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Fun Things to do with your pet: Green Bean Test

One of my neighbors had a REALLY FAT golden retriever she adopted, that needed to be put on a diet, but even super-low-cal food wasn’t working, becuase Ella was still hungry and would open the cabinet to eat the whole bag.  Vet suggested that she needed a filler Food so she could feel full without the extra calories, and suggested canned green beans, which are mostly fiber and lean protein.

Ella fucking LOVES green beans.  She does a dance for them if you mention them.  Her ‘sibling’ the police academy washout shepherd, thinks she’s insane.

Even if your pet doesn’t like green beans*, offering them a canned green bean is inevitably HILARIOUS becuase they’ll either be thrilled or otherwise make strange faces.  Results so far:

Ella (golden retriever): Overjoyed.  gets up on her hind legs to dance without prompting.

Sampson (Black shepherd): Offended, yells until you give him REAL treats.

Cody (Gentleman shepherd): is concerned, becuase this is Obviously Not Food.  Gently takes it to be polite, leaves it out in the yard.

Minx (Domestic Shorthair cat): Smelly Toy Is Hilarious, batted under the couch.

Tiger (Really Fat Domestic Shorthair cat):  Total disgust, hissing and sulking in the Prosciutto box.  Came out and ate it later anyway.

Wanda (corn snake) we didn’t expect her to be interested but she spent like three minutes licking it.

Sadie AKA Marquis De Sade (Hyacinth Macaw)  ignored bean in favor of dumping can on the floor, sticking head in can and screaming.  Did not attempt to bite, which is Very Nice for her.

Arwen (Australian Kelpie): ate bean, waited until humans were out of the room to consume rest of the can, got costco-sized can stuck on face and pooped green for three days.  Regets nothing.

Empanada/Anderson Cooper/#3 (Plymouth Hens): Excited screaming, kickboxing tournament over possession of beans/can.  #3 was ultimately victorious, becuase She is Fattest.

Big Angus (scottish highland cow, I know, ironic): very polite and delicate acceptance of beans for appx 1700 lbs of beef, will now run full-tilt across pasture to meet me, which scared the crap out of me tbh.

Will post further updates as I am allowed to try.  

*Please always cionsult a vet before making any dietary changes or offering your pet new foods, but green beans are pretty safe for most pets you can keep in America

I swear I’ve posted this on every form of social media… but I love this collar sooooo much. I just got it in this morning from Tiggers Collars and I’m completely and utterly obsessed. I would definitely recommend buying from her shop. I can’t wait until she opens her customs up again!

If you guys wanted to see more kitten/personal things you can follow my Instagram! Its ZombiexxKitten. I’m starting to put up more gear posts as I get it in. 💕💕 I would love to have more pet friends on there!

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AU idea can you do a supercorp where they inexplicably have to share a bed??? Bonus points of mon (pain in the ass) el catches them and gets a rude awakening. LYSM <3 <3

Protective Custody

“I’m really sorry about this.”

Kara says apologetically, setting their bags on the sofa before continuing.

“If it makes you feel any better, Alex says it should be like two nights, tops.”

It doesn’t.

Make Lena feel better that is.

Especially now that she’s getting a chance to look around the hotel room.

And she isn’t being a snob, really she isn’t, but the whole place just feels …


“Why do we have to stay here again? I know plenty of luxury hotels in national city that would be happy to-“

“That’s just it, Lee, that’s exactly where they would look for you! No one would ever guess that you’re in a place like this! It’s safer this way!”

“My best friend is Supergirl and I don’t even get the perk of being able to stay at a five star hotel when some idiot is trying to kill me?” She arches an eyebrow in Kara’s direction, but the other woman only pouts.

“I don’t want anything to happen to you, I want to take every precaution. I’m sorry this place isn’t the Hilton, but I’d rather sleep in a pile of trash for a week than have you get hurt. Besides, this place isn’t SO bad. I mean there’s a free ice machine down the hall! Free ice!”

Lena crinkles her nose at the thought of using ice machine left unattended for hours at a time.

Kara’s hands settle on her shoulders, rubbing up and down her arms in a soothing motion.

She tries not to shiver at the touch.

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My angel Pt.1!

I wake up to the warm sun against my skin, giving me the gentle nudge to stir me awake. I look over to the other side of the bed, to find the blankets folded over and her gone. I can’t help but let panic take over for a fraction of a second. I look over at the clock, it’s late in the morning. She probably got up hours ago and started her day.
I get out of the bed and quickly remake it, and then head to the bathroom to clean myself up. After I brush my teeth and take a quick ice cold shower, I just throw my jeans on and head downstairs. I enter the kitchen to see the girl of my dreams, standing at the counter, her back to me. The warm colors of the sun shining on her, making her look almost as if she’s a mirage. A beautiful angel, sent here to reward me. How do I deserve her? I surely don’t.
I quietly walk to her, and wrap my strong arms around her. I Nuzzle my head into her neck and kissing her as she pours her coffee. I’ll never forget the way she smells. Her shampoo, her perfume, she makes it look so effortless to be perfect. I hold her tight and a whisper escapes my lips, “mmm my angel”
She lets out a relaxed giggle, and without turning around she says “ I thought you’d never wake up.”
She wriggles free just enough to spin around and face me. Her gaze catches mine and I fall in love again. “ ohhh this is awkward, I thought you were someone else. You should probably leave, my boyfriend should be back soon” she says sarcastically, showing me her beautiful smile.
“ ha.ha.ha. Isn’t that just hilarious”. My hands go to her hips and I lift her and set her on the counter, she opens her legs a little to bring me in closer to her. She rests her hands on my bare chest, and the warmth from her touch almost overwhelms me. Her hands slide to my shoulders, then down my arms and continue until her little hands are in mine. Her eyes go to our hands and mine follow as she opens my hands up . Four little purple lines show in the palm of each of my hands. She looks back up at me, her eyes soft and searching mine.
“ whoa, what are those from?” I asked confused.
“ you had nightmares again last night baby. You had your fists so tight that I couldn’t even open them.”
“I’m so sorry you had to deal with that angel. I hate that it happens. I feel like an idiot. ” Her hands go to with side of my face and she lifts my head to look at her.
“ Hey. You listen to me. You can’t be ashamed of the things that have happened to you Stark, because they created who you are; the person I love. I will always be here, to help you heal.”
Her hands guide me closer and our lips meet. Waves of calmness wash over me as we kiss. Our lips part briefly and she calmly whispers with a playful tone, “ besides, I kind of like fixer-uppers. You’re like my little project”.
I can’t help but laugh at her smart ass comment, and then we continue kissing, her hands sliding down my body to my shoulders. Our kisses become more passionate, and our mouths open wider as the mood starts to change. My hands stroke up and down her bare thighs, stopping at the start of her shorts and then tracing to her knees over and over. The craving for eachother gets stronger and stronger between us, our hands beginning to venture over eachother instead of just resting like they once were. I lightly bite her bottom lips as we continue, which in turn makes her dig her nails into my back making me want to explode into a frenzy. But I refrain. Instead, my hands lift her shirt, higher and higher until she lifts her arms and I pull it off. Her legs wrap around me and my right hand rests on the small of her back, pressing her soft skin against mine, my left hand reaches around and I unclasp her bra. After removing that, my left and goes to the back of her neck and I bring her in close. I’m almost sure She can feel my heart beating with her chest against mine. Her hands go to my belt buckle and she quickly undoes it as well as my jeans. My pants now just hang off of my hips, the button and zipper undone. We work together to get her shorts and underwear off. I unbutton and unzip her shorts, and then she slides them off and tosses them out of the room. Her legs wrap around me again. She uses Her heals to pull down my jeans, which easily fall to the floor. I casually step out of them and slide them away, as my hand travels lower, lower, lower until my thumb is very gently tracing over her clit. She lets out a sigh.

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She Tastes like Candlelight 



It starts with, of all things, a pair of old jeans and a t-shirt.

Logically, he knows it doesn’t make sense. She comes to work in form-fitted jackets that go tight about her waist. She’s been foregoing the baggy slacks in favor of skirts that stop just below the knees, with nylons clinging to the defined musculature of her calves; he’s pretty sure he can count on one hand the number of times he’s seen her wear shoes other than heels, excluding the clinical, white shoes she wears with her scrubs during autopsies.

He’s seen the looks she gets. Sometimes, it’s during an interview, when a witness’s gaze will linger just a little too long on her bustline, and her hand will go up and fiddle with her necklace, her arm blocking her chest in subtle defiance. Other times, it’s men on the streets of the city, shouting out obscenities to her, having the audacity to call her “baby,” and “sweetheart,” and he fights the urge to yell right back, brandishing his badge and his gun, wanting to scare the misogyny right out of the bones of anyone who thinks they’re entitled to her body, but he knows that she would find it condescending. “Thank you, but I can handle myself, Mulder,” she’d say, and it’s not that he thinks she can’t—he just doesn’t want her to have to.

And still other times, the looks come not from strangers on the sidewalk, or from people he can reduce to photos in a casefile, but from their peers. Educated, talented men who transform themselves into slobbery, teenage boys when sitting adjacent to her in meetings, eyeing her with an inappropriate hunger while she jots down notes in the margins of her agenda sheet. More than once, Mulder has found himself in the elevator with a man who will look down at Scully, and then catch Mulder’s eye over the top of her head, just so that he can wink, including him in some inside joke he has no interest being a part of.

He supposes that he empirically knows that Scully is attractive—it’s more or less objective fact—but he’s never allowed himself to notice. He’s trained himself to observe her through a filter. He considers her appearance through what he aptly names the Sexual Harassment Video Gaze. He quickly shuts down any thought that could be used as an example in a training tape on inappropriate office behavior.

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Fairly you

Hi, thank you for requesting! I’m not quite sure how I feel about this. I initially loved the first draft I made but then this happened and I feel so-so about it. Nevertheless, thank you for requesting! I hope you enjoy this.

PS: I no longer have a fever so that’s a good thing! I’m still coughing with the occasional runny nose. Just in case everyone missed my latest post, REQUESTS WILL BE CLOSED ON SUNDAY! So, if you have any you want me to write, I will be accepting them until Sunday! Refer to the post here.

JJ has been playing quietly by himself since he got dropped off by his kindergarten teacher, Mrs. P. That isn’t really her real name though. JJ just can’t seem to remember what her name is. He kicks a pebble and let out a sigh. Daddy had to work and could not pick him up because of work and since Daddy didn’t give any emergency contact to Mrs. P, she had to send him home. Mrs. P had waited with him for a while but had to leave after half an hour. So JJ has been playing alone in his front yard since then.

Bored out of his mind, JJ flops on the grass and closes his eyes. “I miss daddy.” He murmurs sleepily, his exhaustion finally catching up to him. JJ must have drifted off to sleep because the next thing he knows, he is being gently shaken awake and someone is holding an umbrella over him.

