waiter costume


victuuri week | day four: free for all. in which viktor, an honest-to-god vampire, shows up in a tacky dracula costume during a halloween party. enter this hottie in a slutty waiter costume.

some headcanons for this au: (1) they meet at a halloween party, where a totally wasted yuuri grinds into his long-time crush; (2) there is a lot of biting and blood-drinking because yuuri’s blood is fucking delicious; (3) yuuri really likes to bite viktor too. ( 6 u 6 );;

let’s face it–this ain’t a real ship if it don’t have vampire aus lmfao. someone end me i’m sorry.

  • Me: hello, welcome to X restaurant! My name is Brittany! I will be your server tonight! Our specials today are X. May I start you off with a drin......
  • Costumer: what are your specials?
  • Me: Our current specials are smaller positions of the original plates * mentions plates available*
  • Costumer: does that Come with chicken?
  • Me: no, that is not part of our specials.
  • Costumer: but I want chicken special.
  • Me: I'm sorry sir, we do not offer this special. We have the original larger portion though.
  • Costumer: I want it as the 6.99 special.
  • Me: our specials are only the ones mentioned, would you like me to repeat your options?
  • Costumer: yes
  • Me: * repeats options*
  • Costumer: okay so give me the chicken! How much is that???
  • Me: 12.99
  • Costumer: what the hell???? No! I told you I want the special!
  • Me: *getting annoyed* sir, we do not have this in our specials,
  • Costumer: well I've come other times and they have it!
  • Me: I've worked here 2 years, we haven't changed our specials, sir.
  • Costumer: fine give me the chicken.
  • Me: sure! Would you like me to include....
  • Costumer: .... That's 5.99 right?
  • Me: no, sir it's 12.99.
  • Costumer: what? I only have 10 dollars! Fine whatever do I pay you or cashier???
  • Me: I'll bring the check to the table once you are ready to leave.
  • Costumer: I want it now!
  • Me: * brings check
  • Costumer: hey! You! Why does it say 14.48!!!!!????
  • Me: you ordered the marinated chicken. It was 12.99 like I mentioned however tax isn't included in the menu.
  • Costumer: fuck this! I'm leaving!!!!!!! * gets up and leaves*

Alice in Wonderland Restaurant based in Tokyo Japan

This amazing restaurant shows the story and what it would be like in a real life environment. The designs they have created here I love and show works of art by different artists from the storybooks. The concept and the way they have represented it is amazing and shows lots of the interesting areas that Alice in Wonderland has to offer. Japan has many themed based restaurants and overall they have four Alice in Wonderland themed restaurants out there.

There is one based in Japan’s Disney World were all the waiters dress in Alice costumes. The appetizers are served on chessboards and dishes come with eat me tag. (Nichols 2014). The names of some of the dishes are even based after some of the character. This shows another modern approach of how they show Alice in Wonderland today and gives it another way of reproduction it within a facial environment.


Louis XIV threw some of the most lavish parties in world history. They went on for days and included theater, ballet, fireworks, dancing, and banquets featuring dozens of courses, sculptures made of food, and architecturally staged tablescapes. Among the army of specially costumed waiters were several dedicated to carrying platters of ice and artificial snow.

We know all this thanks to extremely detailed engravings that glorify the action.

Two of these engravings—included in the Getty Research Institute exhibition A Kingdom of Images—show Louis XIV sitting front-row center at his own theatrics. Here we find him watching Molière and enjoying fireworks. You can always recognize him because he has the biggest hair.

Louis XIV as Royal Spectator