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Who would win in a fight between Papa Smoke and Papa John Shitfaced?

To answer this question I’m going to start with their stats. Based on appearance, I’ve estimated how each stack up and factored in their respective status changers. Let’s start with papa smoke:

Strength: 80 (60 natural strength due to his large build, +20 because of his chest hair)
Dexterity: 25 (He looks like he tries his best but isn’t quite as good as his peers.)
Stamina: 40 (60 naturally, -20 because of the massive amounts of smoke he inhales)
Charisma: 100 (His cigar and demeanor score him big for this one. He radiates an aura of invitation and kindness.)
Agility: 10 (His large size makes him easy to hit and his weight prevents him from moving quickly)
HP: 500, but it decreases by two every second because of the smoke

Next let’s examine Papa John Shitfaced

Strength: 60 (40 naturally, but the alcohol gives him the courage to hit harder)
Dexterity: 50 (80 naturally because of his impressive skills in pizza making, but the alcohol brings him down 30 points.)
Stamina: 80 (Due to the inhibiting properties of alcohol, he feels pain to a lesser extent which allows him to fight for longer)
Charisma: 40 (Naturally 80, but the alcohol has drastically affected his ability to form sentences, let alone settle conflicts.)
Agility: 70 (Naturally 90 because of his lean build, but the alcohol subtracts 20 points)
HP: 200

So how would a fight like this go down? What strategies would each fighter try to employ? Papa John Shitfaced’s strategy involves avoiding the huge attacks of Papa Smoke, and getting quick jabs in where he can, all while waiting for his health to deplete naturally. Papa Smoke takes a more direct strategy, knowing his time is limited he tries to get in as many hits as he can as fast as he can. Both strategies are hindered by each fighter’s skills, as Papa John will have a hard time evading while drunk, and Papa Smoke will have a hard time catching up to Papa John due to his extremely slow speed.

In order for Papa Smoke to win, he only needs to hit Papa John twice, as one hit deals 100 damage. In order for Papa John to win, he needs to evade Papa Smokes attacks for 4 minutes and 10 seconds. Given the odds, Papa Smoke has the highest chance of winning.

As the fight starts Papa John is too shitfaced to defend himself from Papa Smoke’s first swing and loses 100 HP at the very start. The hit snaps Papa John out of his drunken state a little bit and he retreats to the corner of the room. As Papa Smoke attempts to run over to him, he becomes fatigued which allows Papa John to get a punch on him. Papa John retreats to a different corner and repeats the process.

Halfway through the fight, Papa Smoke is at 250 HP and Papa John is at 100 HP. Papa John seems to have an unbeatable strategy and his chances of winning skyrocket. Papa Smoke’s health is shrinking by the second and he begins to lose hope. Instead of chasing Papa John he decides to wait in the middle of the room and re evaluate his strategy.

In his drunken confusion Papa John confuses this strategizing for another period of fatigue, and goes in for another hit. Papa Smoke is caught off guard by this but manages to turn around and scare Papa John with his calm demeanor. Papa John falls to the floor and backs up. Papa Smoke is now at an advantage, because now that Papa John is on the floor he’ll never be able to get back up due to how shitfaced he is.

Papa Smoke slowly backs Papa John into a corner. Realizing he’s exhausted his options, Papa John pulls out the gun he’s been keeping in his shirt and begins firing wildly. This frightens Papa Smoke, but Papa John is way too shitfaced to properly aim a gun. The stunt has only delayed the inevitable. Papa John takes one last breath and braces for impact, as Papa Smoke brutally delivers the final blow.

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But imagine greek!jason and annabeth meeting roman!piper and percy and thinking at first glance that they're in a relationship but nah they're just best bros and imagine how awkward will be jason

all four of them would just assume things about the other two and act accordingly without actually confirming because they are All awkward babies

though i THINK because piper would be a child of venus, she’d still have that ability to sense?? relationships between people? so she doesn’t think jason/annabeth are dating–just thinks they are literally related. and her and percy are defs the kind of friends to have entire conversations w/ nothing but the word ‘bro’ and very expressive eyebrow signals, so, it would really confuse jason/annabeth on that front. 