“Hey, JJ.” You sigh in relief when the blond kid with the beautiful blue eyes you have come to love finally open his eyes. You had been on your way to your house when you spotted the little boy sprawled on the lawn, unmoving and your brain automatically assumed the worse so you had run over to him, dropping your belongings beside him before trying to wake him up which brings you to your current situation.

“Hi, Y/N.” JJ rubs his eyes sleepily as he sits up. “I fell asleep.”

You nod your head, kneeling beside him. “What are you doing out here?” You glance over to his house but it didn’t seem as if anyone is home at all. You spy JJ’s school bag in front of his door and now that you finally manage to look around, you also notice his dad’s red Maserati is not around too. Immediately, a frown appears on your face. “How long have you been out here, darling?” You turn to look at him, bringing him in your arms, lifting him up. JJ wraps his arms around your neck instinctively.

“I dunno.” JJ shrugs, enjoying being held by you. It reminds him of daddy. “Mrs. P dropped me off and waited with me for a bit because she could not reach daddy’s phone. She left after that though.” JJ explains when he remembers your earlier question. Besides, Mrs. P was a boring companion to be with – she didn’t even want to play with him.

The frown on your ace deepens. You are aware that JJ’s kindie often ends early – some days earlier than most – and today must have been one of those earlier days. You also know that JJ’s daddy – Jason Todd – is a very busy man. Not to mention sexy too. But that is absolutely beside the point. The teacher definitely needs a talking to, too. What if you had not decided to go home early today? What would have happened to the poor boy?

“How about we come over to my house first and then we can wait for daddy together? How’s that sound?” You pick up your belongings and head towards your own house when JJ nodded his head and unlock your door. You set him down and JJ opens the door, peeking in to your house.

“Thank you.” JJ looks back to grin at you and you almost sigh at how adorable the boy is. You push open the door wider and Max, your Alaskan Malamute, comes out running to greet the both of you happily. You laugh when Max jumps and licks your face. He does the same to JJ too when he sees his favourite boy. “Hi Max!” JJ’s giggle is very adorable and you smile.

“Alright, let’s go in. I’ll make us something light to eat.” You tell JJ as the three of you walk inside. Max skips happily in front of the two of you. “Are you hungry, JJ?”

JJ nods his head. “Yes!”

You close the door behind you and make sure the door is locked before dropping your keys and belongings on the counter. JJ runs off ahead with Max chasing after him, laughing happily as the two of them start playing chase. That is how you spend the rest of the day – playing with JJ and feeding the little boy.

Jason grunts as he parks his Maserati, letting out a few expletives. His work hard taken too much of his time and Jason had actually thought he would have finished it before JJ is let out of kindergarten but that was not the case. His house is dark and it is really late at night too. What the fuck had the teachers been thinking by leaving his son alone here? He really should have given them Alfred’s number as an emergency contact – but at the same time, Jason did not want JJ to be seen as the billionaire’s grandson! He wants JJ to grow up without the eyes of the public on him.

“Fuck.” Jason panics when he does not see JJ anywhere but stumbles upon his bag. He really should consider moving JJ to a closer kindergarten or maybe even considering just sending JJ to a private day-night care instead. Jason is about to call out JJ’s name when he spies a paper stuck on his door. “What the hell.” He rips the paper off of the door and squints as he tries to read it in the dark. His head shoots up and he looks at his neighbour’s house before sighing in relief.

Jason crosses the lawn and knocks on your door. He can hear JJ’s laughter from inside and Jason releases another sigh of relief. He can hear your voice telling JJ (“That’s your daddy, let’s go greet him,”) and Jason suddenly feels anxious.

The moment the door opens, JJ jumps towards Jason, causing Jason to reach forward to wrap his arms around his son. JJ giggles happily when Jason showers his face with kisses, momentarily forgetting about your presence. You, on the other hand, are melting inside at the display of affection. You have always known Jason to be a very loving dad – JJ tells you about all the things Jason has done for him – and seeing this right in front of you almost makes you feel shy.

“Thank you so much, Y/N.” Jason thanks you profusely and you shake your head, trying your hardest not to let your blush appear on your cheeks. Up close, Jason is seriously super handsome and how you are still standing is a mysterious. “I really should pay you for your time – I didn’t mean to be unreachable. I thought I could get back before JJ was let out of school.” Jason rambles and would have continued to ramble if you had not stop him.

You shake your head. “No, it’s quite alright. JJ is a very good company too. You don’t have to pay me,” You assure Jason but it seems as if Jason is not having any of your excuses so he takes out his wallet and tries to give you a few bills and you shake your head. This goes on a few times – Jason trying his hardest to convince you take the money and you rejecting the money because JJ is a very adorable, laughable boy.

Jason is about to insist you to take his compensation money when you blurt out, “How about you pay me by coming over to dinner instead? I make some mean steak.” Jason stares at you in surprise and you blanch when you realize what you have just said. Your face turns absolutely red and you almost stumble backwards.

“Can we have some mashed potatoes too, Y/N?” JJ asks excitedly. He really likes eating your food – it reminds him Grandpa Alfred’s food too. Jason looks away from you to look at JJ briefly. JJ seems very happy, excited too and he looks at you, waiting for your answer.

“Of course.” You smile at JJ. “We can have mashed potatoes too.”

Jason grins. “Only if you let me bring some wine over.” He tells you. You flush under his stare and nod your head. “We can have some steak, mashed potatoes, wine for us and some smoothie for JJ.” Jason takes out his phone and hands it over to you. “Put your number in – we can set a date sometime this week?”

You nod your head, inputting your phone in to Jason’s phone. “That’s a date then.” Jason chuckles and nods his head. The two of you stare at each other quietly and would probably have gone on much longer if JJ had not yawn. Jason seems to remember that it is quite late at night and JJ might have missed his afternoon nap too. “I’m going to go home now, thank you again for taking care of JJ when I wasn’t around, Y/N. You are a life saver.” Jason leans forward to press a kiss on your cheek and you grin at him, your heart beating wildly against your chest.

Jason leaves you standing by your door, cheeks flushed and there is a little bit of a spring to his steps. He definitely is lucky to have a neighbour like you – one that would take care of his kid willingly. He knows JJ can be a handful sometimes – JJ picks up much of his habits too! – and it can really be tiring at times but as he walks all the way to his own house, JJ has yet to stop talking about all the fun things he had done while at your house. He even talked about Max, your dog and how bigger the dog is than Uncle Damian’s Titus is!

Maybe it is about time he acts on his feelings for you. Suddenly, Jason is looking forward to having dinner with you. You might even be what his life needs.

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Pls stop spreading misinformation on wolfdogs. Your wolfdog could have never been as docile or easy to keep as you claim, if it was a real wolf dog. Please stop making people think wild animals can be pets, it hurts real wolves and leads to the abuse and creation of real wolfdogs, that always end up in shelters for their extreme aggression, especially for children. packwestwolfdogrescue post 136651561365 explains how hard it actually is to keep a real wolfdog. Your Mazel story is a harmful lie

To be totally clear, I am of the opinion that people SHOULD NOT keep wolfdogs as pets, should NOT breed wolfdogs, or anything simmilar.  That post was a love letter to a good friend I had growing up, but should also be read as “HOLY SHIT THAT COULD HAVE GONE BADLY.”  My family got extremely lucky with Mazel, but if I found a wolfdog at a shelter now?  I’d do my best to make sure it got taken to a rescue.

Absolutely nothing in my post was a fabrication, and I have presented the facts about Mazel to the best of my knowledge.  However, some more context might be helpful in understanding WHY things did not go badly:

  • I call Mazel High-content in the original post because that’s what the vet told us.  Further reading from sources more diplomatic than yourself indicate she was more likely mid-to-low content.
  • Literally nobody in my house yelled.  Ever.  It was a rule.  If you had a disagreement, you took a time out and waited until you’d calmed down enough to talk about it in a civilized manner.  There was also no alcohol or other intoxicants in the house.  It was a very sober, calm and quiet place.
  • Mazel was probably five when my parents got her, and seven when I was born.  Very much a settled adult who had been living with humans her whole life by then, not a younger animal that wasn’t used to people.
  • Mazel was never allowed to play with us as babies/toddlers without at least one adult in the room with us, usually on the blanket right next to her.  More than a few times, mom and dad had to separate us because she wanted to play harder than we could handle, but they were there to make sure nobody got hurt.
  • When I say she went to pick me up from school- I lived immediately across the street from school, so I would come out of my classroom and call her to come… from where my mom was standing 50 feet away in the driveway.  She was also about 12 when we started doing this.
  • Mom and Dad put a HELL of a lot of time and effort into bonding with her, making the house a safe place and making her a part of the family.  She wasn’t like most dogs that are eager to please and easy-going, but they really rose to the occasion of training her, and continued to stay on top of monitoring her behavior throughout her entire life.

Furthermore- Have a little faith in the average reader?  I can read posts about jumping buses on motorcycles or eating cow brains or whatever and go “Wow!  So Cool! I’m never doing that!”.  The tags on the post are full of people who go “Neat!  But not a great idea”.  I can love the dangerous and dumb parts of my childhood without endorsing them, and I think most readers are smart enough to understand that distinction.  

I get that you’re upset- this is a sensitive and emotional issue for a lot of people, but inflammatory language and accusations are not going to do any good.  If you want to talk about the issue, come off anon so we can have an actual discussion, and mind your manners.

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Dearest Tumblr wife, could I please request 152: “Stop texting me weird stuff so late at night.” with Ladynoir? <3

Just for you, lovely, some post-reveal LadyNoir.  :)  This is also my Fluffgust response for “4 AM” and “Plushies”.  Enjoy!

Ladybug yawned, and snuggled closer to her partner. “You have got to stop texting me weird stuff so late at night, Chaton.”

“Hey, this time I waited until I got up in the morning,” he replied, nudging her with his elbow and looking affronted.  

She lifted her head from his shoulder to stare at him incredulously.  “Chat, it was four o’clock in the morning!”

“Oh.”  He had the grace to look sheepish.  “Sorry.  Sunrise photoshoot.”

“Ugh.”  She dropped her head back to his shoulder with a grimace. “Tell your dad that he can do the next sunrise shoot.  You need the sleep and so do I.”

“Ha!  I don’t think that would go over too well.”  He scoffed at the idea of having that conversation with his dad, then remembered what had started this conversation to begin with and jostled her with his shoulder.  “It was funny though, right?”

She scrunched her face in confusion.  “What, the photoshoot?”

“No no, the text.”

“Oh.  That.”

“Hilarious, right?”

She lifted her head to look at him again, this time with a scowl.  “The picture of an anthropomorphic black cat dressed as Ladybug?” She asked flatly.  At his nod, she raised a brow.  “Mildly amusing?  Yes. Worth waking me at 4 am on my day off? No.”

He winced.  “Were you at least able to go back to sleep?”

“No.  But since I couldn’t sleep, I decided to get up and make this for you.”  She fumbled behind them for a moment, pulled a small plush toy from her bag, and pushed into his hands with a smile.

