The Kissing Game is a known game around people of Person A and B’s age. Person A walks up and kisses person B and hides away. Person B has to find Person A. 

Bonus points if:
*The kisses get more and more promiscuous as it goes.

**They hide in more and more difficult spots until one gives up. 

Love and War - Chapter 1 - jubilee_jawz, thesearchingastronaut - Voltron: Legendary Defender [Archive of Our Own]
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Chapters: 1/?
Fandom: Voltron: Legendary Defender, Percy Jackson and the Olympians - Rick Riordan
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Relationships: Keith/Lance (Voltron)
Characters: Keith (Voltron), Lance (Voltron), Pidge (Voltron), Shiro (Voltron), Allura (Voltron), Coran (Voltron), Hunk (Voltron), Greek Gods and Mythological People
Additional Tags: Alternate Universe - Percy Jackson Fusion, Demigods, the rating might change later, klance, were so excited about this oh god, sex and love are literally the reason for all of the gods problems, lance is the son of aphrodite, its perfect

From what Keith had observed, every demigod had mommy and daddy issues.


Bellarke Christmas Calender 2016

December 9th: Bellarke Pirates AU

Miss Clarke Griffin, some might say she’s privileged since her parents basically own Port Sky but the ones who know her best would call her passionate, loyal and kinda obsessed with priates, despite knowing priates are the reason her father is dead - killed by Captain Jaha.
Captain Bellamy Blake is a priate, good-looking and with a heart in the right place.
When Miss Clarke Griffin gets kidnapped by Captain Jaha, her mother Abby hires Captain Blake to rescue her daughter. As a reward she promises him Clarke as wife and a better life for him and his sister, Octavia.
Blake declines the offer of a wife but demands the money…little does he know that the princess - how he likes to call her - will not only steal his nerves while rescueing her but also his heart.


SuperCorp Hogwarts AU “Welcome home.” Kara turned and smiled, grateful to see the brunette, who hugged her tightly. “I missed you.” “Me too.” They both pulled back and took each other in for a moment. The snow settled on their shoulders, as Lena took Kara’s hand and they walked to the castle together, chatting animatedly about their Christmas breaks.

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‘Morning, sleeping beauty.’

If Vax had a smartphone it would filled with questionable pictures of his hubby. 

The Greatest Gifts

Huge thanks go to the amazing and lovely @moghraidhjamie for organizing the Secret Santa! My identity was never anything of a secret to you, and I don’t much resemble Santa, but I hope you enjoy this little piece of fluff. I hope you don’t mind that it can fit in my Small Blessings universe, but each story stands alone, so you don’t need to read those to be oriented to this one. 

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“Oof.” I lowered myself heavily into the chair. I was eight months pregnant, though thanks to Jamie’s genetics, the baby was enormous, so I felt at least twelve or fourteen months along. “That’s much better.”

Faith slid her hands between the slats on the back of the chair and pressed them against my lower back. “Mam owee?” For weeks she had been watching me attempt to relieve my discomfort by digging my fingers into the musculature along my lumbar spine, and now she did it for me. Her tiny hands were completely ineffectual at massage, but the sweet gesture made me feel a thousand times better, though the pain in my back was unrelenting, as it had been all day.

Fergus placed a cup of steaming hot tea in front of me, and I squeezed his hand in thanks. “Did you get to sit down at all today, Maman?” I took a sip of the honeyed liquid and sighed in contentment, for Fergus brewed the very best cup of tea.

“Once. We only had two cases today, but they both ran long, obviously. I had about half an hour between them, so I planted myself in the only available chair in the PACU. My back wouldn’t be so bad if I could reach across the OR table, but Lump is in the way.” Faith had taken to referring to her sibling-to-be by this name, and the moniker stuck.

Our little girl was endlessly fascinated by my rapid growth, and she wedged herself between me and the table and lay her cheek along my belly. “‘Lo, Lump!” The baby responded to the greeting by kicking me squarely in the ribs.

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