Best Friends Forever? (Part 4)

Plot: You, Liam and Mason have been best friends for a couple of months, but suddenly one of them start to avoiding you. Being worried with you friends as always, you start to look for answers and sometimes some secrets should be kept in secret. 

It was already 2:10 pm. He was ten minutes late. I don’t usually get angry only because 10 minutes but I was already very angry with him for keeping a secret from me. And know he makes me wait more 10 minutes to know. What if he changed his mind? What if he’s not going to show up? What if…

“Knock Knock” I breath in relief

“Finally” I said, opening the door. “I was already thinking that you wasn’t going to show.”

“Sorry” he said, entering on my house “ I was with…uh… nevermind.”

“With who?” I asked, curious.

“Uhm… Lydia Martin.”

“Oh. Her.” I said.

“Anyway…” he started. “I was wondering if you could help me with this math homework. I have no idea how to do it and-“

“No way. You are not going to change the subject Liam. You came here with one simple reason. “

“It’s not as simple as you think it is, (Y/N).” he said.

“Well, so make it easy, Liam. “

He didn’t answered.

“Really?!” I started to increase my voice. “First you ignore me. Then you want to meet me here to tell me what was going on. AND NOW “ I’ve already started to scream “YOU ARE TRYING TO MAKE FOOL OF ME?”

“I-I.. I’m sorry” he just say.

“Enough of apologies, Dunbar. If there’s anything you want to tell me, tell me now.”

“I-I can’t. Please understand. It’s for your own safety.”

“My own safety?” I laugh. “Wow, congrats. You are saving me from something that probably doesn’t even exists, right?”

“You know what? I’m done, Liam. I really thought I could trust you. But since you started to go out with your “pack” of seniors, I can’t even recognize you. I don’t even know who you are anymore.”

“(Y/N) I’m still me, I promise you. If there’s anything that I can make to prove you that, please tell me.” He almost beg me.

“Tell me the truth. We were always honest with each other. “

“I can’t. I’m sorry.”

“I’m sorry too, Liam. But if you can’t trust on me, I have no reason to trust on you.” I forced this words to get out of my mouth, my heart breaking in each word.


“Please, leave.” I said, hearing my voice cracking.

And he does. He leave. And when he does it, I fall on the ground and start to cry. I’ve never cried so much since I was 8 years old, when my parents died. In the moment, the felling was the same. The boy that I’ve met didn’t existed anymore.


1 hour later, I was sitting on the couch with my blankets around me, when I hear my grandma coming.

“Hello my cupcake” she said, making me smile when I hear my childhood nickname.

“Hello grandma” I whisper.

“Are you okay?” she asked, sitting next to me in the couch, wiping a tear from my face.

And I tell her everything. About Liam ignoring me, about his new friends and about what happened earlier.

“Oh cupckake” she said “I’m so sorry. Really. But to be honest and don’t see any reason to be angry with this boy.”

“But grandma-“  I started to say. She was defending him? Why?

“I’m sure he had his reasons to not say anything to you. And I’m pretty sure they were very good reasons.”

“I don’t know.” I simply say.

“We never know until we discover, my dear.” She said. “That’s the funny thing of being human. You have more than one way to discover the truth.”

“So you think I should keep trying to discover what is happening?”

“Yes and no.”

“What?” My grandma is so confused sometimes.

“You do have to try it. But do it quiet. Don’t let him or his friends know that you are trying.”

“But how I am supposed to discover something if I cant talk with his friends?”

“Uhm… that’s a word you teenagers use a lot these days… uhm.. I can’t remember it….. OH! You need to be a stalker.”

“Spy him?”

“Well, it was just an idea. Of course you don’t need to do it. You can stay in the couch if you prefer…”

“Actually, it’s brilliant grandma. Thank you” I said, kissing her in the cheek.

“Great.” She said, getting out of the couch. “Now, stop with this teenage drama and let’s eat some cake that I brought.”

“Okay” I laugh “ I’ll set the table.”

And I can feel that, inside of me, a flame of hope.
Note: Wow, this is longer than I thought. Hope you are enjoying as much as I am :-) Don’t forget to send requests (any kind of request, really). I’ll be glad to write some of your ideas. Anyway, I was thinking on starting a vlog on youtube, talking about music, tv shows, movies… what do you think about it? Would you watch it?

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You know you are reading too many fics at the same time when you remember shit about who is friend with whom,
You are like: “bitch-where-are-my-ziam ??! I swear they were in love in this one!!…”
You read the smut part and be like: “wait a sec where is my daddy kink stuff?”
“You go Tommo the slay! wait what are you doing? why are you sitting on..OUH….oookay…Nevermind..”