“You—you made this? For me?”  It was made like an old fashioned teddy bear, hinged at the shoulders and hips to be positionable, but instead of a bear, it was a black cat dressed in a red-spotted suit.  “It’s incredible!”

She pinkened, and then smirked.  “I’m glad you like it.  But, maybe don’t text me until actual morning next time.  I can’t promise to be so benevolent, if you wake me up that early for anything other than an emergency.”

He hugged the plush to his chest, smiling happily.  “Deal.”

Start of Something More

          Though I would never admit it, being Harry Styles’ best friend has its perks. For one, I’ve been able to travel the world, see sights most people my age only dream of. I’m incredibly blessed, and it’s only because I have an incredible, gifted friend. Also, because of my one incredible, gifted friend, I’ve made other incredible, gifted friends.

           You may have heard of them; they were in a little band called One Direction, which is currently on hiatus as they each branch out and try new things. Because of Harry, I met Louis, Liam, Zayn, and Niall.

           They all hold a special place in my heart, Niall especially. Which is why when I told Harry I was going to see one of Niall’s concerts, he winked cheekily at me, a broad grin stretching across his face. “Should I warn the lad to pack a condom or two?”

           “Harry!” I smacked his arm, my face coloring. Perhaps telling Harry about my crush on his former bandmate was a bad idea. I trusted Harry with my life and soul, but maybe telling him this was too much. “Niall’s my friend too, I want to support him.” It was true. Over several visits on tours, I had grown close to all of the band members, though Niall most of all. It was why I wanted to surprise him at his concert in London.

           Harry waggled his eyebrows at me, and I frowned at him. “Alright, love, make sure you have an excellent time.” He was still teasing me.

           I deflated a little, crossing my arms over my chest. “You won’t tell him, will you? I want it to be a surprise, and it won’t be if you rush off and text him the minute I leave.”

           “I’ve got better things to do than to text Niall about your plans for him, love,” Harry’s voice was a bit wry, and I sighed out in relief.

           “Thank you, Harold. You’re good to me.” I swept my arms around him and held him close, patting his back. I could sense the shit eating grin before I saw it.

           “I am, but you better be good to Niall, too, when you see him.” The innuendo was clear in his voice, and I didn’t feel guilty as I hauled back and smacked his arm again, ignoring his pouty whine after the fact.

           “Shut up, Styles, and take me to brunch.”

           The night of the concert arrived too quickly, and for some reason, I was nervous. I wasn’t sure why, either, since it’s not like I’m the person singing live onstage. Niall didn’t even know that I was coming, and might not even notice me at all, but for some reason I find myself dressing up in a form fitting black dress that goes down to my knees. “You’re dressing up too much for this,” I muttered to myself, but nevertheless, kept the dress on and matched it with some black flats. Like hell I was going to wear heels to a concert; I’m not that extra.

           I kept the makeup simple, and pinned my hair back in a bun. I looked at myself in the full-length mirror I had in my bedroom, and damn, I looked good. Fancy dinner good, not concert good, but it was too late to change, I had to get going if I wanted to get to the venue on time.

           Trying not to overthink, I headed out and got into my car, driving towards the venue. I made good time, and even managed to find a halfway decent parking spot. I walked briskly towards the arena, hoping to God that some of the more eagle-eyed fans wouldn’t notice me. I had been in the pop news sites before, and in some of the band’s pictures; heck, I had even received some death threats when rumors were circulating about Harry and I supposedly dating. I didn’t need anything like that to ruin my night.

           Once I got situated in my seat (orchestra seating; I did my time waiting for tickets just like every other fan), I sat book and took a quick selfie before posting it on Instagram. I wrote out a quick caption: Excited for the show! And tagged Niall in it. I figured he wouldn’t see it until after the show, anyway; he was probably warming up. Maren was due to start shortly.

           Though I wasn’t much of a country fan, I appreciated Maren’s performance and applauded her like everyone else. She was special in her own way; Niall wouldn’t have chosen her otherwise.

           Everyone in the arena was a bit of a nervous wreck waiting for Niall to take the stage. The mood was infectious; I could feel my heart pounding a bit faster in my chest, and I kept gnawing at my lip. I was just so excited to see Niall perform his solo material; he deserved the sun and the moon and the stars, this man. I had listened to his album over and over again in preparation for this night, but I was sure that recorded, it wouldn’t do him justice.

           The arena lights darkened, and the fans erupted into cheers. Niall strode out onto stage, grinning broadly, his guitar strapped to his chest. “’Ello!” He spoke directly into the microphone, his deep voice resonating throughout the stadium. It made my heart jump into my throat a little. He looked so gorgeous and at ease on the stage, a dark gray, long-sleeve shirt clasping to his body like a glove. For once, he wasn’t wearing a hat, and his dark hair shined a bit in the lighting. “Lovely crowd we’ve got here tonight, London! I’m pleased to see ya all here. And with that bein’ said, let’s get started.”

           Niall was pure energy on stage, though in a relaxed way. He constantly engaged with his audience, and crooned his songs like the best of them. Even from my seat, where I stood dancing and swaying with the other fans, I could see the sparkle in his eyes. He loved what he was doing, pure and simple. It was an incredible thing to experience; within the first seconds of his first song, I was swept away into the music.

           Towards the end of the show, I felt someone tap me on the shoulder. I turned back, startled, only to see a big, burly security guard. “You’ve been requested to come back.”

           Heart pounding in my chest, I followed him out of the crowd and towards backstage. There was nothing else I could do at this point in time. “Did Niall send for me?” I asked, a step or two behind the security guard. He nodded his head, but didn’t say anything else. He was probably annoyed at being sent out like that.

           He left me close to where Niall was performing, but still off to the wings of the stage, where no one from the audience would see me. Niall paused before his final song, and took a long sip from his water bottle, back turned to the crowd. As he spun around to face them once more, we locked eyes. I felt my lips part at the intensity of his gaze; it felt like he was staring right into you, holding you hostage with his eyes. And then the moment broke and he turned back to his audience. “It’s been an incredible night, London. We’re gonna close it out with a favorite of ours.” He grinned cheekily and then ‘Slow Hands’ began.

           I sang along, not able to help it. It was such a sensual song, and a favorite of mine. And Niall got into it, like really into it. There was even a moment where he almost did that crotch-grab he was so fond of in One Direction. But he didn’t do it, even though I was secretly hoping for him too.

           Watching him so closely had me feeling all kinds of things. I pressed my thighs together to ease the slight ache that was staring to build up from the sight of him, and mentally cursed myself for my own weakness. Niall doesn’t even like you that way, what are you getting horny for?! I screamed at myself, but it didn’t matter, because Niall wiggled his hips and I was gone. It didn’t help that I had a great view of his little peach bum from backstage.

           Niall was hot. That was simple, and I really didn’t need to go much more into it. He had changed physically in the years I had known him; he went from a cute boy to a sexy, handsome man, and I was into it. His shoulders had broadened out, his hips were still slim, and his brunette hair spoke to a certain maturity that hadn’t always been there before. Besides, the guy was confident with himself now – just look at his album cover.

           The show ended, and Niall and his band took a bow together, before roaming backstage, directly at me. My heart fluttered in my chest as Niall came straight up to me and wrapped me in those strong arms of his. “Love! Didn’t know you were coming, or else I would have gotten ya better seats!” I felt the scratch of his stubble against my jaw as he pressed a kiss to my cheek and took a step back and smiled at me. “I’ve missed ya.”

           Could he see how red my face was? My heart beat was in my ears, but somehow, someway, I still managed to smile at him. “I’ve missed you too, Niall. What an incredible performance!”

           “Yeah, it was alright,” he chuckled and scratched at the back of his neck. “Listen, I gotta help the band clean up, but I’ll take you to my dressing room and you can wait for me there, okay? We’ll hang out.”

           I nodded my head quickly. “Yeah, of course.” With that being said, Niall offered me his arm, and I tucked mine through his, grinning foolishly as he led me down the hall. He was so goofy; it was why I had fallen for him in the first place.

           Niall helped me get comfortable on a plush couch situated in the middle of the dressing room he was given, and then left with a few dozen promises of, “I’ll be back, love!”. I could have sworn I heard him call someone else a wanker as he left the room, his loud cackle echoing back to me.

           So. Here I was in Niall’s dressing room. This wasn’t really where I figured the night would go at all; I didn’t think he would know I had been there until after. I should have posted the selfie after the concert, he must have seen it and known I was there because of it.

           My mind wandered while I waited, legs crossed and hands clasped on my lap. I hadn’t seen Niall in quite a few months, since my job was centered in London, and Niall spent quite a lot of time in LA. With all of the album promo, he had been going all over the US as well. Not that we didn’t stay in contact; I had his number, he had mine, and in fact, we had talked a few days ago without mentioning his concert.

           There was a knock on the door and I jumped, standing up. “Um…come in?”

           It was Niall. “Hey,” he said as he popped in, grinning widely.

           “Why did you knock for your own dressing room?”

           He tilted his head to the side, thinking about it. “Dunno. Wanna come back to my place and have a drink with me?”

           That sounded wonderful, actually, and I nodded my head quickly. “Yeah, that sounds good.”

           Niall led me outside, and side-eyed me as we walked towards the stadium exit. “I’m assuming you drove here, yeah?” When I nodded my head, he stopped. “Well, I’m with the band, so my car is out back. I’ll walk you to yours and give you directions to my place, okay?”

           “Oh, Niall, you don’t need to walk me. There will be fans out in the parking lot, and they’ll see you and go mad.” And see me, I added in my head. That wouldn’t bode well for either of us. “Just give me your address and I’ll meet you there, okay?”

           Niall mulled it over and nodded his head. “Sounds good, yeah,” he said and I pulled my phone out, allowing him to type his address in. I had been to his London house once or twice, but not recently, so I definitely needed directions. I plugged it into maps, waved at him, and started off towards my car without looking back.

           Once I hopped in my car, I followed the directions my mobile told me, and arrived outside of his gate. Luckily, I had heard my phone chime with a text earlier, and as I had guessed, it was the gate key. I pushed it in and drove through the gates, parking out of the way so Niall could get in. At that point, I had beaten him somehow (London traffic was awful, so I was surprised we hadn’t arrived together), so there was nothing for me to do but stare out at his large, two-story house.

           It was elegant, and modern, and the landscaping was nice. I didn’t know much about houses, but even I could tell that this was a nice one, and right expensive.

           I heard the gates open behind me, and I turned in my seat to watch Niall’s Range drive in seamlessly. I got out, my flats crunching a bit on the gravel driveway. Niall got out as well and grinned that infectious grin of his, and nodded towards his front door. “Come in, would ya?”

           I laughed, smiling wide enough that my cheeks hurt. “That’s why I bloody came here, you daft moron.”


           Giggling, I walked up to his front door with him, watching as he unlocked the door. I kicked my shoes off and left them by the door, and watched as he took his own black Chelsea boots and neatly placed them in a row. Then he took my flats and placed them alongside his own. “Still anal as always, I see.”

