassing. The feedback that i’m getting from you guys is incredible. I’m so glad you guys are liking this mini series. I can’t wait to see your reaction for part three! 

There will be moments where there are flashbacks. Those will be in bold. There will also be foreshadowing in this part and it will be italicised bold. Enjoy!

Dear Grayson,

Before you put these down, you should know we are getting close to the end of these letters. And I know, you’re probably thinking that this is all wrong. You’re probably thinking about what these letters could mean. Or, you’re probably thinking to come and find me to clear all this out; but like I said in the previous letter, wait until you’re completely done with all of them okay? I need you to wait. 

In the last letter I said I had realized you and I were a ticking time bomb; and trust me, waiting for our time to run out was one of the most stressful and heartbreaking things I’ve ever experienced. But let me explain HOW I reached that conclusion about us. 

One word to explain our time together after you got back would be “bittersweet”. I loved having you back for good. Days without you had been so boring and dull. Which is why I was always so happy when it was time for our daily facetime calls, and no matter what time it was, I was there waiting to hear about your day. But the happiness I felt then didn’t compare to the one I felt after being back in your arms once again. It felt like I was back home, back where I belonged.

Can you say that Grayson? Can you say you felt like you were back where you belonged when in my arms? Before you answer “yes”, I really want you to think about it. Because I know for a fact that you can’t. You can’t say “yes”. And this is why. 

In the last letter, I told you I had decided to brush off all the thoughts I had of you and Amber being more than “just close friends”. I brushed off the gut feeling that was telling me there was more there because I thought I was overthinking everything. You were back from tour for good, which to me meant that our break would soon be over. You and I would go back to normal, we would be us again. Sadly, that’s not how things went, right Grayson? 

Because there is one specific moment where I already knew… You weren’t sure about us Gray. You weren’t sure about what you wanted or who you wanted. That moment was on December 16th, 2016. Yes, you and Ethan’s birthday. I remember running around all day with your mom and Cam, getting everything ready for your birthday dinner. No, it wasn’t going to be some huge birthday party, just a small family get together for you guys. I was excited to celebrate another one of your birthdays with you, because that day meant so much to me already; and making new memories with you on your special day once again made it that much more special. 

I even helped your mom cook! Which was a pretty exciting moment for me because she trusted me with your favorite meal and it came out delicious. I keep laughing at the memory of how happy you were once you tried it. You looked at me in a way that showed you were so surprised, so happy, but most of all, so in love. Even now I wish I could go back to that day, just to have you look at me that way one last time.   

But after dinner, we decided to sit around the fire with the rest of your family. After being on tour for so long, they all wanted to be filled in on what happened during it. What places did you visit? How did you feel while traveling the world? Every little detail. I had been looking forward to listening to every story you and Ethan would tell, and I did enjoy them; I just didn’t expect for there to be so many stories to tell between you and Amber as well. 

If I’m being honest, hearing about all those moments you two shared made my heart hurt in a way it never had before. And it wasn’t because I was envious of all the times you two had shared, but because of the way you looked at each other while you told them. It’s like with each memory you two shared with us, it took you both back to those days and reminisce instead of being here with us; here with me. But I brushed it off, again, and decided to live in the moment with you.

So when the topic of conversation switched to us, I felt relieved in a way. I had expected to get the answers I needed for all of my worries to vanish. I had expected for you to reassure everyone, including me, that you and I were back together; no questions asked. But again, I was wrong. 

“I’m so glad you boys had the chance to explore the world while doing what you both love! I’m so proud of you both”

I nodded in agreement with Grandma Dolan and gave both boy’s hands a squeeze, a proud smile evident on my face. They had come so far and accomplished so much, I couldn’t be more proud of them. 

“And I’m proud of you Y/N” she added. I looked over to her confused and waited for her to continue. “Lisa told me you helped her cook Grayson’s favorite today, it was mouthwatering!”

“Actually, I didn’t help at all. Y/N cooked it alone!” 

I couldn’t help but look down as Lisa gushed about my cooking, my cheeks turning a light shade of pink. I felt Grayson wrap his arm around my shoulder and pull me closer as he gave me a peck on the side of my head, my cheeks suddenly turning a darker shade of pink. I looked up at him only to find him already looking down at me with a goofy smile on his face; making the butterflies in my stomach go wild. 

“Look at you love birds!” Grandma Dolan exclaimed. 

“Does this mean you two are finally back together? I mean, it’s not like Ethan and I placed a bet on it or anything” Cameron asked. 

At first I laughed at Cam’s question but it died down once I looked over to Grayson and saw him struggling to answer her question.

