So I got this ad on youtube...

It’s for U.S. Cellular, specifically advertising how great their streaming service is. You can even , the guy in the ad says, stream hours of grass mowing.

And I go… “wait a minute…that sounds weird…why hasn’t this ad ended yet?”

And I look at the bottom. 

the ad is seven hours long.

  • <p> <b><p></b> <b>what Sherlock says:</b> i'm fine<p/><b>what he really means:</b> hmmm irene adler, dominatrix, has something to do with sex which i'm uncomfy af but ok. can manage. whoops maybe not. boobies. oh and smart af. can't read her. wtf! john is making a move. nopity nope. only notice me intelligent lady. detective what now? pozisyunofdcar! she's good. erm, american? ah, yes! measurements! wait, stabby. what's she stab me with? ugh got whipped. got whipped good. and she solved the case too? sleepy time. oh no wait my phone. weird af sound. jawn curious. hudders curious. me curious. erm christmas. mantelpiece. y u dead? im sad but too smart to admit im sad. bashed face but her. sad sad sad. not in the mood to eat. write sad music but heck im not sad okay. jawn rode a black car with a stranger. must follow bcoz lols. oops she's rly alive. y am i happy? and angry? confused af. imma throw dis american down the window because grrrr... jawn likes to talk about feelings. meh. happy new year bcoz y not. erm months experiment to find code. perfume in the air leading to bedroom. oooh sleepy time on my bed. haha gotcha with the fake phone. or not. lols i like you but im too cool for that. imma impress you with my fast thinking skills. tired af might reboot for a while. done. coventry woot! dnt know that? imma tell u coz im smart. y u looking at me like that? oooh closer. i'll take ur pulse just in casr idk. oops gotta dash sry. waaaah plane with dead? u here? wtf! u played me wth! moriarty's not ur type, y u lyin?!? i took your pulse -- ah yeaaaah! i took ur pulse and u like me and aha! punny passcode. im flattered but no. actually, yes coz imma fly miles to save you, and i'll hack them with my sword but i don't like you that much, just a bit, okay? i'll give you a special nickname too coz ur not important to me, just a tiny bit k? the woman? yas. don't like u at all but hey fam, get out of my head k coz i keep thinking about you at random occasions like wth? i'll pretend i don't reply but even if i change my phone, i'll still keep your text alert because lols. btw, thanks for the bday greet. u know where to find me so see ya soon.<p/></p><p/></p>
Liam Imagine- You Don’t Scare Me

Creds to the slowest write ever, me. I’ll be writing today, try and push out three or four. Wait, that sounds weird. O my gosh. Ignore that weird wording. ANYWAYS, I’ll be writing. Okay, bye.

P.S. I still need a new username. Anybody have any suggestions? 

Anonymous said:
Can I get 45 and 46 together with Liam and the reader is Scott’s gf and like a mom to Liam and maybe it’s during a training session? Thanks x

Word Count: 284

“you don’t scare me.”

“it’s okay, i’m here.”

I watched as Scott and Stiles started to throw stuff at Liam.

“Back to basics, huh, Scott,” Stiles laughed as he pulled out lacrosse equipment.

Scott just smiled and nodded again. “Definitely.” He then turned to Liam. “This is how I started, you need to learn control. Keep your heartbeat slow and stay in control.”

Liam nodded looking a little scared. His eyes widened as Scott started to the lacrosse ball at him. He ducked and screamed at them. “What are you doing?”

“Focus,” he said while throwing another, hitting him in the stomach. I cringed as I watched, not wanting to be there in the first place. They continued to chuck them at him while Stiles watched the monitor. It was working pretty well until he started to pay less attention.

I stood up immediately when I heard him yell something as he bent over. My eyes widened as I watched his nails grow. I sprinted across the field to him.

“Y/N, what are you doing,” Scott yelled at you as he watched.

You ignored him and dropped down beside Liam.

“Hey, hey, calm down. Breathe, c'mon.”

He looked up at you with a pained expression. “I-I can’t control it, you have to go. You can’t see me like this.”

“Hey, you don’t scare me, now come on. Focus.”

He nodded slightly and began to slowly calm down. You pulled him into a hug as a tear slid down his cheek.

“It’s okay, I’m here,” you whispered as he cried.

