“I’ve had a dream long long years ago. A dream, full of pain and cruelty. There was no mercy and there was no last chance. People were crying, screaming all around me. I’ve felt something in the air. Something that drove people into madness, into bottomless fear and eventually, death. I thought there is no escape, but suddenly I saw it or… him.

There is an old drawing about him in my drawer and I’m taking a look at him again now - How can I thank to You, my Dear Doctor?”

SCP-049: There is a dirty hole waiting in the cement for each of us, there is no escape from it. We all go under the ground eventually. 

You don’t need to thank me. I don’t wish to be thanked. 

I want you to be pure, I want you to be cured. Your art is beautiful, I appreciate the effort you put into it! We all love you.

aight so i like to do this thing where i’ll wait for my girlfriend to go into the bathroom and then i’ll sneak up to the door, really quiet, and then start banging on it while screaming something or another which really scares the shit out of her (lol)

so of course i do this today (twice within two minutes) and she gets super mega startled both times which i naturally find hilarious, and when she comes out she’s glaring at me and trying not to laugh. so i go into the bathroom bc i’ve been waiting and as soon as i close the door i freeze. lightbulb. motherfucking thomas edison in my head and all that shit goes and wires up the perfect lightbulb just for me.

like. i know my girlfriend. i know her lil punk ass is gonna wait a minute and then come up to the door and bang on it like i’ve been doing to her. she thinks she can get revenge. so i wait for her. i wait for her lil bitch ass. i stand right behind that door with my hand at the handle and my ears pricked like a motherfucking african serval bc i kNOW. i know what she’s gonna do.

so sure enough i hear her footsteps come up to the door (she thinks she’s being all sneaky but you aren’t quiet, vix, i could hear you walking ten feet away) and there’s a split second of silence before she starts wailing on the door and screaming lyrics of a song i would later learn was “i’ll make a man out of you”

but the reason i couldn’t hear what the lyrics were was because i was too busy wrenching the door open and jumping out at her with an unholy scream to rival the cries of a thousand demons, and then laughing at her fucking fACE OF SHOCK as she screamed and ran away while i followed her cackling her and yelling “I WAITED, I WAS WAITING FOR YOUR LIL BITCH ASS, I KNOW YOU WERE FUCKING COMING, I WAS WAITING FOR YOU YOU MOTHERFUCKER”

and, essentially, the moral of the story is that you can’t get revenge on me because i came here to win and i a m a l w a y s r e a d y

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Nude model! AU

When Rey had signed up for an art class she really should’ve thought the whole “live models” portion through, particularly the nude modeling variety. As it was, she was staring more at the intricate design of his face, the curve of his full, red lips, and the slight definition of his abs as his lithe body stretched back, rather than sketching it was she was supposed to. She hadn’t even looked past the thatch of curls at his groin, her face growing red as she imagined she wouldn’t be able to stop staring, and so instead focused on his eyes. How expressive they were, how they kept meeting hers and holding her gaze, accusing her of staring at him rather than drawing him. 

It should’ve made her feel embarrassed, should’ve made her get back to work. 

Instead, she waited until after class to go up and ask for his number.

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This is my first comission ever and I’m so thankful for that!!!! I have no words to describe how happy I am!! Getting the chance to make a hamilton x mean girls crossover was already so amazing, and the fact that the cast saw and FUCKING SIGNED on my drawing is just !!!!!!!!!!! I may never get the chance to go see hamilton, but at least my art did!!!


i stumbled across this photo on my dash and thought “this is a neat picture”, so I referenced it for a Kai and Cinder drawing. and then i thought, “i should make this a fake magazine cover. those are always so cool.” 1000 poor font choices later, i thought “i no longer fear death.” but i persevered and now these nerds are ready to party. Stars Above is like, 15 days away!!! Yay! Are you guys excited?!? Who the hell is going to get married?!?! Honestly its going to be Torin or something just you wait 


This has been going around for a while and I was waiting for someone to draw it but no one did so Here. Lol…

Btw I ship ereri in every possible way and I like both as top and both as bottom so don’t take this as a stiff opinion of mine, its just because of the photo that everyone’s been sharing lol. ENJOY!


i’m still laughing about disney leaking the casting shortlist for the han solo prequel, waiting for reactions, and going right the fuck back to the drawing board when the answer was a resounding, unanimous No To All