wait who is the asian guy


but it’s better if you do // panic! at the disco

Yeah you see I wish I could be happy that a famous viner reacted to kpop but uh not when in the first minute of the music video he says “I feel like he talking about hoes. He gotta be talking about hoes.” No, King Bach, you stupid incompetent misogynistic piece of shit, NCT are not talking about WOMEN who you like to slut shame, in The 7th Sense. But good job making yourself look like an asshole. Also, towards the middle of the video he says “I’m not trying to be racist but….you already know what I’m going to say so I’m not going to say it.” Good, keep your fucking mouth shut. But oh no no guys wait there’s more, he did say it. “BUT IT’S NOT RACIST IF IT’S TRUE! WHO’S WHO!?” You say you aren’t trying to be racist yet you literally just used a racist stereotype saying that all Asian people look the same. Fuck you dude. Close. Your. Mouth.

Not to mention, he’s friends with Curtis Lepore. Who raped his ex fiance while she was unconscious. And when she called him on it on twitter, he laughed and tweeted about how she could say what she wanted but he wouldn’t lose any followers. So yeah, praise King Bach all you guys want for reacting to kpop but he is trash I gtg bye.


Story of the day: I was at the Star having dinner with mum and some Italian guy just walked up and sat down opposite of me started talking to me and asked for my number while mum was sitting right next to me. Great. Even worser than before another level. I had to be nice and talk to him while my poor food was just waiting to be eaten. And mum was all confused playing on her phone thinking it was a high school friend or something. After mum was like his so handsome too bad it’s not a pretty girl or you’ll be really happy. Like yeah why don’t I ever see a beautiful as girl walk up to me and take me away. Even though I’ll probably be nervous if it was a girl. But FML!! Where on earth is the girl of my dreams??😩Why do I have to be so gay. Women kill me😂Sometimes I cry myself to sleep cause of women😑😭😂 I hate girls but they’re always so cute

Am I the only one who notice this girl with black hair following Mikasa?

These children/orphans are come from poor regions like the Underground city…

Wait what if some orphans are abandoned by their mothers who work as prostitutes in the underground brothels?

Remember those kidnappers want to capture Mikasa and her mother and sell them to people in the underground city?

Maybe there’re Asian women being held captive and forced to work as prostitutes in those brothels…then abandon their babies.

Then those kids are rescued by Historia and the Survey Corps and brought to the ground surface.

And then one orphaned girl with Asian blood see similarity between herself and Mikasa.

OMG Guys!

Besides an Ackertalk between Levi and Mikasa, I would like to hear more about the Asian’s stuff! Like Mikasa’s tattoo and the family stuff, the relationship between the Ackermans and the Asians, and whether the two families are allies.

I just hope Mikasa and Levi meet some more Ackermans/Asians to know about their clans.

And maybe a scene the two visit Kenny’s grave.

Honking won't make me park faster.

I pulled into my local supermarket and I have a older Asian lady take 3 trys to park her van, then as that’s happening 2 people, who have handicap stickers, are pulling out in front of me from either side of the lane. It was truly the perfect storm. So I have to wait the entire time this is happening, but I guess the guy behind me had enough and started to honk like his life depended on it. I look in my rear view mirror and I can see his arms are flailing all over the place. This guy is losing it. So by the time all 3 people are done moving about, I take my sweet as time to pull into a spot that is maybe 10 feet in front of me. Good times.

Yesterday and today, I met two publishers after 10 hours waiting. Because there were so many people who wants to get a chance for presentation of comicbook project to big publishers in France and Belgium. Most of them were young artists from Spain and Italy, and I was only asian. (There was another asian guy but I saw him only for two hours) If someone saw the scene of us, never can say that life in art is cool or easy. I was so so so tired when I finished the second meeting but so glad that it’s finally done. I really hope that I can finish this book successfully and publish in other languages. Thank you for the wishing good luck for me:) I will post drawings again soon :D

That'll show him!

I was waiting for a friend at a convenience store when I non-Asian guy approached me and greeted me with, “Ni hao.”. Having enough of this nonsense in general, I glared at him and said, “What did you say????” He was taken aback and asked, “You’re Chinese, right?”. I rolled my eyes and scoffed, “No.”, and walked away. The look on his face was priceless, it was a mix of shame and regret. 

That’s right asshole, you just made a fool of yourself in public. 

To the rest of you who think it’s a good idea to pull this crap on Asian girls, it’s not. So don’t even think about doing it.

I think one thing I really enjoy about Sense8 is that the first introductions of the characters rely on your brain immediately jumping to the stereotypes and cliches that the characters appear to be fitting directly into. The obvious exception being Nomi, because you have to actually have transwomen appear in media for stereotypes or tropes or cliches to become common or jump immediately into people’s thoughts.

But as for the 7 other sensates (not even touching all the other characters), you’ve got Will, who appears to be your standard “Nice” Guy White Savior Hero type. Riley, who at first glance is every Manic Pixie Dream Girl storyline about to happen. Lito looks to be the Latin Lover combined with any Male Lead movie star trope. Capheus could be written off as the poor kid in the slums of “generic non-specified African country”. Sun is Asian and demur and also does “Martial Arts!”. Kala seems like a stereotypical Bollywood film waiting to happen. And Wolfgang is the stoic badass antihero straight out of an crime action movie.

And the thing is, the characters aren’t necessarily not those things. But Sense8 takes the stereotype, breaks it down and rebuilds it into a living, deep, warm and very human character. It both subverts and uses cliches. The results are wonderful, and you get storytelling with so many layers that even after multiple rewatches you’re still piecing together more details about the characters.