“Why can’t I control it,” he cried.

“You’ll figure it out. Gosh, it took Scott forever. You just gotta find your anchor.”

“What if I don’t have one.”

“Then be your own anchor.”

Select your gem; Vernon’s Route? [Yes/No]

Genre: Fluff/Romance/Humor 

Word Count: 4644

Characters: Hansol Vernon Chwe/Original Female, various Seventeen members

Summary: Inspired by Mystic Messenger. You find a dating app way better than tinder, and slip face first into the diamond life, specifically with the gem that is Hansol Vernon Chwe. 

It started much like any student would do to pass time in their perpetually mundane lives. Finagle around the internet for a couple hours, and anyone can end up finding some pretty weird stuff. My best friend offhandedly mentioned some phone app a few days ago, saying that it helped her get over her last breakup. I admit that she was slightly crazy as she described the contents of said program, and I accepted her insistence with a grain of salt. I had no idea how an app could correlate to her last relationship, so that’s how I spent my restless Friday night, downloading an app.

Slip into the Diamond Life. Weird. My phone started to glitch uncontrollably, and I felt a strange vibration pattern from its weight, bothering my palm as it shook in my grasp. The screen glowed an eerily pleasant shade of lilac and rose, and I felt a strange sense of foreboding, as if I was getting into something that’d probably consume me in the best possible way. An address book popped on the side screen, and in faded sky script, the notification gestured to a list of users.

Select your gem.

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Your posts are amazing, you're funny, awesome and sadsaf just everything <33 I can't help but being in love with every post you make. I wish we could be friends *shy*. Sorry if it's random, I just couldn't help but tell you! Have amazing day ~~


*I am blushing now* !!!! I wanna hug you and kiss you for that ask. Wait that sounds weird … What about a JUNGKOOK KISS COMPILATION? BETTER? wayyyy better. 

Let’s start strong with the “too close you can almost hear his breathing” …

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Snowbarry fanfic

The Start of Something | Read on FF.net

Description:  “Cait?” he asks her quietly, having no idea what he’s doing. “Do you ever think about it?” My take on how Barry finds out about the shapeshifter that kissed Caitlin and what follows from then on. One shot. Snowbarry. AU Season 1. 

Episode 119 - ‘Who is Harrison Wells?’

The little crowd in his lab gradually thins; Cisco, Eddie and Joe all head for the exit, until it is only him and Caitlin in the room, standing with their backs at the sinister proof of Wells’s false identity. Her gaze is on the broad window on the far wall, her lips parted in shock. He half-turns toward her and presses his lips together.

“Caitlin… I’m sorry. I know this is difficult for you to accept…”

“All these years I’ve trusted him”, she whispers. “I can’t believe he’s been deceiving us all along”. She shakes her head and squeezes her eyes shut. “I was so naive.”

Barry shakes his head with force.

“No, you’re not”, he defends. Caitlin looks at him. Barry takes a step in her direction. She backs ever so slightly and he stops in hesitation, examining her. She’s calmer than before, at the lab, but it’s like a restrained terror, rather than a lack of it.

“We were all deceived”, he continues in a softer, controlled tone. “You can’t blame yourself. No one could have known. ”

“You don’t understand, Barry. Before… I didn’t want to believe you. I was so certain about Wells’s innocence, I was willing to visit him at his house and have a heart to heart conversation. Now I realize how idiotic that would have been.”

“It’s not idiotic to have faith in your friends. Your faith has helped me believe in myself countless of times, Cait. It’s an amazing quality to have the courage to stand up for your value. It’s not your fault that some people don’t share them.”

Caitlin smiles warmly, the light of the streets reflecting on her eyes. “Thank you, Barry. You really know how to make me feel better.”

His eyes squeeze into a smiling expression. “Well, I might know you better than you think.”

She chuckles softly and her angelic beauty captivates him for a moment. She’s so… peaceful. He doesn’t want to lift his eyes. After a while, he realizes he’s staring, because Cait smiles awkwardly and looks away.

“Umm.. We should get going. Cisco will be waiting for us”, he says, his fingers lightly brushing her elbow.

She doesn’t flinch back this time, but he can feel her muscles tense. He drops his hand and catches her gaze. She gives him an awkward, guilty smile. This time, he’s determined to figure out what her problem is. He blatantly searches her eyes.

