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It's just an old picture of little Oikawa dressed as a cute girl, Hajime I'm sure you have seen it before. *Whisper to Oikawa* Of course there's also your picture with the makeover done by your five years old niece and the one where you wear that atrocious outfit but that's our little secret right, Oikawa? -Milk Anon (who might as well as be the devil in Oikawa eye)

Iwaizumi: oh those? Wait why do you have copies of those… *remembers something and blushes* d-don’t tell me… Did you see the ones wit- *stops himself before it gets worse* nevermind…

Oikawa: *out loud* I looked great in those clothes, [Y/N]-chan! Right, Iwa-chan?

Iwaizumi: No, not really.

Oikawa: Don’t be jealous, Iwa-chan~ I looked beautiful and you know it. *quietly to you* I thought I told you to delete that one, [Y/N]-chan! You promised you would if I delete that picture… I can’t believe you would back down on your promise *wipes a lone tear from the corner of his eye*

~ Dree (your move, Milk Anon XD I swear I will place links as soon as I get on a computer)

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