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Clay Jensen One Shot

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Hey it’s Clay. Clay Jensen. Don’t adjust your… whatever media you’re reading this on. It’s me, alive and ready. Ready to tell you the story of how I met [your full name]. But let’s start at the beginning, when she first walked into Liberty High. After all, every story has an origin.

Second week into school and I noticed from my locker that everyone was staring at the entrance door. I tilted my head to see what they were all staring at and there she was. Her hair was all wet which I presumed was from the rain. She didn’t acknowledge the stares as she approached Hannah’s locker. Suddenly I got a sense of déjà vu. My heart skipped a beat and my grip on my lock tightened. Well wasn’t the whole situation ironic. I caught a quick glimpse of her and I couldn’t help to think, was this revenge for everything I had done, more so hadn’t done for Hannah? Was this some kind of punishment to just remind me of my failure? I loosened my grip and took in a deep breath. I looked back and caught her staring at me. I closed my locker door and averted my eyes away from her. I wasn’t going to make the same mistake twice. Of course we had a couple of classes together, and I found out her name was [y/n], but I kept my distance. Little did I know, I was eventually going to fall into the trap.

A couple weeks had gone by, and it was raining so much that one couldn’t see where they were headed. I was riding my bike back home and found myself plugged in with my headphones. I wasn’t paying much attention to my surroundings. I couldn’t hear the loud honk of the car. It’s beaming lights blinded me causing me to hit the sidewalk and hurt myself badly. I pivoted my body to the side to cause less damage. Unfortunately, I felt warm blood slowly trickling down the right side of my head. I touched my forehead and cussed. I looked up and saw [y/n] rushing towards me. I was relieved to see she didn’t look so worried so the damage couldn’t been so bad. Even if she seemed calm, her eyes were saying something else.

                                                        ◆ ◆ ◆

Looking out the window and I just saw it happen so fast. Clay flew from his bike straight to the pavement. The moment he fell the car just drove off. Asshole. I ran out and went to see him. I bend and grabbed his shoulder.

You: “Hey are you…” *looks at his head wound* “Wow that looks bad, umm come inside, I’m sure I can find something…”

Clay: *lifts himself up* “I’m fine, I can go home.”

You: *irritated* “I’m not going to hurt you Clay. Come on, let’s go inside.”

I led him towards the front porch and though the door. I brought him upstairs to my room and told him to stay there while I fetched the first aid kit. I came back to the room and saw him awkwardly standing.

You: “You can sit you know.”

Clay: *hesitates* “Oh um yeah.”

He sat down and I wiggled myself beside him. I opened the kit to see if there would be anything useful. I opened a disinfectant pad and cleaned the trickling blood. Once I finished that, I took a second one and warned him.

You: “This is going to hurt.”

I pressed the pad on his forehead where the injury was and felt him wince, and he cursed under his breath. As I padded the wound, I finally got to look at him in his eyes. Never had I seen him stare at me so intently, and so I was intrigued.

You: *while padding down* “I can’t believe an accident is all it took to finally meet you.”

Clay: *tilts his head* “I’m not a conversationalist, or good with people.”

You: *chuckles* “That makes two of us.”

                                                   ◆ ◆ ◆

I never spoke to her, not once. Now here I was getting nursed by her, what were the odds of that? Was this the world’s twisted way of giving me karma? Would this just end as bad as the last time? I let these thoughts run all over my mind as I stared at her. I looked at her as she finished padding down. I could see why people at school made such a big fuss about her. There was no denying that she was an attractive girl. She then searched for a band-aid, and when she found one, she started undoing it.

Clay: *raises eyebrows* “You? You’re not good with people?“

You: *smiles* “I prefer no contact. Just a few exceptions.”

Clay: *grins* “I don’t believe you.”

You: *patches him up* “It’s true. And look, you’re all good. I’d still go to see someone who actually knows what they’re doing.”

Clay: “Yeah sure, sounds good.”

You: “Don’t hurt yourself again, alright?”

Clay: *gets off from bed* “Ok. Well I should probably be on my way home.”

You: *get’s up* “You can, but you’re more than welcomed to stay.”

Her voice was soothing, and I couldn’t help to hear the hopefulness in her voice. Why was she acting this way around me? I felt my cheeks warm up a little and turned my head around quickly so she wouldn’t notice.

Clay: “Um my parents will probably start worrying about me, so I’ll just head out.”

You: *as he walks away* “I’ll see you around school.”

A few weeks have passed since I was nursed by [y/n]. I thought it was a bad idea, to get close to her. But through out the weeks I stopped to care. She’d choose to sit next to me during lunch and I didn’t mind. She never tried to impose and I never pushed her away. Sometime’s we’d talk, sometimes we’d just sit in silence. I let my anxiety slip away and eventually got close to her. And then, we had finally became friends.

During lunch time, Sky sat beside me and searched the table.

Sky: “Wow your girlfriend isn’t here?”

Clay: “She is not my girlfriend.”

Sky: “But you wish she was.” I fell silent and kept eating my food, “I’m sorry, did I say something wrong?” *smirks* “Didn’t picture you the popular type Jensen.”

Clay: *sighs* “ She is not… I don’t even know why I’m having the conversation with you.”

Sky: “Why don’t you stop being such a wuss and move on.”

Clay: *looks at her* “Do you even remember the last time? What happened when I got close to Hannah?”

Sky: “Oh yeah let’s all pity Clay. Please, the world didn’t revolve around Hannah Baker. She was high school kid with a shitty life and some issues, like the rest of us. Enough of her. It’s time for you to let go. If anyone should have a not so shitty life, it’s you.”

I took in a deep breath and let her words sink in. Oh the irony.

Clay: “Are you getting sappy with me? Did you just try to comfort me?” *laughs*

Sky: *dead serious stare* “Don’t make me regret this.”

Clay: “I heard you.”

Sky: “So what are you still doing here?”

It took me a second to realize what she was insinuating. I got up before she can can physically assault me and went to look for [y/n].

                                                    ◆ ◆ ◆

The library always brought me some kind of peace where I can just manage all my thoughts. I had been invited by several people to Bryce’s party this evening. But I already had made other plans, a surprise actually. And parties weren’t really for me. I wondered though what it’d be like to go with Clay. To finally hold his hand and smile at each other like no one else was in the room. My heart fluttered to the idea but I pushed it away as I thought that would unlikely ever happen. Then I saw him come in the library, he scanned the whole room and smiled when he saw me. He approached me and pulled up a chair to sit beside me.

