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So, the process of tracking AO3 output has gotten a lot more time-consuming since the fandom expanded (the amount of new fics per month has tripled!) and I haven’t made a new post in a couple of months, but I’m still here. I may be crying over some of these weird-ass ship combinations y’all come up with, but I will survive.

Here’s where we stand as of the end of January:

If you’re reading this and going “WAIT, THAT DOESN’T MATCH WHAT AO3 SAYS!” then ding ding ding, you are correct.

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How Dan and Phil probably broke up #15
  • Dan: buffy sucks

For @sodomymcscurvylegs Reasons why he’s problematic and needs to delete (long post btw)  

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The Blind Boy - Phanart - @jilliancares

Okay, first before we start, let’s please give my poor pens a big round of applause bc poor things I thought I would lose them on the way.

This is the phanart i made for the phanfic The blind boy by jilliancares (which if you are part of the phandom and you haven’t read. Just. Why. Go. Now.) There were so many more parts I wanted to drawwwwww, I actually had more but after a tiny accident in my kitchen (kids, don’t eat while drawing), well, stuff happened, but i really want to draw moreeee. Who knows maybe i’ll do a part two.

hEY jILLIAN. I managed to finishhhhhh. Wuhuuuuu. Pls don’t stare at it too much or else the mistakes are going to reveal themselves. Jk stare at it as long as u want hujujujuuuu. Getting to the important bit, I LOVE YOU AND YOUR STORY WAS AWSOME AND I CAN’T WAIT TO READ MISPLACED (im saving up the chapters, why do i do this to myself) AND JUST LET ME TELL YOU THAT I LOVE THE WAY YOU WRITE AND sorry if i let you down with the drawings I TRIED MY BEST. I LOV U



Who’s Your Daddy?

/ Part 1 /
/ Part 2 / / Part 3 / / Part 4 /

Author: Joi A. Wade

Requested: Who’s your Daddy is my religion.,  Who’s your daddy is so good! 😍,  I can’t wait for another part!,  Are you going to make another who your daddy?

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Warnings: Swearing, pregnant!reader, daddy!gladers

Summary: The creators sent up a new greenie instead of supplies…they weren’t expecting a girl. And to put the icing on the cake, she’s pregnant with a note rested upon her bulging belly. Once the note is read, and the girl wakes up…all hell will break loose.  Who is she? Why is she there? Who is the father of her baby?

After the meeting was over, the walls have already opened; Thomas and Minho were now currently an hour and a half late for their run. 

“We don’t have much time to waste today, so just shorten the route I gave you this morning, and we’ll figure out what to do about the rest tomorrow. Good that?” Minho instructed, but got silence in return. Turning his head to look behind him, he saw that Thomas was off in his own little world. But, when was he not? 

“Do you think it’s yours?” 

That question threw him off guard a little bit. I mean, sure, they’ve been throwing accusations at each other and ridiculous scenarios since this morning; but not one of them had actually asked. Minho stopped in his tracks, running a hand through his hair while he thought about it. 

“I don’t know, man. To be honest, I hope not. And I hope it’s not yours either.”

“What?” Thomas squints, somehow feeling very offended at his statement. Placing his hands on his hips, he tilts his head to the side. “Why?” 

“Think about it, Thomas. We’re runners. Everyday we risk dying to get out of this hell for everyone else. Why would you want to put a girl you love and your unborn child through that kind of shit? A thought, a slight chance, that you might not come back to them. I don’t want that kind of stuff on my mind when I run, it’ll distract me.” 

“But, wouldn’t that give you more of a reason to come back? I mean, we can both end it all right now, no looking back. I mean, yeah, our friends will miss us, but it’s not as deep as being loved by someone, and the connection you’ve built that’s going to be born-”

“Thomas, where are you going with this?”

Seeing how restless his friend was getting, he shuts up. Shaking his head with a sigh, he decides to dismiss the conversation. “Nowhere. Forget I brought it up.” 

Minho watched as Thomas started up his jog, going in his own direction. His question still lingered in his mind, echoing on the account of it being unanswered. ‘Do you think it’s yours?’ He wasn’t completely honest about him hoping it wasn’t his. Y/n was pretty, and the thought of being the lucky shank to snag her brought a faint smile to his face. But, as quickly as it came, it vanished. 

There’s no way he would be dumb enough to get that close to a girl. At least he hoped not. 

