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Photos with other YOI cosplayers at Katsu! If you see yourself, PLEASE REPLY TO THIS POST/SEND ME A MESSAGE SO I CAN TAG YOU!! ;A; It was so wonderful meeting you all, thank you so much for taking pics with me!! :DDD

1. Mila, @ask-actual-angel-krista (I LOVE YOU WIFE!!)

2. Phichit, @rui-of-sunshine (THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE PHOTOS!! ;A;)

3. feather duster Seung-Gil, Ramon Cosplay on twitter

4. Otabek, @bonoree

5. Stammi vicino Victor at the bar, @????

6. waiter costume (shh that’s what i call it) Seung-Gil, @iiyen

7. Yurio & Minami, @kymbawee and @whimsicalparadox

8. Stammi Vicino Victor lobby shot, @kodiak-child

9. Young!Victor, @rainecyc

10. Eros!Yuuri, ungodlyprodigy on instagram

Lemme know if you are/know any of the mystery people/want me to add other social media!! And also please lemme know if you see other pics of me, I’d love to reblog, I’m the super rhinestoned glittery stammi vicino Yuuri who lights up and sometimes was holding toxic blue glowing roses ^ ^;;;

  • Me: hello, welcome to X restaurant! My name is Brittany! I will be your server tonight! Our specials today are X. May I start you off with a drin......
  • Costumer: what are your specials?
  • Me: Our current specials are smaller positions of the original plates * mentions plates available*
  • Costumer: does that Come with chicken?
  • Me: no, that is not part of our specials.
  • Costumer: but I want chicken special.
  • Me: I'm sorry sir, we do not offer this special. We have the original larger portion though.
  • Costumer: I want it as the 6.99 special.
  • Me: our specials are only the ones mentioned, would you like me to repeat your options?
  • Costumer: yes
  • Me: * repeats options*
  • Costumer: okay so give me the chicken! How much is that???
  • Me: 12.99
  • Costumer: what the hell???? No! I told you I want the special!
  • Me: *getting annoyed* sir, we do not have this in our specials,
  • Costumer: well I've come other times and they have it!
  • Me: I've worked here 2 years, we haven't changed our specials, sir.
  • Costumer: fine give me the chicken.
  • Me: sure! Would you like me to include....
  • Costumer: .... That's 5.99 right?
  • Me: no, sir it's 12.99.
  • Costumer: what? I only have 10 dollars! Fine whatever do I pay you or cashier???
  • Me: I'll bring the check to the table once you are ready to leave.
  • Costumer: I want it now!
  • Me: * brings check
  • Costumer: hey! You! Why does it say 14.48!!!!!????
  • Me: you ordered the marinated chicken. It was 12.99 like I mentioned however tax isn't included in the menu.
  • Costumer: fuck this! I'm leaving!!!!!!! * gets up and leaves*

Yesterday my sister threw on some Slytherin robes before we got out of the car and my immediate response was, “Oh, great, now I look like an idiot.”

You’ll Be In My Heart, No Matter what they say. ( Sam Drake X Reader) Part One

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Warning: Language. If you like smut then this is not for you.
English is not my mother language.

👉Part two

You may want to know your character so you won’t get pissed reading this fic:
* You are a girl who treasures friends and family above all things.
* You are very brave and tough. You are so strong that no one ever think you are weak, no one will try to ask are you feeling alright. (Except grandpa Sully n Nate the great).
* And congrats you have a resting bitch face. People always misunderstand you as a very mean person. But you are very kind inside.
* You hate players and fuckboys. I mean who doesn’t hate them.
* You really want a true relationship rather than a guy simply wants to fuck you
* You’ll know more about yourself in the story so I’ll just stop right here

This is the very first fanfic I’ve ever wrote in my life I’m sorry if it’s not that good🙈.

Italic is your thoughts.

