I’m convinced that waiting is one of the most difficult parts of life. However, we cannot forget all that God can do with us while we wait. Life doesn’t stop because we are in a season of waiting. Life doesn’t stop flowing. While we wait on God, we can also be proactive. In fact, we should. God responds to us when we get up and move! So, while you wait, seek out truth. Go love on people. Get out and make a positive difference for the Kingdom. Lead people to Christ. Travel to another country to spread the gospel. Be a light. Yes, life is always flowing… and your life has the power to make an impact even if you’re in a waiting season. Your light doesn’t stop shining just because you’re waiting! Do not sit and be idle. Allow God to use you in every season of life because that’s what He wants to do with you!

“You know what scares me the most? I asked. 

"It’s that every single time we part ways, you never look back. 


—  and you never did.”—the start of waiting season // stories behind wet pillows #21