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I Just Want You to Be Happy

Word Count: 754

Warnings: FLUFFY, Grumpy Jughead,

A/N: this is a requested one shot and awe I thought it was a super cute idea! I had a lot of fun writing this so I hope this is what you wanted and I hope you guys enjoy it too!

Request: May my request be of a grumpy Jughead and his girlfriend starts being cute towards him to make him less grumpy with lots of fluff?

• • •

    Jughead walked down the hallway with his headphones over his ears, trying his best to ignore the world around him. To say he was a little grumpy would be an understatement, he was pretty pissy to be honest. Ever since his dad promised to get himself together, Jughead hadn’t been in the best of the mood. Y/N glanced down the corridor and saw her boyfriend storming down the hall. Right before he could pass her, she got into his way, and smiled up at him.

    “Yes?” he asked, frowning down at her. Y/N reached up and took the headphones off his ears.

     "Now you can hear me.“ she said, smiling. "What’s wrong? You look pissed.”

    “Nothings wrong, I’m fine.” he grumbled, rolling his eyes and giving his best pissed off face and Y/N laughed. “What’s so funny?” he asked, narrowing his eyes at her. Y/N laughed even harder, bending over because her side hurt.

    “Your- so cute when you… when you’re grumpy!” she said in between laughs. Jughead couldn’t help but smile a bit, he loved seeing her laugh. She looked up at him after her laughing started to reside and saw his mini smile.

    “Awe! You’re even cuter when you smile though, you know that?” she said, and Jughead rolled his eyes, not being able to control his growing smile.

    “You know, I’m upset for a reason and you’re kind of killing my bad vibes.” he said, trying to sound annoyed by it. Y/N took his hand, and started pulling him off towards the schools front doors.

    “Well you can tell me why you’re so pissy on our way to Pops, my treat!” she said, and Jughead reluctantly agreed.

    “Fine, but only because I love you.” he mumbled, and Y/N stopped in her tracks and turned around. She stood on her toes and planted a kiss on Jugheads lips.

    “I love you too.” She said, staring lovingly up at her raven haired boyfriend. “Now let’s go, we’ve got burgers and milkshakes with our names on them waiting for us at Pops!” she said, pulling him out the doors.

    During the walk to Pops, Jughead explained what had him in such a bad mood, and Y/N listened contently, holding his hand, and occasionally bringing his hand up so she could kiss it. When they finally got there, Y/N opened the door for him, and they made their way to their favourite booth. Y/N sat down first and Jughead went to go sit on the other side but Y/N took his hand and pulled him down next to her.

    “Is this alright?” she asked. Jughead wrapped his arm around her waist and pulled her into him.

    “Of course.” he said. He was feeling so much better, Y/N definitely made him happy, and he was thankful for her. For a bit, they sat there in silence waiting for their food to arrive. Y/N was snuggled into Jughead, with his arm around her waist and she was playing with his hand. She took her hand and laced her fingers with his, and he sighed, staring down at his beautiful girlfriend, feeling his bad mood melt away.

    “Juggie?” she said quietly, and he hummed in response.

    “I hope your dad stays true to his word.” she said, squeezing his hand.

    “I do too,” Jughead mumbled.

    “You know that if you ever need a place to stay, or if you need to rant, or even if you’re just in a bad mood and want some company, I’ll always be here for you. I love you, Jughead. From now on and forever. I just want you to be happy.” she concluded her mini speech, and looked up at him to find him already staring down at her. He wore the most genuine and happy smile, and her heart melted a bit at the sight of it. “You have such a handsome smile.” she said, and he rolled his eyes, still smiling.

    “Damn I got lucky to have someone as amazing as you.” he said, and Y/N shrugged her shoulders.

    “I am pretty great.” she teased. Jughead kissed her forehead, and pulled her into him again.

    “Yes you are. Thank you for making me so damn happy.” he said. Just then the waiter brought their food and placed it in front of them. “ and thank you for lunch.” Y/N laughed, watching Jughead hungrily eye his food before digging in.

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The Serpent Or Me - Part 3 (Bughead/Serpent!Jughead x Serpent!Reader)

Jughead has never cared about fitting in, as long as he has Betty and the gang he knows he has his place in Riverdale. However, Southside High has brought him an odd comfort and new friends very easily. The serpents have taken him under their wing, one in particular y/n has started to show him how things work in the gang. Jughead starts to grow a fondness for y/n that feels uneasy, he’s stuck between two worlds. Where or who should he choose?

Part 1    Part 2

Characters/Pairings: Betty, Veronica, Kevin, (Mentioned) Bughead, Serpent!Reader.

Warnings: None.

