The bouquet of the rain and kiss (USUK)

Here is a collaboration between me and my sister that we translated! my sister translated and I did cleaning and typesetting. The Doujinshi was translated to Chinese, and my sister fell for my trap and agreed to translate! Enjoy~ (my first Doujinshi translation, yay!)

Two different stories that take place in the gauken hetalia school! 

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aph-pirate asked:

Hc: Alfred plays horror games almost only at Arthur's place bc the brit always sits on his lap/between his legs so Al can hide behind him or cuddle him when the game gets scary.(Btw it's a shame I didn't discover your blog sooner your art is amazing!

such a bab   // ahh thank you so much!

meme’d (usuk)

Summary: Despite having been top of his Literature Honors class, Arthur couldn’t figure out what his soulmate tattoo was trying to say. Almost ten years later, as an English Literature major, Arthur still can’t figure out what his soulmate tattoo is trying to say.

Notes: Based off of twerpthur‘s prompt here!! I’m so sorry that this fic exists now but I couldn’t help myself. This is kinda rushed (and unproofread since it’s 2am) so I apologize in advance ; w;)

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love-hikikomori-kuma asked:

"I was reading a really great fic where alfred was an FBI agent (I think?!) and arthur was a mind reader who was frequently pressured/forced into aiding the govt and alfred was coming to pressure him again and eventually arthur trusted him but later found out that alfreds orders were to kill him if he was captured (he knows too many govt secrets)" - ennui I'm wondering if you know this fic or is this even in existence?

Yep, it’s still around! That’s Always One Step Ahead by fakiagirl.

I also have a list of spy AUs if you want to read more :D

werewuffles asked:

Hey have you heard of (or have links to) a fanfiction on livejournal i think it was called the red king? The main plot was england was transported to another world where he was similar in appearance to the previous evil ruler and alfred is the current king and the previous kings former slave

It’s actually called A Far Cry from Nowhere and it’s on the kink meme. It’s awesome! Unfortunately, the most recent update was seven months ago, so at this point I’m going to guess that it’s probably abandoned.

If you want some more interesting cardverse from the kink meme, there’s also Soundly, Soundly, which is UKUS. Unfortunately, it too is probably abandoned.

And if you want depressing cardverse, there’s Beloved by shibbyone, which is about Queen Arthur’s funeral. Bring tissues!