Newt had did his best to show Y/n that everyone in the glade was nothing to be afraid of. Sure, it can be a little overwhelming, but nothing to run and hide over, right? Right. But, this isn’t the case. Y/n is not only a girl, but a pregnant girl. That took unwanted attention to a whole new level. 

For those who didn’t have to work, or were on their breaks, approached the second-in-command. Unwanted hands came at Y/n, poking and rubbing her stomach, bombarding her with questions she couldn’t answer. Newt tried to shoo them off, he even called Alby over, and little Chuck tried helping. But, it finally made the poor girl snap. With whatever ability she had, she managed to escape, running as fast as she could let herself, and toward the ‘safe’ watchtower. 

“Y/n! Wait a minute, I don’t think that’s wise in your condition!” 

Oh, what does he know, she thought. Once she made it to the top, she was able to catch her breath, a gentle hand placed on her stomach to see if everything was fine. Getting a harsh kick back was enough reassurance. The sound of cluttered voices could be heard from below her, all of the boys crowding around the tower, unsure what the next move should be. 

Seeing all the commotion, Gally sprints his way over, standing next to Newt while squinting up. “What’s going on here?”

“[Sigh] These bloody shanks don’t know the meaning of personal space, and ask too many damn questions, it overwhelmed Y/n. So in a panic, she ran all the way over here.” 

“Pregnant girls can run, with those things dragging them down?” 

“Well, as you can see, I guess so.” He gestures up to the towers, watching her peek to make sure they all stayed on the ground. “Love, please, come down! This isn’t safe!” 

“I don’t know about you, but I feel much safer up here than I do down there! I’ll be staying up here from now on, and you all stay away from me with your filthy hands!” 

Groaning, Newt motions for a few of the gardeners to head over to the tower to climb; when one of them were to touch the ladder, a couple rocks struck him on the head. 

“Ow! The hell?” He looks up, only to receive more rocks to rain down onto him and his buddy. “Aye! Stop it!” 

“Y/n, don’t throw rocks! You’re not going to be harmed, I gave you my word!” Newt tried to reason, but the rocks just kept coming, with one hitting him in the head as well. “Ouch!” 

“Hey! Throw one more of those things-!“ Rock to the forehead. “Ow! Alby! Shucking do something!” 

“Calm down! Everyone take a couple large steps away from the tower. Give the lady her space, before you raise her blood pressure any higher than it is now.” 

“How in the hell do you know that?” 

“I’m the leader of you shanks. If anyone knows about ‘raising blood pressure’ it’s me. Now move back.” 

Doing as he says, everyone was a good distance to where the rocks were finally done dropping. They watched as Y/n could finally calm down and sit, possibly leaning against one of the trunks to slow her heart back down. 

“Now what?” Zart asks. 

“Everyone back to work, besides Newt and Gally. This is their problem now.” 

“What?” Gally exclaims, while Newt was already heading toward the ladder. “Alby, I’ve got stuff to do, I don’t have time-!”

“Until her memory returns or that baby is born, you are stuck with her. You want everything to go back to normal, I suggest you start putting in an effort on figuring this klunk out. Good that?” 

With a grunt, Gally stomps behind Newt, getting to the ladder. This was already a pain in the ass, and the baby wasn’t even born yet. Once he’s made it to the top, the scene before him makes his sour mood disappear in a flash. There she laid, passed out from exhaustion and dehydration. 

There’s no telling when her last meal was. 

“Shuck!” He exclaims, quickly crawling the rest of the way, and kneeling by her side. Newt on the opposite side was fanning her as hard as he could, practically blowing on her face. “What the hell happened?!”

“She’s passed out! I-I don’t know what to do, what are you supposed to do when a pregnant girl faints?” He gently lays her head in his lap, fanning her with both hands now. “Go get some water, o-or something she can eat! Hurry!” 

“Why the hell didn’t you say anything when I was still shucking down there?!” He shouts, quickly trying to shimmy down the ladder. 

“I thought she was sleeping!” 

“That is the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard you say!” 

“Shut your bloody mouth, and just get help!” 

A Hidden Hero (2/?)

Summary: Tony argues with his daughter about what is better for her and how she needs to listen to her father in order to stay safe. 

Pairings: Eventually Bucky Barnes x Reader 

Warnings: Father and daughter arguing. Father treating his daughter like a child 

Word Count: 1000ish 

A/N: I really love theses series, thanks to @soulful-ofevans . If you want to be added to this tag list, let me know. Thanks for reading 😊 

Part 1 

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One time in class this girl asked ‘what’s fanfiction?’ and me, being the fanfiction expert I am decided to speak up. 'Read the hat fic. Then you’ll understand’ I said.