like jason’s just “you two aren’t a conventional couple, are you” when percy/piper high five each other after a long-ish separation. and they just freeze mid-high five and laugh like “a couple?? US?? why would i date THIS loser omg” 

also: jason being a TEEEENY TINY bit jealous of roman!pipercy tho. imagine. just a tiny little bit jealous bc piper is Cute As Fuck and percy can just casually put an arm around her like it’s no big deal, but jason has yet to say two words to her that don’t involve him completely losing his train of thought every time she sMIRKS at him. annabeth is forever just rolling her eyes at this bc jason is Hopeless

When Felix says he was somewhere on holidays with his parents he means that they actually were spending time together.
When his classmates say they were somewhere with their parents they mean the servants were spending time with them meanwhile parents were minding their own business.
This leads to some misunderstanding when they are comparing expirences.

015 / 101 kisses

015; morning bustle
♡ optional bias (second person)
♡ married!au
xwhen you lean over the stair railing to give him a kiss

little thuds of his daughter’s tiny feet echoed throughout the home even before her voice did.


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Player: Leon Draisaitl – Edmonton Oilers


Thank you so much! This is 100 percent one of my favorite imagines I have ever done. Definitely Top 3! I hope you love it as much as I do!

Mentions: None

Warnings: Trouble Conceiving.

Preview: A few weeks had passed and the baby making campaign was in full force. He had enlisted a few of the boys to help him try and brainwash you. He even tried to use Misha in his never-ending tirade. You could only roll your eyes when Misha stumbled into the kitchen wearing a shirt that read “Big Brother”

Characters: 1743 words.

Originally posted by mcdraii

You were sitting in the fresh Edmonton air, trying to enjoy the rare weekday lunch with your husband. It was not often you and Leon were able to go for lunch. Between his insane hockey schedule and your equally insane toddler, going out to eat was rarely an option.

You watched as something caught Leon’s eye. You followed his gaze to see him watching a woman walking down the sidewalk, her arms carrying bags from the neighboring baby boutique.

“I saw that.” You quipped as you were wrestling your fidgeting son.

“Huh” Leon looked at you confused, playing dumb.

“I saw you looking at her.” You replied.

“Babe, I really wasn’t…”

“Well, I saw the way you looked at her bump” you giggled.

 “She looked as if she could be due any day, she was glowing.”

“Look at you swooning over pregnancy.” You chuckled once more placing a kiss on your son’s cheek.

“Let’s have another baby.” Leon suddenly responded.

“Have you lost your mind?” You looked at him puzzlingly.

“We make such cute babies, Y/N. And Misha is getting so big now, I want another little one. Plus, you were just so beautiful pregnant.”

“I definitely was not feeling beautiful Leon.” You laughed as Misha had finally succeeded at escaping from your grasp. He toddled around the table to his father who delightedly scooped him up.

“Seriously Y/N, I want to have more little babies with you.” He smiled as he pushed Misha’s hair from his eyes.

You watched your son and husband for a moment. You had to admit, you and Leon did make adorable babies.

“We’ll see Leon.”

Leon looked up and smiled at you. You could tell by his eyes he was already hatching a million and one plans to convince you.

A few weeks had passed and the baby making campaign was in full force. He had enlisted a few of the boys to help him try and brainwash you. He even tried to use Misha in his never-ending tirade. You could only roll your eyes when Misha stumbled into the kitchen wearing a shirt that read “Big Brother”

 You were sitting at the kitchen counter, enjoying a bagel. Leon was still at practice and Misha was spending time with his grandparents. You were enjoying the silence but only for a moment. You couldn’t deny that you loved the slightly organized chaos that came with your rambunctious son. You adored the love and noise that came with having Misha in the house. He was so worth every morning spent clutching the toilet and the sleepless nights being unable to get comfortable. Maybe it would be worth it again for another little Leon following around his older brother.

 You were pulled from your thoughts hearing the door open and close.

“Y/N? You home my love?” you heard Leon call from the front room.

“Kitchen” you responded as you continued to enjoy your bagel.

You felt his strong arms wrap around you and a quick kiss to your temple. He then turned to the fridge to grab food for himself. “Misha still with my parents?”

“Mhmm” you nodded. He smirked at you drinking one of his post-practice shakes.

“I didn’t take my birth control this morning.” You stated simply taking another bite of your bagel.

