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Combo of the Day (7-28-16): $2.76
Heartmender - $0.73
Twilight Shepherd - $0.36
Nevinyrral’s Disk - $1.67

Today’s special is Selesnian lockdown. Have Heartmender and Shepherd on the field and play Disk. Now wait a turn. On your opponent’s upkeep, pop Disk and destroy everything. Heartmender and Shepherd will return to the battlefield because of Persist. Once Shepherd is on the field, she will return Disk to your hand. On your upkeep, Heartmender will remove the -1/-1 counters from both of them. Now you are free to play Disk again, make your opponent panic for a turn, then hit the reset button again. You’re going to make them feel like they are living out Groundhog’s Day.

  • Me:*puts latte on bar*
  • Me:I have a double tall latte
  • Customer:Excuse me, but I ordered an iced americano
  • Me:...no, don't worry. I haven't made that one yet. This one isn't yours.
  • Customer:That's fine, but I didn't order this.
  • Me:I'm making your americano right now. The double tall latte is someone else's drink.
  • Customer:I don't have time for you to remake it, it's fine.
  • Customer:*takes latte and leaves*
  • Me:¯\(°_o)/¯