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being the perfect cinnamon roll you are what would actually make you get into drama? (there's gotta be something...)

Huh? You mean participate in drama? Or like real life shit? IRL I could NEVER get into drama, because I would probably cry?? lol I’m very good at accepting other people’s POV on stuff, I’m always as nice as I can. 

Online there have been a bit of that here and there because I can’t shut my mouth about issues LOL I know, it’s a problem, but whenever there’s a shitstorm I’m just THERE giving my opinions, and I guess you guys already expect this from me at this point, so I’m not gonna change it anytime soon. I try to not be rude, but something I lose my shit, so, huh… There is usually some drama or other ;P

Oh wait, nevermind, just remembered one instance of IRL drama: there was this one time when a girl who used to pretend to be my friend turned against my best friend (We’ve been BFFLs for 9 years now, but at the time we were like distant colleagues and this experience brought us together) and I realized she was being a bitch and I got all wrapped up in the drama. He was on the phone with me like: plz, you don’t know me that well but I’d never do that, I promise. And I believed him. I was SO PISSED at that SOB who invented shit about him, we haven’t spoken since, I actively avoid looking at her face if we eventually see each other. I and that boy have been best friends for over nine years now and I wouldn’t trade him for the world, because he’s the real cinnamon roll of this situation ahaha.

Basically: if you want drama with me, you go after one of my friends, cause I’m loyal af and I’ll get angry and it’s gonna be a mess. 


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💖 wait actually nah yumi probably doesn't have anything good to say about fuuka, nevermind

“Fuuka? Wow, where do I begin?” Yumi chewed her lip, trying to organize a swarm of warm feelings and soaring emotions and hopes and dreams and precious memories into something resembling a coherent sentence.

“Fuuka is someone who always puts herself second. If I had to guess, I’d say that maybe she’s been pushed for so long by her parents to be perfect, that she thinks because she’s not, that she’s not good enough? Which is absolutely ridiculous.

“Do you know what my first impression of Fuuka was? I knew, from the moment she agreed to join SEES, that she was more than just the nose-to-the-grindstone type. She did it without hesitation, without pause to think about her own feelings or the effects something like this would have on her life.

“At first, I believed her when she said that it was because she was just desperate to be useful, but I don’t think that’s necessarily entirely true. She’s kind-hearted to a fault, and even more self-sacrificing, but she’s never been hopeless, or given me a vibe like she doesn’t have dreams of her own.”

“I just think she hasn’t been allowed to let them grow. She’s been told, directly or indirectly, that she hasn’t earned the privilege of dreams, that she doesn’t deserve nice things. It breaks my heart every time I see it, because she does. More than she’ll ever know.”

Smiling, Yumi gently closed her hand over one of the earpieces of her headphones.

“Right now, she wants me. I’m something she chose, her own wish, her own desire- maybe the first one she ever let herself have. How could I even dream of saying no?”

uhhh… so, I was looking for a ref for Karl’s plugsuit since its design seems different from Shinji’s/the one of the other worus and well- is it me who just didn’t search enough or is there no colored version of Karl’s plugsuit out there ???? I found this and I almost died of laughter at the idea that it could be canon compatible- oh wait nevermind.

you know what ? I’m still screeching in agony because I can’t find goddamn refs where you can see good

wait is that Selena Gomez working as a Barista? nevermind it was just Mila Perez, that 21 year old who lives here in quincy. i heard she is very chill and funny, but also very short-tempered. it makes sense though, since she is considered the Toxic Good Girl by everyone in town. though they don’t even know half of it.

doesn’t she look a lot like selena gomez ?? wait, it was only mila perez. i heard she has a shift in 4 hours , hope she isn’t late !!

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I KNOW WHO THAT ANON IS!! Wait...I'm actually not to sure anymore. Nevermind

Oh my god! Are you okay? -A.J

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there was a thing i put in the tag that i was hoping you would see + like but you didnt reblog it so maybe you didnt like it? which is fine!! i just didnt know if you had seen it or not. this is so awkward omg /dies

WAIT my bad lmao i checked again and you did reblog it okay okay sorry im being all weird an anon omg but nevermind bc you did see the Thing and you liked it which is great!!

Awh no you’re so cute :3 now I’m gonna wonder who you are for the rest of my days.


You know how yesterday I was asking you for my broken pieces back? Well… nevermind. You can keep them. I guess they wont do much since theyre broken anyway. Since were young and nothing ever seems to work out for any of us long-term, I guess Ill just wait until I get completely new pieces. 