Clay: “Working on another assignment?”

You: *sighs* “Do they ever end?”

Clay: *smirks* “Do you need help?”

You: “I think I’ve got this, thanks.” *smiles*

I couldn’t help to see that he looked like he was trying to say something but couldn’t form the right words.

You: “Are you okay? You look a little shaken up.”

Clay: “You mean me? I’m fine.”

You: *shrugs* “Alright well did you hear Bryce is having a party tonight?”

Clay: *sarcastically* Yeah I actually heard. It’s not like the whole school knows.“

You: *grins* “Well I was invited by several people.”

Clay:  "So… does that mean you’re going?“

You: "Nah I’m not a party person, and Bryce is an ass. Besides we’ve got plans.”

Clay: *looks nervous* “Um so yeah about… *shakes his head* "Wait we have plans? I wasn’t aware.”

You: “Meet me at the Crestmont for seven. Don’t be late.” *bell rings* “Oh we should be heading to class.”

I packed up all my stuff and tried not to show my excitement as we both left the library. Later that evening I fixed myself a little and made my way to the Crestmont. I got the whole surprise ready, and waited patiently until he came.

                                                      ◆ ◆ ◆

I rode my bike to the theater. I checked my phone and it was just 6:58. I wasn’t sure what to expect, after all the theater was closed tonight for renovation. I left my bike in the back where I knew no one would try to steal it. I came back to the front and there she was. She waved as she put a strand of hair behind her ear. I smiled back, admiring her.

You: *smiles widely* “You made it.”

Clay: *sarcastically* “Actually I had made other plans, but um, I decided to come here.” *shrugs*

You: *rolls eyes playfully* “Well come inside, I’ve got a great surprise.”

I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I followed her in. We walked towards the end of the theater where there was a room being unoccupied due to the renovation. She opened the door and I couldn’t believe it. The room was unfinished, the chairs were put but there was no big screen or curtains. The surround system was already installed but the walls were bland with no light, so it would’ve been completely dark if it weren’t for the light of the projector. Also the image it produced emitted enough light to recognize my surroundings. The projector was set in front of the soon to be large screen. It displayed a menu to play the movie, Lord of the Rings. I looked around the large room and paid attention towards a couple of seats behind the projector. I saw they were being occupied by bags of popcorn and candy. I looked over at her and couldn’t help but to grin like an idiot.

Clay: *surprised* “Wow, this is–”

You: *frowns* “Please don’t say too much.”

Clay: *shakes head* “No, this is pretty cool, but Lord of the Rings? You could have picked a movie we both would have enjoyed.”

You: *shocked* “Are you kidding me? Clay, I didn’t think you out of all people would make such an assumption.”

Clay: *grins* “Well I’m sorry for not knowing you’re a bigger nerd than me.”

You: *playfully elbows his side* “Don’t push it. And for your information, I love these movies. I even got the special edition with the extra content in the film. So it’s going to be a long movie.”

The answer surprised me, and I actually felt some weird feeling in my chest. I felt my nerves kick in and feel it in my stomach. She made her way to the seats and I followed. She picked up the bag of popcorn and I held the bag of skittles. We both sat down beside each other. She pulled out two bottles of ice tea from her bag and offered me one. I grabbed it and placed it in the cup holder. I thought about it, and this whole situation seemed too good for me. With every second I tried to calm myself. I didn’t deserve all of this, and maybe this is the world setting me up for my own self destruction. Or was Sky right and maybe, just maybe I might not have such a shitty life after all.

Clay: *laughs* “You’re still a big nerd. Who would have thought.”

You: “I’m full of secrets. Now let’s enjoy the next 3 hours and 46 minutes of pure greatness.”

She pulled out the remote for the projector and pressed play.

                                                        ◆ ◆ ◆

And that’s what we did, we watched the entire film. Not one single word spoken between us, just the sharing of our snacks. I stared at him a couple of times because he finally looked comfortable. When he’d catch me staring, I’d look away embarrassed. Sometimes, I noticed he was watching me, and that made me a little nervous. At some point I felt tired and placed my head against his shoulder. I think he was taken back because at first he kind of jerked. But seconds after he relaxed.

The movie ended and I lifted my head. I took the remote and went back to the main menu of the movie. I didn’t want to turn it off because then there would be no light in the room. We had finished the popcorn, candy and the drinks so we put them together in one bag. I looked over to see his reaction and he had a neutral look.

You: “I’m sure you’ve seen this many times just like me.”

Clay: “You have no idea…” *looks up at you and looks at phone* “It’s getting late.”

You: “Yeah it is.”

There was an ongoing stare being engaged by both of us, and my heart actually started to race a little. It felt like none of us truly wanted to leave.

Clay: “Well… we can always stay. Actually I’ve got a good place we can hang.”

You: *tries not to sound too excited* “Okay well lead the way.”

I carried the trash outside the room while following him. I threw it away and I was right behind him. He took me up a flight of stairs, until he opened the door and I could feel the cold, fresh breeze hit my face. We were on the roof of the Crestmont. He then sat almost close to the ledge, in front of the building. I joined him and started looking up.

You: “Do you always come up here?”

Clay: “It’s kind of my hang out. When I’m on my lunch I always come up here. Brings me a sense of nostalgia.”

You: “Nostalgic about what?”

He looked at me and looked like he was hesitating. I didn’t want to put him in a difficult position. I guess I asked a hard question, because he started fidgeting with his hands. I didn’t want to pressure him into something he didn’t want to get into. So I put my hand over his and gave him a reassuring nod.

You: “You don’t have to tell me if you don’t want to.”

He took a deep breath and started telling me the story of Hannah Baker. He cared about her; I could tell by the way he spoke about her. My heart fell while hearing everything that had happened to her. No person ever deserved that. I was able to tell Clay was the only person in her life that shed some light to the darkness she felt. Then he got to the part of the tapes, and clenched my fists of the idea Bryce raping any woman. And his friend Jeff dying, that I could tell was one of the hardest things for him. I encouraged him to keep going my giving his hand a squeeze. Then he looked down talking about his own tape. He didn’t even want to look at me. He was holding in so much guilt and shame; he didn’t think he did enough. I was almost tearing, but I gave his hand a little squeeze again when he was done.

