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but it’s better if you do // panic! at the disco

B-b-but maybe they couldn’t find a middle-aged Japanese American actor who looks like hi--

Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa

Yuji Okumoto

Chris Tashima

Brian Tee

And these are just the more famous guys I found on maybe a five or ten minute Google search. This isn’t even including any younger guys they could’ve gone for instead, or some unknown actor just waiting for his callback from a casting agency.

My point is, this casting decision is bad. It’s racist, especially when it’s a known-fact that according to USC’s latest study on diversity in entertainment, released in February, Asians represented just 5.1 percent of speaking or named characters across film, television and digital series in 2014, and at least half of those projects featured no such Asian characters at all. 

And as a long-term fan of the comics who, despite other issues with Japanese and other Asian cultures in past issues, was really happy with Ben and the focus that he got.

It’s bad. It’s awful. And it’s cost me my ticket to see this film.

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As this older white guy comes up to the register to pay, I hear him asks the barista how much for those 2 and points at 2 clearly underage girls who were waiting for their drinks. The barista and I looked at him in shock with mouths open because we couldn't believe he just said that out loud. He saw us visibly surprised and those girls were backing away slowly in fear, so he claimed it was a joke but continued with said joke. We were all Asian girls, so it felt especially offensive and gross

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Dude, my mom came out of my room and was like "Hey, who's the cute Asian guy on your computer? Is he a friend? You shouldn't keep him waiting." So I told her it was Mark, and she was like, "Wow, THATS Markiplier? He's really cute! Like, really cute. Maybe I'll start watching his videos with you. I still think watching people play video games is kinda weird, but I mean... Wow." Long story short, I think my mom has a crush on Markiplier.


Yeah you see I wish I could be happy that a famous viner reacted to kpop but uh not when in the first minute of the music video he says “I feel like he talking about hoes. He gotta be talking about hoes.” No, King Bach, you stupid incompetent misogynistic piece of shit, NCT are not talking about WOMEN who you like to slut shame, in The 7th Sense. But good job making yourself look like an asshole. Also, towards the middle of the video he says “I’m not trying to be racist but….you already know what I’m going to say so I’m not going to say it.” Good, keep your fucking mouth shut. But oh no no guys wait there’s more, he did say it. “BUT IT’S NOT RACIST IF IT’S TRUE! WHO’S WHO!?” You say you aren’t trying to be racist yet you literally just used a racist stereotype saying that all Asian people look the same. Fuck you dude. Close. Your. Mouth.

Not to mention, he’s friends with Curtis Lepore. Who raped his ex fiance while she was unconscious. And when she called him on it on twitter, he laughed and tweeted about how she could say what she wanted but he wouldn’t lose any followers. So yeah, praise King Bach all you guys want for reacting to kpop but he is trash I gtg bye.

Trouble [part 1]

Genre: 💔, 🎭 , 😻

Word count: 3.5 k

Pairing: Reader x Chanyeol

Brief Summary: You’re alone in Florence during summer holiday but your neighbor adds a little bit of spice to your life when a stranger crashes at his place. You, 3 EXO members, Italy, summer. What could happen next?

A/N: Please give me feedback if you read this, it would mean a lot to me :)

part 1, part 2, part 3

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It was raining hard. Mid-summer season had blessed you with a short storm, thunder and lightning surrounding your senses. You sighed as you stepped out of the university into the hot, humid wheather, unhappy about the day you had. A day that wasn’t even over yet. You put your backpack over your head and started walking toward your apartment.

Why were you in school when it was the summer holiday? You signed up for a summer course just because you wanted to have something to do during holiday season. All your friends were in their home towns so you decided to stop with the mourning and do something about it. Your family wasn’t really a healthy one and spending 2 months with them didn’t sound that pleasant at all. So you were stuck here, in a rainy Florence in the middle of the summer. With nothing to do but a stupid course you already regretted signing into. One that was somewhat hard and it wasn’t at all what you expected from a music summer course.

You didn’t have that much to walk, so 15 minutes passed and you were now searching for your keys. Your wet long hair kept getting stuck to your face so angrily you threw your backpack down and tried to pull a ponytail out of the mess that your hair was now. When you bend down to keep the search going, your neighbor Enzo yelled, coming from the car he just parked ‘Y/N I have keys, stop struggling!’

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In addition to a main plot about a mixed race (asian/white) preteen girl who finds out her biological mother is her “sister” who had her as a teen, Disney’s new show Andi Mack has a subplot about a black student being told to straighten her hair because it is “too big.” Guys... this show about 12 year olds might be my new favorite show.
Awake With The Stars

Based on this request:  Hi.. really having some good time reading your writings!! truly amazing:) just wandering if you could do one where this girl(whatever you want to call her) was an agent thingy (something like 007 that has superior skills in killing and worked for the government ) meets ups with the group right after the group escaped the terminus and offers them protection where she has really high still concrete walls and food and supplies that they can reproduce and energy generator as well?!! and she helps daryl take back beth alive and healthy but ends up realising that she loves him but just stays back help him claim his love!!!

Word Count: 2608

A/N - hey guys! here’s a drabble for everyone :)  sorry if it seems a bit rushed, I really wanted to finish it for you guys; already working on the next drabble! enjoy - Kris

Something was off. About them, the atmosphere, everything. I wasn’t sure if the loud explosion and black smoke in the distance was a coincidence or not. I’m sure it wasn’t. These people looked like hell and they looked too distracted to just be passing by.

“Rick, wait. We can’t stay here! We need to go,” an Asian man said to Rick, who seemed to be the leader of the group.

“We need to find shelter and food. Those are more important than killing people, Rick.”

I listened to the conversation carefully. They were lost. Not only physically, but mentally and emotionally. Tension was clear, even though at times, no one spoke.