Word Count: 1672.

Notes: Apologies this took so long! I’ve scheduled a day next week to write, going to get working on future instalments of this. I’m still sticking with the 3 POVs (Jughead, Reader and Betty) but I want to bring in the other characters’ storylines to create a fuller story. The plan is to release a new part every Friday. Fingers crossed all goes to plan.


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Betty’s POV

Sometimes you just need your best friend and a strawberry milkshake. Ronnie and I had arranged to meet up at Pop’s for a mid-week girls night. I needed to rant and I think Veronica needed to as well.

I sat in my usual booth waiting for Veronica, Pop brought over our milkshakes, we didn’t even need to tell him what flavour anymore. I looked around the diner and you could tell Riverdale was unsettled. First Jason Blossom’s murder and then Archie’s dad being shot in this very space, everyone felt tense. So much for the Town with pep.

The door chimed, Veronica finally arrived, only ten minutes late. She slid in the booth opposite me, her shoulders were slightly slumped.

‘I really needed this.’ Veronica started sipping on her chocolate milkshake.

‘You okay V?’ I asked, knowing the answer already.

‘Oh you know, usual Archie stuff. I’m not sure what else I can really do.’ Her eye contact was hesitant, she twirled her straw round the glass.

‘Has he opened up anymore? I’m really worried about him. In all the time I’ve known Archie, I’ve never seen him like this.’

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Dear Journal,

This morning i woke up to a cold bed. Sirius wasn’t next to me. The memories of last night appeard on my mind. He felt so bad and so guilty. I sat in the soft bed and saw James putting on his trousers.

“He went for a walk outside.” He said.


“Sirius. He went for a walk.” James said.

“Oh..” I whispered.

“Are you going to forgive him?” He said, sitting on my bed next to me.

“I mean.. I already did but he felt so bad.. It wasn’t his fault after all..”

“I heard you guys fight… I didn’t mean to.. I just walked to the bathroom and you guys were there.."He said, playing with his fingers.

"He was telling the truth right?” I asked him.

“Of course he was moons.. Pads doesn’t break like this often.. He wasn’t faking it.” He said, laying a hand on my back.

“Should I go talk to him?”

“I think you should. As much as I hate when you guys makeout everywhere, I want you two together. You make eachother so happy! Now go and get your boyfriend!” He said, pushing me out of the bed.

I dressed up with warm clothes and headed out the door. On my way to the school grounds, I stopped by the kitchens to grab two hot butterbeers. The outside air brushed on my face, making me shiver and I spotted him. He was sitting on the wooden dock by the lake, throwing small rocks into the water. I walked up to him and he jumped. He was in his own little world.

“Merlin you scared me..” he said.

“Sorry… here I got you a butterbeer..” i said, sitting close to him, legs over the dock, toes in the water.

“Thank you..”

We stayed silent for a few minutes. It wasn’t an awkward silence. It was a comfortable silence. He layed his head on my shoulder and I took his hand in mine.

“I know you already forgave me but I feel really bad Remus… I wanted to say sorry one last time. You are the only person that ever made my heart beat so fast. I feel tingles in my stomach everytime you touch me. I’m in love with you Remus! I can’t imagine how you must’ve felt when you saw me kissing that bloke… I’m sorry, i truly am. I don’t know if Inwould’ve survived if you didn’t fogave me. I love you so much baby..” he said, silent tears running on his pink cheeks. I softly kissed them away and pressed my lips on his. It was a sweet kiss full of passion. He put his cold hands on my neck and i put mine on his waist. He layed down on the wooden dock and i layed on top of him, not breaking the kiss. I pressed my palms on the cold wood to hold myslef. His lips were soft and his kiss sent shivers through my spine.

“I love you so much Remus..” he said, his lips still on mine.

“I love you too Sirius..”

We walked back to the common room hand in hand. When Lily and James saw us, they smiled. They were relieved that we fixed things up.

“You guys want to go get dinner in Hogsmeade?” James asked.

“Sure! Let me just go get a jumper, i’m freezing with my leather jacket on!” Sirius said, running up the stairs. He came back with the big jumper I gave him the first time we kissed. He looked so cute in it.

We all walked to the three broomsticks, chatting about old times. Once in, we sat in a booth by the window. We all ordered milkshakes and our favorite meals. While waiting, James was talking about the day we all meet.

It was the first day of our first year at the train station. My mummy fixed my scarf and kissed my forehead.

“Have fun sweetie! Try to make friends okay? Don’t stay with your nose in a book all the time! I love you my sweet boy. You write to us every week?” She asked.

“I will mummy. I love you.” I said with my kid voice.