           Niall flashed me a glare, before clicking his tongue. “I invite you to my home, and all you’ve done is insult me so far.”

           I shrugged. “You’re easy to insult.”

           Barking out a laugh, Niall shook his head, and padded off past the entranceway to the kitchen. “I’m grabbin’ a Stella. Want one?”

           “But of course.”

           I followed behind him, looking over his house. It was as neat as ever, carefully cleaned. Niall was a bit neurotic about his cleaning, something I discovered on tour. He was meticulously neat compared to the other lads, who were absolute disasters with someone cleaning up after them. Niall cleaned up after himself, kept his clothes neatly folded, and even bothered the others to do the same. Some things didn’t change.

           Niall popped the lid off and handed me the bottle, before grabbing one for his own. “How have you been?” He asked, eyes locked on mine as he took a long sip of his beer, Adam’s apple bobbing. Leaning against his counter, I updated him on my job and how our mutual social circles were. He listened, letting out a chuckle here and there at the stupidly ridiculous stories I told about our idiot friends. And he kept his eyes on mine the entire time I talked. It was a good feeling.

           “It’s good to see you,” I said later as we reclined on his couch, a couple Stella’s in. “Like, really good to see you.”

           Niall chuckled, eyes flashing at you from across the couch. You were both leaned against an opposite arm rest, his sock-covered feet bumping and rubbing against your own bare ones. “It’s really great to see you, love. I’ve missed ya.”

           “You’ve said that,” I replied, smiling as I bumped my toes against his.

           “Well, it’s true. You’re a good friend of mine, and – “ Here he paused and swallowed, eyes looking a bit conflicted. I sat up a bit more, interested in what he was cutting off. I bit at my lower lip, looking at him, my eyes a bit wide.

           “And what, Niall?”

           He let out a puff of air. “And nothin’. Just missed you.” He tossed a lopsided smile at me and then proceeded to tug at the fringe of his hair with his fingers, taking another sip of his Stella to cut his own sentence off.

           I narrowed my eyes at him. Something was definitely off. I lunged forward, pressing myself into his lap, my motions a bit sloppy from how tipsy I was. My face was inches away from his; I could feel his rapid breaths against my cheek as our eyes locked. There was a little alarm bell going off in my head – this was too close, I needed to back off, but I couldn’t do it. There was something delicious in this contact we had, in feeling his thigh pressed against my knee, how close our chests were to touching. How close our lips were to touching. “Alright, Horan, what the fuck is going on in your head?” I demanded, keeping my gaze locked on his.

           Niall bit at his lip, which I instantly hated him for, because it only drew my attention down to his very kissable, pink lips. Damn his lips. “Love…ya just don’t understand.”

           My eyes narrowed once more. “So make me understand.”

           Niall looked away from me at that point, and swallowed harshly. He leaned back a bit away from me, which stung a bit, but he didn’t seemed to have done it to get away. He had a thoughtful face on, his brows furrowed, though he looked a bit stressed at the same time. Finally, Niall looked back at me, his clear blue eyes connecting with mine. “I like you.”

           I sat back a bit, falling off of his legs and onto the couch, mostly from the drinks. “Of course you like me. You’re my friend.” Niall huffed out a sigh at my answer and pulled at his hair again, hard enough that I was briefly concerned that he would just yank it all out. He leaned forward, bunching his legs under him, and grabbed at my hand.

           “No, you daft moron,” he joked, bringing back my words from earlier, “well, yes, I like you as a friend, but I also like you…more than a friend.”

           It felt like my heart had just swelled in my chest and burst. This couldn’t be real. Niall…liked me? Like I liked him? How could this be real life? This was beyond my wildest hopes and dreams. Probably taking my silence as a negative response, he rushed on. “But if you don’t return my feelings, that’s okay, you’ll never hear it again from me and-“

           I cut him off by pressing my lips to his own. My hand cupped his jaw, fingers running affectionately against his skin. Niall was frozen for a moment, body tense, but then he relaxed under me, his arms rising up and around me, melding into me. His lips parted slightly, and I was home. That was honestly the way I felt as his lips moved with mine, as he explored me with the vigor I had always hoped for. It was everything.

           Moments or hours later, I pulled back, gasping for air with my cheeks aflame. Niall didn’t care, his lips simply reattached themselves to the skin of my neck, an open-mouthed kiss that went straight to my core. A rush of wetness suddenly flooded my panties, and I moaned aloud at the sensation of Niall’s teeth gently nipping at my skin. This man was getting me all riled up, but as I adjusted myself on his lap, I could feel his length starting to fatten up beneath me. Experimentally, I rocked my hips, and listened as Niall let out a quiet grunt in response. “Christ on a bicycle, woman,” he muttered.

           I giggled, pleased with the response, even as Niall pushed his hips against mine, needily rutting up into me. My body felt on fire; zips and licks of flame shooting from my toes, up.

           “I want you,” I leaned forward to whisper, nipping gently at his ear.

           “Fuck, darlin’, I want you to,” Niall replied, his fingers gripping tight into the flesh of my hips. I leaned forward to eagerly press my lips to his, but Niall leaned back away from me. Stung, I settled back away from him. His chest was heaving; he took a few steadying breaths to calm himself. When he looked at me, I could see his pupils had bled into the beautiful blue color of his eyes. “But…I don’t want to do this to ya.”

           Confused, I frowned at him. “What do you mean, ‘do this to me’? I quite want it, myself.”

           Niall sighed deeply and used both hands to rub at his face, a bit roughly. “I’m only in London for another day or two, and they’re both packed full of interviews and promo. I don’t think I can hang out with you, and I don’t want to fuck you and send you off with a ‘see ya later’. And we’ve both had a bit to drink, I don’t want ya to regret this. I want to do this properly, petal. I want to take you out on dates, kiss you in the moonlight, cuddle on the couch…but I can’t do that yet.”

           Understanding lit through me, and for some reason, it made my eyes water. I sniffled and leaned away. Niall practically flinched at the sight of my tears. “Oh, no, please don’t cry! I want you, I promise I do!”

           “It’s not that,” I hiccupped. Definitely too much to drink. “You’re just so…so sweet, and I can’t handle it!”

           Niall let out a deep chuckle at my explanation, and I felt the rough palm of his hand curl against my cheek. My eyes closed, and I savored the feeling of his touch on my skin. “Okay. When I come back, love, will you go out on a proper date with me?”

           My eyes flew open. “Of course! Niall, I nearly fucked you on the couch a minute ago, I’m not about to turn down a date.”

           A loud bark of a laugh worked its way out of his chest, and Niall’s head tipped back in pure mirth. I let out a laugh of my own, thrilled to chase such a reaction out of him. Not that it was hard; Niall laughed easily and frequently, even at himself. Especially at himself.

           “Proper date it is, then,” Niall chuckled out and I nodded, smiling widely with glee.

           I leaned in and pressed a kiss to his scratchy cheek. “It’s a good thing I came to your concert. It feels like this is the start of something more, y’know?”

           Niall’s responding smile was soft, his eyes crinkling a bit at the edges. His pupils had returned to their normal state; there was that beautiful, clear blue I loved. “I have to agree.”


Percy makes friends at a college party, but her intentions aren’t what he expects.

“Oh, thanks!” Percy smiles as the girl - Cassie? Casey? He thinks it’s Cassie, but the music was so loud when she introduced herself he couldn’t quite hear - hands him a fresh cup. “Just Coke, right?”

“Yeah,” she says, matching his smile with her own. “Though I still don’t get why you’re not drinking.”

He tries to subtly sniff the drink before taking a sip, just to be sure. It smells okay. “Not a fan,” he says by way of explanation, taking a small sip.

Cassie tags a swig from her own cup, gagging slightly as the vodka hits her throat. “Yeah,” she coughs, “I can - ah, I can understand that.”

He laughs, and she laughs too, and when Percy settles back against the wall she comes and stands next to him. 

She nods out at the crowd and says, “So, what do you think of the party?”

“It’s pretty fun,” he says, which is mostly true. He’d prefer to be back in his dorm, snuggled up in bed with Netflix on in the background and Annabeth curled up beside him. But, as far as college parties go, he thinks this one is all right. The music isn’t terrible, at least. “Although, to be honest, I don’t have that much experience with parties so I’m probably not the best judge.”

Cassie turns to him with a knowing look. “I thought you were shy, hanging out by yourself over here with that brooding expression.”

“Brooding?” he says, lips quirking up.

“Well, you’re not brooding now. But you totally were before.”

“I was not brooding.”

“You were.”

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Creepypasta #1201: Social Life

Length: Super long

I live in the last small apartment remaining on a row of freshly-built fraternity and sorority houses that basically form a parade of epic parties every night. The social envy I feel here is still overwhelming, but it was actually the loneliness that drove me to make a deal with a devil for popularity—literally. Thanks to his power, during our deal everything I wrote online became real. It sounds like a wonderful thing, right? Heed my warning.

When I first saw him, he looked like a businessman, complete with slicked-back hair, a sharp suit, and a faux grin, but somehow I got the sense that his appearance was a show put on for foolish marks. In a thick but vague foreign accent, Malcolm said, “Welcome. Please, sit down.”

I possessed a foggy idea of having picked up his business card and contacted him, but I couldn’t remember exactly when. I also couldn’t really remember the trip to that random diner. Confused, but trying to be confident, I asked, “So you’re a social media consultant?”

He gave a slow nod, and his eyes never left my face. “You wish to expand your circle of friends online and therefore your popular appeal?”

“Yeah!” I leaned forward on one elbow. “It’s maddening, you know? I see these parties outside my apartment, and because I transferred here I don’t even have a single friend!”

“You never tried attending one of these gatherings?” Malcolm asked, evaluating me.

“I did.” I grimaced. “But I didn’t really know anyone, so I was just wandering alone in a crowd. Afterwards I always see posts online about the incredible night everyone had—everyone but me. It’s driving me crazy. What’s the point of college if I don’t actually do anything new or fun?”

His default grin widened subtly. “Spencer, I think I can be honest with you. You enjoy science fiction and fantasy works, yes?”

Warily, I nodded.

His face sharpened with an approximation of human pleasantry. “Well, Spencer, I am not a social media consultant. I am a demon.”

I nearly spat out my coffee. When had I ordered coffee? Putting the mug down, I clarified: “Like a classical religious demon?”

“I existed before religion,” he said with a small laugh. “But it was good business. As the world changes, I am now attempting to expand into newer human vices.”

“I have read books,” I told him, standing up and pushing my chair back to leave. “It’s always a trick. I am not going to give you my soul. Not for anything.”

He raised an apologetic hand. “No, no, nothing so dramatic as that. This is just a pilot program for a new market. Please, hear me out. We can work something out that gets both of us what we want.”

I almost left—but thoughts of parties, girls, and adventures pushed me back down into my seat. “So what is that you want?”

