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Colors (Part 2) [Min Yoongi  x Reader]

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Genre : Mafia/gang AU (M) 

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Part 2: Mint


Why is it so cold out here? Why does my bed feel so cold?
Wait, this doesn’t feel like my bed. I’m not in my bed.  It feels like I’m on the cold, hard ground. What is happening?


I hear something. Someone… Someone is talking. What are they talking about? Are they talking about me? I see figures floating in a distance. Who are these people? Are they even real? Maybe I’m just dreaming. I’m dreaming. I’ll wake up soon.

Then I see a head floating in front of me. Looking at me. He’s saying something I can’t make out. His face is blurry. I only see his hair, his mint green hair. Such a pretty color. Who is he?

I hear a loud “THUD!”  Like when something hard hits the human flesh or Like when someone gets punched really badly and then a loud scream! Someone was crying out in agony. And that’s when I realized, this isn’t a dream. I’m on the cold hard ground. I’m still in the playground where Yungjae tried to chock the life out of me. I opened my eyes slowly and tried to move my neck a bit but everything hurt like hell. I tried to move a little but then suddenly, there was a hand waving in front of me.

“Oh look who’s awake!” someone said in a shrilled pitch. “Wakey wakey precious” the person said again this time in a very joyful manner.

I looked up and saw a man standing in front of me. He had a big smile.  Almost too big for his face. Though it was a pretty smile. But it wasn’t the beautiful smile that caught my attention.  It was the blood. On his hands, the hand he was waving in front of me 2 seconds ago was smeared with blood. Not his blood. He had blood on his knuckles too.

The man looked at me again, still wearing his pretty smile “You woke up on the right time! I wouldn’t want you to miss the show” He said while pointing somewhere. I followed his finger and saw what was happening.

They were 3 men. One was tightly gripping Yungjae’s hair from the back. Another one standing in front of him. He had an aluminum baseball bat in his hand. And the third one, the third one was standing a little far away from them. both His hands tucked nicely inside his coats pocket. He was the one with the pretty green hair. He was staring at Yungjae with a strange bored look on his face.  And Yungjae, He was crying and pleading. His face was a bloody mess. His one hand looked limp. It looked broken. His jacket, the expensive one, the one which was more important than my pathetic life was on the ground ripped to shreds. And I wondered, is this some kind of revenge they’re taking for ‘me’? Are they really looking out for me? I didn’t understand why they were doing this to Yungjae. To me, these people didn’t look like the “savior” type.

And then The green haired man said something to the man with the baseball bat, the man smirked a little before moving the bat up to his shoulder and bringing it down to Yungjae’s stomach with so much strength Yungjae fell to the ground. He was coughing up blood now and I gasped audibly.

The one with the green hair was now looking directly at me. His head tilted a little as he kept gazing at me from a distance.  He had no expressions on his face so it was hard to tell what he was thinking. The man kept staring at me for a while and then broke the gaze and looked at the man standing beside me, the smiling one.  Then he looked at me again. The smiling man looked down on me only this time he wasn’t smiling. I started to back paddle and the man started walking towards me. “Boss is calling you precious!”

In a blink of an eye his hand was grabbing the back of my neck tightly as he made me stand up and dragged me towards the green haired man. Maybe it was just instincts, I started to scream and claw at his hands. I shook my head furiously to wriggle free from his grip but his grip just got tighter.
“This one is wild. I guess Jiminie was right after all!” said the man before throwing me on the ground towards the green haired man. ‘Jiminie’ that name sounded so familiar.
I was beside the bruised and beaten Yungjae now. I looked at him and kept thinking “are they gonna do this to me too?”

a hand gripped my arm tightly and pulled me up. I was face to face with the Green haired one.

I stood there with my head held high. I decided to be brave just for once, I thought if I showed a little courage maybe they’ll let me off easily or just kill me directly. I won’t have to suffer like Yungjae. So I stood there and stared directly at him . i knew even if I die today I won’t go crying and pleading for my life.

After staring intently at me for some time, the one with the green hair finally spoke .

“What’s your name?” He asked with his head tilting a bit. He still had that look, the disinterested look, the one that clearly said he didn’t give two shits about your life.

“Y/N” I told him without any hitch.

“What’s your relation to him?” He asked while pointing at the half conscious Yungjae beside me. I turned to my right and saw him writhing in pain. I wanted to feel sorry for him but then I remembered he’s the reason why I’m here. He deserves it.

“He asked me out on a date” I said turning to look at man again.