“Goodluck my son! And don’t forget, we will love you no matter which house you get sorted in okay?” Dad said, brushing his fingers in my hair.

“Okay daddy..”

“Now go baby! Or you’ll miss the train! We love you!” Mummy said, waving at me.

I sat in an empty compartiment, holding my book close to my chest, waving at my parents while the train took off. I openned the book on my small lap and began reading. Suddently I heard a soft knock on the glass door. There, were three boys. One had messy curly hair and nerdy glasses, the other was short and looked a bit lost and the last one was the one who knocked. He had long black hair neatly placed on his head and bright grey eyes. He was smilling at me as he opened the door.

“Hi! Can we sit here?”

“Sure..” i said, also smilling to him.

He was really handsome. His robes looked brand new compared to my used ones. He sat in front of me and introduced himslef.

“I’m Sirius. Sirius Black!” He said handing me his hand.

I shook it and told him my name. I was nervous. I never really had a lot of friends.

“I’m Remus Lupin..”

James and Peter introduced themselves too. We talked for all the ride. We were already friends! I was happy that people didn’t juge me by my scars. Suddently, the door opened. There stood a girl with long ginger hair and freckles on her face.

“I’m sorry! Wrong compartiment!” She said, closing back the door.

“Wow that girl was cute..” James whispered.

We all giggled and yet, we didn’t know that this would be the start of our friendship.

I’m currently writting with Sirius layed on my chest, tracing random shapes on my skin with the tip of his fingers. I stared at his face for a long time without him realizing it. Tommorow is Valentine’s day and Sirius as no clue of what i’m preparing!

February 13th 1976

A Face That Pretty Deserves Lace That Pretty (The8 Smut)

He could lie and say that the first time wasn’t intentional, but it was. The first time that lace slid up his thighs, the first time that it covered his skin. The first time that he put lace panties on, he got so hard that he started to leak at the tip and he was so upset because he ruined his pretty, pink, panties.

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The Life We Live - Part 1

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So since I have been obsessed with Chris Evans/Steve Rogers lately I decided to write my own original Chris Evans fic. Tags are at the bottom. Hope you enjoy dolls!

Synopsis: Candice Stan is an actress but she is also the younger sister of Sebastian Stan. One day she gets a call telling her that she has gotten a part in Captain America: The Winter Soldier. When she gets to set she meets Chris Evans and sparks begin to fly. What will the future hold for them? Will they give in to temptation or will they ignore the feelings? Only time will tell.

Warnings: Swearing, Chris being an adorable little bastard

*(Jess is the name of Candice’s character)

Chapter 1

I was sat in my chevy impala driving to work, I could my hands shaking on the steering wheel as I got closer and closer to the set. My big brother Sebastian Stan had gotten me a role in Captain America: The Winter Soldier and I was terrified, not only because I would be working with some super talented people but also because I have been a huge Marvel fan since I was young and I just didn’t want to screw up this amazing opportunity.

I pulled up outside set and showed the woman there my pass. “Well its very nice to meet you, Miss Stan, you can park your car over there. Have a good day,” she said with a sweet smile. Her name badge informed me that her name was Julie.

“Julie, please call me Candice and thank you, you have a nice day too.” Julie smiled and nodded at my words before I drove away and parked my car. The second I stepped out if my car I heard footsteps running towards me and someone yelling

“Candice!” I turned around just in time to be enveloped in a bear hug by my brother.

“Candy, you made it. Did you get here okay? No car trouble? Did you get plenty of sleep last night?” he rambled on as he pulled away and looked at me.

“Seb, Seb. Everything’s fine, I got here okay, I don’t have any car trouble and yes, I got plenty of sleep last night. Jeez, you’re starting to sound like mom” that earned me a chuckle from Chris who was stood next to Sebastian, I looked at him and saw that it was Chris Evans aka Captain America.

“Chris. Nice to finally meet you, Sebastian hasn’t shut up about you since you got the job.” he held his hand out towards me and I shook it firmly.

“I know who you are, anyway, I’m Candice. Nice to meet you too. Don’t worry I’ll kick his ass later,” we both chuckled while Sebastian rolled his eyes.

“Come on we’ll show you around the place, you’re gonna love it,” Sebastian said as he draped his arm over my shoulder and walked me towards the building.

Chris walked beside me with a smile on his face. “So, what are we doing first?” I asked.

“Table read. So you’ll get to meet the rest of the cast,” Chris smiled at me as he spoke. “You ready to meet everyone?” my nerves were at an all-time high, have I done the right thing by taking this job? As a huge Marvel fan, I didn’t want to screw it up and my nerves were telling me that I would. I wouldn’t, would I?

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