Night Life Part.2

After Jack left,I sat down on the bed and looked around the room.

What the hell?Why did I agree to do this?I questioned to myself,their gonna drive me to school?oh god.I sat there black minded,in the dark alone. I’m always alone. Company is good.only when the other person wants to hang out too. I’m surprised none of the guys have came in to talk to me. Wait Madisons here. I forgot. I laid back,and closed my eyes.they became heavy.and I was off to dreamland. “Sam,Sam wake up.were going to breakfast"I heard a soft raspy voice say to me,shaking me awake. I opened my eyes slowly. “What the fuck time is it?” “6:30” “Why did you wake me up so early?” “Because 6:30,is a better time so everyone can shower and stuff”. “Okay,but I don’t have any clothes” “No we got you something really quick.” “Okay thanks.” You said still unable to identify the male talking before you. You stood up slowly,and noticed he was still standing there. “Good to see you again Sam.“the unidentified boy said leaving the room. Who was that? I opened the bag on the floor,that had a tooth brush,tooth paste,hair brush,hair ties,and everything else as a necessity. Then next to that bag,there was a bag with 2 different shirts,one being light blue and slightly baggy,then a plain white one.then there was loose fitting shorts,which I guessed went with the blue shirt as Pyjamas.then there was a pair of black ripped jeans. With a black lacy bralet,and plain black underwear,and of course socks. Ugh they know me So well. I went to the bathroom,and started my Shower.I always start off my showers cold.then make it lukewarm.I never have hot showers. I looked at the shampoo,coconut.goof taste.and the body wash was coconut too. Ugh these boys have good taste. After my shower,I blew dried my hair with one I found under the sink in a box,and combed through my long brown hair.I put on a little mascara,and filled in my eyebrows a little that’s all I had in my Purse for make up,along with a lip balm but that’s it.You brushed your teeth,and got dressed.you put on your best smile,and went down stairs. All the boys were waiting for you,while sitting in the living room. “Finally!“Nash yelled standing up with his arms wide. “I know I’m sorry,but a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do” You all piled out of the house.and into there cars.you saw your car parked in the parking lot. Who brought my car here? You guys drove to some fancy breakfast place.the lighting was dim,it was overall a really nice place. You guys sat in a huge booth,in the lounge.you decided to sit beside Sammy,and Taylor.because you knew Taylor would be awkward.and you love making people uncomfortable.you all piled in the booth. “Hi!Im your waiter Nathaniel,is there any drinks I can get you to start?"he asked in a perky voice. All the boys said weird fancy drinks,and then my basic ass bitch ass self said "Milk”,fucking milk.because bone health is important. All the guys laughed at me. Taylor was silent the entire time.then he took out his phone and texted me.I heard my phone going off but I didn’t reply.Sammy kept looking over at me. All the boys seems so weird. “So Sam,you know every guy here is like In love with you right?"Cameron said,laughing. I pursed my lips to the right,and thought of something cocky to say. "Well I mean I’m irresistible.” Sammy nodded while biting his lip nudging my leg with his. I just sat there still. The waiter finally came to give us our bill. “Who’s willing to pay $448?"Matthew said reading the bill looking around the table. "I mean,I can.Its the least I can do."I said in a serious tone. "Thank you babe."Gilinsky said smiling at me with thanks. On the way back instead of going with G,I went with Taylor.because he didn’t say a single word that whole time. When I opened the passenger door,he looked terrified. Shit,This Lamborghini is fucking beautiful. "Look Taylor,I know we had awkward tension before but it’s a new day.Im back now.and you can’t act like I hate you.Taylor I don’t.You just need to speak up."I demanded buckling my seat belt. He didn’t respond for about 2 solid minutes. "Okay,but will you promise me that you’ll talk to me.and we’ll be closer than we were before."He asked with worry in his eyes. "Of course” I leaned my head against the window,because the ride to their place was rather long. I could feel Taylor looking over at me every so often. The tension in the air went away,and I suddenly felt relieved. Taylor was a good person,with a lot of cars.and girls took advantage