You enjoyed watching Leon almost sputter out his shake, his eyes widening.

“You mean you want to try? 

“I mean you make a hard case” you smile and suddenly you were being swept from your stool.

“Hey! What about my bagel?” you giggled as Leon ran up the stairs with you in his arms.

“Bagel… Later…. Baby…. Now.” He responded between placing kisses to your lips.

You walked into the bathroom with a groan. Leon glanced at you from the sink.

“We just started trying babe.” He said reading your mind

You just nodded, you couldn’t help feeling deflated 

“Plus that just means we get to keep trying” He wiggled his eyebrows at you.

You chuckled as you went to start getting Misha ready for the day.

Your days were filled with trying for baby number two when you could fit it in between toddler naps and hockey games. Each time came with no success, and it was weighing you down. You had no issues when you decided to have Misha. You had begun to track your ovulation and were trying foods you read helped with conception.

And now here you were after your last run of baby making, laying on the bed both feet in the air against the headboard, reading another article on yoga positions to help fertility.

Leon walked into the room from taking his shower, he looked at you as if you were insane. “What are you doing now?”

“I’m lifting my hips to try and coax your little Leon’s to my uterus.”

He huffed as cleaned up his suit that was strewed across the room.

“What’s wrong with you?” you asked

“Dammit Y/N, this isn’t fun anymore.” He shouts obviously frustrated.

“What’s not going to be fun is if you wake up your son.”

“I can’t do this anymore.” He says quieter but no less angry.

“Do what? Have another baby?” you question.

“I want nothing more than another baby with you but not on some crazy obulation schedule that you basically have posted on the fridge.”

“It’s Ovulation Hun.”

“I don’t care what the damn word is! And can you please get out of the stupid position! I’m trying to have a conversation with you!”

You turn to get down and sit up just as Misha wails from his bedroom. You sigh as you head for the door. “I’m going to go try and get our son back to sleep.” You scoff.

You heard a loud thump and shatter as you walked down the hallway.

After a tiring hour of pacing the room with a crying toddler on your hip, you finally had gotten Misha back to sleep.

You walked back into the bedroom and Leon was in bed watching game highlights on a sports channel. “Is he back asleep?” he asked, eyes not leaving the TV.



You crawl into bed and sit on your knees next to him. He steals a quick glance at you but continues to watch the TV still pouting. You finally just speak up.

“I just feel like I have failed you. We keep trying to have a baby and it is just not happening. I have been so obsessed with trying to make this work that I didn’t realize how you were feeling. I’m so sorry Leon, I just want to give you another baby so badly.”

Leon quickly sat up to face you, wiping the tears from your cheeks 

“Babe you are not failing me in the least. I know we didn’t struggle with Misha but it will happen. I just want you to stop putting so much pressure on this. You are stressing about this when we should just enjoy the time we have with just Misha and the process of making more little babies with your very handsome husband.”

You chuckle at the last part and share a kiss with said handsome husband. You spent the rest of the evening purposefully asking questions you knew the answers to about his game highlights.

You were sitting in the backyard with Kelly Talbot. You watched as the twins chased your clumsy toddler around with their dogs.

“How’s trying to expand your roster going? Cam told me that Leon couldn’t stop talking about it.” Kelly asked sipping her mimosa. You were having your ritual of getting brunch with your fellow Oiler mommy while the boys were on road trips.

“We’ve been trying but no luck. It caused a bit of a rough spot but we got past it. We are just going with the flow for now. It will happen when it happens.”

You smile as you reached for the first sip of your mimosa. As soon as the smell got in range of your nose, you could feel your breakfast making its way back up your throat. You leaned over the trash can and lost the contents of your stomach.

“Maybe Happen is soon then later” Kelly snickers rubbing your back. 

You looked at her as you wiped your mouth. “Pharmacy Run?”

“Let’s get the kids in the car!” she smiles with a snap of fingers

5 pregnancy tests later, you were definitely pregnant.  You were beyond thrilled. The first thing you wanted to do was tell Leon. You reached for your phone but decided against it. Leon had figured out you were pregnant with Misha before you could surprise him with some cute announcement. You started to put the plan in motion.