“Who’s up for s’mores?” we heard Sean say as he approached us with all the ingredients. 

My attention never wandered from Grayson though, and it hurt to see the look of relief on his face when the conversation was interrupted. What hurt me the most though, was to see him look at Amber for a split second before looking away and letting go of his hold on me while looking for a way to answer the question. 

So I put on my best fake smile that was able to fool everybody, or so I thought, and excused myself from the group. I didn’t expect for Ethan to see through my facade. I didn’t expect for him to be the one to follow me into the house. 

And when he asked me if I was okay, I tried to put on that fake smile once again and assure him that I was. But I couldn’t. For some reason, I couldn’t fake it in front of Ethan. So instead, I cried. I let out all of the sadness, all of the hurt, and all of the disappointment I was feeling in that moment. 

I cried so much that night Gray. Not only because I realized that you had doubts about us but because I realized then, that even though a part of you still loved me, you didn’t love me as much as you used to. You didn’t love me as much as I loved you, not anymore. That is the harsh truth that I had tried so hard to avoid, the harsh truth I didn’t wanted to accept. 

You want to know another painful realization I had that night? While making my way back into the house, the one I had wanted to come after me was you. The one I wanted there to console me was you. The one I wanted there while the tears were falling nonstop was you. And it hurt so much when I saw it wasn’t, because a part of me had hoped you would come after me and tell me that you were sorry. That you didn’t have doubts about us, that you wanted us together again. 

I didn’t want to accept that our story was coming to an end, Grayson. But keeping myself fooled into thinking otherwise wouldn’t have been fair to me. And what happened on Christmas Day wasn’t fair to me either and you know it, because I made a promise to myself the night of your birthday. I made a promise to myself that I would let you go and until then, it was working to plan. But you noticed the distance I put between us and you weren’t having it were you?

“Y/N tell me what I did, please” Grayson pleaded, “I can’t stand feeling like I’m losing you and not knowing why” 

I wanted to push him away and tell him that I needed him to stay away from me. I wanted to tell him how much pain he’s been causing me. Tell him that I needed to let him go but for some reason, nothing came out. Instead, I kept my eyes on him as he placed his hands on my waist, closing the distance between us until we were only centimeters apart. I felt myself growing more and more vulnerable under his touch, because no matter how hard I tried to fight it, my heart still belonged to him. I still loved him. 

And it was on that Christmas Day, that you finished breaking apart the little pieces I had of me left. I know you saw the pain in my eyes in that moment, I know you saw how vulnerable I was, but it didn’t stop you. You left me completely broken, and it scared me to realize that I didn’t know how to put myself back together after that. 


Reminder! The last part in italicized bold is foreshadowing! hehehehe hope you enjoyed!

Fanfiction Appreciation Day

Since today (21st August 2017) is the second annual Fanfiction Appreciation Day, I once again compiled a list of the incredible stories I’ve been loving this past year. Do the same and leave a comment on the stories you rec, so that the writers know how appreciated they are and those riveting fics get some recognition.

You can view last year’s list (now with updated links to the individual stories) here.

Respect by @jheeley (Negan x OC || The Walking Dead)

Negan’s Lost And Found by @sherrybaby14 (Negan x OC || The Walking Dead)

Chains & Receive The Beast by @hannibalssweaters (Negan x OC || The Walking Dead)

Exposed by absentguile (Negan x OC || The Walking Dead)

Remission by @kijilinn (Max x OC || The Resident)

Two Steps From Hell by ssserpensssotia (Volmione || Harry Potter)

Of Chaos And Eternal Night by alwaysaclaw11 (Volmione || Harry Potter)

Ministerial Response by Shan84 (Volmione || Harry Potter)

Weave A Circle Around Him Thrice by SRaven-Underhill (Volmione || Harry Potter)

A Dark Troy by BookishBrains (Volmione || Harry Potter)

The Devil’s Playground by @jheeley (Tomione || Harry Potter)

Struck by @iaminiquity (Tomione || Harry Potter)

Romantic Idealism & Allure by @meowmerson (Tomione || Harry Potter)

Bad Romance by uchicha.s (Tomione || Harry Potter)

Mini-Series of One-Shots: On Three, Wait For The Song To Stop, Women, Promises & Not On Three by Flaignhan (Tomione || Harry Potter)

No Marriage Of Convenience by LanaDrama (Lumione || Harry Potter)

The Poison Tree by BittersweetWhispers1 (Lumione || Harry Potter)

Malfoys, Mudbloods, And Medicis by AW Science Geek (Dramione || Harry Potter)

Indecent Proposal by thebridgeovertheriverkwai (Sevmione || Harry Potter)