And that was how I managed to make my enTIRE FUCKING CLASS read the hat fic. I don’t think they see me as the 'sweet innocent smart one’ anymore.

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Thank you so much for following. The Cannimals and I are so looking forward to getting to know you. But if you are wondering what in the fullerverse you have gotten yourselves into, here are some information about this blog. (All good intentions to actually put information on my page has been waylaid by procrastination. Also i’m easily distracted by Hugh Dancy)

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Reaction no. 47: When it’s really cold and rainy outside, but you need to leave home.

Why couldn’t I stay at home and watch dramas? 

(Look, look! I’m a walking burrito!)

Ok i just read about the supposed two novels so I should wait a bit before speaking up but I have some things to say.

First off, I’m conflicted. I’ve always shipped renruki, but as a side ship. Ichiruki was so much more that rr was almost a crackship. The problem with rr is that while I’ve seen Renji’s love (besides the mistakes he made), I never seen Rukia consider him anything but a friend. Then one could ask, why don’t you ship IH then? Because I don’t think Orihime’s love is true. Renji works hard to be better for rukia, to be worthy of her (never successful though), he respects and understands her. Hime doesn’t. She doesn’t really understand ichigo. He brings out the worst of her (jealousy, for example). Renji, like ishida, was never jealous of ichigo. Renji put his life at risk for rukia. Hime never did for ichigo. In the end, she wanted to be strong but resorted to being rescued, afraid of the supposed love of 5 lifetime, and wearing a revealing dress to get his attention (which she got only thanks to chad). So no, ih and rr are NOT at the same level.

Second. I would like to know Kubo’s involvement in this. The first novel was just a written form of the first chapters. The second, Kubo was involved. Very ichiruki. The third, Kubo was heavily involved, making the cover and the title. Still deeply ichiruki. What about these two? Will it be like fade to black VS the hell verse?

Third. So, after getting called an idiot in big bold letters, with gifs, more than once, by a rabid ichihime for considering the novels canon, I would like to know if they will consider this canon. Bc if they do, they have to consider novel (#1)#2#3 canon too. Exactly like if you want ichigo to become hollow because of Orihime (mistranslation) you have to accept also that she said “help me” egoistically(mistranslation).

But after all this, I’m still laughing my ass off because the “main” ship can’t even have one fucking novel about them lmao

I Said I’d Wait For You (Fic)

Notes: This is the actual fic that I’m posting on here, for the Tumblr crowd. It’s close to 9k so that’s why there’s a read more. (This was a Valentine’s present for Marina!) 

Summary: Shaw thinks on past friendships and current ones.

Content warnings: Sexual content (light bondage, breathplay), angst, Shaw-centric 

Shaw remembered, very clearly, sitting at this very same bar with Carter. Instead of rain it had been clear that night, a glorious, late summer night that she revelled in because of getting off early. They’d talked until 11 about the various goings-on in their lives, the conversation stemming mostly from Carter’s end and Shaw gladly lending an ear.

           If she were still alive Shaw was certain she’d ask Carter out for a drink and tell her the long-awaited conversation about Root. About their unlikely friendship. Maybe mention that they were a little more than co-workers and two people who shared a bed for several hours before falling asleep together and apart.

           “Well,” Carter said, in that certain way that Shaw knew she meant business if Root ever crossed a line, “as long as you’ve got someone who can handle you, I see no problems. Has she changed as much as you’ve said?”

           “Yes, but some things still remain the same.”

           “Tasers and two guns.”

           Shaw smirked. “That won’t change anytime soon.”

           They toasted on their last glass of whiskey and downed them in sync. The bar emptied out, patrons retiring for the night and going home. Shaw wished the moment would continue for just a little longer, because she liked Carter and admired her; she was hard-working and a person who was almost always on the right side of the law.

           Shaw leaned her head on the back of her seat, closing her eyes briefly. “Maybe you would’ve liked Root,” she said softly, “despite how crazy she sometimes is.” She sat up, resting her hands on the steering wheel of the car. The inside was warm from the heaters while outside was bitterly cold. There was slush on the ground, turned black and brown from tires and dirt. The sky was clear and blue, with little wisps of cloud hanging over the tops of buildings, moving in the cold wind from the north. Shaw wanted a coffee. Maybe she could ask Root if she could splash a little whiskey into it if she got the chance.

