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Rec Week 2017

Fix-It Friday, July 21st

(Shout out to @shetlandowl & @asparrowsfall - saving this when you girls are ready for MCU fix-its haha)

MCU Stevetony is my Stevetony. So Post-CA:Civil War Fix-its are my fave.

A Stony Ficlet by @izazov

  • Summary:  A stony ficlet, inspired by the photos of RDJ that hint at the possible return of the arc reactor in Infinity War. 
  • Comment: They’re done with Civil War and trying to move on. (Soulmate Equation is Not-a-Fix-it but everybody should read it).

Claims of the Crown Forgotten by seventymilestobabylon 

In Case of Emergency by @wordsplat

  • Summary: Steve forgets to change his emergency contact after Civil War
  • Comment: It’s more a ficlet rather than a formal fic but it’s by Wordsplat so you know it’s still good.

In your arms, I’d like to stay by PriyaxRishabh 

  • Summary: [MCU] Avengers back together. Tony keeps a polite distance from Cap, but starts an odd friendship with Bucky: They do things they used to do w Cap and bond over mutual interests Cap never had. Cue jealous Cap in denial that it can be anything but friendly jealousy. He’s just jealous Tony is replacing him with Bucky, right? (wrong). 
  • Comment: #ILiveForJealousSteve

I Was A Fool by aslightstep

  • Summary: Or: the five times Steve and Tony saved each other, and the one time they didn’t.
  • Comment: It’s a breaking up and making up fic. Def a good read. And of course we know about @aslightstep’s Irreparable (WIP).

Last Train Home by erde 

  • Summary: Steve writes letters to Tony that he never sends. By the time he hands them to their rightful owner, Tony has had a brush with death, has retired as a superhero, and now has a small town workshop of his very own. But it’s okay, Steve has gone into retirement too.
  • Comment: I’ll be surprise if you haven’t read this yet. If you haven’t yet, what are you waiting for??? 

Somedays It Don’t Come Easy by TheCityLightShow

  • Summary: Tony wanted to hurl the phone across the room. Opening the drawer of Steve’s desk – and lord was it bad enough he was sat in Steve’s office, little used as it was, to read that infernal letter – he rather wished he had. No hint of them, in this room, in the letter. No hint of even a second of it; except for the little black velvet box tucked away in the drawer. The ring nestles in deep red material, a thick golden band with a blue star inlaid. In a different circumstance, the answer would be shaking, and the ring would be slipped on with gentle fingers-He’s not even sure when he lost it, he just knows that it’s not his, anymore. 
  • Comment: @krusca made this what-if they were secretly dating art to add more angst to Civil War. Thank you @thecitylightshow for saving our hearts.

Wish We Could Be Like That by emeraldine087

  • Summary: Tony decides to help Bucky to deprogram the Winter Soldier using his Binarily Augmented Retro Framing Tech and at first refuses to come to terms with having fallen in love with Steve. But just when Tony finds out that Steve’s in love with him, too, Bucky recovers one crucial memory: that once upon the 1930s, he and Steve had been in love with each other.
  • Comment: This is one of the first fix-its that I read after watching Civil War.

Why by wisia

  • Summary:  Steve asks why, and Tony doesn’t quite know how to answer.
  • Comment: Short but cute Soulmate AU by @wisiaden

You Gamble on Everything, All Except Me by Annie D (scaramouche)

ALL THE WORKS by @the-vorkosigan

  • Comment: Vorkosigan soothes my soul. They wrote different version of Fix-its and you all need to read it. Start with Never Eye To Eye



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Like This -Part Two

Original Prompt: could you do a dad!tom where it’s basically where the reader and him find out she’s pregnant and some cute things he does whilst she’s pregnant and like telling his family and fans and then when the baby is born, his first bonding moment with the child and then just some cute things after about the baby and tom and reader or something please thank you! [ the baby can be any gender or even twins]

Warnings: fluff, cutesy father!Tom, but imagine Tom with a baby tho

Part One 

Toward the middle of June, Johnathan Robert Holland was born. (Y/N) couldn’t have been more pleased with the fact that Tom had decided to name his son after both of his grandfathers, after all, that was a much better explanation for their kid to tell people than saying his father was the biggest Spider-Man dork on the planet, but that didn’t keep him from showing up to the birth in the suit.

Tom didn’t miss a beat since (Y/N)’s contractions began two days before their son’s birth. He tracked every decreasing minute between them and rushed her to the hospital despite the fact that it would be another seventeen hours and forty-six minutes before she could even start pushing. (Y/N) had encouraged Tom to visit the kids in hospital between her contractions and prior to the delivery of their child, to which he hesitantly agreed. 

Tom had been in the children’s wing with Harry and Sam when his mother called to tell him (Y/N) was ready to have the baby. Immediately, he dropped his phone and started running, his twin brothers trailing far behind him. It was half hour before John entered the world and fifteen minutes before he was presented to his parents. Exhausted, (Y/N) stayed awake hardly long enough to feed Johnathan. Tom refused to leave his fiancé’s side as she slept but for some reason, he was hesitant to hold his son. He had seen and held children before, but the fear or anxieties of holding a child intensifies when he realized that child was his. 

John was a small baby at only six and a half pounds and a little over a foot long. Tom smiled at John’s tiny nose and smiled as he looked between the boy’s face and his mothers. He had her nose and already had tufts of her hair color as well. Tom noticed that John had a similar, tiny, pointed chin and wide ears that he had as a baby. Johnathan’s tiny fingers reached out as he lay in the bassinet and a small cry escaped his lips. Immediately, (Y/N)’’s eyes flashed open and her head ached as her eyes adjusted to the light.

“Can you get him please?” (Y/N) grumbled as she unbuttoned the left shoulder of her gown and pulled the nursing blanket over her. Tom rushed toward his son and slowly scooped him in his arms for the first time.

“There, there John,” he cooed and swayed lightly while cradling his son’s head in his arms. Staring down at the baby in his arms, Tom’s heart started to beat faster and harder than ever before as he continued to cry. His small eyes squinted and his tiny mouth wailed until he nestled up to his father’s chest. Slowly, the child’s eyes opened to reveal large brown orbs just as beautiful as the one’s looking down at him. “It’s okay,” Tom cooed again as he lowered himself onto the hospital bed beside (Y/N), “Daddy’s got you. Daddy’s here.”

