waiting for hockney

Garam: Sooo… something’s going to appear soon?
Hockney: I’m certain! I saw something spectacular.
?: Aaaaahhhhh!!!!!
Bam: Was that Wangnan?
?: hhhhhhhhh!!!!!
Mata: Hockney, who did you bring with us?
Hockney: Don’t worry, Mata.
Urek: I’m here to save you, ladies- Garam? *tips back and trips*
Yuri: Please tell me that’s not the thing you saw.
Hockney: Ummm…
Garam: …We’re screwed.
Urek: Hey! I’m one of the strongest people in the tower, thank you very much. In fact-
Garam: Shut it.
Urek: Yes ma'am.
Yuri: …Again, that’s who’s saving us?
Bam: Mr. Mazino, could you-
Urek: Hey! You’re the baby slayer candidate! I knew Yuri would like you!
Yuri: Oh, so you finally see me. He’s the guy I was looking for.
Mata: Hey, could we stop talking and- Wait! Slayer candidate?!? Hockney, what the f*ck did you do?
Hell Joe: …
Hockney: I didn’t know!
Mata: You can see the future!
Hockney: Not the past.
Hell Joe:
Urek: Garam, how can I help you?
Garam: By shutting your mouth.
Hell Joe: …Ah, whatever! WHY ARE YOU ALL IGNORING ME?
Yuri: Bam, did you say something?
Bam: Nope.
Hell Joe: Ah f*ck it! *storms off*