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★heart eyes @ you forever
★you can’t be in the same room as her for interviews or photoshoots
★because she’ll just look at you the entire time
★stalks your social media when away from you to make sure you’re okay
★if you’re not okay you’ll be flooded with embarrassing photos of herself and the members
★'look how bad my fashion was!’
★'if this next one doesn’t make you laugh, i’m coming over there’
★you’re close with the other girls
★she loves seeing the people she loves interacting
★she was nervous you’d feel uncomfortable with them but you took to them like a duck to water
★probably fangirls over the interactions of you and another member
★you’d just pass a bottle of water to solji and she’d start screeching
★'Y/N and solji are so cute together!’      
★skype calls whenever she’s free
★won’t talk about herself until you’ve told her every detail of your day
★spoils performances for you
★'we saw them practice! they take their shirts off!’
★sends you post cards from each place she visits.
★takes so many photos of you
★'why are you taking photos now?’
★'but you’ve got loads of pictures of me in bed’
★brings you cake whenever she comes to your home
★would help you with any work you have to do
★most likely shows off
★cutest brain box ever
★'i’m going to learn italian’
★'i thought you were leaning english?’
★'i finished learning that ages ago’
★your bed is always filled with empty packets
★you two start eating snacks but end up falling asleep
★she’s your cheerleader through everything
★literally everything
★taking the trash out?
★she’s there cheering for you
★going to the nurse?
★outside cheering for you because the nurse said she’s too loud to come in with you
★promotes you to e v e r y o n e
★'you see this person? it’s my partner. they’re really brave! they had a blood test today!“
★she can sense when you’re naked
★you’d be getting ready to shower when the door will fly open and she’ll be stood there
★'hi lovely’
★'can i help you’
★'yes i wanna shower with you’
★'but you just got out of the shower’
★'it’s hot and i’m already really sweaty’
★you’ll just be changing after work/school and she’ll watch from outside the door
★'you must be tired, let me help you get dressed’
★big spoon
★when the two of you are sleeping, her hands will roam under your shirt
★won’t sleep unless there’s skin to skin contact
★kisses you in a morning without caring about morning breath

★tl;dr heeyeon is a precious bun that would treat you like you’re a delicate piece of glass and likes to see you naked

thank you guys

so the situation has been kinda solved?

i got back my laptop i can go to college again……but no drawing in front of them…..

so in the mean time i can draw in the free time in my college but not in my house or else there will be trouble again….

but all the messages i got from you seriously i love you guys so much there were a lot of advice some i can’t do and some i can do what i can do now is wait for 2 and half months on this rate until i finish this term and draw freely again

special thanks to @mooncatyao i which i can be you please follow her she is awesome <3


Childhood is filled with miraculous moments of beauty and growth and an endless parade of other kids into your life who suck and who you are expected to “play with,” or listen to talk about what color karate belt they are, or introduce to the other kids at the pool party because your mom keeps telling you he feels left out. Once I met a kid who’s parents were my parents’ college friends and was given a directive immediately after our introduction to take him into my backyard and play one-on-one soccer with him, which I did for 2 hours while our parents chatted. It was a social situation more psychotically uncomfortable than any I’ve found myself in since that ripe age of 9. He kept collecting berries and leaves from the ground and saying he was making potions. I was powerless to change my circumstances. All I could do was focus on the soccer and have faith that it would be over at some point.  Most of your first decade is just a series of forced close proximity to other kids who annoy you. Here is my list of the top 100 most annoying types of kids from when you were a kid:

1) Curly-haired kids

2) Kids that had casts on their arms

3) Kids who transferred in during 3rd grade and acted like the past 3 years had never happened

4) Kids who’s families ate different types of food than yours.

5) Kids that took good care of their things and always thought everyone was going to break them.

6) Kids who always said they had brain freeze

7) Sneaky kids

8) Kids that always had rumors about them

9) Kids who were always going to be maybe left back a grade but never were.

10) Kids on your little league team that were always telling you how many outs there were.

11) Kids who always knew directions when you were carpooling

12) Kids who’s older sisters babysat you.

13) Kids who always wanted you to borrow their stuff.

14) Twins

15) Kids who’s moms always made a big thing out of everything.

16) Kids who’s moms always got them something from the ice cream man.

17) Kids who were friends with your friend and were always over their house when you went over and you didn’t even know them and had to hang out with them sometimes.

18) Kids that always thought things weren’t fair

19) Kids that knew the rules of board games too well.

20) Kids that had significant others when they were 9.

21) Kids that always asked you what you got on the test.

22) Kids who’s moms told your mom about projects you had due.

23) Kids who moved away and you never saw them again

24) Kids with food in their braces.

25) Kids who always wanted to play four square at recess.

26) Kids that always had cameras and took pictures.

27) Kids that bought $150 worth of souvenirs on field trips.

28) Kids who’s moms were friends with your mom

29) Kids who your mom thought were nice and felt bad for even if nothing bad happened to them

30) Kids who were really into horses or something.

31) Kids who didn’t have nintendo.

32) Kids who were always inviting you to the beach with their family.

33) Kids who were really good at coloring and the teacher held theirs up.

34) Kids who always called same seats

35) Kids who made origami fortune tellers.

36) Kids on your bus who’s houses were out of the way.

37) Kids who always raised their hands and asked questions during tests.

38) Kids who went to extra help.

39) Kids who always played one player games while you were at their house.

40) Kids who always asked if you could play multiplayer when you were playing one player while they were at your house.

41) Kids who couldn’t “feel the room” comedically

42) Kids who always wanted to play pranks

43) Kids who always asked you why you weren’t wearing a jacket

44) Kids that took too long to learn how to tie their shoes.

45) Girls who did Irish Step Dance

46) Kids who were always clearly lying.

47) Kids who’s birthday parties sucked

48) Kids who didn’t know your other friends at your birthday party so your mom kept telling you to make sure they were included

49) Kids who were dumb things for Halloween.

50) Kids who always went on good vacations.

51) Kids with good singing voices

52) Kids who were always sick.

53) Kids who did good science projects.

54) Kids who did shitty science projects.

55) Kids who’s moms were weird

56) Kids who had like 12 pets.

57) Kids who told you how big your splash was the second you came up from a cannon ball when you hadn’t even asked them to watch.

58) Kids that always wanted to play truth or dare.

59) Kids who’s moms always never came to pick them up from places so you had to wait with them in your moms car in the parking lot until she got there.

60) Kids who got on the local news and you had to talk about it in class.
61) Kids that were double jointed

62) Kids who were cousins with another kid in your grade.

63) Kids who’s parents brought whatever you were selling for a fundraiser into their office and sold like a trillion of it.

64) Kids who would never put their coat down as one of the goal posts for soccer at recess even if it wasn’t cold because they didn’t want people to step on their coat.

65) Kids whose whole family had weird first names

66) Kids that always broke the piñata when there was a piñata at birthday parties because they were sneaky about getting into the right spot in line.

67) Kids who just squinted during games where you were supposed to close your eyes

68) Kids that had aggressively comprehensive crayon and marker sets.

69) Kids that wouldn’t let you borrow a pen even if they had one right on their desk.

70) Kids who always had listerine strips.

71) Kids who always passed things out for the teacher.

72) Kids who asked if they could go to the bathroom when the person who was out got back when you were waiting for the person out to get back to ask.

73) Kids that loved to hang out in the nurses office

74) Kids who’s dad was the coach

75) Kids that were always telling you things about sex

76) Kids that were always testing you to see how much you knew about sex

77) Kids who were mostly friends with people from another school

78) Kids who didn’t look like how they looked in their yearbook picture.

79) Kids that were always making cards and getting everyone to sign them for people

80) Kids who were mean to the teacher.

81) Kids who never understood what the teacher was talking about.

82) Kids who had too many organizational supplies like regular folders and high-performance folders and day planners and binders who’s rings weren’t fucked up at all.

83) Kids who wouldn’t let you copy when it was reasonable

84) Kids who didn’t hold pens right.

85) Kids that always volunteered to read aloud.

86) Kids who couldn’t handle glue

87) Kids that were always telling you things and telling you not to tell anyone.

88) Kids that were always in a fight with all their friends.

89) Your cousins’ cousins from the other side of the family

90) Kids who always had something stolen from them and made a huge deal about it so the teacher made everyone put their heads down and shut off the lights so whoever took it could give it back without being seen but no one ever did so the teacher would would address “whoever took it” in front of the whole class and it felt like everyone in the class except for the kid was in trouble.

91) Kids that always wrote on the board.

92) Kids who were really into the class pet

93) Kids that didn’t go on rides at fairs and theme parks

94) Kids who cried

95) Kids who put shitty things into holiday grab bags or secret santas and didn’t even realize they were shitty

96) Kids who always threw up in the classroom

97) Kids who always won essay contests.

98) Kids who were really good at drawing but drew dumb stuff

99) Stranger kids that were staying at the same place your family was staying for vacation and you kept seeing them the whole week.

100) Kids who were moving into your house when your family was moving to a new house.

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I headcanon super hard that Modern AU Eponine had a super hard Tim Burton stage in her early teen, when Tim Burton was Cool™, and bc she hadn't had the Big Family Fallout yet, she got loads of dark-purple and cute-skull-pattern t-shirts and soft goth accesories and a corset or two. And she grew out of it, but shortly after life Happened, and money was extremely tight for her and her siblings. So she has all this 2005 teenage stuff that she's trying to pull off as a young adult woman (1/?)

And jehan tried to help, but he has a fashion sense all of he’s own. He provided lots of confort in the form of original compliments, but he’s not really great in the “i need something to wear to work” departament. Musichetta, mom friend that she is, enlists her bfs to raid thrift shops in search of sensible jumpers, and Combeferre gently spurs the group to get her some nice clothes for her bday, but there’s only so much ‘ponine can take wihout feeling like it’s charity

Marius never actually noticed this was a problem for Eponine, because she never actually talks about it, until one day, after an extremely long day at work, she got teary-eyed over a hand-bag. The next day the handbag was waiting for her on her usual table at the Musain, complete with a post-it note with a smiley face on ti (a smiley face with a nose bc marius is an absolute dork.

But it’s Bahorel who one day decides to skip all of his classes (like he needed an excuse) to put an end to this nonesense. He organizes her closet, he prepares work and party and lounging-at-home outfits, so that she doesn’t have to think in the morning when she’s tired and short on time to take Gavroche to school. He throws away what’s unwearable, mends and marches what’s usable, and spends hours onlne to find the cheapest possible options of what’s missing.

And when 'ponine gets home from work she has a functional wardrobe, one less problem, and a couple of beers missing from her fridge :)

This is beautiful oh my lord <3

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Ooooh, and Gabriel & Nathalie, romantic (sin, if you feel like it) “Well, this was unexpected.”

I was waiting until I got the newest chapter of TTWK posted before I did this drabble. It picks up immediately at the end of Chapter 28 but won’t be included in Chapter 29. A bonus, if you will, for my dear @youcancallmecirce <3

“Well, this was unexpected.” Gabriel sat up against the headboard and adjusted his glasses. 