           Shaw shifted in the leather seat, running her hands over the steering wheel again. This car was hers. As thrilling as breaking into other people’s nice sports cars was, she figured she had the funds for a decent car. Root teased her only mildly, “Turning over a new leaf.” Though perhaps she was right. They’d started over and the last year and a half was nothing if not a sort of searching adventure, finding themselves again in the rubble Samaritan’s destruction had left behind.

           The passenger side door opened, bringing with it a blast of cold air and a rush of sweet perfume. Root slammed it shut with a sigh and handed Shaw her coffee. The tip of her nose was red and her cheeks were pink from the bitter wind. Root rubbed her hands together in front of the vent, then attempted to get some feeling back into her face. She said, “I managed a little bit of whiskey in that. Should perk you right up.” She leaned back in the seat when she was sufficiently warm. “She tells me this bar holds a certain significance to you.” Root’s eyes bored into the side of Shaw’s head but she didn’t bristle. She wrapped her hands around the hot cup, savouring the taste of honey whiskey still on her tongue.

           “I used to come here with a friend, after her hours. We’d sit and talk for a while over drinks and then go our separate ways. Until the next time.” Another sip of coffee. The whiskey was settling in her belly, creating a warm glow. “I think you know who I’m talking about.”

           Root nodded. “Carter.” She reached for Shaw’s cup, stealing a small sip. “She’s told me about her, of course. Sometimes I wish I would’ve met her but I don’t think she would’ve liked me too much.”

           “She would’ve warmed up to you.”

           “Well.” Root brushed slush from her boots. “I did kidnap Harry, after all. And escaped a psych ward.”

           “You’ve changed since then, Root,” Shaw told her softly. “She could see the good in people. She would see it in you and I think she’d be glad you’re my… friend. Despite your prophet tendencies.”

           Root smiled, almost shy at the compliment. “Thank you.”

           Shaw finished off her cup of coffee and put the car into gear. “Anywhere in particular?” She pulled away from the curb, sparing a last glance at the bar before it was nothing but a small building in the rear view mirror.

           “I haven’t had breakfast yet.”

           “Diner it is.”

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  • some person: hey you free
  • some person: wot
  • some person: oh uh okay bye
Hold me tight [ Part 2 : Jin ]

||Teaser || Kim Namjoon || Kim SeokJin || Jeon Jungkook || Min Yoongi || Jung Hoseok pt 1.pt 2 ||

Synopsis : Agoraphilia. Seconds are much easier, much more anticipated … and leave you wanting for more.

Warning : Smut … I mean you might have figures that out by now. 

A/N : I know, this took forever I’m sorry, I hope it was worth the wait ! Enjoy. Excuse any mistakes, I didn’t re-read this … I … just … couldn’t. I’m going straight to hell and you’re all going with me … and yeah … Hi mom !

Originally posted by agustdefsoul

( This gif is like the summary of this smut )

You went on with your day as normally as you could possibly make out of it with the flashes of the night before flying freely through your mind with images of him hovering over you. Every time you closed you eyes, every time you were in complete darkness, you were reminded of him, of his voice, and his warm touch.

As the day went on, as you smiled and held small talks with people or exchanged glances without someone passing by, you felt like you had a secret. A mystery they would never know, that set you apart from everyone else, it might have been a bad mystery but one nonetheless. And you couldn’t say you hated that feeling. Having always been the good girl, it was amazing and exciting to be bad for once in your life, adding to it, a whole lot richer.

Who would’ve thought that just a few hours ago you were about to get kicked out of your apartment , but now, you quit all of your part-times and paid off all the bills that had been piling up. Your decision has already been made, this was the job for you.

Day 2, 10:15 PM,

Your eyes traveled the space, overdressed couples sitting down not even exchanging any words, business man trying to sell their ideas with an overpriced diners, and then there was you. You looked at yourself in the reflection of your glass, make-up and everything that was supposed to make you beautiful painted on your face while you sat alone in the 5 stars restaurant waiting for your client. You weren’t any different from those business man, selling what you had best. To them it was projects and products while to you it was as simple as your body, or maybe it was more complicated.

“ Sorry to have kept you waiting ” The chair dragged across the floor and he sat down, adjusting his clothes. You looked up from your reflection at him, stroke with how handsome he was. So much so that you wondered why he would pay for this, when he might as well have girls throw themselves at him willingly, you know you would.

