Chameleon Vision Goggles

See the world through the eyes of a tiny chameleon by using these oddly shaped chameleon vision goggles. Just like the color-changing reptiles, you’ll be able to look in different directions at once and even get to see who’s behind you thanks to the hidden side mirrors.


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For my fellow clutter witches:

Keeping stuff is bomb. It’s useful and thrifty. But, how often have you actually used that thing you swore you would? Probably never. I am so guilty of this, or the infamous taking jar hand me downs, saving scrap paper and fabrics, etc. You know what’s also bomb. Freeing yourself of that shit.

If you don’t use it, need it, or love it, toss or donate it. This goes for everything. Clothes, scraps from old spells, appliances, old altar stuff, everything. Think of all the space you’ll have for those things you absolutely love. Think of all the storage you’ll have for those supplies you spent a pretty penny on! Less to dust and clean/cleanse! Think about how nice it’ll be when you can find that thing you always lose. There’s no downside.

Just because you have been saving things doesn’t mean you have to. Don’t live with that void and lack feeling. My Gram has always told me, “a cluttered space is a cluttered mind.” Let go of your junk and free yourself.

right now i just want to point out how poorly the writers have treated/handled every single one of emily’s girlfriends/interests

  • maya……. do i even need to explain? Shipped her off for most of season 1, finally came back, was killed. (will prob never recover from this tbfh)
  • paige - was emily’s girlfriend for like……… a v long time, never treated as a central character, which is odd, considering all the boyfriends have separate story lines to their girlfriends. (im jking it’s not odd the writers are shit)
  • samara - i would talk abt samara but she was in so few eps i hardly rmr anything………..to do with her
  • talia - in like 3 episodes or something, has a husband but doesn’t want a husband is stuck w husband???? disappears
  • alison - now whether u wanna argue if she counts as an interest or not, she is, the writers were building up a lot of false hope that she was not only interested in emily but fell somewhere on the lgbt spectrum (if not bi, then demi, even???), even if u DON’T see it, the fact that so many of us do, is enough to show how intent the writers were on baiting us, they knowingly included so much subtext that we now know was false hope, all the while knowing they’d never really give us bi!alison or emison, and that is baiting thx.

now if you compare emily’s main interests to spoby/haleb/ezria do u feel a little iffy?????? kind of gross to me that the writers are so happy to give the hetero ships a real place in this show and the BOYS story lines when emily’s main girlfriends (maya, and paige) were not given that same treatment. 

Abraham Lincoln Penny Portrait

Yo dawg, we heard you like Abraham Lincoln, so we built an Abraham Lincoln portrait made of Abraham Lincoln pennies. The portrait pays homage to our beloved 16th president by immortalizing his likeness with a masterpiece made from coins bearing his face.


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Superbowl Shark Costume

Parade around town dressed up as the internet’s flavor of the week – a.k.a. the Left Shark – with the Superbowl halftime show shark costume. Guaranteed to be old news before Halloween rolls around, it’s a must have collector’s item for meme historians.


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Awesome Sh*t You Can Buy