I thought about it. I thought about it when other groups passed by. My loneliness was not a big issue, but I knew sooner or later, I would crave the voices of others. Voices that were not threatening to kill me, or take over my land. As I thought, I realized the craving was there. I wanted other people around. I needed someone to talk to.

As I stepped out, I made sure to make plenty of noise so I didn’t scare any of them. Instantly guns were pointed towards me. I threw my hands up.

“I don’t want any trouble. In fact, if you don’t want to talk, we don’t have to,” I stated.

“Who are you, and where did you come from?” Rick asked angrily.

“I’m Y/N, and I come from a few miles north of here. I didn’t mean to eavesdrop, but I came to check out the explosion. I heard you guys arguing about a place to stay. I have my own place. High, concrete walls, food, clean water, warm beds. Whatever you need is there. I have an energy generator, so I have light. All the household appliances work. I have medicine, too.”

Everyone kept quiet.

“Where did you come from?” I asked Rick. “I don’t mean before all this. I mean, minutes ago, where did you come from?”

Rick kept his gun pointed directly at my head. “Terminus.”

I raised my eyebrows. “And you took it down? All by yourselves?” I slowly put my arms down. “I’ll be damned. Look, I get it. You just came from a place that claimed it was a sanctuary and it wasn’t, so now you can’t trust anyone. How about,” I paused and pretended to think, “if I lead you into a trap you get to, I don’t know, eat some of my corn. Come on, sun down is in a few hours and I’d like to get back to my home very soon.”

I let my words sink in for the group and turn around. If they really wanted in, they would follow. I wasn’t sure why, but deep down I did want them to follow. I wanted to hear their footsteps and their breathing. For a few seconds, I heard nothing and was disappointed. Suddenly, though, I heard whispers and the first few people starting to follow. I smiled to myself.

We had walked for about an hour before Rick started walking next to me.

“How long until we get there?” he asked.

“Fifteen minutes, maybe. I’m not sure, honestly. On my own, I’m faster so I would’ve been home by now.”

“Hm,” Rick lightly hummed. “Home?” he asked, tilting his head towards me.

I glanced at Rick and raised an eyebrow. “It’s a home, yes.”

“Not many homes around anymore. You been here for a while?” Rick continued peering into my life. I wasn’t sure if I could tell him everything right off the bat, but I invited him to my home, so I figured I should trust him.

“Yes. I’ve been here since the beginning. Actually, my parents were kind of freaked out about the whole apocalypse thing, so I have high walls. There are gardens, I have pantries full of food. I’m glad you decided to come with,” I smiled at Rick.

The group and I walked for minutes before the gates of my house came into view. I could feel everyone’s eyes on me and my house. I was suddenly nervous for what they were going to think of me. And I was now realizing the danger I put myself in.

I allowed everyone inside my home. The messes I left were obvious.

“What do you guys want to eat?” I inquired.

The group looked at me with dull eyes. but once I mentioned food, the color returned. They stood straighter and instead of looking around, they looked at me. Some hands were placed on stomachs and I swear some were drooling.

“Anything you have,” Glenn raved.

I smirked and strolled to my cupboards. “Um, feel free to just pick something out, honestly. I have quite a bit of stuff,” I stated.

The whole group scavenged around, nearly picking up the crumbs if any fell.

I watched the group carefully. They were beaten down to their cores to the point that I could see their vulnerability. They each suffered so much. I couldn’t help but stare.

“Thank you so much for this,” Rick gushed.

“It’s no problem. Where were you guys heading anyway?” I asked. This group was a mess, anyone could tell that easily.

The group looked at each other and shrugged.

“I think all of us thought about finding somewhere safe,” Maggie chimed. “But that’s kinda hard to do these days. It’s hard to trust anyone.”

“I completely understand, hence why I live in solitary. I don’t think I’ve had company since the beginning of this mess,” I rambled.

We all sat around in my living room; some people sat on the floor, others leaned against walls. I sat next to Daryl, who made it seem as if he didn’t want to be there. He sank down against the wall and kept to himself.

I started a conversation by telling a story of mine. Others listened in, and soon we were telling stories from our past. There were tears and laughter and hands touching hands. Shoulders would bump into each other as we swayed to the sound of stories.

“Y/N, what did you do before all of this?” Michonne implored.

“Like, as a job?” I asked. Michonne nodded. “Well, I worked for the government, actually. I, um, never mind,” I chuckled as I poured another glass of wine from the bottle that appeared after a few stories.

“Now you have to tell us,” Rick jested. The others agreed, raising some of their glasses.

I rubbed part of my face and sank my shoulders. I could feel everyone’s eyes on me as I took a breath.

“Well, if you must know,” I paused, “I was a hitman.”

No one reacted. Rick’s smile faltered and Daryl slightly tensed.

“You’re joking,” Carl remarked.

I laughed, “I wish I was. I was working there for eleven years when shit hit the fan. I traveled a bit, though. That part was nice. I’ve been to Cambodia, Ireland, China, Ecuador, name a place and I’ve most likely been there.”

As I continued talking, people put down their wine glasses and leaned forward to hear more of my tale that I had to keep secret for years. My relationships with my family and friends were torn apart. I didn’t have friends, just bosses and targets. I’ve had several names, languages, or looks assigned to me. It was difficult to get used to, but it was almost a Catch 22 because now those skills come in handy in this world.

After I told a bit more about my life, I excused myself to go to bed as well as some other people. I thought about my life with this group. Maybe I could get used to them.


“Oh, I totally got ya there!” I heard a hoot from the other room.

Carol, Maggie, and I were cooking and serving dinner tonight. Well, mainly Maggie and Carol. I would dump in some ingredients, but I would mostly sit on the counter and observe.

