waiting for eng subs


[ENG SUB] 170601 Woozi & Seungkwan - waiting room of terror @ MBC Radio Kangta’s Starry Night


[ENG SUB] HD 170714 Donghae IG live with Hyukjae (After army Discharge) FULL

To All the People in the Youtube comment section asking for Eng Subs

1. Wait at least a day

2. Do some legwork

    type the name of the show you’re looking for into Google or youtube and engsub

     ex: Produce 101 eng sub 

     you’ll get a list of options

3. Good sites to check for variety shows



please reblog with more suggestions for these people who try me

Thoughts on If You

let me just say this : NU'EST DELIVERED ONCE AGAIN ! the song is so sweet and melodious and it gave me flutters whenever vocal line came on I could understand some of the lyrics and it was so bittersweet i think the message was that they’ll wait (??) for this person (obv minhyun) and i just- i wanna wait for the full eng subs to cry even more everyone has such nice vocal colour im so glad we got to hear more of aron and minki cause their voices are A M A Z I N G and of course dongho and he being the ult singer brought such a sweet tone to the song JONGHYUN ISTG whenever he raps with a low tone a girl is dead in a ditch im rambling at this point but all in all nu'est never fails to give us such nice and high-quality songs and each one of them completely owned their parts! i can’t wait to read the subs cause I heard jonghyun participated in writing so I really want to know what type of message he wanted to convey


(video) (eng sub) 170704 mamamoo - hongkira waiting room © mamamoo trans


(ENG SUB) 170630 💋 MAMAMOO – Kiss The Radio’s waiting room