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but it’s better if you do // panic! at the disco

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Dude, my mom came out of my room and was like "Hey, who's the cute Asian guy on your computer? Is he a friend? You shouldn't keep him waiting." So I told her it was Mark, and she was like, "Wow, THATS Markiplier? He's really cute! Like, really cute. Maybe I'll start watching his videos with you. I still think watching people play video games is kinda weird, but I mean... Wow." Long story short, I think my mom has a crush on Markiplier.


Yeah you see I wish I could be happy that a famous viner reacted to kpop but uh not when in the first minute of the music video he says “I feel like he talking about hoes. He gotta be talking about hoes.” No, King Bach, you stupid incompetent misogynistic piece of shit, NCT are not talking about WOMEN who you like to slut shame, in The 7th Sense. But good job making yourself look like an asshole. Also, towards the middle of the video he says “I’m not trying to be racist but….you already know what I’m going to say so I’m not going to say it.” Good, keep your fucking mouth shut. But oh no no guys wait there’s more, he did say it. “BUT IT’S NOT RACIST IF IT’S TRUE! WHO’S WHO!?” You say you aren’t trying to be racist yet you literally just used a racist stereotype saying that all Asian people look the same. Fuck you dude. Close. Your. Mouth.

Not to mention, he’s friends with Curtis Lepore. Who raped his ex fiance while she was unconscious. And when she called him on it on twitter, he laughed and tweeted about how she could say what she wanted but he wouldn’t lose any followers. So yeah, praise King Bach all you guys want for reacting to kpop but he is trash I gtg bye.

In addition to a main plot about a mixed race (asian/white) preteen girl who finds out her biological mother is her “sister” who had her as a teen, Disney’s new show Andi Mack has a subplot about a black student being told to straighten her hair because it is “too big.” Guys... this show about 12 year olds might be my new favorite show.
Guardians of the Galaxy 2

What a shit show, huh?

Oh to be a fly on the wall in the writers room of this movie. Just imagine some writer bro barging into the Marvel/Disney offices and going, “GUYS GUYS GUYS, I have an idea. What if Guardians 2 was about…wait for it…DADDY ISSUES?!” Because that’s not overdone! Imagine Oprah barging into the goddamn galaxy and pointing at everyone, screaming “YOU GET A DADDY ISSUE! AND YOU GET A DADDY ISSUE! EVERYONE GETS A DADDY ISSUE!”

And the writing? Who needs snappy dialogue when everyone can just yell noises at each other and it’ll be !OMG! EXCITING!

Oh and let’s make all the female characters humorless shrews or offensive stereotypes! You want a cocktail of Asian female stereotypes? We give you Mantis! She’s soft spoken, subservient, soo sooo innocent and OMG SO KAWAII. Great job, Marvel!

Ah, and just wait - people will come to watch this movie and think, well, at least there’ll be good action, right? No! We’ll give them neon, CGI vomit! We’ll give them zero stunt-driven action scenes and beguile them with the laziest fight scenes ever (Yondu I’m looking at you).

Oh yeah, and since that quirky 80s soundtrack worked so well for us the first time around, let’s just pepper it all over this movie to kill whatever novelty it had! Overkill FTW!

What an unfunny, unentertaining, vapid mess. Man, fuck this movie.

The Maze Roomer

It had started out as a beautiful day.

After the long flight, you had exited the plane to be met with beautiful Colorado snow. You were moving to Denver to go to college there. After exiting the airport, you were on your way to see your cousin, Teresa. You were going to be living with her for a while until you found somewhere to live. Because her house was only a few blocks away, you decided to walk.

The snow began to fall harder. You laughed, sticking your tongue out to catch some.

When you reached Teresa’s street, you pulled your phone out to text her and let her know you were almost there. Everything was going fine when - BLAM! Something cold, dense, and wet stuck you directly in the face!

You blinked, wiping the snow and water from your face before looking up, coming face to face with a very sheepish looking brunette.

“Sorry!” He called out to you. You could see a blond and an Asian snickering behind him. The brunette pointed at someone behind you. “I was trying to hit the guy!”

You turned around to see a tall, muscular figure with insane eyebrows doubled over in laughter at the brunette.

“Nice one Tommy,” an accented voice called from the same direction as the brunette who threw the snowball in the first place. “Great first impression,”

“See, this is why no one will go out with you,” the Asian continued the mockery, laughing all the way.

You rolled your eyes at the boys and continued walking, finally reaching Teresa’s house. You knocked on the door, waiting for her to open it. As you waited, you looked back. You could still see the guys, who had resumed their snowball fight, but shouted out another remark about the brunette’s aim here and there.

You turned back to the door, just as it swung open, revealing your cousin.

“(Y/N)!” she squealed, reaching out and hugging you. You laughed, hugging her back.

“Hey, Tres!”

She ushered you into the house, closing the door behind you.

You sat on the couch while she went into the kitchen to make you a hot drink. She entered the room, carrying a steaming cup and handed it to you. You took a sip gratefully.

“So how was the flight?”

“It was good,” you answered, placing the cup in your lap. “Pretty boring, but good.”

“Nice!” She laughed. “I’m so excited you’re staying here, (Y/n). You’re going to love Denver, and you’re going to love my friends!”

“Yeah, I’m really excited to meet them!”

Just then, the doorbell rang.

“That must be them!” Teresa sing-songed. She ran out of the room towards the front door. You heard some male voices, some laughs exchanged, and then the sound of footsteps approaching the room. As Teresa’s friends walked in your eyes widened, as did theirs. It was the snowballers!

I’m sorry that it’s so rushed, I just really wanted to get the set up over with. I promise it will be better in future installments.