“Oh, get up and help, will ya,” Carol chuckled as she gave my thigh a light slap.

I rolled my eyes and slid off the counter, taking over her position. As I started stirring the filling for the pie that would be dessert, Maggie walked over to my fridge.

“Is this your brother?” she asked as she pointed to a picture.

“Yeah,” I huffed as I stirred. “His name was Joe.”

“What,” Maggie paused for a while, “happened to him?”

I blew a piece of hair out of my face, “He died before all of this. Car accident. I’m glad, though. He didn’t deserve to see this. He died before I even got the job for the government. I’m also glad for that.”

Maggie nodded. I could see tears form in her eyes. She sniffed before turning to me.

“I’ve lost some people, too. My sister is also missing. I don’t know if she’s alive or dead right now. I almost wish for the latter in hopes that she isn’t suffering,” Maggie sniffled.

I placed my hand on her shoulder. “Where was the last time you saw her?”

We talked about Maggie’s sister, Beth, for a while. What she was like, who she was, where she was going with her life. Before too long, dinner was done and Daryl walked through the front door after having a cigarette.

Maggie glanced at him before looking to me quickly. She knew we had grown close over the course of several months of living together.

“That’s another thing about Beth,” Maggie mumbled. “She was really close with Daryl. And by close I mean,” she glanced back into the living room, “very close.”

I furrowed my eyebrows before looking to the floor. For a split second I hoped Beth was dead, but I instantly regretted even thinking it. If Daryl liked or loved Beth, then that was a fact. I couldn’t have stopped it. Jealousy still clouded my thoughts, but I tried pushing them aside. I had a real friendship with this group, but Daryl was the closest. I had confided so much in him, and him with me alike.

“Does he think she’s dead?” I cautiously asked Maggie.

She slowed the process of her washing the dishes. “I’m not sure. I think he has his hopes up, but I can’t tell for sure. We’re just starting to get on good terms again.”

I nodded and grabbed a clean plate to dry. As I turned to put the plate away, Maggie coughed.

“Y/N, I actually wanted to mention something to you. Daryl has mentioned to the group about how he wanted to go looking for Beth again. We were all thinking of going. You’re welcome to come along, if you’d like,” Maggie admitted.

I didn’t answer, instead putting the plate away and heading to my room. After laying on my bed with a pillow over my face for what felt like three seconds yet three hours, Carol called my name saying it was time to eat.

I groaned and sat up, throwing my pillow to the side. My face was grim as I sat at the table everyone shared. I ended up having to push two tables together to fit everyone.

Luckily, tonight I was sitting across from Daryl. I watched him as he ate. I myself could barely eat. Everyone else acted as if nothing was wrong.

“I mentioned to Y/N about Daryl’s plan,” Maggie commented. “About finding Beth.”

Everyone either stopped or slowed their eating. Rick glanced at me, then Daryl. Clearly others have taken notice of our relationship.

“I’m in if you guys want to do it,” I murmured.

Daryl’s head shot up, looking intently into my eyes. For some reason, it looked as if he was thanking me. If Daryl truly loved Beth, I wouldn’t want to get in the way of that. I’m sure Daryl deserved her.

After eating and helping clean up, I stepped outside onto my porch to sit for a while. Winter was coming to an end and the air was still crisp. Mud was scattered across the lawn. Patches of squashed grass started to show themselves. I was wary of sitting on the porch swing because of the wood being damp.

I could hear the door open and close before feeling someone next to me. I glanced over, seeing Daryl.


He nodded and pulled out a cigarette, lighting it. I could see that he was watching me closely. I wrapped my arms around my myself.

“Do you love Beth?” I asked before I could stop myself.

Daryl shrugged. “I’m not sure. Thought I did, but things change,” he sucked on his cigarette.

I nodded, understanding his words. “I’m glad we’ll find her. Maggie misses her, and you two will become the best of buds again,” I looked down to the ground. “Plus I’ll be on another adventure.”

“Were you with anyone before all this?” Daryl motioned to our surroundings as he asked.

“Yeah. This guy named Frank. He was a real asshole, though. Thought I loved him, but I just loved the idea of love. After breaking ties with everyone else I knew, Frank was still there for me. Turns out he just wanted my salary. It’s whatever, though,” I shrugged.

Daryl nodded, putting out his cigarette. “Do you miss people?”

I thought for a second before I felt a single tear slide down my cheek. “God, I miss people. I didn’t realize how lonely I was until your group wandered by. You’re a real friend, Daryl. All of you are.”

Daryl stared at me for a while before coming to stand directly next to me. He slowly put his arm around my shoulder. I placed my own arm around his waist and pulled him close. We both hugged in silence while looking to the stars.

“Everyone ready?” I asked, patting my pockets to check on how many boxes of bullets I had.

Today was the day we rescued Beth. Daryl and Maggie were giddy with silent excitement. They were both happy to be doing something.

“I think we’re all set,” Carol piped.

We all walked out the front door, me being the last person. I took one last look of my house before shutting the door. We were on our way.


Everything was a blur. People were rushing around, gunshots rang throughout the area, people were yelling, and my vision was blurry every few seconds. It had felt like a few minutes passed before Rick was pulling on my arm, Michonne shoving me out of the door. I ran ahead, yelling at people to follow me.

Beth was with us now. Daryl and Maggie ran beside her. All of us were sweating, swearing, coughing our lungs up. It was a war zone and we had passed into No Man’s Land. I was scared for my life, the group, and getting home.

By the time we had gotten close to my house, I was done panicking. I partially lost hearing in my left ear, but I was hoping that would soon come back.

“Why don’t we rest here for the night,” Rick suggested.

