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Request- Hi!! Can I please get a Harry Hook x Fem! Reader? The reader is the daughter of the Cheshire Cat and she doesn’t believe it when Harry says that he likes her because she thinks he just wants her powers for Uma, but he really does love her?? Thank you!!

Disclaimer- I do not own any Descendants character, all credit goes to the creators and producers of Disney’s Descendants. All I own is my story and the characters Oliver and Madison.


Pairing- Harry Hook x Fem! Reader

Summary- The daughter of the Cheshire Cat doesn’t believe that Harry really likes her.

Warning(s)- None??

Words- 2149

A/N- The song sung in the beginning is called “Hey Alice.” By Rachel Rose Mitchell!

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hello! im new to ur blog but ohmYGOD UR WRITING IS AMAZING 💕 it feels like reading a well-written book when i read ur stuff and i,,, forget im reading?? idk,, does that make sense? can i request a baker/pastry chef wonho scenario? (can u include a strawberry cake? i love strawberries lol) -🍓 anon

thank you!!! here’s some fluffy baker wonho~!!

  • his bakery is one of a kind because everything looks so bright and soft and sweet like the walls are a bright yellow and there are fake flowers decorating the display cabinet 
  • and even the live in cat that sleeps in the corner in a basket looks bright because he’s a ginger
  • and then,,,,,,wonho steps out,,,,,
  • arms covered in sleeve tattoos,,,,five piercings in each ear,,,,black skinny jeans,,,,,,and dyed hair
  • but ??? the smile on his face???? RADIATING 
  • is a cookie expert so he always has a cookie of the day and depending on the seasons or the holidays he has batches full of fun shaped cookies
  • like on halloween (which is wonhos FAVE because???? sweets???? cool costumes???? getting to come to work dressed in a cAPE???) he makes batches of cookies shaped like black cats, pumpkins, ghosts, frankenstein, you name it: he made a cookie of it)
  • but he’s also skilled with cakes, candies, and more,,,,,,even tho when people look at him he seems like more of a,,,,,,tattoo artist type??? or even a model,,,,his looks are the talk of the town
  • anyway you frequent his bakery a lot because it’s near school and you always get there right after ur last class ends so u can snag the outdoor seat and your order is always the same: a slice of strawberry cake and lemon tea
  • and wonho,,,,,,is kinda,,,,,like he remembers regulars,,,but u really stand out 
  • because u ALWAYS get the same thing. without failure and u always have a book in ur hands??? and wonho wonders if u just like reading that much or if ur in college
  • but he never asks because he’s always being asked something by someone (either co-worker minhyuk nagging or some customer trying to flirt)
  • but one day,,,,he notices you take your order and go to your usual seat and open up a new book,,,,,and it’s actually a book wonho knows so he’s determined he’ll say something today
  • and he tells minhyuk he needs to run across the street to get some more sugar and minhyuk is like “we have 30 pounds of it in the back this is a bake-” but wonho has already got his apron off and is waving goodbye
  • and ur sitting,,,enjoying the newest installment of this mystery novel uve been reading and suddenly u hear someone ask if they can seat beside u
  • and when u look up ur shocked to see,,,,,wonho??? 
  • standing there,, no apron but dough still on his hands and a bit on his cheek and ur like ???? w-wait are-aren’t u the owner???? did i do something wrong???? and wonho is like no no no i just,,i know that book ur reading!!!!
  • and u light up like u do!!! i love this author,,,,,she’s amazing!!! have u read the other ones???
  • and wonho is a little flustered because ur leaning over the table to be a bit closer because ur excited and he’s like o- oh!! yeah i have,,,,i just havent had time to read the last couple because work has gotten busy since it’s summer and all,,,,
  • and ur like omg i could bring u up to speed!!! if u want,,, i,,,if u have time
  • you shyly realize that ur also getting close and pull back a little blushing which wonho thinks to himself is super adorable but instead he just nods and is like “if u can tell me it all in the next ten minutes?? id be forever grateful”
  • and ur like yES I CAN ok well let me start from the beginning since ur up to book five do u remember when detective kihyun finds the hair in the professors bedroom WELL-
  • and u try to cram all three books into the short amount of time and describe the plot to wonho who listens intentaly 
  • and when ur done ur basically out of breath and have to sip ur cold lemon tea and wonho is like “,,,,,amazing!! when ur done with this one can u tell me what happens too???”
  • and ur like ofc!! ill even let u borrow this one if u want,,,,and the other three,,,i,, have them too,,,,
  • and wonho grins and is like deal!!! i like the way u describe them tho,,,,feels like i don’t even need the books
  • and ur like nO u NEED TO reaD THEM but also,,,,,i,,,,,is that like a compliment???? from wonho?????
  • and he smiles and is like “oh wait one second-”
  • and ur confused as he gets up to run back inside and then return a minute later and in a napkin he’s holding a cookie,,,,shaped like a strawberry???
  • and he’s like “i know u like my strawberry cakes,,,,but try this cookie! it has strawberry filling. i made the batch with you in mind!”
  • and u reach out to take it and ur like wait. with me in mind??
  • and wonho feels the heat in his face and he’s like aH,,,I,,,,y,,,,yes,,,,,well it’s just ur my customer that likes strawberries so-
  • and ur like m,,my customer??? and wonho is blushing even more but he’s like ,,,,,tell me if u like it!!!!! and tell me about the book when u finish it!!!!! see u,,,,,,,,,tomorrow?
  • and ur like,,,,yes!!! see u tomorrow,,,,
  • and wonho bows a bit before going back inside and ur heart is thumping because,,,,,wonho,,,,,noticed u??? remembered u like strawberries?? saw u reading??? likes,,,,,how u babble about books????
  • it’s all too much u feel like ur heart might explode
  • while wonho whose putting his apron back on with the BIGGEST grin on his face is like,,,,,,,,,they looked so cute,,,,,when i called them my customer,,,,,
  • before minhyuk pulls him over by the ear and is like “firstly, i know u didn’t go to get sugar. secondly, im going to teach u to flirt because GOD wonho who gives their crush a COOKIE IS THIS MIDDLE SCHOOL-”
SPIDER-MAN HOMECOMING *No spoilers are here*