Nathalie smiled, pulling the sheets up around her. “I wouldn’t exactly say that…sir,” she smirked.

He cleared his throat. “Nathalie, this was not my intention–”

“When you flew to another country late at night to check up on me?”

“If I made you feel pressured at all…”

She turned to him. “Gabriel, do you honestly think I slept with you because you’re my boss?”

“No, not exactly.”

“Good because that would be ridiculous. Obviously I’m really the boss anyway.”

Gabriel laughed in surprise. “Is that so?”

“Of course. You’ve been falling apart without me around. How much did you spend to bring in a full crew for an impulse flight to Milan? Actually, don’t answer that. I’d rather not have to berate you while I’m still basking in the afterglow,” she sighed.

“You know, you’re the only person who dares to talk to me like this.”

“Which you find incredibly attractive.”

He pursed his lips. “I would be lying if I said I’d never thought about this.” He ran his knuckles along her bare arm. “About how we could be, but I suppose I thought I had locked that part of me away after…”

“I could never replace her. I’d never want to,” she assured him, leaning into the touch. 

“Losing her made me cold.”

“It did,” Nathalie nodded. “But I think reconnecting with Adrien and the prospect of the twins has thawed you out again. You’ve been changing, Gabriel, you’re still changing.”

“You’re a big part of that.”

“I know,” she smiled at him fondly. 

“How long have you…I suppose I’d like to know when you…” Gabriel trailed off, brows furrowing.

“Are you wondering how long I’ve felt something for you?” Nathalie asked. 

“Yes, I suppose I am.”

She stroked a hand down his cheek. “Since you were my pretty bird and I was your red lady.”

“But that was…I hadn’t even met Madeline yet.”

“I know.”

Gabriel looked at her in awe. “You’ve been by my side all this time.”

“I’m not going anywhere.”

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Mon El Knows Best

I was going to wait until I got home to do this so I could add the proper gifs, but it’s a super slow day at work and I’m bored as hell, so here goes. This post is going to examine the parallels between Mon El and Mother Gothel from Tangled to explain exactly why some of his behavior is abusive. I’m on mobile, so I can’t post under a cut. Sorry about that.

Parallel One: “You know I hate leaving you, especially when I’ve done nothing wrong/You don’t get to be angry here.”

Gothel says the first quote to Rapunzel after she returns to the tower following their argument about Rapunzel getting to go see the lights. Mon El says the latter quote to Kara while they’re fighting about Myx and she tries to walk away, and he runs after her and blocks her. These are both abuse tactics that shift the blame onto the victim and paint the abuser as the wronged party. In both cases, the abuser is saying that their feelings are more important and that they are blameless. However, both abusers actually are at fault for what’s going on.

Parallel Two: “I love you.”

Gothel makes Rapunzel believe she loves her as a mechanism of control to keep her in the tower. Mon El tells Kara he loves her after breaking into her apartment in an attempt to guilt her into taking him back after he lied about who he was. He expected forgiveness even though he didn’t initially apologize. This is also an abuse tactic meant to mask the fact that what’s happening is abuse because the abuser “loves” their victim. (Disclaimer: I do believe that Mon El loves Kara, but it is most definitely not a healthy love.)

Parallel Three: “You want me to be the bad guy? Fine. Now I’m the bad guy/Things were easier on Daxam when I objectified women and didn’t care about anyone.”

This is what I call the ‘reveal’. Gothel reveals herself as the villain, and Mon El reveals that all his ‘good’ behavior was just an attempt to get Kara to like him. All along, these two characters only had their own selfish interests at heart. Gothel stole Rapunzel to use the power of her hair for immortality, and Mon El misses being on Daxam where he can be a prick without consequences.

Parallel Four: “Mother knows best/You’re not a good judge of what you can handle”

Both of these scenes call the judgement of the victim into doubt. Gothel tells Rapunzel that staying in the tower is the best thing for her because the world is so dangerous, and Mon El tells Kara that she’s full of herself and what he did with Myx was justified because Kara isn’t able to handle things on her own even though she thinks she can. This tactic makes the victim dependent on the abuser because they clearly can’t trust their own judgement.

Parallel Five: “Oh look, you’re there too/You are no saint, Kara Zor-El”

Gothel looks into the mirror with Rapunzel at her side and makes a comment about seeing a strong, beautiful, confident woman. Then she says she was looking at herself, and Rapunzel looks visibly upset. Mon El, meanwhile, calls Kara selfish for being a hero and tells her that she’s only doing it for the attention even though she’s risked her life numerous times for others. Insults are a classic abuse tactic meant to tear the victim down and make them believe that they are worthless. This usually ties into the abuser telling their victim that the abuser is the only one who could ever love them.

Parallel Six: Lying

Gothel spends the entire movie lying to Rapunzel about everything: Her identity, their relationship, and the world at large. Mon El spends the first fifteen episodes lying to Kara and flat-out admits that if his parents hadn’t shown up, he never would have told her who he was. Both of these characters lied to protect themselves and their own desires, Gothel for immortality and Mon El to keep dating Kara. Lying is another classic abuse tactic.

B for Bollocks (2/2)

Hey guys! Thank you again for all the kind words about this story! As opposed to part 1, this second half was a struggle for me. I went back and forth with two endings and I still don’t know if I made the right choice. Honestly I am not fully happy with it, but who doesn’t doubt themselves right?  Plus if I agonize over it anymore I’ll never complete it. I’m going away at the weekend for a month long holiday and I didn’t want to wait until I got back to post it, so here it is flaws and all. Hope you enjoy! xx

Archie had rung him five times, Chop had knocked for him twice, and Rae had done zero of either in the past four days (and that was the count that mattered most).

Finn wasn’t angry with her, never could be really. It wasn’t her fault she was brilliant and he was a coward. He had watched in jealous anguish as Archie dated her and told himself that he wouldn’t let it happen again. Until it did.

Finn was gone on her almost immediately, but by the time he actually realized it his best mate had moved in. He had been so relieved when they didn’t work out. The closer Finn got to Rae, the closer he stepped to the edge of falling hopelessly for her.
That one afternoon in his room, when she had confessed about France, about her scars, she had seemed so afraid of his reaction. Rae’s eyes had filled with tears as she folded into herself and away from him. She had babbled about how she would understand if he didn’t want her around, if he wanted her to leave and stay away, but all it did was make him want her more. She was so brave, so strong, so wrong about herself. Finn had held her close and whispered that no matter what he always wanted her around. From that moment she was his, and he’d tried to stake his claim in little touches or looks, listening sessions in his room and mix-tapes full of subliminal messages. Finn was crap with words and he knew actually voicing it out loud ran the risk of losing everything. He’d been such a dick to her in the beginning he was just happy to have her as a friend; happy she trusted him enough with her real self. So he let his feelings rest, let the steady tingle in his skin settle as he waited for some kind of sign; his hope being buoyed by how she said his name or left her scent lingering on his pillows. Evidently, he had waited too long and deep down he knew he had no one to blame but himself.

But that didn’t stop him from avoiding everybody, opting to sulk in his room instead. And sulking is really all he could do. He couldn’t even appreciate his records anymore because everything reminded him of Rae; how she hummed along with Morrissey, mouthed the words to The Stone Roses, and swayed her hips to Primal Scream (she probably thought he didn’t notice, but he definitely did; the visual aiding him in at least a dozen wanks). Not to mention Spaceman. After leaving the pub he had bitterly shoved it in the back of the furthest crate, darkly muttering “our song, my arse”. But it was that very thought that stopped him from hurling it like a frisbee towards the tip. She never liked Radiohead much, but he couldn’t fall back on that either because once Brandon had showed up in a Thom Yorke shirt and that’s all Finn could picture when No Surprises came on. “Tosser didn’t even have the decency to have crap taste in music,” Finn grumbled to himself before shutting off his speakers. He looked around his room for something else to do, but again all he saw were the places Rae had sat or stood or touched, and he knew it was no use.

It was midday Friday which meant the gang was most likely at the chippy. Finn looked over at the calendar pinned to his wall where he had surreptitiously marked down Rae’s work schedule to see that she was off, which meant she would be there too. He wasn’t sure if he was excited or sick at that. Usually he barely lasted 24 hours without seeing her but now being around her meant seeing B-for-Bollocks-Bastard-Brandon too. Finn sat contemplating going, images of slapping Brandon’s smug face with a fresh from the fryer battered sausage swirling in his mind, when his stomach growled angrily making his decision for him. Can’t avoid them forever. With a huff he grabbed his flannel and helmet and clopped down the stairs.

Finn paused outside the chippy window. The gang was sat at the same table where they had assembled the day before Knebworth, the day he’d punched Big G, the day he should have walked Rae home and told her that Chop might as well have printed her name on the front of Finn’s shirt because, really, he was more excited to see her than Oasis.
Rae was sat at the end of the table and the hungry animal in his stomach morphed into a thousand restless butterflies. Fuck, if she didn’t somehow get prettier in the last 72 hours. She was wearing her I Wanna Be Adored shirt and a genuine smile; two of his favourite things to see on her. Again he thought of another lost opportunity: that day in the park where he’d been so eager to apologize he’d forgotten he was half naked. Then he’d gone and made that garbled noise in the back of his throat after telling her she was sound. Not to mention his I-realize-this-is-too-long-but-I’m-busy-sniffing-your-hair hug. The memory made him cringe. “Such a twat,” he mumbled to himself, turning to get back on his scooter, but a loud bang and the vibration of the shop window made him jump. Chop’s gap tooth grin at startling him immediately changed to one of a stern parent as he brandished a finger and said “GET THE FUCK IN HERE” loud enough for Finn to hear through the thick glass. Well he had no choice now, he’d been spotted. Hitting his helmet against his thigh, he went for the door. Chop grabbed him by the back of the neck as soon as he was in arms reach.

“The hell have you been?!” Chop admonished, steering him towards the table. Finn shrugged. Not like he could say ’Oh, just at home being miserable and getting strange looks off my dad.’

Looking up he noticed an empty seat in front of Rae, Archie next to her and, surprisingly, Brandon beside him. Finn furrowed his brow at that. If Rae was his he’d be sat close enough to hand feed her chips and feel her breath on his neck. That image quickly turned X rated in his mind, and he had to shake his head to rid himself of the poorly timed fantasy. Not now, he told himself as he slipped into the empty chair.

“Finn!” Izzy waved at him enthusiastically, her red hair bouncing happily. “We missed you, where ya been?”

“Yeah where’d you disappear to?” Chloe’s tone was slightly accusatory and it made him hunch his shoulders.