Finding Bitty’s vlog honestly was random happenstance. If there was anything non-random about it, it was Google’s fault, not Kent’s. He had the lazy, off-season thought that he wanted to make cupcakes for his teammate’s daughter’s first birthday, which their whole team was invited to. It was Google’s fault because when he was searching for “cupcake recipe”, “easy cupcake recipe”, “quick cupcakes”, “cupcake tutorial”, and “easy cupcake tutorial” a Check Please video showed up more than once, despite its seemingly non-relevant title (Cake Mixes are Not the Devil!). It probably showed up for him when it wouldn’t have for most people because its video description included the phrase, “Cupcakes so easy, even a hockey bro can make them,” and some algorithm at Google knew, just knew, that this was exactly what Kent Parson was looking for.

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ok i forgot his name but ya’al remember that weird white guy who was making videos on how to hook up with asian girls and he was like grabbing them and shit? i swear 2 god some guy at the bar last night was trying those techniques on me. weirdest shit i have ever experienced. this guy was trying to make conversation  as i was waiting for my drink by the bar- and he’s like talking about THE most normal shit- and then he’s like gripping the back of my neck under my hair ??while he’s talking about like how he just moved to toronto?? i’m still shook

Trying to explain Avenue Q to my mom and her boyfriend
  • Me: ok so
  • Me: there's two homosexuals, an unemployed man, his asian stereotype wife who is played by an asian woman so its not as offensive as it could be, a kindergarten teacher, a guy who stays upstairs and masturbates all day, and then this guy who just moved in
  • Mom: Wasn't the guy who just moved in coming to terms with homosexuality
  • Me: no thats a different guy
  • Me: wait
  • Me: theres only ONE homosexual and then his roommate who is not a homosexual
  • Me:
  • Me:
  • Me: Oh, and then there's Gary Coleman.
  • Mom: i forgot about him.
Honking won't make me park faster.

I pulled into my local supermarket and I have a older Asian lady take 3 trys to park her van, then as that’s happening 2 people, who have handicap stickers, are pulling out in front of me from either side of the lane. It was truly the perfect storm. So I have to wait the entire time this is happening, but I guess the guy behind me had enough and started to honk like his life depended on it. I look in my rear view mirror and I can see his arms are flailing all over the place. This guy is losing it. So by the time all 3 people are done moving about, I take my sweet as time to pull into a spot that is maybe 10 feet in front of me. Good times.

I don’t even like Sakura, dumb fangirl, but fuck you SP, she’s the heroine in the manga, she should be the heroine in anime, and all movies. Since when making a confession and getting yourself stabbed is heroic? 

Oh wait, I forgot you guys are a bunch of chauvinist otakus who think women should be doormat and the only heroic trait they should have is utter unwavering and undivided devotion and loyalty to their men.

Don’t bother with the cultural difference excuse, I am asian. I now fucking loathe this series.

Amortentia - Sam Winchester

This was a request from an amazing anon! Thank you so much for the idea!!

Prompt: Based on the amortentia potion from Harry Potter, Dean finds a bottle of it somewhere in the basement and passes it around, seeing what they each smell. Dean can’t believe it when she picks out what Sam smells like.

Warning: Much fluffs to be had. I couldn’t help sprinkling in some Destiel though. Whoops

“Hey guys, come check this out!” Dean voice called from the next room.

After Dean accidentally crashed into the side of some hidden door we had discovered yet another storage space inside the bunker, prompting us to cancel our planned evening of a Buffy marathon (Cas still hasn’t seen it. Dean is disgusted) and clear out the space for anything useful.

I sighed, looking to Dean. How is it that he and Sam are brothers and yet they can be so different? I guess it’s fine because then I would have crushes on two guys and that might lead to some complications.

Yeah. I wasn’t gonna deny it. None of that “I only have a tiny crush on him” BS that I read.

“What is it now. And if it’s another damn Busty Asian Beu-” Sam began talking only to end as his eyes fell on the slightly bubbling jar of… something.

I raised an eyebrow, “Okay… first off, what and second is it explosive?”

Cas, who had strode over to us, abandoning the stack of loose books he was examining before. “Amortentia. Odd…”

“Wait, from Harry Potter?” I asked, my potterhead mind immediately going to the easiest answer.

“What is-” Cas started, Dean cut him off with a wave of his hand.

Shrugging off the reference that he didn’t understand, Cas continued, “It’s an infatuation inducer. I’ve only seen it rarely in the past but I believe you can detect the fragrance of what you desire from it”

I chuckled, “So it’s the potion from Harry Potter. Awesome”

Sam stepped forward, taking the tall bottle of shimmering peach colored liquid from Dean’s hand. “Maybe Rowling’s a witch?” He mused.

The cork was firmly sealed on the vial as Sam flicked open a switchblade he kept in his back pocket in order to open it.

I shook my head, “She has to be a nice one. I’d really hate to have to hunt her down”

“Me too…” The long haired hunter finalized, prying off the bottle cork with a pop.

The potion let out a welcoming fizz and Dean took this as a chance to take it from Sam’s hand before sitting on the ground, leaning against a stack of boxes.

Dean smirked, “C’mon. Why not take a shot at it?”

Upon his suggestion we (even Cas) sat in a mangled circle, tensely waiting for Dean’s reaction as he lifted the bottle to his nose.

He looked down at the vial with a confused look in his eyes, “Barely smell anything. Maybe like… some kind of… ah ,screw it. I have no idea”

I scoffed, “Well that’s definitive”

“Bite me, Y/N” Dean replied, practically shoving the Ammortentia into Cas’ hand.

The angel stiffly accepted the drink, peering down at the potion.

“Gasoline perhaps? Leather…” He pondered and I wasn’t surprised. Dean and Cas had declared themselves in some weird ass human-angel relationship a while ago. It was kind of sweet to be honest. I mean, at least Dean could have someone to be with in this shitty life.

A feint blush tinged Dean’s freckled face as he coughed loudly, motioning for Sam to take the bottle.

Sam had small smile playing on his full lips as he took a deep breath of the pungent fumes of the potion.

He looked absolutely puzzled, and a bit startled, “Um… don’t get mad… but… blood? And gunpowder?”

Dean was instantly alarmed, “Ruby?”