You: “Why isn’t Bryce behind bars?”

Clay: “He’s got people covering his ass; he can basically get away with murder.”

You: “He essentially did, she deserves justice, both her and Jessica.”

Clay: *sighs* “I know but the story is a lot more complicated.”

You: “I see well I hope that son of a bitch does end up going to jail. I’m sorry about Hannah, and Jeff. They deserved better and seemed like really good people. Good to you.”

Clay: *looks at you* “Maybe, if Jessica finally realizes that she should go to the police about her rape. Honestly, sometimes I wish I could have been more involved. I wish I could have told Jeff to stay that night. I wish I could have seen that Hannah was slowly being destroyed by everyone around her. I could have helped her. She was crying for help and no one noticed.”

You: “By the sound of it, she had a lot to deal with it. And most people going through these types of issues would rather let their destruction hit them, like with Jess. And even if they wanted to get help, they don’t know how to approach people about it. So they hope someone might notice, and that person would approach them. And sadly, most of them times it’s not obvious. She made her choice. And in the end, you can’t save those who don’t want to be saved.”

Clay: *sighs* “I haven’t spoken about Hannah in a while.”

You: “It’s obvious you cared for her. And I think it’s really sweet that you have such great memories of her. Just never blame yourself for it. This wasn’t your fault.”

Clay: *looks at you* “Hannah was the first girl, well that I ever had strong feelings for. And I think that’s why it was so hard on me.”

I noticed a little tear coming out of the corner of his eye. I brought my hand to his cheek and wiped it off with my thumb.

You: “You loved her?”

He just nodded his head upon and looked down. I took my hand away from his face. It broke my heart to see him completely vulnerable. But he looked up, with some kind of determination in his face. He looked up at me and said something that surprised me.

Clay: “But I think it’s time for me to move on.”

I saw him take a quick glimpse at my lips and leaned in. I felt his soft lips against mine and my heart was slamming in my chest. I wasn’t expecting it after everything he had just told me. But it felt right, so right. I kissed him in back and wrapped my hands on the the back of his neck to bring him closer. Everything around me seemed to disappear. It was just me and him.

                                                         ◆ ◆ ◆

I swallowed my nerves and went for the kiss. She put her hands on the back of my neck and drew me closer. All my nerves were replaced by adrenaline. I could feel the heat radiate from all over my body. I slipped my hands onto her waist and gave her hips a nice squeeze. I could hear a moan escape from under her breath. My heart started beating really fast. I realized that I was slowly pushing her towards the ground. I kissed her deeper, as she eventually ended up lying on the ground. She pressed her whole body against mine and that drove me crazy. Good crazy. My right hand traced the side of her body, outlining her curves. I got a panic feeling and stopped kissing her. She looked at me confused.

Clay: “I just want to make sure this is all okay with you.”

She looked at me with wonder in her eyes. She gave me light kiss on my lips and told me to get up. I got off her and we sat down again beside each other.

You: “So do I. Listen I don’t want you to feel uncomfortable with stuff like this.”

I looked at her for second before I kissed her; a slow, passionate kiss. In that moment, all I wanted was her. It wasn’t the time, and I still felt a bit anxious since the last time I kissed a girl.

Clay: “Just give me time.”

You: *grins and jokingly says* “Don’t make me wait too long alright?”

I chuckled as I gave her a light kiss. My heart was still racing from our intense kiss from before. She moved closer and put her head on my shoulder. I wrapped my arm around her waist and smiled at her.

Clay: “In truth, I don’t actually like change, but this change seems cool.”

I saw her smile while I placed a kiss on her forehead.

That is all I’m going to write or type… you know what I mean. This story doesn’t have an ending yet, but I feel the ending to this story will be different from the last. So I guess this is goodbye, for now.

See you soon,

Clay Jensen 🎧


hawkins99 (3/?)


At my doctor’s appointment today, the nurse who was checking me in and doing the preliminaries asked me if I was an athlete.  I laughed out loud…but apparently she was serious!!?!?!  I have never considered myself an athlete or even “athletic”…Maybe because for so many years of my life I wasn’t?  I don’t know.  These days, I do consider myself fairly fit, but perhaps I shouldn’t laugh about or scoff at the idea that I could be an athlete.  It’s funny…you think you’ve gotten so far past all of the negative opinions you used to hold of yourself and then something reminds you that perhaps you still have some work to do.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ For example, I am always hesitant to call myself a mountain biker–even though I am out on the trails usually at least three times a week or more–or a runner–even though I run…perhaps I should work on that.  Do I have any fancy gear or devices related to those activities?  Nope.  Am I the best at them?  NopeBut, would I withhold the label of “runner” or “mountain biker”–or “athlete“ for that matter–from others just because they weren’t the best or the most well-outfitted or techy?  NOPE.  Hmmmm.  Something to think about, I suppose.

In other news, it was a damn fine day!  The weather was no less than perfect!  I got up early to go to the bake sale some of my gym friends were having at their offices, brought back treats for my environmental engineers group from Samsung (some of my favorite people), left at 1 to meet my friend Shannon for a patio lunch, mailed my Tumblr Secret Valentine package, and then spent the last three hours on my bike and walking Walter!  Now: waiting for the husband to get home so we can go out for MORE patio dining–hello Greek salad and happy hour sangria–within walking distance!!!! ;)

Hey hey, long time no see.

An anon asked me on my other blog if I knew where this picture was. I had no idea, I probably deleted it from here and my laptop, but while I was cleaning up my external hard drive I saw it on one of the folders. So, if mystery anon still wanted it, there it is.

And the rest of you have a good day. ;)

Dear Journal,

Today i took Sirius to the beach! It was the perfect day for it! The sun was shinny and the air was warm. We ate breakfast and packed the car with a volley ball, a lunch and towels. Sirius had to borrow on of my swimming suits because he didn’t have any.

“Having a boyfriend is great! Imagine if I had a girlfriend? What would I wear on the beach? A bikini?!” He laughed.

Once the car was ready, i kissed mum goodbye and went for a drive with my Sirius. The beach was a hour away from home but I really wanted to show it to Sirius. During the ride, Sirius was jamming to some muggle rock band while sipping a kid fruit juice he fell in love with since he got here. His fingers were tapping on the outside of the car to the beat of the music. When we were close to the beach I could smell the salt in the warm air.