I looked to the position of the sun and agreed. Beth and I introduced ourselves to each other. She was nice. I understood why Daryl liked her. Before I knew it, someone was stomping out the fire, and Beth joined Daryl. They were hugging, and I realized I couldn’t intervene. I respected Daryl too much to hurt him. This is what Daryl deserved, and I was okay with that.

Soon, it was just me and the stars that lay awake. I was content with it all.

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what's your opinion on the AMBW thing?

I support genuine AMBW relationships. I say “genuine” because I personally don’t like when 1) people go around looking exclusively for Asian men or Black women, 2) when people just want to hold an AMBW relationship title, 3) when people force each other into a relationship or are forced into it by others, or 4) when people just want “mixed babies.”

From personal experience in high school, a Black woman and I “dated” but we weren’t official (it was my fault that I waited too long). Anyhow, we met in choir class. We were both short kids who liked to sing and dance so we clicked. It was out of common interests (and chance thanks to choir class) that brought us together, not because of racial fetishization or coercion.

Angry Asian Guy

Viktuuri on Holiday

This is for @discord-ant​, who requested a POV outsider Viktuuri on holiday, ignoring the landmarks and taking photos of random things instead. Hope you’ll like it!

…eighteen, nineteen, (whoa, what a handsome guy!) twenty, (aww, the Asian one is cute too!) twenty one.

She checked her papers. Yep, twenty one. Good.

“May I have your attention please?” she spoke up and waited until all heads turned to her. “Hello everyone, welcome to Bratislava! My name is Monika and I will be your tour guide. Before we start, let me just go through a quick set of rules. When we arrive at a landmark, I would like you to first pay attention to me as I explain the story behind the landmark and answer your questions. You will have enough time to take photos afterwards. It’s a beautiful sunny day, so there might be crowds…” She felt like a parrot, repeating the same thing for the millionth time. Or a broken record. Stay with the group. Don’t get lost. Follow the red umbrella. There will be enough time for souvenir shopping. The meeting point is in front of Michael’s Gate, any local will point you in the right direction. “Any questions?” As expected, there were none. “Good, now please follow me.”

She led the group to the first attraction of the day – Watcher. There was a group of tourists taking selfies with the statue. She spotted Anna and nodded at her fellow tour guide.

“Okay, while we wait for this group to take their photos, let me tell you something about our most photographed statue. Čumil or ‘Watcher’ was originally installed as a joke in 1997…” Monika allowed herself to space out as she retold the story she could recite from her sleep and answered the same questions she had answered million times before. Sometimes her job could be quite taxing. She gave them a generous fifteen minute break to take photos.

There were three men who absolutely stood out in this group, and not only because of their good looks. A cheerful Thai (at least Monika thought he was Thai. He certainly looked the part and he was wearing a jacket with Thailand’s flag) who was taking twenty selfies per minute, and an interesting pair that always stayed close to each other. One of them was a handsome silver haired man with the bluest eyes Monika had ever seen and the other was a gorgeous Asian. In sharp contrast to the Selfie Guy, the two did not even take out their phones. They were the only ones who hadn’t taken a picture with Watcher.

“Does everybody have a picture?” she asked to be certain.

The Gorgeous Asian’s eyes widened and he whipped out his phone quickly. Now that was the expected reaction.

Only he didn’t point it at Watcher.

“Витя, смотри!” he said to his friend, pointing at a puppy. (The last thing Monika had expected was for an Asian guy to speak fluent Russian.) You could practically see the Handsome Russian (it seemed reasonable to assume he was Russian) melt at the sight. They… They took photos with the dog, completely ignoring the statue, and did not even protest when it was time to move on.

Same thing happened with other attractions. The statue of Napoleon’s soldier? Selfie Guy: approximately 38 photos. Gorgeous Asian & Handsome Russian: nothing.

The statue of Schöne Náci? Selfie Guy: at least 25 photos. Gorgeous Asian & Handsome Russian: took a photo of a balloon seller.

Old Town Hall? Selfie Guy: more than 22 photos. Gorgeous Asian & Handsome Russian: took a photo of a butterfly.

Saint Martin’s Cathedral? Selfie Guy: no less than 40 photos. Gorgeous Asian & Handsome Russian: took a photo of newlyweds exiting the church.

Bratislava Castle? UFO Restaurant? It was a miracle Selfie Guy had any free space left on his phone! Gorgeous Asian & Handsome Russian? Took photos of their ice cream. Ice cream. There was a giant flying saucer over the bridge held up mostly by suspension cables with no pylons supporting it from beneath and they took a photo of an ice cream! No, really, what was wrong with these two? They didn’t look bored. They listened to stories behind the monuments intently and occasionally even asked a question, proving that they were listening. It’s just that more people surreptitiously took photos of them than they did of anything. Unlike Selfie Guy, who was having a crisis over his dying phone battery (yeah, no surprise there). Handsome Russian calmly took out a power bank from Gorgeous Asian’s backpack and handed it to the excited Thai.

Well. Okay, then. Maybe they hired Selfie Guy as their photographer? That would explain things…

“Alright, everyone, attention please! It’s now 13:08. You have until 14:00 to go shopping for gifts and souvenirs. We will meet at 14:00 right here at this fountain. Please try to be punctual!” Not that she expected them to be, she’d been doing this for way too long and she knew better. She waved at the group, indicating they were free to go.

Gorgeous Asian & Handsome Russian were the first to arrive, carrying bags with logos of the usual souvenir shops. They were soon joined by the Selfie Guy, who had more bags than the two of them combined.

“Hey, guys, look what I’ve found!” Carefully setting the bags on the ground he opened one and took out a t-shirt. Monika giggled quietly. It was a gag gift t-shirt “Slovak for beginners” with deliberately difficult archaic and dialectal words which were practically impossible to pronounce for non-native speakers.