(Quick note - if anyone wants to speak about the Spiderman Homecoming then just message me 😊😊)



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I work at a gas station. It always bugs me a little when people hand me their money to prepay for gas, tell me a pump number, and then just walk out before I’ve even finished putting it in the system, but I had one today that really got me.
This girl comes in, can’t have been older than 17 as it was right around when the high school day ended and she looked pretty young. So, only a little younger than me, and trying to treat me like I was stupid.
Customer: Can I get $5 on– *loud noise from someone getting ice from the fountain drinks*
Me: I’m sorry, what was that?
Customer: *rolls eyes and waves the bill under my nose* ummm, $5 on pump 14? *drops it and walks out*
I then left her bill on the register and served another customer. Just as she was coming back inside to ask what was wrong (undoubtedly politely, I’m sure, as she had been nothing but), I quickly put the money on the pump. Her friend called her back to tell her it was working and she flipped her hair bitchily as she walked back to the pump. I almost regretted not waiting just one more second to see what she’d say.
We ask all our customers if they want their receipt and they usually say no, but they print out either way. Well of course since she stormed out at my apparent insolence she didn’t get her receipt. I wrote a curse on the back basically saying she’d have hearing problems for a fortnight and instead of support she would be greeted with disdain and condescension. I put it in my pocket and at the end of my shift I went to the restroom and flushed the receipt. Overkill? Probably, lol. Still satisfying. 👍

This popped into my head and now it’s out there.

When Castiel finally dies it’s warm.
He doesn’t go to heaven or hell, not even does he land in purgatory. God finally has mercy with the worn out soldier with too much heart.