“Date?” the man said with a very condescending smirk. Why was he smiling like that?
“What’s so funny about it? It was just a date” I blurted . And instantly regretted it when his smile disappeared and his facial expression changed into a scowl.

I started apologizing “I’m sorry I didn’t mean-“and before I could finish I heard a ‘click’ and there it was.

Pointed Right between my eyes.

A little pressure on the finger and I would be gone forever. No trace of me will ever be found. Maybe they’ll throw me in some river with Yungjae. if they’re kind enough they would choose to bury me somewhere. I wasn’t scared of death. But scared of the fact that nobody will ever know anything about what happened to me and nobody would care. So I stood there without flinching even a muscle. Waiting for my end .So this is how I die I thought..

But to my surprise he removed the gun from my face and smiled a little. It wasn’t the condescending smirk he had given me earlier but a real smile.

“You’re brave. But you know what they say..” He said while placing the gun back in his coat pocket. “Brave gets you killed” and with that he turned towards Yungjae.

“I wanted my money back. Instead you brought me ‘her’. I shouldn’t even think twice before putting a bullet in your thick skull”

“Please yoongi.. I don’t have any money..That’s why I brought her–” 

“And what the fuck am I supposed to do with her” I could tell from his tone he was angry. It didn’t show on his face but I could tell.

“Whatever the fuck you want” Yungjae said with a bloody grin. I wanted kick that ugly grin of his face.

So that was his plan all along. He was in debt so he tried to sell me to this gang. And I was stupid enough to fall for the whole date thing.

Yoongi crouched down in front of Youngjae and talked to him:

“You really don’t have any money, do you? “He asked Yungjae while fixing his shirts collar.

“I don’t have shit Yoongi. Please” He pleaded again.

“Where did you spend all that money and don’t lie to me?” he was staring at Yungjae with a very empathetic look. Like he almost felt bad for him.

“I .. I gambled it. It was drugs and girls.” Yungjae looked like he was about to cry now.
“So you lied to us when you said you needed money for your mothers medical bill”

“Yoongi.. I” he was cut off by Yoongi again

“And you lied to us when you said you wanted money for rent. That was all bullcrap! Instead you brought yourself shit load of expensive clothes.” Yoongi pointed at the shredded jacket lying there while still staring at Yungjae.

Yungjae didn’t say anything this time.

“And you thought you could get away with it so easily..”

And then Yoongi got up and put his hands back in his pocket again. And sighed a little.  
“You lied to us and you wasted my whole day..” Yoongi said tiredly. 

“Please yoongi.. give me a little time. I’ll make it up to you.I promise.” Yungjae pleaded in a broken tone. Like he would cry any minute now.

Yoongi gave out a long ‘sigh’ this time and closed his eyes and for a moment I thought he was really going give Yungjae one last chance. That maybe we’ll both get to go home and I could forget everything that happened here on this night..maybe, i they’ll let me go home and this nightmare would end.

But then Yoongi opened his eyes and said only one word


Before taking out his gun and shooting Yungjae right between his eyes.
A loud ‘BOOM!’  And His lifeless body fell on my feet. For half a second I couldn’t contemplate what had just happened. There was a hollow ringing in my ears. I Looked down and his eyes were wide open and single bullet wound between his brows. Blood was everywhere. My shoes started to get soaked with blood. the ground started to move so fast beneath my feet and i fell backwards and landed on my behind wanted to scream but nothing came out. I started gagging but nothing came out since I hadn’t eaten anything. I wanted something to happen. I wanted the world to stop spinning. I wanted the ‘ringing’ noise in my ears to stop. But truly in that moment I just truly wanted to die’.

“What should we do with her?”  I heard the smiling man ask Yoongi. “Should we kill her?” the man said again while cleaning the blood off his hands.
“That Yungjae gave her to us as a payment.. So we’ll take her as a payment” Yoongi said without even looking at me.
“What are we going to do with her anyways?We don’t deal in that kind trafficking business. Anyways, Look at her. She’s useless! Just put an end to her misery..” smiling man said. For once I agreed with whatever he was saying. 

Please kill me.

“Now you’re going to decide what we should and shouldn’t do? You’re a henchman Hoseok. Don’t try to be more than that-” Yoongi said as he walked past ‘Hoseok’.

Name or no name they all looked like monsters to me.

Just before leaving Yoongi turned around and said “Get rid of that body and tell jimin to call someone to clean all that blood off. We don’t want kids to see all that shit tomorrow ” with that he left.