“Is he hungry?” (Y/N) asked, her voice groggy and eyes drooping closed.

“No,” Tom sighed, “he just wanted to be held.” (Y/N) moved over to make room on the hospital bed and Tom managed to lie down beside her with their son in his arms. “Yeah, that’s you’re Mum,” he said as John’s tiny hands stretched toward (Y/N). “Love,” Tom called while turning his head toward (Y/N)’s.

“What’s wrong? Is he crying?” Every question she had was regarding what she could do for the baby and Tom smiled.

“Johnny’s fine,” he smiled and placed his lips along her sweaty hairline. “I love you so much, (Y/N).” Her lips curled slightly as her head dropped against his shoulder.

“I love you too, Tom,” she sighed as she placed her little finger between her son’s hand feeling his small but strong grip.

Tom couldn’t help his excitement of being a new father and the pride he felt when holding John made him more confident than he had ever been. “Sam, come here and get this!” Tom called for his younger brother. He held John in his arms and stood up proudly displaying his son and his Spider-Man costume. Sam took the photo with Tom’s phone first while the friends and family who had been waiting at the hospital and were now permitted to visit took the opportunity to photograph Tom bonding with his baby.

“Just remember not to post anything,” Harrison warned.

“Fuck it,” Tom huffed as he immediately pressed ‘post’ on Instagram, captioning the photo: Welcome to the family little Holland, Mum and Daddy love you! As soon as he posted the picture, he turned off his phone and smiled. “Now the world knows,” he smiled down at the baby who had started to make small cranky noises. “Let’s get you to your mum.”

Tom had been a father for little over three months before he was forced to return to the spotlight. “Remember he eats at six,” Tom said as he slid his arms into his suit jacket.

“He sucks on my tits when he’s hungry, Tom, I think I know when he eats,” (Y/N) laughed.

“And the Funko Pop Spider-Man plush toy is his favorite,” Tom muttered as his wife dropped his dress shoes onto his lap.

“Of course it is,” she smirked as Tom slid his feet into the spider socks he had hidden (Y/N)’s engagement ring in a year ago.

“Please promise you’ll call before you put Johnny to bed, (Y/N). I want to tell him goodnight,” Tom murmured against his son’s soft head as he leaned over the bassinet by their bed. Immediately Tessa started whimpering.

“Come here, girl, I’ll give you attention,” (Y/N) said as Tessa jumped onto the bed to lick (Y/N)’s face.

“Don’t forget, my parents are only five minutes away if you need anything,” Tom said as (Y/N) shoved his neglected dress shoes into his hands.

“Oh really? I didn’t know they still lived in the exact same place that you grew up,” she smirked as she pushed him toward the bed to put on his shoes.

“Fine, fine, I’m going,” he huffed. “I told Harry and Sam to check on you every hour or so.”

“Tom,” she finally laughed and threw her arms around him. “I love you so much, but you’re overprotective dad side is showing way too much.”

“I know, love, I just don’t want to be away from him for too long,” Tom sighed with a small hint of regret in his voice. “I brought this on us and I don’t want you to feel as though I’m just pawning all of the responsibility of having a child off on you.” (Y/N) smiled and walked toward him, placing her knees on either sides of the outside of his thighs.

“Thomas Stanley Holland,” she sighed into his ear as she kissed his neck. “I love you so much,” she watched his lips curl into a smile at her words, “but if you ever blame and feel like you’re burdening our family, I don’t know what I’m going to have to do to show you how wrong you are.” He placed his lips against hers and held tight to her waist.

“How about giving me another baby?” he suggested with a smirk on his lips as he kissed her warm skin. She smiled at his suggestion, glad that he was enjoying fatherhood despite the fact that it was thrust upon him so young and so abruptly.

“How about you go to your event and we make plans for that when you get home,” she suggested before kissing him and easing off his lap.

“Is that a promise?” he teased. 

“I guess you’l find out later,” she smirked. With that, Tom hurriedly kissed his wife and went on his way, eager to get the event over with to return to his family. Upon his arrival, there was an even larger amount of interviewers trying to get his attention than normal and he was swarmed with questions, most regarding his new family. “How did you keep (Y/N)’s pregnancy below the radar for so long?” “How does fatherhood feel?” “Did you only marry (Y/N) because you got her pregnant?” “Will this baby put a stop to your career?” 

“Oh wow,” (Y/N) watched her husband answer the slew of questions, their son propped up against her chest staring at his father on the television screen. “Well,” he laughed the little chuckle that he normally saved for awkward situations, “as you know, I accidentally got my wife pregnant before she was my  wife, but that had nothing to do with my decision to propose to her. I actually had the ring stored in these socks for months,” he said while flashing his socks from beneath his pant hems. “When she told me she was pregnant, I couldn’t think of a more perfect way to tell her just how ready I was for this: being a husband and a father. I love my wife, (Y/N) more than anything, except maybe our little boy, Johnny. I don’t have any plans for my career ending because of Johnny and (Y/N), but I would miss them terribly.”

“Do you miss them right now?” the interviewer asked.

Tom folded his arms over his chest and smiled as he thought about (Y/N) and Johnathan curled up on the couch together, waiting for him to get home. “If I could I would be in my sweatpants making my beautiful wife (Y/N) a cuppa tea and watching Netflix with Johnny on my chest and (Y/N) in my arms.”

“And if your wife and son were watching right now, what would you want to tell them?” Tom’s smile grew along his face and he swayed, his eyes gleaming toward the camera.

“Daddy loves you, Johnny and he’s hoping you’re behaving for Mum. (Y/N), I love you so much darling and I can’t wait to be home with you.” His voice got caught on his excitement and his already large smile beamed into the camera. “I’m so grateful for all that’s happened that led our lives to play out exactly like this.”