“I don’t think human vocal cords are meant to produce such combinations of consonants,” Gorgeous Asian said doubtfully.

Selfie Guy nodded. “Yeah, I thought so too, so I asked the shop assistant to read it to me. He did. Then again,” the Thai tapped his lip thoughtfully, “maybe he wasn’t human! I mean, they do have a flying saucer disguised as a restaurant! Maybe they’re all aliens!” He whipped out his phone to take a selfie with the shirt and no doubt inform the internet about his newest finding.

Monika slapped a hand over her mouth to keep herself from bursting into laughter. Eavesdropping was rude. Even if it was the craziest theory she’d ever heard in her career.

“Oh, and you’ll love this one!” he triumphantly pulled out a navy t-shirt which said

(alternate spelling of victory)

“I need one!” Handsome Russian’s face brightened up, even as Gorgeous Asian groaned.

“Vitya, no.”

“Vitya, yes.” Handsome Russian pressed a quick kiss on Gorgeous Asian’s cheek and turned to Selfie Guy. “Where did you get it?”

The Thai pointed at a shop. Handsome Russian practically ran there.

“I hate you,” Gorgeous Asian informed Selfie Guy.

“Nah. You love me!”

The tourists, tired from the long walking tour, were sitting quietly in their seats, only few of them still having the energy to talk. The bus stopped at the red light.

“On the left you can see the Ondrej Nepela Arena.” The last thing Monika had expected was for Gorgeous Asian & Handsome Russian to pull out their phones and finally take a photo of a building. (Selfie Guy didn’t surprise her at all). Really? In front of the beautiful Neo-Renaissance style building of the Slovak National Theatre they had taken a picture of a flower and now, seeing this ugly modern building, now they decided they needed a photo? “For those of you who don’t know, Nepela was a famous Slovak figure skater, 1972 Olympic champion, a three-time World champion, and a five-time European champion…”

Monika slumped down onto her bed gratefully. It’d been a long day. Taking out her phone she checked her mails and skimmed through her social media sites. She got bored with it pretty quickly. Deciding to catch up with the latest pop-culture, Monika googled this viktuuri/victory meme.

Her scream woke up the neighbour’s dog.


Disclaimer: I’m totally entitled to make fun of my language, city where I work, its landmarks, and possible extraterrestial status of myself and my countrymen :)

I see people getting mad about non Asians in the Korean entertainment industry but is it wrong for me to point out and remind you all that there are already non Asians working in the Korean entertainment industry already whether it be behind the scenes like writing the music and choreographing the dances or in front of the camera like Alex Reid or Sam Okeyre and that its Korean Okeyre and that its Korean companies choices to except non Asian acts and Korean peoples opinions on wheres a not they want to except them a parts of their entertainment industry not international fans? That Kpop isn’t a safe space for Asians in Asia because its Asia nor is Kpop the only Asian entertainment industry in Asia, its just one of the more popular Asian entertainment industries internationally. that there are non mono ethnic Asians and non Asians who are living in Korea who would like to see themselves represented correctly in Korean media just like how Asians feel about western entertainment & representation? That non mono-ethnic Asians like Vernon, Somi, Samuel, Lee Michelle are all ready in Kpop and promoting there?

I mean did you guys forget that?

Theres a need for representation of asians in Western media but i think if you care about asians getting that representation youd look up and support asians of different nationalities and ethnicities who actively promote and work in western entertainment with their projects and voices instead of waiting until those asian acts are popular or  mainstream to start supporting, only supporting certain asian groups, only supporting asians who fit the east asian looks, or acting like kpop does anything for asians who are in western entertainment full term or even speaks or represents all asian commumities or cultures.

 Lucy liu and her new producing project? What about Priyanka Chopra? Arden Cho? Constance Wu? Yuna? Ruby Ibarra? ( a singer based in ny!) Andy Suzuki and The Method? ( a band based in the us)  Peyton Elizabeth Lee whos the star of Disney’s Andi Mack?! Madison Hu whos also a Disney star and a main show runner? And those are only naming a few.

Seriously as yourselves these questions next time you guys want to start  making a fuss about Asian media.

Guardians of the Galaxy 2

What a shit show, huh?

Oh to be a fly on the wall in the writers room of this movie. Just imagine some writer bro barging into the Marvel/Disney offices and going, “GUYS GUYS GUYS, I have an idea. What if Guardians 2 was about…wait for it…DADDY ISSUES?!” Because that’s not overdone! Imagine Oprah barging into the goddamn galaxy and pointing at everyone, screaming “YOU GET A DADDY ISSUE! AND YOU GET A DADDY ISSUE! EVERYONE GETS A DADDY ISSUE!”

And the writing? Who needs snappy dialogue when everyone can just yell noises at each other and it’ll be !OMG! EXCITING!

Oh and let’s make all the female characters humorless shrews or offensive stereotypes! You want a cocktail of Asian female stereotypes? We give you Mantis! She’s soft spoken, subservient, soo sooo innocent and OMG SO KAWAII. Great job, Marvel!

Ah, and just wait - people will come to watch this movie and think, well, at least there’ll be good action, right? No! We’ll give them neon, CGI vomit! We’ll give them zero stunt-driven action scenes and beguile them with the laziest fight scenes ever (Yondu I’m looking at you).

Oh yeah, and since that quirky 80s soundtrack worked so well for us the first time around, let’s just pepper it all over this movie to kill whatever novelty it had! Overkill FTW!

What an unfunny, unentertaining, vapid mess. Man, fuck this movie.

Back when we were both single, my twin and I would go out to clubs a lot together. It was always really fun because it was a great place to pull pranks on drunk dudes.