Leon was due any moment now and you were waiting in the living room, trying to look as causal and nonsuspicious as you could. You continued to check on Misha making sure everything was in place.

You heard the garage door opening and you couldn’t help but squeal in excitement. You composed yourself and headed to the door to greet him.

“Hey Babe” he smiled as he walked in the door putting his bag down and giving you a quick kiss. “I missed you.”

“I missed you too and so did a certain little one.” You smirked at your own hidden meaning.

“You currently have a very impatient toddler who demanded a bedtime story from his papa waiting upstairs for you.”

“Well Let’s not keep him waiting any longer.” Leon smiled heading up the stairs. You followed close behind.

Leon opened the door to Misha’s room to find him sitting in his bed trying to read a story.

“What’s on the menu tonight little man?” he questioned taking the book from your giggling toddler.

Leon read the title and almost fell over. What to Do When Mommy is Having a Baby.

He whipped around to you. “Are you..”

“I’m thinking we go for a goalie this time around, expand our roster.”

Leon swept you up and spun you around, much to Misha’s delight. He placed a kiss to your lips as he sat you down.

“No goalies, maybe a right winger.” He smiled and you couldn’t have been happier.

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All the Starks gushing over Jon & Sansa's firstborn saying his first word.

Jon thinks his siblings have been placing wagers on it, what Benny will say as his first word.  He’s been babbling for months now, chattering so much in gibberish that Sansa teases Jon their son obviously hasn’t taken after him when it comes to speaking.  Both Bran and Arya have spent collective hours holding their nephew and enunciating their names, trying to pass off nonsense syllables as attempts.  Jon would’ve made fun of them if not for the fact he’s caught Sansa multiple times smiling at Benny and stressing, “Say Mama.  Mama.”  And while Jon cannot wait to hear his son call him Papa, he’ll let Sansa have that first honor.  There will be more children, more firsts, and he wants Sansa to experience that joy first.

“I need a nickname,” Arya declares one afternoon after one of her sessions sounding out her name for Benny.  “Arya is too bloody difficult for a baby to say.”

“That’s cheating,” Bran says, looking as indignant as he ever does.  “You can’t just have an easier name so you win.”

“It isn’t a contest,” Jon reminds them.  “Besides, shouldn’t his first word be Mama or Papa?”

Both of his younger siblings-turned-cousins look at his askance as if he has just said the stupidest thing in the history of Westeros.

Since returning to Winterfell, especially since Benny’s birth, they’ve all gathered on Sansa’s bed in the evenings.  It is a tradition Jon adores, and Benny, always happy to be the center of attention, loves to crawl between his parents, his aunt, and his uncle, babbling and giggling.  Tonight Benny is stretched out on Jon’s body, his back against Jon’s stomach, thumb in mouth as Arya recounts riding through the wolfswood earlier that day.  So caught up in listening, Jon doesn’t notice at first when Benny sits up, his thumb dropping from his mouth.

And then, clear as a bell, Benny cries, “Ghost!”

They all freeze, eyes wide and focused on Benny as he shouts the direwolf’s name again.  Ghost comes padding into the chamber, leaping onto the bed and half onto Arya in the process.  Benny squeals, repeating Ghost’s name, and his chubby hands reach for his fur.

“A Stark through and through, it would seem,” Sansa says, a smile on her face, and Jon wonders how it is possible to have so much love in his heart.

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14 for Elucien

Lucien is in for quite the surprise when Elain’s seer powers reveal what they are to expect in the future. But the seer and fox make sure to announce their pregnancy to their friends and family in a very special way.

Pregnancy/Birth Headcanon: 

- Once Elain discovers she is with child she has a vision of the date when she is to give birth.

- She decides to tell Lucien through a note that she tells him was “written by a little special someone”.

- Lucien is perplexed, but he assumes this is one of Elain’s little notes that she and him write back and forth to each other for fun.

- As Lucien reads the note aloud Elain holds his large hand in her dainty one on her lap.

- “Hi papa, we can’t wait to see you and mama when Autumn arrives-”

- Lucien stops reading and his eyes slowly raise to Elain who presses his hand to her still-flat stomach.

- “Are you sure?” Lucien asks softly as though the moment would shatter if he spoke any louder.