“Every time I touched you today” he starts in a low voice, “you curled away. Is that because of the situation with Wells or have I done something wrong? Because if it is the latter, I need to know, Caitlin”.

She meets his gaze, and wrinkles her nose. “I’m sorry”. Her voice sounds clean and rational for once. “It’s not something you did”. She hesitates. “While you were unconscious, Bates… took your form, and thinking it was you, I told him about the serum. Anyway, I think he wanted to distract me from it, because he kind of tried to… seduce me”. She spills the last words in a rush. She stares at him with eyes wide-open.

“He tried to- Oh”. His gaze falls on her lips. He tries to pull it away, but it only results into an awkward flicker between her eyes and mouth. He wasn’t expecting that answer. 

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angelchronicals  asked:

Rwby and crew is in the past, during the aria of pirates and the dicovery of north America by the spainish, and they find them selves being attacked by pirates that say they'll let them have quorter (mercy) if they join.

((Ok. This is not what I was expecting. Don’t like the idea of RWBY losing so I’m gonna add a few details if you don’t mind))

Blake: *in the crows nest looking for land but she sees a pirate ship but instead of a skull and crossbones it’s a pancake with two noodles* of course. *yells down* PIRATES ON THE PORT SIDE! GET READY FOR BATTLE!

Nora: *literally launched herself from the Canon of the pirate ship to crash into the bottom of the ship* Hi everyone! Do you like sloths? *takes a curved oar she uses as a weapon off of her back and starts battling the crew*

Ruby: How did she!? What the!? *goes to fight Nora but is hit in the stomach by a Canon ball that her aura keeps her from dying from*

Pyrrah: *from the pirate ship reloading the Canon* I’M SORRY!!

Jaune: *rams the pirate ship into the others and jumps on board* HAHA! well be taking your booty mateys!….wait. that sounded weird. Can I re do my entrance?

Yang: *punches Jaune in the face and breaks his nose*


Ren and pyrrah: *jump onto the ship*

Pyrrah: *literally saying sorry every time she hits a crew member*

Yang and Ren: *awesome sword fighting scene*

Blake: *jumps down and tries to take pyrrah down*

Weiss: *trying to get Ruby to wake up*

some time later:

RWBY: *tied up on the deck*

Jaune: *using some cloth from the ship on his still bleeding nose* ok. This was not the best introduction. But after seeing you all fight I have a lot of respect for all of you

Yang: Ruby, tell the captain where he can stick his respect.


Weiss: *somehow facepalms while still tied up*

Jaune: ok. Despite that comment and my broken nose telling me not to do this I think you’d all make awesome pirates. So how about it? You want to join us or join your crew in the water?

Pyrrah: *holding a flag to the crew members that says “I’m so sorry!” *

Ruby: Pirates huh? ……*smile*…..sign us up.

BTS & Seventeen - Those eyes

Oh ty! Uhm, bts and seventeen reaction when you have really beautiful eyes? Tysm for answering! 😊

I’ve never seen a request like this before, I’m gonna do this now!



Jin was meeting you for the first time, but there was something you had that completely caught him of guard. The moment you two made eye contact, he looked into your eyes, completely taken away by the sight.

Jin: “Woah… I’ve never seen eyes like that before… This might make you nearly as beautiful than me!… I’m kidding of course. Seriously though, they’re so pretty!”

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Completely. Blown. Away. That’s what he was. He’d taken multiple double takes, just to make sure he wasn’t seeing things.

Jimin: “Oh my God…” He ran his fingers through his hair, trying to understand how someone’s eyes could be so… captivating.

Jimin: “M-maybe we could see each other some more? I want to get to know you better!”

Originally posted by bwiseok


When he saw them, Taehyung walked up to you, to stare straight into your eyes… maybe little close. Not that it was really that bad that Taehyung was close.

V: “Hyungs! You’ve got to see this!” He beckoned over BTS, or anyone that was near. “Have you seen these eyes? They’re awesome!”

Originally posted by hellosarang


It happened every time…. every time you say him, he was instantly taken complete away by your eyes. He utterly loved them, even if you two saw each other daily, it was always the same reaction.

J-hope: “Y/N!! It’s great to see you! Ah… your eyes are just a pretty, just like always!” He took hold of your face.