Sam recoiled, a disgusted expression lingering on his face, “No! No… Definitely not her… But… Maybe there’s some kind of strawberry in there too?”

Cas tilted his head, “Blood, gunpowder, and strawberries is an odd combination, Sam. Maybe it’s a hunter?”

My heart skipped a beat before the heavy logic in my mind instantly beat out any possibility of it being me.

‘No way. Not me. There’s a shit ton of better options out there. And I use Old Spice! Not some Pantene crap’

‘Well, there was that two in one motel thing that smelled kinda fruity…’

‘…Shut up’

I only now realized that I was being handed the bottle. I quickly drew in a breath of the liquid, instantly being hit full on with a heavy dose of various smells.

“…So?” Sam asked, looking towards me with his brown/green eyes.

I didn’t really know what to say. I almost certainly didn’t expect to tell the truth.

“Books” I said affirmatively.

Dean laughed weakly, “Books? That’s it? I mean, I knew you were a geek but-”

“-Shut it Winchester”

Meanwhile I was trying to pick apart the most noticeable scents.

“I guess… Dust? Books and dust and beer” I finally placed the most prominent one, “Oh! That really cheap deodorant that Sam always use-”

I halted.

Slowly making eye contact with the younger Winchester, I realized we both ha d a matching look of dawning horror settling over out faces.

The room was silent until, of course, Dean managed to mutter, “I told you it would work”

I guess I had a confession to make…

Okay that was pretty fun to write :) Hope you liked it, Anon!

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A Hunch (Minho x Reader)

Character: Minho

Fandom: Maze Runner

Categories: Reader Insert, Female!Reader

Title: A Hunch

Requested by anon:

Could you please do a minhoxreader imagine where minho is in WICKED and when Thomas tries to go to Theresa the reader (who is one of the guards girls) stop him and she’s a badass and idk. So when they try to run away the reader helps them because she feels something toward minho and viceversa. Love your blog!

I carefully eyed those boys from the table that was almost at the other end of the room. The blond, the Asian with the quiff and the restless brown-haired boy especially got my attention.

There was something about them that I liked a lot.

Maybe I was just trying to distract myself from that stupid and useless job guarding the doors where some girls and other people were.

I didn’t know much about that place or the people I was working for, I just took the job because it would provide me with a safe place to be and a way to survive in that terrible world that awaited us out there.

Still, I had always felt kind of suspicious about them. A hunch told me they weren’t as good as they wanted us to think they were.

Maybe that was why I those three boys got my attention, because they seemed to think there was something going on just like I was. Something not so good.

And they seemed rebelious and smart.

I got back to reality when I noticed how the brown haired boy stood up and walked in my direction.

I was supposed to be guarding the door, and something told me it was precisely what that guy was going for.

Indeed, the boy stood before me as he watched through the glass that showed the inside of the other room where girls walked along.

I put a hand on his chest and gave him a tired look.

“You can’t come in, kid” I told him with confidence and determination.

“I just want to see her” His eyes were fixed in the glass, probably looking at one of the girls.

I briefly looked over my shoulder to see a black haired girl with blue eyes that was going through the room.

“No one unauthorized can go through” I said tiredly, pushing him softly to give him a hint that he should stop being such a pain and walk away instead.

The boy stared at me, and he looked truly concerned for his friend. Maybe they were a couple or something.

“What is she doing there?” He asked me, obviously sad that they were apart.

“I honestly don’t know” All I was told was that I had to make sure no one passed, so I wasn’t lying. “Just get back to your seat before you get in trouble, kid”

The boy sighed and slowly turned around, heading towards the table were his friends waited for him, with faces that showed they had no idea what he was doing.

And suddenly, he lunged at me, trying to get to the door.

“Hey!” I pushed him so he wouldn’t get past me while he kept struggling.

So I just decided to bring him down.

With one leg, I swept both of his feet so he fell heavily to the floor.

“Thomas!” His friends came running by, but I wasn’t going to let a kid get on my nerves even if a crowd of more kids ran to me.

I sat over him as he lied face down on the floor and I held his arms behind his back.

“No, let him go” One of his friends, a guy that looked older than them with dark skin, pleaded.

I sighed and looked at them in exasperation. The blond seemed restless, but the Asian stared at me admiringly and at his friend annoyed.

I stood up and set that Thomas kid free.

“I’m just doing my job, kids” Was all I said as I brushed myself off and pulled Thomas up. “Make sure your curious friend here doesn’t get on my nerves”

The group of boys nodded and took his friend away from there.

Still, the Asian kept staring at me with a small smirk playing on his lips.

“What are you looking at?” I challenged him, raising an eyebrow.

The boy chuckled as he eyed me up and down.

“Nothing” Before he walked away to join his friends, he looked at me one last time with that smirk on his lips.

Looked like that boy liked me. He wasn’t so bad himself.

I kept my eyes on them as they disappeared, thinking that Thomas kid was pretty cunning.

I felt how he took my key card, but I played fool, got back to my spot at the door and pretended I didn’t.


Not too long after that, an alarm sounded all around the complex.

Seemed like the kids had agreed to run away and found a way to do it. I smiled to myself at the thought of those kids being that clever.

Still, I stuck to doing my job and I ran around the corridors trying to find them.

The alarms were blasting through the whole building, red lights shining in the corridors and giving them an eerie feeling that gave me goosebumps. 

That those people were so concerned about a bunch of kids leaving reinforced my theory that something was going on in that place.

I ran for a while, searching for them and listening through my transmisor to see if anyone had seen them. And after many minutes of craziness, I bumped into them.

I had been given an electric gun, so I held it high when I saw them.

It was them, all the guys from before, plus a girl. I guessed that was the girl Thomas so urgently wanted to see. His girlfriend or something.

They were running before they stopped before me, so I figured they were being chased already.

“Move” I told them calmly but sternly, yet they stayed in their place. “Move!”

The Asian kid was the one that held the blond’s shirt to pull him away, and with that the rest of the group did as I told them.

