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*pant pant* sorry for the late post (シ_ _)シ I came back home later than expected…a-anyway! Thank you so much to everyone who joined my giveaway! Unfortunately, there can be only one- no no wait, wrong movie, wrong line cibia what the hell *ahem*, in this case, there can be only five. Winners. Five winners. And Lady Luck (also known as random number generator) chose…

Congratulations! Feel free to contact me anytime you want ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ and for the others…I’m so sorry TwT;; I know it sucks (I’ve never won a single giveaway in my life), but I hope that your paperchild will make you smile a little </3 gotta work on them soon! My bed is calling me, once again, thank you to everyone who joined this. :) Until next time!

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I’m a terrible person, but currently the panicked passengers in the background are the rest of the Doctor Who fandom, and the Musicians + those who have accepted their death are Peter Capaldi/ Twelve fans. 

Fellow Twelve fans, Peter Capaldi fans, and those brave few Whouffaldi fans, it’s been a privilege blogging with you.

Thanks to my love of Peter I’ve made some wonderful friends, and now know of some amazing artists, writers and commentators who are just as passionate as I am, and have made me feel like I really belong to something and somewhere. Of course I’m sad about Capaldi leaving, but I also worry about the community I’ve come to rely on disappearing. 

But in the coming days, and the inevitable shit storm coming our way, including the influx of people who throw Peter under the bus while celebrating their new Doctor, your ministry remains STRONG. Er wait, wrong movie. 

In all seriousness though, try to enjoy the new Doctor, whoever they are, and I promise I’ll still be here, for what its worth.

Future Bitty?

Non-bakery owning headcanons for Bitty from @omgcheckplease​. Start the comic here.

@runrunhurryhurry said: I wonder what Bitty would be up to 10 years after graduation. That’s make him 31? I imagine he’d be teaching, definitely something really social? Baking is something he loves but I don’t see him doing it professionally?

So, I CAN see Bitty baking professionally, but I also love to see him in a lot of different careers. Some ideas:

• Well first, I’ll just refer you to this awesome librarian!Bitty au. This fic completely sold me on librarian Bitty–he just has the caring/nurturing personality of a librarian. A Little Bit Closer by @marswithghosts. I rec’d it here and have read it, *coughs*, three times.

• Now, how about Bitty with his own pbs cooking show? I don’t see him on cable, but I can see his YouTube channel being turned into a series on pbs. Still free, but more accessible to grannies. 

• LGBTQIA+ activist Bitty? I see him working in some capacity with LGBTQ+ teens. Maybe in a shelter or a drop in center? In Boston and Jack plays for the Bruins. Full disclosure, I’d like to write this fic as soon as I have a little more time.

• Nurse Bitty? I don’t know if Bitty has the patience to go back to school, but I can definitely see him working as a nurse. The only problem with this headcanon: he might be a little too empathetic. You can’t cry all over your patients.

• Bitty who works for Meals on Wheels? Or some other kind of charity organization that deals with food? Maybe a restaurant that uses discarded, past date food? And he trains underprivileged kids to be chefs?

• Physical therapist Bitty? In an au where they didn’t go to Samwell (or not at the same time). And Jack is injured. And, oh!!, look who’s in charge of his PT…

• Social worker Bitty? Again, I think Bitty has such a sweet soul that I don’t know if he’d be able to take the heartbreak of this profession. But at the same time, his combination of fierce/caring would make him a great social worker.

• Home ec teacher Bitty? But would this be in an established relationship fic? Or an au where they don’t already know each other? If the latter, how would they meet? Maybe Jack’s NHL team does some kind of event at the school?

• Olympic commentator Bitty? Jack’s plays hockey for Canada at the Winter Olympics. It’s love at first toe pick. Oh, wait, wrong movie… But definitely a lot of angst and UST happening in this scenario. 

• Professional stylist Bitty? Jack’s agent tells him he needs a new personality… er, look. Enter Bitty.

• Something with social media Bitty? Been done before, but maybe he’s in charge of the social media for Jack’s team? Maybe he works for a PR firm and The Falconers send Jack to him so that Jack can learn how to connect with his fans? Maybe Jack’s overdose happens during his NHL career and Bitty helps him afterwards? To figure out how to use social media to help his fans who might be going through something similar?

• Speaking of Jack’s overdose. So, supposing it happened during his career and he doesn’t already know Bitty, what if Bitty is the group therapy leader in rehab? I mean, this is totally inappropriate, but what’s a fandom without an inappropriate caring/nursing doctor/patient fic, eh? 

• Anyone out there think that Bitty joins the NHL?

• And finally… ballet teacher Bitty? Please, someone with a knowledge of ballet write this. And use this gorgeous piece of fanart by @pawspaintsnthings as your inspiration. Please, people, I NEED ballet!Bitty in my life! If you don’t want him to be a teacher, maybe he’s a professional dancer and Alicia Zimmermann forces Jack to come with her to the ballet (after Bad Bob ditches her). Pleeeease, I’m begging you. Write. This.

Feel free to add your own headcanons about Bitty’s future non-baking career!

Random Thoughts While Watching Fury Road

Sat down to watch this movie for the millionth time and decided to write down most of the thoughts that came to me. Ya know, because reasons.

1. I don’t want to be Max, as bad ass as he is. But uh… I would like to own his voice. I don’t talk much in person. People always think I‘m one of those dudes trying to be mysterious or some shit like that. No. Just no. I simply prefer to stay in my head. However, if I had Max’s voice, I would be talking all the time just to hear myself. Lol.

2. Max’s last name is spoken for the only time in this movie by one of the voices he’s hearing.

3. Aside from the subversion, another brilliant thing about this opening sequence is how easily the movie brings you into this world and makes you root for Max to escape, even though we don’t know much about his personality at this point in the movie. He could have been a snarky asshole and this opening would still be effective. The Citadel is fucking crazy.

4. Furiosa enters the movie and this is the most stoic we’ll ever see her. The proceeding journey will push her to the edge.

5. Nicholas Hoult is really good in this movie.

6. Considering the plot of this movie, it should be really called Mad Max: What The Fuck Have I Gotten Myself Into This Time? His luck is really bad.

7. Furiosa not telling Ace about this plan was clearly the rational decision. But I also think it’s because she’d be afraid of him turning on her. I don’t mean afraid of fighting him, I mean that they’re close and she doesn’t want to accept that he’d probably choose the Immortan over her.

8. You can see this chase breaking Furiosa on the inside bit by bit. Stay strong my dear.

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