I had no idea that you might be leaving for good… so if that’s the case and you do end up leaving California, I want you to keep those as a token to remember me by. I mean who knows. Maybe after you leave, my puzzle will somehow manage to fix itself and you’ll have a pretty new picture to stare at. Maybe it will depict the ocean, or our town. Better yet, it will depict our hellhole of a high school. Because even though that place is displeasing to the eye, it’s where all of our memories are. Room 109 where we met for the first time on the very first day of school, except we had no idea that we met eachother until later in the year. The racket ball court where you apporached me and complimented me on my monologue. The Blackbox theater in rooms 602 and 603 where we became friends. The baseball feild where we slacked off in P.E. class. The secret little spot on the hill next to the the softball feild where we became a thing. The 50 yard line where we shared the stars that one night before things got ugly. The playground with the locked up swingset and the low-to-the-ground monkey bars where the truth came out and you said 3 important words to me… and then 3 more. The halls where we would depart between classes. The hall by the auditorium where we would eat lunch every day. If any of that stuff means anything to you at all. I know none of these can beat the memories you made in the photography room with your first love… but sometimes the little things in life can be beautiful too. 

I’m too scared to ask you when you’ll be leaving (If you do) because once i know, I’ll just spend every day thinking about it. They taught us alot of useless crap at our hellhole of a high school. Crusty old Simpson taught me how to identify meteoridic dust under a microscope. Ms. Carr taught me to never break the fourth wall. But no teacher has ever taught us how to love, what to do when we find it, and how to let go. No teacher has ever taught us how to stand in front of someone you love and say goodbye. No teacher has ever taught us the meaning of life or existence or the real values of friendships and memories and all that metaphorical crap. 

So i guess since im clueless as to how life works, I just want you to keep my broken pieces, the only part of me that I can give you if you’re going away. But do me a favor… please dont forget about me. ♥

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wait is that maia mitchell working as a sales associate at barnes and noble? nevermind it was just tatum blake , that eighteen year old who lives here in quincy. i heard she is very seraphic and outspoken, but also very bellicose. it makes sense though, since she is considered the ephemeral by everyone in town. though they don’t even know half of it.

doesn’t she look a lot like maia mitchell ?? wait, it’s only tatum blake. i heard her shift starts in 4 hours, hope she isn’t late.

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wait is that zayn malik working as a librarian? nevermind it was just jas calvari, that 20 year old who lives here in quincy. i hear they are very cultivated and adept, but also very indolent. it makes sense though, since they are considered the aesthete by everyone in town. though they don’t even know half of

don’t they look a lot like zayn malik ?? wait, it’s only jas calavari. i hear they have a shift in 4 hours, hope they aren’t late.

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wait is that kendall jenner working as a bus girl at the local café? nevermind it was just jada brooks, that twenty year old who lives here in quincy. i heard she is very open-minded and free-spirited, but also very indifferent. it makes sense though, since she is considered the bohemian by everyone in town. though they don’t even know half of it.

doesn’t she look a lot like kendall jenner ?? wait, it’s only jada brooks. i heard she has a shift in 4 hours, hope she isn’t late. 

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wait is that selena gomez working as a yoga instructor? nevermind it was just luxe ortega that 21 year old who lives here in quincy. i heard she is very rambunctious and buoyant, but also very puerile. it makes sense though, since she is considered the saccharine by everyone in town. though they don’t even know half of it.

doesn’t she look like selena gomez ?? wait, it’s only luxe ortega. i heard her shift starts in 4 hours, hope she isn’t late.

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wait is that orion carolo working as a waitress at applebees? nevermind it was just lacy young, that eighteen year old who lives here in quincy. i heard they are very polite and kind, but also very irresponsible. it makes sense though, since they are considered the euphonic by everyone in town. though they don’t even know half of it.

hii love!! i just accepted an orion that came in before yours. i’m extrememly sorry. i also just wanted to let you know that the surname provided does not match orion’s ethnicity as she is of honduran descent and the surname ‘young’ is english. but i’d love it if you applied as someone else!!

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wait is that orion carloto working as a barista? nevermind it was just elise casilla, that 18 year old who lives here in grafton. i heard she is very liberal and insightful, but also very irascible. it makes sense though, since she is considered the joan jett by everyone in town. though they don’t even know half of it.

doesn’t she look like orion carloto?? wait, it’s only elise casilla. i heard her shift starts in 4 hours, hope she isn’t late !!

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did you just see melanie martinez working as a sales associate at the local thrift store? nevermind it was just eden castañeda, that nineteen year old who lives here in grafton. i heard she is very vivacious and carefree, but also very reticent. it makes sense though, since she is considered the halcyon by everyone in town. though they don’t even know half of it.

doesn’t she look like melanie martinez?? wait, it’s only eden castaneda. i heard her shift starts in four hours, hope she isn’t late !!