Once they set aside, I fired my gun and hit the people that tried to get them.

The kids stared at me in awe.

“Let’s go before more of them come!” I started running, and soon enough they followed.

“Why are you helping us?” The one with the quiff asked me, his eyes analyzing me deeply.

While we ran, me leading the way and directing them through the corridors, I looked over my shoulder to him.

“A hunch” I simply replied, honestly feeling that it was the right thing to do. That they were right about everything and were right to try to run away too.

Because I was running away with them.

I didn’t care what was out there anymore, I was sick of being lied to and working for someone that had so many secrets. They were definitely evil in one way or another.

And I wasn’t going to stay to see how evil they truly were.

“Follow me, I know the way out”

The group and I ran all around the place. Thanks to me and my knowledge about that place, it would be so much easier to escape.


We made it out. It wasn’t easy, but we did it.

Luckily, the group had trusted me enough to let them out. It seemed like they realized we shared the same hatred towards those people. Especially towards Janson, that idiot was obnoxious and odious.

Still, what awaited us outside that place was nothing but the Scorch. The horrible unforgiving and deserted world that the Flare virus left behind.

All of us jogged tiredly along the sand, looking forward to find somewhere cool and safe to rest for a while.

In the Scorch I felt more vulnerable, and even though I could still defend myself against any enemies or Cranks, I couldn’t fight the heat or the sand physically.

I looked at each member of the group as we moved silently.

Thomas, the restless brown haired boy, lead the way. He was like the unofficial leader of the gang.

The girl, whose name seemed to be Teresa as Thomas called her, who appeared to be strong and determined, followed in second place. I liked her.

That was about the names I knew. There was still the blond guy, the Asian, the other guy with a grumpy face, a younger kid, a dark skinned boy with a friendly face and another kid who was very quiet.

It was still night and the sand flew around us with the nocturnal wind, making me squint my eyes.

“Here!” Teresa called us, approaching an abandoned building that looked like a huge shopping mall.

“Teresa, wait!” Thomas called her, running after her.

“Get over it and go in” I told the kid, rolling my eyes. “For now it’s the only refuge we have”

I threw myself in, having to run down a mountain of sand that was right under the window we were sneaking in from.

One after another, the kids followed me, the first one being the girl.

When everyone was in, we briefly looked around to examine the place.

“What’s the plan?” The British blond guy asked.

All eyes were on me, since I was the older and more experienced one.

“For now we should stay here, find some clothes and supplies to survive the Scorch” That said, I started to walk to explore.

“She’s right” Thomas mumbled behind me as the others spoke to him.

“Hey” A hand held my arm, so I turned around to see who it was.

The Asian boy.


“You did great back there” I guessed that was his way of thanking me. I didn’t know him much, but he didn’t seem like the guy who’d say thanks or sorry just like that.

I nodded in silence and proceeded to keep on walking.

“I’m Minho, by the way” He gripped to my arm tighter for a moment, still holding me back.

“Y/N” I simply replied, snatching my arm away from his and walking.

He positioned himself next to me and walked along.

“Why were you working for them?”

“It kept me alive” I simply said, letting my eyes wander around as I absently answered him.

“You knew they were evil, right?”

“I had that feeling, yeah”

“Do you know who they were?”



I stopped on my tracks and stared at Minho in disbelief.

I had heard about WICKED. That evil organization that experimented with immune kids to try and find a cure. But their ways was to lock them inside a Maze like they were rats, just mere subjects. They didn’t treat them like human beings.

“So you kids were in a Maze?” I felt a certain admiration for those kids.

It couldn’t be easy to be stuck in a gigantic prison like Maze that apparently was filled with monsters. And it couldn’t have been easy to find their way out either.

“We’re the ones left that made it out” He replied in an eerie tone.

I placed a hand on his shoulder and nodded at him.

“You’ve got guts” I mumbled, getting to like him even more.

Ever since I lay eyes on him, there was something that seemed very special about Minho. It wasn’t only that he had survived a Maze, that he was a fighter.

It was something else within me that made me want to have him around even if I was too stubborn to let him or anyone know that.

It was a hunch that told me he was a nice guy that just wanted to keep his friends alive.

“So are you staying with us?” Judging by the twinkle in his eyes, he expected my answer to be yes. He didn’t want to drift away from me either.

I smiled softly and nodded.

“Yes. And I will help you through the Scorch”

A hunch had told me that those people I worked for weren’t good. And since I just found out they were WICKED, that hunch was right.

And I was about to find out if my hunch about Minho was right as well.

