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I understand Dre wanting Demika out if she wants to stand a chance at winning the game. What I don’t understand is why she is wanting to do it so early, like they will always be a bigger target then her as well as, they are two people who have her back 100% of the time!!!

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…she was always better at talking than he was, and when they were little they shared that like they shared food, or drawings, or siblings. Chaz would feel and Raffy would speak and between them they would make a person. (x)

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So i heard from a certain man with an umbrella you were the one who stirred shit up between la squadra and diavolo, and that made my job harder, amico.

Now I only have the slightest idea of who this man with an umbrella is, but I can tell you for a FACT that I stirred up NOTHIN’! I mean, yeah, I gave Risotto information about the old boss but I didn’t know what he was gonna do! You can’t blame me for his actions!