Lunar Embrace by Hawkflight (Hermione Granger x Barty Crouch Jr. || Harry Potter)

O, I Am Fortune’s Fool! by BrownEyedDreams (Hermione Granger x Fenrir Greyback || Harry Potter)

The Juxtaposition Of Resisting And Relenting by Tricky’Nix (Sirimione || Harry Potter)

Out Of My Mind by GarbageandCityLights (Kylo Ren x OC || Star Wars)

Let’s Burn To The Ground by @futurerustfuture-dust (Kylo Ren x Rey/Ben Solo x Rey || Star Wars)

Fix Your Attitude by kassanovella (Kylo Ren x OC || Star Wars)

The Sith & The Senator by WrittinInStone (Anakin Skywalker x Padmé Amidala || Star Wars)

King And Lionheart by @oceanwitch (Thranduil x OC || The Hobbit)

Eschaton by MarthaJones11 (Thranduil x OC || The Hobbit)

Party Pleaser & Glaring Differences In Costume & Discovered In The Alley by @s-d-t-s (Joker x OC || Batman)

Baby by DeePet (Joker x OC || Suicide Squad)

Soul’s Road by Nyxed (Tig Trager x OC || Sons of Anarchy)

When You Least Expect It by hockeyforever (Chibs Telford x OC || Sons of Anarchy)

I’ll Give You All Kinds Of New Material by @missemarissa (Bellarke || The 100)

Weave Me A Myrtle Crown by @ajrchaosrising (Bellarke || The 100)

The Fairest One Of All by Ellen Weaver (Jareth x Sarah Williams || Labyrinth)

Rehab by Bianca Fiore (Aino Minako x Kunzite || Sailor Moon)

Let me know if any of the links are faulty!

I used to be against “Sherlock is still not awake” right after TAB aired because I thought it was such a stretch and actually… I hadn’t changed my mind for over a year. But then s4 aired lmao and now… it makes the most sense, I see it there because the clues are right there, offered on a silver plate not just because I want it to be fake. On the other hand though, I realise that another episode most probably won’t air for years so… I don’t know what the hell to do or even think cause… With such a gap between the series? Two years are nothing to wait but three or five even? That’s insane and besides they cannot absolutely cannot fix anything if the next episode won’t air immediately after s4 or at least, soon enough for people who still care. Sometimes I wonder what is going on in those funny little heads of Mofftiss.

anonymous asked:

Do you have a comp already for hybrid/werewolf au?

I have two for each but I’ll update them :)

My top 3 werewolf fics comp (kinda old now lol)
Really crappy werewolf comp (I think this was the first comp I ever did lol, it sucks)
Yoonmin hybrid fics
Catboy fics

I want to just make one big compilation so this comp has most of the fics from those too~

[37 fics]

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favourite lovers : part 1. lancelot/guinevere

For as well as I have loved thee heretofore, mine heart will not serve now to see thee; for through thee and me is the flower of kings and knights destroyed.

vixxsin-weeb  asked:

I feel like Kaneki deliberately tried to throw Nishki, Shuu and Banjou off so that they wouldn't return with him. He didn't want to put anyone else in danger. My theory is that Ken knows about the attack, yet Ishida was throwing a little mind fuckery in therr to play with us.

Mod A:

Tbh I like where the arc is going this far and I’m waiting for it to progress further in towards series three.

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I can't wait to read part three of the Mingyu zombie series, I love it so much! 💞

Hello, again, lovely followers! I sincerely apologize for taking an incredibly long time to post Part 3 of this request. This request is officially finished. Thank you to all of you stuck around for the full story! Anon, thank you for your kind and beautiful words, they bring me great joy. As always, please excuse any mistakes.

Part 1 is here, and Part 2 is there!

Admin Rex

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HI this is weird considering I read gay fan fiction all day every day but I've never actually read original fiction gay erotica? So I want to read think of England bc you rec'd it but like. Not to be That Person but is it smutty? I rly just don't know what to expect haha. Thanks babe <3

Ha! That is a VALID QUESTION, my friend. And the answer is: yes. Yes it is. Ohhhhhhh yes it is. Think of England is one of the best ones out there, but I have a TON of recs built up by now, so hey, might as well pimp this shit out here! (And, not to sound shallow or like a lech, but I wouldn’t be reading these book if they weren’t smutty. SOOOOO there’s that.)

I started reading original gay historical books in December and haven’t come up for air since. One friend pimped out one book, another one the next, and before I knew it, I essentially had a new fandom. WHOOPS.

Here are my favorites so far! With thanks to miss-pamela & theboycanhelpit for being responsible for this in the first place :D

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