What happens when Bangtan finds out about Fanfictions?
  • Yoongi: Taehyung has been staring at his computer for three hours and hasn't moved a centimeter.
  • Hobi: Looks like he's turning into you.
  • Yoongi: Shut up, horse face.
  • RapMon: *silently writing lyrics and breaks his pencil in half* Ugh, not again! *throws it into the trash along with 20 others*
  • Jungkook: *sits next to Taehyung* Hyung, what are you doing?
  • Taehyung: *blinks and looks up at Jungkook as he closes his laptop* What? I wasn't doing anything.
  • Yoongi: What-? You're kidding. You've been sitting there for three hours.
  • Taehyung: And that's not normal?
  • Jimin: Since when were you normal?
  • RapMon: Could you guys be quieter? I'm trying to write our next song's lyrics.
  • Everyone: *Ignores RapMon*
  • Hobi: Just tell us what you were doing since Yoongi Hyung seems so interested.
  • Taehyung: I wasn't doing anything.
  • RapMon: *gets up and grabs Taehyung's laptop and quickly passes it to Jimin* Oh?
  • Taehyung: Wait! *tries to tackle Jimin but falls over Kookie* I can explain!
  • Jimin: *glares at Taehyung who's on top of Kookie*
  • RapMon: *opens the laptop to see "Asian Fanfics"*
  • Yoongi: What the-?
  • Hobi: "Asian Fanfics"?
  • Jin: *walks in and sees Taehyung on top of Kookie* ... I leave for two minutes and then come back to this.
  • Jungkook: Taehyung Hyung has been reading Asian Fanfics!
  • Jin: He's been reading what?
  • Taehyung: *gets off of Kookie* Do none of you know what fanfictions are?
  • Everyone: ...
  • Jungkook: Isn't that a song by Beast Sunbaenim?
  • Yoongi: What? That's Fiction, not Fanfiction.
  • Hobi: I don't understand- Oh! Look, I see my name!
  • Taehyung: And it begins...
  • RapMon: *scrolling down the page* mpreg? What does that-
  • Yoongi: Wait- What?! What are you reading, Taehyung!?
  • Hobi: V-Hope? Isn't that our ship name?
  • RapMon: Gas Station x Namjoon? What?
  • Jimin: YES! I SEE JIKOOK!
  • Taehyung: Oh look, another Mario x Jin one...
  • Jin: Another???
  • Yoongi: Where are the Yoongi x Sleep ones?
  • Hobi: They even have V x Lollipop
  • RapMon: 'Lemon'? Is this a story of us eating lemons?
  • Jimin: Hyung, what does 'smut' mean?
  • Jin: *closes laptop and takes it from Jimin* You're all too young for this.
  • Yoongi: *groans* Here we go again...
  • Jin: We can't corrupt Jungkook's innocence.
  • Yoongi: So that makes all of us too young to read smut?
  • Jungkook: What's smut, Hyung?
  • Jin: *covers Jungkook's ears and glares at Yoongi* At least have enough respect to not say these things around him.
  • Yoongi: You treat him like he's five, Hyung.
  • Taehyung: Can I have my laptop back, Jin Hyung?
  • Jimin: B-but... there was JiKook...
  • -Admin Jinnie
Oh My Lord

So what I’m going to say happened just 3 hours ago.
Well I’m from France and we were just chillin outside a train station waiting for my bestfriend’s train to come. So we were walking outside taking videos on snapchat and everything.

Then I saw this group of Asian men who I reconized were Koreans with a single black dude. They all had like huge cameras so I started to wonder like what are they doing.
So we kept walking toward them and then I noticed a little guy with a red cap I kept staring at him then sudently he turned away and I gasped.

“ Oh shit it’s Dok2 !!!!! ” all his crew turned away and started to smile at me and all. When Dok2 turned away and looked at me I got SUPER SHY and my friends ( they don’t know anything abt kpop/khiphop ) were like do you know him ? I was like
“ yeaaa I love him ” so they told me to go ask for a picture but I was so nervous I said no so I started to walk away.

During this whole time Dok2 was looking at me smiling so I got even more nervous but then I was like fuck it I’m going so I walked to him shyly and 2 of his camera men smiled at me I think they were taking picture(?) not sure but they all had their cameras toward Dok2 and me.

So I asked him “ can I take a picture with you please ” he immediatly said yes, so I came by his side but I was a little distant then he said “ come closer ” so I did and our arms were touching each other GAAAAAAAAAAAAWD !!!!!!

After my friends took it I looked at him and said 감사합니다 and he said “ merci ” with a perfect French accent so I was like “ awwwwww ” and then all his camera men laughed and stuff it was so sweet then I left.

When I walked away I saw 2 other Korean guy and they were laughing at how I was so excited and then they said “ lucky lucky ! ”
I was just sooooo happy !

I mean you’re randomly walking in Paris and you end up meeting Dok2 !!!

He was so nice and kept smiling and looking at me thooooo

Idk how to put a picture in the submit on my phone but I put the pic on ig, my ig is : naovtg

Sorry if was quite long but I’m still sooo excited !!!!! :D

Am I the only one who notice this girl with black hair following Mikasa?

These children/orphans are come from poor regions like the Underground city…

Wait what if some orphans are abandoned by their mothers who work as prostitutes in the underground brothels?

Remember those kidnappers want to capture Mikasa and her mother and sell them to people in the underground city?

Maybe there’re Asian women being held captive and forced to work as prostitutes in those brothels…then abandon their babies.

Then those kids are rescued by Historia and the Survey Corps and brought to the ground surface.

And then one orphaned girl with Asian blood see similarity between herself and Mikasa.

OMG Guys!

Besides an Ackertalk between Levi and Mikasa, I would like to hear more about the Asian’s stuff! Like Mikasa’s tattoo and the family stuff, the relationship between the Ackermans and the Asians, and whether the two families are allies.

I just hope Mikasa and Levi meet some more Ackermans/Asians to know about their clans.

And maybe a scene the two visit Kenny’s grave.

First Day, Greenie (Newt x Reader)

Character: Newt

Fandom: Maze Runner

Categories: Reader Insert, Female!Reader, Greenie!Reader

Title: First Day, Greenie

A/N: Holy shit, this one’s long. I guess it’s pretty obvious Newt’s my favorite character. Anyway, enjoy! :D

Summary: Y/N, the new Greenie, came out swinging and everyone is trying to calm her down so she can get used to that new place she’s been put into. In the end, only Newt manages to do so.


There was complete darkness surrounding her. She could feel nothing but a hard cold metal surface beneath her, and herself being jolted upwards in a swift and sickening movement.

“Help!” The girl screamt as her eyes filled with tears. She felt completely clueless, she knew nothing. What was she doing there? Where was she? How could she get out?

What was her name?

After what felt like an eternity, it all stopped. A tight claw of fear clutched her heart, which felt heavy and hollow like her stomach.

A sob went up her throat in spite of herself, and she rubbed her eyes to try and keep the tears away.

With a loud noise, the panel upon her started to open, sliding to reveal a very bright beam of light that fell onto her. Slowly, the beam spread until what seemed like daylight lighted the dark space she was at.

“What the shuck?!” Someone yelled in utter surprise.

“It’s a girl!” A heavily accented voice said. The first thing it came to mind when she heard his voice was ‘British’.

“Wow, I call dibs!”

