waiting for dumb comments

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Soooo so with you re: Jeremy Jordan Discourse like I gotta say, y'know, as an actual lesbian who cares about the effects of homophobia in REALITY, the time Jeremy dropped everything to pull his cousin Sarah out of conversion therapy and ensure she had a safe place to go will forever stick in my memory a lot more than some dumb offhand comment about supercorp ever will

WHOA wait he did that???

okay, yep, one google search later: he did that. and I have to say I really respect that he was willing to go completely public calling his family out rather than keep it private.

Make No Mistake
One Piece College AU. This is an account of a series of events 
poorly defined as the best days of their lives. Zosan/Frobin+

Sorry this one is kind of verbose! Just kinda thinking about how the “drama” in my life has shifted from dumb he-said-she-said issues to paying bills.

Little, unimportant things like this that tick me off just get removed from my life. I have a thousand more important things to deal with. If I need to sit down and have a conversation then I will, but at this point in my life I don’t really talk to the kind of people who are going to cause “conversation-having” issues.

But really I do need to talk to more people my own age. :p

A quick martial arts reminder

Comparing one style to another style in terms of being “better or worse” is a useless endeavor unless you’re marketing something to people that don’t know any better. Every school and every style has people who are better fighters, better demonstrators and better teachers. It comes down to individuals who happen to be learning a style. 

Unless it’s that no-touch crap. That’s just dumb. 

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This is as dumb as people arguing over if Sans wears slippers or sneakers. Why can't it be both? Characters changing clothes? What a concept! Ugh, just try your best to ignore the dumb comments.

…wait. are you telling me

people actually argue over that?


i don’t know what i expected

one of the things i like the most about drawing undertale characters is that because of the game’s graphics, there’s a lot of room for different interpretations. take sans for example: does he wear slippers or sneakers (like in that one steam card)? does he wear gloves or are his hands just very simplistically drawn? does he wear a shirt and if yes, then what kind? does he wear a blue hoodie with a gray hood, or a blue coat with a gray hoodie beneath it? like, so many things you can play around with! and people are arguing over that?

there are no words for how sad that makes me

ahem. but, yes. people can wear different clothes, what a revolutionary concept! and sometimes people can even wear clothing that isn’t necessarily their usual style! amazing!