“ No, it’s okay. I wasn’t here for that long ” Looking at him more intently, you remembered who he was, putting the name and a faint memory of having seen him somewhere before. It clicked in your brain. You’ve watched one of his cooking shows before, where he was the main chef, but as you couldn’t cook to save your own life you were never interested in those shows. He was the owner of the restaurant. You kind of felt special at that moment, when you realized it, a lot of girls would kill to be in your place right now. However, you had to remind yourself that it as strictly business, you weren’t anything special at least not to him.

A few wine glasses down the line, and a whole lot of talking, something you didn’t get to do the night before. Not that you were complaining. The time just seemed to fly by, the people leaving one by one until it was just you and him, alone. He talked while you drunkenly took in the way his lips moved spell-bounding you into staring at him, biting down your own bottom lip, imagining it as his, imagining how those plump full lips would feel between your teeth as you …

“ Y/N ?” His lips met each other into a smirk, stilling until you met his eyes, he had asked you something waiting for you to answer but you were too distracted. You cleared your throat, drinking down what was left in your glass, turning away from the embarrassment.

“ Y-yeah ? ” You feigned oblivion, trying to act like nothing happened. He shrugged letting his smirk twist further into his face.

“ I said, how was your experience so far ?”  

“ Let’s just say that it was much less romantic than this ” You chuckled, trying to fight the dark lust ridden thoughts slowing indulging your vision.

“ Just think of it as a … ” There was a pause where he just stared into your eyes with an unreadable expression “ Meet and greet, before the actual greet ” His eyes fluttered from yours to your glass, painfully empty, and stood up.

“ Care for some desert ?” His voice was soft but still velvety, nice but still with a small hint of commandment “ Follow me ”. You silently did as he said, tracing his footsteps to the back kitchen, everything looking sparkly and untouched. Clean for lack of better terms.

“ Since I did make you wait earlier, I feel obliged to reward you with my greatest creation ” You noticed that ever since earlier, a special smile would form in his expression when talking about food , and his voice would rise an octave above normal. He seemed captivated in his own little world of passion for recipes and tastes and you were captivated into him.

“ Not that one ” He looked back at you, positioning himself in front of one of the multiple

“ I wasn’t thinking of it ” You shrugged “ But, now, I am ”

“ Good ” He smirked again, rolling up his sleeves all the way to his elbows. You found yourself delving back into your now favorite hobby, watching his every movement intently, as he seemed to do everything on purpose, knowing you’re watching. Maybe it was just you, but something about the way his veins popped clear every time he flexed his forearm muscles, cutting the fruit. You moved from his hands to his arms to the board shoulders, moving in the most mesmerizing way, then his prominent jawline and then, his breathtaking lips. You bit down your lip, tongue tracing the inner outline of your teeth, finding it hard to concentrate on anything else, even the words spilling out of those heavenly reddish lips. You were unintentionally comparing him to Namjoon, while the latter had abrupt and rough both voice and actions, even though you couldn’t see him half the time, he exerted that much dominance through the whole time; Jin was much smoother and swifter, he oddly made you feel comfortable while still holding the tension, just enough tension to have you submit to him without him asking.

“ Are you doing that on purpose ?” His eyes weren’t on you for even a second, which made it easier for you to stare all you wanted at the man in front of you.

“ Doing what ?” Your eyebrows furrowed in confusion, puzzled by what he meant this time. He didn’t say anything just motioned to his mouth, having been putting up with you abusing your own lips ever since the night started when he should be doing it, he wants to do it.

“ You know you’re making it really hard for me to focus ” He continued, lighting up the fire the orange flame beautifully reflecting in his chocolaty brown eyes with a golden ring “ I didn’t see you as such a tease ”

“ You’ll be surprised ” You didn’t know the surge of confidence, that always seems to get you in trouble, keeps coming from. But you still had to regret it.

“ Is that an offer or a challenge ? ” He flipped what was in the pan, making the fire grow stronger, but nothing compared to the one inside you.

“ Both ” You breathed out and before you knew it, he stepped closer as you weren’t that far away. His firm, strong hand gripped the back of your thighs pulling you up into his embrace and down the counter. You took a sharp breath, the brusque action making your lungs airless for a split second. Staring at him with wide eyes only to be met with the same smug smirk of victory, you wrapped your legs around his waist pushing him flush against you, surprising him in return. He hummed in response.