“Shut up, slinthead!”

Many voices surrounded her, along with that strange language that included words like ‘shuck’ and ‘slinthead’ that were foreign to her.

She was covering her eyes with her hands to avoid being blinded by the sudden light. Carefully, she peeked over her fingers and waited nervously until her vision cleared.

When her eyes adapted, she saw her surroundings.

From that kind of box down there, she could only see them towering over her in what she thought was some sort of courtyard. Them being dozens of boys and her being the only female.

“Are you coming out some day?” One of them screamt from the back of the crowd, startling her deeply.

She felt herself shaking violently from pure fear. She thought of a way out of there, because she didn’t trust those strangers. And they looked quite threatening to her.

For all she knew, they might have something to do with everything. With her not remembering anything. Or suddenly appearing there.

“Slimt it!” That accented voice from before meddled in, his voice sounding gentler. “Can’t you see how bloody scared she is?”

“Come on already, girly!” Another one stuck a muscular arm for her to grab. “Get out of there”

Already thinking of a strategy to run away, she held onto him. He pulled her up easily and effortless.

Once she was at the same level as them, she took a few seconds to analyze the situation intently.

That courtyard was really large, so large that it scared her what could be out there. But what was even more frightening were the immense walls that surrounded it. From each side of that place emerged walls so high that made her feel incredibly small and vulnerable. And worst of all, trapped.

“Earth to Greenie” The boy who pulled her out, a guy with Asian like features, dark hair combed up in a quiff and strong build, said. “We asked you a question, shuck face”

She hadn’t even heard what they told her. Her mind was racing with questions and so many thoughts. She was dazed.

“Minho…” A robust dark skinned boy, who looked older than the rest, muttered.

Someone grabbed her by the arm and she immediately struggled to get out of their grip.

“We should take her to the Homestead and wait until she calms down” Another dark skinned boy, who seemed the unmistakable leader, told them.

“Alright, Alby” The guy who held her answered, but almost in a mocking tone, like he didn’t care he was the leader.

“Ow” She winced when his grasp on her arm tightened until it hurt her.

“Go easy on her, Gally. Will you, shank?” The British guy warned him angrily.

That guy, Gally, was about to reply or more like complain, when the girl acted.

While he was distracted talking to the blond British boy, she kicked him in the shin. Just then she noticed a machete inside a sheath that the blond carried on his back.

“You shank!” Gally yelled while holding his leg in pain.

Taking advantage of the commotion, she shoved the blond hard, and took his machete as he lost balance and fell to the floor.

As she was freed from Gally’s grip, she started running.

The girl didn’t remember her past, but she was positive: she had never run so fast before.

“Catch her!”

“We got a Runner!!”

She heard quick footsteps coming behind her. The Asian guy, Minho, followed her.

“Hey, Greenie! Where the shuck you think you’re going?” He screamt at her when she looked over her shoulder to him.

She ignored him and headed straight to the forest. For her, it seemed the safest place to be. At least until she figured everything out, then she might try and run to the other side of those walls where freedom presumably had to be found.

Wheezing, she entered the forest, but she didn’t stop running.

She nimbly jumped over tree roots and ducked under lower branches until she thought she had distanced herself from him.

Only then did she start climbing a tree until she reached a comfortable and strong looking branch –enough to hold her weight- that directly stuck of the trunk. Since she was out of breath and it looked safe, she sat on it.

The girl listened with attention in search of any menace, but there only was silence.

That boy had either lost interest on her or couldn’t keep up with her pace. One way or the other, he was gone, and that was the important thing.

Gradually catching her breath and her heart regaining its usual pace, she tried to relax. She was safe for now.

She realized she was still holding the blond’s machete tightly when her hand started to hurt. Her grip was tense and hard on it.

Absently, she laid it in her lap as she sobbed.

It was completely terrifying, but the adrenaline acted for her. She was even surprised of her reaction, but it was probably because of the memory loss. She wasn’t sure of the kind of person she was. Was she brave? Was she strong?

That place felt like a nightmare, and she didn’t like it at all. Clueless, lost and scared.

Not even trying to hold it anymore, she stared to cry for real to relieve the oppressive tension that grew bigger and bigger on her chest.

And she eventually fell asleep after at least a whole hour of being there, alone in the forest, crying and still terrified.

“Greenie?” A voice woke her from her slumber.

Instantly, the girl remembered where she was and looked for the machete. Luckily, it was still resting on her lap, so she took ahold of it.

“Greenie!” He called her again. The British guy.

Soon, she saw him walking under the tree she was at. She prepared herself and gracefully leaped down to stay behind him.

He stopped in his tracks when he heard her.

“Go away before I…” Her voice quivered, but she tried to stay firm. “Before I use this”

She softly leaned the tip of the machete on his back. He calmly held his hands up and slowly turned around.

“That’s mine” He simply mumbled.

His hands were still up in surrender, but he didn’t look scared at all.

The boy observed her, noticing how the hand she held the weapon in was visibly shaking.

“Look, I mean no harm” He said with his strong accent. “Name’s Newt”

“What are you doing here?” She tried to make her voice sound menacing, but she failed at the task.

“It’s been hours since you ran away, we wanted to see if you were okay” Newt didn’t look threatening like some of the other boys. In fact, he looked kind, gentle and a little mischievous in a sweet kind of way.

“I just want to know what’s going on” Her voice turned into a sob at the end of the sentence.

Newt felt bad for her, he just wanted to help and keep her from feeling like that.

“I’ll tell you everything” He lowered his hands slowly, not to startle her. “Just come with me, please, I’ll give the Tour and show you around”

She kept pointing the machete at him even though both of them knew she wouldn’t use it.

Newt stared at her with pleading eyes, his brow furrowed as he studied her.

“But you… all those boys…” She didn’t want to go back there.

“Alright?” He insisted, ignoring her words and slowly approaching his hand to hers and holding it. She didn’t let go of the machete yet. “Please?”