Originally posted by performanceunit

  • 2/3 of the intern crew
  • intern Seungkwan, probably the softest intern right alongside Chan
  • he cries, a lot

  • because it’s a hospital, death is a common occurrence for many doctors, death comes and goes, some deaths are taken harder than others, but overall, it’s not uncommon for a death to occur every day

  • but for intern Seungkwan, all deaths just have the same effect on him

  • they make him bawl his eyes out

  • thank goodness for grief counselor Joshua who is always there to pick him up (when he’s not distracted by his girlfriend)

  • often found hanging out with Hansol in the doctor’s lounge

  • also often seen whispering with Jeonghan behind the nurses station (some guess they’re gossiping, they are correct)

  • knows all the gossip of hookups, dating issues, who has the hots for who, and who dropped the 5 boxes of doughnuts in the doctor’s lounge

  • is mostly likely the one to start the whole “this person as a crush on this person”

  • is the know it all during rounds, but he’s not the one raising his hand every five seconds, nah he’s the one that says the answer in a snarky way when someone gets it wrong

  • struggled with putting in IV’s the first week but mama nurse Jeonghan helped his child

  • watched Hansol get his skateboard taken away by Jihoon, and he watched while eating popcorn which made it just seem much more dramatic

  • told Hansol that he was doing rounds when Hansol had his hand stuck up a vending machine but really he was in line at Starbucks during his break and the line was really long and by the time he was up at the front it already had been too long so Seungkwan assumed Hansol had gotten out so he went to go eat too and study, and when he arrived back at the hospital to cover a shift, he heard Hansol was still stuck

  • Doctors have constantly told Seungkwan that he is not cut out to be a doctor because he has too much of an emotional attachment to his patients

  • but Seungkwan is always like ‘fuck you I can do it’ with tears running down his face

  • it took a while for Seungkwan to know what he wanted to specialize in

  • but he remembers it clearly how the surgery department was trying to decide which intern gets to be in which operating room and he’s watching this really intense game of rock paper scissors and all he knows is that in the end, he’s assigned to a Doctor Jun who specializes in plastic surgery

  • Seungkwan did not want to do it, because well in his mind, he thought he was just going to have to assist a woman who wanted larger breast

  • But before going into the operating room, Jun kind of fills him in

  • “we’re working on a burn victim who was apart of the giant arson incident that occured in the apartment building.”

  • “wait, burn victim?”

  • “yeah, come on, we don’t have time”

  • and thus Seungkwan is standing in the operating room, staring in amazement as Jun performs a skin graft on a patient’s face and suddenly the whole world of plastic surgery is opened in front of Seungkwan

  • Seungkwan is set on becoming a plastic surgeon, because of this, he begins to bother Jun nonstop about wanting Jun to be his mentor

  • and Jun is just really uncomfortable because wow Seungkwan comes off strong

  • “Please please please, I really really want to be a plastic surgeon please please be my mentor”

  • *cue Jun looking at his pager praying to the gods that someone pages him*

  • you happen to be Jun’s girlfriend’s sister (understand?)

  • so basically Jun’s sister in law

  • but it was during one of those days that Seungkwan was bugging Jun, and he was praying once again to get out this situation, and the Gods decided to send you

  • jumping into the cafe in the hospital, Jun literally sighed in relief when he saw you approaching him

  • “Oh thank god Y/N”

  • “Hi Jun, my sister wanted me to tell you that she’s finishing up with a patient and she said that you have my paper”

  • When Seungkwan sees you, the word ‘woah’ slips from his mouth because that’s all he can think when he sees you

  • you’re looking at Seungkwan curiously too because ‘ooh cute boy alert’ and you kind of give Jun a look that’s like bruh introduce me and Jun sighs

  • “Y/N this is Seungkwan, Seungkwan this is Y/N, she’s my girlfriend’s sister and she’s only here because she asked me to look over her paper on tissue expansion in plastic surgery”

  • Seungkwan brights up because pretty girl is also interested in plastic surgery!!!!!

  • so you sit with Seungkwan at the table, excitedly talking about plastic surgery and everything about it before suddenly the topic of plastic surgery isn’t even relevant anymore and you two are screaming about the flowers outside

  • you two don’t even notice that Jun had left like 30 minutes ago but when the conversation starts to die down, there’s a small content smile on both of your faces

  • Seungkwan finds out that you intern at another hospital in the city and that you kind of use Jun to your advantage but it’s okay, Jun wants you to excel too

  • but now Seungkwan is finding himself waiting outside your hospital for your shift to end just so you two can spend 30 minutes at a coffee house drinking coffee that turns cold because you two keep talking excitedly

  • Hansol: “Hey Seungkwan wanna hang out after our shifts”

  • “I can’t, I’m going out with Y/N”

  • “Like on a date”

  • “No! We’re just friends! Gosh!”

  • Remember how Seungkwan was the one to spread gossip about others liking each other, well it’s Hansol’s turn to get payback

  • “Seungkwan has a crush on Jun’s sister in law”

  • Seungkwan knows he has a crush on you though and he’s internally crying about it because he doesn’t know what to do with it

  • You’re out with Seungkwan after your shift, you two are walking to the cafe that actually stays open until midnight, but it’s cold since fall is starting to turn into winter, and when you get to the cafe, it seems as though they’re closed for some maintenance

  • and now you and Seungkwan are standing awkwardly because this has never happened before and Seungkwan does an awkward laugh like ‘uh I guess we should just go home since it’s late’

  • ‘No.’

  • ‘What?’

  • ‘I want to be with you’

  • And Seungkwan becomes red faced at your comment because wow that was kind of straightforward

  • Everything just calmly fits together well after that, Seungkwan still waits for you after your shifts and you now visit his hospital more frequently

  • You often sit with Seungkwan behind the nurses station, often caught holding hands, and Seungkwan whines a lot, like a lot because you don’t kiss him, and Hansol is cringing in the background

  • Seungkwan also literally dotes on you, he does anything you say and Hansol calls him ‘whipped’ (but then hansol starts running to his girlfriend because she said his name once)

  • because you’re now officially dating Seungkwan, you bug Jun too about taking Seungkwan under his wing

  • And Jun wants to hide because he has Seungkwan bugging him at work and now he has you bugging him when he’s at his girlfriend’s house and HE JUST CAN’T GET PEACE

  • double dates with Hansol and his girlfriend

  • you become really close with Hansol’s girlfriend, and you two basically sit back and talk while Hansol and Seungkwan are doing god knows what

  • But you’ll always end up watching Seungkwan from the corner of your eye with a little smile on your face as he talks loudly at Hansol