You know Nathan since the day you bumped into him with you best friends Elena. Elena is your best friend since high school, she is basically your long lost sister. But you are always the adventurous one. After what you guys have been through, you and Nate become best friend too. And Elena become his wife. You can talk anything with him, you both support each other through the dark times. Just like sister and brother. People often misunderstood you two as couples, but you guys are just super best friends and both you don’t love each other in that way. Sully have been take good care of you two, as an orphan, he is the best father you’ve got.

Ever since Nathan ‘retired’, you still go on adventures with Charlie and Chloe. Sometimes you’ll visit Elena and Nathan, but deep down you just miss your adventures with Elena and Nathan so much. Years later when Nate called you for Avery’s Treasure, you answered him without any hesitation. 

And tonight you were in Italy, in the guess room of a auction for some rich ass. You knew Nate’s brother is coming, Nate told you a little bit about his brother on the phone. But you still think he is very mysterious, you are very curious about him.

“Hey Sully have you ever met Nate’s brother before? What does he looks like??” you asked, sitting on the sofa next to him.

“Well I guess we will find out soon darling. Why are you so concern?” He smirked. 

“What’s wrong with that? I’m just curious!” You protest. 

“Nothing~” he smiled when he put the cigar between his lips.

“Oh really?” You rolled your eyes while you are teasing him. When he was about to answer you something, Nathan jumped in from the window, “Sully? Y/N? "He asked because he can’t see you two in the dark. 

"Know what I love about partying with a bunch of crooks?”

“What’s that?" 

"Nobody cares if you smoke indoors.”

Nate smiled and gave Sully a big hug than he walked to you.

“It’s been so long Y/N. Glad to see you.” He talked to you when he brings you into a hug. 

“Yeah I’m sorry I didn’t call you often” , you apologized, “But you still owe me a buffet bitch.” You patted his back with a smile.

Nate pulled away and put his hands on your shoulder, “ Oh, so now you are robbing me? Who’s the bitch?” he joked with a laugh.

You shrugged with a pout and then both of you laughed.

Then both Nate and Sully look behind you, you turned around to see what they were looking.
Damn. You just found your greatest weakness: sexy man in tux. 

Damn HE IS SO HOT. But am I too young for him? Why I can’t be older? Wait, IS HE NATE’S  BROTHER?

And you realized that you were staring at him for too long. He saw your staring and he smirks a little then walked towards you.

“Hi I’m Samuel Drake. You can call me Sam.” He took your hand and left a small kiss on the back of it.


“ Hi I’m (your full name), you can call me Y/N.” You hide your foolish excitement (so hard) and replied naturally.

He greed with Sully and then all of your went outside the guest room and discuss how to get the cross. You saw Sam flirted with the waitress and you don’t know why but you felt jealous.

Oh, a flirt again. Y/N can you stop falling for flirts?

You don’t really like how some people flirt with everyone. It just makes you feel like you are not special. Like what you’ve been feeling the most in your life so far.

You, Sully, Nate and Sam had discussed the plan. You went to the balcony to relax a bit. 

As you think you can put Sam away from your mind, you heard a voice behind you, “What’s on your mind darling?” Sam smirked. 

“Nothing.” You didn’t look at him and left a slight smile on your face that you fake. 

Why would he interested in me? I’m just a unattractive silly girl. 

You want to keep your distance before you fall for him. Before it’s too late.

Although you acted very cool in front of Sam, you actually can’t control your feelings in your mind and fangirling over him. When he was on the Waiter costume you just can’t deny how cute and sexy he is.

When the lights were off and Sam stole the cross, you were very lost in the dark and suddenly a hand grabbed your waist, “Follow me." 

You know it was Sam when you heard his voice. He was so close to you, you can feel his warm chest with your shoulder. And his breath that made your head itchy. 

When you and Sam were heading downstairs, there were man shooting at you two. You ran to a corner on your left and take cover immediately. Sam went to the opposite corner. You saw his mouth moving, saying "You alright?” You replied him with a nod and took out a gun and start shooting. Sam smirked and took his gun out. 

You shoot down few men and then you saw a man who was on his way to attack Sam with a dagger. But Sam was too busy fighting the other two guys he didn’t notice. You shoot the man right in the forehead. The man fell beside Sam.