“ Is this turning into a competition ?” He whispered into your ear before running his tongue along the small line of your jaw, the feeling of his lips dragging along your skin was nothing but arousing, deeply arousing.

“ I think I’ve already won ” You said in nothing but a breathy moan, feeling his erection growing with each passing second, touch and word.

“ And here I was, trying to keep it romantic ” the warming hands left you to tug away the button of his shirt impatiently “ Fuck that, I want you and now ” his voice dropped an octave, becoming raspy and deep, unlike the soft tone you were getting used to.

Your head turned to the door, your eyes clearly reading Are we really doing it here ?

“ Don’t worry, we’re alone and will be alone, all night long ” He insisted on enunciating each word separately and insistingly.

It was hard to get out of your clothes in that position, and with his refusing to leave your side and your warmth for even a second but the satisfied hum he breathed when you were finally one layer away from bareness.

“ Pink ” He moaned against your lips, you hungrily taking in the vibrations of his voice reaching your core with a chilling shiver of wetness, he ran his tongue on your lower lip before finally biting down lightly then harshly until you were out of breath “ My favorite ”. He left your mouth pending with a last feathery kiss to connect his lips deliciously to your neck, making sure to mark his way to your collarbone then to your breasts. Leaving open mouthed kisses on the naked skin while sloppily trying to one-handedly unhook your bra clasp, the other hand too busy tangling in your hair keeping you in place.

You let out a throaty moan with a particular harsh bite down the sensitive skin around your hardened nubs. “ I can’t wait anymore ” You half ordered, half pleaded pulling him to your lips once again “ I thought you said you wanted me, now ” You mimicked his way of saying it, provoking a shrug and a dark twist in his deep hooded eyes who were now absorbing your messy appearance triumphantly.

“ Indeed, I did ” He stepped back away from you, discarding his own clothes to the floor haphazardly, you took the time to slide off your panties letting them hang on one leg then effortlessly drop to the ground. You didn’t have to time to whine the loss of contacts when his lips were attached to yours again in the most overwhelmingly passionate kiss, your tongues twisting together in the weirdest dance for dominance. It was a small distracting as he pumped his length a few times with his hand before lining it with your entrance, sinking inside of you to the hilt in one strong thrust. Without realizing it you started breathing loudly and shakingly as he didn’t take one second of  stillness before he started moving in and out, drawing a bittersweet pattern as he pulled out to the tip agonizingly slow before plunging back hard and rough, making you clench so sweetly and tightly around him.

He buried his nose into the crook of your neck, adding the fresh alluring aroma of your body wash to the mix of sensations. Your back was incredibly arched, head tilted back, and mind long gone. He pushed you back with every thrust, your skin dragging along the cold metallic counter in a strange painfully yet pleasurable way as he worked his way more and more inside of you brushing against your walls in a way that pierced your throat with moans before you could even control them.  

You finally gave a painful grunt when trying to meet his hips with a strong tilt, lifting your self off the counter with wobbly arms feeling the burn forming on the heated skin. He pulled away to look at you in an apologetic glance when he realized what happened, letting his length slip out of you with a low moan he tried to suppress.

“ Come down, babe ” He didn’t need to ask twice as you quickly hopped off of it turning around to his command, your back now towards him. His palm caressed the reddened spot all so gently, before putting all gentleness aside, pushing your legs open with his knees and easing back into your throbbing walls, stretching you out even more with the new angle. This time, he slowly worked his length back into you one thrust at a time, almost teasingly seeing how you clamped down on him each time urging him to speed up. It didn’t take him much to fill you completely, having aready been stretched enough from earlier, he began to rock his hips into you with a lewd sound of skin against skin echoing around. You started seeing smoke in the air as the euphoria started to settle in the pit of your stomach.

He was more than enjoying the new position, the new control it gave him over you, letting his hand slip under your arm grasping one of your breasts into his hands and squeezing them tightly. You enveloped that hand into yours, making him grip harder, your head low and mouth open to let in all the air you could get with how deep he was hitting you, it felt like he was thrusting into your throat.

“ You’re getting so … tight ” He spoke too closely into your ear, but he felt like miles away only small shattered pieces of his words reaching you, unlike the rough pounds he gave with each enunciation as if trying to reach in deeper, if it was any possible. He admired the shivers that ran uncontrollably through your body onto his own pulsating member, making you spasm out of place when you climax started building up. That was his signal to speed up, pounding senselessly into you, seeking his own release.