Shit, really can’t avoid this question. “Just around” he shrugged again. Finn looked over at Archie and was met with crossed arms and an icy glare. I guess I deserve that. “Archer”

Archie looked him over, probably assessing how much Finn had punished himself already before determining how much more crap he deserved for blanking him for days. He must have read the lines under Finn’s eyes from lack of sleep and the frustratingly skewed fringe like one of his history books because his shoulders lost their menace, and that sympathetic smile was back. “You alright?” Archie asked. Two words with a hundred annotations. Was he alright? Finn genuinely didn’t know, so he let his head do a weird shake/nod/shrug thing to neither confirm nor deny.

The table’s conversation continued but Finn noticed Rae had gone quiet since he’d walked in. She was looking down at her tray as she swirled a chip in curry sauce. “Hey Rae” Finn managed, but not without his voice cracking on the end of her name. Fuck will I ever not be a complete pleb around her? He cleared his throat to recover, but her eyes shot up to him and she actually looked relieved before that genuine smile was back.

“Finnley. I was starting to think you’d left the country, or at least Lincolnshire,” she teased in a hushed tone, before pushing her cone of chips towards him in offering.

“Thought about it,” he said honestly, grabbing a chip as a distraction. He felt her nudge his foot with hers under the table and he looked up to find her smiling softly.

“You’re alright though?” To that he nodded. If it meant her eyes wouldn’t look so sad, he would make himself alright. “And uh…we’re..well, are we alright?” Her voice was quiet and hesitant and Finn suddenly felt incredibly guilty for running out on her without explaining. But how do you explain your heart in your throat and your stomach falling out of your arse?

“Yeah. ‘Course,” and he let his foot nudge her back. Her smile was wide this time, reaching her eyes until she bit her lip and nodded. For Finn it was one of those moments; the kind that mutes and blurs everything else around them and makes him feel like maybe he gets what love is.

He tore his gaze away to catch his breath and see if Archie had caught their exchange, but instead was met with Brandon looking over at them. His forehead was creased with a look of consternation before his eyes met Finn’s. Finn made sure to hold his gaze firmly until Brandon gave him a half nod and turned back to conversation with the others.

“Right. Now that this bellend is back,” Chop’s voice rose over the din of the table as he pointed a half eaten saveloy in Finn’s direction, “we can discuss the rave tomorrow.”

Saturday morning had Finn certain that he wasn’t going to go. Last night he’d dreamt of the rave: a pulsing room with swirling colours and warm bodies, and at the centre of it all Brandon was kissing Rae. Finn had woken up in a cold sweat, a hard pain in his chest and an even harder determination to not subject his reality to that gutting scene.
That is until Chop showed up at his with glow sticks, whistles and a threat to tell Gary about the time they’d nicked his expensive scotch and gashed the side of his car trying to make the curve of the McDonalds drive thru. They had been able to get their burgers and convince Gary it must have been vandalism, escaping any punishment. It was the miracle of their then 15 year old lives, and the only reason Finn wasn’t still grounded, so he had no choice but to get ready.

The ride there was loud and the gang had so much energy it boosted Finn’s enthusiasm. He hollered along, drinking cans with Archie, glad that he ended up in a separate car from Rae and Brandon. But when he sees her emerge from Chop’s Renault 5 looking like some golden glittery goddess, he wishes so badly that he had been pressed against her in the back seat until the sequins of her jacket left oddly shaped imprints on his skin. Chop offers him something from a baggy and whatever it is, he’s taking it.

They’re dancing now, just him and Rae. Everyone else has split off and Finn doesn’t care or even wonder where they are because she has his whistle in her mouth and her hands above her head and she looks about as loose as he feels. She’s not touching him at all, but the string of the whistle might as well be connected right to his soul because he feels completely tethered to her. This is how it should be. Him and Rae, happy, together. He’s lost all inhibitions to intoxication and is about to tell her just how right this feels, but then Izzy is pulling her away and his whistle drops to his chest and settles against his heartache. Reality drips down him like the sweat on his brow; he’d almost confessed to a girl with a boyfriend. She’s with Brandon, he reminds himself.
After watching Rae get swallowed by the crowd, Finn moves to the back of the room where it’s slightly quieter, seeking the bar to shoot down anything that will replace the sinking in his stomach with a fiery burn. But he doesn’t make it because he’s stopped dead in his tracks and what he’s seeing has successfully set his whole body alight with fury.

Brandon is leaned against a wall in an intimate embrace with some brunette in a tight dress, his mouth on her neck as her hands move up his shirt. Blind rage surges through Finn and the next thing he knows he has Brandon by the collar and is shoving him up against the brick, the brunette cast off and forgotten.

“What the fuck, Finn!”

“YOU SCUMMY PIECE OF SHIT!!” Finn seethes as he grabs him close, only to slam him back into the wall repeatedly. “YOU DON’T FUCKING DESERVE HER!” Finn’s whole body is shaking and he’s sure he’s never felt this angry before.

Brandon’s hands are at Finn’s wrists, and he manages to shift his weight and throw him off. Finn launches himself forward, catching Brandon by the middle and tackling him to the ground. They’re tussling and rolling over one another trying to get the upper hand, unaware of the crowd building around them. “Do you even know how fucking lucky you are?! You have her and that’s how you treat her?!” Finn is breathing hard and trying to land punches at any available spot but his determination to talk through the fight has made him sloppy and Brandon is too quick. Soon he’s being straddled, and Brandon’s hands are pinning his arms to the ground.

“What the fuck is this about?! Did you know that girl or summat?” Brandon asks through heaving breaths. This has Finn flailing, determined to escape his hold so he can murder the thick son of a bitch. He’s rolled them over now so he looms over Brandon and his right arm pulls past his ear to deliver the final crushing blow, when Brandon gives him a verbal hit that’s harder than any punch.

“I’m not with Rae!!”

Finn’s whole body slackens and his arm falls to his side. “You what?”

“That’s what this is about right? Rae?” Brandon still has his hands up in defence, bracing himself for another attack. Finn just stares at him dumbly. He is so fucking lost right now. Neither of them has moved but then a girl in the crowd breaks their intense stare down.

“Are you two gonna fight or what?” They both turn to her, and finally take notice of the ring of people surrounding them.

“Take your clothes off first!!” her friend demands before falling into a fit of giggles.

“Yeah if we had some jelly this could get really hot” another standby voice yells out.

A weak scattered chorus of “punch him, punch him, punch him” breaks out but when neither of them make a move, the crowd dissipates. Finn rolls off Brandon and sits next to him, arms resting on his knees.

“Say it again,” he demands.

“I’m not dating Rae”


“I like her. I thought maybe she liked me too, but-”

“What?” Finn’s mind was swirling. With booze and drugs and bruises he just couldn’t grasp what was happening.

“She said she didn’t want things to get weird since we worked together, but I figured there had to be another reason. Then I saw how you two looked at each other and…” Brandon trailed off and shrugged to finish his thought.

“But what about-”

“Look, Nelson” Brandon interrupted. He sounded exasperated and Finn clocked an odd look in his eye. It was almost sad. “I never took you for a cock block but that’s the second girl you’ve gotten in the middle of. Just go talk to Rae, yeah?” And with that he got up and disappeared into the crowd.

Finn’s hands shake as he dismounts his scooter and looks up at Rae’s house.
After his fight with Brandon, he’d searched for her for ages, only to hear from Archie that she had gone off to help Chop. When he asked with what, Archie had slurred through an explanation of Rae being the “daddy” and something about that twat dealer from Dalehead snogging a fairy. It had only left Finn more confused, and by the time they made it to where they had parked up, Chop’s car was gone. Finn had driven him and a queasy Archie straight to the chippy in hopes she’d be there, but when the others (bar Brandon) arrived for the debrief, Chop explained that he had dropped Rae home a few hours ago. Finn had promptly ran home to shower (no way was he going to talk to her smelling like a distillery) and grab his bike.
With a deep breath he heads towards the front door, before thinking better of waking Linda at this early an hour. Instead he climbs up the drain pipe and knocks gently on Rae’s window. After a few minutes Rae appears on the other side, confused, before she unlocks the window and opens it for him.

“Finn? What the bloody hell are you doing out there?” She whisper yells.

“Is it alright if I come in?”

“Uh…yeah okay. Just don’t break your neck alright? Don’t need my mum waking up to a dead body on the lawn.” She moves aside to let him in and once he’s safely got feet to carpet she’s asking “thought we were meant to meet at the chippy?”

“I needed to talk to you about summat important. In private” Finn says, taking a step closer to her. A worried look comes over her face before she nods and gestures for him to continue. “Rae…I…” he trails off, unsure of where to start, so he takes another step so they’re toe to toe.

“What?” her voice is so quiet and he can tell she’s bracing herself for whatever is about to happen.

Finn’s not sure getting this close was a good idea. He can smell her shampoo and his words die on his lips when he feels her chest rising and falling against his. His body knows what it wants though and suddenly he has one hand in her hair while the other cups her cheek, stroking her face gently. Rae’s eyes look wet as her gaze moves to Finn’s lips which are only an inch away from hers.



“I came to tell you that I’ve wanted to do this for a long time,” he whispers. And then he’s kissing her.

Finn has imagined kissing her thousands of times. Endless variations of how it would go, who would make the initial move, which lip he would devour first (he always ended on her bottom one, it was just so plump), how long it would last, what noises she would make; but he never knew it could feel like this. No other girl made it feel like this. He could have never imagined how perfectly her mouth slotted with his, or the thrill that shot through him when he felt her fist his shirt and pull him closer, or the way they melted together when their tongues touched. Finn’s toes curled as his mind went blank while the rest of him felt so full. Too full; of words, of want, of need. At that moment kissing her became a necessity. World War III could be breaking out right next to them and all he would hear and see and feel was one Rae Earl.

Finn feels her smile against his lips before she pulls away slightly. Her mouth is still close enough that her lips brush his as she asks “why the fuck did we wait so long to do that?” He allows a breath of a laugh out before he’s on her again and, like at the chippy and the thousand other times he’s felt it before, it’s one of those moments. Their moments; when the rest of the world shifts away and it’s just the two of them. But this time Finn knows for sure what love is.

They’re in his room, on his bed, kissing. It’s been three weeks since the rave and they haven’t really stopped kissing, despite the protests of the gang. They haven’t gone further than that, but Finn’s not complaining. The fact that he gets to hold her by the waist and put his tongue in her mouth and call her his girl is amazing enough to him. So when Rae’s hands start to creep up the back of his shirt, and he feels her nails gently rake at his skin while her tongue swirls against his Adam’s apple, he isn’t ashamed to admit he’s already about to mess his jeans.

Finn dips his head, his mouth greedy to get back to her delicious lips. Her arms move up so her hands are in his hair and he takes the opportunity to slip his own hands under her top. She hums against his mouth and he takes it as his cue to continue. Finn’s hands ghost higher, until he can feel the smooth expanse of her back and the tips of his fingers rub the clasp of her bra. Rae shifts to lift her back off the bed and he pulls her with him so they’re both sitting upright. Finn nips her bottom lip before pulling away. He’s pleased to see she’s just as dazed as him, that maybe his kisses are messing with her mind as much as hers do his. Her eyes are half closed and her lips are swollen from his bites and the sight makes him feel like he’s on fire. She gives him a barely there brush of the lips before guiding his hands to the hem of her shirt. Finn looks into her eyes, raises his brows in question, afraid words will brake the sensous air thick around them. Rae comes close, nods against his nose before swiping her tongue across his top lip. He kisses her until he has to move to make way for her shirt and when he sees her breasts spilling out of a lacy teal bra, he’s not sure he’ll ever be able to stand her in clothes again. His eyes travel from her cleavage, higher until they settle on a necklace. The necklace. B for Brandon’s necklace.