When he finished the guys, Sam saw it and looked at you with surprise in his eyes, “What?” You frowned. 

“You are an awesome woman you know that?” He smirked at you. You rolled your eyes, “I was born to be awesome you know." 

And then there were more men came in with guns on their hands. You didn’t miss any target, they were all killed with one shot on the head. The room was clear in a blink. 

As you think there is no one left, a man jumped in front of you from nowhere. His punch was fast, but you were faster. You grabbed his left hand and jumped on his back and swung him on the floor with a sound of crack.

Originally posted by stevenwhatshisfacexx

"Wow wow wow I didn’t see that coming Princess.” Sam laughed. 

“I’m going to leave before any more assholes come to kill us and you give out any sexist opinions.” You answered with sass while reloading the gun. Then you just walked away. 

You act like you don’t care about the compliment but you smile when you remember he called you Princess.

STOP THINKING! He probably call every girl he met as Princess.

“Hey I didn’t mean that!” Sam shouted a little.

He was shocked of how sassy and cool you were for a moment and now he is catching up with you. 

When he walked beside you he peeked at you, he saw you smiling to yourself,

“Hey are you smiling? I thought you are mad at my 'sexist opinions.” Sam teased you.

“No I wasn’t.” You tried to hold back the smile on your face.

“No you were definitely smiling.” He pointed your cheek.

“No I wasn’t!” You said it with a laugh because you failed to hold it.

Sam gave you a smirk.

“Okay fine I was smiling.” You surrendered. You looked at him and he was looking at you, you two burst in laughter. 

“You two become best friends now? ” You heard Nate teasing you guys from the earpiece. You almost forgot Nate is here.

“Yea we are best friends now Nate, you jealous?” Sam joked.

Suddenly there was shooting sounds behind you.

“Shit!” Sam whispered.

You turned your head to look around, but Sam didn’t bother to look and grabbed your hand instantly and then run straight down to the stairs. 

When you two were finally on the ground floor, you glanced the place and you spotted Sully’s car. And you saw Nate was not far from you. 

“Sam! The car is right there!” You pointed. Then both of you were running to the car while shooting and punching the enemies who stops you from escaping.

 You and Sam were holding your hands the whole time. Then three of you got in the car safely, you were sitting next to Sam.

“Kids you alright?” Sully asked. 

“Yeah we still breathin” Nate was catching his breath. 

“Shit.” Sam saw your bleeding forearm and hold it gently in his hand. His brows frowned, you saw the worries and guilt in his eyes. 

You didn’t feel any pain before Sam took your arm, you don’t even know how you got hurt. 

“It’s fine.” You replied tonelessly and pulled your arm out of Sam’s hand. 

You ripped off a piece of your torn dress and wrapped it on your injured arm. Sam looked at you with concern, but you pretend you didn’t see that. 

You were very tired after all the fighting and running. You closed your eyes and then you fell asleep. 

Your head slowly leaned on Sam’s shoulder, he smiled and gently brushing your hair behind your ear. His head leaned forward and study your face. Your face look so peaceful and pretty under the moon light that came from the window. You looked so innocent, it was so different from the tough expression that you are always showing. The iron woman is gone.

The car bounced a bit when crossing the uneven road. You woke up and try to open your restless eyes. 

“We are almost there princess.” You heard Sam’s voice from above, you rubbed your eyes. Then you realize you were leaning on his shoulder. 

You sit straight immediately, “I’m sorry… I..” you blushed a little with your sleepy face. 

“It’s fine, you can sleep on it longer if you want.” Sam smirked. 

He made you blush even more. You didn’t want to admit it but his shoulder makes you feel very save and warm, you haven’t had a good sleep for a long time. 

“We are here kid.” Sully said. You patted on Nate’s shoulder to wake him up. He patted your Hand to inform you that he’s awake. Then all of you get off the car and head to the motel. 

After Sam messing around with the cross and found out our next stop, Sully was very worried that we’ll get us all killed when we get to the cathedral. Because our beloved Rafe is there.

