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Your opinion on Yomo's personality?

Okay, I’ll be honest, I always waited for this kind of question - my time has come - because I really think the fandom misses out on a really great character (Ishida you too gimme more of my bara prince now)

So jokes aside now, to be honest, in the beginning (when I was just starting to read Tokyo Ghoul), I didn’t really know what to think of him and I must admit, that I didn’t really pay attention to him, until the Loser Omake. That sounds weird huh? 

The point is just, I don’t think that Ishida just placed it as a joke, you know, the thing is, he’s not very readable when it comes to his body language or facial expressions (unlike Kaneki), but the point is, there more attention you give him, the better you can understand his personality. 

When his sister was murdered, he was just a teenager (assuming by Itori’s words, as she called Uta und Yomo two bickering teens when they first met), he felt lost and tried to handle the stress, pain and loss with picking up fights with other ghouls. I mean everyone should know that by now - but what really gets me is, how much Yoshimura influenced him, how much the time they spend together shaped Yomo - because now we get to the point that always makes me want to cry and the reason why he’s my favourite Tokyo Ghoul character. 

Despite all the shit that happened to him, despite all the pain and grief that he must have felt - and I will fite everyone who tries to tell me otherwise - he genuinely cares. He cares so much about everyone, and this is where I want to pick up the Loser Omake again - I mean sure it’s entertaining to see how this guy goes crazy over a bird, but actually, that just shows how much he cares. We don’t know what he did besides collecting the corpses for the Anteiku - but whatever it was, he pushed it aside to take care of this small animal. 

He wanted to give Loser a proper name, he was the one to tell Kaneki that get his shit together and not only let his decisions be driven by hate, anger and the feeling that the needs to take revenge. You know why? Because he learned from his mistakes and he fucking cares. 

That’s why he even keeps his shit friends Uta and Itori (I love them but lets face it, they’re shit), why did he go out with Shuupoo to drink and listened to his rants? He cares - that’s why ;; also the part of helping Touka out with her café ;;; 

So my opinion on Yomo’s personality is - Yomo is smoll, he cares so much and his bara heart is filled with so many emotions that I’m going to cry over him now.  

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Nickname: i have several, but the most common are Cactus and Satan

Birthday: november 3rd

Sign: scorpio

Gender: male

Height: 5′4″

Favorite color: black, maroon, teal

Time right now: 9:29pm

Average hours of sleep: 3 to 7? //sweats

Lucky number: 3 or 13

Last thing I Googled: that one sad song Amethyst sang because of Sardonyx

Favourite famous person: probably nicki minaj or johnny depp

Favourite fictional character: Ice Bear (We Bare Bears), Sour Cream (Steven Universe), and Red (Pokémon)

Celebrity crush: if i HAD to have one, it’d probably be Markiplier because last night i dreamed that he gave me an ass massage and his hands worked some gosh darn magic hot damn

Favourite bands (group/artists): The Cure, Dance Gavin Dance, Linkin Park

Dream trip: somewhere deep in the woods where the trees are huge and there are lots of cute animals and the air is nice and cool

Dream job: something where i get to create art :3c

Happy Place: a big white room where the air is like water, and i can fly/swim all over with nothing to worry about

Number of blankets I sleep with: one big thick blanket because i am a cold babby, v smol

Favorite book: “Organ Grinder” by Natalie Elizabeth (aka Kill Natalie)

What am I wearing: The Cure shirt and my dad’s Pittsburgh Steelers pajama pants

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It’d be nice for once to have a supportive family

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For your recent tsubaki-belukia fanart post: ALL MY YES I've been waiting for someone to throw in the romantic shade of their relationship, and you have pictured that gorgeously. Thank you, this is wonderful! :) Also, it's very neat and considerate of you to tag multiple variants of the character's name.

HEYYY you have good taste my friend B) i absolutely love those two and their dynamic, especially in the drama cds. they go along with each other’s quirks so well ☆

i’m delighted you like it!