J-hope: “Seriously, how are they like this!”

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He knew you sort of well, even if you didn’t see each other that often, but when he did, you normally just hung with each other. That was until one day, where he said something you’d never expect from him out of the blue. 

Suga: “I’m not normally the type of guy to say stuff like this, but has anyone ever told you your eyes are really pretty?”

Y/N: “Really?” You asked, doubtingly.

Suga: “I’m honest about my opinions, do I look like the type to lie?”

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Rap Monster

Immediately, he was intrigued by your eyes, especially considering how pure and clear they looked.

Rap Monster: “It’s rare to see eyes like those… eyes like those must have been passed down from on generation-”

J-Hope: “WOAH!! Seriously, can we just hold up a second and look at their eyes?! Those eyes are insane!!”

Rap Monster: “Umm… thank you for that… helpful contribution to the convocation Hoseok.”

J-Hope: “No one can escape the angle that is J-hope!”

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Admittedly, he wanted to stare and get complexly lost in your eyes, but he still was kinda shy with women. It took a while, but he mustered up the courage to walk up to you to tell you what was on his mind.

Jungkook: “Umm… you’re eyes are really pretty and… do you want to get some food sometime? O-Only If you want to, of course.”

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You were a new trainee at Pledis entertainment, and being the sweetie he is, he went to welcome you to the company; you started talking, and there was so much in common between you two. Unfortunately, before he knew it, him and Seventeen had to go and do some schedule. But before he left, he gave you his number.

S.Coups: “Hey, maybe we could talk agin sometime? I’ll call you when I have a moment.”

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A friend was introducing you two, and as expected from him, he entered the room like the angle he is. He was all you expected and more, and when he laid eyes on you, his mouth pulled into a absolutely gorgeous smile. He walked over to greet you.

Jeonghan: “Ah, you must be Y/N, and if I may say you’re eyes are fascinatingly beautiful.” Despite his shyness sometimes, he was a cute charmer.

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You and your group were currently getting ready for a variety show, and little to your knowledge, Seventeen would be there to. Apparently, they were unaware of this as well. Being the gentleman he was, Joshua made his away towards you to introduce himself.

Joshua: “Hello, I’m Joshua. You’re looking lovely today, especially your eyes, they’re really cute!”

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You and a few friends had been invited to hang out with a some members from Seventeen, which of course you accepted. Little did you know how much a flirt he would be with you.

Jun: “Hey, I’m Wen Junhui, but you can just call me Jun… you’ve got some nice eyes, you know that? So… how’ve you been lately?”

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From a multitude of people, he had heard and seen pictures of you since you were getting a lot of attention for a rookie group. One of your most notable features were your eyes, often assumed to be your most charming point. By this alone, Hoshi was already a fan of yours.

Hoshi: “Her eyes are really pretty, I want to meet her some day! Maybe I could make a dance for her?”

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He looked at you from afar, wanting to talk but just too shy to do anything out of his own will alone. That was until S.Coups noticed this, and pulled him along to meet you. I mean, he wanted to talk, but what would he say? So, he blurted out the first thing that came to his mind.

Wonwoo: “Your eyes are really pretty.” As the sentence slipped from his mouth, his face went bright red.

Y/N: “Thanks! Umm, are you okay? You’re pretty red-”

Wonwoo: “You’re prettier! I mean, I um, I’m okay, it’s nice to meet you…”

That could have gone better.

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He wanted to tell you how pretty you were, and how your eyes were one of the most beautiful things he’d ever seen. So, he devised a plan: get another someone else to tell you for him. Eventually he asked Joshua to help who initially thought Woozi should do it himself, but he did want to help Woozi.

Joshua: “Hey Y/N. Woozi’s too shy to tell you himself, but he wanted me to tell you that you have really pretty eyes.” You looked over to Woozi who was sitting at a distance smiling shyly at you. You returned the smile; he turned away to hide his now massive grin.

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Dk has heard a lot about you, so when he found out he was going to meet you at some photoshoot, he was beyond over the moon. He was essentially on Mars by this point. So the day arrived, and as soon as he spotted you, he went over to say hi.