A favorite of ours is to wait until a guy starts hitting on her at the bar. She’d play it up though, pretend to be interested enough until the guy suggests going somewhere else. She’d be all “Can my twin come with?” and these guys faces would light up, like, “fucking score!”, y’know?

And then I’d turn around, a 6’2” Asian dude with the Chris Evans Dorito body and tattoos and be all “So, where are we going?”

It’s fun to see the color drain out of the faces of white boys who think they snagged their racist fantasy of a threesome with two Asian girls.

Finding Bitty’s vlog honestly was random happenstance. If there was anything non-random about it, it was Google’s fault, not Kent’s. He had the lazy, off-season thought that he wanted to make cupcakes for his teammate’s daughter’s first birthday, which their whole team was invited to. It was Google’s fault because when he was searching for “cupcake recipe”, “easy cupcake recipe”, “quick cupcakes”, “cupcake tutorial”, and “easy cupcake tutorial” a Check Please video showed up more than once, despite its seemingly non-relevant title (Cake Mixes are Not the Devil!). It probably showed up for him when it wouldn’t have for most people because its video description included the phrase, “Cupcakes so easy, even a hockey bro can make them,” and some algorithm at Google knew, just knew, that this was exactly what Kent Parson was looking for.

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Trying to explain Avenue Q to my mom and her boyfriend
  • Me: ok so
  • Me: there's two homosexuals, an unemployed man, his asian stereotype wife who is played by an asian woman so its not as offensive as it could be, a kindergarten teacher, a guy who stays upstairs and masturbates all day, and then this guy who just moved in
  • Mom: Wasn't the guy who just moved in coming to terms with homosexuality
  • Me: no thats a different guy
  • Me: wait
  • Me: theres only ONE homosexual and then his roommate who is not a homosexual
  • Me:
  • Me:
  • Me: Oh, and then there's Gary Coleman.
  • Mom: i forgot about him.
Honking won't make me park faster.

I pulled into my local supermarket and I have a older Asian lady take 3 trys to park her van, then as that’s happening 2 people, who have handicap stickers, are pulling out in front of me from either side of the lane. It was truly the perfect storm. So I have to wait the entire time this is happening, but I guess the guy behind me had enough and started to honk like his life depended on it. I look in my rear view mirror and I can see his arms are flailing all over the place. This guy is losing it. So by the time all 3 people are done moving about, I take my sweet as time to pull into a spot that is maybe 10 feet in front of me. Good times.

I don’t even like Sakura, dumb fangirl, but fuck you SP, she’s the heroine in the manga, she should be the heroine in anime, and all movies. Since when making a confession and getting yourself stabbed is heroic? 

Oh wait, I forgot you guys are a bunch of chauvinist otakus who think women should be doormat and the only heroic trait they should have is utter unwavering and undivided devotion and loyalty to their men.

Don’t bother with the cultural difference excuse, I am asian. I now fucking loathe this series.

A Hunch (Minho x Reader)

Character: Minho

Fandom: Maze Runner

Categories: Reader Insert, Female!Reader

Title: A Hunch

Requested by anon:

Could you please do a minhoxreader imagine where minho is in WICKED and when Thomas tries to go to Theresa the reader (who is one of the guards girls) stop him and she’s a badass and idk. So when they try to run away the reader helps them because she feels something toward minho and viceversa. Love your blog!

I carefully eyed those boys from the table that was almost at the other end of the room. The blond, the Asian with the quiff and the restless brown-haired boy especially got my attention.

There was something about them that I liked a lot.

Maybe I was just trying to distract myself from that stupid and useless job guarding the doors where some girls and other people were.

I didn’t know much about that place or the people I was working for, I just took the job because it would provide me with a safe place to be and a way to survive in that terrible world that awaited us out there.

Still, I had always felt kind of suspicious about them. A hunch told me they weren’t as good as they wanted us to think they were.

Maybe that was why I those three boys got my attention, because they seemed to think there was something going on just like I was. Something not so good.

And they seemed rebelious and smart.

I got back to reality when I noticed how the brown haired boy stood up and walked in my direction.

I was supposed to be guarding the door, and something told me it was precisely what that guy was going for.

Indeed, the boy stood before me as he watched through the glass that showed the inside of the other room where girls walked along.

I put a hand on his chest and gave him a tired look.

“You can’t come in, kid” I told him with confidence and determination.

“I just want to see her” His eyes were fixed in the glass, probably looking at one of the girls.

I briefly looked over my shoulder to see a black haired girl with blue eyes that was going through the room.

“No one unauthorized can go through” I said tiredly, pushing him softly to give him a hint that he should stop being such a pain and walk away instead.

The boy stared at me, and he looked truly concerned for his friend. Maybe they were a couple or something.

“What is she doing there?” He asked me, obviously sad that they were apart.

“I honestly don’t know” All I was told was that I had to make sure no one passed, so I wasn’t lying. “Just get back to your seat before you get in trouble, kid”

The boy sighed and slowly turned around, heading towards the table were his friends waited for him, with faces that showed they had no idea what he was doing.

And suddenly, he lunged at me, trying to get to the door.

“Hey!” I pushed him so he wouldn’t get past me while he kept struggling.

So I just decided to bring him down.

With one leg, I swept both of his feet so he fell heavily to the floor.

“Thomas!” His friends came running by, but I wasn’t going to let a kid get on my nerves even if a crowd of more kids ran to me.

I sat over him as he lied face down on the floor and I held his arms behind his back.

“No, let him go” One of his friends, a guy that looked older than them with dark skin, pleaded.

I sighed and looked at them in exasperation. The blond seemed restless, but the Asian stared at me admiringly and at his friend annoyed.

I stood up and set that Thomas kid free.