“ Jin … fu-” Were the first and last things you were able to let out before it hit you at a new dimensions making butterflies go wild in your inside, the tingly and electric waves that made the small hairs on your body stand as you came around him. He wrapped his arms around you, pulling you up and flush against his chest, losing the once steady pace into a hurried and frantic one. He considered puling out when he felt his own closing climax but the mere thought of you still clenching all so tightly around him, squirming and moaning erratically made him lose himseld. Lost now in the intensified sensation of his continuous motion you didn’t sense his orgasm closing until you felt the warm sprints of his load deep into your walls covering them completely in white. He came down his high with a deep and throaty grunt that pulled you out of your pleasure and into his tight embrace, rounding you in a heated hug, while he was still bucking his hips wildly as he filled you up, feeling his own semen seep out around the base of his member.

You were still panting for much needed air when his movement halted, his own breathing maniacal and he smirked through the thin layer of sweat covering you both. The space more hot than it should be, much more hot.

“ Tell me baby girl, did anyone fuck you like this ?” You would have rolled your eyes at his smug comment but the smoke in your eyes was still not disappearing. You glanced at him over your shoulder, him meeting you with an anticipating glance for the answer you never gave.

“ I smell something burning …” You breathed out quietly.

“ I know, I’m that ho… Ow fuck !” He yelled out, pulling out of you and making you wince a little, your legs giving out for a split second.

The pan was long gone. And the both of you could do nothing but laugh, naked in the middle of a kitchen. All for the new experiences you thought to yourself as you stared at him.

Day 3, 5 AM,

[ Jeon Jungkook, 24, Red

 Big Hotel, Room 878, 11 PM ]

Thank you for reading, Also I wanted to share this beauty of an edit with you guys because I want everyone to see it and I still can’t get over all the dirty things this picture makes me think of ( Picture not mine )

let’s all suffer together

mbti types commonly used tags

ENFP: #funny #lol #omg #wait #i thought this was a picture of a lizard #but turns out #it’s just a man holding a photograph of his wife #whoops

INFP: #why can’t we just love each other #inspirational #puppies

ENFJ: #this is so important #we all need to read this #powerful

INFJ:#let me just tell you my life story in the tags #when I was a child…


INTP: #ref #interesting #aliens #my theory has been confirmed

ENTJ:  #political stuff #i’m running for president #wait #you shouldn’t know that #oh well #I’d make a great candidate tho

INTJ: #this is why we need to delete the internet #aesthetic

ESFP: #cUTE #ok #but seriously guys #we’re not gonna talk about what happened that night #and who may have #or may not have #been left at a gas station #because I am embarrassed #and scared for my life #fashion

ISFP: #awwwwwww #awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww #cute #animals #art

ESTP: #HOT #HOTTT #hHOT #BRO #we should do this

ISTP: #I’m not a spy #i don’t even know #where you would get that idea #lol #government organizations #you shouldn’t know this

ESFJ: #adorable people #friendship #love #food pics #photography

ISFJ: #quotes #inspirational #aww #I exist everywhere and nowhere at once

ESTJ: #money #get rich quick #life goals #important #yes.

ISTJ: #reference #ref #life #adulthood #oh this makes sense now

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you used petty correctly but i don't want to wait any longer :( kgjfkgjdlol

Ah haha thanks for reading my tags anon and answering me. Like I said, I’m really sorry that’s been so long, that’s why I have officially given myself a deadline. Hopefully the wait won’t be so long for all the other parts proceeding it :)

Cheritz Team is too kind to us (´;ω;`) I think they read my massage (´°̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥ω°̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥`)

Somewhere In Neverland

(gif credit to the creator)

Part 2 - That’s My Kind of Night

Part 1

Summary: Jensen Ackles wasn’t looking for love, he had all but given up on finding it. One thing was for sure, he wasn’t expecting to find it in his best friend’s nanny.
Pairing: Jensen x Reader
Word Count: 1,461
Warnings: drinking
Disclaimer: For the purpose of this story Danneel and JJ don’t exist, you shall see why as you read :)
A/N: I am completely overwhelmed by the awesome response I got to this from you guys! I am so incredibly glad you like it! Sorry it took so long to get this part up! Also, tags are being weird and I had some trouble tagging people, if you asked to be tagged and didn’t get the notification for this, that’s why. I’m sorry :(

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