So Castiel wakes up in Sweden, heavy blankets keep him warm as the sun slowly rises and swallows the darkness. Three cats sleep at his feet and purr, he reaches out for them and a tiny white one meows as she bumps her nose against his fingers.

Cas’ feet hit the ground but instead of something cold there’s a comfy and fluffy carpet in soft green. Another cat appears in front of him, he seems to magically attract them somehow but he wouldn’t dare to complain.

The tiny white cat hops off his bed and follows him into the kitchen, where he presses the button on his coffee machine and looks out of the window. It’s framed by short curtains already a bit faded by the sun, but he can’t bring himself to care.

He pours the coffee into a bright yellow mug and steps outside, flowers and vegetables and apple trees greet him in the bright morning sun. There are even some bees buzzing around his head, seemingly happy to see Castiel.

When he finishes his coffee he pulls on a light jacket that makes him wonder if it wasn’t a trenchcoat the day before. The white cat, whose name - Cas remembers now - is Amelia, follows him again around the house and even outdoors when Castiel leaves through the front door.

There’s a path down the hill he stands on and he follows the poppies and daisies until he finds himself in the middle of a small farmer’s market. He’s not surprised when people greet him, smile at him and wish him a wonderful day – it feels like the most normal thing.

A redheaded girl hugs him and then bends down to pet Amelia, telling him to look out for the schoolkids who sell self-made bracelets today ( of course Cas buys two of them, one with yellow beads and one with green ones ).

He smiles and buys some vegetables and fresh fruit, a teenage girl who looks rather rebellious gives him one of her flowers but refuses to let him pay her.

It feels right to be here, of course Castiel has no clue he’s dead, he feels way more alive than ever and from now on it will always be that way. Some faces and voices feel strangely familiar but he doesn’t think about it too much.

Just when he was about to head home someone calls his name and grabs him by the shoulder.

“Hey Cas, I got the pie crust you asked for on Monday, did’ya forget? Also you totally have to taste the fresh pizza rolls I made, they’re freaking majestic.”

Castiel blinks once. Twice.
The green eyed man in front of him smiles widely and nods in the direction of a small place a little off, where another very tall man waves at him.

He waits one more second and watches Amelia, who meows and bumps her head against the man’s leg over and over again until she gets picked up.

“Cas, you comin’?”

He smiles.
“Always, Dean.”

Word of the Week: Augenblick

If you’re familiar with German, you’ve surely heard the phrase “einen Augenblick!” But an Augenblick (literally “eye-glance”) is usually a longer period of time than the word suggests.

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The word Augenblick comes from Auge (“eye”) and Blick (“glance”). It defines a very short period of time (like the glance of an eye). The best English equivalent is “blink of an eye”, but the English language does not have a single word to describe a very short moment.

In German, a cashier might tell a customer to wait one moment while she checks the price of an item. In German she may say, “einen Augenblick!”. In English, however, you cannot say “wait for a blink of an eye”; it does not make sense. You could perhaps say “wait one second”, but the metaphor of an eye-blink/glance would not exist here.

As we all know, Germans love metaphors. Most likely, if you are telling someone to wait for an Augenblick, you don’t mean it literally. A blink of an eye takes 300 to 400 milliseconds (which is about one-third of a second). A glance can be a little longer, but it is not defined. If you’re asking someone to wait einen Augenblick for you while you finish tying your shoes or while you respond to an e-mail, you are ensuring them that you will be quick, but realistically, you will take at least several seconds or minutes.

Comparatively though, einen Augenblick is faster that ein Moment. An Augenblick is the fastest way a “short moment” can be described in German.

And now I need a tag because I am helpless. More mafia au which takes place at some point after this and I blame on Drilla and This

“How long has she been here?”

“Long enough to down her first drink and order two more.”