“I’m just doing my job, kids” Was all I said as I brushed myself off and pulled Thomas up. “Make sure your curious friend here doesn’t get on my nerves”

The group of boys nodded and took his friend away from there.

Still, the Asian kept staring at me with a small smirk playing on his lips.

“What are you looking at?” I challenged him, raising an eyebrow.

The boy chuckled as he eyed me up and down.

“Nothing” Before he walked away to join his friends, he looked at me one last time with that smirk on his lips.

Looked like that boy liked me. He wasn’t so bad himself.

I kept my eyes on them as they disappeared, thinking that Thomas kid was pretty cunning.

I felt how he took my key card, but I played fool, got back to my spot at the door and pretended I didn’t.


Not too long after that, an alarm sounded all around the complex.

Seemed like the kids had agreed to run away and found a way to do it. I smiled to myself at the thought of those kids being that clever.

Still, I stuck to doing my job and I ran around the corridors trying to find them.

The alarms were blasting through the whole building, red lights shining in the corridors and giving them an eerie feeling that gave me goosebumps. 

That those people were so concerned about a bunch of kids leaving reinforced my theory that something was going on in that place.

I ran for a while, searching for them and listening through my transmisor to see if anyone had seen them. And after many minutes of craziness, I bumped into them.

I had been given an electric gun, so I held it high when I saw them.

It was them, all the guys from before, plus a girl. I guessed that was the girl Thomas so urgently wanted to see. His girlfriend or something.

They were running before they stopped before me, so I figured they were being chased already.

“Move” I told them calmly but sternly, yet they stayed in their place. “Move!”

The Asian kid was the one that held the blond’s shirt to pull him away, and with that the rest of the group did as I told them.

Once they set aside, I fired my gun and hit the people that tried to get them.

The kids stared at me in awe.

“Let’s go before more of them come!” I started running, and soon enough they followed.

“Why are you helping us?” The one with the quiff asked me, his eyes analyzing me deeply.

While we ran, me leading the way and directing them through the corridors, I looked over my shoulder to him.

“A hunch” I simply replied, honestly feeling that it was the right thing to do. That they were right about everything and were right to try to run away too.

Because I was running away with them.

I didn’t care what was out there anymore, I was sick of being lied to and working for someone that had so many secrets. They were definitely evil in one way or another.

And I wasn’t going to stay to see how evil they truly were.

“Follow me, I know the way out”

The group and I ran all around the place. Thanks to me and my knowledge about that place, it would be so much easier to escape.


We made it out. It wasn’t easy, but we did it.

Luckily, the group had trusted me enough to let them out. It seemed like they realized we shared the same hatred towards those people. Especially towards Janson, that idiot was obnoxious and odious.

Still, what awaited us outside that place was nothing but the Scorch. The horrible unforgiving and deserted world that the Flare virus left behind.

All of us jogged tiredly along the sand, looking forward to find somewhere cool and safe to rest for a while.

In the Scorch I felt more vulnerable, and even though I could still defend myself against any enemies or Cranks, I couldn’t fight the heat or the sand physically.

I looked at each member of the group as we moved silently.

Thomas, the restless brown haired boy, lead the way. He was like the unofficial leader of the gang.

The girl, whose name seemed to be Teresa as Thomas called her, who appeared to be strong and determined, followed in second place. I liked her.

That was about the names I knew. There was still the blond guy, the Asian, the other guy with a grumpy face, a younger kid, a dark skinned boy with a friendly face and another kid who was very quiet.

It was still night and the sand flew around us with the nocturnal wind, making me squint my eyes.

“Here!” Teresa called us, approaching an abandoned building that looked like a huge shopping mall.

“Teresa, wait!” Thomas called her, running after her.

“Get over it and go in” I told the kid, rolling my eyes. “For now it’s the only refuge we have”

I threw myself in, having to run down a mountain of sand that was right under the window we were sneaking in from.

One after another, the kids followed me, the first one being the girl.

When everyone was in, we briefly looked around to examine the place.

“What’s the plan?” The British blond guy asked.

All eyes were on me, since I was the older and more experienced one.

“For now we should stay here, find some clothes and supplies to survive the Scorch” That said, I started to walk to explore.

“She’s right” Thomas mumbled behind me as the others spoke to him.

“Hey” A hand held my arm, so I turned around to see who it was.

The Asian boy.


“You did great back there” I guessed that was his way of thanking me. I didn’t know him much, but he didn’t seem like the guy who’d say thanks or sorry just like that.

I nodded in silence and proceeded to keep on walking.

“I’m Minho, by the way” He gripped to my arm tighter for a moment, still holding me back.

“Y/N” I simply replied, snatching my arm away from his and walking.

He positioned himself next to me and walked along.

“Why were you working for them?”

“It kept me alive” I simply said, letting my eyes wander around as I absently answered him.

“You knew they were evil, right?”

“I had that feeling, yeah”

“Do you know who they were?”



I stopped on my tracks and stared at Minho in disbelief.

I had heard about WICKED. That evil organization that experimented with immune kids to try and find a cure. But their ways was to lock them inside a Maze like they were rats, just mere subjects. They didn’t treat them like human beings.

“So you kids were in a Maze?” I felt a certain admiration for those kids.

It couldn’t be easy to be stuck in a gigantic prison like Maze that apparently was filled with monsters. And it couldn’t have been easy to find their way out either.

“We’re the ones left that made it out” He replied in an eerie tone.

I placed a hand on his shoulder and nodded at him.

“You’ve got guts” I mumbled, getting to like him even more.

Ever since I lay eyes on him, there was something that seemed very special about Minho. It wasn’t only that he had survived a Maze, that he was a fighter.

It was something else within me that made me want to have him around even if I was too stubborn to let him or anyone know that.