DK: “Hey! You must be Y/N, I’m Seokmin, or DK, whatever you prefer to call me. Anyway, I know this is random, but I heard you had really pretty eyes from a lot of people. But seeing them in person, WOW they are amazing!”

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Him and Vernon were walking about in the park on one of their days off. Mingyu did actually have a small crush on you, and only a few people knew about it, Vernon included. He was in the middle of a conversation with them, when Vernon pointed out your presence about 15 meters away. Instantly, Mingyu tried to hide so you didn’t see him.

Vernon: “Hey, what’s wrong hyung? She’s not gonna kill you or anything!”

Mingyu: “But her beautiful eyes might!”

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You and Seventeen were hanging out just around the local area, you’d known them for quite a while, but you have never had that much time to spend with them. You eventually settled down for a picnic, and after getting all the food out, you sat down and began to talk among the members. Unknown to you, The8 had his gaze completely fixated upon you. As you went to go pick something up from the large arrangement of food, you noticed him. Within an instant, he smiled at you and made a little heart with his fingers. Desperate to save himself from being too embarrassed, he did the first thing that popped to hims mind.

The8: “Here Y/N, have a heart that’s as cute as you eyes!”

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Currently, you were out shopping, getting the essentials you needed for your house, until you turned your head and recognised someone a little bit away from you on the other side of the aisle. It was Seungkwan, a friend of yours that you met when you were younger. Immediately, you went over to say hi. When he noticed you as well, his face lit up as he approached you as well.

Seungkwan: Hey Y/N! You look well, ah, and your eyes are as pretty as always… wait, did that sound too weird?”

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You were at a fan sign event for Seventeen, and you were getting closer to Vernon, member by member. When you sat in front of him, he gasped slightly as you made eye contact.

Vernon: “Wow, you eyes are, like, really pretty. Can we get a photo together so I can remember you better?”

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You were walking around the Pledis building, when you happened to walk by the Seventeen practice room just as Dino was walking to there. Instantly, he stopped him his tracks completely taken away by your simmering eyes. Nervously, he walked up to say hello.

Dino: “Umm, hi I’m Dino and I just thought I’d meet you seeing as I’ve never seen you here before.”

Y/N: “It’s nice to meet you to!” He blushed, being the little shy maknae and all.

Dino: “I have to go now and practice with my group, sorry…” So you bid your farewells, and he began to enter the room when he mumbled something to himself.

Dino: “You’re really pretty by the way…”

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@ squad

I wanted to share some love.
Oh, and also Pingu. Pingu is good.

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smirkdude  asked:

Ok my lines and they i make circles are a lot better, so thanks! :D But still with the hole layer problem it still a problem to me :(. It only happens when I click onion skin which is where you do animation and stuff. Sorry if i'm asking this again, I just really want to animate on fireaplca. Oh yeah, when I don't click on onion skin, the layers act totally fine and i don't need to wait forever.

Hmm, sounds like a weird problem. I’m trying to replicate it on my own computer and getting no similar results. You can try checking that you don’t have Flicks turned on as that has been known to cause problems sometimes when selecting or holding something too long with your cursor.

When you turn onion skin on you should be able to “cycle” or “flip” through your layers as if they were frames of a film. If you look under View> you can see that Firealpaca has given you keyboard keys to press in order to go to prev/next frames. For me, if I simply click on it instead of using the keyboard keys, it does load a bit but only at a 2000+ pixel size canvas. You might want to check that your starting canvas is not too big.

The max size for most animated films is 1080 pixels width so you can try starting from that and working toward smaller sizes if it’s still too big or if you can or are able to (meaning with your hardware), you can start from something a little bigger than 1080 and downsize from that to 1080 at the end of your animation work. In that case, make sure to save your work and then save the work again as a new file for the smaller (1080p) version. Try smaller canvases first tho to see that the layer thing is not just because of that. My layers load only slightly longer when i’m in onionskin mode compared to normal mode and at 2893 pixels it is really very slight. So just try a smaller canvas first, if that’s not the cause then try lessening your computer’s memory load again.


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He was doing it again.

It was like clockwork. Every morning at 6:30am on the dot your neighbor would hop in the shower. He’d only be in the there for the length of one song before leaving. Having a routine wasn’t abnormal. Everyone had a routine. It just so happened that his corresponded with yours, and the walls of your apartment weren’t exactly the thickest. You loved your place, it was just you could literally hear everything on the other side.