- Elain nods with a bright smile as Lucien begins to kiss her cheeks and forehead.

- But then he leans back with a confused look. “Wait…the card…said we can’t wait to see you…”

- “Our hands our going to be full with two little bundles of joy,” Elain said just before her lips were captured my her mate’s own lips kissing her with such unbridled happiness.

- The Inner Circle was thrilled by the news and even helped Lucien and Elain plan a pregnancy announcement party for Lucien’s mother.

- When the Lady of Autumn pulled out a pale green baby onesie from a box she immediately jumped from her seat and pulled Elain and Lucien into a hug with tears of joy streaming down her face.

- “We have a surprise for everyone,” Elain said as Lucien winnowed away and came back with a large box painted intricately by Feyre in shades of pinks and blues.

- Elain and Lucien then had everyone guess the gender of their baby. Cassian was extremely adamant that it would be a little girl (so that his own daughter would have a little niece to play with alongside the boys.)

- When everyone made their guesses Lucien and Elain tapped lightly on the box and out popped a fox with a bright pink ribbon tied in a bow around it’s neck.

- Everyone cheered, especially Cassian and the Lady of the Autumn Court.

“But,” Lucien said and hugged Elain close. “We have one more surprise…”

- Everyone was silent as Lucien winnowed away and back with another box. And so they all began to make guesses again with shock gracing everyone’s faces as they realized Elain and Lucien were having twins.

- When all were ready out popped another fox, but this one wore a bright blue ribbon.

- And when Autumn arrived so did two little babies with red hair that matched their father and brown eyes that mirrored their mother.

- Lucien was with Elain throughout the delivery. His hands gripped hers gently and both of them breathed a sigh of relief when the room was filled with the cries of their two children.

- Elain held their precious children in each arm in the bed while Lucien supported Elain’s exhausted body against him.

“They are so small… so perfect.” Lucien murmured as his little boy grabbed onto Lucien’s thumb. He chuckled at the sight before kissing the top of Elain’s head. “Thank you Elain…for everything.”

- Elain kissed Lucien’s jaw. “And thank you for being here with me. With us.” Elain smiled down at their children who now slumbered. Even Elain couldn’t hold back her own yawn after hours of contractions and finally bringing her babies into the world.

“Rest dove,” Lucien whispered. “I’ll watch over you all.”

- It didn’t take long before Elain fell asleep against her mate. Lucien indeed kept to his word. He watched over his family with a proud smile on his face.

- He couldn’t wait to see what the future held for them next. 

Papa IV: *gets Papa III on the floor and takes out a knife, ready to stab him* Any last words before I-
Papa II: *frantically running over* STOP, WAIT!
Papa II: *takes his phone out and starts recording* Ok, you can continue now.

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If you wanted, you could write a Solangelo au where one is a single parent? That'd be neat,,

Note: Lina’s full name is Carolina, and it is pronounced CaroLEENA.

Hope you guys like it.

Ari xxx

It was Lina’s first day of school, and Nico was having a breakdown.

The little five year old ran in circles around her dad, wearing her adorable Little Mermaid backpack. Her Uncle Percy started that obsession, and now Nico didn’t have a day without watching that movie at least twice.

She was so excited, but it made him even more nervous for her.

What if the kids are mean to her?

What if she falls and hits her head?

What if she’s alone for lunch?

What if they laugh at her for not having two parents?

He wiped his hands on his jeans for the millionth time.

“Carolina, did you brush your teeth?”, Nico said.

“Yes, papa.”, She nodded and bit back a smile.

“You sure?”, He raised an eyebrow.

“Yes…”, Lina’s face betrayed her words.

Nico waited a bit more and crossed his arms.

“No… I didn’t.”, She looked down ashamed.

“It’s okay. Now, go up and brush your teeth.” He watched his daughter fondly, as she ran up the stairs.

Nico nibbled on a piece of toast, not having that much of an appetite.

Lina was an exact carbon copy of Nico’s sister Bianca. The only thing different was her eyes, instead of the dark brown, it was a deep grey. Startling and clever.

It hurt everytime he thought of Bianca. She was the one who basically raised Nico, later their half sister Hazel. She was always the one who loved life and wanted to do something great, but then she got pregnant.

