Yo listen up

Someone come talk to me about Jensen’s eyelids.

I know that sounds weird, but do you know what i mean? He has these crazy defined eyelids that give his eyes this really intense THING.

Ladies of Rooster Teeth : Kara Eberle

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Wow! Thanks ya’ll! Totally missed the milestone. But as like to remind my aching hand, we do it for you guys. well thats not strictly true i mean i gotta get better to get into my major and then a job and then like support  a family or something and i put unrealistic expectations on myself BUUUUUUUUUUT you’re support is invaluable and I kindly thank each one of you because for some indiscernible reason you are following me.

Did i mention its late? I’m tired. 

This will happen in Agent Carter season 3, Jack Thompson quits the SSR and dedicates his life to music because he can. haha.

Are there any movies out in theaters right now that are worth seeing?

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It's 11pm and I can hear cars outside my apartment and I'm thinking about the last time I saw my boyfriend before he left to go study in Spain. It was December and we were standing 11 floors down on the sidewalk by my door and it was 3am and so cold and I wanted to ask him to stay with me but his taxi was waiting for him to take him back home and all I could do was stand there as he said goodbye. I'm really missing him.

i felt like i just read a snippet from a sad romance novel. you are good at including that sensory detail! but im so sorry hopefully you’ll be able to meet again someday

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SUGGESTED CONNECTIONS: step-father, uncle, father, older brother, boyfriend, etc.

         “what do you mean i can’t go out like this?” she questioned, brows furrowing as she glanced down at her outfit. sure- maybe it was a little more revealing than the clothes she normally wore but it could be worse. “i told you i made plans, i have people waiting on me,” she said, taking a few steps back towards the front door.

I suppose when I leave places alone
I close the doors, the fenestrations
let lonely spaces
to age
until they cannot remember
that I am gone 
any longer

My keys always kept under the skin of my 
shortcomings and peccadilloes,
screaming for oblivion
because I seldom need it

I opt to break in, silently,
out of habit, out of ruse,
behind my own balustrades
and my rapping at revolving doors
fading into the lack
of purpose

I like to voyeur through windows
sly in the persiennes and the dust motes
vying against sunlight
for these obfuscated transparencies
curiosity for the slighting
in the breathing darkness,
for the exactitudes of demise,
and its ripostes
further into
the drained capillaries

And sometimes, I am vapid and
I strip into the unsure
every fulcrum of the scaffold
that lead me here in the first place
becomes soot and rust grain
waiting for the wind to pick up
take me East
and back West again
in dissipated states

Back at the places
where everything’s old
this sepia lull of sentiments
sleeps under the grass
the earth so cold
around silent snores
never waking up
to any sunshine


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honestly just wanted to do this bc they’ve changed since the last time, and gotta keep things up to date

It’s almost 11 in the morning. I’ve been laying here in bed for two hours. I don’t wanna get up.

i was tagged by @kerahlynch, thank you!! <3

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1. 400 lux - lorde

we’re never done with killing time
can i kill it with you?

2. do i wanna know? - arctic monkeys

maybe i’m too busy being yours to fall for somebody new

3. first day of my life - bright eyes

but i’d rather be working for a paycheck
than waiting to win the lottery

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look at my lil bab

I hate phone related anxiety I hate it why can’t I just pick up the phone and call someone it’s not that hard

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hey dunno if you're interested but kurenoichi reposted your art and some more from other artists

Yeah I know. I reported it to tumblr staff and I’m waiting for them to get back to me about taking it down. Thanks a lot tho! Reposts frustrate me hard haha

  • Me:"Dad. I'm about to try to put the cat in her carrier to take her to the vet. Please stay quiet and stay sitting on the sofa until I'm done, cause I don't want to freak her out with too much movement." (and also because my dad has no inside voice and stomps around a lot)
  • Dad:"Okay."
  • Me:*approaches cat*
  • Dad:*immediately makes loud comment at the TV and scares cat*