  • Seungkwan wants to convince you to come to his hospital and work there but he doesn’t want to inconvenience you

  • but he has the brightest smile on his face, when you finish your internship, you land a job at his hospital and Seungkwan starts to break out in happy tears

  • you and Seungkwan work together as plastic surgeons and you two literally have floating hearts above your heads when you’re standing next to each other

  • Seungkwan would give up his career as a plastic surgeon for you if it ever came down to it. His love for you trumps than his love for his job, and as much as he judges your outfit choices because of ‘color clashes’, you love him just as much as he loves you.
Mark the Start

Title: Mark the Start

Author: @trademarkblue

Prompt(s): Common Room at midnight

Description: Ron and Hermione return to the Common Room for a midnight snack after Prefect rounds, 6th year. This fic was very, very loosely inspired by the song “Dials” by Tommy Reilly in the sense that when I was trying to come up with a title, his lyrics “please say I haven’t taken too long - have I? - to sort my head out, to mark the start of this night… I hope this was the start, that maybe there’s more” popped directly into my head. It was also inspired by two of my RL friends who I have been shipping pretty hard for a while now…

Rating: K+

Warning: light swearing

They were finishing rounds, and his stomach was grumbling insistently. It had been hours and hours since dinner, and he kept thinking about hot chocolate, even though the weather had turned spring-warm, hot enough to roll up his shirt sleeves to the elbows and unbutton his collar. Before thoughts of midnight snacks had entered his mind, he’d been thoroughly focused on the fact that this was the first time in ages they’d spent patrolling together. Especially in comfortable silence. Which this was.


Except for the pounding of his heart when her hand brushed his and the way he felt too relieved to risk planning a second, more meaningful apology. They weren’t great at those, and silence was easy.

He should have known years ago that they’d reach this point, where one or both of them would resort to hurting each other in a much more personal way that had nothing to do with rats and cats or bloody stupid Christmas dances. But Lavender had led him to a few personal realisations that he wasn’t entirely ready to look directly at, though he occasionally tried, wide awake in his four poster when he’d smile, thinking of Hermione… thinking of her hand on his arm while he’d been recovering from poisoning in the hospital wing.

“One more floor and we can go back,” she said, yawning.

“Think I should go ahead and order a sandwich to be waiting for me in the Common Room?”

She leaned sideways as she walked, shoving her shoulder into his arm as she bit her smiling bottom lip.

“Are you honestly hungry?”

“Why not? We’ve walked the damn castle corner to corner.”

“If you’d rather not have come along-”

“No, didn’t mean that,” he said, much too quickly, missing the fact that she was obviously teasing him until he caught her eyes, amused crinkles at the corners.

“Well,” she moved on, clearing her throat, “the house elves don’t need to be up making you a snack at midnight. But, if you’re really that hungry, we could stop by the kitchens…”

“Seriously?” His stomach grumbled again, as if encouraged by her suggestion.

“Sure. We’re already close to the stairs down to the basement.”


A quarter of an hour later, he’d toed off his shoes and collapsed onto the Common Room sofa, holding a plate of treacle sponge pudding in his lap and setting a cup of rich, hot chocolate on the table in front of him. Hermione removed her bag from her shoulder, dropped it to the floor, and sat beside him, which he found mildly surprising, considering the hour. He glanced sideways at her, trying to read her expression from her profile as she reached down to take off her own shoes, obviously planning to stay with him for a while.

“Have you started your essay for Monday?” she asked, as he picked up his fork.

“I’ll do it tomorrow,” he said, as he scooped up a large bite and felt her turn to look at him.

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“I Love You”

You wake up in a bed that isn’t yours, wrapped in blankets that you’ve seen before but never laid in, with 2D’s arms wrapped around your waist, clutching you against his chest. A dull ache throbs in your head, radiating from the centre of your brain, and your mouth is dry and foul tasting. Light pours in from the half closed curtains and you groan, receding back under the covers and trying to drag the pillow over your head.

2D moans in anguish behind you, ducking his head and pressing it into your bare shoulder.
“Stop wriggling,” he mutters hoarsely, “head hurts,”

You shift uncomfortably, trying not to disturb him. Your head throbs again, and you test the waters, sticking your head out from under the covers. This isn’t the worst hangover you’ve ever experienced, and past occasions have taught you that what you really need right now is water and painkillers.

Plus, you really, really need to pee.

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Good job me

I follow two people on tumblr who have long usernames which begin with the same letter and I literally only today worked out that they are different people because one just said they’re going to a party and I was like “wait aren’t they visiting a sick relative who was suddenly hospitalized this afternooooooooh DIFFERENT PEOPLE.”

Now I feel like I should introduce them to each other because it’s not like they even confused me, they were remarkably consistent in their dual characterization.

The Mission

Arizona sat down in her seat, a big smile on her face, hoping to hide the really big butterflies in her stomach. She didn’t like flying, it was a necessary evil she felt and would much rather stay on the ground where she was safe, but there were occasions such as this one that made it necessary to fly. She grabbed the earbuds out of her bag and got her music ready to help her through the flight then glanced up at the woman that was getting ready to sit next to her.

The woman had her back to Arizona as she was talking to the flight attendant on board. She was dressed in army fatigues and was carrying a large bag with her. Finally she turned to sit down and Arizona noticed how beautiful the woman was. Long black hair pulled back into a bun, and beautifully tanned skin probably from being deployed. Arizona saw the Red Cross on her arm and knew she was medical personnel.

Callie glanced at the woman next to her because she was staring and gave her a curt smile.

“Would you like the window seat? I don’t actually like the window, but I’ll sit there, but if you enjoy it, I’d gladly trade with you. I’m actually scared of flying. My friend Teddy says it’s because I don’t like to lose control, and I will admit I’m type A, but I just don’t want to die. Or crash. I think the crash would be worse than the actual dying. Don’t you?” Arizona looked at the brunette that was staring at her and blushed a little. She was doing it again. “I talk when I get nervous. I don’t mean to it just happens. So are you coming or going?”

Callie scrunched up her eyes unsure of what the woman was asking.

“From overseas, I recognized your infantry number and I know it’s one that’s been deployed in Iraq and was curious if you are coming or going?”

“Coming home…or back I should say.” Callie didn’t have a home, but the perky blonde wouldn’t understand that.