“Wonderful.” Jason runs a hand through his hair, turning the decent looking blond stands to a disheveled mess. “Cover things for me will you? Just for a bit.” He turns to Gwen, giving her a weak smile.

“Sure thing, Jace.” She gives him a reassuring smile back, even giving him a pat on the shoulder as she walks away.

This leaves him alone in his own club, staring at a girl that leaves him feeling like the world is slowly falling.

Jason takes a deep, unsteady breath, surveying the damage. She’s alone, already halfway through a drink, a second empty glass in front of her, shirt half untucked, and blackened stains on her cuffs. He lets out the breath and starts walking.

She’s too busy swirling her drink to notice, and too far into her drink to be anything but absent mindedly swirling it. Jason takes the bar stool next to her and pulls it out, stopping for a second to unbutton his jacket before sitting down. He sits, waiting one, two, three seconds, takes a breath and leans against the bar.

“Rough night?” His voice shatters the silence, both of them flinching.

She turns, keeping herself surprisingly upright, to look him over. When she’s done she turns back to the bar, standing on the footrest of her stool and bending over the bar.

“What the hell are you doing?” He doesn’t wait for an answer to grab the back of her shirt and pull her into her seat.

“One of us is on the wrong side of the bar. I needed to figure out which one.”

“Very funny.”

“Might as well die laughing.” The words fall from her mouth like spent bullet casings.

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Hercules: Shit!

Washington: Language!

Alexander: …

Alexander: Wait a second. No one is going to deal with the fact that Washington just said “language”?

Washington: I know! It just slipped out!

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can u pls hel me find fics tht feature truth spells and giving away romantic feelings while under them? thank you ❤️❤️

Here you go! 

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To Tell You The Truth by Howlriffic 

(1,031 I General I WIP)

“Now wait one hot second,” says Stiles, affronted.

“Every second with you is hot,” replies Derek earnestly.

Stiles’ mouth opens, closes, and opens again, like a goldfish. Ironically, he’s feeling rather out of his depth.

“-what?” he gets out at the same time that Scott lets out an incredulous: “Dude?”

What You Do To Me by Emela 

(2,274 I Explicit I Complete) 

 “The things I want to do to you,” Derek goes on. “Wanted to spank you when you mouthed off to me, imagined pinning you down and fucking your thighs until you are screaming to be fucked, throw you over the back of my couch and pound into you until you are broken.”

Derek is cursed with a truth spell and just needs to tell Stiles all the filthy things he has always dreamed of doing to him.

You’re Gonna Kill Me When You Snap Out of This by totallyrandom 

(2,498 I Teen I Complete) 

“Scott. You call me back right fucking now. What the unholy hell is going on with Derek right now? This is … this is NOT RIGHT. Is he possessed? He’s … talking. A lot. And SAYING NICE THINGS ABOUT ME. Really specific, awkward things. What’s going on, man? Am I hallucinating? Call me back right. fucking. now.” 

The Sun, The Moon, and The Truth by Hypocorismm 

(3,119 I General I Complete) 

In which the pack gets hit by a truth spell by a vengeful witch and they’re forced to reveal their deepest secret, or else they’re cursed to speak nothing but the truth for the rest of their lives.

Liar, Liar by pessimisticprose

(3,580 I Explicit I Complete)

Fucking witches, man. Stiles has dealt with them before, but a truth spell, seriously? Not to mention he had to swap spit with one of them to make the spell work, and the only person he’d like to swap spit with is Derek, thank you.

To top it all off, Lydia, Allison, and Erica only make it worse.

Or better, depending on who you ask.

It Started in the Woods (This Crazy Day) by LycanFox

(4,714 I Not Rated I Complete)

They were in the Preserve, of course they were, because anything that goes bump in the night always managed to find its way out there.

The Way He Talks About You by awareoftheconcept 

(9,279 I General I Complete)

Or, the “The Five Times Derek Showed Someone He Loved Stiles, and the One Time He Told Him.”