Watching his gentle manners, she relaxed a little.

He warily took the knife from her hand as he kept his glance fixed on her face.

She finally gave up and allowed him to take it from her. The boy put the machete back on its sheath.

He smiled a little at her, letting her know everything was okay.

“Newt” She mumbled, looking down at her feet.

The smile dropped from his face from the surprise. It was strange hearing his own name being called by a girl. And by that girl. He didn’t know why, but he quite got a liking to her already.


“I don’t want to go back there…” She nervously stirred, still feeling herself shaking a little. “With all those boys”

“You’ll be alright” He said in a carefree way. “Alby said that he’d throw them in the bloody Slammer if any of those shanks dared touch you”

She barely understood anything he said. Not only because his accent was so thick that it was hard to make out the words he spoke. She didn’t even know what some of those words meant. What was the Slammer? What the hell was a shank? And who was Alby? She heard his name before, but she didn’t know who it belonged to.

She sighed and passed a hand through her face. She suddenly felt something wet on her skin.

“You’re bleeding” Newt whispered, gingerly grabbing her hand and examining it.

There was a long cut along her palm. She probably held the blade in her sleep and cut herself.

“It’s nothing…” The girl mumbled tiredly. She just wanted to lie down and sleep for a really long time.

“Let’s go back and get that treated, yeah?”

Newt guided her to what he had called ‘The Glade’. First of all he took her to the ‘Med-Jack hut’, where they treated injured or sick people. And he offered to bandage her up himself.

“You’re quite fast” Newt said while cleaning her wound. The Med-Jacks had examined it and said it was no big deal, but it was a little deep. “Impressive”

“Ouch” She flinched when he started wrapping the bandage around her hand.

“Oh, sorry” He apologized, holding it with his tender fingers.

She didn’t say anything, but she felt insecure around him. Even if he was someone she thought she could trust, it shocked her how nice he was being to her.

It seemed new Greenies came all the time, so what was new about her? Apart from the fact that she was a girl.

The rest of the boys barely noticed her. In their eyes, she probably was nothing more than another annoying and clingy person who wanted to know what was going on.

“You out ran Minho, you sure have the bloody chops to be a Runner, Greenie” He mumbled as he sweetly covered the wound, being more careful this time.

She didn’t even care what Runners did. She was tired, confused and irritable. And over all, she was fed up with everyone calling her ‘greenie’ or ‘girly’ or anything like that.

“Stop calling me Greenie”

Newt’s expression showed how amused he was by her reaction. He saw before how frightened she was, and how her first instinct was to run away and take a weapon with her. She had made an impression on him, she was strong. But she was human after all, and seemed to be kind and sweet.

“I’ll stop calling you that when you remember your name” She slightly opened her mouth to reply, but the girl didn’t know what to say. He kept talking anyways. “But you don’t. Now do you, Greenie?”

“Y/N” The name suddenly popped up in her head. “I’m… I’m Y/N”

Newt grinned as he finished bandaging her and looked directly into her eyes.

“Well, Y/N” He offered his own hand. “Nice to meet you, I’m Newt”

She finally smiled and shook his hand using her good one.

Y/N liked Newt. So far, he had been the only one who apparently cared for the newbies. Who actually made an effort to be nice and understanding.

To avoid his glare, that was flustering her, she looked down at her hand. The bandage had reddened a little, but it had stopped the bleeding.

After leaving the hut, Newt gave her the Tour. They had to ask Alby, the leader, since he usually gave them himself. But the guy didn’t have any problems with leaving the honors to the British.

Not that she liked it, but Y/N had slowly grown used to that place and the people once she realized they really meant no harm like Newt told her before. But what he told her upset her.

They were indeed trapped. Beyond those walls was a gigantic Maze that they had been trying to solve for a long time. What if they were trapped there forever?

He explained a few more things to her, but barely anything sunk in after those news. She kept repeating the same words in her head. We’re trapped here, there’s no way out.

Y/N suddenly felt very dizzy and had to hold on to Newt’s forearm to keep herself from falling.

“You alright?” He placed a supporting hand on her back to steady her as he let her hold on to his other arm. ”You are quite pale suddenly”

“I’m a little dizzy” She actually felt weak and feared she would drop to the floor if she didn’t use Newt as a support.

“That’s quite enough for now” Newt assured, wrapping her waist with one strong arm, steading her as she wobbled a little. He was surprisingly strong to have such thin built. “I think I’m rushing it too bloody fast on you”

“Yeah…” She whispered, still leaning on him.

“Let’s get you something to eat”

One of the boys from before, the big dark skinned guy, gave her some food. His name was Frypan, and he was actually really nice to her, unlike Gally or a few more others.

She sat in one of the tables and felt herself gaining her strength back as she ate. Considering it was cooked by a bunch of teenage boys, the food was really good.

Newt had to go resume his duties, so he left her there with Frypan. The Cook told her Newt was the second in command, which took her by surprise.

She actually spoke to Frypan for a while, and so far, he had been the nicest guy out there apart from Newt. 

Still, the only person she wanted to talk to was the blond, he gave her good vibes. At least she wasn’t so scared of ‘the Gladers’ anymore.

When she finished her food, she chugged down all of her water and sighed.

“Greenie” A deep voice called her as someone slapped a hand on her shoulder.

The girl looked up to see the angry looking guy, Gally. Yes, the one she kicked a few hours prior.

“What?” She asked, definitely not comfortable around him.

“I’m supposed to show you to your room” He pulled her up by the arm, not even giving her a chance to say goodbye to Frypan as he dragged her away.

“Wait-“ She mumbled under her breath, inevitably walking with him.

“I don’t care if you go to sleep or not, they didn’t tell me I had to babysit you”

Y/N scowled at him even if he wasn’t paying attention.

They came into the main building, called the Homestead, and up the stairs until they reached an empty room that only had a bed, a table and a chair.

“Here’s your room. But you can get an empty hammock or whatever” He let go of her arm finally, his fingers leaving soft marks for a moment on her skin.