And again I was lifted off by my arm and dragged by the one called Hoseok. Somewhere. I didn’t know where. I didn’t care.
Turns out it was the dim alley he was taking me to. Maybe he was taking me home. Just maybe.

He took me to the place where I had seen that ‘Jimin’ guy the first time, to the place where Yungjae had told me to wait. To the place where it had all started.

I  remembered all that as he shoved me in the back seat of the black Toyota.

[140517 PT 2: Daejeon] Bangtan Fansign

Part 2 of May 17th fanaccounts (part 1 here):

Since it was first come first serve and we had to make a mad dash half way through the Gwangju fansign to the KTX just to get there for ticketing, my friends and I ended up being numbers 100-102 for the Daejeon fansign, but that was kind of perfect as it turns out because we were right on the aisle meaning ideal for photography opportunities. It also gave us some time to think of new questions to ask them.

There was also a super cute little boy who belonged to one of the Synnara staff members and she told us he was a bangtan fan hehe. When the boys came in and out the walked in through the backdoors of the hall and past all the fan girls to the stage and he ran along with them both times. I think there are some cute pictures of him and V holding hands when they’re leaving, but all mine came out a bit blurry OTL

Taehyung was first. This time Caitlyn went first and I followed right after so I was waiting on the side of the stage while they were talking. The first thing he said to Caitlyn was “Oh you came to Daejeon!…. but… where’s your friend…?” And he kept look over at me. He told her that they/he likes us a lot lol, but he could say why, he said he just does? I think they still find it kind of novel to have western fans even since there are only a handful who have regularly gone to things? Or maybe it’s that they think we look a like? IDK he looked very cheerful about us being there haha.

The first thing I noticed when I knelt down was that he was wearing some kind of bowtie a fan had give him, so I tried to tell him it was cute but then he was trying to tell me something about it and I was really confused as to what he was talking about… he took it off and showed me that it was attached by a bobby pin and then I think he was trying to give it to me?? I was really confused (in my defense I was really sick/dehydrated by the time we got to Daejeon and it only was getting worse). At any rate, he never ended up reading my post-it so I guess I’ll never know who’s the best and worst liar in Bangtan. He asked me my name automatically so I answered, but Jeongguk was listening to our conversation at this point and he made fun of Taehyung for not knowing haha. Taehyung was like “oh right Kat!” and Jeongguk leaned in and went “Yeah its Kat!” like obviously he should know my name, and Taehyung had the grace to look a bit bashful (not that I really expect them to remember my name). It was really cute though.

 When Taehyung slid my album over to Jeongguk he was still kind of teasing him and he repeated my name really enthusiastically like “KAT! Kat Kat!” it was really cute. He’s usually so reserved with me, so this was already out of the ordinary for me and him. I asked him if he ate lunch well and he told me very emphatically that he did and it was delicious! Haha he told me what they ate but I didn’t quite catch it. My question for him was “What’s your favorite snack to get at the convenience store” and he immediately said the spicy chicken snacks (like the ones below) and got really excited when I knew what they were. I said they were really delicious and he was like oh do you like spicy food?? And I was like of course! And I asked him if he ate spicy food well and he was also like “of course!” and we victory high fived lol. He’s was so passionate about his spicy chicken snacks and food in general… now I know if I want to have a good conversation with Jeon Jeongguk, just bring up food!

(This is the food he said he liked: )


Jimin was next and he asked for my name and I looked at him for second to see if he’d remember and he went “ah goyangi!” and wrote to goyangi again. My post-it note asked for him to write/tell me a line from the lyrics he’s tried to write but he just gave me a really confused look and said “what lyrics?” and even though I explained “lyrics by Jimin, by you…” he remained clueless haha. I asked to compare handsizes when he went to give me a high-five and he immediately drew his hand back like no….. and I was please??? And he kept almost doing it and then drawing away like he was nervous but he left it there for long enough that I could tell his hand is smaller than mine T^T he doesn’t really have stubby fingers, they’re just small. His hands are like a childs, they’re perfectly proportionate, kind of pretty even, just so tiny… he’s such a slight person it just wanna hug him T^T Jimin’s little hands…