Whoever the father was, he was never around. Nico never knew him. The only remnant of him was Lina’s eyes.

Bianca was ecstatic. She wanted to be a mom so bad. She wanted to make sure her abby never felt unloved, unlike Nico and her growing up. But after she gave birth to the perfect Carolina, she fell sick. She was gone too soon and Nico was left with his niece, now daughter. He was a dad at 21.

He wouldn’t have survived that first year if it wasnt for his friends. Helping him with Lina and his grief.

And now 5 years later, here they were happy and content.

“Carolina Maria di Angelo, you’re gonna be late!!”, Nico yelled.

The sound pitter patter of small feet running started almost immediately. “I’m coming, papa! Wait for me!”

He soft shook his head, as if he could leave her.

“Let’s go, slowpoke!”, he laughed as she rushed to get her new shoes on.

“Don’t laugh, papa!”, She stuck her tongue out at him.

As the two exited the small flat, Nico handed Lina her lunchbox. “Don’t forget to eat, okay?”

“I won’t, papa.”, She took it in her hands.

“Don’t forget to drink water and if someone is mean to you, what do you do?”

“You kick them where it hurts.”

“Yes you kic- No! Who said that?”, Nico said, already dreading the phone calls he’s going to get saying that Lina kicked a classmate in the crotch.

“Uncle Leo and Uncle Percy.”, Lina flashed him an innocent grin.

Nico made a mental note to kick them where it hurts.

Lina’s school was a little public school around five blocks away from where they lived. Parents were already going to their children’s classes to meet the teachers.

Before they got out of the car, Nico took a breath he didn’t realize he was holding. “Darling, have fun, okay. Make friends, have fun, and try your best. If you do that, papa will be so very proud.”

“I promise, papa!”, she flashed him a brilliant smile.

As they walked to Lina’s cass to meet her teacher, Lina grabbed his hand. A small gesture that melted his heart.

They finally got to Room 112, and a man that Nico guessed was Mr. Solace stood outside the door greeting his incoming students and parents.

Holy Hell. Mr. Solace was the most beautiful person Nico has ever seen. He seemed to be around Nico’s age. Deep tan skin and golden hair that seemed to reflect sunlight.

No, Nico. Dont get distracted by your daughter’s teacher, for gods sake. Be professional.

“Hi! I’m Will Solace, and who would you be?”, The pretty teacher crouched down to Lina’s eye level.

The excitement in Lina was replaced with a sudden shyness. She hid behind Nico’s leg and peeked up at Will with curious eyes.

“Go on, darling. Introduce yourself to Mr. Soalce.”, Nico softly nudged Lina with his hand.

“My name is Carolina di Angelo, but my papa calls me Lina.”, Lina slowly got out from behind Nico’s leg and stood in front of Mr. Soalce. She held out her hand, just like how Nico taught her when she met new people.

“Nice to meet you, Lina. Go inside and find a seat, and we’ll start soon.”, He smiled warmly at her.

Lina looked at Nico, silently asking permission. Nico nodded, and she went off.

However, just before she passed the door, Lina abruptly stopped and turned and gave Nico a hug. “Bye, papa. See you later. Love you!!”

Nico’s eyes misted over, but he quickly wiped them away with his sleeve.

“She seems like a good kid, Mr. di Angelo.”, Mr. Soalce said to him, a shining glint in his eyes.

“You can call me, Nico, and I tried raising her the best I can.” Nic soft said, hoping the secret meaning of the words were carried along.

Mr. Solace’s eyes slightly widened, and he smiled even wider, if it was possible. “I can alreayd tell that you did an amaizing job, Nico.”

Nico’s heart skipped a beat. His eyes were a very startling blue. He was such pleasant sight to look at. The way he smiled and the way Nico’s name rolled off his tongue.

“Thank you, Mr. Solace.” Nico desperately tried to hid the spreading blush on his cheeks.

“Call me Will. I promise you I will take good care of Lina.”, Will’s deep blue eyes met Nico’s.

“Okay. Thank you, Will.”, Nico smiled. He then had to go to work and said his goodbyes to the captivating teacher.

Will waved at him as he left.

Nico didn’t feel scared for Lina anymore.

He knew she was in good hands.





Ari xxx

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Could you do a continuation of the last one where rob comes home to Ellen calling aaron Papa

a continuation of this drabble.

