Okay but. I really can’t wait for Weiss to have to deal with the fallout of what she did. Ever since her talk with Winter in Lessons Learned I’ve been like. I want her at some point to yell at her father that she’s not just a Schnee. She’s Weiss, and these are the things that matter to Weiss even though they don’t matter to the Schnees.


sometimes having a best friend who has seen you through your many phases sucks (and yes keith is laughing at him)

i headcanon that lance was “emo” but the most emo he could get was fall out boy but he still always talked about how he hated preps and would take the iconic “2008 myspace scene boy selfies”



From now on, T-bag and Dilly are all about planning the wedding.


harry potter… draco malfoy says in a casual manner, drawling the words and letting it roll around his tongue melodiously. just perfect. it’s only their first year, but somehow draco is intrigued by the boy who lived, not because of his glorious title, but because of him, his scrawny frame, his startling green eyes, his tousled jet black hair, and who could forget his obnoxiously round glasses? yes, draco decides, he’s going to befriend this beautiful bespectacled boy.

scared, potter? draco malfoy, snarky slytherin, challenges gryffindor boy wonder, harry potter. draco knows how pretentious he sounds, yet he just can’t help it. this stupid boy incites a certain strong feeling in him, makes him feel rather… free. merlin knows he feels a particular something for the boy who lived, of all people.

potter, draco malfoy tells crabbe, goyle, and anyone else that has ears, a hint of annoyance and anger seeping through his voice. underneath all of that is the pain. it’s been years, and draco still doesn’t understand. what does weasley and granger have that i don’t? why the hell did it take plotting a bloody murder for stupid potter to notice him?

potter?! draco malfoy whispers harshly, his grey eyes almost softening. almost. he hasn’t seen this bespectacled boy in almost a year, but here he is right now. draco could kiss him, but he can’t show weakness in front of this boy like this. no, he is going to tell his aunt bella that yes, this hideously swollen-faced boy is very obviously his the recklessly brave gryffindor boy, potter. he won’t save this git’s arse—never in a million years. but draco does anyway.

potter. draco malfoy greets, nodding to the other man. it’s years later, years after their hogwarts days. they haven’t seen each other in ages, and they haven’t talked about the day draco saved him and bloody hell, the wizarding world at large. but the black haired man’s genuine smile, one that will forever be etched in his memory, is enough thanks for draco.

harry, draco malfoy gasps in between tender butterfly kisses, his hands tugging gently at the other boy’s raven black hair. draco has always wanted to do that. they’re perfect. it’s perfect. because his beautiful gryffindor boy is here. oh yes, he’s here for him, and it’s the most spectacular moment of draco’s life. draco can finally, finally, call harry potter his harry.

harry potter’s pov