of him because of it. I walked through the door of the apartment,and threw myself on the L shaped couch. "Hey Sam,can you help me with something?"Taylor called from the kitchen looking at a bunch of paint swatches. "Yeah” “Grey,or navy blue.” “I’d say grey,My room was navy blue when I was 11.” “Grey,knew you’d pick that!"He snarled. "Haha,yeah” “Sam you have no soul,girl.” “I know I know.” I said kissing his cheek. “Thank you"Taylor said forgivingly. I walked upstairs to the loft where the rest of the boys were. Taylor seemed flustered. Why did I just kiss him? As soon as I walked up the stairs Johnson came over to me. "We’re really happy you’re here."he said to me,staring into my Soul. "I am too,I’m here for you guys if you need anything.” “and we’re here for you.” “I appreciate that” “Sam,will you do the occasional booty call” “Jack I’m not a hoe.” “But will you” “Depends on whom it is” “Ohh,Sam has a crush” “No I just have boundaries.Im not fucking every guy here.” “I get it I respect that,I respect you.” “And I thank you for that.” Once our awkward conversation was done. Gilinsky looked at me long and hard. I didn’t know why,but then Johnson walked and they went away talking privately. He’s totally telling him about it conversation. I went back to my room,because the boys seemed busy. Sammy,was looking around my room. “What are you doing?"I questioned. "Oh..I..um..sorry"he hesitantly said rushing out of the room. I took,a 2-3 hour nap. Then got up again,at about 4. I decided since I’m not going home Anytime soon,to maybe go shopping. I put my hair in a high pony tail,and went downstairs,and grabbed my purse. I had a lot of money on my account because I did just have a job.and my parents give me money every two weeks for college food and anything else. I had about $8000,and I wasn’t one to brag about it. I managed to walk by all the guys,and they didn’t notice. I walked to my car in the parking garage.and noticed a letter in the window.‘Never ever leave me again -Jack Gilinsky’. Sap. I found the nearest mall,and went to every store.and bought so much shit.I could barley carry it. I hadn’t checked my phone all day. I opened the lock screen to see what time it was.and I had 17 missed called 7 being from back,5 from Sammy,3 from Shawn,and 2 from Nash. 11 angry texts from Jack,and the 3 from Taylor I hadn’t read yet. Oh shit. I got in my car,and sped home.my bags took up the whole back seat.and it was crazy.I was relieved tho. Basically bought a whole new wardrobe. Thank god,I needed that. I walked in the door,and rushed up stairs.Bags all up my arms and everywhere.there was at least 30+ bags,my arms hurt,Lordy. "I KNOW I KNOW IM SORRY ILL EXPLAIN"I yelled running upstairs trying not to loose my balance.With all the bags. I set them down on my floor,and ran back down the stairs.out of breath. "Okay okay okay,I’m sorry I didn’t tell you where I was going.I didn’t think it would be a problem.I just bought basically a new wardrobe.because I have nothing.and I thought it would work.” I rushed to say. “You should of told us something."Jack (G)said sternly. "Sam we were worried,you could of left is again.and you know how much we love you."Shawn said. "I know I’m sorry” I felt like it was a really awkward thing for the guys who didn’t know I was gone. G took me to his room,and we had a long deep talk. “look I know I’m over protective.and that I don’t trust you.because I feel like you’re gonna leave me again.and leave the others.they all love you.and so do I.also they all have a crush on you."he chuckled. "I know and-” He cut me off. “Just don’t worry about clothes or anything.well buy you anything you need or ask for.Alright baby girl?” “Alright."I nodded my head. Jack gave me a hug,and it was comforting.I felt safe. "I missed you so much."I whispered. "I missed you too."He said so quiet I could barley hear him.He correspondent my back. Shit I have goose bumps. ___________________________________________ Okay,so I’m kinda making this story where she doesn’t like Taylor,but she’s making him know he’s not left out.and that she has equal respect for him.and all the other boys.because she’s gonna be a flirt ok. Thank you for reading.sorry if it was kinda all over the place!! -Aub. (The texts will be posted soon.)

i really should go watch the newest sailor moon crystal episode but i feel like i will be disappointed with the lack of gay so instead i will just invent rei/minako scenarios in my head and pretend that is canon


good plan

excellent saturday night wow