It had been the literal day from hell. Robert wasn’t even sure how he’d made it to the end of the day, if he was honest - he’d overslept, that morning, exhausted from the sleepless night Ellen had put down, and then he’d spent his entire day at a stupid business conference Nicola had forced him to go to, which had been less of a business conference, and more like an entire day of listening to stuck up idiots talk about how much money they were worth.

All he wanted - like, in the entire world - was to go home, get a cuddle off Ellen, and snog the face off his husband (like he didn’t get to do that morning), but even that wasn’t looking likely, not when he’d gotten stuck in a traffic jam in Leeds, and then got stuck behind a tractor on the road in from Hotten, making it well past Ellen’s bedtime now.

The universe, Robert decided as he switched off his ignition, the familiar outline of the Mill looking like heaven on earth to his bone tired limbs, was out to put him in absolutely foul humour.

Grabbing his briefcase, Robert headed for the house, happy to see the lights still on downstairs. At least Aaron would still be up, he supposed, hating that he’d have to make do with checking in on a sleeping Ellen.

He heard Aaron’s voice, as soon as he opened the front door, and Robert’s heart could have melted in his chest.

“Beans, you’ve got to go to sleep,” Aaron said, Ellen balanced on his hip as he paced circles around the kitchen, already in his own pyjamas. It was so ridiculously domestic, watching his husband try and lull their daughter to sleep, Aaron as sleep soft and messy looking as Ellen.

“Dada!” Ellen responded, shaking her head.

“I know, I wish he was home too,” Aaron admitted, pressing a kiss to the side of Ellen’s head. “But if we send you back to your mum tomorrow and you’re like a zombie, she won’t be too happy.”

Ellen pressed a hand to Aaron’s cheek, shaking her head. “Dada,” she repeated, Robert not quit believing his daughter was so adamant she wasn’t going to be until she had seen him.

“He’ll be home soon,” Aaron reassured, voice soft, and kind as he spoke. “I promise.”

“Love ‘oo papa.”

Robert paused, still half in, half out of the front door. Aaron had told him, she’d called him papa for the first time the previous Saturday, but Ellen had been her usual stubborn self, and had refused to say it again.

But he was hearing it now.

There had been a time where Robert had believed Ellen would be the breaking of them, of their marriage - a time when he’d wondered if they’d make it through, if he and Aaron would be able to survive the chaos Robert had caused, the hurt he’d caused.

They had though. They’d survived, and they were all the better for it, and Robert - well, Robert couldn’t quite believe he was lucky enough to get to have Aaron, and have Aaron want to raise the most gorgeous girl in the world with him.

“Love ‘oo, papa,” Ellen repeated, beaming at Aaron, who was returning the smile, his face practically splitting in two as she spoke.

“I think that’s my favourite sentence,” Aaron admitted, holding Ellen close to his chest. “After your dad telling me he loves me, of course. But I still think you might win out sometimes, you know?”

“Papa, play?” Ellen asked, hopeful.

“You’ve got to sleep,” Aaron shook his head, practically pleading with her now.

Robert decided this was his moment to step in, save Aaron from the roundabout circle of pleading he was stuck in with Ellen. “Honey, I’m home,” he joked, tossing his keys and bag onto the couch.

“Dada!” Ellen beamed, trying to wriggle out of Aaron’s arms instantly, Robert feeling his usual overwhelming love for her as she grinned at him, a near mirror image of himself at her age.

“Hiya love,” Robert scooped her into his arms happily, breathing in the family scent of the lavender shampoo they used, Ellen’s tiny arms slung around his neck. “What are you doing still up, eh? It’s way past your bedtime.”

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Fight for Me (Ch.1)

Pairing: Commoner/Knight!Seokjin x Princess!OC
Genre: Royalty!AU, Friendship, Romance, Comedy, & Slight-Angst
Words: 5,677
※ Song(s) That Inspired Me: Jig (The Little Mermaid) | Tour of the kingdom
POV: 3rd Person

Summary: Once upon a time, there was a not-so-traditional kingdom. In that kingdom, the royal family had the freedom of marrying whoever his or her royal highness deems worthy. Now, of course, having that special privilege came with some interesting challenges, but that doesn’t stop a certain head-strong princess from doing whatever her heart’s desire, especially when she has her heart set on marrying her personal bodyguard. Unfortunately, her beliefs might face some hardships when a certain king sets his eye on her. Will her bodyguard continue to fight for her or is it finally her turn? 

