waiting for a hospital visit

Stormy Night Fight

Requested By- Anon

Request- can i please request one where the reader and Derek are fighting for something stupid and he decides to sleep in the guest room (they live together) and it starts storming really hard and the reader is scared of storms and Derek can tell something is wrong so he goes to check on her and shes having a panic attack so they make up and fall asleep together (sorry its so long! love your blog so much!!)

Person- Derek (Hale or Morgan)

Warnings- Verbal Fighting, Panic Attack

A/N- I didn’t know who this was for so I’ll try and keep it general and no last names but yeah sorry but I don’t know who you mean.

I step inside with Derek close behind me just waiting for the shouting to begin. “Y/n, you enjoy that hospital visit? You glad you got hurt, yet again!” He starts up. “Oh I’m sorry I wanted to do something nice and got hurt in the process!” I reply loudly. “You were standing on the railing of the stairs, what if you fell down the other way and hit the hardwood floor, maybe you’d regret it a bit more!” He shouts. I sit down on the couch and start flinging my shoes off. “Yeah yeah, but I didn’t so be glad of that at least!” “Fine, you got lucky! But what if next time you don’t get lucky!” “Then next time I don’t get lucky, is that what you want me to say!” “I’m not expecting you to say anything! You know what this is pointless. I’m going to sleep in the guest room, maybe you need to sleep on the decision you made and think how stupid you’re being right now.” He then storms off to the guest room and I let out a sigh and lean back on the couch. I fight back the tears that threaten to come out. I finally get up and move to the bedroom throwing on my pajamas. I crawl into bed and try my best to sleep. After a few moments a loud crash rings out, thunder, and a bright light flashes, lightning. The rain is slamming against the roof of the house and every so often the lightning would crash down accompanied by the thunder. Great, there is no way I’m sleeping now. I sit up and try to calm myself down but to no avail I can’t. Quickly I feel a shortness of breathe and my heartbeat picking up. I close my eyes and cover my ears trying to block it out and calm myself down but the thunder seeps through and I just can’t. I suck in as much air as I can and try to get my heart back to normal but it just makes it worse. I start hyperventilating and next thing I know I feel arms wrapping around me and rocking me. Derek starts whispering in my ear, calming me down how he always does. My heart finally goes down to a normal pace and I wrap my arms around Derek in a hug. “I-I’m so-” I start but he cuts me off, “Shh, it doesn’t matter, just sleep and we can worry about that tomorrow. It’s okay.” We lay down and I pull myself as close as I can to him and slowly but surely I get to sleep.

lonely isn’t sitting on the couch alone on a Saturday night with no one to hang out with..

lonely is laying in your bed on a Wednesday afternoon because you haven’t found a reason to move. lonely is waiting for someone to ask you about last weeks hospital visit. lonely is driving past the beach and wanting to just float away. lonely is crying on the roof staring at the empty vodka bottle wondering how your empty body consumed so much. lonely is asking for a smoke break at work just to take a step away from all the strangers. lonely is 19 years of seeing faces come into your life one day and the next day be gone. lonely is hoping for the one you love, the only one you believe deserves your heart, to stay forever. lonely is wearing a smile on your face and tinted black shades to mask the emotional pain. lonely is hiding inside your mind and creating fake realities to shadow the truth.
lonely is wishing you were anywhere but where you are, anyone but yourself, and going through anything but this horrible fucking lonely life.

-Maya Ann
How the signs would survive a zombie apocalypse.

Aries -  They wouldpaint themselves dark green, put on a red bandana and go on a relentless killing spree that would either end with their own death or the extinction of the zombie race.

Taurus - The average Taurus has enough food in their house to simply hole up and wait until a cure is discovered / until Jesus returns to earth. What’s more is that they would probably quite enjoy the wait.

Gemini -  A Gemini would improvise. They would keep moving, visiting hospitals, supermarkets, theme parks(?) as required. They would seek out temporary alliances with useful people. When their allies cease to be useful, they’d be quite prepared to use them as live bait if it meant another night alive.

Cancer - A Cancer’s survival chances would be intertwined with the number and vulnerability of people they needed to protect. If they had their kids with them then they would be so bloodthirsty and furious that they would find themselves in ‘I am Legend’ territory, where the zombies fear them rather than the other way around.  With just themselves to consider, they probably wouldn’t make it through the opening scene.

Leo - Most of the various cults and militias springing up would have a Leo at the helm. In the same way that individual fish survive by shoaling, the average Leo has so many meatshields that they reduce their chances of being individually singled out during a zombie attack.

Virgo - All Virgos keep written contingency plans, reviewed biannually, on what they would do in the event of any emergency. A zombie apocalypse would be no different. After establishing a safe base, they would track and observe the zombies making detailed notes. Eventually,  after years of careful research, a cure would be invented.

Libra - All Libras would go extinct. This is a time for actions, not thoughts. Which pet dog shall I save? How many changes of underpants am I going to need? Which of these automatic machine guns has the best customer feedback rating? Who am I to stop the next step in the evolution of the human race? The ones that do manage to get past this phase will die wonderful Quixotic deaths trying to save others / destroy the zombie horde.

Scorpio - In contrast to Libra, every single Scorpio would survive. Just don’t ask them how they’re going to do it.

Sagittarius -  Bold, optimistic, athletic, Sagittarius is the sign that has the most physical attributes to help them. Their homes won’t be as secure as a Taurus, they won’t have a Virgo’s plan or a Gemini’s opportunism but they are the one you want by your side during a gunfight. 

Capricorn -  Grim, grinding and relentless, a Capricorn would survive by doing the simple things right. They will ration their food, make calculated salvage trips and build a secure base. This, and the fact that they distrust anything that moves, would stand them in good stead. 

Aquarius - Those Aquarians that aren’t embracing Zombieism as a completely acceptable lifestyle choice will be surviving in a multitude of ways. Like Leo, there will be plenty of Aquarian cult leaders. They are also completely capable of discovering a cure (although it will probably be by accident whilst working on a recipe to improve the taste of cat food). There will even be a few that manage to bring the zombies round to their way of thinking.

Pisces - Similar to their Cancerian cousins, Pisces will have two very distinct reactions to the apocalypse. Some will fall early. These will be the ones who commit suicide after their partner is bitten or who fall in love with their zombie attackers, believing that they can 'change them’ and that they’re just waiting for the right person to come along. Others will turn into fanatical avengers of death, suicidally fearless, cutting down swathes of zombie horde in revenge.