I’m really feeling this tunelately.  Loving this New Raggae/Rock jam

If It's Not Broken...

Don’t fix it.

I was never one of those “wait and see” type of people.  My impatience always made it impossible for me, I’m positive somewhere along the lines this has made me seem pushy, needy…what have you.  But, I was recently put in a situation that is now testing me (or it could be me testing myself) to see if I can actually wait around and let life take it’s course without any input.

What I’ve recently gotten myself into would be better left alone, but my problem is I need to fix it, I lose sleep at night if something is off balance, weather it be a relationship, or just my mood in general. So, I go and try to fix a situation, when all everyone needs is a little bit of space.  I don’t like space. I like routine, and once a routine is in place, I like to keep it that way.  So, when one needs space, it’s difficult for me to remove myself from the routine and occupy my mind some other way.

In short, if I go on trying to fix something that’s just not right at the moment, or just confused, I’ll never have the outcome I imagine and I sure as hell will never be happy. This is now a challenge for myself to test my patience and only time will tell what will come of it.

None of this is proof read, just my thoughts escaping me.