“Wow, well congratulations, really, your family must be so excited to see you and do proud of all the amazing work you’ve done while you were over there. It must feel amazing to be home after being gone. I would like to extend my gratitude to you and say ‘thank you, for all your time served.”

Callie gave the blonde a small smile and looked past her out the window. Home. There was that word again. Where was home now? She had no idea, and felt the tears creep up in her eyes as she thought about it. She quite literally had nothing other than the bag with her clothes, she had never in her entire life had so little to call her own.

Arizona watched as the woman next to her seemed to pass through some sort of an emotional voyage. She could see the sadness pass over her and wondered what it was.

“Hey!” She said a little too loudly and made the woman jump. “Oops, sorry, didn’t mean to scare you. I have a joke for you. How much did the pirate pay to get his ears pierced?” Callie just stared at the blonde, not quite sure what was going in. So she shrugged at her. “A buck an ear!” Arizona laughed and laughed while the brunette just continued to stare at her

“No? Okay then how about this, knock knock.”

Arizona gave the brunette an encouraging look. “Who’s there?” Callie asked.

“Cow go.”

“Cow go who.”

“No! Cow go mooooo.” Arizona laughed again but the woman didn’t even crack a smile.”boy, those were some of my best jokes, you didn’t even flinch!” Arizona rolled her eyes a little and looked away for a moment.

Callie had no idea why the strange blonde woman was telling her jokes, bad jokes at that, so she turned her head and stared at the seat in front of her and closed her eyes.

Arizona looked back and gave the woman a little frown. She had tried her hardest to get a small smile from her, but nothing. The woman looked so incredibly sad and all Arizona wanted to do was at least try to see a smile from the woman.

Callie nervously put her hand to her pocket and felt the envelope in there, then rested her hands back in her lap. She had one mission in Seattle and she wasn’t going to screw it up. She had promised to deliver this letter and there was no way she was going to fail.

“So…is Seattle home?”

Callie opened her eyes and peeked over at the woman. She was relentless. “No, just a stop.” She closed her eyes again and faced forward.

“Then what?” Arizona asked.

Callie opened her eyes, again, but continued to look forward. She didn’t have an answer to that. She was going to deliver the envelope then quickly visit her two army buddies and after that….she had no idea. Where would she go? What would she do?

“Hello?” Arizona asked. She was interested in the brunette but was also interested in keeping herself occupied and not looking out the window where the ground was moving farther and farther away.

“I have absolutely no idea.” Callie said honestly for the first time out loud. Most people didn’t press this much but for some reason the blonde had a need to ask questions.

“But you’re going to Seattle?”

“For now.”

The woman was very quiet Arizona had to admit, she was looking forward to a little more talk from her but no matter what she said she barely got anything.

“What will you do in Seattle?”

“Visit a few buddies.”

“Like war buddies?” Arizona asked and the brunette turned her head to look at the blonde. Callie looked at her really hard, and noticed she was beautiful for the first time. How had she not seen that before? When had she stopped noticing beautiful women? Was that new? “War buddies?” Arizona said again and pulled the brunette out of her fog.

“What? Oh..yeah…war buddies.” She touched her pocket again and felt the envelope in her pocket, she felt the need to make sure it was there. “And someone else.” She gave up and it caused Arizona to be a little surprised.

“Someone else? You’re visiting war buddies then someone else?”

“Yeah,” Callie said and rested her hands on her lap while she closed her eyes. She needed some sleep. Exhaustion had set in about two years prior and she hadn’t been able to shake it, though she was hoping it might get a little better now that she was back in the states.

“Are you going to sleep?” Arizona asked quietly, unsure if the woman was once again resting her eyes or if she was actually going to take a nap.

“I was planning on it.”

Arizona waited a full sixty seconds before another question was asked.

“Will anyone be waiting for you when you get off the plane?”

Callie opened her eyes and looked at the blonde. “No. There is no one. No one knows I’m coming home. And no one cares.” She stared at the blonde hoping she’d get the hint to stop asking so many questions.

“Your family doesn’t know?”

“I don’t have any family.” Callie told her and closed her eyes again.


Callie shook her head and Arizona was almost positive she saw a tear in the corner of her closed eyes.

“I’m sorry. If you were my family I’d be waiting with a giant banner that said welcome home…” And she realized she didn’t know the woman’s name.

Callie realized the blonde was wishing for her name to be said so she opened her wet eyes and looked at the blonde who was staring back at her.

“Callie Torres.”

“Welcome home Callie Torres! That’s what my banner would say.”

“Well we aren’t family, so I’ll just be entering the Seattle airport on my own.”

“You don’t have to. I could take you anywhere you want to go. You can pretend like I’m your family. Come on, what do you say? Everyone needs some family.”

Callie looked at the perky blonde and wondered briefly if she ever stopped talking. “I’m making one stop, visiting two buddies and making one delivery then I am on my way.”

“But you said you didn’t know where to go after those things, so you must not be in any hurry. How about this, where are you headed in Seattle? Where are these buddies and the delivery?”

“Seattle Grace hospital.”

“Wait! I’m going there! I work there! I’ve been at a medical conference and now I’m on my way back home. I could take you to the hospital. Wait! Are you going to visit Teddy and Owen?”

Callie nodded and saw how enthusiastic the blonde was all of a sudden.

“Teddy is my best friend! I’m Arizona!”

The color drained from Callie’s face at the mention of the name and her hand went involuntarily to her pocket and touched the envelope. Her mission was sitting next to her.

I’m waiting in the hospital to visit a gravely ill beloved college friend. Summoning all the energy and healing reiki that I can. Any prayers, healing intentions, and vibes are welcome.


Rakuen art for Cry :D


so I don’t know if you’ll get to read this Cry, but I wanted to write about how much your videos have helped me. For a couple years I’ve been watching your videos and some of those years have been the toughest of my life. You could even say your videos saved my life.

I went through a lot of hospital visits, some in the waiting room and some going there for myself. I felt so alone, but your videos were always there no matter how tough it got.

I want to thank you. And I don’t know how else to do that than draw :) And I know you’ve heard all this before so…I hope you see this not for my own sake, but because I want you to be encouraged that your work helps others. I believe you said were going through some hard times yourself lately, and I wish you the best.