“How was Elena cool with all this?” Sully asked. 

You saw the expression on Nate’s face and you know exactly what that means,

 "Oh no you didn’t do that, please tell me you didn’t.“ You leaned back to the back of the chair and sight. 

"Oh Jesus kid.” Sully sighed. 

“Look, it’s not that simple,” Nate protested. 

You sighed and stood up from your chair then walked to the door. 

“Hey Y/N-” Nate tried to explain more. 

You turned around, “How can you did this to her?! HOW CAN YOU NATHAN?” You were frustrated. You can’t believe Nate hide all these from his wife, your best friend. You don’t want to hear any of his excuses. 

“Y/N-” Bam!

You shut the door before Nate can finish his line. 

Nate sighed and called Elena on the balcony. 

Sam felt really guilty, because if he wasn’t here, Nathan don’t need to lie to his wife. And you won’t have to be so upset. You were all mover Sam’s mind, he wanted to find you immediately. But he hesitated. 

“Why she keep avoiding me?” This thought just slipped out from Sam’s mouth. Nate heard it when he finished the call. He left a little sigh, 

“She is not that kind of girl you know from the bar Sam.” Nate replied.

Although Sam felt very weird 'asking’ that question, it matters nothing now. 

Of all the women Sam had met, you are very very different. 

He knows you like him, he saw the way you glance at him when you think he doesn’t know; he saw the way you smiled to yourself when he calls you Princess. But he doesn’t understand why you keep your feelings to yourself. No one ever reject a handsome man like him. Sam get up from his chair and heading to your room. 

“Sam where’re you going?” Nate asked. 

“I’m just going to find Y/N.” Sam walked to the door. 

“Hey, don’t even think about it, She is a very nice girl.” Nate told his brother. 

“Who do you think I am? I just care about her that’s it.” Sam turned around to his brother. 

“Whatever you say, but I can’t promise she won’t put a fist on your face.” Nate pour the drink into his glass. 

“Well I’ll like her even more then” Sam said in a quite voice. He closed the door and walked to your room.

- To Be Continue  -

If you have any comments or some great ideas just comment below, I don’t bite.

event: superheroes vs villains: halloween party
  • saturday 28/10 - midnight pst / 3am est / 8am bst -
    monday 30/10 - midnight pst / 3am est / 9am gmt
  • dash event

There’s never an excuse not to party in Los Angeles, but when it comes to Halloween everything is exaggerated. There’s a cobweb-covered party on every street, and instead of rocking up to your friend’s house, wearing devil horns and a bottle in your hand, you’ve managed to grab yourself an invitation to one of LA’s exclusive bars, owned by the one and only, Valentina Callaghan. This karaoke bar will be set up for a Superheroes VS Villains themed night, so grab your shield, your ring, your whip and/or your mask as you’ll be fighting in the best costume contest! Waiters and waitresses will be in costume too as they serve you your drinks, including many of the ‘spooky’ cocktails. There’ll be a playlist dedicated to all things Halloween, and even a choreographer will be there to help you show of your MJ moves by teaching the thriller dance to anyone who wishes to learn!!

We ask that you pause all your current starters when this event starts (if you want to drop them all completely, you’re welcome to). Starters should be posted within the times above, threads can go on for as long as both muns have muse for them. Normal group rules apply: please make sure to reply to all starters with all of your characters (if you have multiple.) And we ask for you to tag your starters with ‘fupevent’ as with the starter tag! If one night during the event the dash activity is quite high, we may slip in a chatroom for the event!!

And don’t forget to post your character’s costume with the tag ‘fupevent’!!


Promise (Bucky x Reader) Part 2

Request: I got several requests for a part two!

Words: 2,890

Warnings: Slight angst

Tags: @xxchexchickxx  @theavengerthatbringsthesnacks 

Part 1  / Part 3 / Part 4 

After all of you read this, you’ll hopefully have this reaction. I hope I caused some painful feels, mwhaha…

Originally posted by life-is-a-very-big-joke

“I’m going to win.” Tony pushed, his eyes narrowed into a sharp glare and his fists clenched.