“I see the beach there!” Sirius said, pointing outside of his window.

“Are you excited?” I asked, laying my hand on his thigh.

“Yes! Can we pick up seashells?” He asked.

“We can love.” I smiled at him.

When we arrived, i parked the car and Sirius ran on the beach. It made me laugh. He ran up to me and picked me up on his back. We were both laughing. Once we were changed into our swimming suits, we went in the sea. The water was freezing! Sirius had salty water in his eyes and i had to guide his blind self to our towels. Then, we picked up seashells. The goal was to find the bigger one. Sirius actually found a starfish! It was sticking to his cheek!

“It loves you Pads!” I giggled.

“I’m never taking it of my cheek!” He giggled.

But he eventually put it back because he didn’t want it to die. We put all the seashells in a wooden box and ate our home-made sandwiches. We spent the rest of the day playing volleyball, kissing and swimming in the cold water. Sirius’ hair were even curlier than they usually are which made me smile. He looked beautiful.

On our way back home, Sirius was telling me about a new motorcycle prototype that was coming soon. He looked so passioned by it.

“I miss my bike.. I can’t wait to go back to James’ this summer to use it!” He said.

“Are you going to give your boyfriend a ride?” I asked.

“Of course I will. Imagine if I picked you up to go on a date.. How hot would that be?” He laughed.

“Speaking if dates, when is Regulus and Sophie’s date?”

“It’s tonight I think! He said he would owl me the minute he got back..” he smiled.

“I’m glad you two made up. You’re both so happy now.” I said.

“I’m also glad we did… It’s like I have this part of familly that will always love me..”

“I will always love you Pads”

“Oh my dear Moony, I will love you until all the stars in our galaxy disapear..” he said, bending to kiss my cheek.

When we arrived home, we took a shower to remove all the sand and salt in our hair. Sirius’ whole body smelt like me now because he had to use my body wash! We layed down in bed, feeling exhausted from our day. I snuggled close to Sirius all freshly clean and smelt his hair. They still smelt a bit like salt. Our legs were tangled and our arms were around eachother. I think i fell asleep first because when I did, Sirius was still softly playing with my hair.

February 22nd 1976


Requested by @lollipoppopsicles. Hope you like it:) (Y/F/N= Your First Name. Y/L/N= Your Last Name) 

You P.O.V 

“Come on Y/N, if you want this to be your best performance you.re going to have to work a lot harder!” My manager shouted from the front of the stage. I was doing rehearsals for my performance at this year’s VMA’S and I’m so nervous. I’ll be performing my single ‘Side to Side’.

“I am trying alright!” I shouted back, the exhaustion to getting to me causing me to snap at her. “Look I’m sorry. I am trying” I said, rubbing my forehead, trying to get rid of my headache.

“It’s okay. Let’s run it through one more time and then you can have a break” she said, smiling slightly at me. I nodded and sighed about to get on my exercise bike when I heard a shouted “Go get em’ babe!”. I turned and saw my boyfriend, Justin Bieber standing next to my manager. I smiled, blowing him a kiss.

I turned and swung my right leg over the seat of the bike and lifted myself so my bum was on the seat. I place my feet on the peddle and made sure my heeled shoe doesn’t slip. Yeah, I’m rehearsing in heels but my manager made me.

The music started and I began to sing. As I was doing my choreography on my broke, my foot slipped and bent in a weird angle making me yell in pain, the noise echoing though out the arena due to my headset on my head.

“Stop the music!” I yelled, getting of my bike. I tried to walk but I fell to the ground, next to my bike.

“what happened Y/N?” My manager asked as her and Justin ran towards me. Justin knelt down next to me, grabbing my ankle and tried to move it gently making me hiss and tears left my eyes. He looked at my face and wiped my tears, kissing me gently muttering that it’s going to be fine.  

“I don’t know, my foot just slipped and bent” I said, being pulled up by Justin. I rested my head on his shoulder as he carried me out to the car, bridal style.

“Okay, we’ll take you to the hospital now” My manager, Amy, said. I nodded. He placed me in the back seat so I could stretch my leg. Amy got in the passage seat and Justin was obviously driving.

“Do you think you’ll be able to perform tonight?” Amy asked, turning to look at me. I also saw Justin glance at me through his mirror.

“I think I should be able to, it’s not broken I don’t think” I said, trying to twist my ankle but hissed when a sharp pain ran the my ankle.

“Oi, don’t twist it” Justin said as he parked the car. He opened the door and pulled me out gently, lifting me up bridal style. I sighed, this would have to happen to me.

“Okay, you have a sprained ankle. It should be fine by tomorrow but you can wear this tight sock to help with the pain” the doctor said, as he began to pull the tight boot on my foot. (I don’t know if this happens I’m improvising).

“She has a performance tonight; do you think she’ll be able to do it?” Amy asked, crossing her arms her full attention on the doctor.

“Yeah, her sprain isn’t serious, the boot should help so you can perform smoothly” he said, smiling at me. I nodded and got up. I walked and felt hardly any pain, just a dull feeling making me sigh in relief.

“Okay thank you doctor” I said, patting his arm and walked out the door. I felt Justin close to me making me turn to him.

“What’s wrong?” I asked, waiting for Amy at the car. He sighed and leaned against the car.

“I was worried about you. You really scared me” he said, placing his hands on my waist pulling me into him, his back now pressed against the car.

“I’m sorry babe” I said, leaning up and kissed his lips. I heard sigh and run his hand up my back the back of my head. I smiled through the kiss and pulled away.

“Come on love birds” Amy said, tapping my shoulder. I giggled and pecked his lips once more before fully pulling away.


“Okay, remember, make sure your foot doesn’t slip of the pedal” Amy said, standing next to me. I nodded at her, taking one more look at myself in the mirror. I was wearing a white crop top and white trousers. My hair was in a high ponytail and I had a pink had on.

“Okay” I said, walking onto the stage and onto my bike, waiting to be introduced.

“Our next performer is new on the scene but definitely blew us away with her new hit single, performing ‘Side to Side’ with a sprained ankle, Y/F/N Y/L/N”

The music began and I began singing and doing my choreography. It was so much fun to perform my song for the first time, hell, this is the first time I’m performing at all.

