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Do you think there's a good chance smarkle will be endgame? Ik u said GM S16 gave you a bit of a different view on smarkle. But I still think that that wouldn't make up for everything so far such as how smackle flirts w/ practically everyone

I won’t comment on endgame.

There’s a REASON that Smackle behaves the way she does with Lucas (they majorly say part of it in GM Smackle) and that is majorly addressed in sweet 16.

They put words in Smackle’s mouth that I’ve been waiting for her to say since I Am Farkle.

What Farkle actually says is 🤔

so the people i’m living with moved the wifi router and now i can’t use the wifi and i’m kinda really pissed about it

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YES Tell me your (if ya have any of course) headcanons about badd and garou being dads plz

I didn’t want to post these too close together, but given his answer on the last one, I have to share.

Me: -already laughing- “I can’t wait to hear what you say for this one… ‘tell me your headcanons about Badd and Garou being dads. If you have any, of course.’” -giggling-

Hubs: -also starts laughing- “I didn’t before but I do now!“

Me: “What are they?”

Hubs: “Well obviously Badd and Garou have kindergartners that are going into the same class, and they look exactly like their dads and have similar personalities, so they’re always clashing and the teacher is always trying to keep them apart, so the dads keep getting called in to the principle’s office but secretly they’re hooking up while the kids are at school!“

Me: “WAIT. WAIT. WAIT. LET ME GET THIS STRAIGHT.” -so much laughing- “WHAT.”

Hubs: “Because they’re supposed to be gay lovers, right?!“

Me: -nearly falling out of my desk chair- “WELL. YES, BUT…WAIT, SO THEY EACH HAVE THEIR OWN KIDS SEPARATELY?“

Hubs: “Yeah!”

And we’re both laughing so hard we’re almost crying, and Hubs goes on to pitch his idea for a show where all the characters from OPM have their own kids and they go to school and have adventures and stuff (”SO IT’S LIKE ONE PUNCH KIDS?!” “YEAH!”)

Moral of the story: Hubs’s ships have holes in them. Don’t get on board.

i wish i could tell luke how good he is, how appreciated and loved he is and how entirely talented and amazing he is and just know that he knows it. I don’t even need him to reply i just want to tell him and be sure he knows

The story of Warframe: how a game no publisher wanted found 26 million players
Everyone told Digital Extremes that Warframe would fail. They made it anyway.

A PC gamer’s article on Warframe.

Not a single publisher said yes. Most of them said outright that the game was doomed to fail. In many cases, the pitch meetings were over before they could even start. Sinclair told me about a meeting they had set up during GDC, saying it once again all came down to Warframe’s theme. “The executives walk in and say ‘I can’t wait to see what you have today, this is great,’” he recalled, “and they turn, see the screen and see sci-fi, and it’s ‘riiiiiip’ goes the record needle and ‘oh it’s too bad it’s sci-fi,’ and the meeting was over.”

Man, reading it made me so happy! YOU SHOWED THEM, DIGITAL EXTREMES!

The Signs as Simon quotes

(Decided to do this bc of the good things on the vik one, ya know?)

Aries: “The word seven has five letters.”

Taurus: “Let’s not fight, let’s just make love.”

Gemini: “I’ll give you my legendary semen! Wait, what did I say?”

Cancer: “Don’t call me Simon… Call me dragon dildo.”

Leo: “Love a good old bit of meat in my mouth.”

Virgo: “Do you live in a cornfield? Because I’m stalking you.”

Libra: “Welcome to the MiniFuckUps.”

Scorpio: “If you’re calling someone a pussy, all you’re saying is that you like them.”

Sagittarius: “Does that count as a blowjob if you blow up an inflatable dildo?”

Capricorn: “Her body is on top of my meat.. Wait, no.”

Aquarius: “I hate everyone except me.” 

Pisces: “Shut up Simon, you prick.”

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How would the axis + Ivan + Alfred react to their best friend coming out as gay?

Ludwig (Germany)- He’d be a little surprised for a few seconds, then he’d calmly say that their sexuality would never change anything between them, and that he was glad to be their best friend.  

Feliciano (Italy)- He’d hug them and say how he’s happy he is that they told him, and that he’s lucky to be such good friends with them. He’d probably end up being more emotional about it than his friend.  

Kiku (Japan)- He’d be pretty quiet at first, as he’d be a little unsure of how to respond. Not many people talk about personal stuff with him, so he’s not used to reassuring people. Nevertheless, he’d eventually say that he cares about his friend immensely, and their sexuality wouldn’t ever effect that. 

Ivan (Russia)- He’d be a bit quiet too, but eventually he’d give them a small smile and tell them how brave they are for coming out. He’d also tell them how great of a best (and pretty much only) friend they are, and that he’s happy they trusted him enough to tell him. 

Alfred (America)- He’d sport a wide grin and give them a bear hug literally right after they told him. He’d say he totally doesn’t mind what their sexuality is, and that they’d always be his best friend no matter what. 

Isshin: Ichigo.
Ichigo: What?
Isshin: I have something important to tell you.
Ichigo: it’s not another secret like how I found out I’m a hybrid human-Quincy-Shinigami again is it?
Isshin: No, it’s even more important than that… It’s…
Ichigo: Yeah?
Isshin: Masaki and I probably would have more children so it’s up to you to break our record, Ichigo.
Isshin: Ichigo, you have a duty to uphold! You will be carrying on the family name and must have four or more children, but they must include twins–
Ichigo: As if I can control if my wife and I could have twins–WAIT WHAT THE HELL AM I SAYING SHUT THE FUCK UP, DAD–
Isshin: Alright, fine, since we haven’t known gigai to be able to go through pregnancy maybe you can stop at four, but you still need twins, it runs in the family! I’m sure Urahara can make a gigai that–
Ichigo: CAN YOU JUST SHUT THE HELL UP?! And how the hell can you say twins run in the family, only you and mom had twins the rest of your families don’t have–NOT THAT IT MATTERS I MEAN SHIT–
Isshin: –and Rukia-chan is tiny but I think she has wide hips, but I’m sure Urahara can alter her gigai for better birth–
Rukia: Alter my what? Underestimate me??
Isshin: …
Ichigo: …
Isshin: *thumbs up at Ichigo and Rukia*
Rukia: *returns gesture in confusion* um…
Ichigo: I’m going to kill you.


Gosh I haven’t uploaded much art in a while…


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