It was a hunch that told me he was a nice guy that just wanted to keep his friends alive.

“So are you staying with us?” Judging by the twinkle in his eyes, he expected my answer to be yes. He didn’t want to drift away from me either.

I smiled softly and nodded.

“Yes. And I will help you through the Scorch”

A hunch had told me that those people I worked for weren’t good. And since I just found out they were WICKED, that hunch was right.

And I was about to find out if my hunch about Minho was right as well.

Finding out Minho loves you (a better version of the stargazing imagine)

You woke up, cold sweat plastered to your shirt. You couldn’t see much, but you could hear the mechanical gears turning and clanking. What was going on?

You turned around, using your hands to feel the edges of the wall. More importantly, however, was that you could feel memories and thoughts slipping away. There was an image of a boy with blonde hair and a British accent, and a woman also with blonde hair. “This won’t hurt a bit,” she had said. And another projection: a small engraving on a wall that said WICKED. Before long, they were lost, like papers in the wind. Names were slipping away. Friends, family, organizations. You clenched your fists and tried to hold on. A boy was still in your banks of memory. He had black hair and muscular arms. His name escaped you, but you knew him. It felt stronger than the others. He was Asian, about 17, by the looks of him. His physical appearance started to fade just before you remembered something. His name was coming back: Minho. And something else, too. A kiss. But the cranks made a loud noise, and you found him disappearing.

You were scared and alone, the walls trapping you like a caged animal. Abruptly, the cage stopped, and a light found its way into the cage. Some barrels and crates, nothing more. Y/N and Minho, the only two things in your mind.

All of a sudden, you heard a creaking sound, and a large panel opened up above you. Sunlight jet in and blinded you.
“I wonder who this shank is.“
“Probably a Slopper.”
“Wait guys, is that-”
“A girl!”
“Bloody hell, move out of the way.”
“Get, ya shanks.“
Your eyes sharpened and you saw the figures of people. Boys were standing on the edge of the panel. There was one boy in particular who your eye drifted to. Asian, with black hair and strong arms and… for a split second, something came back to you. But it disappeared again.

"Okay, girl. What’s your name?” asked a tall blonde boy.
“Y-Y/N,” you stuttered. He helped you up and you almost had a seizure. Massive stone walls enclosing a field stood before you. Before you had time to process it, the guy… Minho came up to you.
“A beautiful sight. Get used to it. This is your home now.”

It took three days of living in the Glade to learn the rules. Boys would holler at you when you came out of the door, shouting flirts and all manner of different things. You ignored them.

Ever since you saw him, Minho had captured your attention. You had had a special connection with him in the past, you just knew it. He was pretty attractive, so it was obvious why.

One day, the unthinkable happened. The sun was beginning to set and the runners had just come through the door. But something was off. There was only one runner. And he was holding a convulsing, vomiting, unconscious Minho. Before you could process any information speeding to your head, a crowd of boys surrounded them, including the med-jacks. They heaved him into their arms just as the Doors began making their daily close. They sped as quickly as their legs would take them to the Homestead. You followed them. Minho was the only boy in the Glade who you felt you had any connection with, even if you didn’t know him all that well.

Inside the medical room, you observed as Clint wrapped gauze around Minho’s body while Jeff tried to stop the vomiting.
"What’s happening to him?!” you said, panicked.
“Is it some form of seizure?” asked another guy beside you. Jeff looked clearly annoyed as he went around the body, searching for specific points.
“Newt, would you get these slintheads out of the place? This is hard enough without shucking distractions.”
Newt nodded firmly and led you and the whole crowd of people outside. You wanted to go back in, but Newt saw your impulse and sent you back to your hut.

The next day was a haze. Rumours floated around the Glade, each one more crazy than the last. At one point, someone said that a member of the mysterious WICKED had stabbed him with a Griever leg.

It didn’t help that no one would let you into the Homestead. Newt made sure you kept to your job and Thomas was just as insistent as you were. Clint and Jeff were still locked up inside the medical room. Everything was just making you feel as if something terrible had happened. All day, your mind drifted from your tasks.

But Minho barely even knew you. It wasn’t like you could just proclaim his love for him. That would be awkward. And then there was… oh, you were thinking about it too much. You just had to wait and see what would happen.

Your saving grace came just in time, as the next day, you were allowed entry into the Homestead. Minho had requested to see you. Your heart almost stopped, just knowing that he was alright.

“Hey, Y/N.”
Minho’s body was covered in bandages and his face was red. His voice was raw and his legs didn’t seem to be too active.
“Minho,” you regarded. “Why do you want to see me?”
He gestured at Newt, Jeff, and Clint to leave the room. They filed out of the door.

Minho, once he was sure they were gone, heaved himself up. He winced.
“No, Minho, stay down! You’re still hurt.”
He dismissed it and grunted as he got up. Limping his way over to you, he stood inches from your face.
“I want to tell you… oh, shuck, I’m nervous. I want to tell you…”
His voice drifted, and you were about to ask him what he was going to say. He cupped your face in his hands and placed his lips on yours. What happened next was REALLY embarrassing. Whatever drug your brain was filling you with, it had a large effect. You fainted. Right there in the medical room.

You flew up again. Sunlight hit you like a high-powered jet of water. You squinted. You were in the Homestead, of course. Minho was sat on the bed next to you, and it all came back to you. The pure ecstasy of that kiss and… oh no.
“Please don’t tell me that happened,” you muttered. Minho nodded in affirmation.
“Oh,” you groaned. You embarrassed yourself… severely.
“I hate myself,” you said, half-joking, half-serious.
“Don’t we all?” Minho smirked. You playfully punched his arm.
“I’m never gonna let you forget that,” he chuckled.

“I know,” you sighed.