“If you wanna Minaj I got a tricycle” Nicki rapped the last line. The arena erupted with claps and screams from the fans. I smiled looking around. I saw Justin and Amy in the front row, jumping up and down making me giggle. I turned to Nicki and hugged her.

“You did amazing!” Justin shouted, running into my dressing room as I was taking a drink from my bottle of water.

“Really?” I asked, screwing the cap back on my water bottle. Justin walked to me and hugged me tight.

“I’m so proud of you. I knew you could do it” He said, pulling away so he could see my face. He placed his hands on both sides of my face and pulled me to him, kissing me on the lips. I smiled through the kiss. He pulled away put pecked my lips again.

“ Thank you babe” I said, kissing him again, making him smile this time. 

Sorry for any mistakes<3        

We don’t like each other tag || Danisnotonfire

A/N: So this is an idea I had some time ago. I decided to write it and upload it today. I think it’s the longest imagine I have ever written. I hope you don’t mind.

Word count: 1,8 K

Summery: Dan and Y/N are both youtubers who meet again for a very special video. Love/Hate 

“Hey lovelies” I smiled and waved towards the camera that I had set up in front of my bed. It was my usual filming location but something was different today. I still wasn’t sure if my idea was a terrible or an incredibly good one.

“Today I have a little different video for you.” I excitedly exclaimed although my stomach was twisting and turning. I was so nervous I thought I’d throw up right onto the lens of my Canon.

“I have a special guest here. It’s someone who you would have never expected to see on this channel. Believe me, I’m kinda shocked, too. Anyways please welcome Dan Howell aka danisnotonfire” I announced to my viewers.

Dan suddenly jumped into the picture frame, smiling towards the camera.

“Hello Internet.” he said, trying hard not to cringe.

Stupid nostalgic signature phrase. Dan sat down on the bed next to me, careful to not let our bodies touch while doing so. I took a quick glance at him. He was wearing a jumper with zippers on his shoulders. What a dump invention. It seemed like he got even taller since the last time I had seen him, but that was impossible. Freaking giant.

“So the reason for our surprising collaboration is that I came up with a new Youtube video idea.

It’s called the ‘We don’t like each other tag'”

Dan couldn’t hide a slight smile as I said that.

“Great idea.” Dan sarcastically whispered under his breath, knowing well enough that I could hear him. Loud and clear. Asshole.

I shot him a warning look before I continued talking to the camera.

“What you don’t know is that me and Dan have known each other for a really long time. We actually went to the same kindergarten, primary school and high school.” I told my viewers.

Dan nodded. “Yeah, we have sadly known each other for that long.”

I snorted through my nose, enraged. He just sat there and cockily grinned.

“Right. So during all those years Dan got taller and even more arrogant but one thing didn’t change.

We never liked each other.” I explained.

Although that wasn’t entirely true. There was a time when we could stand each other quite well. That moment lasted for 10 seconds.

“Didn’t like is such an understatement. We hated each other.” Dan added, like the know-it-all he has always been.

For the split of a second I felt hurt sting in my chest, like a mean bee had made it’s way to my heart.

I shook it off and reminded myself that I had hated him too. I still do.

“So I have prepared a few question that we are going to ask each other. I thought they’d be fun or hard to do. It’s basically like the ‘Best friend tag’ just played with your biggest enemy.”

I had written questions on slips of paper and put them all into bowl. I gulped hard as I took the first slip out.

“What’s your favourite physical feature about each other ?” I read out loud.

Why I’m a doing this ?! That’s such a stupid question. Why did I write that down. Oh yeah, because I wanted to know his answer to it.

I eyed him up and down as if I had to search for something decent looking about him. I had spent my whole childhood with him. His chocolate brown eyes, his fluffy hair, or his damn dimples, yes I was well acquainted with those features.

“I guess your face is alright.” I answered nonchalantly, although I was actually sitting on needles. My hands were sweaty and my heart racing. Alright was such an understatement.

“Thanks.” Dan smirked and started to check me out.

I felt his streaking eyes travel over my body. His gaze made me feel vulnerable and insure, just like the shy me back in high school. Dan’s eyes landed on my chest. Although I wasn’t showing a lot of cleavage his eyes were glued to my breasts.

He cheekily grinned.

“I guess my favourite physical feature of yours have to be your boobs.” he told me completely unashamed.

Dan took a last glance at my chest before he said. “Boobs, yeah definitely.”

I rolled my eyes, totally infuriated.

Now it was his turn to reach into the bowl and pick a question.

“We don’t you like each other ?” He read out loud,with his posh British accent that reminded me of our home town.

Well that sounded like a question that could simply be answered, right ? Wrong.

I breathed in deeply.

“Your oh so sweet danisnotonfire ripped all my doll’s heads off in kindergarten.”

I stated jokingly, knowing that it wasn’t a legit argument.

Dan couldn’t stop himself from laughing at the memory. His laugh sounded through my Londoner apartment, it hadn’t changed a single bit.

“Your revenge was to push me into some bushes on the way home, remember?” Dan asked still laughing and I couldn’t help but join in. But things got way too serious way too soon again.

“In primary school Dan told everyone I had a contagious disease and nobody talked to me for a week.” I hissed, remembering all the pointing fingers and disgusted faces my friends made. He has always been mean and I never knew why.

“Wow, I was a genius even back then.” Dan said with a smirk. “Let’s not forget that you poured water onto my lap and told everyone I had wet myself a week after.” His voice sounded hurt. I bet his week wasn’t really amusing either, having everyone thing he still wets his pants.

Well, looks like I wasn’t the nicest little girl either. My actions where always based on revenge though. Never had I ever started one of our fights. I just made sure that Dan wouldn’t run over me completely. Compared to high school those years where the easy ones. Our biggest rivalry hadn’t even started yet.

As soon as we touched the topic we started shouting all of the things we did to each other in high school into each others faces. That list was long and I still hadn’t forgiven him for some of his actions.

We were both in wild rage. If we were not in our twenties I bet we would have already picked a physical fight.

“You embarrassed me in front of my crush.” I shouted, my cheeks flustered.

“He never talked to me again.”

“Oh really ? Because I heard you blew him in the bathroom stall two days later.” Dan spat into my face.

My eyes widened in shock. Sudden disgust filled my veins. Blood was rushing to my cheeks. I evilly glared at Dan who was sitting opposite me now.

