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art blog bc it’s a creative thing so w/e

sewed myself a super quick tired dad™ bc felt is cheap and i was bored
he’s really simple and not that great but considering it cost me like ~$3 worth of felt and an hour, it’ll be a nice spacefiller for my bag


Honestly, I love the person I’m becoming. So much negativity cut out of my life, I’m healing and realizing things about myself and life is looking really good right now

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The first thing Prompto does (aside from hugging him, of course) when Noctis returns after ten long years, is press his ear against the King's sternum. He seeks out the ever present beat of his heart, which serves to validate the reality of the situation. "You're really back.."


The sudden physical contact had been shocking but much appreciated. Even though he’s gotten to pat each of his friends on their shoulders, holding Prompto against himself like this makes him realise just how real all of this is like a lens that’s finally focusing on reality.
He would have rather held onto him a little longer, tighten his embrace, keep the tears in his eyes at bay because he’s older now, he’s the Chosen King now, and Chosen Ones aren’t allowed to cry.

But Prompto moves away and for a second, Noctis starts bracing himself for the disappointment that comes with having to let go of him, of his best friend, the first person who ever talked to Noctis simply because he wanted to talk to Noctis, and not get anything else out of him other than genuine friendship. He starts bracing himself for having to look at Prompto’s face, at pulling his lips into a thin line because he can’t cry even though he knows Prompto might in his stead, even though he knows Prompto’s never been the one he had to hide his tears from.

But then Prompto doesn’t give him the chance to do any of that.
Instead, he can feel the side of his face on his chest and see the mess of blonde hair Prompto still seems to keep the same way even… even after… ten fucking years.
And then he hears his words, the tone, his voice, for real in what feels like forever and probably is very close to forever as well.
And then he closes his eyes, as tight as he can, his eyelids against the force of tears he can no longer hold back. And he puts a hand on Prompto’s shoulder and pushes him back, not too far away, no, just enough that he can look into his eyes when he opens them again.
Yeah, he whispers, croaks almost, all his emotions stuck in his throat because it’s never been easy to swallow them, I really am.

Thanks for insinuating that I’m fat because I won’t follow your insanely strict, vegan, gluten free, calorie counting diet yet again mom, really helps out my self esteem issues. And she wonders why I think being around her is negative to my mental health.

To those of you that have been tuned in to the Extra Life stream all day and are pushing for the things that come up later, make sure you take a break. Get something to drink, grab a snack, get up and stretch, maybe take a nap before that segment you really want to see. Take care of yourselves and enjoy the rest of the stream!


Alright so I was never gonna do this, but after seeing everyone else’s and wanting to remember every moment forever, I am going to rant for a bit!

For starters, I live literally 10 miles away from the theatre and I was excited to go of course, but I had no idea how good it was going to be. Before the show, I had only been obsessed with ‘Michael in the Bathroom’ for half a year and didn’t branch out to the other songs. I didn’t listen to any before the show.

I went with my sister and her friend. We got there an hour early and quickly bought shirts, took pictures in front of the Exit 82 sign, and got drinks. Everybody, and I mean EVERYBODY had the biggest smile on their face. I saw so many Michaels in the crowd and everybody just seemed so friendly!

Alright so we go into the theatre, which by the way, beautiful. We were in the mezzanine on the right side and the view was still amazing. No matter what seat you got, you were guaranteed to get an amazing show.

Now to the people sitting next to us…

So the three of us were in the middle of the row and my sister and I had open seats next to us. We prayed to get respectful people. :)

The lights dim. A lady and her friend sit next to me and I’m like alright this is fine she seems oka- *INSTANT SCREAMING AT THE TOP OF HER LUNGS* and I was like of course. Also she had really curly hair that she would flip and I was like… but she wasn’t bad.

MY SISTER on the other hand.

A group of 4, 2 CHILDREN and their parents, stand up from their seats being told they were in our row. The drunken father proceeds to sit next to my sister and wow boy.

He got up about 40 minutes in and stepped on our friend’s foot. While remaining on said foot, he goes, “I’m sorry I stepped on your foot.” We all had to stand up and let his drunk ass stumble out. When he comes back, he proceeds to ask the friends to my right, myself, and my actual friend if he stepped on our feet as the show is still going on. We were like KEEP MOVING. It was actually pretty funny I wasn’t bothered just amused. Side note, his youngest kid had to have been like 10 and the mother must have not known what the play was about because she had this look :O on her face THE WHOLE TIME. (Especially when it opens with a masturbation scene)


I. I am trying to put it into words.

As I said in the beginning, I hadn’t listened to 99% of the songs I wanted to go in partially blind.

Song #1 More Than Survive: First off, the actor playing Jeremy looks like an actual high schooler. I cute, nerdy, guy I loved him. The vocals were amazing, and the other people on stage rocked too!
*Also, when Michael and Jeremy showed their backpacks with “Boyf” “Riends” I thought the audience was having a stroke.