I think I was really flustered by the time I got to namjoon, I didn’t have a post-it because I was just going to talk to him, but we got derailed over my name (im sorry I feel like this is a really boring fan account to read;;). I wanted to ask him about why he said in the ize interview he likes walking around palaces and such, and which one he liked the most etc, but he asked me my name and I was a little taken a back because he’s actually remembered my name before I’ve said it before and I literally had seen him 5 hours ago so I said “aw you don’t remember?” but then he got a flustered and kept repeating, “I’m sorry but I gotta ask! I gotta ask!” and I honestly don’t mind if he doesn’t know my name so I feel really bad that I made him so flustered about it. I told him it started with a K, and eventually just said Kat, he was like oh right Kat, the only name that starts with a K! and smiled at me but I feel like I made him feel like I was mad at him for not knowing and it wasn’t like that /sob…

 Jhope was listening in on my conversation with Namjoon and imitated his “I gotta ask” and when I told him my name he started to write a C but then made it into a circle saying “with a K right?” so now my album says “toO KAT” lol. My question for him was “Which member wants to have a pet the most?” I But he read my question and wrote “puppy!” and kept saying puppy at me and I was like…. that is not what I asked you hoseok… But when I tried to explain it more he just said “I have a puppy! His name is Mickey!” So I just gave up lmao… (I have no idea how he got what kind of pet do you have/want out of the way I phrased my question either because i wrote basically “Out of the members, who wants to have a pet the most?”)

 I talked to Jin about the car in the picture because it was a mini and my family has a mini. He told me it was the company’s car though. He said he doesn’t have his own car and its really regrettable haha. He thought it was really cool that I had one in the states though! I meant to ask him what his dream car was but I guess I got side tracked. When he saw Caitlyn he told her she was beautiful and pretty and called her “pretty woman” and asked her if she’d knew the movie because it’s his favorite. But… then she was like, “yeah, Julia Roberts?” and he had no idea what she was talking about so we think he was totally lying about that being his favorite movie haha. After she asked him what he’d food he’d cook for her if they had dinner together and he said “Chicken” which usually means fried chicken.

 Suga was last and the first thing he asked me was if it was hard getting from Gwangju to Daejeon and I said only a little bit… we had to go very quickly. He asked me how we came so I told him KTX and maybe it wasn’t a very interesting conversation, but it was really nice. He just chatted with me about coming and going, but something about Yoongi just makes every interaction seem special. I know I’ve said that I always feel like the last member is unsatisfactory due to my collapsed state of mental being, and that it’s usually Yoongi, but this was slightly less of a fail than I usually am by the time I get to him. He even answered my post-it question which was “Who is the most gullible member of Bangtan?” Apparently according to Suga, it’s Hoseok. I almost forgot I’d even written him a question so when he looked and me and said “J-hope” I was momentarily thrown off, but then he said “J-hope is the easiest to fool” and I remembered my question.


I spent the rest of the fansign trying to take pics and not collapse because I seriously felt so terrible but overall it was a really good two fansigns even with us nearly missing our train. The boys were in a really great mood for both, and we kind of thought they’d be more tired for the second one but they were, if anything, in even better moods! Their lunch must have been awesome hehe. Because Monday was Coming of Age Day in Korea for all 95 liners (and apparently Namjoon?) they sang some kind of typical coming of age day song at the end and during picture time decided that they’d all just try and poke Jimin’s face in the name of the coming exciting day where he would become an adult (even though he wasn’t the only one??). I think they like teasing Jiminie the most haha.

For both fansigns the boys were in really good spirits and interacted with each other more fluidly than I’m used to seeing them. Usually at fansigns there are members like J-hope and Jimin who like to interact with the members near them and members like Jeongguk and Jin who focus mainly on the fans in front of them or occasionally into the crowd, and members like Rapmon who when he’s not with or about to receive a fan, spends he free moments cheesin for the crowd. Because they have a completely unset order for their seating arrangements you never know what your going to get, but even members who don’t usually seem that interested in talking to the one next to them were being playful with each other. At Gwangju, Jimin and Jeongguk kept talking to each other and Jhope would join in too, which wasn’t that unusual but super cute. I think I was most intrigued by how cute Jimin was being with Rapmon at Daejeon. He had his arm around him for the first couple minutes and was chatting with him a lot while things were being set up when they first came out. I think they’re surprise time off (at least from schedules) was really good for them. They seemed very refreshed, they looked amazing and vibrant and they’re relationships seemed really good. If they’d had their planned schedules they’d probably have promoted Haruman for the beginning half of May and have dove straight into Japanese promotions with hardly any rest, so it worked out in their favor I think. As they were leaving the stage at Daejeon, one of the members (90% sure it was Hoseok) sang a few lines of Miss Right and now I really want to see a performance of it, I hope they do it live some day…