“How dare you accuse me of that, you stupid prick. Who the fuck even told you that ?” I hissed,my eyes were formed to slits by now.

“You didn’t ?!” Dan suddenly asked completely surprised and dumbfounded.

I shook my head in disbelief.

“Of course not. You were the one who always told me that I’m a lame prude !” I shouted on top of my lungs. Anger was pulsing through my veins. I should have really named it 'The we hate each other tag’  Yes, I did hate Dan Howell, everybody’s favourite Youtuber.

Dan had grown silent, although I wasn’t done yet. I was way to mad to notice that the camera was still recording. I didn’t notice that the way he looked at me had changed either.

“Do you actually know what hurt me most ? Do you even realize why I actually hated you in high school, Daniel Howell ? It fucking hurt when you kissed me behind the bike shed but invited my best friend to prom.” I wasn’t even screaming anymore. My voice was low and reproachful. Tears were welling in my eyes. I couldn’t believe that I actually, after all those years, opened up and told him.

“It was such a dick move of yours and it hurt so bad.” I whispered tears streaming down my face.

Dan stared at me like a lightning had hit him. His mouth was slightly opened, as if he was searching for the right words to say.

“Wait, you liked me ?!” Dan asked plain panic written all over his face.

“You idiot ! Of course I did, why else would I push you into the freaking bushes?!” I shouted between sobs.

“That doesn’t make sense at all !” He exclaimed, his eyes worriedly flickering to the salty tears that rolled down my cheeks.

“Wait again, so when I kissed you behind the bike shed you actually.. like wanted me to ?” he asked confused. As my hot tears had reached my chin I wiped them away with the back of my hand.

“I had waited for you to kiss me since I knew what kissing was. What for god’s sake made you think I didn’t ?” I confessed for the first time in my life. Damn, yes. I wanted him to kiss me so bad.

Dan started shaking his head. He ran his huge hands through his fluffy brown hair.

“No, no, no. You can’t be telling me that you liked me ?! I still remember when I finally found all the courage to kiss you that day. You had to stand on your tiptoes to reach my face and it was our first kiss ever. I was shaking so hard that I nearly missed your mouth. Afterwards I was so scared. I thought you hated me for kissing you ! I’m sorry, I should have never asked your friend out. I just thought you were way out of my league.”

Dan was totally devastated when he realized what he had done and what future he had destroyed. He buried his head into his hands, whispering “I am such an ass.” again and again.

“Daniel, I would very much enjoy kissing you.” I heard myself say. Seconds later Dan’s head shot up and he looked at me with wide eyes. I shot him an assuring smile before he carefully cupped my cheeks with his large palms. My eyes shot close and then finally he crashed his lips onto mine and set fireworks off in my body. They exploded in my chest and the pit of my stomach, sending a tingly feeling through my inside. I had seen and felt that overwhelming firework before. About 8 years ago, when we kissed for the first time behind the bike shed. Since then I have waited for that sensation to return. It finally did.



Part One

Theo x Reader / Scott x Reader

Warnings: Dom!Scott, Dom!Theo, Sub!Reader, Heavy hints of smut, swearing, sex, smut

“Would you mind telling me what’s wrong with him?” Deaton sighed as Scott seemed to loll around the vets.


“Urm well, Theo turned up at college with this girl, cute thing like this high and apparently, according to Liam and Scott she smells like…” Stiles indicated at Scott as he was interrupted.


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It only took me like 2 weeks but I finally got to take my art home!!!

Game of Hearts


Can I get an angst Jimin scenario where you’re being used as a bet?? You can decide the ending & thank you so much!!!

Originally posted by bangthebae

A/N: Okay I haven’t really angst-ed in a while and the anon from the other day (I wish you had given me your name) suggested I filter some of my negative thoughts and feelings through more angst. So, taking her suggestion, I’m going to go back to my angst-ing ways Warning, Bangtan is portrayed as complete assholes here. Sorry :P 

Also, on a much more serious note, warnings of violence, abuse and other triggering content.  

Game of Hearts  pt. 1

Jimin saw her everyday.
She was a small, timid little thing. She was shy, nervous and quiet.
She was the first thing he saw in the mornings when they both came to grab the morning paper off the welcome mat, and every night when she stepped out to throw out the trash.
She wasn’t that interesting to be honest.
Too quiet for Jimin’s taste.
She was plain and almost boring and her level of shy was strange. She constantly wore oversized turtle necks, no matter what the weather, and pulled at the material to cover any and all skin that was exposed.
Quite strange if anyone asked him.
And then there was her douchebag boyfriend.
Every once in a while Jimin would hear arguments through the dry wall, from who he assumed was her boyfriend. There would be shouts and screams, mostly from his part, but Jimin never bothered to interfere. It wasn’t any of his business, right? So why bother?
Jimin always steered clear of his next door neighbor and paid her no mind.

That being said, Jimin had the cruelest friends.  

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Juice One Shot

Title: Meeting The Family

Imagine that you have been dating Juice for a while and that he spends most nights at your apartment. Juice has met your family and friends but you have yet to meet his family, so he suggests that you go to a party to meet them.

“I think your dad hates me” Juice states as he watches I trying to find the right key to unlock my apartment door.

“Dad doesn’t hate you, he just didn’t expect you to have a shaved head and tattoos to match” I sent Juice a sorry look as I take in his form, leaning on the wall outside my apartment “I also kind of forgot to mention that part about you and the MC and how you own half of a weed shop”

“If you had told him any of that before the diner, I would never have stepped foot inside your parents house and how can you say he didn’t hate me! He was sending me glares all night and I swear to god if he shook my hand any tighter I would have broken something.” We both cant help but laugh at this and suddenly anyone watching us could immediately tell our ages as we finally got into the apartment.

“Can you blame him! throughout the full dinner you where practically groping his youngest daughter for the full night” I laugh while walking into the toilet and begin to take off my make-up.

“I cant hep it if his daughter is so god damn sexy in this dress” Juan says while coming up behind me and biting my bare shoulder.

“Hey watch it!” I giggle as he places a gentle kiss where he bit me.

“Better princess?” he teases while taking off his dress shirt, I reply by sticking out my tounge to him. I proceed to remove my make-up and jewellery while watching Juice in the mirror as he got naked and into the shower “Like what you see?”