I hope you like my drawing :)

Had a discussion with someone on Twitter and I want you all to weigh in.

I stated that Mickey low key wanted Fiona’s approval (specifically referring to how he waited for her at the hospital for visitation) and someone vehemently disagreed. While I haven’t changed my mind, I do want to get others opinions…

So, what do you think? Did Mickey (even low key) hope for the Gallaghers approval as his relationship with Ian got more serious in season 5?

affection || shikamaru nara

prompt: part 2 of admirer; and a prompt from here [x]

warnings: character injury, little bit ooc shika, fluff :-)

a/n: ahhh im so happy about all the responses i got from part one!! i hope you like this :) xx also this is kinda long lol

masterlist + part one

You hadn’t spoken to Shikamaru since the Temari asking him out incident, given it has only been 2 days and well you weren’t doing so great. You felt as if the color had drained from the world and to add on, you had a mission coming up. It wasn’t that bad just a simple C-ranked mission, help a man back to his village and just protect him from bandits or thieves.

As you made your way back home from a meeting with your squad leader, you happened to pass by Yakiniku Q. As you walked by you saw Shikamaru and Temari sitting together. You could feel your chest start to ache as you saw as Temari placed her hand on Shikamaru’s, leaning closer to him. You let out a breath, and walked off, not having the strength to witness them. You finally arrived at your home and changed into some comfortable clothing. You got up to make yourself a bowl of ramen.

As you ate your food, you heard a knock on your door, with a grunt you got up and answered the door. You were surprised to see Shikamaru, but you couldn’t help but feel sadness but also embarrassment because of your current attire, an oversized t-shirt and panties. “Hey Shikamaru, what are you doing here?” You asked, leaning on your doorframe. “Is something wrong Y/N? You haven’t spoken to me since that day on the field.”

You wanted to tell him of your feelings but you couldn’t, not after everything with Temari. What if they got together? It would just be awkward and you didn’t want that. “Everything’s fine, I just have a mission coming up and I want clear my head and be prepared for it.” You reply. Shikamaru nods, understanding why you’ve been acting so strangely. “Well, good luck on the mission and Y/N, I hope you know you could tell me anything, we’re friends.”

With that Shikamaru left. You closed your door with a sigh, and then went to finish your ramen. You put away your bowl and crawled into bed, letting sleep come to you.

It was the day of your mission and you were honestly exhausted. Your mind kept racing at the thought of Temari and Shikamaru going out and it just made you feel worse. You were physically and emotionally exhausted and you felt you were’t stable enough for the mission. But you were determined to go and get your mind off of Shikamaru. You quickly got ready and met up with your squad and leader at the gates of the Hidden Leaf Village.

You successfully finished the mission, and now you and your squad were on the way back to the Hidden Leaf Village. You were talking to one of your teammates before you heard your leader yell ‘GET DOWN!’ You and your friend quickly ducked, seeing a kunai land a couple of feet in front of you. Your team quickly got into positions, you holding your kunai in hand, your teammates having their hands up, ready to perform a jutsu.

You see 3 masked ninja appear, their weapons and jutsu ready. A fight ensues, your sensei fighting a ninja, your other two teammates fighting one and the third ninja against you. You didn’t understand why you had to fight the ninja on your own, you felt in no condition to fight but you persisted. You and ninja quickly ran towards each other, kunais in hand. The two knives clashed but you both were quick in movement. You managed to dodge his swings, then you jumped back, creating a distance between you opponent.

You took out a shuriken and threw if swiftly, scratching your opponent. In the split second, you silently celebrated but in that second it felt like minutes and you felt a blade pierce your skin. Your whole bottle started to ache, looking down you saw a knife through your chest. You look and see your opponent, a smirk visible through your mask. You felt the blade leave your body and you fell to the ground, your vision became blurry, until eventually all you saw was black.

The ninjas left as quick as they came, and your team were quick to your sides. They quickly tied a cloth around the stab wound, trying to stop you from bleeding out. Your sensei quickly picked you up and they ran towards the village.

Shikamaru stood at the entrance of the Hidden Leaf Village, looking for any sign of you or your team. He knew you were coming back today and he couldn’t wait to see you. As he sat against he trees, he noticed silhouettes running towards the entrance. He got up, realizing it was your squad, his eyes widening at the sight of you unconscious. “HEY! What happened to Y/N!?” He yelled as your squad ran past him. One of your squamates stopped in front of Shikamaru, “We ended up getting ambushed, and she got stabbed. Y/N seemed off, she did’t seem like her usual self.”

Shikamaru watched as they ran off, catching up to your other teammates. Shikamaru shook his head, not believing what he was told. “That’s not like Y/N. I’ve seen the way she trains, she’s not that careless. She should’ve been able to fight back without a scratch.” Shikamaru thought. But something felt off, Shikamaru had a feeling he wasn’t familiar with. He felt his chest ache at the thought of losing you. With that he brushed off the thought, then sped off, rushing to the hospital to see you.

“What do you mean I can’t see Y/n?!” Shikamaru bursted out. “Y/N is currently resting, she was hurt pretty badly you know. If she was stabbed just a couple inches over and it would’ve hit a major organ, she’s a lucky girl.” The nurse replied. “STILL SHE’S MY BEST FRIEND, I NEED TO SEE HER.” Shikamaru said angrily. “I understand young man, but you need to wait. You could visit her tomorrow.”

With a grunt Shikamaru left the hospital, seeing Temari outside. “Hey Shikamaru, are you okay?” She asked. “Yeah yeah, I’m fine. Don’t worry about me.” A silence fell between them, leading to Temari walked closer to Shikamaru, taking his hand in hers. Shikamaru’s eyes widen at the action, seeing Temari close her eyes and lean closer to him. ‘Is she trying to kiss me?’ Shikamaru thought, he quickly moved his hands away from Temari’s, her eyes shooting open. “Oh I see, you don’t like me in that way.” Temari spoke, turning around and leaving before she could get embarrassed even more.