Next time: ch.2 | ch.3

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Daisuga (omegaverse/smut)

Warning: omegaverse, unbeta’d, male omegas have breasts when pregnant, a short smut at the end, OOC, and -wait for it-mpreg(I wrote MPREG, I CANT BELIEVE IT). Also this is suga-centric. But that’s not a bad thing. Almost everyone is an omega or an alpha, which is very predictable.

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Boku no hero academia

That show and manga is the best thing that happened to me after Naruto ending and One-Punch Man. I love every aspect of this story. 

1. Midoriya aka Sunshine 

Being up-to-date with manga and seeing Deku progress I feel like a proud mama. Especially in Kacchan Resque arc. I can’t wait to see how powerful he become. Hope, I don’t need to wait like 10 years. 

2. Todoroki and Kacchan

His development was spot on but now I am thirsty for arc with my boy! More content with Shouto in manga, please.

I love my angry Cinnamon roll. Like seriously, before I read manga I was 100% Todoroki trash. Now my love is equal for both. 

We all need to take a second and appreciate Kacchan mother. 

3. All Might

I literally cried when he fought against All For One. I had that feeling that he may die and I couldn’t calm myself. Now I’m cheering Deku and All MIght in their struggle to change his destiny.

4. Aizawa Sensei

I just can’t wait when all his moments as proud papa teacher will be animated. I am always impressed when I see how amazing hero and teacher he is. 

5. Tomura

Not even talking about Tomura plot in manga. Can we just award the person who choose Kōki Uchiyama as his seiyuu? Tsukishima from Haikyuu!!, Yuri Plisetsky from YOI, Meruem from HunterxHunter. That voice is associated with the best characters in anime. 

(Probably not) Serious talk: 

1. I am angry and happy at the same time because I see that BNHA is going to be a long story. I expect that we will see final of that history in the next 7-10 years. I will be more then 30 years old and still Todoroki trash. 
2. I don’t see ships in BNHA. I have that feeling that there is no time for them to think about love. Uraraka and Deku would be nice final OTP but as for now I only ship myself with Todoroki
3. All Might needs to live and see Deku becoming next “Symbol of Peace". The rest is irrelevant. 
4. I don’t know if that just me but sometimes i see that Haikyuu!! and BNHA both have very similar manga art style. 
5. I can finally use below gifs when: 
a) I will be waiting for new chapters/spoilers:

b) I will be emotionally devastated: 



So….that happened.  How are we doing!  I for one am freaking out.  Lots of theories coming into play here including one that is very near and dear to my heart.  

My ask box is blowing up and I think we are going to break the record of 70 post Singularity easily.  So bear with me as I go tomorrow.  I will combine where I can and will get to them all.

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Spoilers ahead!

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Immortal!Alec head-canons w blueberry Max (because a girl can dream GDI)

//cries// this got way too long (4k+) but oh well

  • so imagine all warlocks have a distinctive power that they identify the most with, e.g. Magnus identifies with fire the most which is why he instinctively burned his father to death, also why his magic often manifests in sparks and flames
  • that’s not to say that it’s the only power they can do or even what they’ll be best at. But it’s especially noticeable especially when warlocks are younger or whenever they lose control of their magic. 
  • Max’s power is earth, so when he’s in a particularly bad tantrum or anything and Magnus isn’t there to keep his power in check the whole room kinda starts shaking like its in an earthquake. 
  • things fall, they get used to it, Max gets better at controlling it, but no one ever gets hurt, and it’s not like anyone outside the room feels it
  • the talk about death comes earlier than they expect with max when he’s 7 and they randomly get him a goldfish or smt from a carnival and it dies as most pets do in the Lightwood-Bane household because they always forget to feed it- chairman is an exception, and a menace and also tiny maybe because Magnus sometimes forgets to feed it though that situation improved when Alec arrived and then fixed itself when clary told them they could buy an automated feeder thingy. 
  • -so they have to explain death to max like:

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