“I don’t know who is the one being punished here,” Lydia complained as she looked at her phone and the multitude of texts Stiles had sent over the last hour. “Me or Stiles.”

Derek rubbed his eyes and put his head down on the table, completely exhausted from the day they had had. “Believe me, if Stiles isn’t around, I am the one being punished.”

Through New Eyes by BenVSA 

(21,973 I Teen I Complete)

Through the trials and tribulations of the past year or so in Beacon Hills, the social circle of the pack has grown and shrunk in various ways. The only thing that’s remained a constant is that Derek and Stiles really don’t seem to get along too well. Neither of them seem to want to budge from this stable state they’re in, but it just feels uncomfortable for the both of them. They can’t seem to understand each other, neither able to really see them. Only through brand new eyes could they really see for the first time.

Safety in Silence by Survivah 

(66,901 I Mature I Complete)

It’s perfectly understandable. Even Derek wouldn’t want to be Derek’s soulmate.

Far From the Tree

a Descendants fic

a Malvie fic

In which Mal and Evie are dating and everyone knows it except Mal and Evie

[Pt. 2] [Pt. 3]


Everyone had noticed. Jay and Carlos, first and foremost, because how in the world could they not? Ben, Doug, Jane, Chad—of all people—Fairy Godmother, hell, even Dude. Literally everyone had noticed.

Except for them.

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Wynonna finds out about WayHaught: Internal Monologue
  • Wynonna: Wait
  • Wynonna: Wait one second
  • Wynonna: Waverly and Nicole are...
  • Wynonna:
  • Wynonna:
  • Wynonna: DATING?!?!?!?!
  • Wynonna: SINCE WHEN?!?!?!
  • Wynonna: Wait...
  • Wynonna: Is that what Waverly meant by the 'chicks' thing?
  • Wynonna: Is that why I always hear moaning when they have sleepovers now?
  • Wynonna: Shit, what do I say now, though?
  • Wynonna: Do I congratulate Nicole on the sex?
  • Wynonna: Do I give her the 'I'll-kick-your-ass-if-you-ever-hurt-her' talk?
  • Wynonna: Nah, Nicole wouldn't hurt her.
  • Wynonna: Wow, they are disgustingly cute.
  • Wynonna: Get a room, you two!
  • Wynonna: Wait, no! Don't get a room!
  • Wynonna: We have to go!
  • Wynonna: You can do...that...later.
  • Wynonna: Damn, I cannot wait to tell Dolls.
  • Wynonna: Wait...
  • Wynonna: DID DOLLS KNOW?!?!
  • Wynonna: That son of a bitch
  • Wynonna: I'm not kissing him ANYMORE
  • Wynonna:
  • Wynonna: Okay, that's a lie
  • Wynonna: I'll still kiss him...
  • Wynonna: But I won't enjoy it.
  • Wynonna:
  • Wynonna: Okay, that's another lie.

ok but lance warning keith that he’s gonna propose to him pretty soon. and lance keeps teasing him til he actually does.

they can be walking around one night, and out of nowhere, lance gets down on one knee, and keith instantly has several thoughts popping in his head.

“keith, will you-”

“lance… what are you doing? you’re doing this now??

“-wait for me one second while i tie my shoe?”

and now keith is fucking glaring at him while also trying not smile because of course. i should’ve known better.

he responds with an “i hate you” then proceeds to walk away.

meanwhile lance is just grinning the entire time. “what? my shoe was untied! what’s your problem??”

- 10/10
I’ve ben waiting for this movie for quite a while and it was definitely worth the wait and I can’t wait for the second one. I’m a bit overwhelmed just because the actors performance was AMAZING.
Richie was my favorite because (it’s finn hehe) his hilarious dirty jokes and I think Finn did a great job playing richie, don’t look down on me for this.
But I think that he did even better then he did in ST. His acting has improved so much and he really got into his character. I definitely recommend going to see IT, and welcome to the losers club asshole.