Finn’s certain he’s never lost his arousal faster. The sight of that gold pendant between her collar bones is gut wrenching. He hasn’t seen it since that first day, and after their kiss in her room he was sure he’d never see it again. But all this time it was under her clothes like a secret. Nestled close to the breasts that he’s been fantasizing about. He hasn’t moved and the only thing that shatters his shock is Rae pulling the covers over her. When he looks to her face she seems mortified and her eyes are full of tears.

“Fuck! I knew it. You’re disgusted by me. I can’t believe I let you see me!” Rae grabs for her shirt and stands. Tears fall from her eyes and hit Finn’s hand and he feels the panic rise inside of him.

“No Rae, no! That’s not- Rae!” He’s grabbing for her now but she pulls away and shoves her shirt over her head.

“Please don’t touch me Finn, don’t!”

“Rae listen to me -”

She’s on the floor grabbing her things, frantically searching for her Converse. She’s sobbing and the sound squeezes Finn’s heart like a vice.

“Rae! Listen to me, please! It’s not you! I love how you look, I swear!” Finn knows he’s yelling but he needs her to hear him. She does. She stops mid grab for her backpack and looks up at him. He gets down on his knees so they’re level and grabs her face. “Rae, I love your body. I find you so fucking sexy, believe me. It’s just…I saw the necklace and it was like a punch to the bollocks”

“What?” Confusion clouds over Rae’s face and she pulls out of his hands.

“Brandon’s necklace. Why are you still wearing it?” Finn’s voice brakes with the painful lump in his throat.

“What? The fuck are you talking about Finn?”

Finn sighs heavy, falls back so he’s sitting on his bum, and leans against his bed. “I know it’s from him Rae. B for Brandon.”

It’s quiet for a long moment, he’s staring at his hands because he’s afraid to look at her but when she laughs his head shoots up. The tears are gone and she’s wearing a smile. Finn grimaces at her. He doesn’t see what the hell about this situation could possibly be amusing. Rae shuffles on her knees until she’s in front of him, then swings one leg over to straddle his lap.

“You numpty. This necklace is not from Brandon.”

“What? Then who’s it from?”

Rae bites her lip and her eyes dance across his face as if she’s trying to memorize this moment. “It’s from Karim”

“KARIM?! But I…I don’t..Karim?” He knows he sounds daft but he is thoroughly confused.

“He gave it to me after him and my mum got married in Tunisia. Said he wanted me to feel like part of his family, ‘cause that’s what I am” Rae shrugs and places her hands on Finn’s neck, thumbs rubbing at his jawline. “Sounds cheesy, but it meant a lot to me. It’s the first time someone has wanted to be my dad in any sorta way, you know?” Tears fill her eyes again and Finn moves his arms to circle her waist.


“B for Bouchtat, yeah” Rae interrupts and nods, giving him a watery smile. Finn buries his head in her neck, embarrassed.

“More like B for Bloody idiot. Fuck Rae, I’m so sorry. I’m such a dickhead” Finn says against her skin, nuzzling closer, trying to hide how red he’s gone. He’s been so thick about the whole situation.

“Yeah well, I’ve only been telling you that this whole time. Glad you’ve finally admitted it,” Rae laughs as she strokes his hair.

Finn places a kiss on her neck before pulling away, his finger tracing the chain of the necklace. “I really am sorry, Rae. I never want to make you cry. It’s just…the thought of you with anyone else…”

“You must really be an idiot if you think I want anyone else, Finnley. You’re stuck with me now.”

Finn beams and tightens his hold on her. “Yeah?”

“Yeah. And you don’t even need to give me a necklace,” Rae teases.

“Nah, anyone can get a necklace. I was thinking something more permanent. Like a massive ‘F’ tattoo on your back or summat.” Finn traces the letter above the band of her leggings for show.

“Bollocks to that!”

Finn shakes his head and laughs before pulling her face to his, close enough for their breath to mix. He rubs his nose lightly against hers.

“I love you, girl”

“I love you too, dickhead”

Hours later when Rae is fast sleep against his chest, her bare skin sticking to his, Finn reaches for a biro in his beside drawer and draws a tiny ‘F’ on the inside of her wrist.

The end! Thank you for reading :)

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The True Nightmare is Living Without You

I actually wrote this before the finale aired, back in my ~denial~, but never got time to post it on Tumblr before the spoilers came in so I had to wait until now. Basically, the ending I deserved.

A thousand thoughts shot through Clarke’s mind as she returned to consciousness – where’s Bellamy did his suit fail too did the nightblood work what happened to the rocket – but she pushed them all aside because suddenly a blaring heat and noise filled her senses and oh no. The rocket.

            She scrambled to her feet, ignoring a dull throbbing in her skull, only to feel her heart sink straight back to the ground. She could see the ship, all right, and it was fine, but…it was leaving. Lifting off into space. Without her.

(Bellamy’s face rose to her mind, unbidden, warm and soft like his arms around her a few hours ago, and her heart ached all over again. Maybe she could survive on her own, but already she didn’t know how she was supposed to live without him.)

The thought of the next five years on her own was so overwhelming, in fact, it was a long time before she remembered about the radio. They’d synced them up for communication while they were spread apart readying the rocket, and she brought hers from the lab so it should’ve been….

There! She scrambled to grab it and quickly inspected for damage; thankfully, it appeared fully intact and functioning. Hands shaking, she clicked the receiver and held it close to her mouth, whispering, “Is someone there?”

No response. She tried a little louder, and then louder still, until she was practically shouting into the phone; begging someone, anyone to confirm her friends were safe and alive. “Bellamy, come in. Raven? Monty? Can anyone hear me? Bellamy, please, tell me if you’re there.”

            Then, after what could’ve been a few minutes or a few hours of this, a crackle came over the line and then a voice. “Clarke? That you?”

            Raven. Clarke nearly broke with relief, but managed to say, “Are you all right? Did you make it?”

            “Yes. Everyone but you,” she replied, a thousand emotions coloring the words.

            Clarke nodded solemnly, trying to quiet the grief welling up inside her. “Is–is Bellamy there?” she asked now, unable to hide how much she needed to hear his voice right now.

            And then there it was. “Clarke.”

            It was suddenly, overwhelmingly all too much, and Clarke let out a choked sob. “Bellamy. Oh, thank—”

            “Are you all right? Injured? Sick?” he interrupted, the words bursting out like a river surging towards a waterfall—rushed and desperate and dangerously close to the edge.

            “I’m okay. I just passed out is all. The nightblood’s working. Are you—”

            “I’m so sorry, Clarke, gods above, I never meant to leave you behind, I didn’t want to, but I couldn’t stop it and—”

            “Bellamy,” she breathed, a sigh and a plea and a whisper all at once. He sounded on the verge of tears, and it terrified her. Bellamy never let himself break, not in front of others. “It’s okay, Bellamy. We’re both safe. We made it.”

            “Not together,” he murmured brokenly, and she shut her eyes against the pain in his voice, in her heart. “I promised you we would have five years away from the horrors of the ground, we were never going to get separated again, we were going to have a future up here, and now—”

            “It’s not for forever,” Clarke said, even though she knew five years was an incredibly long time. By then they could be dead, or forced to stay in space, or completely different people, and then maybe he wouldn’t…. She swallowed down the thought.

            “Being without you for just three months felt like forever, and that was before…well.” He paused, either too nervous to go on or confident she knew what he meant.

            And she did. That was before ALIE and the end of the world and the list with their names on it; before she tumbled and tumbled and found herself opposing him, gun in hand, and knew that no matter the cost of humanity, she could not lose him. Before he had enveloped her in his arms while she cried and tucked away a loose piece of her braid, gentle as she’d ever seen him, and whispered that all he wanted was to spend the rest of his life beside her. Before she had agreed, heart thudding, and they’d rested their foreheads together as if in recognition of the confession they hadn’t quite uttered. Before Clarke finally felt the assurance deep in her bones that Bellamy Blake loved her too.

            “I know, Bellamy. I know. But can still communicate, hopefully whenever we want, and besides–” She paused, still unsure despite everything, before continuing. “You’re always with me.”

            There was barely a moment of hesitation before Bellamy murmured back, “And you with me.”

            She decided then they’d be okay.

She went nowhere without her radio after that, constantly checking on how things were going. There were soft times, when they had hours to talk and plenty to eat and hope like the blossoming flowers slowly peeking up in the fields; violent times, too, when mutated creatures arose or ALIE fought back and they went days, weeks, without communication. But most of the time, they were just times—just days, spent hunting and foraging and cataloging and always, always talking to the people she cared about most, just as she would if they were all together.

            “We will,” she murmured to herself, echoing Bellamy’s words every time she murmured may we meet again or tried to say goodbye just in case. She was out in the field, now disturbingly lush and green compared to the ashy wasteland she’d first lived in, working on a signal to communicate better with both the spaceship and the bunker. Her hair was long now, but thankfully still well-kept now that clean water was returning and she didn’t have to ration it out solely for drinking like she had for the first few years.

            It was incredible, how much time had passed. She’d lost track of the days long ago, letting them blur into nothing, but somehow…somehow she knew it was close. The end of her time alone.

            She glanced up at the sky, imagining she could already feel the heat of the rocket engines, and then her vision went black.

Clarke flew awake with a gasp, heart thudding at a hundred miles an hour, and tried to move but quickly realized she was being held back by something—a belt.

            No, not just a belt, a realized. A rocket belt. She looked around, dizzy with confusion, and saw the inside of the ship, gleaming and silver and filled with her friends. Her heart burst with relief, but the part of her that was still clinging to images of lush forests and radio conversations was wondering, how…?

            “Clarke? Oh, thank the gods, you’re awake.”

            She swung her head towards the sound, heart pounding, and suddenly her whole world condensed to just him—the freckles spanning his features, the cut above his lip, the tangled curls falling over his forehead, all half-concealed by the sheen across the front his helmet. Her voice felt nearly choked off with relief. “Bellamy.”

            “Are you feeling alright? Raven was worried about lifting off while you were unconscious,” he breathed. “But it’s okay now. We made it. We’ll land on the Ark any moment now.”

            “We’re together,” she agreed, hardly daring to believe it.

            Eyes softening, Bellamy reached his hand out to her and she took it, tangling their fingers and holding on tightly. “Yeah,” he murmured, looking at her like despite the whole vastness of space and time around them, she was all he wanted to see. “Together.”