The next day, Shikamaru went back to the hospital, a small bouquet of flowers in hand. He entered the hospital room, spotting you sleeping peacefully. He sat next to your bed, looking at your sleeping figure. “You troublesome woman, how could you get yourself hurt like that.” He said aloud. You stirred in your sleep, moving your arm up to rub your eyes. “Shikamaru? What are you doing here?”  You asked, trying to wake yourself up. You hiss in pain as you try and sit up. “I can’t see my friend in the hospital? I also brought flowers, mom made me bring them.” He grumbled, placing them on the bedside table.

“What the hell happened?” Shikamaru asked out of the blue. “What do you mean?” You were confused at his question. “I mean, I’ve seen you train. You shouldn’t have gotten a scratch and you come back nearly dead. What the hell is wrong?” You were quiet, deciding if you should just tell Shikamaru the truth. “I wasn’t feeling well. I was going through some things.”

“Like what? It had to be bad enough when it affects your ability to fight.”

‘It’s now or never, tell him Y/n.’ You mentally yelled at yourself. “I saw you with Temari. There, are you happy now? You got your answer.” You spat. Shikamaru was shocked, why would you seeing him with Temari affect you at all? Then something clicked in his mind as he started understanding the situation. You liked him.

“Temari tried to kiss me yesterday. I don’t know where it came from, but I rejected her.” Shikamaru spoke up. “Really? Why would you do that?” you replied with a shocked expression on your face. “I didn’t like her in that way. But y/n, remember when we you were going to tell me something, but Temari interrupted us. What were you going to tell me?” He asked and you took a deep breath. “Oh yeah, um, I was going to tell you that I had a crush on you. It’s nothing major really.” You replied.

“This isn’t easy for me. I’ve never… Not like this. But. You matter you to me. A lot. And I realized that when I saw you when you came back from your mission.”  Shikamaru spoke up. You were speechless. “You matter to me a lot too Shikamaru.” You spoke gently, a small blush coming to your cheeks. Shikamaru stood up, and pressed a kiss to your forehead. “You troublesome woman.”

i really liked this imagine but i feel like a wrote shikamaru too ooc / badly but its whatever

tagging: @hokage-sama

anonymous asked:

can u write another part to the sprace ghost hunter au?? like the aftermath of them coming out or maybe them doing the boyfriend tag or something like that?

Not quite the boyfriend tag, but a relationship Q&A of sorts. Hope that’s okay!

“I can’t believe I agreed to this,” Spot sighed, putting his head in his hands as he sat himself down on the sofa whilst Race set up the recording equipment.
“I can’t believe you agreed to it either but you did so here we are,” Race teased.

He sat down beside Spot and kissed his cheek, laughing when he got a scowl back.

“This counts as your Valentine’s Day present,” Spot grumbled.

They’d been getting endless questions about their relationship from the moment they’d accidentally uploaded that stupid video. Race had decided the best way to quieten things down was to film a Q&A video answering some of the main questions people had. Spot disagreed – he hated vlogs where he had to sit down in front of the camera and talk into the lens, but Race was adamant and he’d made cute begging faces until Spot had given in.

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The Calm Before the Storm

for @potato-fan-girl :) I messed up our favorite ginger, don’t worry, babe

Word Count: 1,258

           Sometimes, before matches, (even practice matches) Hinata can’t sleep.  He’ll sneak out, change into the practice clothes, and he’ll practice spiking at two in the morning.  Eventually, he’ll go back to the dorms and get a few hours of sleep before the team wakes up and gets ready to play.  

           It’s another Training Camp with Nekoma and Fukurodani, and Karasuno is playing Nekoma tomorrow.  Hinata can’t sleep, so he changes and sneaks out like he normally does.  It’s kinda fun to have to be so quiet when Hinata just wants to yell out with all the adrenaline that comes with going somewhere he’s not supposed to be.  

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eddierichietozier  asked:

this is random !! but I've started shipping byler and have read some awesome fics so far and was wondering if you could share some stuff as to why people ship them ??? since i'm new to it I was wondering what I've missed :) sorry to bother u!!

Hey! It’s no bother at all! I think it started with the hints towards Will possibly being gay. In one episode, Joyce is talking to Hopper about how Will is bullied and is called a “fag”, and Hopper asks if it’s true but Joyce says that’s not important. If I remember correctly Troy (the bully) makes fun of Will about being gay as well. Then the ship itself comes in bc in Will’s (very few) scenes with Mike, they play off of each other very well. Mike is also the only one who stays awake while they’re waiting to visit Will in the hospital (this could also be bc he just lost Eleven), and he’s the first into the room to hug Will. There’s also scenes in the Season 2 final trailer where Mike and Will are together, and it seems like Will is talking to Mike about his trips to the Upside Down, so Will trusts Mike a lot, so maybe they have feelings for each other. So the ship, essentially, is based of hopes that Will is actually gay, and that Mike might be a questioning bisexual and they like each other. But tbh most ships are based off hopes until they’re confirmed or otherwise. I hope this helped!!

Cam-Boy (Exo Drabble Series) 06. Old Flames, New Tinder

Originally posted by kyungception

Genre: Smut

Word Count: 2,519

Summary: Four college friends without a dime and school fees biting at their feet decide to take an Interesting part time job.

01. || 02. || 03. ||04.||05. || 06.

06. Kyungsoo and his ex lover have an exchange after years of silence, he wonders if there’s anything still there. A conversation with one of his regulars leads to an impromptu date.

A/N: Hello! I’m sorry for the long wait. I’ve had a few hospital visits recently so I’ve been busy with my health and work. Things are slowing down, so i can update 1-2 times a week again. I hope you enjoy this installment. [Shout out to @kpopanddrama@especialsshexo and @niggaliciousjoe for being the best siblings and giving me life, ideas, and support on this story. I love you guys!]

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anonymous asked:

Of course everyone knew you were gonna name your son after his godfather Steve. But the day your son is born and the team goes to the hospital for a visit, you wait until he's in Sam's arms to announce his full name. Grant Thomas Barnes. Sam gets a lump in his throat and practically gives a death glare to Steve to keep his mouth shut. When Bucky asks, "Can I have my son back?" And just like the VW scene, Sam flat out says: "No!"

omfg hahahha yes 

Daddy Wednesday™

Izaya’s character song

Still at a loss for words. Been like this for about half an hour. Or one.

I don’t think there’s anything to analyze.

Saying ‘Sayonara’ (see you again)

would be somewhat monotonous.