“Maybe” I smile while placing my earrings next to the bathroom sink

“You wanna come join me baby?” Juice offers and I let out a loud and totally fake laugh.

“Ha you wish lover boy” This time it was him sticking his tongue out to me. I made my way into the bed room and removed my short red dress replacing it with one of Juices SAMCRO t-shirts and deciding to not wear anything underneath. I move onto the bed and get under the blankets before pulling my hair into a messy bun on the top of my head. Not long after I had turned off all the lights and snuggled in for the night Juice got out of the shower, dried off before pulling on a pair of boxers and climbing into bed next to me. His arms instantly wrap around my waist as he pulls me back tightly into his hard chest.

“I love when you wear my stuff babe” Juicy whispers while leaving soft kisses on my neck and squeezing my sides softly. I hum in response moving my head round to catch his lips before they made contact with my neck again. He smiles as I do this a deep chuckle vibrating his full chest as I turn my body to face his.

“I love when I wear your stuff” I smirk giving his lips a final peck before moving to leave butterfly kisses on his broad shoulders

“God I love when you kiss my body baby” I giggle as he says this throw my leg over his waist before he takes matters into his own hands, gripping my naked ass he moves my body to lay on top of his. I continue to kiss my way around his chest, neck and face.

“Can I ask you something?” Juan asks as I begin moving my body down his, my kisses reaching my stomach. I nod my head but don’t stop the kisses, running my hands up his chest. “Have you got any plans for Friday night?” his voice shook as I left a couple of wet opened mouthed kisses on top of his v-line.

“Why *kiss* what do you *kiss* have in mind?” I whisper quietly my warm breath hitting of the skin just before where his boxers started, my fingers ready to pull them down.

“There’s going to be a party at the clubhouse the boys said I should bring my girl” I froze mid kiss and retract my hands from pull down the underwear before looking up into Juices eyes.

“You want me to meet the guys?” I question shock clear in my voice, he had told me plenty of stories about his brothers and kept me in the loop about the clubs business but had never asked me to meet them before.

“Well yeah, I mean I've met all of your friends and I’ve most of your  family so I think you should meet mine” Their is a huge smile on Juices face and the love in his eyes that’s always their when he talks about his family.

“Are you sure? I mean what if they don’t like me?” His smile softens as he brings my body up to lay next to his as he lets a soft laugh leave his mouth at my worried face

“They are going to love you just like I do, don’t worry about it babe” I give him a soft nod reassuring him that I was fine “Okay, now lets get back to what we where doing” Juan smirks as he latches his lips onto my neck, positioning himself between my legs. And as Juice did his thing all I could think about was meeting the most important people in Juice’s life

I through my head back as Juice rode down the highway, ever since I had started dating Juice I had grown an un-healthy obsession with motor bikes. As we drive towards the clubhouse for me to finally meet Juice’s family, riding on the back of his bike helps to de-stress my body.

 After a few more minutes on the highway we take a cut off, driving down a quite road and when I see the “Welcome to Charming” sign the butterfly’s returned to my stomach. It took minutes for us to reach the streets of Charming and it was as if we had an immediate presence in the town, as soon as we had hit the streets their was always eyes on us. Passers by looked our way either just taking a glance or staring until we where out of sight. Juice had told me about the reputation that the club had in the town but I had no idea that it was this intense, this realisation did not help my butterfly’s but added to them. A huge amount of pressure forming as a weight on my shoulders.

“You ready babe” Juice said over his shoulder as we pulled into a lot "Welcome to TM" I took in the empty garage that stood to my left but the thing I notices straight away was the lit up clubhouse which stood straight ahead of us. As Juice parked his bike I took in the bikers out side the building along with girls in tight short skirts immediately making me feel self conscious. My eyes leave the building as one biker with the same patch as Juice has on everywhere he went ‘Sons of Anarchy’ it read and its how I had first noticed Juan. I hadn’t been paying attention to what was going on and by the time I had come out of my daze Juice was off the bike and waiting for me to follow.

“You okay?” Juice asks as I snap out of my gaze but I don’t keep my gaze on him for long as my gaze averts back to the clubhouse where more men in patched vests hovering outside the entrance of the clubhouse. “Hey, baby” a hand comes to pull my chin towards him giving me a confused look as I stay rooted on the bike

“What if they don’t like me” The frown in his brow deepening as his look of confusion spreads as I rise to my feet removing the helmet from my head standing in front of Juan "I mean what if they don’t and you have to choose? You couldn’t pick me over your family and I don’t think that I could handle that and-“ Two rough hands pull my hips towards Juices and my lips are captured by his mesmerising pair, my hands move on their own up to the back of his head as he presses his body against mine making me have to lean against the bike for support. Pulling back for breath Juice rests his forehead against mine his big brown eyes staring into mine a look of determination in is eyes

“They are going to love you and you are going to love them, please baby for me, give them a chance and if you don’t like it then we can leave I promise” Juice removes his head from mine taking my hand in his and before I can answer their is shouting behind us

“Come on Juicy Boy get yer lassie in here the now the party’s just starting brother!” A Scottish accent comes from somewhere behind us among the group of me and I cant help the nervous but exited smile that comes to my face.

“Come on, I need to meet these crazy people” I laugh lightly puling Juice with my and over to the group, he soon matches my pace. As we drew closer to the boys I watched as their eyes innocently took in my body. I had decided on wearing black high wasted jeans, a lace crop top and my worn in black docmartins. There where no other women outside anymore, all of them having retreated inside for some reason, but the guys made up for the girls absence.

“And how in the bloody name of hell did you manage to get a lassie like this Juicy?” The same Scottish voice from earlier asked and now I could put a face to the voice. He was an older man but by no means the least attractive, he had sault and pepper hair with a goatee, he was hot. Most of them where.

“Yeah and why haven’t you brought her here before I mean you’ve been depriving us of this beautiful creature brother” This guy had dark curly hair and striking blue eyes that made me instantly find him attractive. The smiles at me brother holding out a hand for me to take, I hesitate but decide to take it “Lets get you a drink doll, let you meet everyone” The man threw his arm around me as the rest of their guys pilled in behind us all heading inside with smiles on their faces. I couldn’t see Juice anymore but I felt comfortable and safe with these guys and I trusted Juice when he said I was safe, so I followed the man inside the first thing that he got me was a shot.

this is going to be a long night

“Tig babe, where’s my man?” I question in a slurring voice after me, Alex, Fillip and Happy had downed our 100th shot of the night.