“Wait, where’s-?” She asked, turning around to look at him. But he was gone.

He definitely didn’t like her.

Y/N sighed and sat on her bed, finding it surprisingly comfortable. She expected it to be harder.

She took off her sneakers and lied down, closing her eyes and trying to get some sleep.

After a long time of turning and stirring, she managed to fall asleep. And she had a nightmare.

She didn’t really remember what it was about, but she knew the events of the day had something to do with it. It all felt so unreal and daunting.

She couldn’t really absorb it in. It felt like someone else was living it and not herself.

Still in shock because of the bad dream, she looked up. The room was completely silent, and she didn’t want to be there alone. She needed some fresh air, so she went out into the Glade.

The noise of the boys snoring surrounded her, along with the fresh air of the night. She shivered as she walked, still not knowing where to.

But she didn’t feel so lonely outside. Outside was good.

She took a quick look around in the darkness and saw the watchtower. Thinking it was a peaceful place to be, she headed towards it.

Y/N walked carefully, not really able to see where she stepped in because of how dark it was. In fact, she tripped and fell, swearing under her breath as she recovered.

She stood up and brushed herself off, walking to her destination once again.

It only gave her time to walk a few more steps until someone grabbed her by the arm, startling her. The girl was about to scream when someone slapped a hand over her mouth to shut her.

“Bloody hell, it’s just me” Newt’s voice said behind her. “Slim it, Greenie… Y/N”

The girl swatted him away and turned around to see him.

He carried a lit torch in his hand, lighting their way.

“You scared me!” She whispered yelled, hitting his shoulder with her palm in frustration.

He chuckled in a way she found extremely cute.

“Where are you going?” The British asked her, not letting go of her arm even if it was a gentle grip.

“I just…” She didn’t want to tell him how she felt, but she knew he probably felt her shaking under his grip.

“Let me guess, you had a nightmare”

She was surprised to see how much Newt understood her.

“How did you…?”

“It’s usual among Greenies” The tall boy softly tugged on her arm as he guided her next to a tree. “They think we don’t notice, but we do”

“I don’t see anyone else here looking after me” She mumbled, feeling flattered by his attentions. He was so caring, even with the Newbie.

“Well, I bloody notice” Newt showed her a bright smile, which she returned.

“You’re being really kind” She followed him as he sat in the floor, leaning his back on the bark of the tree. “Thank you”

“It’s not every day we have a lovely girl such as yourself coming from the Box” He mumbled, placing the torch in the ground and then sending her a sweet glare.

She looked down coyly and blushed. Newt chuckled again at her sudden shyness.

“How was your first day, Greenie?”

She just shrugged, too stubborn to admit it was terrible.

After that, they stood there in silence for a moment.

Y/N kept her eyes on the doors of the Maze, still thoughtful about everything that was going on. Newt took the chance to take in her looks.

To him, she was really pretty. But her soft features darkened with the so many expressions visible in her face. Restlessness, worry, fear.

She was so special in his eyes, that’s why he wanted to protect her. The Glade wasn’t a good place for the Greenies.

He noted how she shivered and how she distractedly rubbed her arms. She was cold.

No wonder, during the day it was warm but not hot. But during the night, it got a little chilly.

Being used to the cold, Newt took off his hoodie, leaving him in only an orange tank top, and handed it to her.

She got back to reality when she saw he was offering something to her. When she realized it was his white hoodie, she stared at him, not taking it yet.

“Come on, take it” He shoved it closer to her face. “You look cold”

“But then you’ll get cold” She complained, shaking her head.

“Just bloody take it”

The girl rolled her eyes at him and finally took it, feeling warm and cozy when she put it on.

Newt grinned when he saw how big it looked on her. But she still managed to look adorable in it.

“Do you want to talk about the nightmare?” He broke that silence that once again established.

“I don’t even remember it” She yawned, already feeling sleepy again.

During the whole day, she felt exhausted. And once she finally warmed up with Newt’s hoodie on, Y/N felt extremely drowsy.

“Just checking” Newt shrugged, looking at her for a second before looking back ahead into the Glade immersed in darkness.

Y/N sighed and leaned the back of her head in the tree behind her. If only she could fall asleep.

“Greenie?” Newt suddenly asked her.

“Y/N…” She corrected him, hating to be called Greenie.

“Y/N” He repeated, a big smile playing on his face. “I think your pillow will be comfier than my shoulder”

She frowned at first, but she sat straight when she realized her head had fallen on his shoulder.

“Yeah, I should go back to my room”

In a flash, Newt had stood up and pulled her up by her arm with amazing strength.

Suddenly, he engulfed her in a hug he knew she needed badly. Her nose brushed his shoulder as she stood there, frozen. She slowly wrapped her arms around him as well, yet a little thrown aback by the sudden embrace.

It was a little awkward, but it meant the world to her. At least, someone there was kind enough to do whatever he could to make her feel better.

“Let’s go” He mumbled as he started walking back to the Homestead. Like he never held her in his arms tightly.

She followed him, still half-slept.


Once he walked her back to her room and she was under the thin sheet again, Newt slowly walked to the door. He had a feeling she would stop him before he reached it, though.

“Newt” She indeed called him.

“Yeah?” He smirked to himself.

“Could you stay for a while?” She bit her lip, not daring to look him in the eye. “At least until I fall asleep”

Newt sweetly smiled and walked back to her bed, placing the chair next to it and plopping down on it.

“Good that” He crossed his arms and watched her as she got comfier on the mattress.

Not even a whole minute passed before she fell into a deep sleep.

He smiled to himself as he saw her expression while she slept. Y/N finally looked calm and peaceful instead of scared and alert.

There was some sort of sweetness to her, but she also was stubborn and strong. She would fit in the Glade nicely.

Newt stood up and covered her frame with a blanket to make sure she stayed warm during the night.

“Goodnight, love” He stroke her hair fondly “And welcome to the Glade”

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