I’ll try seeing you off nonchalantly,

saying ‘Abayo’ instead (goodbye forever)


It’s not that I enjoyed bothering you,

It’s that I was too embarrassed to admit that was love.

Unrequited love.

The cover for the CD. 

And Rubi no Yubiwa.

This can’t be a coincidence. 

Not with Rubi no Yubiwa.

Coincidences don’t happen twice.

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And While We Live (Chapter 1)


Chapter 1 - Shoes UK Size 7

Glasgow, present day

Claire Beauchamp had a very simple and fulfilling morning routine. Uni classes started at 9:30, but on week days she was usually up by 7, easily. Some habits are hard to break. Coffee, toasted bread with jam and the newspaper, were luxuries that Claire allowed herself. Those little routines and certain things that helped her stay alive and sane in the early days.

She loved listening to the radio so her quirky alarm clock, shaped like a cat, was her morning best friend. She didn’t have to talk to anyone but was talked to and that was comforting. Old habits are hard to break.

She found comfort in preparing the notebooks she would need for the day, pick up her trusted set of BIC pens, her glasses from the bedside table and place them in her secondhand leather backpack before heading out into the world and out of her bubble.

During the days she anatomy classes, it made her chuckle how some of her classmates seemed to be having trouble keeping their breakfast where it belonged. You haven’t seen anything dear chaps, really. Biochemistry days had her slightly on edge, as she felt the need to focus on that subject more than the others. She couldn’t wait for the weekly visits to the hospitals to come around, even though there were still a couple of semesters before that. One day at a time. I have a promise to keep.

When the academic day was over she headed down to her part-time job at a bookshop. A job she had started at Christmas time. Barely two months of living in this city and J H R Christ, the abundance… Claire really got along with her co-workers and had forged a friendship with her boss who insisted on her studying during the more quiet hours and helped her, making sure her work schedule and academic schedule would work together. Human connections Beauchamp, remember that. In the early days she just wanted to run and be alone. To be alone and run. Things were different now. Even though old habits die hard, Claire Beauchamp was a master in adjusting herself to a new situation, no matter how daunting, how different, it could be.

If she was working she would have dinner at the store. Miss Glenna, her boss’ lovely mother, lived upstairs from the store and always cooked dinner for those working the last shift. The older woman always had a nice word to say, well seasoned with a scottish no nonsense attitude and she cooked heavenly. It was a comfort to get home with a warm homely meal in her belly. Not taken for granted.

Before bed, Claire would turn the radio on again, water her herbs, make a cup of tea and read or scroll through her fascinating tablet for the topics that humanity might have found interesting that day.

Every night for that first year, she looked around in her closet taking her pajamas off the rack and glanced at the corner. There it was, the white dress, the narrow belt, the wool shawl. Inconspicuous enough. She would look down and assess the shoes and thought as an inside joke, channeling a lot of conversations she found herself having with friends and mates: God, I’d never use them now. Maybe some day. Claire wouldn’t get rid of them. She was unsure if she might need them again. But now, after what had happened the past week, that hope of being sure had vanished. At the moment, she was not minding the uncertainty.

But they were there, the simple, worn just the once, brown leather, UK size 7 shoes, with the inside tag “LONDON - 1945”.

Hello and thank you for reading! Huge thank you to @mybeautifuldecay​ for the brit insight and @suhailauniverse​ for beta-ing! 

This (sometimes is, sometimes not) AU is mixing book and tv elements! Any feedback is most welcome! <3

Stormy Night Fight

Requested By- Anon

Request- can i please request one where the reader and Derek are fighting for something stupid and he decides to sleep in the guest room (they live together) and it starts storming really hard and the reader is scared of storms and Derek can tell something is wrong so he goes to check on her and shes having a panic attack so they make up and fall asleep together (sorry its so long! love your blog so much!!)

Person- Derek (Hale or Morgan)

Warnings- Verbal Fighting, Panic Attack

A/N- I didn’t know who this was for so I’ll try and keep it general and no last names but yeah sorry but I don’t know who you mean.

I step inside with Derek close behind me just waiting for the shouting to begin. “Y/n, you enjoy that hospital visit? You glad you got hurt, yet again!” He starts up. “Oh I’m sorry I wanted to do something nice and got hurt in the process!” I reply loudly. “You were standing on the railing of the stairs, what if you fell down the other way and hit the hardwood floor, maybe you’d regret it a bit more!” He shouts. I sit down on the couch and start flinging my shoes off. “Yeah yeah, but I didn’t so be glad of that at least!” “Fine, you got lucky! But what if next time you don’t get lucky!” “Then next time I don’t get lucky, is that what you want me to say!” “I’m not expecting you to say anything! You know what this is pointless. I’m going to sleep in the guest room, maybe you need to sleep on the decision you made and think how stupid you’re being right now.” He then storms off to the guest room and I let out a sigh and lean back on the couch. I fight back the tears that threaten to come out. I finally get up and move to the bedroom throwing on my pajamas. I crawl into bed and try my best to sleep. After a few moments a loud crash rings out, thunder, and a bright light flashes, lightning. The rain is slamming against the roof of the house and every so often the lightning would crash down accompanied by the thunder. Great, there is no way I’m sleeping now. I sit up and try to calm myself down but to no avail I can’t. Quickly I feel a shortness of breathe and my heartbeat picking up. I close my eyes and cover my ears trying to block it out and calm myself down but the thunder seeps through and I just can’t. I suck in as much air as I can and try to get my heart back to normal but it just makes it worse. I start hyperventilating and next thing I know I feel arms wrapping around me and rocking me. Derek starts whispering in my ear, calming me down how he always does. My heart finally goes down to a normal pace and I wrap my arms around Derek in a hug. “I-I’m so-” I start but he cuts me off, “Shh, it doesn’t matter, just sleep and we can worry about that tomorrow. It’s okay.” We lay down and I pull myself as close as I can to him and slowly but surely I get to sleep.

No child should have to suffer any disease…period.

Fight for children, all children, all diseases, all disabilities.

This Month, and particularly this day, for every tiny finger that has to bleed, for every tear shed, every hospital visit, we stand, we pray, we wait, for a cure.

Yes, I wear blue every day, but I work with diabetics everyday as well…and I see the pain it causes.

Please, for a cure, fight.