“Not happening, Stark.” Steve crossed his arms and pressed his lips into a firm line.

“You can’t stop me.” Tony’s voice dropped lower and his voice fell quieter than before. He learned this trick from Clint, it makes him sound more intimidating.

“Believe what you want, Tony.” Steve glanced at Sam by his side “But my team’s faster, better, stronger. You can’t win at everything, so give it up.”

“You’re team can be stronger all they want, my team’s smarter. Smart beats strong, any day.” Tony clutched the device in his hand and raised his eyebrow. “It’s on, Cap. You’re going down.”

“Let’s do this.” Steve and Tony both whipped towards the TV screen at the same time, hitting the go button.

“C’mon Tony, you got this!” You cheered him on. It was a very intense game of Mario Kart. It was round three for both Steve and Tony, Steve won the first round, Tony won round two and now it was the tie breaker. Who would win Mario Kart and earn the prize?

The Avengers were known for having their games, it ranged from video games to board games to card games to physical exercise games. It didn’t matter what genre of game it was, they were all competitive.

They would play a different game every week of the month, however the games were sometimes switched out in order to give some games they haven’t played in awhile a chance to be worn out. One time they played Wii Sports every second week of the month for like five months straight, but then they switched it out with Apples to Apples for three months.

More often than not, they would turn independent games into team games. They were Avengers after all, they were fond of working in teams with each other. However they did love a couple independent games every now and then.

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“You don’t own me” - [ The Joker - One shot ] 

Summary: Someone mysteriously helps The Joker escape Arkham. He’s brought back to Gotham to find some very interesting changes and discover who’s the ruler of his former kingdom.

Also based onImagine: Being The Joker’s tattoo artist and him always getting turned on while you work on his new ink.

Written by: A.Wölf.

Song referenced in tittle“You don’t own me” by Grace Ft. G-Eazy


A clap of thunder resonated through the night sky.

Lightning lit up Arkham Asylum.

Inside the building, a psychiatrist’s heels echoed as she walked along the corridor. She stood before a cell guarded by two burly male nurses. One of them unlocked the door for her and she walked in carrying a travel bag; there was a metal table at the center and a man sitting at it.

Lightning struck once more making his green hair come to life, glistening for the mere seconds it lasted. In a straitjacket, The Joker leaned over the table to get a good look at the doctor as she took a seat across from him and placed the travel bag next to her feet.

-I’ve been meaning to say this for a while now, doctor. –He said.

The woman looked at him pursing her red lips and adjusting her glasses.

-Could you scratch my nose? –The Joker asked in a serious tone, only to let out a guttural giggle afterwards which was interrupted when the psychiatrist put her arm around his neck, leaning over the table.

The Joker narrowed his eyes menacingly but was unable to read her. Before he knew it, she crashed her lips against his, passionately. He grunted when a familiar flavor invaded his mouth. He suddenly remembered one of Harley’s favorite lipsticks; a red-violet one that tasted like grapes.

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anonymous asked:

Seriously, all your writings need sequels! That's how awesome you and you writings are! I would love it if you could write waiter!kagami and costumer!aomine who has become a regulsr since the new hot waiter is here! However, it's not helping that satsuki actually wants a piece of him (he's actually gay but they don't know the guy so..)

YOUR WORDS MAKE ME REALLY HAPPY. XD <3 This is a fabulous idea. Sorry Anon for the late reply, I’ve been pretty busy lately, and writing my kind of monster drabbles take a good chunk of time BUT WHAT CAN I DO. And don’t tell me to write less because once I start it’s impossible to stop! (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

Also, as you realised, this turned out so long I HAD TO POST IT ON AO3. It’s too long. Over 2800 words. Why? Just why?

But here’s a little teaser to get you going ;)

“Hey, Dai-chan…”

Aomine grunted, flipping through Basketball Monthly.

“It’s not cheating, right?”