“Dunno doll…"He stood from his seat before pointing him out. He was at the sofas with Jax, Opie and Clay I smile slightly as I watch him laugh

“Lets go say high shall we boy?” They all laugh I quickly get up from my seat and walk over to Juice who didn’t see me come until I was sat down on the sofa next to him. Juan turned to me his smile widening when he saw the look on my face, he knew I was drunk.

“What’d you guys do to her?” He laughs as Chib’s takes a seat next to me

“More like what did she do to us, we wanted to stop about 20 shots ago but this lassie for yours just kept pouring them” The guys all laugh at this before entering into their own conversations as I turn my body to face Juan and he does the same a goofy smile on his face.

“What’re you laughing at?” I giggle throwing my legs over his lap and scooting closer to him my hands resting on his chest.

“I knew you’d like them” He smiles his eyes full of love and, the happiness of me getting along with the his brothers showing clearly on his face.

“What can I say, they are really nice. I like them” Juan leaned over and gave me a slow and gentle kiss before puling away the smile still dominating his face.

“I knew you would”

Hello, hello, hello and sorry it has taken so long for this but I’ve had a lot of school work to do in the last few weeks so I have been very busy. But anyway I hope you all enjoy let me know if you do and don’t forget to send me any ideas you have for Imagines or One Shots :) also sorry this isent very long or if it isn’t edited very well:/

-I had gone back to my hotel, showered and changed. I impatiently waited for noon to roll around to hop on my bike and pull up to her building again. I looked around realizing no matter where in Gotham, it always felt sketchy. With nervous hands I pressed the button by the last name ‘Kyle’-



You sat on your bed staring at your phone contemplating whether you should call this guy Derek or not. You and Happy had been broken up for about 2 weeks and you’d spent every second not at work of those 2 weeks in bed or on the couch thinking about him. How much you loved him, how much you hated him, how much you missed him, how much of an asshole he was, how long until you got over him. However, about a month ago at the deli, a guy you had seen here and there around town started talking to you in line.

A pound of ham and 30 minutes later, he had given you his number and told you to call him whenever you were free to go out and get a cup of coffee. You told him you were taken but took his number anyways and said that maybe you could hang out as friends sometime. You were never really planning to call but you also hadn’t planned to be dumped. Getting out and moving on from your confusing ex would do you some good. Picking up your phone, you pressed his name and waited for him to pick up.


“So then, he loses his balance and falls off, face first into the sand. All the little kids in the playground are looking at him like, why is this grown man on our slide?” You and Derek continue to laugh hysterically and you use the back of your hand to wipe away a couple a stray tears that had escaped and pressed your other hand to your tummy which was cramping from laughing so hard. He was telling you the story about this time he dared his brother to play around on the kiddie slide at the local playground.

You and Derek were on your 3rd cups of coffee and had been at the café going on 2 hours. You heard the bell on the door jingle but you paid no mind to it as you smiled at him and we’re thankful to finally have gotten out the house. He smiled back and reached across the table to stroke the back of your hand with his thumb. A warm blush spread across your cheeks while you smiled and looked down but looked back up quickly as you heard someone roughly clear their throat to your right.

Turning your head, you saw Happy standing there glaring at you with his trademark scowl looking a bit more pronounced than usual. Tig was standing closely behind him, smiling creepily at Derek. The two of you continued to look at each other until Derek interrupted, “Hi, can we help you Sir?” still holding your hand. Slowly turning to him, Happy’s brow furrowed a little more and a dark smirk appeared on his face, one you knew all too well. One that meant trouble. Happy looked down and saw Derek’s hand on yours and all traces of his smirk disappeared. He snarled. “Yeah, you can start by getting your fucking hand off my woman.” You rolled your eyes and squeezed Derek’s hand. “I’m not his woman. He’s my ex. We broke up a couple weeks ago.” “You got my crow inked on your back. You belong to me. No one else.”

This whole situation was beginning to make you uncomfortable since a couple of other customers had been watching as soon as the bikers had walked in and were staring with wide eyes. Trying to diffuse the situation, you pulled your hand from Derek’s and turned to Happy. “We’re just getting some coffee and talking Hap. There’s no need to cause a scene. Just leave. We can talk later if you want but let’s not do this here.” Ignoring you, Happy reached down and wrapped his fingers around your wrist, roughly pulling you out of the booth. Derek stood up and grabbed Happy’s arm trying to make him let go of you but Tig quickly stepped in, grabbing Derek by the throat and pushing him up against the side of the booth. “I wouldn’t do that if I were you.” Tig told him, still smiling. Happy on the other hand was not.

  He grabbed your head by your cheeks, squishing them, and got right in your face until the tip of his nose was touching yours. “You’re fucking mine. You got that?” All you could do was nod and hope that no one called the cops. “Good. Now go outside and wait by my bike.” Happy let go of your face and you looked to Derek who was still being held to the booth by Tig. Mouthing ‘Sorry’ to him, you grabbed your purse and pulled some money out for the bill, which Happy picked up and stuffed back in your purse. Tig let Derek go as Happy walked up to him for a final warning. He lifted up the right side of his shirt and stared Derek in the eyes. “I ever catch you around my girl again, I’ll teach you what these happy faces are about.”

Soulmate au (pt.1)

It was said that when you met your soulmate, their thoughts about you appeared on your skin. The words could change over time but were impossible to remove if they still remained. And it wasn’t particularly thrilling to know your soulmate thought you were a loser.

So a good few weeks ago I received an ask and made this post and following on from that people asked if I would consider making it into a proper fic. I told them all yes, then continued to procrastinate for a month. But at last I finally got round to it, so here is part 1!

I’ve taken out a lot of the magic, except of course the soulmate concept. Please feel free to give me some feedback, introductions are so hard! 

next part

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I’m so glad I didn’t have to work this morning.

So I was riding my bike and I was waiting at a crosswalk when I suddenly felt nauseous and hot. The feeling continues as I ride across the street and continue on my way. It subsides after 5 minutes.

At the checkout at Goodwill I was waiting for a cashier when suddenly my vision goes blurry and I feel like I’m gonna fall. It was so scary. I make it through the checkout and get outside to my bike where I just sit for like five minutes trying to make the dizziness go away.

anonymous asked: