five things you know about him and the one thing you don’t (counterpart to this one)

  • tumblr post:please stop acting like lesbians are the same as straight men
  • me:yes, good, go on
  • tumblr post:lesbians cannot be predators like men, they are not abusive like men...
  • me:whoa, wait, omg i take it back, stop talking

i cant believe just hearing frank’s voice makes me cry now he started singing and then i was crying and i love the new song and i cant wait to see it live i miss frank shows take me back to tour pls

chyrstis asked:


(From this inbox meme.)

Lucy loves the sound of rain, but since she wears heels a lot of the time, she usually doesn’t go out in the rain, like to do missions and whatnot. Sometimes, though, if there’s nothing to do, she’ll take her shoes off and just sit outside, feeling the rain on her skin.


Of course, if it gets REALLY rainy, like to the point where the streets flood, Lucy stays indoors and doesn’t go out. It’s not as bad as, for example, what happened on the bridge in SR3, but the first time she hydroplaned after waking up from her coma, she had to stop moving completely and call Johnny, both to calm her down and to come and get her. He’s one of the few who knows about her thalassophobia, mostly because of that event.


As I lay me down to sleep
These images are not my sheets
His breath is steady, heartbeat clear
He, the one I wish to be near
Wrapping arms and contented smiles
In my dreams I cross the miles

Let me rest til light of day
Takes me back to where I wait
Steadier with each sweet night
Why must the dark give way to light

I’m tired 

Splendour. Oh, dear wonderful, life altering Splendour.

You were the best thing I’ve done all winter, and I definitely do not regret spending so much money on you.

I pretty much loved every single second of my weekend away, despite the grumpy mood I was in when I went to bed for the first night in our tent on Thursday. We got off to a rocky start, but that was just character building for the amazing experience to come.

There were so many amazing moments - when I cried during Death Cab For Cutie playing Transatlanticism, because I didn’t think they’d play it and it’s one of the most beautiful songs I’ve ever heard. And seeing it live was amazing. Or when I saw Jenny Lewis and she was just the coolest person ever (and she played Portions For Foxes from her Rilo Kiley days). Or Florence and the Machine just being a heavenly angel as she got everyone to hug and kiss each other before dancing like a madwoman; her voice never wavering.

Dancing in the rain and mud to an electric set by Mark Ronson.

Befriending everyone, from security guards to baristas to guys so fucked on drugs they couldnt get up off the hill they were lying on. Meeting people from all over.

Or even the more chilled moments. Watching Vallis Alps play while I sat atop a hay bale with some friends I met only for that set. Or Xavier Rudd’s spectacular didgeridoo solo which had the dreadlocked hippies going wild. 

Dancing in the dark for No Lights, No Lycra after finally smoking the joint we’d craved all weekend, and really going all out.

Being asked for a threesome by a chilled out but kind of creepy Byron Bay local.

Mud Valley, as we called it, where my friend pretty sunk her whole foot into the mud and had to be pulled out.

Even the end was amazing. On Monday, after the fesitval wrapped up we were some of the last people to leave, so we just napped and chilled out all day, while taking our time to pack our things up. And then we had a little explore of the remains of the campsites (and helped the clean up team because people left disgusting amounts of rubbish everywhere).

i just remembered i had a dream with Linden and maybe Holder last night. that could be useful. I am kind of picking at Though It May Be Madness again. I bet absolutely everyone forgot i was writing Linden/Holder fic… to be honest, i forgot for a while there as well lol

Decisions, decisions

So I have a lot to think about this weekend. I could accept this job offer for a night shift position at a long term care facility, and put off trying to get hospital nurses position. Or I could not accept this offer and venture into the unknown and hope and wait one of the hospitals I’ve been applying to says they want me.

I have a feeling I already know what choice I’m going to make, but what do you guys/girls anyone else think?