Song #2 I Love Play Rehearsal: Christine can sing AMAZINGLY. She is super super cute as well! At some point with her and Jeremy she kind of goes ADFKJASDFJASKFJASDFASF on him and the whole crowd was laughing so hard it was great!

Song #3 The Squip Song: It’s from Japaaaaaaaaaannnnn. I laughed to entire time!

Song #4 Two Player Game: CUTE CUTE CUTE OMG. One of my favorite scenes of the night. Michael in general is my fave and whenever he showed his face the crowd lost it. But the two of them playing the game and singing was incredible! Their song was better than the original cast version and now I am sad I can’t listen to theirs. “CAUSE GUYS LIKE US ARE COOL IN COLLEGE” I was swaying in my seat.
*Michael went: “Favorite pwerson and dropped his head on Jeremy’s should and my heart felt so happy.

Song #5 Be More Chill: The Squip. I joke with this term but literally the second he showed up my friend and I were like: Daddy. He was hot. And his voice was BUTTER. Moving on, the song is another one of my favorites. I think it is partially due to the Squip’s voice in general again it just blew my mind! Again, better than the original cast.

Song #6 Do you Wanna Ride?: Pretty good, wasn’t my favorite. Actress was good tho.

Song #7 Be More Chill Part 2: (insert comment from #5 I love Squip)

Song #8 More Than Survive Reprise: I literally can’t say enough how good the singing is in this. I want a Soundtrack version for THIS CAST.

Song #9 A Guy That I’d Kind of Be Into: Beautiful. Christine, the choreography, Jeremy. Everything was just so beautiful. One of my favorites AGAIN. The girl who played Christine also has an amazing voice and I fell in love with it in this song. Also when she goes ….Jake the entire audience gasped.

Song #10 Upgrade: Michael: Don’t leave me alone once you have Squip!
Jeremy: *does*
Me: Sad

~Intermission with drunken dad and family getting up AGAIN~

Song #11 Halloween Party: The costumes were hilarious and kind of reminded me of a calmer party in “Mean Girls” “Everyone is a slutty kitty; so I am a slutty doggy! I’ll fetch!!”

Song #12 Do You Wanna Hang?: Ugh. The song and voices itself were fine, but I really just can’t stand that character. As you can see, I don’t even remember her name.

Song #13 Michael in the Bathroom: THE MOMENT I HAD BEEN WAITING FOR. When Jeremy pushes Michael and calls him a loser, everyone GASP and went silent. FOR THE WHOLE SONG. It was obvious it was the favorite and everyone wanted to listen to it perfectly. Everyone was the most silent for this. The actor was incredible. Voice was beautiful and he was cracking half way through, literally singing half sob. I could listen to him sing it for hours.

Song #14 The Smartphone Hour (Rich Set a Fire): Not one of my favorite songs, but nice costumes! And singing was good.

Song #15 The Pitiful Children: I LOVED THIS SONG. AGAIN, the Squip. That sexy voice I loved it. Also, it was pitch black and everyone had light up shoes?! AMAZING I WAS IN LOVE! And just the way he said “Let’s save the pitiful children!” I was floored. Another song I like better than the original. GET ME A CD OF THIS CAST GDI.

Song #16 The Pants Song: This was a sweet song. Jeremey’s dad made me sad. But it was amusing him going to Michael and talking about his pants and how much his son needs him.

Song #17 The Play: Amazing again. Christine was pure.

Song #18 Voices in my Head: Beautiful ending. When Jeremy and Christine kissed everyone was clapping. When he was in the hospital and his dad came in with his pants everyone gasped and cheered. I was thankful.

Taking Bows: I just screamed so loudly. People were standing from the start they deserved so much appreciation and praise.

The play was breathtaking. I immediately left wanting to come back tomorrow and buy a CD with these people. I was also so sad because now I can only listen to the music, and I just WANT TO KEEP SEEING IT HAPPEN LIVE!

Thank you New Jersey you produced a great thing!

Some lines that I loved:


Michael: “Am I really your favowite pwerson”

Drama teacher: “HOT POCKET BREAK!”

Jake: “I don’t want to do any circular activities! I just want to be with you!”


Rich: “I am totally BI” (I thought I was gonna lose hearing people lost their shit)

Before the play on the big screen: Tweet: “Scream if you have no will to live” (INSTANT SCREAMING)


This goes for the stage sets too! The glowing ropes everyone had for the song and the wires coming from the roof. PERFECT!

Squid people: “All sales are final” (sinister feeling creeps up spine)

Rich: “It is from Japaaaaaaaan!”

Squip: “Jeremy did you knoichiwa? *Japanese* I don’t work when you drink alcohol Jere- *random Japanese*”

Christine: “My squip looked like Hillary Clinton”



Man: tells me he has a crush on me

Same man: doesn’t respond when I ask him on a date