Instead of an alarm, you woke up to the blast of the shower-head from the other side of the wall. You sat up against the wall, and cuddled into your blanket. Just like every time before, when you heard your mystery neighbor singing.

He had the most soothing, and sweetest voice you ever heard. It was a pleasure to wake up to it every morning.  

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Uhmmm… sorry for the delay! (。>ㅅ<。)ゴメンネ I thought I could go on with this thing while I was in Japan but then the school started, I ended up in the top class and literally lost all my free time. Yesterday I thought it was about time to go on so here you are the first part of the maniac scenario. Enjoy!


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Imagine Prompts

1.  “Never leave me”

2. “I’m never leaving you”

3. “Why are you angry with me”

4. “Truth or dare.” “Dare” “ I dare you to kiss me”

5. “What are you doing” “Leaving” “Why are you leaving” “Because you’re annoying”

6. “You were home to me, but you burnt down the house and now i’m left with nothing but ashes”

7. “Can you please stop staring at my ass”

8. “Oh god when you full name me i know i’m in trouble”

9. “It’s gonna take a lot more than a few cheesy pick up lines for me to go on a date with you”


11. “What do you think about babies”

12. “So you’re pregnant”

13. “Stop doing that. It’s turning me on”

14.“Feisty. I like that”

15. “Who gave you permission to be that sexy”

16. “I know we aren’t talking but can you help me get that jar i’m not tall enough”

17. “Never knew you would turn out to be such a cuddly person”

18.“Have a told you you look gorgeous”

19. “Right now you have more dick in your personality than in your pants”


21.“You have a kid”

22.“I’m bisexual… And i didn’t know how you would take it”


24.“If you die i’m gonna kill you”

25.“Promise me something” “What” “we are both gonna make it out alive”

26.“I was invited to my exes wedding and i need you to come with me and pretend to be my date so i don’t look pathetic

27.“I know i said i wanted to wait but…”

28.“Babe in the nicest way possible you’re terrible at this”

29.“Please just get better. You can’t die… YOU JUST CAN'T”

30.“You have only heard his side of the story. You don’t even know mine”

31.“You hanging out with her… it just makes me feel like i don’t even matter.”

32.“Why do you keep pushing me away”

33.“Hold up. You’re jealous?”

34.“I need my family. They don’t want me to marry you. And they like him so” “BUT YOU’RE NOT HAPPY WITH HIM”  “That really doesn’t matter”

35.“I’m stupid enough to make the mistake to fall in love with my best friend”

36.“I waited and waited but you never came back”

37.“I’m your daughter.” “My what now” “Your daughter”

38.“You should be more like Y/N” “Wooooow hold up. I wasn’t a good kid don’t tell her to be like me”

39.“I just wanna cuddle and watch friends okay”

40. “Will you consider… Marrying me and letting me turn you”

41. “Everyone told me you were a bad boy but… you’re actually a giant teddy bear”

42. “Turn around and go put something on that’s at least a meter longer than that skirt young lady”

43.“You might be a killer… but you’re my killer. Wait no that sounded weird. Not what i meant at all”

44.“I’m tried of being your secret”

45.“There’s a special place in hell for boyfriends like you”

46. “I miss her so much. I just want her back but after everything i did there’s no way in hell she’s ever gonna come back to me”

47. “My parents want to meet you. Are you up for that. You totally don’t have to. It’s just-” “I would love to meet them”

48.“You paint… why didn’t you tell me” (Mostly for Klaus)

49.“Look my life isn’t all about our relationship”

50. “Go on a date with me” “I’m already pregnant what more do you need” “To tell you that i love you”

anonymous asked:


GRJKLDM don’t worry i know what you meant. we were like…..a really popular couple when we first got together. we worked at the same place and ppl were so excited when we got together and idk we haven’t been called cute in a long time, this is interesting lol 

Imagine your otp
  • Person a: *is a new student* hi
  • Person b: hi are you new!!! You are!!! so this is... *list people in group*
  • Person b: *finishes introducing everyone* yup so thats every one
  • Person a: I didn't catch your name
  • Person b: oh me I can be whatever you want me to be
  • Person b: *looks at person c* wait that sounded weird