Aomine grunted again.

“Good. So if I ogle another boy, that’s not cheating on Tetsu-kun.”

The last few words perked up Aomine’s hearing. He looked up at her from where they were seated on the table. “Cheating on Testu? Since when were you even dating Testu?”

Momoi sat in front of him, her chin cradled in her hands. “Well, not dating per se but we’ve got something going on there!” she frowned as Aomine sent hr a look of slight disbelief. “We do! Shut up!”

“Well,” Aomine returned to his magazine. “I don’t see the problem. Ogle whoever you want.” Aomine would be lying if he said he wasn’t a little interested in who had caught Momoi’s eye, since she was always so centred on a particular blue haired boy.

“He’s really hot,” Momoi sighed. “He’s even hotter in the uniform the waiters wear.”

“Unifrom?” Aomine snorted. Now he was definitely interested.

“Yeah, there’s this fancy café just outside our campus where he works,” Momoi stood up suddenly. “I’m going there again today. It’s already the afternoon, and they close soon.”

Aomine stashed the magazine in his bag. “I’m coming too. I want to see what kind of guy besides Tetsu has got you so excited,” he chuckled.

“Don’t you have a lecture?”

“I skip it anyways,” Aomine shrugged.

Momoi glared at him. “Fine. But you better not ogle him too or he won’t serve us at all!”

“Why would I ogle him?” Aomine rolled his eyes. True, he was bisexual, but he had very high standards for men. He didn’t think his type and Momoi’s type would ever overlap.

As the two friends walked off, Aomine had no idea how wrong he really was.

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Red Lines - Chapter 2

Description: Ashton is an exotic male dancer. Skylar is a college student studying psychology and needs a subject to do her thesis on. She pays him for two weeks so she can study him. Things are bound to get interesting. 

Word Count: 10,692 words

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Alice in Wonderland Restaurant based in Tokyo Japan

This amazing restaurant shows the story and what it would be like in a real life environment. The designs they have created here I love and show works of art by different artists from the storybooks. The concept and the way they have represented it is amazing and shows lots of the interesting areas that Alice in Wonderland has to offer. Japan has many themed based restaurants and overall they have four Alice in Wonderland themed restaurants out there.

There is one based in Japan’s Disney World were all the waiters dress in Alice costumes. The appetizers are served on chessboards and dishes come with eat me tag. (Nichols 2014). The names of some of the dishes are even based after some of the character. This shows another modern approach of how they show Alice in Wonderland today and gives it another way of reproduction it within a facial environment.

Featured (Narry)

Summary: Niall and Harry are extras on the set of a new romantic comedy, things don’t go as planned.

A/N: based off that au that I can’t link because my laptop doesn’t work. Excuse the mediocre title “Niall!” Liam yells, “I need you over here!” 

 Niall rolls his eyes from where he’s casually standing by the snack table off set picking at a bowl of Doritos amongst other things, headphones hanging around his neck and a utility belt around his hips. 

 He picks the camera up and rests it on his shoulder, heading over where Liam is sitting in a Director’s chair with his name even sewn on the back. It’s one of the most pretentious things Niall has seen.

 A month prior Liam had spent the better part of two months working on a new script -after the last dozen had been rejected- and Niall occasionally came over and sat on his sofa playing video games or watching television while Liam read him parts of it. Apparently the studio liked it enough to give them a budget of a couple million and a schedule for an official shoot date. 

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Louis XIV threw some of the most lavish parties in world history. They went on for days and included theater, ballet, fireworks, dancing, and banquets featuring dozens of courses, sculptures made of food, and architecturally staged tablescapes. Among the army of specially costumed waiters were several dedicated to carrying platters of ice and artificial snow.

We know all this thanks to extremely detailed engravings that glorify the action.

Two of these engravings—included in the Getty Research Institute exhibition A Kingdom of Images—show Louis XIV sitting front-row center at his own theatrics. Here we find him watching Molière and enjoying fireworks. You can always recognize him because he has the biggest hair.

Louis XIV as Royal Spectator